Negative=strategy The aff gets to set the framework of the one ac Plan from the 2NR backward

(what arguments you are definite what you are going to win) lets you allocate time better and keep and bigger picture CP=helps the neg develop strategically Opportunity cost(plan vs cp)(net benefit) doing the plan doesn’t do anything bad but you are coasted the opportunity to do the cp.(mutually exclusive) A non topical counterplan negates the resolution Perm is a test of compit Artifical competition-Delay etc Textual-direct compete w/ text of plan Functional-material impaction A counterplan is competitive when cp>plan or combo of plan and=cp Policy debate is about real world policy decisions and critical thinking. Theory advection is like advocating a form of debate and how it is better Severance—minus plan Intrinsic-cp plus(das could be call non intrinsic along with cp) Natural listic(should could) things that we should do. Timeframe-like delay cp Things like grassroots don’t pertain to politios Conditionality-you reserve the right to kick it MW-advocate condo but has things linking together What are the net benefits to the counterplan(can effect strat like a da may or might be a net benefit) Always ask what kind of perm Solvo defo-MPX need to say the not as good things are better and talk about them I case of you impacts Theory- Condo is good-policy makers do not always have to advocate what they said it allows for more too be out there, but it kills it allows you to do everything Offense-Da to the counterplan Perm Fairness Limits, Ground, Time Skew Education ) Resolutinoal, depth, breath, strat thinking Need to compare internal link to fairness to their internal links to fairness Need to crowd out some things to keep integrity What kind of debate do you advocate keep the competitiveness integrity or keep open it up to education Turns Impact turn or straight turn External net benefits(bad things like spending) Internal(things like internal net benefits)

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