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Abstract Nouns

Done by: Mrs Lum SF

What are Abstract Nouns?

They are nouns. Abstract nouns are used to name things that cannot be seen or touch. For example: an emotion, idea, process, state or quality

Love Hate Anger Peace Pride Sympathy Fear

Bravery Loyalty Honesty Compassion Courage Beauty Pain Misery Success Charity

Dreams Justice Faith Liberty Truth Knowledge Thought Information Culture Trust Dedication

Abstract Nouns ending with suffixes

Infatuation (infatuate) Adoration (adore) Motivation (motivate)

- sion
Apprehension (apprehend)

Impression (impress) Compassion (compass)

Amazement (amaze) Commitment (commit) Unemployment (unemploy)

Escapism (escape) Favoritism (favourite)

- ness
Happiness (happy) Coldness (cold) Sadness (sad)

Childhood (child) Livelihood (live)

Defiance (defy) Tolerance (tolerate) Confidence (Confident) Patience (patient)