The Love of My Life- My Wife

'Let the years pass, the months and the days, My Love for you grows stronger and develops in new ways' ‘From the Birth of our Love - (we can not remember), onwards pass the time we will change our physical bodies.' ' Our Love is and can only be, a Gift, a precious gift from God, to shine His Love to ourselves and the World to see' ‘I LOVE YOU MY WIFE, the Defender/Protector of my Heart, Flesh from My Flesh, Bone from My Bone, ……..I …..LOVE……YOU’ As for me and My House we shall serve the Lord. In God we Trust, we shall fear no evil for no weapons formed against us shall prosper. Love you Both deeply and care for you more, My wife is like water that nourishes me to Live My wife is a Fountain that bubbles me with joy, My wife is a Flower that colours my days till I open my eyes no more My wife, My Life, My wife, We Began our Journey Together and are walking Hand in Hand With a princess we imprint our Life in and a Prince that’s Yet to Come, I love them all so dearly My wife, my daughter and son My Queen, my Princess and Hopefully the Prince in a Womb yet to see Light.
-^J^ DEE

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