Managerial Communication (BMC 1024), Trimester 2 (08/09


BMC 1024: Brief Assignment Guidelines 2 Job Interview:
Introduction: 1. The assignment comprises two parts: the submission of a resume, with covering letter, and a face-to-face interview. 2. The total mark available for the assignment is 20 a. 5 marks for the resume b. 15 marks for the interview 3. Your job application status: a. 15 – 20 marks: Congratulations! You are hired. b. 10 – 15 marks: We will not employ you immediately, but we will definitely shortlist you for a second interview. c. Less than 10 marks: Regrettably, we could not take you in. The Resume: 1. You should look through the ‘Appointments’ section of any daily newspaper for an advertised job position. 2. The position must be the kind of thing that a fresh graduate with a second-class upper degree would be expected to apply for. 3. Once you have found a suitable advertisement, cut that newspaper advertisement and attach it to the resume. Online advertisement such as ‘’ and etc. are not acceptable. 4. You can use resume template for the format of your resume (samples are available online and textbooks). 5. Your resume must be submitted together with a cover letter 6. Your resume should also include a recent passport-size photograph and all usual personal details. 7. Please bring along your complete resume during the interview. The interview: 1. You should treat the appointment process and the interview itself as if it were a real scenario. 2. Interviewees should knock before entering, or be shown into the room (probably your tutor’s office) by the outgoing candidate. You should greet the interviewer and wait for an invitation to be seated. You may choose to offer a handshake, if you wish. 3. Questions from your interviewer will probably embrace three major areas: your background, the particular skills you feel are best suited to the job, and your own particular concerns in respect of the position you have applied for.

Managerial Communication (BMC 1024), Trimester 2 (08/09)

4. Take note that your resume will be held by the tutor until the end of the programme, at which point you may reclaim it. This will allow you to edit your resume presentation, based upon the comments which your tutor will have made on the submitted copy. The overall mark you have received for this particular assignment will probably also appended to this document.

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