Tuesday, August 27th 2013 Reported by: Bro. Darrell W. Jenkins Junior Warden of Falcon Lodge No. 6 Worthy Brother/ Regular Grand Lodge of Maryland

The Regular Grand Lodge of Maryland (RGLMD) Regularizes Melvin Garrison, Sr. Regular Grand Lodge of New Jersey (MGSRGLNJ)
(Baltimore, MD) Once again history is and was being made on Saturday, 24th of August 2013 (6013). Once again, another corner-stone, flanked by cobble-stones and surrounded by ashlars of a finer quality of King Solomon's Temple has been sat and cemented into place via the cable-tow of Brotherly Love, Relief and Fraternal Understanding. Once again, another caravan of craving and traveling Brothers this time from the State of New Jersey journeyed south down I-95 to the Great State of Maryland, the hub of Ancient Craft Freemasonry here in America for Regularization (Healing) in this Ancient Craft Rite. The Regular Grand Lodge of Maryland, Most Worshipful Brother Carlton S. Brigham, Grand Master, has been the catalyst and responsible for bringing yet another Grand Lodge into the Bee Hive of Ancient Craft Masonry, the second (2nd) in as many months. The Garden State's, Melvin Garrison, Sr. Grand Lodge of New Jersey, Most Worshipful Brother Michael Hurst, Grand Master; now becoming and known as the Melvin Garrison, Sr. Regular Grand Lodge of New Jersey with Brethren representing three (3) Lodges they being: New Hope Lodge No. 2, King Solomon's Light No. 3 and Brothers of the East Lodge No. 4, in fact, quite a contingent lead by G. M. Hurst who had implanted within the conscious and enquiring minds and hearts of yearning of his Brethren the noble seeds of growth and determination, discovery and rebirth, hence becoming New Beings (Nubians) of a even more Perfect Ashlar! !!!MAN KNOWS NOT THE DESIGN ON THE TRESTLE-BOARD OF THE GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE!!! We, the Regular Grand Lodge of Maryland and on behalf of Ancient Craft Freemasonry in America, are pleased to welcome the Melvin Garrison, Sr. Regular Grand Lodge of New Jersey into the sphere of an organic, living, thriving, bustling, different, flowing and dynamic Brotherhood!