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The Ukrainian Weekly Section

No. 185


Walter W. Danko, sports columnist of the Ukrainian Weekly, publicity d i r e c t o r of the Ukrainian Youth's League of North America, and one of the most active figures in Ukrainian American young­ er and older generation life, died last Friday, September 17th at t h e . Jersey Medical Center, in Jersey City, N. J. He was 26 years old. Surviving are his widow, the former Helen Hudak, 3-yearold son William, brother Alex­ ander, and parents, Myron and Tekla Danko,,all of 347 Ave­ nue C, Bayonne, N. J. The deceased graduated New York University in 1931 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He was member of UNA Branch 213, to which the members of his family be­ long also. He was the young­ est member of the Political Advisory Committee of the Uk­ rainian Congress Committee of America, financial secretary of the Ukrainian. National Home in Bayonne, and a member of the Board of Directors of the organization building a new home there. Burial services were at the St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with Rev. Beck of­ ficiating, last Tuesday morn­ ing. One of the greatest achieve­ ments of Walter Danko was his tracing of American athletes of Ukrainian descent and his compilation of the AU-American football and basketball teams, all of which were pub­ lished in The Ukrainian Week­ ly. Leading American sports writers personally praised him for this work, and reprinted some of it from the Weekly. As for his Ukrainian back­ ground, he was very proud of it. At the Same time he show­ ed an awareness of Ukrain­ ian problems, internal and external, rarely possessed by a person of his age. Ukrainian American youth suffered a great loss when he passed away. Вічная Йому Пам'ять!

To thousands of Detroit's children he is know as "Eko," the artist on WWJ-AV's "Playschool." To Ukrainians around the world the three let­ ters spell out Edward Kozak, the sharp-penned editorial car­ toonist. The pseudonym " E k o " (made up of first two parts of his names) first appeared as a sig­ nature on a cartoon 25 years ago. The name now is on nu­ merous paintings, murals, cari­ catures—and even on a Soviet arrest order. The Ukrainian community of Detroit observed the 25th an­ niversary of Kozak's artistic career with a two-day jubilee prograni last weekend at the International Institute. After receiving his art train­ ing in Germany and Poland, Kozak went to work for the satirical magazine K о m a r (Mosquito). His biting car­ toons and caricatures soon won him attention throughout Eu­ rope. Before long his works were being syndicated. His caricatures of Stalin created a European sensation and even became the subject of a discussion in the British parliament. It also so incensed the late Soviet dictator that he personally ordered Kozak arrested when the Reds over­ ran Western Ukraine, reports John J. Najduch of the De­ troit News. Kozak fled underground, but was captured by {he German troops. He also lampooned them and was put in a forced labor camp from which Ameri­ can troops liberated him. He came to this country ii March. 1949. His first job was painting houses. Then the noted Italian muralist Andrew Maglia heard about his pres­ ence in Detroit and hired him as an assistant. Kozak lives with his wife nnd two sons, George, 21, and Jerry, 13, at 4947 Daniels. The major part of the an­ niversary program was held at :he Institute's Hall of Nations Among those present were three New Yorkers who came especially for the program They are Joseph Hirniak, stage star and director, Ivan Kernycky, writer, and Roman Kupchyneky, writer. They took part in the program. En­ tertainment was provided by the Boyan Choir and Merko Lepky. violinist.

Hearkening back to the time long story of the struggle for (1917-1921) when the Ukrain- to be free. It is a struggle t h a t ian people were victorious in goes back further than Amerthelr struggle to regain their'ica's to the beginning of the n a t i o n a l independence and [Middle Ages, when first the established their Ukrainian Na­ Russians and then Mongols in­ tional Republic—Averell Harri- vaded Ukrainian territory and man, who last Wednesday was imposed their rule upon the nominated by the Democrats Ukrainian people." Mr. Harriman also paid trib­ for Governor of New York declared In his address at the ute to the Ukrainian immi­ Ukrainian Manifestation grants here for "the sacrificea In New York City last Sunday, that [they] made in establish­ September 19, that he regret­ ing themselves In America." Principal Ukrainian speak­ ted the fall of the Ukrainian ers were Prof. Alexander OhloNational Republic. Adressing an assemblage of blyn and Dmytro Halychyn, about two thousand, Mr. Har- president of the Ukrainian riman, former ambassador to National Association. The lat­ Moscow and former Director ter said that no matter how for Mutual Security, declared anyone Interprets the Pereyathat:—"In 1917 and 1918 a slav Treaty yet one thing re­ free and independent Ukraine mains clear—that Moscow can was re-established, but re­ never be trusted. Dr. Lev Dobriansky, presi­ grettably its life was short in­ deed. The Ukraine, once again, dent of the Ukrainian Congress and again by sword, became Committee of America, analyz­ part of the Russian Empire— ed American policy In relation a new empire based on Godless to Russia and made certain re­ communism, and ruled by that commendations. Mayor Robert Wagner of materialistic concept t h a t the The combined UNA Branch-j been enthusiastically received itate is all and the individual New York sent a telegram to the gathering In which he es of the State of Ohio, under in its many appearances and is nothing." whose sponsorship' the 60th has established Iteelf as the The rally was held to com stated t h a t there can be no Elva Barabash placed first |nimous decision of the judges, Anniversary of the Ukrainian outstanding grouo of its kind memorate the 300th annlver- lasting peace as long as the National Association will be in the State of Ohio. Uary of the Treaty of Pereya-1 peoples behind the iron curin the piano competition in the auditions to play Chopin's observed In Ohio on Sunday, Rounding out the musical L i a v (see article on p. 2 ) , as a I tain remain enslaved. Chicago. September 17, 1954, Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Mi­ and won the distingished and nor with the symphony orches­ CHICAGO'S IBM U.N.A. QUEEN AND HER ASSISTANTS October 17, 1954, take great lpotion of the program will be Way of deep mourning for the і Stephen J. Jarema, member . . . p l e a s u r e in announcing- their the appearance of Ukrainian 1 Jkrainians,. and at the ваше J of the UCCA РоіШетІ Policy coveted Oliver Ditson. Music t r a a t the Annual Commence­ Ю . T H E CORONATION CEREMONY 'program. /dancers from-CReveisatd. A k r o n / j m e , as a <»y of InspirationiBotOrd, ably preSfded a s enairment Exercises a n d Concert at j This celebration, to beheld In /and Youngstown. These d a n c - ' / them, for. despite the en-/man ot the gathering. It was the Chicago Musical College. (the spacious and beautiful Mu-|sra have been under the tute- slavement of Ukraine the Uk-j formally opened by Peter Elva is well known by both sic Hall of the Cleveland Pub-|lage of young George Rusyn in niinians n their native land і Kuchma, chairman of the MeAmerican and Ukrainian audi­ lie Auditorium in Cleveland. the classes he conducts in the have never wavered in their ropolitan Area Committee of ences as she appeared at many j300 year struggle to free them- the UCCA and member of Ohio, will be highlighted by various cities of Ohio. concerts, recitals and other !>oard of Auditors of the UNA. The guest of honor on the selves. a musical program featuring functions since she was eight Choral music was provided Mr. Harriman ably traced the talented nnd popular Amer­ speaker's portion of the plan­ years old One of the most ican-Ukrainian soprano, Mrs. ned program will be Mr. Dmy­ the course of this struggle to by the Ukrainian Arts Club memorable and brilliant per­ Chorus, directed by Ihor SonoMary Lesawyer of New York tro Halychyn, president of the its very beginnings. formances was her appearance "Indeed," he said, "the en­ ytsky, and the Ukrainian Cho­ City, and the well known Uk­ Ukrainian National Associa­ as a-soloist in Orchestra Hall tire history of the Ukrainian rus of Elizabeth directed by rainian baritone, Mr. Michael tion. with the Chicago Symphony Acceptances for participation people—even as the history of Roman Levytsky. Miss Olga Orchestra at the age of 16. Minsky. also of New York. She played Grieg's Piano Con­ These artiste will be accom­ in the program have been re­ the American people—is one'Dmytriw was at the piano. certo in A Minor. Her next panied by Miss Olya Dmytriv/ ceived from Mrs. Frances P. public appearance will be at »f Jersey City. New Jersey, Bolton, Congresswoman from the concert of the 70th Jubilee whose ability as a pianist la Ohio's 22nd District. Congress­ man Michael A. Feighan of the of the Ukrainian World Femin­ known to all Ukrainians. ist Movement presented by the A selection of choral num­ 20th District and Cleveland's Elva Barabash branches of the Ukrainian Na­ bers will be rendered by Malo Mayor Anthony J. Celebreese Tickets for this event err Chorus of Cleveland under the Award of $600.00. This money tional Women's League in Chi­ capable direction of Professor available from all UNA Secwill be used to further her mu­ cago. "The perpetuation of the mil- runs close to 800, composed of sic education and study piano Elva Barabash is a member From left to right: Olga Perun, Geraldme Wasylowsky, Helen A. Barnych. This group has retaries in the State of Ohio. itary traditions of Ukraine and those who fought in the Ukwith Dr. Rudolph Ganz, na­ of the U.N.A. and attended the Horoshko, Lorraine Dackiw, Patricia Semerak and in front. of the United States of Amer­ rainian liberation combats. Irene Czorniak. tionally and world famous Ukrainian Cultural Courses at The convention, which was ica by young Ukrainian Amer­ pianist, composer, lecturer and The Directors, of the UkrainThe judges in this popu'.arthe Ukrainian National Asso­ icans, will be in consonance held at the Ukrainian Home conductor. ian American Civic Center, ity contest were Marion Hahm, with the struggle of the Uk- on.North Franklin street, was Last spring Elva was great­ ciation Estate in Kerhonkson who are representatives of thc"~Engineer Levycky and a guest -ainian people to free them­ brought to a close with a ban­ ly honored by winning, in una-' this summer. U.N.A. Branches at 841-845 N. from Cleveland, Ohio, Nicholas selves of Soviet Russian domi­ quet held Sunday evening at Western Ave., Chicago, 111., Oleksyk. The Ukrainian Olympiad mined by competition between nation, and, at the same time the Bellevue Stratford Hotel. sponsored the Ukrainian Na­ , Assisting in the coronation Committee, sponsors of the Canada and the USA in track with the valiant efforts of thr Principal speakers at the tional Association Day on Sun­ ceremopy were Geraldine Wa­ forthcoming Ukrainian Sports and field events and in the American people to secure banquet were Admiral George day, July 18th held at the St. sylowsky, U.N.A. Queen of і Festival to be held in Nev­ team events of soccer, basket­ peace, justice and freedom Mentz, Commissioner Edward Nicholas Grove, which gave an 1948; Patricia Semerak, Queen I ™ ' city~next Summer, are ball, volleyball and softball. throughout the world." declar­ O'Connor, and Dmytro Haly­ ^ . opportunity for all U.N.A. of 1952; and the three year ^ . ^ Participation in the Olympiad ed Dr. Walter Gallan, presi­ chyn, first president of the OTTAWA (CP). — T h e Uk­ the two countries." During the next 250 years, members and friends to meet. oid Irene Czorniak, who pres­ campaign with a Sports Dance re open to members of Ukrain­ dent of the United Ukrainian UUWVA and president of the rainian farmer is no better off At this U.N.A. picnic Helen ented the 1954 Queen with gifts on October 16, 1954 at the Uk­ ian youth organizations and War Veterans of America. Ir Ukrainian National Associa­ than he was in 1917, says the the history of the Ukraine is monthly bulletin of Canadian one of increasing Russification' Horoshko was crowned U.N.A. that were donated by the Uk­ rainian National Home in New sports clubs in the USA and his address opening its third tion. In his talk Admiral Mentz External Affairs Department. and economic exploitation. The Queen of 1954 by Lorraine rainian-American Civic Center York. (See ad in this and sub­ Canada. Further information annual convention, held last But he has not forgotten his in­ result of nationalist discontent Dackiw last year's queen. Miss and the following business­ sequent issues). Music will be may be obtained by writing t o : Saturday and Sunday. Septem­ recommended the creation In supplied by the popular music Ukrainian Olympiad Commit­ ber 18 and 19, in Philadelphia. Western Europe of Ukrainian heritance, his language or his and economic pressure was the oiga Perun was the Maid of men— Mrs. Maria Bilyk — Archer makers of Jack Kulawy, and a tee, 140 Second Avenue, New emigration of vast numbers Honor. Ukrainian American youth and other nationality military faith, adds the review. , Florist, 4597 W. Archer Ave.. targe attendance is expected— York 3. N. Y. was urged by him and other units. This year, the U.S.S.R. is of Ukrainians, particularly to Mr. John Duransky — P u r e aot only by the Metropolitan It is the hope of the Com- keynote s p e a k e r s urged to Commissioner Edward O'­ celebrating the 300th anniver- Canada and the United States. The Ukrainian nationalist У the collectivization of agn- Farm Dairy Co.. 1938 W. Au­ New York-New Jersey area, mittee that the Olympiad will attend military schools, since Connor urged American sup­ aary of the Treaty of Pereya- leaders took advantage of the culture, which again struck _ gusta Blvd.; Mr. Kunio & Mr. but by Long Island, Trenton, not only be the greatest Uk- military science and training is port of the Ukrainian libera­ slav, which-united the Ukraine K Service Sta- Philadelphia, and surrounding rainian feat of its kind in this f prime importance to any na- tion movement, and read a overthrow of the Czarist re- ° 8 t severely at the Ukrainian __ to imperial Russia. 1917 to set up an in- peasant who resisted f a n a t i c - j western Ave.; Mr. areas, as well. country, but that it will be- ion, especially in these crucial telegram from Congressman "By this act one of the rich- gime m ally, and the best of whom Charlie Popp—Popp's As has been stated in previ­ come an annual sports event times when the Free World is Feighan, who was unable to j Liquor Store, 2118 W. Chicago ous issues of the Weekly, the which every Ukrainian can look y e d against Soviet Russian attend. T , ^ ^ and talented the Russian Communists took their lives from the famine : ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ • '•-• • . , Ukrainian Sports Festival—or upon with pride. From the communism and imperialism. | Talks on Ukrainian military by a numerous following on collectivization. | h i n d Sausage Co. 1009 The annual meet was at- subjects were delivered by Col. Olympiad- will be held at Ran­ scope of the program, it is people, was added to the do­ over and established the Uk­ "Then came the second w o r l d ; Ashland Ave.; Mr. & Mrs. rainian Soviet Republic Doc. dall Island Stadium during the quite obvious that the cost of tended by 36 delegates reprc- A. Waliysky. Dr. S. Ripetsky, mains of Russia, which from the Uk- ВАІІР.СЯ—Bohacz Grocery Store. war in which again weekend of July 2-3, 1955. and such an undertaking will c o m e t i ^ 14 Posts of the orga- and M. Lischinsky. then on was able to extend its 18, 1918. raine was the worst hit, and 2858 W. 18th St.; Mr. & Mrs. championships will be deter- to a staggering sum — any- nidation, whose membership Dr. Walter Gallan was elect­ ini'.uence further and further Зв Hard Years after that the reintroduction Zaplotynsky — Zapp Furniture where from $7.300 to $10.000.!— _.. - . ed president, and Dr. J. Kozak, into Europe. "The following thirty-six'of Soviet control, which meant and Appliance Store, 4755 N. The achievement of this goal Olympiad Committee's mem- Mr. Simiantsiw, nnd J. Porytyears have not been easy ones further repressions and depor- Milwaukee Avenue; Mr. & Mrs. ran American Ci-ic Center, cannot depend on private Eclipse of Poland | „ in various cities is ko, vice-presidents. the bulletin'tations. The desertions of Uk- Dare—Dark Photo Salon. 2059 wioh to extend their aporecia"It аіяо meant the beginning for the Ukraine,' tributions a l o n e - i t cannot b e ^ j ^ Chairman of the convention Irainlans in mass to the Ger- W. Chicago Ave.; Mr. Kucherstion to the businessmen for reached without the help of of the tragic eclipse of Poland says. The horrors of the civil war mans at the beginning of the — The Foreign Record Ex-.their splendid cooperation and everv Ukrainian throughout • you a re behind us by at­ was P. Oleksienko, honorary tending the Sports Dance on chairmen Gen. A. Zahrodsky ! i і!1 = !,і charge, 2219 W. Chicago Ave. [to the U.N.A. members and Mrs. Anna Wasylowsky. guests for the help received in this country' and Canada, as October 16th which will start and Gen. P. Shandruk. Secre­ і and Russia,'the Russian empire, and it lost pie proof of dissatisfaction t a r i e s were? Mr. Levitsky and Mistress of Ceremonies as well'making this part of the pre v -11. Your patronage at the і the ball rolling, w w a s n o l o n g e r able to stand heavily in material and human with Soviet rule, social affairs sponsored by the J Alice Shipka [Mr. lCiziuk. as the Directors of the Ukrain-1 gram a success. u p tottfe combined pressure of destruction. This was followed! t^Mmued on puyc

ian Congress of the Oriental frequent meetings and consulRites will be held Friday, Sat- tations. urday and Sunday, October 22H o s t s will be Archbishop 24, in Philadelphia, Pa. Bohachevsky, and Archbishop It is to be held under t h e ' J o h n F. O'Hara, C.S.C.D.D., auspices of the Ukrainian Cath- of Philadelphia. ilic Exarchate of the Byzan­ Chairman is* the Most Rev­ tine Slavonic Rite. erend Ambrose Senyshyn, O.S. "The purpose of the Eu- B.M.. D.D., Auxiliary Bishop •haristic Marian Congress is and Vicar General of the Uk­ .o glorify the Eucharistic rainian Catholic Exarchate, Jesus and through the Blessed U.S.A. Virgin Mary propitiate Him Among the participants will .'or the disdain of mankind," be members of the Catholic n the words of a special mes­ Hierarchy of the United States, sage from the Most Reverend Canada. Europe, Near East, C о n s t a n tine Bohachevsky, members of the clergy of S.T.D., Titular Archbishop of Oriental and Latin Rites, rep­ Borea and Apostolic Exarch resentatives of religious com­ for the Ukrainian Catholics of munities, delegates of societies the United States. and organizations, and the The preparations for the faithful of Latin and Oriental he Congress are going ahead Rites: Armenian, Chaldean, it full speed. Already 38 corn- Marionite, Byzantine (Ukralnmittees are intensely working ian, Melchite, Russian, Ruthenin various fields of endeavor, ian, Slovak, Hungarian, Rumaking all the preparations manian).

National Eucharistic Marian Congress HARRIMAN REGRETS THE FALL To be Held in Philadelphia OF THE UKRAINIAN NATIONAL A National Eucharistic Mar- which are necessary, having REPUBLIC

Wins Distinguished Oliver Ditson Music Award

Ohio Announces 60th Anniversary Program

Crowned U.N.A. Queen of 1954

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'Perpetuate the Military Traditions —Theme of Veterans Gathering

Olympiad Committee to Start Drive Off With Sports Dance



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Mayor Martin H. Kennelly I youngsters, amazed the crowd short while after the rally had proclaimed Sunday, September \ with their splendid baton e n d e d . . . and was truly disap­ Our manifestations—demon­ ed here on p. 1. The address Hundreds tit last year's 19th as "I Am An American twirling as they paraded. pointed that he had missed i t strations, rallies, parades, mass given at it by Averell HarriAlso in the parade represen­ Day"... "the patriotic observ­ He expressed sincere admira­ graduates are looking for their this maybe meetings — which we arrange man, Democratic candidate for UKRAINE'S 300 YEARS OF HEROIC STRUGGLE FOR ance of which is intended to tatives of St. Nicholas Ukrain­ tion of the tremendous free­ first jobsfor a fall, or job to from time to time to draw the Governor of>New York, second ian Catholic Church and S t dom loving spirit of the Uk­ looking bring home to all of our peo­ FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE ple the special significance of Sophia Orthodox Church as rainian people and said that he replace the one they didn't en­ public attention to the plight was most heartening: to those of our kinsmen under the So­ who seek to win strong friends citizenship in these times and well as many of the Branches hoped that he would have the joy. There are at present many der Moscow — Russia, Ukraine The haphazard job seeker viet yoke, or to signalize some for the Ukrainian cause among of the U.N.A. which were led opportunity to participate in awaken in us renewed appre­ countries occupied and enslaved was deprived of everything important event in Ukrainian influential Americans. ciation of the privileges and by Taras Shpikula. next year's Ukrainian celebra­ who drifts in unprepared for by Russia. The largest of them which had been set down in the Finally, the manifestations blessings we enjoy as American Ukrainians truly displayed tion of I Am An American Day. an interview is just plain lucky history, such as the 300th an­ is Ukraine, with a population Treaty of Pereyaslav. So Rus­ to get a good job, a new advice niversary of the Pereyaslav promote solidarity'among Uk­ the spirit of "I Am An Ameri­ I Am An American Day 1954 sia occupied the country, en­ citizens." of over 40 millions. Treaty, are an inseparable part rainian Americans and keep Throughout C h і c a goland, can Day", and as the parade is over... but the spirit of booklet warns. Last year and this year their slaved the Ukrainians and fi­ "Looking for a job is a job," of our Ukrainian American life. them keyed up in their efforts thousands of citizens displayed progressed one could see the Americanism and freedom has intense propaganda has been nally abolished the very name the booklet issued by the Alum­ Down through the years, be­ to support the Ukrainian cause. disseminated in the U.S.S.R. ort of Ukraine and,converted it in­ the American flag, and many Boy Scouts of Troop 63, the received new vigor in Chicago Yet the value of these mass more thousands joined in to Ukrainian PLAST, and mem­ . . . may it help keep America nae Advisory Center says. Be­ ginning back in 1916 when the the so-called Treaty of Pere- to a colony under the name of make this day a tremendous bers of many Ukrainian organi­ free . . . and may it help free sides giving advice on where to first of such manifestations rallies can be greatly enhanced, yaslav which initiated the en­ "Little Russia." look for a job and how to write was held in the Cooper Union if they were better arranged. manifestation of their faith in zations in Chicago. Ukraine. * slavement of Ukraine by Mos­ in New York, these mass gath­ In the first place, they last America. At the end of the parade, ALEX J. ZABROSKY for interviews this new job cow. Celebrations on a most But the Ukrainian nation hunter's guide lays down rules erings have been held on nu­ too long, so that the audience carrying the American and Uk­ Among the most outstanding fantastic and elaborate scale never accepted Russian domi­ for conduct during the inter­ merous occasions and in vari­ becomes restless: ' T h e length have been going on in the US­ nation and has for the last 300 celebrations of "I Am an rainian flags side by side, the ous parts of the country. of the speeches should be c u t view. American Day", which is color guard and members of SR and particularly in Ukraine years fought to throw off the There is no doubt but that outside the principaTone. There "Don't say you would be SUM A displayed the spirit that to commemorate the greatest Russian yoke. In fact, Khmel­ sponsored annually by the willing to do anything,'" it they have proved their value. is no need for some Ukrainian mistake of the Ukrainian peo­ nytsky himself spent the few Chicago Americans', was the made America free . . . and will ' (Concluded from page 1) warns. "The boas would like an They have drawn to public at­ speaker to expound at great magnificent exhibition of pa­ free Ukraine. ple — its link with Moscow remaining years of his life in Country of Contrasts idea of what your specific in­ tention that for which they length that which practically The Ukrainian rally at the forged by the Treaty of Pere- trying to recover the Ukraine's triotism displayed by Ameri­ have been arranged, especially every listener well knows. Bet­ cans of Ukrainian descent and new S t Nicholas Catholic 'The Ukraine is today one terests are. yaslav, January 18, 1654 be­ independence, as he realized "Give good reasons. Not— when the American press has ter for him to tie'up the past Ukrainian immigrants. Of the biggest and most pop­ School Hall was opened with tween the Ukrainian Hetman that he had beep completely reported them and commented with the present; and empha­ A people, descended from the the singing of the Star Span­ ulous state in Europe. But the you want to go into publishing upon them. A fine example of size what should and could be Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the tricked by the Russians, and, term 'state' must be used with because you 'like books' or do Moscow Tsar Aleksey Mikhay- instead of gaining an ally, had proud but enslaved Ukraine... gled Banner by the St. Nicholas the latter was the recent mani­ done. Better for "him to try to lovich. Even postage stamps opened the gates of his coun­ let it be known that they are Catholic Church Chorus, di- reserve since the direction of personnel work because you festation held in Buffalo, N. Y., inspire his auditors'to greater 'like people.' You might as are utilized in the Soviet pro­ try to a thief and a destroyer. truly Americans . . . believing in rected by Dmytro Evankoe. all important Ukrainian affairs and reported here last week. In efforts individually and organi­ paganda machine. A set of ten The first battle took place only liberty and hoping that some. This chorus, most of whom rests in the hands of the So­ well say you want to be a connection with it, the Buffalo zationally in the* field of Uk­ viet government in Moscow. treasurer because you like mo­ postage stamps on Ukrainian five years after the Treaty day their enslaved brethren were dressed in Ukrainian conCourier Express wrote an edit­ rainian American^ life. Let that "The Ukraine today is a ney. topics under the slogan: "The was made, when the Ukrain­ in Ukraine will also have the tumes, vividly portrayed Amer"Let the interviewer guide orial which was excellent for listener emerge from the audi­ curious contrast Cities such 300th Anniversary of the Union ians soundly defeated the Mus­ opportunity to live as free ica—for those who did not wear the conversation; don't hog it. promoting better understand­ torium not tired and listless, of Ukraine with Russia" were covites at Konotop in 1659. In men. Ukrainian costumes were dress- as Kiev and Kharkov have a "Keep your purse and glove ing of the Ukrainian problem. but fired by ambition and en­ issued in the USSRR because the Eighteenth century Het­ Approximately 25 thousand | ed in the uniforms of the Amer- standard of living which is not bn Valuable, too, are these ma­ thusiasm, very different from that of in your lap, briefcase and any Moscow understands very well man Ivan Mazepa led Ukraine people lined Chicago Avenue to »can Legion or VFW. Also, the arrangers of the packages on the floor,, instead nifestations when they have as the great importance of post­ again in her struggle against watch more than 5 thousand John Duzansky, President of Moscow. They are, in fact, be­ their principal speakers Amer­ mass rallies should make bet­ age stamps as a propaganda Muscovite domination. Fight­ Ukrainians parade on thie day. the League of Americans of coming rapidly Russified, and of piled on his desk. "Bring a resume, even if you icans of prominence, and who ter arrangements' for Ameriit seems to be a deliberate po­ instrument in the international ing, more or less severe, con­ The parade, led by Peter Shyan Ukrainian Descent who planspeak ftp for the "Ukrainian can press coverage—including arena. tinued until, in 1918, the Uk­ the Grand Marshall, was a ned and sponsored the Ukrain- licy of the Soviet leaders to have sent one in advance. "Be quick about getting cause. A fine example of this press releases—than is usual­ minimize Ukrainian national­ rainians re-established their half mile long and among its ian participation in I Am An • •-•••' was last Sunday's manifesta­ ly done. independent sovereign many participants was the Ko-'American Day, greeted the ism by confining it more to things packed up after the in­ What is really behindt the own JOSEPHINE GIBAJLO GIBBONS terview is over. Employers tion in New York City, report­ state upon democratic princi­ sowitz-Evankoe Post of t h e ' audience and said, "we must the countryside. Pereyaslav Treaty of 1654? "But in the steppe, which is have a horror of applicants By 1653, Ukraine had been ples. But Ukraine again was VFW and the Iwaschuk - Cet- unite in the spirit of Araericanoverwhelmed by the new mas­ winski Post of the American ism to combat communism and the backbone of the country, in who spread things over their at war for six years with Po­ the rich and fertile black earth desks, take a long time to col­ I build a strong A m e r i c a . . . land in an attempt to achieve ters of Moscow, Russian Bol­ Legion. area, the Ukrainian farmer lect them and then walk off independence. Being exhausted sheviks, the propagators of Highlighted in the parade; in this* way we will keep AmerSome months ago, it will be French leaders, who are as has not forgotten his inher­ with something that isn't theirs old Tsarist Russian imperial­ by that struggle the Ukrainian was the .Great Lakes Naval ica free and help free Ukraine itance, or his language, or his or leave behind something that recalled, Secretary Dulles said passionately opposed to Com­ ism. Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky Training Center Band led by from communist enslavement" faith." that this country might be munism as anyone, were looked unsuccessfully for allies, The anniversary of the Trea­ Ass't Director C i m e r a . . . gra-1 As the rally continued, the forced to make an "agonizing against the plan.' The death but in the end*.he approached ty of Pereyaslav is a day of duates of the U.S. Naval School SLAVUTA Chorus of S t Nichreappraisal" of its foreign po- of EDC was certainly a vic­ the Tsar of Moscow. deep mourning for the Ukrain­ of Music in Washington, D. C , jolas Catholic Church, directed licy, but that he hoped this tory for Communism, but, just Ultimately, representatives ians. But they will never give these bandsmen are now on a by Jurij Jarymowych, treated would not happen. Now it as certainly, it was- not achiev­ (Concluded) of Ukraine and Muecovy met up their just struggle. The two year tour of shore duty the Audience with their superb (2) has happened, and it is ob­ ed by the'CommuniBts. in Pereyaslav, from which the struggle for freedom continues after serving on the high seas singing. Value of the League Concerts Other cities have been way vious that the "agonizing re­ What has happened is that ill-fated Treaty takes its name. and the herbic Ukrainian In­ . . . and Their martial music not Mayor Martin Kennelly was 'Before entering into the ahead of us in this endeavor appraisal" is underway. U. S. leadership, of the West to prove the differences in Terms were agreed upon. In surgent Army is fighting and only inspired the paraders and scheduled to be the next speakThe crowning blow, of is no longer anywhere near a s League I had always been un­ content the Treaty of Pereya-1 dying today. The bright day ] spectators, but made us all the cr but due to circumstances be-, , ^ - ^ ^ ^ p ^ ^ m that these Eastern European Cultures to course, was France's refusal to potent as it was. In England Slav of 1654. established a de-l^rijj come when Ukraine again /more "proud of our U.S. Navy.jyond his control he was unable'lovely, .emotionally-stirring folk the* non-Ukrainian-world. join the European Defense and in Europe' there is a very The door to modern Ukrain­ Community. That to all in­ fensive alliance between Uk­ will be an independent demo-j The Bobbie Mae Baton Twir-j to arrive as planned. Mayor melodies were the limit in Uk­ real fear that we have beett raine and Moscow against Po­ cratic state. I lers, a large group of costumed J Kennelly did, however, arrive a rainian music. The League ian Art and Artists has been tents and purposes, means the too aggressive, and. that other a little more difficult to open, end of EDC—and for more land and Turkey. The Treaty policies promise a better concerts opened new worlds but I'm finally beginning to re­ than three years EDC has been guaranteed Ukraine full inde­ chance of avoiding a third to me and the tide of new ar­ cognize the Art "hiding behind a cornerstone of American pendence and non-interference world war of incalculable hor­ rivals into America enhanced the door". in her internal affairs. The Uk­ anti-Communist strategy. One ror. U. S. News & World Re­ my appreciation with a wealth The League Key hasn't kept rainian State had the right to of symphonic, chamber, choral me locked within the fence of irony here is that EDC was a port probably described the si­ carry on an independent for­ and classical music of such Ukrainian affairs. It has serv­ French concept in the first tuation accuratelywhen it said, eign policy. It remained com­ calibre that leading Symphony ed to broaden my interests in place, and that it was vigor­ "Friends and allies, of the U. S. pletely separate from Moscow: orchestras in key cities have many other nationalities, or­ ously supported by former are going in for 'peaceful co­ there was a clearly defined French Premiers, and other top existence' with Communism played it on the concert stage. ganizations and projects. boundary between Ukraine and But nationalistic whether the U. S. likes it or Our music was recorded at the Through the International In­ officials. the Tsardom of Moscow with feeling seems to be running not." To many. Americans, our history lessons we have presented to UB by Professor Carnegie Hall in New York VI stitute I became truly interest­ frontier customs. What benefits did the Uk­ learned of the great men and Manning, of Columbia Univer­ for the Voice of America to be ed in the arts and cultures of strong in France these days. this course amounts-(o possible The idea of French soldiers national suicide, for the na­ According to the Treaty of rainian cultural course bring women in the field of Ukrainian sity, and Dr. Myshuha, Editor- broadcast overseas. other nations. Tve learned how culture and of those who in-Chief of the Svoboda, great­ Pereyaslav the Moscow Tsar you at Soyuzivka? We ail know a little of Uk­ to make Czechoslovakian East­ serving along side of German tions involved. But it is being Upon my arrival at Soyuziv­ fought for their dearly cherish­ ly added to the foundation we had to send military aid to rainian history, but since the er Eggs, Dance Roumanian Ko- soldiers in a supranational advocated in high places not Ukraine to assist in the war ka and after having been en­ ed freedom and independence. acquired in the first two weeks League Key opened the door los, wrap on a Hindu Sari, Tve army is, obviously, extremely only in Europe, ,but in Japan against the Poles. But typical­ rolled in our class which is the When someone asks me what of school. Emphasis was placed to so many new friendships, I seen the intricaciee of French distasteful to the majority of and other Asian nations. ly, Moscow broke every article "kindergarden" o f the Courses, nationality I am, I will gladly on the outstanding figures in soon found that my father's lacemaking, Estonian jewelry, the French people. And of a The situation is further com­ Ukrainian history, and the of the Treaty, and, instead of a lasting impression was placed say "I am Ukrainian". native Bukovina wasn't the cen­ Lithuanian dance paterns, and resurgent Germany — a fear plicated, from our point of upon my mind. Here I have sending aid as arranged, sent Yes, these courses have giv­ problems of the Ukraine to­ ter of the universe. My imagi­ learned to eat with chopsticks. forged in two wars in which of view, by the fact that the learned not only to read, to Muscovites to occupy all key en to me, not only a material day. nation was spurred to the ex­ I've become a better American, France sustained human and sands are shifting under Ade­ write, and to speak the lan­ positions, supporting them with guage of my parents, but also wealth of learning a new lan­ The constant guidance of our tent of doing some follow-up a more tolerant American material destruction on a nauer's pro-American West troopsand fortresses, and acting I have learned a great deal guage, but also a spiritual professors, Mr. Blyznak and reading about other parts of the peoples who ghastly s c a l e •*- dominates German government As Mar­ French thinking. There is an­ quis Childs recently wrote, more and more as masters of about the history, literature, wealth of belonging to the Uk­ Mr. Kiselewsky, in the conver­ the Ukraine and I came to dis comprise this wonderous land. other irony in this—for, EDC "What comes after Adenauer, a Muscovite "province". Gradu­ and music of Ukraine. I never rainian fatherland. sation spoken inside and out­ cover the geographic and civic . . . and most of all, I've found or no EDC, it is perfectly no one will predict, except to ally, after 120 years of life un- realized before how little I Once again I would like to side of class, plus daily read­ influences on'the people's hab­ knew about the country of my say that I have benefited im­ ing and writing exercises great­ its, dress, music, culture and that people are genuinely' in­ plain that German rearma­ say that it is almost certain to terested in us as Ukrainians. ment is as certain as anything be bad, the resurgence of the heritage. A great deal has mensely from these courses ly improved our proficiency in thinking. Resulting discussionJ can be in this chaotic worldr. extreme Nationalist and former been left for me to learn, but and perhaps someday I could Ukrainian grammar, not to with my father on these»topics Key Ring Getting Quite Full these lessons have encouraged return to broaden still more mention the doors that were All these doors have the But that didn't change the Nazi forces that already have served to bring us closer to­ and stimulated me to seek out my views and interest concern­ opened to students who knew French attitude. begun to come back." League Pass-Key opened for gether somehow. more knowledge about the Uk­ ing my language. It is said that Britain could little or nothing of Ukrainian These are among .the great COAST OFFERINGS me. My Key-Ring is getting raine. Before my arrival here Beauty of Ukrainian quite f u l l . . . and I wonder how have saved EDC. But she problems with whiqh Wash­ NATALIE NESTERENKO culture and grammar. I had very little or no concep­ would not give military forces ington must now deal. A These granite ledges have the Our concerts and programs The League Pass-Key open­ many in this League have been to it even though she approv­ tion of the Ukrainian language, bright note is found in the proved that what we derived power to give and because of this. I feel I ed yet another door for me. I as fortunate as I to derive so ed the idea. It is also said VI confident determination with from these courses could be New strength when all the have greatly benefited and much. I can't tell anyone what learned the beauty of watching The minute one arrives at that French communists and which the President, Mr. reproduced in the songs, world needs strengthening: have established a founda­ flashing feet perform intricate to do to learn more about our fellow-travelers killed EDC. Soyuzivka there is a feeling and the other щеп involved dances, and orations that were The raging winds and coastal tion for further pursuit of Uk­ dance p a t t e r n s . . . feet so light culture, I can only point out But the fact remains that that here is a "bit of Ukraine." are facing them... . presented. tides they fling rainian history. that they were like the whisper the many doors that can be The beautiful mountains and These Ukrainian Cultural of wind through the grass. Our opened with just a minimum of Aside as though they were but In the elementary class, of surroundings suggest the Car­ Courses were officially initiated fugitive effort. be a course or a book on weav­ are business ventures in one which I am a member, singing pathian Mountains of our Uk­ August 2, 1954. This marks dances no longer struck me as And transient visitors blown As Ukrainians we are for­ ing and patterning of Plakh- form or another _and they plays an enjoyable part It raine. In this environment I the beginning of a new oppor­ just stomping, but as highly down to live developed techniques. was privileged to be given the tunate to have been innately tas, Kilims, belts, etc. Also, would bring more than just a Like us above these towering serves not only as a benefit of opportunity to attend the Uk­ tunity for Ukrainian Youth 'The softness and beauty of endowed with a love for all consider the feasibility of little recognition. to the per­ learning the words, but it also and I feel that the Association cliffs each spring. rainian Cultural Courses. our expressive language as things that are happy and workshops in Ukrainian dance sons who devote- their ' time has a wonderful start. Rest, too, in fullest measure brings the students closer to­ As I began to pursue my time and again come to my colorful.. .and on this basis continuing to assist and co­ and talents to th^sei, projects. gether. These courses definitely must they can bring From our classroom one is studies of Ukrainian literature, be continued to give the Uk­ rescue when one of my pa­ the League has accomplished operate with other Ukrainian The League has 'always stood When cries for rest have grown able to see the handsome scene history and geography, I found rainian youth a knowledge and tients was having language much in the line of cultural organizations such as the UCC, behind and recognised and pro­ imperative. of mountains which is "a little that the songs and dances understanding of the problems difficulty . . -and the sudden endeavor, The Arts Book and CYA, UNA and others in their moted and publicized the tal­ I lay me down upon this gran­ bit of Ukraine". This enables of the Ukraine were also inthrill of a familiar sound made scholarships to Soyuzivka are various endeavors . . . and most ents of its members. This is and sufferings of the Ukrainite boulder the world inside of the hospital realities n o w . . . and the Dance important, being available at evident in every issue of the cluded in the curriculum. This . us to visualize of what nature To breathe the kelpy air, and our heritage is and from played an important part, for ian people, in the past and to- a n OK place after all. I've Book soon will be. How about all times when we are called Trend . . •. whether It be by ~ is up to the ITW—h.1— day. It Ukrainian hear the sea found that the Ukrainian scholarships to the. local Uni­ upon by other non-Ukrainian publishing an article by or a through these songs and where it comes. youth to carry on the policy of groups to participate with them. biography of a member. Shut out the noise of war—its From our literature lessons dances one captured the true the Ukrainian democratic ideal tongue is a widely encompass­ versities and Soyuzivka for A little cultural propaganda in blaze and smolder. This may sound like an an and by Professor Blyznak, by spirit of the Ukraine. As it and here at Soyuzivka they ing one and most other Slavic non-Ukrainians to study our tongues can be understood with language and culture? How the way of personal contact for "I was failure u n t i l . . . " , And sink into the granite grad­ Dr. Myshuha and by Professor may be seen, our class periods will acquire the basis to begin fair ease, i.e., Czechoslovakian, about the possibility of sev­ does more good for the Ukrain­ but I speak as a *iery average ually. Manning of Columbia Univer­ were full of variety. with. Yugoslavian, Bulgarian, Po­ eral units on music to include ians individually and collective­ member who has done nothing Students couldn't help learn­ sity, we have learned of the From syenite veins new strength NADIA DIACHUN lish, etc. At present we are choral, folk, symphonic, cham­ ly than a pile of talk and ac­ more outstanding than join a famous Taras Shevchenko and ing about the country of their (lows into mine; planning to feature Ukrainian ber and operatic arrangements tion among ourselves alone. Ukrainian club and gain a of his great writings which heritage, for all of the topics JOIN And rest comes drifting in [as one of the languages in the to be published and used for All the above mentioned, sense of belonging and apprehave stirred national feeling of were presented in many in­ UKRAINIAN NATIONAL from the drowsy brine. Jcathedral at Wayne University. radio presentation.. .and may with the exception of the l a s t (Concluded on pttge 3) Ukrainians everywhere. From teresting ways. The lectures ASSOCIATION! WTLBERT SNOW

ЧХкхйіпе and the Pereyaslav treaty


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Impressions of the Ukrainian Summer Course at the "Soyuzivka"


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Membership in the U.N-A. is Mayor Bernard J. Berry has definitely worth the trouble of proclaimed Saturday, Septem­ completing an application. It Translated by PEBCIVAL CUNOY By STEPHEN KURLAK . - i ber 25, as Exempt Firemen's means something to be part of Day in Jersey City. The Com­ (7) j a family of 70,000 Ukrainians Stronger and larger than again by Sam Baranik after an mittee for the Convention and By evening, when the Mol­ "Then tell me first of all there will soon come a time who are organized throughout Parade reports receipt of appli­ ever before, the U.N.A. Bowl­ incomplete start last season, davians returned- home from what it is you want with me?" when all the vineyards will the United States and Canada cations from over 175 Fire ing League of the Metropolitan and a "D" team to represent work, the newe of'the arrival for the second time Tykhovych wither and die." in 500 self - administered C o m p a n i e s throughout the N.Y.-N.J. Area opened its 1954- the already strongly repres­ 6f, the "doctors" had flown all asked. "And what do you do as branches. Only dues paying State, 50 of which are accom­ 1955 bowling season with the ented Holy Name Society of over the village..',.They gath­ "We want to know why soon as you find it," asked Zam­ members can be active in the panied by bands. The route addition of four teams to its the Sts. Peter and Paul Uk­ ered in groups on the streets. you've come into our village," phir solemnly. branches; they can vote, they selected for the parade is from former roster of twelve. There rainian Catholic Church. Exasperation was everywhere said Zamphir, stepping for­ "The same as you do with can run for office, they can Lincoln Park to Roosevelt Sta­ are now eight teams in the In the Newark Division, the observable, curses and male­ ward. a scabby sheep in your flocks. campaign to be delegates to dium via Hudson County Bou­ Jersey City Division, which Ukrainian Orthodox Church dictions were heard, The old "I've been sent to inspect Even more so; we chop down the U.N.A. convention. Only levard, where it terminates at meets every Friday night at formed a second team which man muttered about sin and your vineyards to discover the vines, burn them, and then dues paying members can re­ the reviewing and j u d g e s the Bergen Square Recreation goes under the name of "Trithe end of t h e . world, the whether there is any phyl­ we inject poison into the roots ceive the Svoboda and the stand. More than 30 beautiful Center in Jersey City, and dens," while the veteran St. so that the phylloxera together younger ones blustered about loxera here." Weekly at membership rates. trophies will be awarded to the eight teams in the Newark John's Catholic War Veterans with the roots are killed off, not allowing the enemies to Only dues-paying members are "Phylloxera? What's phyl­ winners of the 12 contests. Division which rolls at the aggregation spawned a "Ju­ and in such a way we prevent enter the vineyards- and using eligible to apply for aid from loxera? What sort of a yarn Purchasers of souvenir glasses Parkway Bowling Center in nior" team. its spread into other healthy guns; the more sensible men the Indigent Fund of the U. is this?" will be given free refreshments Irvington, New Jersey. vineyards." Strove to check, .their ardcr. The results of the matches Hundreds of members in N. A. in the event of chronic The newcomers in the Jer­ "Phlloxera is a sort of plant There was a seething in the "A movement Stirred through both departments have re­ incurable illness or permanent at Roosevelt Stadium. This held last Friday, September should be the most colorful sey City division are the Uk­ Streets like boiling .water in a insect which often appears on the crowd. ceived checks for their endow­ disability. Only dues-paying parade in Jersey City's his­ rainian Blacksheep, regrouped 17th appear below. pot Zamphir xeyiled the corn, cucumbers and other "You hear! They chop down ment certificates; hundreds of members receive dividends. tory. mayor, calling him a bribe­ plants, only much smaller. It our vineyards!" Payment Life certificates have But there is even more to BOWLING RESULTS OF FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1954 lives on the roots of vines, "They burn them! They poi­ been endorsed as fully Paid- U.N.A. membership than ad­ taker because he bad permit­ JERSEY CITY DIVISION ted the commisioo, to come in­ sucks the saps out of them son the sacred soil! By what Up insurance. More and more vantages and benefits. There to the village. But matters and consequently the vine rights? Did they give us the certificates are reaching their is fraternalism and everything Sts. Peter & Paul HNS A (3) Sts. Peter & Paul HNS C (0) vineyards, did they work on maturity dates every month. it stands for. U.N.A. branch were not at all' improved by withers away." Zimowsky, P. 143 134 152 Stanis, S. 112 152 155 "Nobody here has ever seen them, toil and sweat as we have All this, the issue was none the 91 116 103 A modern mother, finding Zidiak, M. 60 109 153 Mocik, F. When a member's certifi­ affairs such as dances, picnics, clearer; the Moldavians did not it! We haven't got any of it! done? They are worried, these cate becomes payable or paid- clam bakes, stage shows, bus some difficulty in getting her Hoeskele, W. 125 140 206 Palac, T. 123 132 159 138 132 158 Know for a certainty what There are very old people still uninvited gentry, lest our vines up that member is no longer a rides, and so forth, are ex­ young son to take a spoonful Pawelko 129 214 212 Steblecki, M. 125 125 125 125 125 125 Blind Would happen to their vine­ alive who've never seen k! should be withered away! If dues-paying member and there­ amples of fraternalism in ac­ of castor oil, reminded him, Blind Totals 589 657 700 Totals 645 722 848 yards, how large W£s the fate­ Don't believe him, he's trying they wither, they wither—it's fore ів not entitled to the priv­ tion. The recent "Festyn" at "Now, Wilbur, all you have to ful stone hanging over their to fool us! It's a lie! They the will of God and you can't ileges of active membership. the Soyuzivka was a 'shining do is to keep on saying to Ukrainian Blacksheep (0) U.N.A. Branch 435 (3) heads. In the midst of a welt­ want to squeeze us for new quarrel with H i m . . . O h o ! We The U.N.A. sends every such example of fraternalism, when yourself, 'It tastes good; it Kawaczka, W. 169 200 165 Pokorny, V. 136 138 171 taxes, that's what! We know know you educated gentlemen, er of the most fantastic re­ member a letter informing him friend met friend and new tastes good,' and it won't be Blind 87 81 93 125 125 125 Poczynok, N. ports, rumors, and fictions, 'em!" the crowd roared excited­ who don't know how to earn a of this facts and, if he is eligi­ friendships were started. When hard to take at all." Baranik, S. 109 119 106 Wasylkow, P. 108 149 115 127 161 148 with which the exceed women­ ly, exasperated by the previous living with labor of your hands, ble, urges him to continue his a member pays his dues he also 125 125 125 Kurlak, S. "Mother," he cried, "I know Blind reports and rumors they had and so you invent instead this 151 169 142 folk were most unsparing, it membership by applying for a contributes to the U.N.A. Na­ a better thing to say. I'll say, Cummings, S. 159 157 188 Kolba, J. heard. Phylloxera or something to our new certificate. We are hap­ tional Fund and the Indigent 'I've already taken it; I've al­ Totals 687 726 709 Totals 609 698 669 was impossible to get ones true They hunt for py to report that an appre­ Fund; other members, less ready taken it,' and then I "I do not say that there is afflictions! bearings. Sts. Peter & Paul HNS В (3) Sts. Peter L Paul HNS C (0) phylloxera in your vineyards what nobody's ever seen, what ciable number actually do ap­ fortunate, benefit through won't need to take it at all." Stebleck, M. 132 145 167 Maday. B. Jr. 110 103 136 "We'd better ga to the doc­ for I have not yet examined nobody ever heard of. Nay! ply for and receive new certi­ these funds. That, too, is 146 142 125 Pipchick, B. 123 138 120 Hotra. J. tors!" shouted Zamphir at them. But why the old people Who's going to come into our ficates. fraternalism. The Svoboda and Jake—"Just between you unt Blind 107 129 153 125 125 125 Elynich. A. vineyards, cut them down, last. "Let's ask them straight have not observed them, as 133 184 134 125 125 Bryngil, M. Some of the members, even the Weekly, both devoted to me, Herman, vot you tink of Blind what it is they want with us." you say, the reason is that only burn and destroy God's holy though they are eligible, do serving the Ukrainian people, Lena Schnitzel?" 125 125 125 Zidiak. G. 213 176 Blind "Let's go, let's g o that's sen­ just recently the pest has been food—ah-ah! Totals 621 683 673 Totals 646 746 713 Herman—"Between you unt not apply for new certificates are outstanding in the promul­ imported into Bessarabia from • sible advice!" theirtowd agreed and so are lost to the U.N.A. gation of the U.N.A. spirit of me not so hot, Jake, but alone, Jersey City Social Club В (2) Jersey City S. 4 Л. Club A ( I ) and started off for Tykhovych's foreign parts on vine slips and The incensed crowd, inflamed as active members. A con­ fraternalism. oh poy." Chelak. S. 159 145 189 Chelak, S., Jr. 131 143 113 consequently has not yet had by its own boastings, was not quarters. nvv Don't let your membership 123 Laszck. T. 158 208 132 time to multiply to a great ex­ to be assuaged. The fiery faces, scientious branch secretary Tizio, A. 145 • A group of the Moldavians 121 132 131 First L i a r - U p where I ve rychkowski,R.187 162 142 Tizio. G. tent. But phylloxera is dan­ the enraged looks, the passion­ would make it a point to keep' ceage simply because your cer entered his room. , * 142 Chelak. S.. Sr. 144 139 128 143 gerous for your vines because ate gestures, exasperation and after these members; some tificate reached its maturity I been it was so cold that the Walczuk, S. ,; 'What do you wish, good Laszck, J. secretaries arc conscientious, 158 183 173 167 132 people?" said Tykhovych, ad­ it multiplies with dreadful stubborness—all were clearly however, while others are not. date. You have already been a milk was delivered in chunks Gnyra, J. 193 180 member 16 or 20 years, so take of ice. Rychalsky, M. rapidity, it passes from root to manifest. dressing them in Russian. 135 Realizing that the members in out a new certificate and con-1 Second Liar—Aw, that's noth-|Zazula, M. root, from vineyard to vine­ Totals 712 805 677 "We don't understand Rus­ "I do not recommend you," question may be readers of the tinue your membership. You mg. Where I was they didn't Totals 801 767 776 yard. It may cling to the spade sian!" If you have, come into said Tykhovych, pale, pro­ Weekly we are taking this need the U.N .A. and the U.N.A. need fire ladders. They'd just with the soil you heap out your NEWARK DIVISION foundly stirred, "I do not re­ means to urge them to con­ needs you. That's what makes | spill a bucket of water out of our country, then talk Moldav­ vinestocke, to the feet of feet commend you to attempt this, tinue their U.N.A. member­ fraternalism work. ian!" someone shouted from (0) Ukr.-Amerlcan Veterans (3) Tridents the window and slide down. of animals and human beings for if you won't listen to my ship. the crowd. i«*a>, Lytwyn, M.. 155 140 170 Karnlck, J. 151 130 140 v»fc. Theodore Lutwinlak who walk over the infested 346 116 341 "Have you any good ротк?")Рораса, M. *•* 138 - 330 130 Prisev, M. 138 The blood came up and flush­ s p o t and in s u c h a w a y it is good advice, you will listen to •** Sheremeta, P. 340 344 394 "Good pork? I've got some/PrychodS, A. 190 147 t h e law, w h i d r w n i n o t spare ed Tyklwycb'mtSmamit l i e -felt easily spread over all the vine­ 125 125 125 144 Blind pork that will make better Struck, P. 160 you." ashamed. "All right, I'll t a l k 125 125 125 190 Blind chicken salad than any tuna Romanyshyn.V. 167 to you in Moldavian, only I yards. Besides this, at the end "The law, the law! They, like 133 Zolto, L. don't know whether you will insect grows wings, it become a turtle crawl under its shell, fish you can buy." Bemko, B. — 163 139 understand me, for I don't flying insect, it flies from vine­ they hide behind the law; but Totals 696 640. .685 Totals 810 713 782 know much of your language." yard to vineyard and deposits Moldavian fists will know how Pa—"It's a terrible thing. I —~ "No matter, we'll under­ its eggs on the vines There­ to get the better of this shell, St. Johns C.W.V. sold my car and mortgaged U.xN.A Branch 272 (2) (1) By WILLIS E. STONE fore, if the evil is not arrested, J stand." my house and land, just to Banit, W. too!" — Popiuk, S. 181 134 107 107 107 (EDITOR'S NOTE: Willis E. Stone is author of the "Proposed • 1 W — — ! I Chymiy, A. 158 177 204 179 — 150 Salabun, W. 23rd Amendment" and President' of the American Progress send my son to the university. Tango, M. 169 116 205 And all he does there is smoke Wowchuck, P. 212 157 Foundation, Los Angeles, Cal.) 155 139 Janick, L. 138 150 180 dance and take girls out to Stasig, W. 157 167 157 Tarnow, S. 191 205 168 Rewieki, W The record of the 83rd Con­ ernment back to the business parties." 119 195 (3) gress is now history. Its sessions of protecting private property Neighbor—"Oh, so you're re­ Kalba, J. Sipsky, J. — 207 149 continue to strive for this and travel for its executives. There ended on a note of victory. The and in reducing the bureau­ gretting it, eh?" And now the summation: Totals 782 782 839 Totals 881 784 790 Pa—"You're dern tooting. I Throughout the ahove you more. I propose, for example, is no substitute for personal question before the American cratic competition with pri­ St. Johns C.W.V. Juniors (0) Ukrainian Sitch (3) that we rotate our Sports Ral­ contact in League work. No people is—which side won the vate enterprise. This is the should have gone myself!" have seen a recurring word, first time in twenty-five years 88 Chuy, P. 94 127 127 Buryk, H. "Resolution". Its 'recurrence ly areawise North, South, amount of letter writing will victory? 173 DeCarvalbo, J. 158 117 190 Involved as we are with the that we have seen such a trend. "I do hope you keep your cows Watson, J. highlights a significant fact; East and West, over a four offset it. There is a lot of 63 106 {he fact that our Resolutions year interval. This would give latent and potential League grim struggle between Ameri­ However, great opportunities in a pasture," said Mrs. Newly- Melnychuk, J. 113 188 152 Warechowski, A. 86 171 193 184 180 172 182 Samila, J. Committee at convention time us more than a year's ad­ membership waiting to be tap­ canism and socialism, it is vital for service to American prin­ wed as she paid the milkman. Komon, E. v 173 207 Hrycyshyn. S. 174 has perhaps the most import­ vantage. The more prior plan­ ped. We haven't begun to that we correctly evaluate the ciples were neglected. "Yes, madam," replied the Fera, W. Zelder, H. 128 153 Kiselyk. M. — 142 144 ant task of all—the plan for ning the League can have, the scratch the surface y e t . . . But legislative acts of the 83rd For example: In response milkman, "of course we keep Chuy, J. 91 146 191 Raroshko. P. — the next year. And with this more stability and thorough­ we've got to get out to them Congress, not only to deter­ to the demand that the plun­ them in a pasture." Totals 677 606 674 year's theme of "What the ness will result in its activity. personally and tell them what mine whether 0T not we won or dering by the Reconstruction "I'm so glad," gushed Mrs. Totals 783 886 787 (0) Penn-Jersey S. V. League CAN do for "you, past, b. In our Directory, I feel the League is and what it's lost ground in this session, but Finance Corporation be stopped Newlywed. "I have been told Kufta, J. 135 122 132 also to discover ways and the Congress aboliehed it, but that pasteurized milk is much Ukr. Orthodox Church (3) present and future"*,' you can that if we're ever going to get doing. Margarita, J. 123 146 188 Fedrow, M. 167 147 164 sec that your active participa­ one worthy of its name, about e. Along with many others, means of defeating socialism immediately surrendered to the the best." Karytko. W. 143 189 154 Molinsky, P. 168 151 170 tion at the sessions' can help a hundred times its present I have felt that I didn't get and strengthening constitu­ bureaucrats by reestablishing Scheskow8ky,N.200 172 158 Tofel. W. 115 129 204 inold ideas into conerete real­ size, we should permit free enough out of a convention tionalism in the future. the same corruption under the Doctor—Isn't your wife ad­ Porozok. D. 181 132 232 Molinsky, W. 149 73 178 ity and serve as a'guide to listings to those who have re­ and that I didn't get enough of Although the bureaucratic name of the Small Business dicted a little to loquacity, Mr. Hubka, F. 169 189 210 this Resolutions Committee. Peck? gistered with it in prior years. a chance to contribute to it. propaganda machines attempt Administration. Totals 816 828 942 Totals 734 722 848 There was a slight reduction Peck—No, she never touches c. I wish now that I had To offset this, I propose a to confuse the issues, every From a year's close associa­ tion with the League, the Pre­ called a third full scale Execu­ "commision" type of conven­ legislative enactment can be in taxes, but this was a slight a drop of anything strong. UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION LEAGUE sident becomes aware of its tive Board meeting. Again I tion. This thought will be de­ easily classified as tending to­ in taxes, but this was offset TEAM STANDINGS veloped further at the sessions. ward one of two opposing pol­ by the raising of the na­ Farmer —Hi, there! What shortcomings and of its strong want to state — that's where Jersey City Division f. One of the best and itical creeds. They either con­ tional debt limit by $6,000,000,- are you doing up in my cherry points. And he ought to pass the brains are really put to work. And the result is a bet­ easiest ways to make money form to the American Bill of 000. It seems to be a very tree? High 3 Gme Total on to others the ^benefits of Woo Lost Game High Pint Avf. Youngeter—There's a notice this experience. I' would re­ ter understanding of League is through Trend subscriptions. Rights or give support to the small reduction when we con­ 3 0 848 2215 2215 738 sider the billions of plunder down there to keep off the 1. Sts. Peter & Paul HNS "A" commend for consideration the problems and a better distribu­ You really get your two dol­ Communist Manifesto. 2. Ukrainian Blackehip, J. C. 3 0 726 2123 2123 708 for socialistic empire building grass. tion of work load. I would lars worth here. In addition, it following: (A comparison of the Bill of 3. Sts. Peter & Paul HNS "B" :\ 0 746 2105 2105 702 • a. We started off" this year even recommend four Board is the best salesman the League Rights and the Communist which has already taken 40 4. Jersey City S. & O. Team В 2 1 801 2344 2344 781 meetings per year. And we has. We print approximately Manifesto, together with a percent of the land area and with a ready convention site 5. Jersey City S. & A. Team A 1 2 805 2194 2194 731 1000 copies at each printing, digest of the legislation adopt­ 20 percent of the industrial power industry, and the refus­ 6. Sts. Peter & Paul HNS "D" ought to budget for it. and a sports Rally site. This 0 3 683 1977 1977 659 al to water down the Taft- 7. U.N.A. Branch 435. N.Y.C. d. I believe too that the so I propose that we strive to ed by the 83rd Congress, is capacity of the nation. was a tremendous time advan­ 0 3 698 1976 1976 659 On the credit side of the Hartley. Oct. 8. Sts. Peter & Paul HNS "C" tage for planning. We should budget should allow for more wind up next year with that available free on request from 0 3 700 1946 1946 649 many paid subscriptions, or the American Progress Foun­ ledger for the American peo­ On the socialist side of the \jssms»tt**ft*rfret-r-f"* Newark Division more. dation. 1540 No. Highland ple was the return of the tide- ledger is the arbitrary capture ATTENTION! |І A T T E N T I O N ! 5 1 All this League work is not Ave., Los Angeles 28. Calif.) 846 2367 4672 778 lands, the defeat of health in­ of 10 million more victims for 1. Ukr.-Amer. Vets, Newark 4 2 the result of one individual or 942 2586 4806 801 To the credit of the 83rd surance subsidies, reduction the social security thievery, the 2. Ukr. Orth. Church, Newark 4 2 881 2456 4799 799 of one group. It ів the result Congress, some valuable prog­ of agricultural subsidies, pri­ perpetuation of the housing 3. U.N.A. Br. 272, Maplewood 4 2 864 2403 4793 798 of the efforts of many.. I could ress was made in getting gov­ vate enterprise in the atomic frauds, the refusal to investi­ 4. S t John C.W.V., Newark 4 2 886 2456 4694 782 Branch -13*; Ukrainian National Association not even start to name them gate or control the unconstitu­ 5. Ukrainian Citch, Newark 6. St. Johns C.W.V. Juniors З 3 721 2030 3987 664 all. But I do wish here to per­ tional practices of* the federal is sponsoring 7. Penn-Jersey S. C , Newark 9 6 848 2304 4464 744 sonally thank our Executive corporations, and the refusal UKRAINIAN OLYMPIAD COMMITTEE at the UKRAINIAN NATIONAL HOME 8. Tridens, Newark 0 6 696 2021 3881 646 Board for all they have done. to submit the question of invites you to a 14(442 2nd Avenue, New York City It was a pleasure to work American sovereignty and in­ with them. And in particular dependence (the Bricker THE LEAGUE KEY You know, I've found, too, I would like to thank the fol­ Amendment) to the American that you only get out of some­ to be held on (Concluded from page 2) lowing: Walter Danko for his people for decision. thing only what you put into inspiration and his enthusiasm, This constitutes a muddled ciation for all things Ukrain­ i t . . . and sometimes only a Helen DUdek for the Auburn and confused record. Its only ian, the Key to which was percentage of that. But, this at UKRAINIAN NATIONAL HOME hospitality and Walter Bacad Admission $1.25 virtue lies in the fact that it given to me by subsequent organization accumulates in­ 140 — Second Avenue N e w York 3, N. Y. for lending a sympathetic ear is better than the record of any membership in the Ukrainian terest . . . it's a good investCommencement 9 PM. Music by J. SNIHUR. Music by JACK KULAWY. to my many problems. Congress in recent years, but Youth's League of North. ment. Committee 9:00 P.M. Admission $1.50 JOSEPH SMINDAK that is not enough. America. JOANNA DRAOINDA I l;..„ , , tJ+f+м * ********

For Tlie Comfflon Good

| Holders of 16 Year Endow­ ment certificates m the Juve­ nile Department of the Ukrain­ ian National Association, and holders of 20 Year Endowment and 20 Payment Life certifi­ cates in the Adult Department, should check the maturity dates. When endowment cerficates become payable they should be delivered to the branch secretary; he will send them to the Main Office for payment. Fully paid up Pay­ ment Life certificates should also go through channels; they will be returned to the mem­ bers with the Paid-Up Insur­ ance endorsement stamped in­ side.


Bigger U.N.A. Bowling League Starts Eighth Year

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THE AMERICAN WAY The 83rd Congress




Gala Fall DANCE
Saturday, October 2nd, 1954
w w



October 16, 1954


No. 185

Похмурився день дощовий. Години — рядогком у вирій. А з мармуром білим, твердим, Змагається геній. З ударів його долота Зринає симфонія ліній Гнугких. 1 кипить Ьоротьба, Змагається геній!



Любомир Гузар


1 1

2-го ! 3-го вересня ц. р. від- ній Енропі та біля 1Р0 в Авст З прихованим жалем за пройшлими феріямн, з одного бувся, 18-ft від заснованій 1922 ралії ft Південній та Північній боку, а з другого з юним бажанням пізнати тайни всесві­ і року. Звичайний Конгрес Цен- Америці, які с безпосередніми На шпальтах цісї нашої сто­ стачає. Сьогочасний запеклий . трального Союзу У':раінськоі-о членами ЦЕСУС'у: решта коло ту та здобутки людства, переступають пороги святинь знан­ ня сотки тисяч студентства світу. Між ними і український рінки появилося вже багато бій переконань вимагає акції, і Студентства. Конгрес відбувся тисячі студентів охоплені брат.™ » ">' Лондоні, і студент. ..Там", як повідомляв преса окупанта, лише коло статтей, які дуже легко мож- послідовиої,' яка пливе з глн- при участі умандатованнх де-німн . союзами ЗДА .і Канади. _ „ . . __ 50 тисяч молоді прийнято у високі школи, з того звичайно на схарактеризувати одним бнни серця. Перемагає лише легатів під правша т.ч надзви-1 останньому Конгресі витой. хто твердо вірить у свої І чайних членів ЦЕСУС'у та за брано управу ЦЕСУС'у в такоще поважна частина дітей московських вельмож, пануючих висловом: такими вас праг­ переконання і їх застосовує в ' участю представників Церкви М складі: президент — П. ДоУ в Україні. Немає змоги тут іде раз пригадувати про студійні немо. Були це міркування зде- н-и-гі і і громадських установ. На рожннський (Мюнхені, 1-й віIII можливості та академічні свободи в СССР, бо зрештою вони більша самих тільки студен­ ", • ' Конгрес наспіло поважне число це-президент В. Микуло в загальному відомі нашому студентству, але хочемо висло­ тів, ціллю яких було зверну­ Ходжу по левадах весни, віце-президент вити, з початком академічного року, нашу глибоку віру, що ти свою і інших увагу на жит­ коважимо спраЕИ душевних станов, організацій і визначних — Я. Пеленськнй (Мюнхен) Ловлю всі мелодії лісу генеральний секретар — Г. Ксукраїнський студент зуміє, крізь насаджені окупантом оку­ тєві проблеми великої ваги. переконань. Ми немов не усІ п'ю аьомат запашний марийський (Мюнхен), реф ляри, віднайти ті великі правди людського життя, правди Оцих кілька скромних рядків відомлюємо собі, що царство лиВ -програму Конгресу входи міжнародній — Г. Снципкс З Паміру . . . Тунісу... звітування та обговорен- (Лишені, реф. преси і інформа свосї нації. І при тій нагоді шлемо наш студентський салют бажаю і я присвятити нашій духа більш реальне, як цар- і ня діяльності! ЦЕСУС-у, наміШукаю п'янкого вина Е. Смалько (Мюнхен) педагогам України, шо стараються в тяжкі роки поневолен­ студентській проблематиці. ство матерії: що герої гинуть, , „ програми на майбутний | "-•• І рву таємниць занавіси. F ня зберегти українське „ я " та передати чисті знання укра­ Сьогоднішній світ згубився за принципи, а не за матері-і академічний рік, та вибір ио- ! Саляк (Мюнхен), реф. спорт-, Де ж скрилася вігна весна? їнській молоді \. засилаємо також наш палкий привіт студію­ в деталях. Великі уми витра­ лльні вартості: ЩО вкінці л ю - !| « керівних органів. 5 Під час І— Б. Ваіаак (Мюнхен), фін В Памірі... Тунісі... Конгресу працювало комісій: ючій молоді високих шкіл України. дина є людиною тільки через — номінаційна, мандатна, зов-' референт - І. Корнійчук (Мюн­ чають свою енергію на вив­ А ..тут", хоч може часом у тяжких матеріальних обста­ чення дрібних фактів, і цілий свою співучасть у царстві ду­ НІШНІХ зв'язків, фінансова і хен), голова Контрольної Комі­ К. Митровнч (Париж) винах, перед студентством відчинились широкі горизонти на­ світ, з усІМЯ проявами життя, ха. А царство духа — це цар­ внутрішньої діяльности. Кон­ сії — Товариського Суду — Ярослав Вяжницькпл голова попередив тогорічний громаджених людством знань. Тільки ввійти і з повною мо­ стараються міряти своїми об­ ство Боже, і ми — наслідннки грес Внсокошкільний Курс Літ­ А. Жуковський (Париж). ній Ук­ лодечою енергісю віддатись пізнанню їх. Бо пізнання, студії меженими мірилами. Бракує цього царства. Правдиву свою раїнознавства. Осідок централі ЦЕСУС'у бу­ та нагромадження знань, — це основне завдання студента. нам сьогодні людей, які зумі­ вартість і силу можемо осяг­ В теперішню пору ЦЕСУС о- де перенесений з Парижу до Це вложеннп чотирирічний капітал, який мас стати основою ли б усі ці факти скоордину­ нути тільки там, де справді хоплюс 290 студентів у Захід- Мюнхену. Та подія сталася так давно. досить багато. Примхливою на ціле життя. вати н зінтерпретувати, як ці­ належимо, де душа з'єднуєть­ Що ви собі її не пригадуєте, долею вирвані від своїх родин, Однак ріст студента — це не лише поглиблення знань лість. Бракує нам правдивої ся з Джерелом, де впивається гле я напевно знаю, що ви твердо змагалися, щоб в жит­ шляхом вивчення лекції, але й пізнання свосї функції в сус­ інтелігенції. Бо не можна ува­ ідеалами правди, добра і кра­ ЗАКІНЧЕННЯ КУРСІВ іро неї колись чули. ті бути повноцінною люди­ пільстві, пізнання громадської відповідальності!. Бо завтра жати за інтелігента того, хто си. Як то одного разу Моіісей ною, щоб колись чимось по­ УКРАЇНОЗНАВСТВА студент - не тільки професіонал, а громадянин, відповідаль­ вивчив медицину чи техніку, Одначе справи душі не с одним помахом звичайної, — вернути . . . . ний громадянин, потягнений якого, як інтелігента, стають але того, хто зуміє зібрати в тільки особистими справами. І йшли сігудії. Час від часу Паша автомашина, вирва - тів. Піснею „За Україну, за Гі не чародійної палиці добув зі зразком для наслідування широких кругів його спільноти. одно знання і досвід та зрозу­ Латинське прислів'я каже: шнсь з обіймів міста, мчить волю"... закінчено першу чисти­ •келі воду. ми завважували, що той чи Тому доповненням, чи радше складовою частиною студій с міти суть життя. „Добро розпряжусться". Ду­ гладкою автострадою. Дещо ну попнеу. Правда, дістати серед дикої інший наш колега не запи­ участь в університетському житті та студентському русі, де ша, немов переливається доб­ здержують ичс роботи прн бу­ Щоб не затратити Де шукати сутті життя? ром і тоді бажає' іншим уділи­ дові швидкохідної шоси Ню піднесення, пробую відхвилині: пустелі воду, в той час, коли сався на наступний семестр, студент не ТІЛЬКИ відчує та пізнає відповідальність групового профе­ де не було вдосконалень на- несподівано перервав студії. - Торонто, ось перед життя, але й дістане змогу випробувати свої спроможності Найкраще, здасться, піти до ти свого щастя. Але душу Порі: знову вільна і асфальтова сорів і курсантів одержати біль­ •иої доби, то вже мусіло бути вами Багато покинули, бо не дали ше інформації). У привітному оцінити інших, а в виміні думок і дискусії скристалізувати його джерела. Важливо знати треба наповнити. Той, хто ба­ стрічка. собі ради фінансово, а бага­ приміщенні, де відбувались лек­ саки чудо. складові частини машини, але жає бути провідником, хай на підставі вивченого знання свій погляд і світозрозуміння. З вечером вкочується наша ції, дістаю статистичні інфор­ Але вернімся в нашу дій­ т о . . . багато мусілн від'їхати Далі насуваються вдихи, чи студентська активність мас найважливіше знати її рушій­ пам'ятає, що його завдання автомашина в гостинну ..Сою- мації. Отже всіх учасників кур­ сність. до санаторій на лікування. ну силу і продуктивну ціль. — самому запалати вогнем і ЗІВКу". Зустріч з знайомими, су було 26. Більшість курсантів обмежитись лише на індивідуальному рості ? Чи студент мас Як було свого часу запля­ Часом ми діставали від них Все постає і по якомусь часі тоді запалити інших. Запалає реєстрацій. Сходимо на вечерю. — студенти високих шкіл. З ог­ лишитись тільки спостерігачем проиннальних процесів, чи Саме святочно засідають до мовано акцію в справі Сту- іисти, але довго над тим не стати його частиною і носісм шляхетних ідеалів? Це питан­ пропадає — це знас кожна сам, коли у власному серці прощальної вечері курсанти ляду на нерівність знання, зай­ няття проводились в 2-х групах чентського Фонду, то ніхто на застановлялися. Навіть я к ня особливо важне сьогодні, коли всіма способами іде наступ дитина; але збагнути, чому перейметься правдою; пере­ українознавства. Починаються Одна група складалась виключ­ правду не думав робити чу- тих випадків було зачасто, що на християнську цивілізацію, це особливо важне для укра­ світ існує, чому постав і куди дасть іншим святий вогонь, промови, побажання і. як зви­ но з тут роджених з другого і третього покоління. За час курсу ;а. Цю акцію потрактовано більше, навіть, я к хтось вми­ їнської студіюючої молоді в час, Коли на всіх відтинках ворог прямує — це вже наше зав­ коли своїми ділами переконає чайно. — многая літа... По тій офіційній частіші, як відбулось в кожній групі по 100 ік звичайну, яка с завжди на рав з голоду і виснаження — світ, що єдиною правдою є старається зниіцитй'українську спадщину і тисячолітнє над­ дання. годин навчання, з того 40 наука ці справи поминулося мовчан­ Бог, — альфа і омега існуван­ довідуймось, мас. відбутись роз­ про мову: розмови: 40 — істо­ •гісці у всіх культурних наро­ бання; коли іде пристрасний натиск, особливо на душу мо­ По глибшій надумі кожний дача свідоцтв та перша части­ дів Бо ж чи не читалося і не кою. Щ е так не було, щоб ня. лодої людини. з нас признає, що джерелом на погійсу; друга і остання від­ рія, географія, література, мис­ •гатасться у різних наших ви- якось не б у л о . . . А він — завтрішній проНід- будеться щойно наступного тецтво України. 20 позашкільні іаниях в честь нашої молод'., На ці питання мусить бути ясна відповідь українського буття і діяння є Бог. Ми ж це зайняття. Крім того, самодіяль­ Студентський Фонд часово руху в ЗЛА, як з рації України, що стоїть у визвольній бо­ всі знаємо. Але життя пока- ' н и к - це сьогоднішній сту- дня. на В приймальні, де мас. відбу­ під проба співу (хор І квартет) молодої думіючої — нашогі мужніс, але якщо ви думаєте, ротьбі, -пік і з рації З'сдннених Держав Америки, нації, що зало, що самого знання не ви- лент. проводом курсантів Ю. Шу­ ггудентства* ватись офіційна частина, до­ що він вже' вможе задоволь­ Е. Барабаш, та націо­ стоїть у п'юводі оборони християнської цивілізації. сить гамірно. Крім ваіигційннх гана й танки під проводом Оле­ „Ви — цвіт Нації! Ви — нити потреби студіюючої мо­ Студентський рух дістав добрі заложення і в коротко­ гостеа, займають місця батьки нальні ?іль еміграції: 3 вас мусять лоді, то ви хіба не будете чес­ курсантів... Хтось підсувас сто­ ни Демндчук. му відносно ч а л зумів здобути для себе належне місце. З З ШИТТЯ УКРАЇНСЬКОГО лик 1 д-р К. Кисілевськнй від­ На закінчення одержую де тнростн майбутні провідники! ні з собою; Його організовано початком академічного року активізується студентська ді­ криває закінчення однемісячно- перегляду вправи, записані кур- Ви наші майбутні неослореві на те.'щоб дати нашим стуСТУДЕНТСТВА яльність, і тому пригндусмо про потребу скріплення, роабу* го їсуреу у'граіяояияїитва'." ana-1 сайтами враження а курсів авторитети! Ви мусите здобу- цеитям можливість Поступу довн та дальшого оформлення студентського руху в ЗДА, • " [ штоп«ш-го УНС-м, прн співпра-1 Найкраще характеризує їх одно пати знання, щоб пізніше гід•до високих шкіл, гпоб кон­ • В українській Інпалідськія бібліотеці на 10-ій вулиці в. Ню | ЛУМПА. курсантка, заявляючи, що піз що можна зробити лише активно включившися в зоргані­ оселі „Садегорст" в Англії від­ Парку, відбудеться „Тиждень | j прощальних промовах І навшн великі культурні надбан- JO стати на службі Нації! Мч структивна студентська мо­ зовані форми студентського життя. бувся в днях від 23-31 серпня української книжки" та мис-' вн::лада*:і д-п К Кисілевськнй І ня українського народу, буде з укладемо вс«х зусиль, щоЛ ц. р. 3-ий Внсокошкільний Літ­ тецька вистава, яку влаштовує І прзф. I. Близнак. висловлю­ гордістю казати всім, що вона зам дати поьп> підтримку! лоть могла вчптися в людсь­ ких умовинах/ н наражаючи ній курс українознавства, зои- Об'єднання Українських Мист- j ють СВГС ЗаТОВОЛеННЛ З ПИЛЬ­ — Яграінського роду. Вп — наша зміна!" свого S I O O V H . Щоб ми біль­ ••;• візований ЦЕСУС-ом та ців. На виставі будуть пред­ НОСТІ! і упічів учнів та закли­ Спішу до „Веселки", щоб. під Писалося, говорило™ мрія­ ше не потребупя *п відвідува­ оформлений делеґатурою УВУ ставлені також праиі студентів кають :ч далі поглиблюватії вд- звуки патефоновнх платівок на Францію. В курсі взяло у- мистецтва, зорганізованн:: в буті знання. Так само ft п. Д. почути дещЬ від курсантів. ли про те Мойсеї е м і г р а ц і ї . . . ти Diamix сяіттопій, щоб там О К конгресі ЮСНСА взяли лася з студійної подорожі з часть 36 студентів. Шість про­ Товаристві Українських Студеи-' Галичий у своєму сповнено­ Минув рік, два і ті, які не­ І му задоволенням прощальному участь від СУСТА пп. М. Поч- Ивропн. В наступному числі фесорів разом дали 29 годин тів Мистецтва. Тут без статистики. Загальне правду хотіли вчитися, опи­ ЯР мали кого піпнідувоти! тар і В. ПЛЮЙІСО. Президент Со­ „Студентського Слова" вона по­ зн::ладів і 11 годин семінарів Р»гато n^arri в Я ожили оп• Українська Студенте*м*а слові. стрерд- 'лс на підставі задоволення. Більшість стара­ юзу, п. С Кульчнцька, третій ділиться з нашими читачами на загальну тему — „Актуаль­ Громада в Гартфорді конАитприсутносте па годи­ лась якнайбільше скористатн. нилися в учбових закладах. гянізаторл Фгін"^'. Члени прочлен делегації, як повідомлено своїми враженнями з подорожі. ні пр^леми української ДІЙ­ рус. свою діяльність на Інфор­ свосїкінцевих іспитів, -1-х прове­ хоч шкода, що на деяких лек­ Про тих, які називають себе чо**іч cTv?rtj»TcbKHX установ і нах що в попередньому числі, не могла мування американських студен­ дений курс був вдалим. • Управа СУСТА вислала СНОСТІ! ". ціях, натискаючи на мову, про­ студентами, тут нема мови. поопичокІ колеги пожертвува­ і взяти участи, з причини пере­ письмове привітання на Чет­ • IS вересня ц. р відбулась тів про Україну. фесори примушували тих. що Після роздачі свідоцтв гочи- не добре говорять, радше мов­ Вони й далі будуть тими віч­ ли Лагр^о СРОГО дорогого чпобтяження працею в УКК. В вертий Річний З'їзд Білорусь­ н залі Народного Дому в Ню В липні Студентська Громззв'язку з КОМІСІЄЮ Керстена та кого Студентства в ЗДА, що Норку студентська забава, зор­ да Гартфорду, перевела льоте- насться виступ студентів. Із чати, як сказати просто „це ними студентами. Згодом час­ cv і енергії, яле бет повної через участь як представниці відбувся дня 4-го вересня ц. р. ганізована Управою УСГ Ню рію н і союзовому пікніку "на зворушенням слухали батьки знаю". Це і подібні стверджен­ тину з них перестане бавити ПІДТРИМЧ'Н ' гтюм.ттянстяа не УКІС ні конвенції Ліги Молоді В Ню Брунсвік. Н. Дж. Порк. на якій витупав студент ціль Українського Студентсько- дечлямаЦії перлин української ня — говорять, що при органі­ незаслужеиа назва студента, мо*"ня бпггто зробити. ПравПівнічної Америки. в Як повідомлено Управу ськнй квартет. Дохід з забави , го Фонду. Дохід в сумі 90 дол. літератури та співи українських зуванні подібних курсів — на Щодо фінансів делегації, то СУСТА, в скорому часі УСФ бу­ ірнзначено на Український Сту­ переслано на призначену ціль, пісень, виконані хором курсан- це треба звернути увагу', заінте і вони відійдуть на епос при­ "л г. багато опикипк і установ, вони складались з дотацій УК- де приймати вписн студентів на дентський Фонд. ресовуючн курсантів україно­ значене місце, до варстатів і які зро-.уміли fiarv фонду і на Комітсту. частини видавничого стипендії. • Управа Студентського знавством та українською проб­ станків — там, де можуть ділі докаїали спою співпра­ • Пригадусмо. щоб в якнай­ Клюбу прн Колумбійському РІК І. фонду УАСТ ім. А. Коцка та — СТУДЕНТСЬКЕ СЛОВО — Ч. 10. лематикою взагалі. дійсно себе проявити. Деякі з цю, але досить поважна решскорішому часі всі залеглі роз­ університеті розіслала до пре­ Статті, підписані повним ім'ям і прізвищем, чи тільки ініціяламн, власних засобів делегатів. Як довідуюсь від курсантів, • Вийшов з друку і розсила­ числились зі збірок на УСФ. як си І різних товариств заклик не конечно висловлюють погляди Управи СУСТА, чи Редакції. ВКГНВЯЯХ в молодечому ЖИТТІ. них і надалі залишаться „віч­ -v вичікус. шо з того вийде. ними". Кожна нація мас свій СУПІЛЬСТ-О очікус чклячу на­ ється ..Інформатор СУСТА" в також зі значків „Голод на Ук­ вписуватися на українознавчі I ЛІГа Української Молоді П. А. боляк, часом і в порядній ро­ англійській мові В „Інформа раїні" РеДаґус Колегій з рамеин Пресової Комісії СУСТА. курси Колумбійського універсн шої праці, але. кпім слідку­ не тільки що ініціювала ці кур­ Гол. редактор; Володимир Стойко. торі" зібрані в короткій формі І Прн тому редакція „Ст. Сло- тету. При цьому подано докладвання, повинно нам дати та­ си, але й признала 9 стипендій дині хтось виломиться. всі найважливіші дані про сту-1 ва" повідомляс. читачів, що як ний розклад програми українона ту ціль. Тут мова про тих, які покін­ кож свою піддержку у наших дентське життя в ЗДА, включ-, тільки Український Студентсь- знавчих курсів, STUDENT'S WORD чили тут сеердні школи і піш­ змаганнях!. но з адресарем. І кий Фонд одержить всі листи. • Почавши з 25-го того міРанком оглядаємо ще „Сою- ли до університету. Мова про Editor: Voiodymyr Stoyko • Генеральний секретар СУ- ми подамо підсумок збіркової' счпя. з нагоди поширення укСвого часУ-Мопсей зробив зівку". Вражас елегантність і 328 East 14th Street. New York City. СТА. О. Ковальська, поверну- кампанії на УСФ. раїнського відділу в публічній тих, які, осягнувши певні ма- чудо в пустелі, а ми,,тут. ма­ вміле вдержання. теріяльні засоби, опанувавши ючи стільки' піпних ппочіпниКурсанти приготовляються до останніх виступів — декляма- мовні труднощі, пішли знову ків і політично зріле СУСПІЛЬ­ тудентськими о р г а н ізаціями часно чотири комісії, що розпо­ ПІДКОМІСІЙ, розглядала такі пи­ цій, співів, танків. В „Веселці" продовжувати чи кінчати свої СТВО, не можемо поставити ЗДА, діяльність яких не супе­ ділялись на 22 підкомісії. 20 ре­ тання : ідуть приготування декорацій студії. А цих останніх було Фонд на належній в и с о т і ! . . речить законам конституції дер­ гіональних груп 1 національний 11 Система студентської ре­ до сценки з „Лісової Пісні", що жави, та потребу розбудови сту­ екзекутивний комітет, який роз­ презентації, виборів і номінації. її також відограють курсанти. (На підставі інформація та матеріалів делегації СУСТА) дентського культурного життя почав свою працю щонайменше 21 Внутрішня чи організа­ Та нам потрібно виїжджати . . . УЧАСТЬ ПРЕДСТАВНИКІВ до схвалення резолюцій про об­ прн університетах. Створено пе­ за тиждень перед початком ційна структура та адміністру­ Минасмо групу студентів, які мін студентів між Америкою і редумови співпраці обох союзів Конгресу І продовжував ще вання. несуть зелень для прикраси УКРАЇНСЬКОГО СТУДЕНТ­ СССР. Однак, щоб підсумувати і вказано на потребу активного тиждень після його закінчення . . . а я піду в сад вишневий . . . " Зі Фінанси 1 бюджет. СТВА. осягн -української студентської контрудару по пропаганді ІМЮ Кожний Із делегатів був не ли­ 4) Студентське життя, відно­ — ко В тогорічнім Національнім делегації, потрібно накреслити, fiUS) з Праги та взагалі брех­ ше прикріплений до свосї регі­ шення до професури та сту­ Студентськім Конгресі Амери­ які завдання ставила собі деле­ ливих совстських студентських ональної групи, але також до дентські публікації. ки, який тривав від 22 до 31 гація. В першу чергу — заре- іублікаціях. Внесено також про­ одної з 4-х комісій. Завданням 5) Відношення до інших (ре­ серпня ц. р . взяли участь пред­ презентуватн СУСТА, як пірі- позицію, щоб свято Крут — ви­ підкомісії було не ливіе вине­ лігійних, суспільних ЧИ ПОЛІ­ міжнародних студентських по­ сення певних резолюцій через ТИЧНИХ І студентських груп в їздок І Т. П.). ставники українського студент­ нера ЧИ студентський чинник, знано Студентським Днем. комісію на пленарне засідання унічерситеті. ства. Делегатами від СУСТА що заслуговує на увагу такої 5) Інформаційна програма та були: М. Почтар (Нюарк Ка- ~ильної студентської організа­ ня,Делегація робила всі старая- (деякі не мали взагалі ні од Друга комісія, що складалась в) Програма власно від но­ щоб добитись ледж оф Інжінірінґ) та Б. ції як ЮСНСА; поінформувати рівного партнера визнання, як ноі), але в першу чергу доклад­ 3 7-х підкомісій, зосереджувала шення. еміграційних Плюнко (Кейс Інститут оф тех- про стремління українського союзів, а зокрема ЦЕСУС, од­ но познайомитись з тими пи­ свою працю над проблемою — Четверта комісій, що розподі­ нолоджі — Клівленді. В друго­ студентського руху: познайоми­ нак з різних причин ці заходи таннями, для яких дана підко­ „Роля студентів в університет­ лялась иа 4 підкомісії, тастамісія була покликана. Матерія- ському житті" з такими підко­ му дні Конгресу М. Почтар, пер­ тись з діяльністю ЮСНСА то не увінчались успіхом. новлялось над питанням — „Ро­ ли, пляни праці тощо для комі­ місіями: ший віце-президент С У С Т А нав'язати особисті ft офіційні ля студентства поза універси­ ЗЛОЖИВ привіт від українсько­ зв'язки з чільними представни­ ПРОБЛЕМАТИКА КОНГРЕСУ сії І підкомісії були майже до 11 студен­ подробиць розроблені і підгото­ там*!,Відношення поміжадмініст­ тетом", за таким поділом: ками ЮСНСА, що в висліді да­ го студентства Америки та де­ професурою та 1> Відношення студента до Наші інформації були б дуже вані ще до Конгресу Націо­ рацією. кларацію СУСТА, яка з'ясову­ ло б тісну співпрацю обох сою­ не повні, коли б не зазнайомле­ нальним Екзекутивним Коміте­ вала становище українського зів. 2і Студент та його навчання. етейтового І федерального уря­ том 1 ним покликанзю Підго­ ду (потреба активного зацікав­ студентства Америки до різних Зі Право студента на знання Підсумовуючи успіхи делега­ но студентський загал хоч в за­ товчою Комісією Конгресу. Во­ лення державним життям, полі­ з проблематикою в н у т р і шньо - американських, ції, треба ствердити, що докла­ гальному і вільне користування ним. тикою уряду, військовий виш­ міжнародних та українських дено всіх старань для найкра­ Конгресу, а особливо не зверне­ ни також призначили керівни­ 4 І Студентство і спорт. ків чи голов поодиноких підко­ студентських проблем. щого зарепрезентування укра-, но уваги на ті моменти, які слід місій і комісій з-поміж активні­ 51 Роля університетської сту­ кіл, фінансування урядом висо­ ких шкіл, допомога ветеранам мати на увазі прн організуванні ших 1 досвідчених у певних ді­ дентської преси. Від ЦЕСУС вітав Конгрес Д. їнського студентства; в деісляПілецькнй. якай з другим упов­ рації СУСТА, активною участю з'їздів українським студент­ лянках студентів та подбали в) Студентська дисципліна. І т. п.). новаженим ЦЕСУС І. Каме- в працях комісій, груп і т. н, ством ЗДА. 2) Відношення до Інших аме­ 71 Права і відповідальність про допоміжні сили із старшою риканських і національних та нецьким покинули Конгрес в своїми виступами, через англо­ студента. Конгрес радше нагадував ви- громадянства. інтернаціональних організацій. дні 24 ц. м Після їхнього виїз­ мовні видання УКК, Кварталь- сокошкільні літні курси чи ко­ Третя комісія, застановля­ ду делегати СУСТА піддержа­ ннка УАСТ ім. А. Коцка та ін­ роткотривалий семінар; він був 3) Виміна Інформації і осіб Регіональні групи збнралиоь лась над справою — „Програма ли пропозицію ЦЕСУС про ра­ форматора СУСТА і через осо­ форумом для обміну думок і вечорами, після денних засі­ студентських управ", і поділя­ студентів. бисті зв'язки інформовано учас­ досвіду, ознайомлення Із акту­ дань, для обговорення минулої лась" на шісчь підкомісій: діомовлення ІОНґ'НА для сту­ 4) Відношення до чужинець­ дентства поза залізною курти­ ників Конгресу про український альними проблемами сучасної праці всіх комісій та (прав, що 1) програма студентської еко­ ких студентських союзів за кордоном, закордонна програ­ ною. Хоч з уваги на (тановнще студентський рух, про визволь­ американської студентської мо­ мають відношення до даної те- номіки фінансів. представників студентських со­ ні змагання українського наро­ лоді і підготовн до кращого ве­ риторіяльноі групи. 21 Програма студентської до­ ма, міжнародні студентські ім­ юзів Азії та Бвропи ця пропо­ ду, а далі знайомлено з сояст- дення праці в поодиноких уні­ Усіми пленарними сесіями помоги (приміщення, забезпе­ прези чи зустрічі, дослідження зиція не була схвалена, цілий ського дійсністю, з браком ака­ верситетах. Він далекий від на­ проводили члени уступаючого чення, професійні поради, роз­ академічних свобід і т. п. Треба підкреслити, що най­ вечір 24-го пройшов під знаком демічних та особистих свобід шого розуміння конгресу як екзекутивного комітету або ним ваги і т. п.). тощо. Українська делегація з'їзду делегатів для вислухан­ покликані провідники регіо­ „української пропозиції". 2) Програма вишколу сту­ більш цікаві і часто емоційні дискусії відбувались в 4-ій ко­ Українська делегація, зараз спричинилась до того, що в ре­ ня звітів уступаючих І вибор; нальних груп, згідно з прийня­ дентських провідників. по прибутті, включилася п пра­ золюціях засуджено Інтерна­ нових керівних органів та схва­ тим на першому засіданні пра­ 4і Університетська міжна­ місії та II підкомісіях. Більшість Студентську цю комісій, підкомісій та пле­ ціональну нею та обмін Юнію, лення більшого чи меншого вильником Конгресу, аж до ви­ родна програма (розуміння між­ учасників були студенти, що зв'язки з народних ГГробдеМ ' зовнішньої брали участь в Міжнародному нарних сесій, на яких В Плюй- тами між університетамистуден­ числа резолюції І постанов без бору нових керівних органів. ЗДА належної застанови над можли­ ко працював в комісії для Перша комісія т. зв, ..Адмі­ діяльности ЮСНСА. інтеграція Семінарі в Кембриджі, який а далі ре­ справ міжнародного обміну сту­ та СССР. потребуухвалено вміж востями їх здійснення, ністрація студентського прав- чужинецьких стулентів в уні- відбувся напередодні Конгресу, співпраці дентів, старючись не допустити золюціях Під час Конгресу діяли рівно-, ління", що поділялась ка п'ять ссрсіїтетсі. пгття, підготовл,' та чужинецькі представники. Хочеться піти 1 жаль покинути . . .
u f, H,l ; v С У Б в Н а o c i G 1С1ІН н х


В екстазі надхненний мистгць — Останній ще дотик магігний: Приходить невловний кінець, • Усміхнений вігно. Дихнула жага вогняна, В цілунку — жадання одвігге. Це втілилась в мармур весна, Усміхнена, вігна.




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