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The significance of the number 33 in Freemasonry September 11, 2001. November 11, 11:00 am. March 11, 2004.

What do all these tragic events have in common? We most likely notice the fact that September 11, 2001 was the fateful day that America was attacked by alleged Arab terrorists who struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in New York City and Washington D.C, respectively. November 11, 11:00 am is armistice day, marking the end of World War I, and the now-commonly accepted belief the troops died fighting for, “freedom” while the Germans were the, “tyrants.” March 11, or 3/11, 2004 was the infamous Madrid bombings in Spain. Between September 11, 2001 and March 11, 2004, there were 911 days. Coincidence? Another, far more subtle symbolism is the 11s within each of those terrible days. The numbers on 9/11 are undeniable, from the fact that September 11 is the 254 or (2+5+4=11) day of the year, also the fact that there are 111 days left of 2001 relative to 2001. We must also remember the fact that each of the Twin Towers resembles a number “11.” Also, there is the fact that each building was 110 floors tall. Another fact is that American Airlines or AA (11) 11 or 11:11 hit the North Tower first. S-E-P-T-E-M-B-E-R has 9 letters, 11 has 2, which gives another mysterious 11. September is the 9th month of the year, plus the two one’s (1) in 9/11, and you have 11. Flight AA11 included several 11 symbolisms such as the fact that it had 11 crew members, 92 passengers, and 4 hijackers whose initials were A.A. or 11. New York City was the 11th State to join the Union, and New York City has 11 letters, and not far from the city at Liberty Island is the Statue of Liberty standing on an 11 pointed star fort, lighting the, “torch of liberty.” Manhattan Island where the Twin Towers stood was discovered by Henry Hudson (11 letters) on September 11, 1609, and he died two years later in 1611 when his crew mutinied against him. This forms another, “11:11:11” sequence or 33. World Trade Center has 22 letters or 11 times 1 (II in roman numerals or simply a subtle 11). Skyscraper also has 11 letters. Further symbolism indicates the first flight to hit the North Tower was at 10:28 or 11, and that there was 99 days of burning or 9 times 11. Also, the first firefighter unit to get to Towers was Unit 1, and they lost 11 firemen during the tragedy. The final count of dead and missing was 2801, or 11. If we were to look deeper into the 9/11 tragedy, we will find that The Pentagon has 11 letters as well, George W. Bush, Bob Beckwith, number 164 (11) all have 11 letters. Ariel Sharon also contains 11 letters. There also happens to be a 11 year cycle of tragedy with Osama bin Laden’s family life as his father and his brother all died in a plane crash, 11 years from each other, starting the age of 11 for young Osama bin Laden, who just happened to also contain 11 letters in his name. Thirty-three years later, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and Osama bin Laden supposedly began his war on America, his supplier and friend, in reality. At the age 44, September 11 occurs, in which planes are used as missiles to crash into buildings. Speaking of Islamic Jihad, the training manual for such a terrorist exercise contains 11 volumes. Coincidences? Really? I doubt it. Throughout history, September 11 has been honoured in more than one occasion. According to Dr. Ernest L. Martin, Jesus Christ (11 letters) was born on September 11, 3 B.C, based on recalculation of the famous Star of Bethlehem. Speaking of stars, we are currently in the Age of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Zodiac. The number 11 stands for the number 3 in binary. If we were to understand the full meaning of September 11, the Twin Towers, and the mystery surrounding it, we must open our eyes to these and many more odd coincidences that just happen to be all occurring simultaneously, and in a perfect, synchronized manner that is beyond simple chance. After all, God does not play dice, right, as Einstein is so famously quoted? If we are to believe that all these, “coincidences” occurred simply because of chance; then we are choosing to be wilfully blind to the REAL power behind world events.

To prove this, 11 years prior to 9/11 to the day, at 9:09 pm, George .H.W. Bush announced to Congress on September 11, 1990 that a, “New World Order” will emerge out of the chaos of the manipulated First Persian Gulf War. Saddam Hussein was just another failed puppet that needed to be replaced, but he is patient, and like his minions and masters, has the cunning to wait eleven years before making up the false excuses needed to overthrow the poverty-stricken nation that suffered a 13 year medieval siege led by Britain and the United States in blatant violation of all respectable international law that forbid sanctions on a nation that poses one no threat whatsoever. The, “sanctions” included daily bombing runs over civilian targets, and there no humanitarian aids were delivered to the desperate Iraqi people. If Saddam Hussein was the target, then why target his innocent people who were not responsible for Saddam Hussein’s actions? Eleven years from 2001 is 2012, a most sacred year according to End Time scholars, Mayan Calendar researchers, New Agers, occultists, conspiratorial historians and those who are fascinated and drawn into the world of hidden magic. 2012 marks the end of the Kali Yuga, the final 13th Baktun of the Mayan Calendar. It begins officially on December 21, at 11:11 Universal Standard Time. Eleven, as shown earlier is binary for 3, so, we have 3:3 or 33 at play here. The 33rd prime number is 137, a most relevant number to occultists since it ties in directly with 11, the Twin Towers, the Gemini Twins (II: 11), the Seriphoth Tree and its 33 components of its sum and its parts. Hence, the synchronicity of life itself. The power behind September 11, 2001, is the same force behind World War I and World War II, and now, World War III, a war that has been declared against humanity in a silent, covert, and seductive, subtle manner that one would have to be very open to the most forbidden and forsaken ideas of our times to even dare to even think of it (the Cold War and beyond). The truth is, the guiding force behind 9/11 and wars, covert or overt, public or private, personal or political, psychological or physical, has always been Freemasonry. The Freemasons worship numbers, not for the good of humanity, but for its downfall and its enslavement. There is a reason why the numbers, 11, 22 and 33 are so important to the highest echelons of the Freemasons, that is because they are Master Numbers, and 11 symbolizes duality, communication, transformation, rebirth, enlightenment, destruction, awakening, and illumination. After all, Apollo 11 was the first to supposedly land on the moon. Apollo is the code for the Sun God, much like Hercules and Jesus. Jesus died at the age of 33, according to most accounts that are accepted by Christians, and 33 is considered the most sacred number in many cultures. Even in Muslim, 33 plays a vital role in prayer to Allah and his saints. Freemasonry itself consists of 33 degrees, that is, the Scottish Rite, crafted by Albert Pike. Thirty-three is important because it is the multiple of the holy 3 (trinity, creativity, beauty), with the number 11, the most holy of master numbers, since it is the first of the Master Numbers. Not only this, but because there are 12 signs of the Zodiac, or the 12 signs of the CIRLCE OF LIFE, there are 30 degrees between each sign. It is circulated amongst conspiracy research circles and the more enlightened mages and seers, that when the Sun is at 33 degrees from the horizon, it has a certain shape to it that makes it sacred. Sun worship, when it is taken to the extreme can be very dangerous, and yet that is what our society has become thanks to the violent Christians and zealous Zionists and the misunderstood Muslims (who were once lunar worshippers). Thirty-three is also important for other reasons outside the circles of religion and sun worship in all its forms, but also in Qabalah since the Seriphoth Tree, both the sum of its parts and the whole contains 33 parts to it. There are 22 lines that connect the 10 major visible points on the Tree. The missing point is Sirius, which symbolizes Gnosis. Gnosis means pure knowing, experiencing the essence of a thing in and of itself, the purest form of knowledge. Sirius is the

brightest star in the sky, and was always considered by Ancients to the Star of the Gods, since it is the , “Dog Star,” or, “God Star.” Dog and God are just reversals of each other. Even in the United Nations symbolism there are 32 parts around one. One need only to look at the United Nations flag to see whom they serve, the Freemasons of course. Even the Founding Fathers of the United States were Masons, as this can be proven by the fact that 13 blocks north of the White House is the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction 33rd Degree Lodge, the Supreme Lodge that governs Washington D.C and the United States itself, founded by Albert Pike. Interestingly enough, 13 can be surmised to represent 33 in a subliminal manner by the fact that 1 divided by 3 gives you 0.333333, or 33. Remember, Satan or Lucifer had with him a third of the heavens when he fell. The Virginia Tech Massacre resulted in the death of 33 people, including the gunmen. Once again, we notice a Masonic Mega Ritual devoted on April 16 (11), 2007. John F. Kennedy was assassinated along the 33rd North Parallel, not far from a Masonic temple on November 22 or 11/22, 1963 in Delay Plaza. He was shot in the 3 positions where the Masonic Christ Hiram Abiff was assassinated by three killers employed by King Solomon and King Hiram of Tyre. Supposedly Solomon wanted a code word that will invoke a magical evocation so powerful that it will keep the darkness of Freemasonry and the occult in power forever. It was a three coded spell that had such dark power that when uttered correctly would supposedly spell doom for humanity. To this day, the Masons are still in search of it, at least, the highest of the echelons of Illuminated Freemasonry. Thirty-three is the number of enlightenment and rebirth since along this Parallel in the North is where Atlantis is supposedly located thousands of years ago, a place of mystery as well since it is the location of the Bermuda Triangle. Phoenix and Atlanta are also located along the North 33rd Parallel. This parallel is also where Damascus (the longest inhabited city) and where Mesopotamia is located (the Cradle of Civilization). The Roswell events also took place along the 33rd Parallel North. North is important because this is where God is located. Thirty-three, is, based on my own research, experience and at least temporal understanding, the number of great enlightenment and illumination. It can also mean, in a negative sense, destruction and sacrifice. It all depends on the context and the purpose by which it is used. On a personal level, 33 is important because it signifies the first place where I lived and born…in a country with 33 provinces, being born into that special 33rd province, and moving first to a country down at the 33rd South Parallel, then to a country with 33 million people. Then, in that last country, to a home labelled 33, next to a 33rd Street. I currently reside at the 43 33 parallel. My home’s number adds up to 12, my former best friend’s house number adds up to 21, add these two opposing numbers, and you get 33. Back to Freemasonry, however, it is mostly a symbol of the Light, the Illuminati, and the Initiation Passage of the Neophyte from Entered Apprentice to Grand Inspector General of the Masons. Masonry revolves around the devil and Satan/Lucifer as one progress from Entered Apprentice to the highest Illuminated Freemasons at the 33rd Degree. February 2nd is the 33rd day of the year, like May Day (121st) are very important due to the numerology involved, seeing that May Day is 11:11 or 11 squared, or simply a subtle 33. February 2 is important to Pagans because of the Sun is slowly coming back, and that we are getting to move out of the shadows. May Day signifies the more visible rebirth of nature and the sun as it is the day of Beltane. Beltane is related to pole worship or sun worship as it is the reincarnation of nature and the beginning of the brightest and longest days of the year for the sun. Freemasonry, and 33 are interlinked as it is their favourite number as it is the number of blood sacrifice, ritual, and rebirth of their pagan gods such as Hiram Abiff, Bacchus, Satan,

Lucifer, Dionysus, and even Jesus amongst them who are nothing more than variations of ancient Sun Gods. After all, the Sun at 33 is the most important shape the sun can get. From the Solar Myths to the Stellar, Lunar, and Saturnian cults, none are as prominent as the Solar deities as the sun gives life, and provides nourishment and allows one to see. Illumination – that is the ultimate meaning of the mysterious 33, a wake-up call. It is the number of initiation. Ignorance. Initiation Illumination. Triple I’s.