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Another Dangerous Idea Another dangerous attitude is to substitute a purely materialistic solution to the problems of this world.

For two thousand years of existence, Christianity has done nothing to solve the problems of this world, so allow us to solve these problems without Christianity. I remember in one of the debates on TV regarding the Reproductive Health Bill proposed in Congress how a pro-RH bill debater argued that for so many years those methods that the anti-RH Bill supporters proposed have not change the plight of the Filipinos. Consequently, he argued that the country should give the RH bill a chance to solve the problems of society. Beneath a seemingly benevolent proposal is actually a disguised and veiled attempt to set the belief in God away from the secular realm. It is a false argument that claims a sure achievement of a goal when its methods are still untested. It is a presumptuous assertion of a proud person who claims that his/her method is effective although many countries that have adopted their respective versions of the Reproductive Health Bill want to reverse its effects. I find the argument of an anti-RH Bill debater sensible, who argued that why do we want to have the predicament of those countries (who implemented population control programs) when these countries wanted to get out of it! For whatever reasons the pro-RH Bill has in their advocacy for passing the RH Bill into law, there is one thing that became clear amidst this debate. It reflected how deep the relativistic and secularists philosophies have permeated the consciousness of the Filipinos. Unknowingly but willingly, we have become slaves to ways of thinking that are adverse and dangerous to faith and traditional moral values. We have become slaves to our own desires.