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Sprint LG LX370 User Guide

Sprint LG LX370 User Guide

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Published by SprintGurus
Sprint LG LX370 User Guide
Sprint LG LX370 User Guide

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Published by: SprintGurus on Jun 16, 2009
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History is a list of the last 60 phone numbers (or
Contacts entries) for calls you placed, accepted, or
missed. History makes redialing a number fast and easy.
It is continually updated as new numbers are added to
the beginning of the list and the oldest entries are
removed from the bottom of the list.

Each entry contains the phone number (if it is available)
and Contacts entry name (if the phone number is in your
Contacts). Duplicate calls (same number and type of
call) may only appear once on the list.


and press

> History.

2.Select an entry and press



Note You may also be able to access History from your
phone’s main screen carousel. See
Section 2B:
Navigating the Main Screenon page 30 for details.

History only records calls that occur while the phone
is turned on. If a call is received while your phone is
turned off, it will not be included in history.

If you return a call from the voicemail menu, it will
not be included in your phone’s history.

You can also press TALKfrom standby
mode to display your recent history.



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