Can , be better!

各位亲爱的同学们,小弟在此有事相求 =]

为了响应环保 希望各位亲爱的学弟学妹们可以帮我完成一个项目。在 2 个月的时间内收集超过 2000 个 完

美的铝罐以响应环保运动一个铝罐可以为地球剩下很多资源~ 大家就为地球尽一份力吧 XD
你可以把铝罐拿到 koperasi 或送到 block f , 6ASF 给我们 这么有意义的活动 谢谢大家帮忙 大家请务必踊跃捐赠,爱你们! XD To all beloved peer in SMKPJ, I hereby have a request that which need to be completed with all of u =] In order to save our mother earth, your help is vital. Our target is to collect 2000+ can drinks in fine condition within two months time. Every can counts. So please donate the can to us. The Can can be send to KOOPERASI , there will be people collecting Or you might want to send them to Block F for us =]

This is a meaningful program which you can make your life more valuable. Please donate as much as u can. Thanks for your help and kindness. love you guys ! .

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