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The mental life of monkeys and apes: a study of ideational behavior.

[together with] "Provision for the study of monkeys and apes"

YERKES, Robert M.
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8vo. [iv], 145 pp., 6 leaves of plates; 8 pp. in printers papers Presentation copy signed by the author with regards for Professor Jeuks, 12-23-23, Washington, D.C. Title page stamped with a previous owners name. "Provision for the study of monkeys and apes," offprint from Science, N.S., Vol. XLIII, No. 1103, February 18, 1916. First editions. These titles are from the series, Behavior Monographs. They are of major importance to the study and behavior of all aspects of the lives of these animals. The author describes his observations, experiments and research with detailed historical and critical discussions.Yerkes (1876-1956) was an assistant professor at Harvard and professor of psychology at the Institute of Psychology at Yale. His book, The great apes, was the standard work on evolutionary perspective, and indispensable reading for anyone interested in the doctrine of common descent.