EXT. CITY BLOCK - NIGHT Late night, quiet block downtown.

IRENE, 28, exits one of the buildings with a large bag slung over her shoulder, phone to ear. IRENE Yeah, I'm leaving right now. INTERCUT: INT. APARTMENT LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Small, thrifty apartment. Sitting on the couch, REGINA, 27, is on the other end of the phone. REGINA Alright. Be careful, girl. I heard a story from Linda from one of her friends, like three blocks from your shop, there was some kinda mugging or some shit. IRENE Yeah, real helpful. I'll be sure to look out for some kinda muggers or some shit. REGINA I'm serious girl, watch your back. IRENE I got my pepper spray, I'll be fine. Worst comes to worst I can just beat his ass up with my bag. Irene turns the corner and heads up the street--only a few pedestrians, none close by. REGINA When you gonna quit that broke ass job anyway? IRENE You got any better options? REGINA Shit, I don't know, you heard back from that wedding photography joint yet? IRENE Not yet, but they said I'll hear back within nine days, and it's only been a week.

2. Regina pours a glass of wine. REGINA Alright. I wanna know about that, cuz your pregnant ass doesn't need to be delivering pizzas at three in the goddamn morning every damn day. IRENE I couldn't agree more. REGINA You need to be out taking pretty ass pictures of people getting married! IRENE I'm more of an expressionist. REGINA Goddamn, girl, you know what I mean! IRENE Yeah, I know. Phone BEEPS. IRENE (CONT'D) Oh, shit, hold on-She looks at the phone in disbelief. IRENE (CONT'D) Jesus Christ, Travis calling me. REGINA Travis? Wasn't that that clingy as fuck dude? IRENE The taxi driver. Oooh, shit! he want? No idea... REGINA You gonna answer? Yeah. IRENE Hang on, stay on the line. REGINA He was weird! IRENE What's

3. REGINA Mmhm. END INTERCUT. Irene presses a button and holds the phone to her ear--the bag slips down her arm and she attempts to readjust. IRENE Ah, shit, hang on. She turns on the speakerphone as she pulls the bag strap up her arm. TRAVIS Hey baby. IRENE What do you want? TRAVIS How was work? IRENE I didn't work tonight. TRAVIS Well then why are you outside? IRENE I went for a walk. you want? Travis, what do

She glances around in paranoia, speeds up her pace and grips her bag tighter. TRAVIS Just to talk. IRENE What, then? TRAVIS Can I see you? IRENE No. TRAVIS I want to talk to my son, Irene. IRENE Goddamn it, Travis, it's not yours.

4. TRAVIS I know you're just saying that. You wouldn't hurt me like that. You're just afraid to take me back. IRENE Travis! We aren't dating! You need to get over it. I'm not just saying it, I'm not afraid-TRAVIS Well you should be! She stops walking--silence, only a few CITY NOISES in the distance. IRENE Travis. She looks around, a bit nervous. IRENE (CONT'D) Okay, no. No, Travis. I'm not doing this right now. Go fuck yourself. Lose this number or I will call the cops. DISCONNECT. IRENE (CONT'D) Jesus Christ! She speedwalks to the next corner, making sure to stay under the streetlights. The crossing light is red. She anxiously looks both ways and steps into the street--a CAR approaches on the left side. She steps back onto the curb. The engine REVS and the car, a taxi, mounts the curb, speeding toward Irene. She dives out of the way-The wheel lands on her leg and it breaks. pain. She screams in

The door opens and Travis steps out, armed with a cleaver and a 44 magnum. TRAVIS Hey, baby. She screams.

5. TRAVIS (CONT'D) I miss you. (beat) Oh, god, the color on your jacket's fading. It was so much brighter when we were together. He raises the cleaver and brings it down-Irene's phone CLATTERS into the pavement. "CALL WITH: REGINA" "2:21" and counting. On the screen:

TRAVIS (O.S.) (CONT'D) I'll take you home. Off screen: Irene screams, punctuated by the car door shutting. The engine starts and the car drives away.

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