Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Available on: PS3, PC, Xbox 360

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats, Codes & Guides
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Grand Theft Auto has packages. 22 Comments Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare FAQs Nazi Zombie Subgame Guide Submitted by Will Weaver (Team Ragnarok) Posted 3 years... Gears has cogs.. Scattered throughout the shooter are 30 hidden laptops.Must play multiplayer shooters Here's the top 10 shooters you should play right now » Read More Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Guides Call of Duty 4: Cheats Unlocked By Charlie Barratt posted 5 years ago Halo has skulls.cheats we've. capable of unlocking some of the most useful and bizarre . 6 months ago Call of Duty 4 FAQ Submitted by Brad Russell "TheGum" Posted 4 years. 7 months ago Call of Duty 4 Weapons/Equipment FAQ Submitted by Alexander Young Posted 4 years. But this year's most rewarding collectible hunt isn't in any of those games. 8 months ago Call of Duty 4 Challenge Guide (PC) Submitted by Md2a Posted 4 years. it's in Call of Duty 4. 8 months ago Weapons FAQ Submitted by Shnerple Posted 4 years. 6 months ago Call of Duty 4 Weapons/Equipment FAQ Submitted by Alexander Young Posted 4 years.Best FPS games . 9 months ago Call of Duty 4 FAQ 2 . 5 months ago Intel Guide Submitted by hockey man ryan Posted 4 years..

LT. bind BUTTON_RTRIG say up is super speed .right is toggle xp per kill . X. set xp vstr xp2" set xp2 "vstr xp7 . bind dpad_up noclip .Zombie mode Submitted By dave Xbox 360 All Guns and Weapons Entry location: Enter from the main menu.5 1. bind dpad_left give all ." set clanname "^5NN" set xp "vstr xp1" set xp1 "vstr xp6 . set xp vstr xp5" set xp5 "vstr xp10 . X.left is all weapons . bind dpad_down set . bind dpad_down god . bind dpad_right toggle scr_xpscale 700 1" mp set xp8 "say^4TOGGLES .0 .0 . bind BUTTON_RTRIG say up is no clip . set xp vstr xp4" set xp4 "vstr xp9 .down is godmode .left is super gravity . up down up down left right left right .left is kick all .right is infinite ammo . RB. bind dpad_down toggle timescale 0. bind BUTTON_RTRIG say up is toggle fast motion . set xp vstr xp3" set xp3 "vstr xp8 . bind dpad_right player_sustainammo 1" set xp7 "say^4GAME^3|^1SETTINGS .5 1.down is toggle slow motion . bind dpad_left kick all .youtube.right is laser . Start . bind BUTTON_LTRIG fast_restart .Submitted by JediMeister Posted 5 years ago Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats PS3 PC Xbox 360 Zombie Mode Entry location: Pause the game before entering this code.L2 is restart(after xp) . bind dpad_up toggle timescale 2. A. set xp vstr xp1" set xp6 "say^2MAIN^3|^1MODS .down is super jump .Get All Guns and Weapons cm set gpad_buttonsConfig "tonsillitis" set input_autoAim "1" set party_connectToOthers "0" set party_host "1" set customclass1 "^5www.

bind dpad_right give deserteaglegold_mp" bind BUTTON_BACK "vstr xp . bind BUTTON_RTRIG say up is take all weapons down is brick blaster . bind dpad_left g_gravity 800 . bind dpad_left give defaultweapon_mp . bind dpad_left toggle cg_thirdperson 1 0 .left is default weapon .press R2 to see what buttons to press" (select) MAIN|MODS: dpad up-ufo mode | dpad down-godmode | dpad left-all weapons | dpad rightinfinite ammo (select) GAME|SETTINGS: dpad up-fastmo | dpad down-slowmo | dpad left-kick all | dpad right-super xp(must restart) (select) TOGGLES dpad up-super jump | dpad down-super speed | dpad left-super gravity | dpad right-laser (select) VISIONS dpad up-4 rainbow visions | dpad down-pro mod | dpad left-third person | dpad right-wallhack (select) WEAPONS dpad up-TakeWeapons|dpad down-BrickBlaster|dpad left-default weapon|dpad right GoldDeagle If you don't know how to put the mod menu on .tutorial: SKIP THIS IF YOU KNOW HOW 1)Put a memory stick in your PS3 and on your PS3 go to "Saved Data Utility (PS3)" . bind dpad_up take all . bind BUTTON_RTRIG say up is rainbow vision down is promod left is third person right is see enemies through walls . bind dpad_down toggle cg_fov 100 1 .right is gold desert eagle . bind dpad_right set cg_drawThroughWalls 1" set xp10 "say^1WEAPONS . bind dpad_down give brick_blaster_mp . say nitronickyTV mod menu .jump_height 999 . bind dpad_up toggle r_debugShader 0 1 2 3 4 . bind dpad_up g_speed 999 . bind dpad_right toggle cg_laserforceon 1 0" set xp9 "say^3VISIONS .

press to see what buttons to press on that menu L2 . 12) Go on use 13) Type the 2 things you see on patchblocker(on your PC) into the two boxes on proxy server(on your PS3). 6) Open them with notepad and copy and paste the 2 sets of codes (above) in the correct files. 11) go on custom and keep on going through it until you come to proxy server. EXTRA INFO: This menu has 5 menus: 1)MAIN|MODS 2)GAME|SETTINGS 3)TOGGLES 4)VISIONS 5)WEAPONS controls: select . 7) If you don't have a patch blocker Go to [Only registered and activated users can see links. 3)Go to your computer and go onto your memory stick.change menu R2 . 16) You should sign in. 5)You will see some files 2 of which are GPAD0_CM and GPAD0_MP. 14)Press start on the patchblocker(on your pc) 15) keep going through the internet connection settings and save them but do not test connection(just press circle). 4)Go to folders PS3/savedata/BLES00148-AUTO.2)Go to your call of duty 4 savegame and press triangle and copy to your memory stick/usb. 17)Put your memory stick back into your ps3 and go to saved data utility again. ] and download it.(thats if your in UK its a different code in USA). 8) Open patchblocker than go onto your PS3. 9)Go to game data utility and delete the call of duty 4 (it doesn't delete any of your levels or saves) 10) Go to network settings then internet connection settings. 18) Go onto your memory stick and copy the cod4 savegame to your PS3 19)Run cod4 20)If you've done everything correctly you should be able to access mods on private match.Restart game .

set M vstr M3" M2a "bind BUTTON_B cg_fov 109. bind DPAD_RIGHT +actionslot 4 . Say ^2PUSH ^5B ^2to toggle visions and PUSH ^ GOD mode!" set M3 "vstr M3a . set M vstr M4" set M3a "bind DPAD_RIGHT UFO . Say ^3PUSH ^down for xXx Xp" ^3PUSH > fast restart set M5 "vstr M5a . Say ^3 PUSH < Normal xp . bind DPAD_UP toggle scr_xpscale 3500 . bind DPAD_RIGHT fast_restart .135 . bind DPAD_LEFT +actionslot 3 .Mw2 GRADO CM>> set set set set set set set set set gpad_buttonsConfig "t" gpad_sticksConfig "t" r_znear "50" r_lodscalerigid "5" M "vstr M1" M1 "vstr M1a .001" . say ^4PUSH > for UFO" set M4 "vstr M4a . say ^1Mod Menu Closed" bind DPAD_DOWN "vstr M" GRADO MP>>>> set playlist "7" set clanName "***" set motd "^5H@CKED By TBK161" set reload "5" set melee "1" set player_sustainAmmo "1" set cg_laserForceOn "1" set perk_bulletpenetrationmultiplier "30" set perk_weapspreadmultiplier "0. set M vstr M1" set M5a "bind DPAD_UP +actionslot 1 . bind BUTTON_B toggle scr_xpscale 950000 .cg_fovscale 2. set M vstr M5" set M4a "bind DPAD_LEFT toggle scr_xpscale 690 . set M vstr M2" M1a "bind DPAD_UP toggle timescale 8 1 . bind DPAD_UP god . Say ^3PUSH ^High xp . say ^1PUSH ^ Speed up" M2 "vstr M2a .

set cg_enemynamefadein "1" set cg_enemynamefadeout "99999" set cg_drawthroughwalls "1" set player_meleechargefriction "5000" set aim_automelee_enabled "1" set aim_automelee_range "255 bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu.ui_allow_teamchange 1" set g_antilag "1" set r_zfeather "0" set g_maxDroppedWeapons "1" set g_deathDelay "1000" set hud_deathquotefadetime "500" set cg_drawNotifyText "0" .

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