WELCOME A PRESENTATION ON The river system of India, particularly the Ganga & its tributaries


1. What do you drink when you grow thirsty ? 2. Which are the sources of the water you drink? 3. Which rivers are found in your district ?

The rivers you have mentioned are the part of the Indian rivers system that includes the Ganga, Brahmaputra, the indus, the Narmada, the Tapi etc. Among them, Ganga is the longest river.

Statement of aim
So, Today we are going learn in some detail about India's longest river , The Ganga and its tributaries.


The river you see is India’s longest and holiest river.

 Which is this river ?

The Ganga river system

Observe the map of the North Indian river system carefully and answer the questions.

 Which is India’s longest river ?  Which is the Ganga’s origin ?  Which are the Tributaries of the Ganga?  Which are the distributaries of the Ganga ?

Point out and show the river ganga from the map. Point out and show the location of the Himalayas from the map. Try to locate the Gangotri in the map Point out the Yamuna from the map Point out the Gandak from the map Point out the Ghagara from the map Point out the Yamnotri from the Himalayas in the map Point out and show the Hugli from the map Point out and show the Bay of Bengal from the map

 Comment on the various uses of the river by observing the following pictures.

Information about The Ganga River System
 The Ganga is India’s longest and holiest river.  The Ganga originates from the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayas.  Its water is used in agriculture , transport, power generation, industry, drinking water, etc.  The Ganga flow through Uttaranchal, Uttarpradesh, and West Bengal and finally reaches the bay of Bengal forming the delta region which is biggest in the world.  Its tributaries are the Yamuna, the Gandak, the Ghagara, the Gomati, etc.  Its main distributaries are – The Hugali and The Damodar.

 Discuss with your senior friends about the Ganga River System and, then, Write a short note on it on your webs.

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