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Rosenke GPMS Health Outline

2013- 2014

Aaron Rosenke Email: Twitter: Office: PE Main Office Class Website: OR scan Course Description
This course is designed to give students the opportunity to build upon their understanding of what it means to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. In this first term we will cover topics of personal health, safety & responsibility, and understanding and expressing feelings.

Course Objectives

Throughout the course, students will learn to: Make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others Develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions

Course Assessment: Physical Education

Students will receive a percentage grade in Health. Students will be evaluated in two main areas: Participation and Projects. The criteria for the two areas of evaluation are as follows:

Participation - 50%
The participation grade will consist of two areas. The first is discussion participation (25%). This mark is awarded based on the frequency of participation in class discussion, the quality of the points contributed, and the respect given to the teacher and peers during discussion. This means remaining quiet while others are talking, bringing up opposing views in a polite way, and ensuring that the comments and ideas you contribute are both related to the discussion and appropriate. The second area under the participation grade is in the exit slips that will be assigned most weeks (25%). These are short writing pieces that will be assigned to be completed for marks. There is no right or wrong answer; therefore I will not be marking for the content. So long as they are completed in a serious manner, full marks will be awarded. Each student

will be marked weekly for these criteria and an average over the unit will be calculated.

DiscussionExit Slips
5 Always 4 Almost Always 3 Often 2 Sometimes 1 Never


Participates in discussions Contributes positively to the classroom experience for those around them Is willing to take risks and be positive and open to new ideas rather than arguing a point Considers the quality and relevancy of a point before sharing with the group Respects those around them both in their words and listening skills. This applies to both the classroom and online environment Completes exit slip assignments on time Completes exit slip activities in a way that shows thought, reflection, and an application of knowledge

Projects - 50%
Projects Grade Mini ProjectsFinal Projects The projects component of your grade comes from two areas. The first are mini projects, which are worth 20% of the total course grade. These will be assigned weekly and you should be able to have them done before the end of class. If time is not used appropriately, you will be responsible to have them completed and submitted by the beginning of the next class. They will be graded based on criteria provided with the individual assignments. The second area is final projects (30%). These will be assigned at the end of each unit and will act as an assessment of each students understanding of the units material. These will vary from week to week and will be assessed based on individual criteria for each project. There is also potential for some projects to be completed in partners. These projects will then also have an assessment of teamwork.

Each unit plan will contain a detailed project schedule

REPORT CARD DATES Report Card 1 December 6, 2013 Report Card 2 March 24, 2014 Report Card 3 June 27, 2014

Rosenke ~ Health Topic Timeline 2013

Sept. 6 Sept. 20 Sept. 27 Oct. 4 Oct. 18 Nov. 1 Nov. 15 Nov. 29 DEC 6 Dec. 6 Dec. 13

ACTIVITIES SCHEDULED Introductions, Personal Health 1 Personal Health 2 Personal Health 3 Personal Health 4 Personal Health 5 Safety and Responsibility 1 Safety and Responsibility 2 Safety and Responsibility 3


Feelings 1 Feelings 2

As is the case in all classes, student respect for themselves and others is a must. Health involves some quite personal and potentially touchy subjects. Any individual that is comfortable to share will be treated with the utmost respect both in class and the outside world. Any student found to be bullying or teasing a classmate would be dealt with strictly. There is zero tolerance for such behaviour. The students are also expected to take the class and its content seriously. Part of your assessment comes from communicating effectively and completing work to the best of your ability. Assignments completed jokingly will be returned for re-submission. Students are also responsible for any equipment used in class. If a student proves unable to safely operate or interact with said equipment will no

longer have access to it. Most of the projects that we work on in this course can be completed by pen and paper. Computers are a privilege. Students are expected to attend class unless unable to do so. A detailed note from a parent or doctor will excuse you from the marks for that day. Failure to submit one after missing class will result in a zero for that days participation.

Class Website

This website will be used as a portal into a small weekly writing pieces and other resources, which are a part of the participation grade for the course. It is broken into two parts: physical education and health. Under each you will find your grade and within that you will find specific assignments. You have a choice of either printing your work off and handing it in during the beginning of class or you may email it to me at the address on the first page of this outline. Either of these methods is acceptable. Exceptions on due dates are available under reasonable circumstances. For those without access to a computer at home, I am more than willing to provide paper copies of exit slips.

Remind 101
Remind 101 is a fantastic teaching tool that allows educators to text students without an exchange of phone numbers. Simply follow the link below and you will be directed to the subscription page. This service allows me to reach my students in the quickest and most dependable way. I can inform of changes in plans that may affect what they need to bring to class, such as supplies or an assignment. I can also remind them of due dates and other important items. While not mandatory, I highly recommend that both students and parents subscribe to the list. It is 100% confidential and is a fantastic way for parents to become more involved with the learning of your children and help remind them of tasks. Please check off the boxes on the return sheet if you and your parent(s) subscribe to the service. In order to subscribe, text the code of your class below to this randomized number 778-653-9057. Health 6C - @rosenkeh6c Health 8E - @rosenkeh8e

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Physical Education Grades 7 & 8

Dear Parents/Guardians, Please take the time to read the attached course outline for grade 6 and 8 Health and the corresponding schedule of activities that your son or daughter will participate in this year. I trust you will find the information useful and that you will have a clearer idea of the quality Physical Education program that Gilbert Paterson Middle School delivers to students. Please pay particular attention to the information regarding required gym strip and expectations for appropriate footwear. I will go over all of the information contained in these pages with my students on the first day of class and will allow time for questions. Should you have any questions regarding the Physical Education program at G.P.M.S, do not hesitate to contact me at the school (3290125). Also, please discuss the info with your child so that there is a clear understanding at home of the expectations we have within the Physical Education program at our school. Please fill out the form below to indicate to me that as a parent or guardian you are aware of the responsibilities and expectations of students in the G.P.M.S Physical Education Program. Please return the form with your child to school by Monday, September 9th. Sincerely, Aaron Rosenke

Please return the bottom portion of this form to

Mr. Rosenke at the school by Sept. 9th !!!

I, ___________________________, have read and discussed the information regarding the responsibilities and (parent/guardian printed name) expectations of my child, __________________________ , in Physical Education class at G.P.M.S. (childs printed name) Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________ Remind 101 Subscription: Parent/Guardian Student

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