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Carjacked Seraphim: Ant, Giant Glue
Num. Enc: 2-8 Align: N Move: 180' (60') AC: 3 HD: 2 Attacks: 1 D/Att: 1d8 Save: F2 Morale: 8 Hoard Class: VI XP: 80 When near death (1 or 2 HPs left) the giant glue ant wrenches its body in in half, rupturing a sac filled with an orange glue. The glue sprays out in a cone onto all targets within 5'. They must save TWICE. If the first save is failed, the target is blinded until alcohol or some other solvent can be used to remove the glue. If the second save is failed, roll d6 on the following chart:

1 - random arm is glued to torso;

2 - random leg is glued to floor;

3 - legs are glued together (hopping is possible);

4 - clothing/armor is glued to body;

5 - objects in hands are glued to hands;

6 - ant has glued itself to target (200 gpw of encumbrance, -1 on all DEX related actions/AC, effects are cumulative)

Inspired by this actually real creature at i09

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