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Higher Engineering Mathematics ISBN: 81-7409-195-5 EDITION: 40th SIZE: 18.25 23.

25 cms PAGES: 1391

Dr. B.S. Grewal

The book provides a clear exposition of essential tools of applied mathematics from a modern point of view and meets complete requirement of engineering and computer science students. Every effort has been made to keep the presentation at once simple and lucid. It is written with the firm conviction that a good book is one that can be read with minimum guidance from the instructor. To achieve this, more than the usual number of solved examples, followed by properly graded problems have been given. Many of the examples and problems have been selected from recent papers of various university and other engineering examinations. As far as possible, it has been planned to make each chapter an independent unit so that the various topics could be studied in any order.
CONTENTS Unit I. ALGEBRA & GEOMETRY X Solution of Equations X Linear Algebra : Determinants, Matrices X Vector Algebra & Solid Geometry.

Unit II. CALCULUS X Differential Calculus X Partial Differential Calculus X Integral Calculus X Multiple Integral Calculus X Vector Calculus. Unit III. SERIES X Infinite Series X Fourier Series. Unit IV. DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS X Differential Equations of First Order X Applications of Differential Equations of First Order X Linear Differential Equations X Applications of Linear Differential Equations X Differential Equations of Other Types X Series Solution of Differential Equations and Special Functions X Partial Differential Equations X Applications of Partial Differential Equations. Unit V. COMPLEX ANALYSIS X Complex Numbers and Functions X Calculus of Complex Functions. Unit VI. TRANSFORMS X Laplace Transforms X Fourier Transforms X Z-Transforms. Unit VII. NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES X Empirical Laws & Curve-fitting X Statistical Methods X Probability and Distributions X Sampling & Inference X Numerical Methods X Finite Differences and Interpolation X Difference Equations X Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations X Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations X Linear Programming. Unit VIII. SPECIAL TOPICS X Calculation of Variations X Integral Equations X Tensor Analysis X Discrete Mathematics.