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Date: 7 June 2009 Title: Changing the Timing Belt on a RB25DET &RB25DE
Written by: seastate of Nissan Stagea Owners Club
Tools you will need:Basic hand tools, pulley puller.
Parts you will need (Nissan part no’s):
 Idler Pulley N1307458S00
 Tensioner Pulley NAY460NS010
 Timing Belt N1302820P25
 Crank sensor O ring N2213158S10
1./ Remove the battery 2/ Remove the air inlet 3/Remove the under-tray
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4./ Undo the drain plug located on the bottom left of
the radiator using a Phillips driver.
5./ Undo the clip and pull off the lower coolant pipe .
6./ … the upper one…
7./.. and the overflow pipe.
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8./ Remove the temperature sender plug.
9./ Remove the two securing clamps
10./ And finally remove the two oil cooler pipes at the
bottom of the radiator. Have something handy to plug
the pipes to stop oil dribbling out. I used a couple of
8mm bolts with a bit of tape on them.
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11./ Now carefully lift out the radiator.
12./ Loosen the alternator and remove the 4 nuts
securing the fan and remove the fan.
13./ Remove the fan/alternator, power steering and aircon compressor belts
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14./ Remove the Crank Angle Sensor plug, then undo
the three bolts and gently remove the sensor.
Note: Marking the position of the sensor on the cover
before removing it, will allow you to put it back in
exactly the same position when re-assembling
15./ Remove the Timing Belt Upper cover
16./ Position No.1 cylinder at TDC. Turn the crank
clockwise until it reaches 0
This pic shows the timing indicator markings on the
crank pulley and the lower timing belts cover. The first
mark is 0
(as shown). Each mark is 5
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The cam pulleys will (should!) also align. The pics
show them aligned on their marks.
17./ Remove the crank pulley bolt.
This will involve locking the crank somehow. The
Nissan Manual tells you to remove the starter
motor and use special tools as shown in the pic.
Alternatively you can make yourself something to
hold the crank pulley or simply use an old
alternator belt twisted a few times and then
tightened with the alternator.
NOTE: Only unscrew it about 1cm or so because
you’ll need the bolt to get the pulley puller on
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18./ Use a pulley-puller pull off the crank pulley.
You don’t have to use the Nissan one, any pulley puller
will do. The crank has two 6mm screw holes set 75mm
19./ Remove the timing belt and crank pulley plate.
20./ Using an Allen key and spanner, turn the
Tensioner Pulley to loosen it temporarily and remove
the timing belt
21./ Remove the Tensioner Pulley
…and Idler Pulley
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22./ Install a new Idler Pulley
23./ Install a new Tensioner Pulley.
Put the Tensioner spring on making sure to hook the
spring in the groove on the pulley
Hold the Tensioner Pulley and hook the spring on the
stud bolt by rotating it anti-clockwise
Put the washers and nut back on the Tensioner Pulley
and just tighten it temporarily.
NOTE: The washers have a particular order (as shown in the pics below)
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25./ Install the new Timing Belt, and using an Allen key in the Tensioner Pulley make sure the three timing
marks are aligned.
Exhaust cam pulley Inlet cam pulley Crank pulley
26./ To tension the belt, replace the Crank Pulley bolt and use it to turn the crank clockwise twice with the
Tensioner Pulley still loose.
Now simply tighten up the Tensioner Pulley, holding it
in place with an Allen key, to the correct torque (43-
27./ Replace the Crank Pulley Plate and the lower timing belt cover.
28./ Replace the Crank Pulley and bolt and tighten it up. NOTE: The washer goes with the flat face towards the
Crank Pulley
29./ Replace the Upper Timing Belt Cover.
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30./ Replace the ‘O’ ring on the crank angle sensor and
apply high temperature grease to the spline before
inserting the sensor into place
NOTE: there is a fitting joint in the spline. Make sure they
are aligned before inserting it and don’t force it in.
Make sure it can spin freely. If not loosen the timing belt
cover screws and move the cover around a bit.
31./ Replace the rest in reverse order to the removal procedure

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