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DBLM Solutions Carbon Update
Carbon Overview

David Boles 01 4433584 (Direct) dblmdavid (SKYPE) david@dblmsolutions.com

At time of writing the Dec '13 EUA Contract was at €4.59. If we look at technicals, carbon is currently bearish for the short term. Auction volumes on EEX are set to double from next Monday. This should put downward pressure on the market. The EU Commission has asked key stakeholders on how a Carbon Central bank might work. The premise is the carbon central bank would regularly adjust carbon supply into the market in order to create a more effective carbon price. Observers believe that the EU commission are seriously considering the option in order to distance the European Emission trading scheme from politics. The UK govement has ammended the Companies Act 2006(Strategic Report and Directors Report) Regulations 2013. The result of this is that 900 companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange are expected to disclose their emission data, with effect from financial years ending on or after 30 September 2013. The UK has joined France and Japan as the only countries to target corporate emissions in this fashion. There is a significant push towards dual reporting of financial data and environmental disclosure since the launch of the Global Reptorting Initiative in 1997.
Dec 13 EUA

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