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Reward means productivity.

According to the lecture, the first lecturer says that rewarding people for they hard work makes them improve, at their job. He also says that he thinks that it is a human characteristic that employees like to be rewarded; which means they get paid an extra bonus for their effort. This idea exposed by the first lecturer is counter argued for the second lecturer, who states that is ok to reward an employee, but the rewarding structure has to be well-planned, because sometimes, not being rewarded feels like being punished for not doing a well job. So this statement leads the lecture to another direction. A rewarding system is not always a synonym of productivity or improvement, it also can be a frustrating goal for most of the employees when they dont get a reward. Therefore, it is also stated that people dont like to be managed, controlled or manipulated by ridiculous rewards. And this human condition, instead of rising the productivity of the work team, it turns to get lower and it may decline. So in the end, the second lecturer says, although rewarding is not always an incentive for employees, it doesnt mean that rewards are not necessary. They are necessary, but they also need to be well structured, because according to the last argument, the more desirable the reward is, the more frustrating is not getting it. So that, some employees decide not to participate in order to not get negative rating, so they keep a low standard.