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Laureate BVI Fund Returns Record Year for Investors.

Laureate BVI Fund finished the year up +23.67% versus +15.06% for the S&P 500 index. Beverly Hills (I-Newswire) January 9, 2011 - British Virgin Islands - Laureate BVI Ltd., saw its returns year-to-date outperform the Barrons & Bloomberg hedge fund index by investing in asset backed financial instruments. The fund continues to rank in the upper 1% of the top performing global hedge funds, according to Bloomberg data. The issues we have with the market are, depressed housing, vulnerable corporate profit margins, and rising food, energy and interest rate costs are causes for concern. Tasca states, A Major Risk Factor is the broad consensus for strong gains always makes me nervous, and that is what we have at present. Sentiment is frothy. Government policies have been key drivers of gains, and everyone now knows that zero percent Fed fund rates are unsustainable. Reviewing market trends and independent data on the markets historic trading patterns have shown us that when markets collapse 50% or more, they have strong upward rallies that typically last an average of 21- months. These rallies typically end with a 25% correction, which we have yet to see as we begin the 23rd month following the March 2009 lows. Year-end the S&P 500 finished up +15.06% while Laureate BVI outperformed and delivered a +23.67%. Tasca states, I expect the rally to continue in Q1, at a more modest pace than the 6% monthly gains we saw close out 2010. But risk factors will accumulate as the year goes on, the appropriate action for our investors will be to maintain our long positions in financial instruments that pay a low double digit interest rates and offer 2-to-1 coverage and continue to deliver returns to our clients.

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