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The Maple Lake Messenger: August 28, 2013
The Maple Lake Messenger: August 28, 2013

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Published by: Maple Lake Messenger on Aug 30, 2013
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MESPA endorses schools whose principal, staff, students, and community demonstrate desire to strengthen education by undertaking the

research-based MSEP school-improvement process. This includes a systematic, school-wide self-study and development and implementation of a school improvement plan. The MSEP aligns with six national standards: learning centered, diverse communities, 21st Century learners, quality instruction, knowledge and data and community engagement. MLE’s current enrollment is 437 students. The district is a member of the Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative, and is committed to the social and emotional needs of its students. “Maple Lake Elementary is thrilled to be recognized as a Minnesota School of Excellence,” MLE Principal Kris Harlan said. This honor is a direct reflection of the wonderful collaborative efforts between our dedicated staff and a
Breakfast MONDAY, Sept. 2 Closed TUESDAY, Sept. 3 Breakfast pizza or choice of 2 cereals, whole wheat toast, jelly/margarine; fruit or juice, milk WEDNESDAY, Sept. 4 WG pancake on stick, cheese stick or choice of 2 cereals, whole wheat toast, jelly/margarine; fruit or juice, milk THURSDAY, Sept. 5 Bagel w/cream cheese, yogurt cup or choice of 2 cereals, whole wheat toast, jelly/margarine; fruit or juice, milk FRIDAY, Sept. 6 WG pop tart, cheese stick or choice of 2 cereals, whole wheat toast, jelly/margarine; fruit or juice, milk

MLE award

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Lunch MONDAY, Sept. 2 Closed TUESDAY, Sept. 3 Turkey sub, chicken Caesar salad or Chicken nuggets, garlic breadstick, soft-shell beef taco w/lettuce, cheese; spinach salad, baby carrots, green pepper strips, fresh fruit, canned fruit, milk WEDNESDAY, Sept. 4 Honey-mustard ham wrap, southwest chicken salad or chicken patty on bun, pizza bake, garlic breadstick; broccoli florets, black beans, cherry tomatoes, fresh fruit, canned fruit, milk THURSDAY, Sept. 5 Yogurt pak, cravin craisin chicken salad or turkey & gravy, mashed potatoes, roll,

very supportive community. No system of programs at a school is worthwhile if there aren’t dedicated educators to provide them. At MLE, we have a wonderful group of very committed staff members.” The district is committed to keeping up with technology, utilizing SmartBoards, Response Pads, and/or projectors in every classroom and special education area. Each teacher has the availability of an iPad to use in each of those instructional settings and a mobile cart of iPads can be used with larger groups. The school employs a full-time technology teacher and students in grades K-6 have formal instruction once a week. The staff at Maple Lake Elementary models the importance of volunteerism and shared responsibility. Each spring, the school participates in a community clean-up effort during which students and supervising staff members collect trash. When Maple Lake was rejected by the Great River Regional
cheeseburger on bun; green peas, baby carrots, green pepper strips, fresh fruit, canned fruit, milk FRIDAY, Sept. 6 Ham & cheese sandwich, chef salad or cheese bread w/marinara sauce, crispy fish wrap w/slaw & salsa; roasted broccoli, garbanzo bean salad, shredded lettuce, fresh fruit, canned fruit, milk

Library, several school staff were instrumental in pursuing the dream until an independent, volunteer-run library became a reality. It has been greatly used by the children and adults of Maple Lake since it opened in 2009. Another project the elementary staff works on with the Maple Lake Lions is putting together Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for families in need. Maple Lake has a diverse socio-economic population, and over recent years, more students are living with grandparents, extended relatives,and foster families. The school addresses these changes with supportive approaches such as using the words “parent/guardian”, in all mailings home. MLE is also very fortunate to have three “Foster Grandparents” at the school, who are required to be at least 60 years of age and complete a minimum of 15 volunteer hours with students. Celebrating adult and student learning is a notion that is treated with great pride at Maple Lake Elementary. School-wide celebrations at the end of each trimester acknowledge the academic success of students. Staff members who have completed a Master’s Degree or demonstrated other accomplishments in learning are also


Maple Lake Messenger Page 7 August 28, 2013

acknowledged. “We work diligently to involve our families and community members to assist in the educational process,” said Harlan. “The

Minnesota School of Excellence validation acknowledges the efforts of the entire community in making Maple Lake Elementary a truly great place.”

MLE was among 12 schools to achieve recognition as a 2013-14 Minnesota School of Excellence, including Winsted Elementary School.

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