What is this? The following few pages will outline my signature requirement in all its aspects. I know there are other more traditional signature requirements that would require less authority to perform, but this is different. I’ve got big plans. Apocalypse is a game I invented myself which was inspired by reality game shows, manga, comics, movies, TV shows and most obviously, zombies. Objective: The candidates objective is to try to get my signature for their binders, but in order to do so, they need to survive until the end of the given time limit. In accordance with traditional zombie movies and games, candidates will be allowed to use one of the following (depending on the approval of the dean of students): either a foam sword, or a nerf gun. Each of these “weapons” will have a unique set of rules I will cover next. Nerf Swords: First of all, I realize that there are going to be candidates who love the whole “ninja vs zombie” concept. (They made a game on it. Lol) So this is why I saw to it that swords would be incorporated into this set of rules. Secondly, I know how easy it is to go out of control with a nerf sword, (I’m in the previously stated group of kids.) so I am making it a rule that a person with a sword can only kill 1 zombie every 30 seconds. A sword user “kills” a zombie by simply tapping them anywhere on the chest or head. Nerf Guns: Guns are the iconic weapons of the zombie apocalypse, that’s why these guns are here. All of the bullets for these guns are foam darts, so we really don’t need to worry about any paramedics here, obviously, but nerf gun users are often advised to wear eye protection. I’ve gotten hit in the eye with a Velcro nerf dart- it doesn’t hurt. It’s just enough to make you say “Gah! Oh, darn it…I have a hole in my head.” That’s up to you though, whether or not to take my word for it. Zombies are quite obviously killed by getting shot…anywhere. These are special anti-zombie-materielfoam-nerf-darts…very fancy stuff. At the beginning of the game, gunners start with 6 bullets each. Once a bullet has been shot, they cannot simply go retrieve it. There are special rules for such occurrences, as I will explain later in the zombies section. The only ammo candidates can carry is as much as will fit in the gun. This means you can’t hold ammo if you’re a swordsman, and you cannot hold ammo in your pockets. Candidates can only wield one of either weapon. No bad-A dual wielding today I’m afraid. ************Candidates are not allowed to shoot non-affiliated civilians. Ever.********************

They don’t even get to play as a zombie. their location will be relayed to the zombies every half hour. There are three types of zombie: 1. with the ability to gain 1 with each completed mission. Zombies: Zombies are comprised entirely of actives who wish to participate. . Other people from ROTC can be invited to participate as well as zombies. They’ll have a set amount of charges which will nullify an instance of infection. Each medic team will carry something. After each team is decided. Their job is to try to infect as many candidates as possible by tagging them on any part of their body (discretion advised…please!) They don’t need to act like zombies. This means they will essentially never run out of ammo. Bait: As the name suggests…it sucks to be these guys. I sure hope they’ve been pushing themselves at PT. but I’ll keep track. The Survivors: Survivors (candidates) will be placed in teams of four. determine which team is assigned which role: Roles: 1. The teams are decided depending on whom each candidate decided to pair up with and by which pair I pair that pair with. Not only will they not have any special equipment. I will. They’ll be running at you. They have supplies to prevent a person from succumbing to the zombie virus. the ammo carrier will carry all the extra ammo. The first and most common zombie will be the ones out on the field: Creepers.Any candidate that fails to abide by these rules will automatically be disqualified and return to headquarters. Any ammo that won’t fit inside their gun can be kept in the ammo box(provided). I’m planning on giving them 6 charges to begin with. 2. Medic: Medics are probably the most sought after kind of team in the zombie apocalypse. by a method of my own choosing. I don’t know what yet (Gatorade probably). I will attempt to balance the teams as much as possible. 3. Ammo carrier: As the name suggests.

zombies are required to say how many bullets they have in their possession. I said earlier there was a method of getting ammo. *wink wink* Friendly fire is anything but. and then deny me permissions to access your location after the event is finished…I mean. A map of the designated play area is on the next page. they get all the bullets that the zombie is carrying. unless you want me to see where you are. then they’re all treated as infected. The Mastermind (me): I’ll be monitoring everyone’s movement via a smart phone app that lets me track you. highliter. from 1900-0100. . Once tagged. outside of any buildings. You’ll have 10 minutes to get to a designated “de-contamination zone” otherwise. you must let me know (because the zombie is definitely going to tell me if you’re tagged).” Now due to morals and ethics…and legality. Jeepers Creepers are those skillful zombies able to tag four or more candidates. When tagged. the team is considered “destroyed. This can be done with masking tape. and I’ll let them know for how long they’re dead. This is where the Medic comes in. A candidate will be automatically disqualified and zombified if he or she leaves the campus. the survivors have the option of “ransacking the corpse. if any team falls below 2 people alive. or grab a snack. or getting lit-up trying to tag them. they cannot obviously “ransack” anyone.2. Getting Tagged: When a zombie is tagged. marker. That’s up to you. 3. Zombies are not allowed to remove the X until the event has finished or they decide to retire for the night. It’s advised to install the app. The zombie will ask them one question (knowledge). when an active or some other zombie is tagged. If they get tagged by a zombie (like in the movies) they will become a zombie…should they not get medical treatment. It is not inclusive of Guadalupe. your friend will become a brain-eating zombie. meaning that if they tag a zombie. If you fire a comrade. At the beginning of the game. All zombies are required to have an “X” on the back of both of their hands. The event will last 6 hours and will be restricted to the UT campus. or intentionally go rogue and cut everybody. Zombies accumulate bullets by either picking up bullets from fleeing survivors. Here it is. just as long as it can be seen. This time limit is shortened if you’re tagged by a “Jeepers Creeper” to 5 minutes. but here’s what happens. each team’s stun length against zombies is 2 minutes. he or she will notify me that they’ve been tagged by so and so. JCs can ignore the first shot or sword tap when attempting to tag a candidate. they have a 2 minute window to escape. etc. maybe they’ll cure you. Getting tagged is a different story for survivors. Players may only enter buildings if they need to use the restroom. The play area is marked in by the red border. and must be rushed to the decontamination zone. 15 minutes maximum. if you’re friends with the medics. and if they get it right. Finally.” Where and When? I plan on executing this event April 14th.

 . I’ll switch to an alternative. but is not limited to: Stun Enhancement. or (For the bait) Swapping Roles. If that doesn’t get the candidates to come out of their hidey-holes. any zombies that try to tag them are considered “Jeepers Creepers” for the purposes of trying to tag them. After Notes: In the event that the Dean of Students denies my appeal for mock weapons. so wait. and put a price on their heads. Missions serve to better survivors chances at lasting until the end of the event. That’s what these missions are for. I’ll declare them campers. clearly. Just keep that in mind. Additionally.“Haha. and I already know what games like that are like. Radar. Completing a mission will earn that team some sort of power-up which includes. It sucks.we can just hide for 6 hours and get your signature?” – James Deitschel Missions: I’ve already thought of that possibility. non-mock weapon option which will most DEFINITELY require eye protection.

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