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(Regn. No. 4906 dated 17/9/2001) C-4/1, Bangla Sahib Road (Baird Road), New Delhi - 110001

TF-26/6 To Sr. GM (Est.) BSNL, New Delhi.


Subject:- Request for upgradation in NE-12 scale (16390-33830) wef 1st April, 2008 instead of 22nd February, 2012. Sir, There are many employees who retired prior to 22nd February, 2012 but after the agreement and orders on the NEPP. The NE-12 scale is part of NEPP as such the employees in NE-11 scale cannot reasonably be denied upgradation due to delay in creation of the said scale. It is stated that Shri P.V. Ramachandran, CSS O/o PGM, TD Bangalore who was CSS from 01-01-1995 retired on 30th November , 2011 without getting the benefit of NE12 scale. Aggrieved over this the employee filed a Case in CAT, Banglore. A Copy of the Judgement is enclosed for information. We request you to please get the matter considered and allow NE-12 upgradation wef 1st April, 2008. Yours faithfully

(Chandeshwar Singh) General Secretary