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Clawson Middle School 6th Grade Mathematics Welcome to 6th grade mathematics.

I look forward to a very exciting and rewarding school year with you and your child. Overview of Mathematics Content This year students will be studying mathematics from the Connected Mathematics Project materials that support the mathematics curriculum. The materials are structured into units that take 4 to 6 weeks each. Each unit is focused around problem situations that help students to learn an important set of related mathematical ideas and to become skillful at using these ideas to solve problems. Students will be asked questions that call for explanations and justifications for their solutions. They will be engaged in writing about their ideas on a more frequent basis. The curriculum is structured to help students learn to communicate their strategies and their reasoning so that their mathematical understandings are much deeper. The kind of problems that the student work on in class, as well as for homework, are more challenging and interesting than they may have experienced in the past. Practice with ideas is provided throughout the units in the Application-Connections-Extensions (ACE) problems assigned for class work and homework. Our main goal is to help more and more of our students be successful in and want to continue to study mathematics as they proceed through the grades. The units are as follow: Prime Time-factors and multiples Bits and Pieces 2- using fractions operations Bits and Pieces 3- computing with decimals and percents Variables and Patterns- introducing algebra Covering and Surrounding- area and perimeter Data About Us and Data Distributions- statistics and data analysis Materials Students are required to come to class with a math binder and 5 subject notebook, pen/pencil, assignment book and CMP text book. All students are required to observe classroom rules as discussed during the first days of school. Problems (in class) We usually do one problem each day in class together, with plenty of time for completion. If they need extra time, it may be completed at home. We summarize the work first thing the following day in class. The students generally work in groups of 2 or more. These problems are sometimes graded, and are necessary in order to better understand the homework assignments.

Homework Students will be given daily homework assignments from the ApplicationConnection-Extension (ACE) section of their book or another source. These assignments are usually worth 2 points for completion. It is very important to complete daily assignments because many concepts build upon previous learning. Daily assignments will be given every day class meets (Monday Thurs.) and will be due the following class periods. I try not to assign homework on Friday, but use the weekend as an opportunity for students to make up any missing assignments from the week for partial credit. Reflection Writing At the end of each investigation are reflection questions that are often openended and require students to write about their understanding of math concepts. Reflection assignments are worth 10 points and allow me to assess student understanding of the mathematics in the investigation. Assessments Other assessments include check-up quizzes, partner quizzes and unit tests. All assignments are based on points and calculated by finding the total points earned divided by the total points possible. Please monitor your childs grade on Parent Connect online. I will attempt to update grades on a daily basis. Corrections Students are allowed to make corrections on any assignment, check up, or quiz that they score lower than a C- on. The highest grade they can earn for the corrections is a C-. Corrections should be turned in shortly after the assignment has been returned and all appropriate work must be shown. Make Up Work Most of the students instruction and learning will take place through hands on experiences and class discussion. In the event of several absences in a row, it will be difficult for your child to develop a true understanding of the concepts. Please support consistent daily attendance. When absence is unavoidable, it is up to the student to ask for assignments that he or she may have missed. They will have a period of time equal to the excused absence in which to complete make-up work. Behavior I believe our students must work toward becoming productive citizens at school and in their future lives by learning to make appropriate choices and learning to be in control of their behaviors. Therefore, the student is responsible for following all school and classroom expectations as presented in the student code of conduct and classroom rules. I will contact you if there is a problem.

Math Lab Math lab is held Tuesday-Thursday from 2:35-3:00 in my classroom. Students are encouraged to attend this lab in order to complete their work if they are struggling. Students in this class will be assessed in a number of ways that include reflection writing, check-up quizzes, partner quizzes, and unit tests. Grades in these categories will make up a large percentage of a students marking period grade. In addition, other grades include homework, bell work and classwork. Grades in these categories represent a smaller percentage of the marking period grade. A Midterm exam and Final exam are required by all middle school students. Please see parent connect for current grading scale. Special Codes on Parent Connect ND= Not Done- this means the homework was not completed by student for 0 points AB= Absent- this means the student was absent the day the grade was recorded for 0 points L = Late- this means the assignment was turned in late for partial credit 70% P = Partial Credit usually due to not following directions or missing a significant part of the assignment

I feel strongly that Clawson Middle School and your support at home form a partnership that shares in providing the excellent educational environment your student deserves. Please feel free to contact me through voice mail (ext. 7310) or email should you have any concerns. Messages will usually be returned within 24 hours. Thank you for your support.

Jill Gordon