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OB Assignment 2 Roll No 34464

OB Assignment 2 Roll No 34464

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Published by: Amit Joshi on Sep 01, 2013
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Assignment number 2 Nachiket Pawar EMBA Organizational Behavior Roll No. 34464 Div- B Prof. – Dr.

Tarun Kushwaha Assignment topic – Analysis of any one Organizational behavior related aspect for the company we work for. Topic chosen

DIVERSITY AT CUMMINS About Cummins in India
2012 marks fifty years of Cummins’ operations in India. In this journey spanning five decades, every step has been towards fulfilling the Company's Vision of 'Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins'. From returning value to shareholders, to innovating products and technologies that bring success to customers, to winning relationships with suppliers, to growth opportunities for employees, to improving the communities with sustainable corporate responsibility initiatives, have all been accomplished while imbibing the mission and six core values that define Cummins. For the purpose of this assignment, we will be concentrating on the company’s core value of Diversity. Diversity a key element of our Vision and Mission Statements

“Making people's lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins"

The simple, yet ambitious, statement serves as the guiding vision for Cummins and its 11,000 employees in India and 38,000 worldwide. The Company takes pride in manufacturing engines, generators, filters and related products that serve the varied needs of its customers worldwide. To do that, Cummins unleashes the power of its employees. Their energy and commitment make it possible for the Company to maintain a leadership position in the markets it serves. Cummins also recognizes that with its role as a corporate leader comes a responsibility

Mission • Motivate employees to act like owners. even cherished biases and prejudices. It is a responsibility the Company brings to life through its actions. Corporate Responsibility . consistently. The core values of the company are as stated below.” . For the purpose of this assignment.Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor with both dignity and respect. to demand that all of our activities lead to a cleaner. or in persons holding degrees from some universities over other. • • • • • • Integrity . or in certain races. Global Involvement .Serve and improve the communities in which we live.to help improve the communities in which employees work and live.Seek a world view and act without boundaries. Innovation . Mr.Exceed expectations. to create wealth for all our stakeholders Core Values The company has committed itself to having a diverse workforce by having Diversity as one of its core values. Character. faster. Diversity . we damage ourselves most of all and ultimately assure ourselves of failure in competition with those more open and less biased. Our former CEO and Chairman of the company (also the founder member). ability and intelligence are not concentrated in one sex over the other. first. J Irwin Miller laid basis for the core value of Diversity within Cummins.Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better. we must rid ourselves of our inherited. to exceed customers’ expectations and partner with them to ensure their success.Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. we will be concentrating on the company’s core value of Diversity. or in persons with certain accents. Delivering Superior Results . Quoting his words on Diversity “In the search for character and commitment. healthier and safer environment and finally. When we indulge ourselves in such irrational prejudices.

) Remove the barriers that keep the workforce from reaching maximum potential. Focus on the workplace and marketplace alignment offering a competitive advantage Developing a nurturing.Benefits of emphasizing on diversity as visualized in Cummins are • • • • Leverage Diversity to Lead Us to Greater Success in the Marketplace As we operate in a global environment. • Capitalizing on our diverse workforce to improve and enhance our competitive position in the marketplace. collective behavior that allows all individuals and organizations to fully utilize their talents. • Demanding that the workplace is a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals and organizations. – Unafraid – Feeling supported – Encouraged – Respected – Empowered From Awareness to Action As a step for having this value imbibed in the culture. collective behavior that allows all individuals and organizations to fully utilize their talents. AA etc. This helps the company in Capitalizing on the diverse workforce to improve and enhance our competitive position in the marketplace. • Developing a nurturing. – – – – – Customers feel comfortable Employees feel comfortable Trust and confidence in CMI to treat everyone right both internal and external Innovative thinking flourishes Win/Win/Win . the company has formed Local diversity councils with the following objectives to achieve • Creating a workplace population with similar representation as the marketplaces in which we operate. move from representation / compliance (EEO.

One important intention to have these local diversity councils is ‘To achieve financial targets and support long term strategy by increasing productivity and employee retention by embracing diversity’. .The local diversity councils created in all regional offices helps employees to broaden our perspective and awareness of diversity within the organization. This is in line with the broader umbrella strategy of the Human resource which is To promote an inclusive environment and leverage diversity to generate profitable growth for the company through the Innovation of our employees and linked to the corporate initiative “To create a great place to work for all employees”. The local diversity councils partner with Community Involvement teams by sponsoring Diversity events.

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