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When the word childhood comes to my mind, the only thing I can think of is when I was a little boy and used to do a lot of silly things. Some people can say they lived a happy childhood, but not everyone. Childhood is determined by innocence, which is the most important fact that makes a child happy. A kid in his/her earliest years, know nothing about the real world, and they enjoy almost everything but the pain. But this pain goes away when dad and mom are there for caring their son/daughter. Its also the best time of a persons life because they dont have to worry about an important matter when most of us grow up, and thats money. We have a solved life by our parents. Even when a kid lives a difficult situation, they cant fully realize their circumstance is bad, because they were born in it. The only thing a child should worry is of being happy and enjoying playing around. Of course is the parents duty to educate and being a guide for their children. But some orphan people will never know what a dad and mom is. This is a counter argument, because as any other thing, there will always be an exception. Some unfortunate people were borne in this situation, and they still remember having a depressing childhood. But this condition doesnt mark a patron. I can recall some artist that were orphans and they could grow being very nice and talented people. Well, all of this happiness vanishes when the time of getting responsibilities comes to us. And it is when most of us are already teenagers. So its maybe about luck, that someone has a happy childhood. We all were borne with innocence within us. But life makes some happy and some unhappy. Some kids are over spoiled by their parents and never get to know what a difficult situation is. And some others were born alone and destined to survive. Anyways, leaving behind all this luck and unlucky, being a child is the most value thing life can give us, life blessed us all with the gift of innocence although we never get to understand what being a child means till we are already grown-ups.