Mayor Mick Cornett 200 N. Walker, 3rd Floor Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Kenneth Jordan, Municipal Counselor 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, OK 73102

From David R. Slane, Attorney RE: MAPS 3 Initiative

August 29, 2013 Dear Mr. Mayor, It comes to my attention that the MAPS 3 Initiative, as passed, is likely unconstitutional. It appears, based on the opinions of the team of attorneys with whom I work, that the ballot likely violated the single subject law. The Oklahoma Supreme Court, in a series of decisions, has ruled that various laws of this same nature are unconstitutional. It appears the purpose of the rule is to avoid log rolling whereby a legislator or tax paying citizen would cast an all or nothing vote. The mayor and city council were well aware of this on the basis of news reports regarding MAPS 1 and the legal opinion it likely violated. Then, in similar fashion, MAPS For Kids rendered the same effect, and MAPS 3 followed suit identically. Mayor Cornett went as far as to state publicly that they were submitting all or nothing votes because that is what they are comfortable with. It appears the city council then followed with an eight-project proposition in the non-binding resolution, again, in violation of the single subject rule. I am a long-time citizen of Oklahoma City and a graduate of Southeast High School. While I supported idea of the MAPS initiative, I primarily support the law. I would prefer to avoid a constitutional challenge if there is a way for the city attorneys and my team of lawyers to work collaboratively to make this resolution and initiative legal. It is clearly in that cooperative spirit that I send this letter. However, make no mistake that, should you decide to not attempt to fix this, I am prepared to take action through the courts to render MAPS 3 unconstitutional and to seek a restraining order to stop the collection of sales tax and all future allocation of the $777 million in taxpayer revenue. I am hopeful that you will respond to this letter by the close of business September 3, 2013. Should you opt to not respond, we will file a petition in court asking the courts to declare MAPS 3 unconstitutional. Sincerely,

David R. Slane, Attorney

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