Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd.

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HighGound Adventures Nepal Shubhekchha Neupane 9841992792 Shubhekchha@highgroundn

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Pokhara Business Head 1
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Promotion of the business in Pokhara. Responsible for researching, setting up activities, developing a team and handling day-to-day operations. Marketing developments and customer relations of the business of the company. Ensure that targets and responsibilities are met. Maintain strict discipline, time management and departmental coordination at all times. Serve in any functional positions or area to which the company ma assign from time to time for the purpose of furthering the company’s interests.

Salary Range Other Facilities Educational Qualification/s Essential Skill set/s Experience (in yrs)


Completion of Bachelor’s Degree Marketing skills; Negotiation skills Minimum 4 Maximum

Location preference (if any) Office time Any other specific consideration 8 A. Proficiency in English.M. He should be able to represent the company in the tourism industry. . Should be a team player. The position is for Pokhara. 8 P.M. He should have prior experience handling at least 10/12 people under him.

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