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8th Grade Mathematics James Coble Middle School Mrs.

8th Grade Mathematics Course Description: This course is designed to provide the mathematical foundation necessary for success in upper-level mathematics. Students will focus on learning the 8th grade mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Students will learn to: Emphasize, select & use appropriate operations to solve problems involving rational numbers & justify the selection. Find and justify solutions involving proportional/algebraic relationships. Demonstrate transformations of geometric figures on a coordinate plane. Utilize pictures, models & equations to demonstrate Pythagorean Theorem & other geometric properties. Utilize probabilities, graphs, and data sets to make predictions and decisions. Estimate answers and use formulas to solve problems involving surface area and volume. Formulate and solve multi-step equations. Apply above mathematical concepts to real world situations. Materials Required: 3 Ring Binder - minimum 1 inch (Interactive Notebook) One box of pencils Black Expo Markers Notebook paper 1 package of subject dividers

Interactive Notebook: We will do all of our work in our Interactive Notebook. You will receive a test grade over your notebook every six weeks. To Be Successful: Allow the teacher to facilitate learning Allow the students to be responsible for their learning

Read the school handbook thoroughly. All rules and regulations will be strictly followed. Discipline Plan: Refer to Student Handbook Severe infractions will be immediately referred to the office. Tardy Policy: Students must be inside the classroom before the bell rings. After the bell rings, students must go the office for a pass before being admitted into class.
Grading Scale: 40% - Major Grades (Including but not limited to Tests and Projects) 30% - Classwork and Homework* 30% - Quizzes* *Other grades may be taken and inserted at teachers discretion. A minimum of 12 grades, with no fewer than 2 Major Grades, are taken each 6-weeks. Semester grades are computed by averaging the numerical grade recorded for each of the three 6-week reporting periods. Credit is awarded at the end of the academic year. The final semester examination will count 10% of the semester grade. The three six week grading periods will equal 90 % of the students grade(30 % for each six week grading period) with the semester test counting the final 10 %.

Late Work: Assignments may be turned in late and will receive severe grade penalties. 1 day late 15 points off 2 days late 30 points off 3 or more days teachers discretion whether to accept or not accept Test Corrections: Each 6-week period, the student will have no less than two test grades. If the score is below 70, the student has an opportunity to correct & return the test or take a make-up test (teacher will decide which one will be taken) within a week after receiving the test. Test corrections are not allowed on semester exams. Absences: Each student is responsible for his/her work missed in the event of an absence. If the student knows in advance regarding an absence, he/she is welcomed to request the work/material covered that day. If the absence is on the day of a test, the test will be taken the day the student returns. I have read and understand the policies and procedures for Mrs. Tarrs 8thgrade mathematics class. Student Initials: _________ Date: ______________ To be kept in students binder for the remainder of school year for reference. Dear Parent/Guardian: I look forward to working with you to make this school year a successful one for your student in 8th grade mathematics. I am always ready to assist you in any way possible for your student to achieve maximum success. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like suggestions in helping your student in this manner, please feel free to email me at . Student grades can be seen online in Skyward. You are ALWAYS more than welcome to come and observe the classroom during your students class period. Please make sure that you first check in with the front office and receive a visitors pass to enter the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Tarr Please keep top half and return bottom half for my records. __________________________________________________________________ Students Name:_____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Primary Contact:_________________________________________ Additional Contact: _______________________________________ Email: _______________________________________ Phone Number: _______________________ Period: ____________

Relationship to Student: ___________________ Relationship to Student: ___________________ Alternate (2nd) Email: ___________________________