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Calcium plays many roles in the overall health of both the plant and the soil perhaps more

e than any other nutrient. It has a beneficial effect on the makeup of the plant, strengthening its physical structure and helping protect it from disease. It assists with root and leaf development and makes nutrients and micro-nutrients more available. Calcium Plus is both a root and a foliar feed. Correct levels of calcium also help the nitrogen being applied work more efficiently. Calcium Plus offers you a fast, easy way to improve the health and appearance of your fine turf areas. There are many sources of calcium available however, Calcium Plus is root and a foliar feed, which ensures that the calcium is put where it is needed most in the ground, and, more importantly, into the cell wall of the plant. High levels of calcium in the cell of the plant make the cell wall rigid, which strengthens the turf against disease. Builds & builds & strenghens cell walls in stems, roots & leaves Contains an advanced synergistic blend of nutrients Improves photosynthesis of the plant Will not change the soils pH & improves soil texture making nutrients more available
+ 9% Ca + 3% Mg + 1.3%Fe

Litres per Ha
10 20 30 50

Kgs per Ha Calcium

0.90 1.80 2.70 4.50

Kgs per Ha Nitrogen

1.90 3.90 5.80 9.70

ddfdfContains Amine Nitrogen preventing a flush of growth dfd Weight/Volume Analysis 195gs N + 90gms Calcium dfdfdFast, effective plant absorbtion following application per Litre Spoon feed or apply as per application guide dfdfdStrenghens cell walls in stems, roots & leaves Easy accurate spray application dfdf Spray and Play Improves soil texture and makes nutrients more Can be Tank Mixed with the Full Range of available Farmura Organics 70:30 soil leaf uptake Wont change the soils pH Water ratio: 1:5 minimum