Anuj Kumar Jalan 1 BBM D 1311545 The following are the management lessons we learnt from the game

of Kho Kho :
1. Team Work: – The game of Kho Kho taught us that team work can help the whole group reach new heights and help them win as it was important for the whole team to participate actively. 2. Leadership: - The leader in the group should clarify the rules and regulations and make sure that the team members don’t have any doubt. 3. Coordination: - The game also taught us that coordination is very important among the group members as without coordination, there is only chaos.’ 4. Motivation: - The team members should motivate each other so that work is carried out smoothly as seen in the game its was important to motivate the people who were not interested or were having difficulties in playing the game 5. Planning is important: - Every group should have a plan in their mind before starting any task and also a alternative plan as in the game it was important to manage time. 6. The need for right person in the right place: - It is very important to choose the correct person for

the correct job as in the game it was necessary who should start the game and whom should one tap. 7. Decision Making: - The game taught us the importance of decision making as it was important to choose whether to chase first or whether to sit first.

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