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USAF CyberspaceOpsConcept

USAF CyberspaceOpsConcept

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Published by Flavio Bernardotti
USAF CyberspaceOpsConcept
USAF CyberspaceOpsConcept

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Published by: Flavio Bernardotti on Aug 31, 2013
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―Cyberwar is now a fact of life in 21st

Century wars. Actual and potential enemies of
America already know the dimensions of Cyberwar and have moved into full combat.
Cyberspace is a perfect environment for United States adversaries to thrive and a

domain that the United States must vigilantly protect.‖

LTG Keith B. Alexander, Commander
Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare

Cyberspace is a domain requiring technology to enter, persist, and exploit. A
major difference from the other domains (air, land, maritime, and space) is that
cyberspace cannot be perceived directly by the senses. Its physics are those
that govern the transmission, reception, and use of electromagnetic signals and
information. As with other operations, effects of cyberspace operations can
occur simultaneously in many places. They can be precise or broad, enduring or
transitory, destructive or disruptive.
Cyberspace is defined as ―a global domain within the information environment
consisting of the interdependent network of information technology
infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer
systems, and embedded processors and controllers.‖3

Cyberspace is a place
where operations are conducted and is critical to our current and future military
operations. The operational environment reflects the conditions, circumstances,
and influences that affect the employment of capabilities and bear on the
decisions of the commander. Understanding this environment requires a holistic

2 President Barack Obama, White House Press Conference, Securing Our Nation’s Cyber Infrastructure, 29 May 09.
3 CJCS CM-0363-08, Updated Definition of Cyberspace, 10 Jul 08.

Air Force Space Command Functional Concept for Cyberspace Operations



view that extends beyond the adversary’s military forces and other combat
capabilities within the operational area. Such a view of the operational
environment encompasses physical areas and factors (of the air, land, maritime,
and space domains) and the information environment (which includes
cyberspace). Included within these environments and factors are adversary and
friendly systems and subsystems. Figure 1 shows a conceptual view of the
operational environment.4

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