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Volume 3, Issue 2

Its 6:00 a.m. and I just woke up to 50 degree temperatures, the coolest in months. There is a heavy fog on the water as I look out my windows and its a gentle reminder that another season is about to pay us a visit. Where did summer go? Its even worse when I saw the pictures of my Grandchildren on their rst day of school already- its August 15th- come on!!!! This summer I sold my home, moved 3 miles west and that involved clearing out years of collecting stuff. I also divided Perennials from all my gardens that I nurtured lovingly for many years and now will generate the same beauty in my new home as well as those I shared with. Its bittersweet today as I close on my home, but it reminds me to always count my many blessings and that also includes the HSEC blessings. When I look at accomplishments on Superior Street, I am in awe as to how on earth we did it all and survived. A new re protection system was installed, complete with emergency pull downs and strobe lights. When we leave each night, I now have a sense of calm. We also have new Internet service via cable modem which allows us to maintain our own website. If you havent checked it out, please do. We have an Intern who is providing us gorgeous photos of our animals as well as giving all of our marketing materials a much needed professional facelift. The wooden shelving from the garage has all been replaced with donated steel pallet shelving after the wooden succumbed to the weight of donated food.

The fascia and soft on our garage have been replaced and donated. We travel east of Cleveland every other month to pick up hundreds of pounds of free medical supplies which save us thousands of dollars off the bottom line. All of our exterior door trim has been repainted by a lady who waltzed in one morning and said she wants to help. She works at PPG in Huron and provided Glidden paint for the project. Door trims look fabulous and everywhere I look, there is something else to remind me of how very blessed we are at the HSEC. Sure, we deal with some really horrible people who commit heinous crimes against animals and seem to believe its only an animal and that upsets all of us immensely. Many days I return home at the end of the day feeling like the life has been sucked out of me, but it doesnt take long for my own 2 Golden girls to remind me of how unconditionally our animals love us. We momentarily fall prey and then rally to be the voice of the animals unable to speak for themselves and thats the fuel that brings our team back each day. And what an amazing team we have! If you have a special talent that you would like to share with us, ll out a volunteer application and come see what were all about. May the upcoming season be kind and remind you to count your own blessings.

Summer 2013

Trafc Alert!
If you have not been to the Humane Society of Erie County lately, be advised there is a lot of construction! There are different closures routinely, so please check with our facebook page or call us before coming to play with our animals so that you can get more specic directions and details.

Shelter Hours
Monday 12:30pm - 4:30pm Tuesday 12:30pm - 4:30pm Wednesday Closed Thursday 12:30pm - 6:00pm Friday 12:30pm - 4:30pm Saturday 12:30pm - 4:00pm Sunday Closed



We now accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover!

Adoption Fees: Dogs $125 Cats $75-$100

Board of Directors 2013

President Vice President Treasurer Asst. Treasurer Secretary JoAnn Cummings Michael Metroka DVM Shawn McDowell Sue Zahniser Jody Eckler

Special Thanks

Lynn Arnold DVM Michelle Leathem DVM David Stubblebine CJ Kamm Lindsey Levinsohn

Were collecting aluminum cans to recycle, so we can purchase & replace all of our overhead lights in the shelter. Please drop off your aluminum donations to the shelter at: 1911 Superior Street, Sandusky OH, 44870.

Huron Tool, Inc.

Steve & Kathy Capucini

THANKS TO SECCF, we have been gifted our VCT Intern from BGSU, Kristi Lovekin. It should be fairly obvious that our marketing materials, FB, website and shelter surroundings have taken on a more professional and beautiful presence. Kristi is an incredibly talented photographer and thrives on any design job I throw her direction. We applied for a grant through the SECCF for a 10 week internship which Kristi has just completed and she has just been notied that she is the recipient of another internship through BGSU, with the intent that her responsibilities will be stepped up here at the HSEC. Her to do list is already quite lengthy and we are so appreciative that Kristi is both with us and accepts every single assignment with both enthusiasm and a smile.

Kuranda Dog Beds Cat Carriers Animal Medications Operation Dry Dog Commercial Fans

Volunteer Spotlight!
Meet Gay Houck! Gay has been a volunteer here at the HSEC for 4 years. She came to us after retiring from First Merit Bank. Wishing to stay active, she began her time at the HSEC doing dishes and laundry, but now mainly does accounting work and answers phones. She chose to work with us because she loves animals and being here makes her feel like she is contributing something more to the community. We appreciate your help and are glad to see you every week Gay!

All animals at the shelter are spay/neutered prior to adoption and none are euthanized because of time spent at the shelter or lack of space.

Meet the Team!

Director Shelter Manager Adoption Manager Intern Shelter Attendants Barbara Hargreaves Amy Wieber John Shultz Kristi Lovekin Robert Binder Deb Hargrove (419)626-6220

The mission of the Humane Society of Erie County is to educate residents on proper care, housing and support to animals; to prevent animal cruelty in Erie County and to provide temporary shelter to homeless animals.
The Humane Society of Erie County (HSEC)

any support from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
We have a new website! Please check us out at

does not receive any city, county, or government funding of any kind, nor Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Shelter Wish List

Wet cat food Wet kitten food Lemon Pledge Dishwasher Soap Copy Paper New Cat & Dog Toys Kleenex Non-Latex Gloves Bleach Empty shoe boxes Odo Ban Gallon Bottles Lysol Disinfectant Paper towels 6 inch paper plates Dry kitten food Toilet Paper Peanut butter (creamy) Heavy duty trash bags (13 gallon)

Do you want to donate items off our wish list but dont have the time to drop them off at the HSEC? Check out our wishlist on! Scan the QR code here or search for us under the Humane Society of Erie County. (419)626-6220

Thank you to all the volunteers and players that show up every week to particpate in our BINGO!

Blessing of the animals this July in Milan, OH

In Loving Memory
Since our last newsletter was published, the following families named the HSEC in their wills and/or asked that donations be made in their memory to the HSEC. We send our condolences to the families for the loss of your loved one.

We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.
-Neal A. Maxwell

Danielle Timman Margaret Peg Reising Samuel Shearer Jennifer Marie Eckler Robert Garner Richard Twigs Weichel Sara Bango Christy Sue Missler Margaret Barber Gene Whaley Rollin Schwanger

Thomas Fletcher Thomas Edward McDonald Neil Nottke Joseph Bywaters Eleanor Jackson Julie Myers Hugh R. Craig, Sr. Lorraine Mellio William A. Polta, Sr. Kara Brotzki Kathleen Sudsina

James Scheuer Sidney Howard James Disbrow Grace (Keebler) McKinnon Jacqueline Comella Sharon Ann (Ouellette) Stradtman *Please accept our apologies if we inadvertently missed anyone.*
This list was generated from obituaries appearing in the Sandusky Register.


Membership - 2013
As a HSEC member, you are playing a huge role in helping us continue to operate the shelter. Your gift helps keep the animals comfortable, warm, vaccinated, fed and safe. You are our partner, working right along side us. Please help the HSEC continue to house, love, and nd forever families for all of our furry residents. Yes! I want to help you help the animals!
NAME _____________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _________________________________________ PHONE ________________________ EMAIL MY NEWSLETTER TO: _______________________________________________________ Senior $15.____ Single $25. ____ Family $50. ____ Patron $100.____ Corporate $200+_____ I would like to honor a loved one ____________________ pet/person I would like this to be a memorial for _________________ pet/person Please send an acknowledgement to___________________________________________________ ___Y ___N Please send me a tax-deductible receipt * Remember, your cancelled check will serve as your tax deductible receipt


A $300.00 donation permits business card ad in next newsletter Company: __________________________________________________________________________ Contact Person: ____________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Email:__________________________________________



to Lesley Sinwald who designed and created our new website for us!
Thanks to the SECCF for bringing the shelter up to re code! New fascia and soft replaced by Red Milner after damage from a summer storm.

Lynn Arnold DVM and Libby at the Blessing of the Animals event in Milan, OH.

Thank you to Sandusky Ice for donating ice for our dogs during the hot dog days of summer this year!

New pallet shelving donated by Steve & Kathy Capucini at Huron Tool, Inc. and David Goff at DCI Filter.

Ask the Vet


Michelle Leathem, DVM

Q. Why should I invest in ea control for my dogs during winter when there arent any eas alive?
can develop during the winter and start to multiply. Furthermore, social interactions between dogs are becoming more prevalent with places like doggie day cares and dog parks allowing dogs to easily transfer eas from one dog to another any time of the year. Wildlife and stray animals also harbor eas during the colder months. And most importantly, dont forget to treat your cats! Even though your cat may not be scratching, eas that are brought into the house on the dog will transfer over to the housecat. This is the most common cause of eas remaining in the house during the winter. While it may appear okay to wait until your pet gets eas before treating them, it is difcult and time consuming getting a ea infestation under control. Treating your home may also cause you to incur additional expense. It is much easier to prevent ea infestations, and the only reliable way of doing that is by carrying out continuous year-round ea control.

A. For many pet owners winter is considered a time of relief from the eas that can pester our pets. Winter, however, does not necessarily mean that all eas automatically die off. Fleas are very persistent pests with a lifecycle like a buttery. There are 4 stages of development including the adult ea, ea eggs, ea larvae, and ea pupae (like the cocoon). While it is true that adult eas, eggs, and larvae do not survive in very cold temperatures, ea pupae can survive in cold weather for up to a year. Only prolonged cold (less than 30 degrees) will kill off the eggs, larvae, and adult eas. Given the unpredictable and always changing Ohio weather it is not guaranteed that the winter months will be cold enough for a sufcient amount of time to kill off these 3 life stages. Additionally, eas can continue to thrive indoors where it is warm during the winter months. This means if your pet brings a ea into the house during the summer and pupae are in your carpets or bedding they


Changing Weather and Your Pet

Are you and your furry friends ready for the change of season? Since we will all be spending more time indoors together when the temperature drops, please dont forget about your pets special needs. Dogs will need grooming to maintain their coats natural insulation properties. Some shorthaired or course haired dogs may also need a sweater or a coat to spend time outdoors. Also the fur around the pads of the feet and toes should be trimmed to ease the removal of snow and ice as the season intensies. It is important to dry your dog after a journey outside in the winter using either a large towel or hair dryer (mind the heat!). A little petroleum jelly may also be benecial on the pads of your dogs feet to help prevent cracking after thoroughly rinsing paws especially after contact with rock salt often used on sidewalks. Your dog will also need plenty of fresh water in the winter months to help combat dehydration. Being mindful of how much time your dog spends outdoors is critical for the prevention of frostbite as well, for they are prone to frostbite on their ears, tail and feet. The opposite risk is also prevalent, replaces and other supplemental heat sources are a risk to your pets. Screens and other measures to prevent accidental burning or re hazards should be considered. Other upcoming holiday risks include owers, candy (especially chocolate), wrappers and sticks, uncooked yeast dough, bones, fatty foods, raw or spoiled foods, alcoholic beverages, decorations, stringy things like tinsel, ribbon, Easter grass, toys - sharp pieces, batteries, rounded toys like balls or eggs, any small toy, candles, balloons, chemicals in plant water, bubbling lights, reworks, etc.


I wanted to tell you what a nice facility you have and from the moment I walked in, I knew the animals staying there are well cared for. When I advised one of your employees that I had emailed you about seeing Duncan, the rst thing she did was lead me back to where he was outside. Every pen I saw, inside and out, was clean and odor free. That tells me that the employees of the Humane Society of Erie County are there for the animals comfort and wellbeing. She readily asked me if I wanted to spend some time with him and I said yes. She led me to your conference room and allowed me to be one on one with him for approximately 30 minutes. I knew when she came back that I wanted to adopt him. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be his new owner and have plans for him to compete in the Rally Obedience and C-WAGS (Canine Works and Games) venues in a year or so. I love

to compete but if we come home empty handed we just play and work a little harder until we can compete again. I September 29, 2013 like to spend a short period every night Walk for the Animals working on basics until they are autoDecember 6, 2013 matic and then go on to more obstacle based training but I dont drill until they Holiday Gala & Wine Tasting are bored with learning. I like to leave April 14, 2014 them eager for more fun things to do 5K Race and hes an eager beaver! I would also like to thank you and Coming this Fall! your staff for making me feel so at home when I came to pick him up last Thurs2014 Calendar Coming Soon! day. This also tells me that you are in- Its Raining Cats & Dogs Fundraiser terested in the person who adopts your Animal Stockings animals. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you!

Upcoming Events

Sincerely, Patty R. Delaware, OH

Particpants in the 5K fundraiser this spring.