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1. Choose the right option: a) Yesterday I visited a museum ________ had really ancient things. 1. which 2. whose 3.


B) The girl ________ called said she would call again 1. who 2. which 3. whose C) Do you remember the film ________ we saw last week? 1. whose 2. who 3. that 2. Fill in the blanks with the suitable relative pronoun. Omit it whenever possible. A. This is the boy ____________ had an accident. B. The book ____________ she wrote is amazing. C. The woman ____________ dog run didnt know what to do. D. She is the only person ____________ understands me. E. The scientist ____________ invention had the first prize is Portuguese. F. She told her mum, ____________ love fashion, that she wanted to be a model. G. Thats the girl ____________ won the karate championship. H. Those ____________ arrive late in class will have more homework to do. I. The cat ____________ stole my steak is over there. J. The decision, ____________ he took without consultation was disastrous. K. Did you see the director ____________ film won the contest? L. This is the giraffe ____________ was born in the zoo.