“33” Fully COLLATED June 22, 2004

Written by Ronald D. Moore

Episode #T1801

"33" Episode #T1801

Written by Ronald D. M oore

Fully Collated June 22, 2004


Ronald D. M oore David Eick Toni Graphia Harvey Frand M ichael Rymer

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"33" Episode # T1801 REVIS ION HIS TORY

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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA "33" Episode #T1801 Fully Collated 6/22/04 CAS T Commander William Adama President Laura Roslin Capt Lee Adama Lt Kara Thrace Col Saul Tigh Gaius Baltar Chief Galen Tyrol Lt Sharon Valerii Number Six Billy Crashdown Dualla Gaeta Helo Pilot (only on PA) Socinus Cally .

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA "33" Episode #T 1801 Fully Collated 6/22/04 SETS BATTLES TAR GALACTICA Colonial One Colonial One .Office CIC Adama's Quarters Corridors Hangar Deck Officers' Head Pilots' Ready Room S PACE Interiors Raptor Sharon's Raptor Kara's Viper Lee's Viper Exteriors Galactica Caprica Civilian Ships Colonial One Olympic Carrier Cylon Ships Vipers Raptors CAPRICA Interiors Baltar's House Exteriors Forest .

. BALTAR’S HOUSE . we’re struck by the visual keys of Baltar’s House -.g. (CONTINUED) . too crisp to the eye..VIPERS 2 He A SQUADRON of Galactica’s VIPERS are taking up positions in a defensive formation. In fact. watching him.“33” TEASER FADE IN: 1 INT.DAY 1 BALTAR sits in a chair. 4 INT. 3 INT.. BALTAR’S HOUSE .DAY 4 3 Six watches Baltar. not quite real. 17. SPACE . Once again.hold position.. LEE Twenty seconds to mark. We might notice that the sky is just a little brighter than it should be. NUMBER SIX God has a plan for you. gazing out at the water and the morning light from the serene comfort of his living room. Gaius.something about this environment is not quite right. NUMBER SIX lounges on a chaise nearby. 18. LEE’S VIPER Lee sits in his cockpit.. looking tense and worn. 2 EXT. LEE (PRELAP) All Vipers -. Baltar never takes his eyes off the view. In the far b. GALACTICA and the RAGTAG FLEET can be seen in their own defensive formation (Galactica deployed to cover the civilian ships).g. a cup of coffee on the side table next to him. He’s watching a DIGITAL CLOCK counting down the seconds: 19. CLASSICAL MUSIC playing softly in the b.. has a plan for everything and everyone.. the colors in the house a little more vibrant. all of his surroundings seem a little too sharp.

.DAY Baltar now standing at the window. Dualla operates her console by rote. TIGH Maybe this time. Tigh blinks red-rimmed eyes and tries to focus. calmly sipping his tea. ten still reporting trouble with their FTL drives. NUMBER SIX You have to believe in something. ADAMA We’re getting slower. A rational universe. DUALLA at their stations.. GAETA. Adama never takes his eyes from the clock: 6 INT. Not some large invisible man in the sky controlling the flights of birds and the lives of men. Fiftythree ships have Jumped.. Explained through rational means. Jump 237 underway. GALACTICA .. Everyone watching clocks (digital & analog) or their watches. Including Colonial One. DUALLA Sir.4 '33' Fully Collated . The elegance of a complex argument. TIGH.CIC ADAMA is staring at a CLOCK hanging on a bulkhead. The SECOND HAND is sweeping up toward the hour. The mood is tense... Rational problems solved through rational means. 10.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 2. BALTAR I believe in the beauty of a well constructed formula. 4 Gaius? me? 5 NUMBER SIX Are you even listening to 5 INT. 6 ..9.. her face a mask of exhaustion.8. BALTAR’S HOUSE . GAETA Fifteen seconds...

not really here. strung-out. leaving Colonial One and a few others. BILLY is on the phone and various AIDES are in their seats.. 9 INT.COLONIAL ONE The transport ship in amid the rest of the civilian ships. NUMBER SIX I love you. She tries to put on a confident smile for them. and watching a digital clock counting down the seconds: 7. right on the edge. COLONIAL ONE . BALTAR You’re not rational. aren’t we.. The fatigue and exhaustion are all too evident here as well. 6. 7 EXT. Billy? BILLY (listening to phone) Pilot says he’s had to reboot the FTL computer again.HANGAR DECK TYROL and his DECK GANG are standing by.. nuzzles his neck. SPACE . That’s not rational.. LAURA Cutting it a little close this time. slips an arm around his waist. Laura looks around the cabin at the tense and scared faces. GALACTICA . everyone here is exhausted.6/22/04 3. Several of the other civilian ships JUMP AWAY.. She’s mentally burnt. BALTAR’S HOUSE . CALLY is standing next to TYROL. 10 INT. 5.'33' Fully Collated .. stressed.? You’re also 10 9 * * * * * * * * (CONTINUED) . CALLY Why is it always thirty-three minutes? Why isn’t it thirty-four? Or thirty-five? Or fifty-five? Or sixty-seven or seventy-eight. 7 8 INT.DAY Six sidles up to Baltar. watching a wall CLOCK as the final seconds tick down.. Like on Galactica.OFFICE 8 LAURA sitting in what has now been transformed into a crude Oval Office..

She smiles indulgently. Yeah? TYROL CALLY * * * * * * They resume watching the 11 * * TYROL It’s gonna be alright. clock: 4.10 '33' Fully Collated .. 3.. 10 Cally. . 11 INT.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 3A.DAY Baltar is kissing Six’s neck. losing himself in the eroticism of this woman in his arms. unbuttoning her blouse.. nods.. Cally pulls herself back. BALTAR’S HOUSE .

Baltar has Six on the chaise and begins to make love to her. waiting along with the rest of the squadron in space. Two hundred was such a nice round number. shakes her head. KARA’S VIPER Kara is in her Viper. She pulls back. were you planning something special? What. She slaps her arms. Now I gotta wait for three hundred. LEE’S VIPER LEE Try two thirty-seven.. Time’s up. LEE Don’t even joke about that.'33' Fully Collated . 1. 12A KARA Just like to keep track of these things. 14 QUICK CUTS: NUMBER SIX 14 The digital clocks all around the fleet register ZERO and the analog second hands all reach the hour mark-- . tries to get bodily awake and ready.. 12 INT. Kara looks at her digital WATCH: 13 INT. looks at him with regret.. KARA How many times is this? passed two hundred yet? Have we INTERCUT WITH: 12 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 13 12A INT. BALTAR’S HOUSE .6/22/04 4..DAY 2. KARA Two thirty-seven? You’re telling me I missed number two hundred? LEE That’s what I’m telling you.

SPACE 15 Hold a beat on the empty starfield.A.6/22/04 4A.. Unlike the way he looked in his house.'33' Fully Collated . COLONIAL ONE . REVEAL: 16 INT. then a CYLON BASE SHIP JUMPS into view..) I’m afraid the Cylons have appeared again. It LAUNCHES MISSILES immediately.A. However.. our FTL drive is now working and we will Jump momentarily. CLOSE ON BALTAR Eyes closed. a man right on the edge of his ability to take the stress and pressure and fatigue.: PILOT (P. Baltar rubs his face with his hands.) Ladies and gentlemen. 16 (CONTINUED) . here Baltar looks like hell.A. 15 EXT..OFFICE Baltar is sitting in a chair at the rear of the cabin. PILOT (P. His eyes fly OPEN at the sound of the Pilot’s VOICE coming over the P.

I’ve got an idea for the next cycle. not tolerant of mistakes in this situation. GALACTICA . PILOT CHATTER coming in.CIC 17 The dradis console shows enemy blips and ALARMS are going off around the ship.16 '33' Fully Collated .. Away the GAETA Basestar is launching raiders. Tigh’s exhaustion and disappointment is palpable -. 17 INT. There’s just the slightest pause of resignation as everyone realizes that it’s happened again. 16 Number Six leans into frame.but maybe the next.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 5. The CIC becomes a beehive of activity once again..you’ve got a red light right there. but his mind is already moving on and he goes to Tigh with an encouraging tone: ADAMA (to Tigh) Not this time -.a phantom that slides easily back and forth between the calm sedate world of the house he used to live in and the chaotic world of life in the rag-tag fleet. Tigh watches his crew perform their tasks -. DUALLA (to headset) Hit on the starboard bow. officers and enlisted scurrying about.his temper is short. damage control parties. He quickly spots an error on one of the consoles. We begin to realize that she is the one constant in his mind -. DUALLA Colonial One ready to Jump! 18 19 OMITTED OMITTED 18 19 . TIGH Watch the ammo hoists for the main guns -. taps the display over the shoulder of the unfortunate Lieutenant.Adama is just as tired as everyone else. The ship is ROCKED by an explosion.

There are limits.. SPACE . Scatter formation. Those are facts. SPACE . BALTAR Five days now. 20 EXT. NEW ANGLE . The human mind. Tolerances you can’t push beyond.CYLONS & VIPERS 22 The Vipers and the Cylons are blazing away at each other -some Vipers trying to keep the Raiders at bay and others concentrating on the nuclear missiles while Galactica engages the Basestar..OFFICE 21 Some Baltar is trying to hold it together in his chair while Six strokes his hair lovingly. 23 INT. LEE (WIRELESS) (cont’d) Inbound nukes! 21 INT. Provable facts. COLONIAL ONE .THE CYLONS Cylon fighters are swooping in toward the Vipers. 22 EXT. There are limits. LEE (WIRELESS) You know the drill. to the human body.'33' Fully Collated . 23 (CONTINUED) .VIPERS 20 Lee and the rest of the Vipers kick in their burners and leap forward. people. CIC As before. leaving only Galactica and her Vipers to face the Cylons. COLONIAL ONE And the rest of the civilian FLEET Jump away.6/22/04 6. LAUNCH NUCLEAR MISSILES. keep’em off the civies and don’t stray beyond the recovery line. GAETA All civilian ships away -including Colonial One.

The transition between the reality of Colonial One and the hyper-real environment of the house is abrupt. Number Six watches from the chaise. 29 EXT. 28 INT. 30 31 OMITTED INT. letting out that same long sigh. He’s calm here. ADAMA Execute Jump. BALTAR’S HOUSE . 26 INT..6/22/04 CONTINUED: 7. which has a PLANET nearby (or some other unique feature to distinguish it from the area of space they just left).. 23 ADAMA Recover fighters.GALACTICA The last few Vipers are making combat landings on the Galactica. but Baltar is unfazed. DUALLA All fighters aboard. 30 31 29 28 27 (CONTINUED) . Jump. at ease with himself and the world.DAY Lets out a long sigh -26 25 -.OFFICE Baltar blinks for a beat. 24 EXT.the other civilian ships are in the b. CIC Gaeta looks over his console. GAETA Jump 237 complete.23 '33' Fully Collated . SPACE . SPACE .COLONIAL ONE Stand-by to 24 JUMPS into view -. CIC Dualla looks up from her console. leaving the Cylons to shoot at nothing. SPACE . 25 INT.g.and Baltar is sitting in his chair. COLONIAL ONE .GALACTICA The ship JUMPS. 27 EXT.

-. BALTAR Of course not.DAY Baltar takes Six into his arms. sir.31 '33' Fully Collated .6/22/04 CONTINUED: 8. and then-32 33 34 35 (CONTINUED) . you’ll make a mistake. There are limits.KARA RESETS HER WATCH. -.as they have the last two hundred and thirty-seven times. INT. 31 DUALLA All civilian ships are present and accounted for. GAETA (to handset) Attention: Clock has started. TIGH Start the clock. BALTAR’S HOUSE . NUMBER SIX You know you’re not safe. NUMBER SIX You’re right. He begins taking her clothes off.LEE RESETS HIS WATCH. Eventually. The Cylons will follow us again -. you know. Gaeta opens the faceplate of the clock on the wall and spins the minute hand back to three minutes before the half-hour mark and picks up a handset.mark. QUICK CUTS: 32 33 34 35 -. Thirty-three minutes -.TYROL RESETS THE CLOCK ON THE HANGAR DECK BULKHEAD.

. thirty-three minutes.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 9. As he takes her down onto the bed. END OF TEASER .35 '33' Fully Collated . I know. yes.. 35 BALTAR -. Yes. FADE OUT. CAMERA DROPS OFF on a CLOCK... ticking away in the serenity of the house. But not for another.and then you will kill us all.

FOREST . he’s standing over the Cylons -. Helo grabs a DETONATOR REMOTE and DOUBLE-CLICKS the trigger: A CLAYMORE EXPLODES directly in front of the Cylons.DAY A MAN is running through the forest -.he’s hobbled by an injury as he crashes through the woods.CAPRICA The planet as seen from orbit.Moments later. It’s cold out here.the Cylons are charging toward his position. trying to REPAIR its shattered body.chasing the man. but Helo’s sweating and having trouble breathing . blowing them off their feet. SUPER: 37 Thick CLOUDS have engulfed 36 Cylon Occupied Caprica EXT.one completely destroyed and inert. Helo blinks as beads of sweat trickle down his forehead and into his eyes and looks back --.'33' Fully Collated . TWO CYLON CENTURIANS (the mechanistic types) are crashing through the trees -. (CONTINUED) .6/22/04 10. begins to cautiously limp out into the open --. catches his breath. crackling sounds of the destroyed Cylons. Helo gets up. ACT ONE FADE IN: 36 EXT.radiation sickness starting to set in. CAPRICA . The woods are silent except for the smoldering. SPACE . the other still mechanically jerking and whirring. 37 The Man dives/falls over a log or deadfall and as he rolls over we see that it’s HELO (Sharon Valerii’s flight officer she was forced to leave behind in the pilot) and he doesn’t look too good. much of the atmosphere. his breath forming vapor in the air.

more rote than hygiene. Two minutes. then resets his handweapon and aims it at the Cylon’s head. LEE All transfers in writing. people. Kara Thrace has her head completely under a faucet. KARA I’ll go find a pen. GALACTICA .6/22/04 CONTINUED: 11. pulls up her flight suit. LEE Two minutes to pre-launch brief. Lee takes a spot at a sink near Kara. EXPLOSION -CUT TO: A CLOCK The minute hand now at quarter til the hour. 37 Helo looks down at the Cylon for a beat. sir. others making a quick dash in and out of the toilet stalls -. drowning her hair and face in the water. wets it. Lee Adama steps in through the hatch. The pilots pick up the pace. please. Pulls the trigger.everyone looking frayed and burnt out. her flight suit peeled down to her waist. some throwing water on their faces. still in his flight suit.37 '33' Fully Collated . Kara heads for the hatch. Kara roughly towels off. pulls a toothbrush from a zippered pocket. clock hanging on the wall of: 38 INT.OFFICERS’ HEAD REVEAL the 38 PILOTS are scurrying in and out of the washroom. start zipping flight suits and stumbling out the door. . begins to savagely brush his teeth -. KARA I’d like a transfer.

who’s scribbling notes on a piece of paper and scarfing down a few bites of Adama’s untouched food in between sentences. SHAVING and talking to Tigh. TIGH Twenty-four Jumps to plot -. Adama grabs his jacket and comes out of the head.. 39 INT. (MORE) (CONTINUED) They EXIT to .? ADAMA Not anymore. ADAMA Divide the fleet into six groups. Right. TIGH Damned civilian crews.'33' Fully Collated . fourth Jump. Adama CUTS himself with the razor -. everyone rendezvous back at a common set of coordinates.. They Jump to six different coordinates. Another five to program the computers... ADAMA’S QUARTERS/CORRIDOR 39 Adama is in the head.? TIGH Adama looks on the blood on his neck for a moment.. ADAMA Takes us ten minutes to calculate Jump coordinates. Adama heads for the door.. Half of them don’t begin Jump prep until five minutes before the mark. ADAMA Then Jump two more times. sleep deprivation and fatigue causing him to lose focus for a moment..6/22/04 12.BLOOD trickles down his throat for a moment.we’re breaking our humps calculating one Jump every thirty-three minutes. sees Tigh eating his food.. the Corridor.. Tigh right with him. TIGH (cont’d) You eating this..

39 Adama glances at his watch -- .6/22/04 CONTINUED: ADAMA (cont'd) Three to run the checklists. four to balance the fuel mixture... 12A.39 '33' Fully Collated .

The man ahead of Dualla leaves and now she’s at the head of the line.no one’s had a chance or energy to police the spaces in days. CORRIDOR .faces of her family and friends. now crammed with sheets of paper. She hands Socinus a piece of paper with names and descriptions scrawled in neat lines. CLOSE ON WRISTWATCH Ticking away. Colony? SOCINUS DUALLA Saggitaron. Dualla eyes the stacks and piles of photos and lists filling the office and decides to keep them. He quickly goes over the list. 41 INT. so you can either leave them with us or put’em on the Board. PILOTS’ READY ROOM 41 Lee at the CAG podium. 40 REVEAL: 40 INT. mislaid items. SOCINUS and a couple of deckhands man the Comm Office.'33' Fully Collated . photos and lists. stray pieces of paper -.COMM OFFICE The watch is on the wrist of Dualla and she’s standing in a LONG LINE of Deck Hands who are waiting outside the tiny OFFSHIP COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE. (CONTINUED) . SOCINUS (cont’d) We can’t transmit photos yet. finishing the pre-launch brief to his PILOTS -.6/22/04 13. The deck hands are working the phones inside the office.including Kara and SHARON VALERII. (beat) How many have -SOCINUS Five thousand two hundred fifty-one survivors from Saggitaron last count. Dualla brings out a STACK of SNAPSHOTS -. while the Petty Officer mans the door. The Corridor itself is filled with BOXES.

Kara reacts to that last line -. The fatigue in the room is palpable. touching the faces of missing loved ones.. or just staring at the faces. 41 LEE . CORRIDOR . combat landings expected again to be the order of the day. MAN’S VOICE (prelap) Boomer? 43 INT. Galactica CREWMEMBERS are gathered here putting up photos.HANGAR DECK 43 42 Sharon is going over the pre-flight checklist in the pilot’s seat of her Raptor. It’s plastered with PHOTOS. so double-check your undercarriage before launch. RAPTOR . praying. As they pass out the door.. LEE (cont’d) Then good luck and be careful out there.MEMORIAL WALL A long.41 '33' Fully Collated . impromptu memorial board now covers the walls of a section of Corridor. (CONTINUED) .6/22/04 CONTINUED: 14. as they go out the door and to war. standing on a ROOFTOP. looking out over a CITY. It’s the sheer number of the faces that hits Dualla in the chest. CRASHDOWN (20s) her new flight officer is in the back area... Questions? No one says a word. Each pilot’s hand comes into frame and touches the image. small drawings. Dark clouds of SMOKE rise up from the city. etc.“Be careful out there?” The pilots gather up their plotting boards and head for the hatch. tributes. descriptions of loved ones. It takes her a beat before she gathers herself and moves to find a spot to put her photos among the many. A Colonial FLAG ripples in the breeze above his head. 42 INT. each of them TOUCHES a PHOTO taped to the wall -CLOSE ON PHOTO Which shows a COLONIAL SOLDIER with his back to the camera.

Sharon. 43 CRASHDOWN Heard the latest? Cylons look like us now. Tyrol heads for the door. (reading checklist) Primary fuel? Sharon doesn’t react to the idea of the Cylons looking human. Just before he leaves: (CONTINUED) . SHARON I didn’t ask you that either. Red light on the number four thruster. Sharon keeps working as Tyrol leans over her shoulder. he’s some refugee from the Triton I’ve been saddled with and I didn’t ask you. pretends to be interested in something on the control panel. SHARON You know what? I don’t give a frak. See if it’s blocked. It’s just another rumor to her. CRASHDOWN Marine told one of the spooks in crypto we marooned a PR guy back on Ragnar because the XO thought he was a Cylon. TYROL Little rough on your ECO if you ask me. There’s a distinct chill in her attitude toward Crashdown.. SHARON Primary fuel: 8932 KRG.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 15. CRASHDOWN Crashdown EXITS the cabin. SHARON He’s not my ECO. Right. TYROL (gently) Helo’s gone.43 '33' Fully Collated . Go make a visual ID.. Tyrol steps into the cabin.

Sharon struggles to focus on her job. COLONIAL ONE . SHARON (cont’d) Tyrol appreciates it. Billy goes to her with a stack of message slips and a PACKAGE. but knows it’s time to leave anyway.298. LAURA What’s in the package? BILLY It’s a gift. Laura takes it. some deaths from wounds. There’s a note. Laura unwraps the package while Billy reads the note. 43 Sorry. (MORE) (CONTINUED) ..OFFICE 44 Laura is at her desk. reacts in disappointment. She looks at the number for a long beat. Several other AIDES are also in the cabin and there’s a continuous flow of PEOPLE in and out -. LAURA How’d we drop three hundred? BILLY (hands her another paper) Some overcounts. From the captain of one of the ships. Laura goes to a small piece of BOARD that’s been roughly mounted on one bulkhead. BILLY (re: paper) Update on the headcount. 44 INT.this is a busy workspace. please accept this on behalf of the people of Aerilon. then tries to refocus on something else.978. a few missing during the last attack.43 '33' Fully Collated . Madame President.. which has become the center of gravity in the makeshift Oval Office. BILLY (cont’d) (reads) “President Roslin. The board has a number on it: 50.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 16. She rubs off the last few digits and corrects it with a GREASE PENCIL to 49.

OFFICE Baltar sits forward in his chair -. FIND Baltar and Number Six in their own seats. BALTAR Well. NUMBER SIX I want us to have a child. BALTAR’S HOUSE .” 17. finger over his earlobe. NUMBER SIX Do you want children. NUMBER SIX Procreation is one of God’s commandments.no sign of Six. Laura finds a framed copy of the same PHOTO we saw in the Pilots’ Ready Room earlier. Below the photo is a small inscription: “Lest We Forget” Laura stares at the photo of the anonymous soldier. Gaius? 45 INT. the smoke and the flag as silence falls in the cabin.what did you just say? BILLY Oh. no. Six at his side.what was that? 45A INT.. Gaius. Excuse me for interrupting -. maybe someday he’ll bless you with a lovely little walking toaster of your very own.6/22/04 CONTINUED: BILLY (cont’d) It was taken on the capitol of our colony during the attack.uh.. I was just telling the President that a Doctor. BALTAR Let me think about that -.DAY Baltar smokes a thin cigar.44 '33' Fully Collated . (checks paper) (MORE) 45A 45 Six runs a (CONTINUED) . 44 Inside the package. BALTAR I’m sorry. COLONIAL ONE . BALTAR You can’t be serious -.

” NUMBER SIX I was always a little worried he was on to us. BALTAR Doctor Amarak.45A '33' Fully Collated . (CONTINUED) . 18. BALTAR Perhaps I should talk to him.. NUMBER SIX (to Baltar) Have you always been able to multitask like this? BALTAR He worked with me at the Ministry of Defense. Amarak has requested to speak to her. BILLY I think he only wants to speak directly with the President. LAURA You know him? Six appears again next to Baltar..6/22/04 CONTINUED: BILLY (cont'd) . 45A Baltar’s heart skips a beat at the name. I see. BILLY (off message slip) Says he has uncovered “important information regarding how the Cylons were able to defeat Colonial defenses. Sounded urgent.

OFF Baltar’s worried expression. 45A NUMBER SIX It must be very. LAURA (checks watch) All right -. very important.45A '33' Fully Collated . Get him aboard during the next cycle. 46-63 SCENES OMITTED END OF ACT ONE 46-63 . NUMBER SIX I’d say you have a serious problem. FADE OUT. Maybe something about a certain traitor in the President’s inner circle.not enough time before the next Jump.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 19... Six leans into Baltar.

ADAMA We’ve got too much work and not enough people to do it.... Ten suicides. CORRIDORS 64 Tigh and Dualla are walking with Adama as he makes his way toward his quarters.. He’s worried we don’t have enough cartographic information.. TIGH That’s gonna come back and bite us on the ass. One pilot out of every three. DUALLA ADAMA Worries me too. (checks) Sixty-one total. DUALLA Fuel report.. DUALLA Munitions. Dualla is handing Adama papers to sign on a clipboard. (off paper) Twelve more cases of nervous exhaustion. DC. DUALLA Deck log. That makes. (to Tigh) Have the docs start pumping’em full of stimulants and sending’em back on the line. TIGH Keeps talking about Jumping into the middle of a star... Rotating injections. (CONTINUED) .6/22/04 20..'33' Fully Collated . TIGH Gaeta’s working on your multi-Jump idea...... which she then takes from him as he signs. every other cycle. ACT TWO FADE IN: 64 INT. Pilots too.

HANGAR DECK 64A He glances at his Kara is doing a preflight walk-around of her Viper. They’re both mentally and physically fried.. sir. then it’s his turn.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 21. sir. LEE You see the note from the XO? I saw it. D.64 '33' Fully Collated . sir. watch. 64A INT. I took ten last time. LEE (CONTINUED) . They’ve arrived outside Adama’s quarters.. ADAMA I’ve already signed one of these. DUALLA Yes. 64 DUALLA Fuel report. looking up under the undercarriage. TIGH If the Old Man’s so tired he can’t remember. Kara. etc. barely able to think beyond what’s right in front of them. DUALLA I believe this was your turn. Sorry. while Lee looks on.two from the President. (hands him another one) Comm traffic -.. ADAMA This my ten minutes or yours? TIGH Yours. ADAMA See you two in Combat. Adama turns down one Corridor and Tigh and Dualla head down another Corridor. checking inside the turbines.. KARA No way.

KARA Damn right you’re glad. “Be careful out there?” No. KARA Why are we arguing about this? LEE I have no idea. So she either says “Yes. Our job isn’t to be careful. No. “Good hunting” is what you say to us. LEE C’mon. Lee just stares at her for a minute.64A '33' Fully Collated . Lieutenant? (CONTINUED) .. We’re not friends. all right? Kara turns on Lee. it’s to shoot Cylons outta the frakking sky. They blunt your reflexes. gimme a break here. You’re the CAG -act like one. one of your idiot pilots is acting like a child and refusing to get her shot. then he feels a slight grin form on his face. And now. LEE Glad I’m not working for you. Kara. 64A KARA I don’t fly with stims. sir” and obeys the order or you smack her in the mouth and then drag her sorry ass down to Sickbay and get the frakking pills. reaction time.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 21A. KARA Neither do I. LEE So do I have to smack you in the mouth.. Just get the shot. you’re the CAG. LEE What the hell’s that mean? KARA It means you’re still acting like you’re everyone’s best friend.

Adama.then the sound-powered PHONE WHISTLES. sir. then dry-swallows them. 65 INT. LEE Lee heads out of the hangar.64A '33' Fully Collated . sir. She gives him Lee holds out his hand -. 64A No. Carry on. ADAMA’S QUARTERS 65 Adama is asleep in his rack -. He picks it up by long-honed instinct. KARA I’ll go get my pills. sir. ADAMA (CONTINUED) . a look.the PILLS are in it.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 21B. KARA (cont’d) Thank you.

65 '33' Fully Collated . COLONIAL ONE . Madame President. while Billy and several others look on. and Laura is on the phone.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 22. sir.OFFICE A PHONE has been jerry-rigged near one of the windows. LAURA We have a problem. and Adama nearly falls asleep in those few seconds before -LAURA (PHONE) Commander? (beat) Commander Adama? Adama’s eyes fly open and he forces himself to sit up. 66 She can’t remember and snaps her fingers quickly -BILLY (sotto) The Tauranian Traveler. 65 GAETA (PHONE) Sorry to disturb you... One vessel. ADAMA I’m a little behind... LAURA You get my message? Adama still has them in his hand. I’ve There’s a few beats of electronic clicking. the. INTERCUT: 66 INT. (CONTINUED) . ADAMA Yes. ADAMA Put her through. got the President for you. LAURA (overlapping) The Tauranian Traveler is saying they want to break away from the fleet and make a run for it on their own.

That takes priority over anyone’s wish to go their own way. 66 Okay.. Laura’s eyes go to the grease pencil number on the bulkhead: 49. ADAMA Let’s cut to the chase here. they won’t have a chance. You want me to board that ship and take over. (CONTINUED) .66 '33' Fully Collated . Numbers. Survival of the race mandates increasing our numbers.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 23. ADAMA LAURA Okay? Without your protection. LAURA I’m concerned about our numbers. I do. I’m not going to stand in his way. ADAMA LAURA There’re nine hundred people on that ship.317. LAURA (can’t believe I’m saying this) Yes. ADAMA If any captain out there thinks his ship can do better on its own. The soldier PHOTO is also now hanging on the bulkhead directly above that number..

66 '33' Fully Collated . GAETA (PHONE) Three close passes by Tauranian Traveler. Your ship’s FTL is unreliable and-LAURA Thank you. but she bites back a tart response. then he grabs the phone. my people will be forced to defend themselves.you should consider transferring to Galactica. LAURA Thank you. Tell them to make three close passes by the Tauranian Traveler.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 24. aye. Combat? GAETA (PHONE) ADAMA Launch the alert fighters. Laura hangs up. resets the dial and rings CIC. Laura is stung by his tone and the statement itself. touch. A beat. I’ll be in ADAMA One more thing-. Adama SLAMS the phone back in its cradle. Commander. 66 ADAMA (bites) Boarding parties are armed. Lies down. sir. Any message to her captain? (CONTINUED) . You understand? If there’s resistance. but I’m staying here. I think this is a bad time to start shooting civilians.

66 ADAMA He’ll get the message.LONG SHOT . Number Six is standing in the trees. CUT TO: 67 EXT. He doesn’t recognize her. they definitely will if he makes a sudden move. CAPRICA . All he knows is that there’s someone standing out there in the woods and if they haven’t seen him yet. FADE OUT.FOREST .6/22/04 CONTINUED: (3) 25. He doesn’t turn his head..DAY 67 Helo grimaces as he inserts a SYRINGE NEEDLE into a vein and pushes the plunger. .NUMBER SIX Far in the distance. He puts the syringe back in the box and slips it into one of his flight suit pockets.66 '33' Fully Collated . Helo suddenly becomes aware of something else. END OF ACT TWO . a CYLON CENTURIAN standing right behind Helo.. Helo looks up -HELO’S POV . its weapons at the ready. nor does he have any idea that the Cylons now look like human beings. we can read the heading: ANTI-RADIATION DOSAGE. Lieutenant. They have him. His hand slowly.. just in case. slowly begins to reach for his handweapon.. but we see. Amid the small printing and instructions. HELO Freezes. of course. He finishes the dose and checks the label on the syringe BOX. Thank you.

68 69 (CONTINUED) . DUALLA All civilian ships present and uh.. CIC Adama.'33' Fully Collated . GAETA Jump 239 complete.6/22/04 26. Dualla. Gaeta at their positions. ACT THREE FADE IN: 68 69 OMITTED INT. Gaeta resets the clock.. Tigh.

They might have been left behind. GAETA It may not be her fault. sir.. They may have simply made a navigational error and Jumped to the wrong coordinates or the Cylons could’ve destroyed them before anyone Jumped or-- (CONTINUED) . sir.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 27-28. One civilian ship missing and unaccounted for. rechecks something. Which one? TIGH DUALLA (working) Olympic Carrier -. TIGH You’re telling me we left over thirteen hundred people to die at the hands of the Cylons.69 '33' Fully Collated . 69 She frowns at the console.. DUALLA (cont’d) Strike my last.345 souls. sir. ADAMA How many people? DUALLA (checks) 1.commercial passenger vessel. ADAMA Were they left behind? DUALLA (flips through pages of log) I think I accounted for all civilian ships before we Jumped. You think? TIGH Did you or didn’t you? DUALLA They--they’re not logged in.

the Cylons keep coming at us time after time. The last words are loud enough to bring action in the CIC to a grinding halt.972. Laura is ready to move on. Okay. TIGH (cont’d) Yes. we’re tired. LAURA Next crisis? BILLY Want to go over your list of calls? LAURA Yes.. COLONIAL ONE . The point is we don’t know what the hell did happen. Everyone freezes as Tigh looks around. but the burden is there nonetheless. we’re still expected to do our jobs. Yes. ADAMA We make mistakes and people die.OFFICE 70 Laura watches Billy update the board -.69 '33' Fully Collated . 70 INT. Finally. But first -. REVEAL Baltar sitting nearby. then he steps forward and lets his calmer voice take over.. Yes. after time and yes. letting Tigh’s reprimand sink in. She stares at the number. The silence in CIC is deafening.why isn’t that Doctor on board yet? BILLY Doctor Amarak? Oh. . there’s no relief.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 29. tries not to let it get to her. gauging the reaction. Adama watches the faces of his people. (checks paperwork) He was on the Olympic carrier. 69 TIGH Or fifty other things that may have happened. (beat) Carry on.47. And there aren’t many people left.

Baltar reaches out a hand. Gaius. he can also take away. NUMBER SIX Be careful. Gauis. That which God gives. But not God. This time’s going to be different.singular or plural. rattled by the strange coincidence. grabs the hem of her outfit.6/22/04 30. indeed they are to be expected. maybe. Coincidental and serendipitous events are bound to occur. Now he’s gone. NUMBER SIX God is watching over you. BALTAR We have another half hour -.DAY Baltar sits up in his chair. puzzled and disturbed. Baltar is thrown. BALTAR The universe is a vast and complex system. There is no God or gods -. BALTAR’S HOUSE . 71 INT. Six walks by him. NUMBER SIX Doctor Amarak posed a threat to you. No invisible men or women taking a personal interest in the fortunes of Gaius Baltar. Logic says there’s a connection.shall we? NUMBER SIX Not this time. BALTAR A connection.'33' Fully Collated . DISSOLVE TO: 71 Number .

TIGH Maybe this time. Billy and Baltar waiting in the b. 1. formation and barely moving.. GAETA No enemy contacts. SPACE . Dradis? ADAMA People exchange looks. A long. thinking. quiet beat passes...VIPERS Hanging in space. 4. 77 (CONTINUED) . 72 EXT.6/22/04 31.. DISSOLVE TO: 77 INT... HANGAR DECK Tyrol and his deck hands are watching the clock.'33' Fully Collated .. 73 74 INT.. The ships are in 72 73 EXT.zero. 3.g. ready for the Cylons to appear. 75 76 INT. COLONIAL ONE .OFFICE Laura. CIC Later..THE FLEET Including Galactica and Colonial One. And nothing happens. SPACE . CIC 76 Everyone watching the clock as the second hand sweeps toward the hour mark: 5. Adama watches the clock as the hand keeps sweeping around.. The clock now shows that 45 minutes have passed... Adama is pacing. her aides. TIGH (sotto) What do you think? ADAMA I think we wait.. 2.. 74 75 INT.

You there? LAURA 79 78 ADAMA Yeah. CIC Adama on the phone with Laura. ADAMA No. A long beat on both ends of the phone as each of them tries to think straight. COLONIAL ONE . (CONTINUED) . No. We’ve been working on a new plan. ADAMA Can’t let our guard down yet. exhausted faces in CIC. but fatigue is making them feel like they’re both wading through rivers of mud.OFFICE Moments later. Could that have something to do with it? ADAMA Possibly. 77 ADAMA Get me the president. LAURA We lost a ship last Jump -. 78 INT. I’m here. but didn’t have time to implement it yet.something you did? INTERCUT: 79 INT. LAURA Why this time -.the Olympic Carrier... Laura is on the phone with Adama.77 '33' Fully Collated . LAURA So what do we do? I’ve got people on the verge of collapse over here. LAURA I can’t believe this is really over. Adama glances around the strained.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 32.

You’re right.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 33. Every ship has to be prepared to Jump immediately if the Cylons do show up -. And please thank your people for me. ADAMA I will. It is and I defer to your judgement. ADAMA (cont’d) It’s a military decision. And thank you. Let them know how much I appreciate everything they’re doing.. And how long do we stay at Condition Two? ADAMA Until I’m satisfied they’re not coming. ADAMA (cont’d) Each ship keeps the first watch on alert.but we take advantage of the time and let people get some rest. He catches Tigh’s eye as he says it. LAURA I know. (CONTINUED) . Adama is caught a little off-stride. Other watches go below. LAURA Okay. (beat) We’ll go to Condition Two.79 '33' Fully Collated .. Beat. second watch relieves first watch and so on. get some rest. and Tigh nods agreement. Two hours later. 79 ADAMA I know what you mean. Madame President.

T-Bone. Adama nods at Tigh. which form up together as a three-ship unit. Winger. I’m proud of you. who grabs the ADAMA (to Dualla) Contact Apollo. (beat) Apollo out.g. Tell him to set a combat patrol around the fleet and order his other pilots to land. Three hour rotation. you heard the order. Starbuck and Boomer.. That’s it. LEE .. but. TIGH (into handset) Attention. knows there are weary pilots in all of them. LEE (cont’d) I. you’ve all done a helluva job. LEE (WIRELESS) All right. form up with me. LEE’S VIPER Lee in the cockpit. Set Condition Two throughout the ship. you’ll be second team. First watch remains at action stations. then Lee looks out at the fighters and Raptors of his squadron. we’ll fly the first CAP... 79 They both hang-up. Division Officers dismiss other personnel below.79 '33' Fully Collated . 81 INT. except for Apollo. I don’t want to..VIPERS & RAPTOR 80 Lee Adama’s fighter in f.. 80 EXT. make a speech here or something. I want everyone else back on Galactica and in their racks. SPACE . Starbuck..VIPERS & RAPTORS 82 81 All the Vipers and Raptors break away and head back toward the Galactica. 82 EXT. (CONTINUED) .6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 34. Formal debriefs are TBD and I’ll post the rest of the CAP schedule when I get back. SPACE . Boomer.g.. uh. handset.. the past five days--well. people... the rest of his squadron in the b. and Wedge.

. Apollo. LEE Take a guess. Etc.. 82 PILOTS (WIRELESS) Roger that. KARA Because I’m on drugs? LEE You got it.82 '33' Fully Collated . INTERCUT: 84 83 . This patrol is 100% stimulated... but. KARA’S VIPER Kara pilots her Viper over toward Lee.. Going home!..6/22/04 CONTINUED: 35. LEE’S VIPER Lee in his cockpit. Boomer? Doc tells me you’re holding up better than anyone in the squadron. CRASHDOWN (WIRELESS) Anyone else feel like they’ve got frakking ants crawling behind their eyeballs? LEE ‘bout you. Why you? LEE (WIRELESS) INTERCUT: 84 INT.. Apollo!.. KARA Not that I’m not honored by being chosen to sit in this cockpit for the next three hours.. 83 INT. Last one aboard cleans the ready room. Thank you.

'33' Fully Collated . KARA That’s ‘cause she’s a Cylon. DISSOLVE TO: 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 OMITTED OMITTED OMITTED OMITTED OMITTED OMITTED OMITTED INT. LEE Never seem it. SHARON I’m tired like everyone else.6/22/04 36. They’re the only ones still awake.OFFICE Laura is struggling not to fall asleep with Billy at the desk.. SPACE . ho. KARA 85 LEE Okay. okay. COLONIAL ONE . 86 EXT. 85 INT. Let’s set up a patrol before someone gets hurt. SHARON’S RAPTOR Sharon and Crashdown sitting side by side.VIPERS & RAPTOR The three ships begin to fly around the ships of the fleet together.. SHARON You’re just going to make me come over there and kick your ass aren’t you? Ho. 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 86 (CONTINUED) . Follow me.

lets the anger ebb from her voice. BILLY It’s been almost three hours...6/22/04 CONTINUED: 37. (sotto) He doesn’t know about the cancer. About who knows and when they know..everyone else is asleep.94 '33' Fully Collated . 94 LAURA (hands him paper) Fuel reallocation orders.. BILLY Yes. I must look like hell.. very careful about this. Laura glances around the cabin -. (suppressing yawn) The refinery ship will have to work overtime.. (CONTINUED) .. uh. medical appointment with a Doctor from Caprica. BILLY Madame President-LAURA Cancel the appointment. BILLY Yes... ma’am. Uh. LAURA Forget it. but we have to be very. I know. Laura looks at him. May LAURA Sleep. So who’s first on my list when I wake up? BILLY (knows this is delicate) I’ve scheduled a. LAURA I appreciate the thought. LAURA Cancel the appointment.. I suggest. I mean.. ma’am. Billy....

Suddenly there’s an ALARM from the dradis console. I do think some people on this ship would like you to feel a little. less alive these days. Seriously -One thing to push a crew.if the crew doesn’t hate the XO. well. sir. But.94 '33' Fully Collated . Besides. then he’s not doing his job. But. another to break them. ma’am.. TIGH Almost ready to call the second watch.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 38. ADAMA I always look good.. more alive than I have in years. truth is this whole damned thing has me feeling.especially without that cup in your hand.. Three solids in the rack does sound awfully sweet right about now.. 95 INT. TIGH Yes. Get some rack time.. Laura nods and heads into the back.. 95 (CONTINUED) . 94 BILLY Yes. ADAMA Good to see it -. gotta make the Old Man look good. ADAMA You go below with the first watch..... TIGH Ahhh -. CIC Tigh checks his watch as he comes over to Adama.

. Thirty-three minutes. ADAMA (cont’d) I want all Vipers manned and ready. So do I. stares at the blip on the dradis console for a long beat.95 '33' Fully Collated . CLOSE ON THE CLOCK Ticking away.. getting a recognition signal..except Adama isn’t relieved. TIGH Thank the Gods. Relief floods through CIC -... but keep’em in the tubes for now. Bearing 398 carom 120. Everyone scrambles as the ship goes to Action Stations. restart the clock.. END OF ACT THREE ADAMA He . FADE OUT. it’s the Olympic Carrier. One ship. (to Dualla) Send the fleet to Condition One. Tigh suddenly realizes what Adama’s thinking.. 95 GAETA Dradis contact. Mister Gaeta. TIGH (sotto) Hope you’re wrong... ADAMA Action stations.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 39..

NUMBER SIX All right. Over. . destroy showing BALTAR this be? If they were left why didn’t the Cylons them? And why are they up now? NUMBER SIX It’s God’s punishment for your lack of faith. The Olympic Carrier has been infiltrated by Cylon agents. a large transport ship (distinct from Colonial One). How can behind. callsign Boomer. BALTAR Then that means.OLYMPIC CARRIER & VIPERS 97 Apollo and Starbuck’s VIPERS head toward the OLYMPIC CARRIER.'33' Fully Collated . NUMBER SIX Logically. ACT FOUR FADE IN: 96 INT. SHARON (WIRELESS) Olympic Carrier. SPACE . They’ve been tracking the ship all along.6/22/04 40. this is Raptor 478. BALTAR’S HOUSE 96 Baltar is pacing. No refuge from the pressure for him even in this refuge in his mind. Boomer’s RAPTOR follows the Vipers at a discreet distance. Please acknowledge on this channel. Baltar reacts in surprise. BALTAR A more logical and useful explanation please. Olympic Carrier. the Olympic Carrier should be destroyed. in order for you to survive. agitated... I have you in visual contact. 97 EXT. but it makes sense.

'33' Fully Collated - 6/22/04



INT. RAPTOR Sharon and Crashdown watching the approaching transport. MAN’S VOICE (WIRELESS) Raptor 478, this is Olympic Carrier. We have you in visual contact.





The ship is at Condition One -- every post manned and ready. Everyone is listening to the distant wireless transmissions. MAN’S VOICE (WIRELESS) Thank the Lords of Kobol! You don’t know how relieved we are to see you! SHARON (WIRELESS) Roger that, Olympic Carrier. Can you explain your whereabouts? MAN’S VOICE (WIRELESS) We had trouble with our FTL drive. Took us almost three hours to fix. ADAMA (to Dualla) Have Boomer ask them how they escaped from the Cylons. 100 INT. COLONIAL ONE - OFFICE Everyone listening to the wireless transmissions on the speaker phone. SHARON (WIRELESS) Olympic Carrier/Boomer. I’ve been directed to ask how you escaped from the Cylons. MAN’S VOICE (WIRELESS) You got me. They were closing in on us when the rest of you were Jumping -- I thought we were goners -- then they just... broke off. Left us alone. Someone must’ve been watching out for us. SHARON (WIRELESS) Roger that. 100



'33' Fully Collated - 6/22/04 CONTINUED:

42. 100

MAN’S VOICE (WIRELESS) One other thing, Boomer. I’ve got a Doctor Amarak on board who claims he has an urgent matter to discuss with the President. He’s been driving me crazy... Baltar’s blood pressure goes through the roof, he quickly moves to Laura even as the radio conversation continues: BALTAR (urgent) Madame President... we have to cut off all communication with that ship. What? LAURA Why? MAN’S VOICE (WIRELESS) I’m afraid I can’t. He says he knows something about a traitor in our midst and he’s unwilling to share any more than that. SHARON (WIRELESS) Olympic Carrier, can you be more specific?

BALTAR The Cylons let them survive. Don’t you see? They’ve been tracking that ship all along. There’s probably a Cylon agent among them right now.

BALTAR (quick, urgent) Madame President -- I strongly recommend cutting off all wireless contact immediately. They might attempt to use a broadcast signal to insert another virus into our computer systems. Laura looks at him -- and there’s a difficult moment here where Laura has to decide whether or not to trust Baltar. She gauges his reaction and correctly reads his desperation and concern -- but doesn’t realize the motivation for his genuine worry is actually self-preservation. LAURA Commander Adama, are you on the line? ADAMA (PHONE) Yes, I am. And I’m inclined to agree with Dr. Baltar.



'33' Fully Collated - 6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2)

43. 100


LAURA So am I.

BILLY (sotto, to Baltar) Thank the gods you’re with us. BALTAR God has nothing to do with it. 101 INT. SHARON’S RAPTOR Sharon and Crashdown at their positions. DUALLA (WIRELESS) Boomer/Galactica. You are ordered to jam Olympic Carrier’s transmissions. No further voice contact with Olympic Carrier is authorized. SHARON Roger that, Galactica. She looks to Crashdown, who sets to work. DUALLA (WIRELESS) Boomer/Galactica. You are ordered to send Olympic Carrier the following message by signal light. Message begins: Maintain present position. Do not -- repeat -- do not approach fleet until further notice. Message ends. Crashdown moves to a console and begins tapping a button. 102 EXT. SPACE - RAPTOR 102 101

A SIGNAL LIGHT begins FLASHING a message to the transport. 103 104 OMITTED INT. COLONIAL ONE - OFFICE Laura is grim as she talks to Adama on the speaker phone. 103 104


Olympic Carrier -you are ordered to stop your engines immediately. INTERCUT WITH: 104A INT. Acknowledge. KARA They’re not getting the message. Boomer -.VIPERS.SAME Adama on the phone ADAMA So do I.break wireless silence on my authority. LEE’S VIPER Lee getting concerned as well. Warn them to stop their engines immediately.RESUME Adama and Laura are still on the phone.104 '33' Fully Collated . 106 INT. RAPTOR & OLYMPIC CARRIER 105 104A The Olympic Carrier is continuing to head toward the fleet. CIC/COLONIAL ONE . LEE I see it. 108 INT. SHARON’S RAPTOR Sharon keys her mic. SPACE .INTERCUT . 109 108 107 106 (CONTINUED) . 109 INT. The ship is a threat to us and we have to eliminate that threat.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 44. 104 LAURA I’m afraid I have to agree with Doctor Baltar’s analysis. KARA’S VIPER Kara is watching the transport with concern. CIC . SHARON Olympic Carrier. Apollo. 107 INT. even as the Raptor FLASHES signals to it. 105 EXT.

109 ADAMA I suggest we evacuate the passengers then destroy the ship.fire a burst across their bow. Acknowledge! 112 INT. we have to get as many people as possible off that ship. LEE Starbuck -.VIPERS. SHARON (WIRELESS) Olympic Carrier -. Right now. we need to isolate them and-In the CIC. LAURA Solves the problem if they’re tracking the ship. 113 112 (CONTINUED) . But we should quarantine the passengers -.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 45. Dualla looks up from her console and gets Adama’s attention. LEE’S VIPER Lee in the cockpit.RESUME As before.let Galactica know we’ve got a problem out here.you are ordered to stop your engines. RAPTOR & OLYMPIC CARRIER 110 111 The two Vipers are weaving and wagging their wings in front of the Olympic Carrier.INTERCUT . SPACE . LAURA All right. Boomer -.if there’s a Cylon agent among them. 110 111 OMITTED EXT. What if they’re tracking one of the passengers? ADAMA Then we’ll deal with that on the next cycle.109 '33' Fully Collated . CIC/COLONIAL ONE . trying to get them to stop. 113 INT.

strike that..message from Boomer. 113 DUALLA Commander -. refusing all orders to stop. 116 EXT. Bring us about -. (beat) It’s the Cylons.there’s an ALARM on a dradis console. RAPTOR & OLYMPIC CARRIER 114 Kara’s Viper FIRES a VOLLEY across the bows of the Olympic Carrier. Commander. SHARON (WIRELESS) The Cylons are on an intercept course -. Olympic Carrier is continuing on course directly for us. 114 EXT. 117 . SPACE .put us between that ship and the fleet.THE CYLONS 116 Two BASESTARS and hundreds of FIGHTERS are careening toward us. The second it does -.they’ll be in weapons range in less than two minutes. CIC As before. ADAMA Order the fleet to execute Jump 240. which shows no sign of slowing down or altering course.if you do not alter course. 117 EXT..VIPERS.VIPERS.113 '33' Fully Collated . we will be forced to disable your engines.the CLOCK is reaching the hour mark. SPACE .he follows Gaeta’s eyes to -. GAETA 115 Adama turns.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 46. multiple contacts. GAETA (cont’d) Dradis contact -. RAPTOR & OLYMPIC CARRIER Lee’s Viper swoops in close to the Olympic Carrier. sees Gaeta looking up -. SHARON (WIRELESS) Olympic Carrier -. Acknowledge! 115 INT. SPACE .

LEE’S VIPER 118 Lee looks around for the (unseen) Cylons. An ALARM goes off in his cockpit.6/22/04 47. 121 They’ve got (CONTINUED) . COLONIAL ONE . DUALLA Radiological alarm. looking right at him. TIGH From where? DUALLA (works) The Olympic Carrier. Stunned reactions. 118 INT. nukes on board.'33' Fully Collated .OFFICE .Dualla reacts in shock. CIC 120 119 The same ALARM goes off in here -. SHARON’S RAPTOR The same ALARM goes off in her cockpit. 120 INT. then looks out his canopy -LEE’S POV The FACES of the civilian PASSENGERS are pressed against the windows.SECONDS LATER Laura on the phone with Adama. 121 INT. 119 INT. ADAMA Get me the President.

But ADAMA Killing is killing... He wants you to repent. BALTAR I. BALTAR & SIX In their own private world nearby. this. it’s murder... She has to.. Laura still hesitates -. The dead are just as dead.. over thirteen hundred innocent people on board. Repent of your sins and accept his true love and you will be saved. makes her choice.. It’s God’s choice.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 48. Gaius. BALTAR She has to do it. repent. The labels only matter to the living. They’ll be here any minute. ADAMA No choice now.. NUMBER SIX It’s not her decision. Laura takes a beat. Do it. Baltar is freaking out.Baltar can barely breathe.121 '33' Fully Collated . Them or us. LAURA (CONTINUED) . 121 LAURA They have. Madame President. LAURA Self-defense is one thing.

We’re directed to.. 124 INT. 121 She hangs up the phone and Adama hangs up on his end.. 127 INT.THE VIPERS 125 126 Peel away together and sweep around toward the rear of the transport. SPACE . KARA’S VIPER Kara looks over at the transport. LEE’S VIPER 124 123 Lee looks at those faces in the transport window.VIPERS.. hesitates. form up with me. LEE Fire on my mark. SPACE .. .. Starbuck. he makes the decision LEE Cylons’ll be here any second.. 125 126 OMITTED EXT. If we’re going to do it. KARA It’s a civilian ship. 123 INT.. LEE’S VIPER 127 As he lines up the transport ship in front of the nose of his Viper..121 '33' Fully Collated ... RAPTOR & OLYMPIC CARRIER 122 The Vipers are shadowing the transport as it careens toward the Galactica and the other civilian ships. destroy the Olympic Carrier and then return to Galactica.. We CUT TO: 122 EXT. oblivious to their fate. register the weight of the decision on their faces. SHARON (WIRELESS) We have new orders. let’s do it. We’ll make one pass from astern.6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 49.

Kara. 136A (CONTINUED) . Apollo.LEE’S FACE. -.6/22/04 50.KARA’S FACE. and Sharon for a long beat.LEE’S FINGER FINALLY PULLING THE TRIGGER. CIC 129A Everyone watching the Vipers approaching the Transport ship on the dradis display. explosion dying down on his face. LEE’S VIPER Lee can see the defenseless ship looming larger in his gunsight.OFFICE 136AA Baltar is looking out the window -. 136AA INT.the LIGHT from the o. 128 INT. Mark.c. Quick cuts: 131 132 133 134 135 136 -. 128 129 INT. SHARON (WIRELESS) Cylons are getting close. -. SPACE . EXT. 130 INT. -. -.VIPERS & OLYMPIC CARRIER 131 132 133 134 135 136 LEE 130 The Vipers FIRE at the transport ship and it is DESTROYED. COLONIAL ONE .KARA’S FINGER PULLING THE TRIGGER.The reality of what they’ve just done weighs on the faces of Lee. Lee bears down and does what must be done. KARA’S VIPER She lines up the Transport.SHARON’S FACE. 136A INT. LEE’S VIPER Lee is still stunned. 129 129A INT.'33' Fully Collated . -. RAPTOR Sharon watches the tragedy unfolding before her.

. Let’s go home.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 50A. 136A LEE Roger that.136A '33' Fully Collated .

(CONTINUED) . FADE OUT. LAURA The right choice. please.. 138 INT.972. COLONIAL ONE . He waits a long beat. No Cylons. Stay with Laura as Billy heads for the door.VIPERS & RAPTOR 136B The Vipers swing around and the Raptor joins up with them as they head for the distant Galactica. a message slip in his hand.he’s standing on the threshold of the doorway. (beat) I’d like some time alone. 136B EXT. then: BILLY Madame President.. BILLY (cont’d) Two days. Yes.THE FLEET Cruising safely in space.'33' Fully Collated . SPACE ...6/22/04 51. Billy is sitting across from her with a stack of messages. There’s a long beat before she realizes that Billy hasn’t left -. BILLY Yes. LAURA What were you saying? BILLY Nothing that can’t wait. FADE IN: 137 EXT.? It takes Laura a moment to break away from her thoughts. At least. you know it was the right choice. looks back at the number.OFFICE 138 137 Laura sitting at her desk. Madame President. SPACE . Laura nods absently. staring at the board: 47. I’m sorry.

Sir. BALTAR’S HOUSE . 140 INT.. He rolls off of her.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 52. LEE (CONTINUED) . She smiles at him and gives him a kiss.changes it to a 3. NUMBER SIX Sex is a celebration of God’s love. BALTAR Yes. Laura then reaches out..138 '33' Fully Collated . wipes off the last digit -. 139 BALTAR That. 138 LAURA What is it? BILLY The headcount. boy. Baby was born on A.DAY Baltar in bed with Six. we can see he’s no more serious about his latest pledge of spiritual fealty than anything else. Yes. PILOTS’ READY ROOM 140 The Ready Room is empty except for Lee..? LAURA Subtract how many? BILLY You can add one. uh. the Rising Star.and from the look on his face.. Billy EXITS. who is updating the pilot status board with a grease pencil when Adama ENTERS. 139 INT. He rolls back on the pillows -. It’s a small thing. I can see that now. was just what I needed. but somehow it matters...

NUMBER SIX looking down at him with curious eyes. responsibility. It’s my That’s mine. his head covered with a canvas BAG. junior grade. tenses -she reaches up and gently pulls the bag off his head. Lee keeps working. ADAMA I gave the order. Colonial Fleet. Lieutenant. has trouble making eye contact. his hands and feet bound behind his back. Lee is clearly troubled. CAPRICA . I know. NUMBER SIX Are you alive? Helo blinks. looks over the board. I’ll have a full report for you this afternoon. LEE Greater good. Helo gasps for air in the chilly forest and sees -. ADAMA Adama stands next to him.he starts.DAY 141 Helo is lying on the ground. Yeah. 140 Captain.FOREST . isn’t sure he heard her right. CUT TO: 141 EXT.140 '33' Fully Collated . 789-9348- PK- (CONTINUED) . and Adama doesn’t know how to reach out to his son in this moment. Helo falls back on his training: HELO Agathon. LEE I pulled the trigger. ADAMA (cont’d) It had to be done. NUMBER SIX (cont’d) Are you alive? At something of a loss. son. Survival of the race.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 53. Karl C. Lee goes back to work and finally Adama EXITS. A woman’s HAND reaches into frame and touches him -.

. Prove it. Mister. It’s all She leans down. grabs his arm. the weapon still smoking in her hand. He tries to jump up. Number Six collapses on the ground. Sharon! HELO Sharon runs toward him.6/22/04 CONTINUED: 54. yanks him to his feet. Helo. tips his head up towards her. leans in to kiss him -. a BLOODY WOUND in the middle of her back. move. What are you doing here. her head constantly looking for threats in any direction. SHARON (urgent) Can you walk? HELO Yeah-yeah. (CONTINUED) . Helo looks up in shock to see-.SHARON VALERII standing in the forest.. Sharon leads Helo into the forest.141 '33' Fully Collated . I think so. NUMBER SIX (cont’d) Are you alive? Yes. but his legs fail him and he goes down. 141 NUMBER SIX I know who you are. right. Let’s Her weapon at the ready. I thought-SHARON Not now. SNAPS his restraints quickly and easily. HELO NUMBER SIX She reaches down. I’m a friend. Helo rubs his legs as she stands over him.EXPLOSION. NUMBER SIX (cont’d) Your legs are asleep. it’s not safe here.

END OF ACT FOUR . 141 NEW ANGLE While one version of Number Six lies on the forest floor. ANOTHER Number Six and a Cylon Centurian calmly watch Helo and Sharon run off into the forest.141 '33' Fully Collated .6/22/04 CONTINUED: (2) 55. FADE OUT.

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