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1. Koj od dadenite zborovi pretstavuva letna obleka?
A. T-shirt
B. gloves
C. boots
D. coat
3. ?
A. long
B. tall
C. short
D. fat
5. ?
A. the
B. my
C. her
D. is
7. ?
A. Good evening.
B. Good morning
C. Good afternoon.
D. Good morning

Merita really likes skiing. She usually goes with her sister in Mavrovo in
January.They have a wonderful time there and they stay for one week.
9. ?
A. January
B. sister
C. week
D. Mavrovo

2. ?
. pie
B. girl
C. eleven
D. blue
4. Koj zbor od navedenite ozna~uva ednina?
A. an apple
B. a apple
C. a apples
D. an apples
6. ?
A. Yes, he is.
B. Yes, she is.
C. Yes, they are.
D. Yes, we are
My friend Bojan visits his aunt Marta every Sunday. Every time, he brings her
and chocolates. They spend all day together watching TV.
8. ?
A. Sunday
B. flowers
D. aunt
gets up at 7 oclock every morning and goes to school at 8 oclock. His
parents go to work at 9 oclock and his sister stays home with their
10. Koj izleguva od doma vo 9 ~asot?
A. Tomes parents
B. Tome
C. Tomes sister
D. Tomes granny