Nursing e Portfolio

1. Why did you decide to go into nursing? I decide to go into nursing because I enjoyed working with people.

Being a nurse is a very meaningful career, which I look forward to being a part of. 2. What qualification do you feel that you have that would make you an asset to our team? I have several qualifications that would make me an asset to team; I’m patience, thorough, compassionate and I have true desire to be of use to others. 3. How did your education and time spent with ITT-Tech prepare you to enter the reality of nursing? The time spent with ITT-Tech educated me in all aspects of nursing. 4. How do you keep updated with the ever-changing world of nursing? I consult with other health care professionals. I also go to educational seminars and trainings offered by health care facilities. 5. How would you handle conflict with other coworkers? With a coworker, I would attempt to work it out with that person. If a resolution can’t be reached, then I would speak with the supervisor. 6. How would you define change and how to handle and prepare for changes? The definition of change is something different. I handle change very well and I’m always prepared for change. Health care is always changing. 7. What would you do to promote teamwork and maintain professionalism? Communicate, communicate, and communicate!! Communication is so important to promote teamwork and maintain professionalism. 8. What is one area that you feel nursing need to improve on and why? Reducing nurses overall stress is one area that needs to be improve. By reducing nursing stress, nurses are more focused on the patients. 9. Where do you see the future of nursing going and where do you fit into this? It is difficult to foresee the future of nursing. Health care is continuously expanding. Nonetheless I look forward to being apart of the future of nursing. 10. Where and what level of nursing do you see yourself at in five years? I plan to have my BSN and MSN completed in five years. Then I look forward to a brilliant career in some aspect of nursing.

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