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1 Learning Module for English - Grade 8 H ave you ever thought of traveling to Africa and Asia?

What would you like to know about our African and Asian neighbors? Like an adventurous explorer, you need to be armed with a map to guide you in your quest for knowledge, a compass to direct you to have a better understand ing of the different cultures, and a magnifying lens to highlight your si gnificant discoveries. Your journey in searching for knowledge about Afro-Asian tradition s and values will strengthen your identity that will lead you to a better understandin g of your being a Filipino and an Asian. In this module, you will discover that oral literature and informative texts r eflect the tradition and values of Afro-Asian countries which you will have to be famil iar with in order to know your distinctive characteristics and identity as a Filipino and as an Asian. Remember to search for the answer to the essential or focus question: How can In this module, your learning will be maximized as you take the following les sons: Lesson 1 – Beginning the Knowledge Quest Lesson 2 – Building Up the Knowledge Bank Lesson 3 – Sharing the Knowledge Learned Specifically for Module 1, you will learn the following: Gather facts and opinions about the traditions and values of people from selected Afro-Asian countries. Discover literature as a means of understanding the traditions and valu es of people from selected Afro-Asian countries. Create an informative and creative exhibit showcasing the traditions and values of people from selected Afro-Asian countries. The learner demonstrates concrete understanding of the prosodic featur es of speech, study and research skills, making sense of unfamiliar words, using non-l inear texts to show relationships between ideas through oral literatures of selected A froAsian countries and informative texts to familiarize oneself with the traditions and values that will guide him/her in knowing his/her identity as an Asian. The learner presents an informative and creative exhibit to show the different traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 2 Here is a simple map of the above lessons you will cover: Traditions & Values of Selected Afro-Asian Countries

Using Informative/ Non-linear Texts (RC) Prosodic Features Study & Research Skills (SS) Making Sense of Unfamiliar Words (VD) Idioms & Collocations (VD) Oral Literature (Epic, Folktales, Poetry, Myths, Legends) of Selected AfroAsian Countries Philippines Africa China Japan India Persia Informative Writing (WC) Writing an Informative Paragraph Writing 2-3 Paragraph Informative Article Writing for a Brochure Writing for an Exhibit Grammar Adjectives Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions Parenthetical Expressions Compound and Complex Sentences Sentence Modification/ Parallelism Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 3 Let’s find out how much you know about this module. Choose the letter that you t hink

best answers the question. Remember to answer all items. Write the an swers in your notebook. After taking this short test, your answers will be checked to find out your score. Take note of the items that you won’t be able to correctly answer and look for the right answer as you go through this module. 1. Stress in the right syllable helps to show contrast and emphasis in meaning. If the word permit has stress on the last syllable as in permit  . What does it mean? a. a notice b. to give consent c. to request d. a written grant/authority 2. Your teacher asked you to recite an excerpt of the speech of the P rime Minister of J apan in your literature class as part of your “Team Asia” activity. Yo ur teacher is expecting you to: a. copy the full text of the speech b. interpret the speech c. make an outline of the speech d. make the speech short including only the key points 3. When reading researches, you may have noticed website reference at the end of a topic or article as in this example: Prosodic features are features that appear when you put sounds toget her in connected speech. It is as important for you to learn the prosodic features as successful communication depends as much on intonation, stress and rhythm as on the correct pronunciation of sounds. a. b. c. d. 4. a. b. c. d. What to to to to is the purpose of putting this website reference? promote the website and its links recognize source thus avoid plagiarism make researches look more formal provide additional information

What is the major language of Iran? Farsi Nihongo Hindi Bahasa

5. Why are references included in a research project? a. To give courtesy to the authors of the works that you have read. b. To keep a record of everything that you have read in writing the report. c. To impress lecturers. d. To fully identify the source of information and ideas discussed in the repor t so that others may check for themselves. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 4 6. If you are asked to use conditional sentences to talk about uncer

tain events and situations, which of the sentences below would best convey your message? a. If I see Mia, I will ask if she wants to join our research group. b. I will join the research team tomorrow if my Mom will let me go. c. If she won’t come, then she will have to join the group on line. d. If I knew her Mom’s number, I would talk to her. 7. When you re served a plate of sushi or sashimi, a J apanese food how will yo u go about eating it. Here’s how: _______, pour soy sauce on the small individual plate.______, hold one piece of sushi (including the ball of rice on the bottom) and dip the fish side into t he sauce. Avoid dipping the rice into the sauce. Place the whole piece of sushi in your mouth. _______, Refresh your mouth with a slice of ginger._______, eat sashimi sushi (individual slices of raw fish) by dipping the fish sli ces into soy sauce. If desired, order a side dish of rice and take a few bites after each sli ce of fish. What words will you use to fill in the blanks to show proper sequence of events in the paragraph? a. Now, Afterwards, Then, Lastly b. First, Second, Third, Lastly c. Now, Then, Afterwards, Lastly d. First, Next, Then, Finally 8. the you a. b. c. d. 9. a. b. c. d. 10. a. b. c. d. In the sentence “ I don’t think he should get the job” Where will you put stress if mean “Somebody else should get that job.” I He J ob Don’t Why is Because Because Because Because research, best regarded as skill? it involves special ability and training it is developed in school it is updated from time to time it is a God given talent.

How do you characterize Persian Women in general? good for little more than decorating the harem good for little more than having priorities royal women were thought to be corrupt control freaks had a great deal of personal freedom

11. Most of the themes in African Literature focus on freedom, independence, eq uality and economic freedom to name a few. What do these lines from the African story of creation reveal about their values? A West African creation tale explains how two spirit people were acciden tally sent down to earth by the sky god. Lonely, the people decided to cr eate children from clay, but feel they must hide them when the sky god c omes down. Because they are hidden in fire, the children soon turn to var

ious Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 5 shades based on how long they had been exposed to the heat. Over ti me, these clay children grow up and move to various regions of the earth , ultimately populating it (Fader). a. Africans value people’s differences. b. Africans follow their religion. c. Africans entertain themselves through tales. d. Africans are hardworking people. 12. Here are some English translations of the J apanese Haiku: 1. a clear waterfall — into the ripples fall green pine-needles 2. low tide morning... the willow skirts are tailed in stinking mud 3. your hermitage the moon and chrysanthemums plus an acre of rice fields Haikus are traditional J apanese poems. What do these three Haikus say about the J apanese? a. They are inspired by nature. b. They are moon worshippers. c. They like to view low tide. d. They write about water, moon and mud. 13. As part of the Asian continent, Filipinos share the same values and traditions with Chinese and J apanese. What values are common among the three groups of people? Choose from the items that follow. a. family oriented, religious and hardworking b. family oriented, superstitious, hardworking c. goal oriented, hardworking, and nature enthusiasts d. hardworking, religious, goal oriented 14. Oral literature includes folktales; myths and legends. Myths are often sacre d within the culture of a group of people and are incorporated in their religion. Leg ends include familiar landmarks and/or known historical events. Folktales deal with everyday lives that can be used to pass on moral values or for entertainment purposes. One common characteristic of myths and legends is that: a. They are meant to be read by kids b. They are written by the ancestors c. They are believed to be true d. They deal with animals and extraordinary people. 15. “Be as Rama, be as Sita” this is one of the most famous sayings the Indians taug ht to their young ones. What specific value is imparted by this quote? a. Be a perfect son and an ideal husband like Rama; and be a faithful wife like

Sita b. Be a strong man like Rama and be submissive as Sita c. Be a hero like Rama and a heroine like Sita d. Be exiled like Rama and be dependent like Sita Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 6 16. Your Iranian friend messaged you in Facebook. He said he will be having a va cation here in the Philippines for a week. You offered him to stay in your house. Your mother was having a hard time already thinking of the menu you will have during your fr iend’s visit. Since you have learned their customs in your history subject, what is the best food you can offer to him? a. Rice, unleavened bread, fried chicken, black tea, fresh fruits b. Rice, fried pork, coffee, fresh fruits c. Bread, fresh fruits, black tea d. Rice, fried pork, unleavened bread, coffee 17. You are the feature editor of Philippine Daily Inquirer. You are tasked to m ake a write up about the Muslims. You want the public especially the Christians to be famili ar with their customs because it will guide them to understand Muslims better. You will focus on their: a. history. b. culture c. problems of the people. d. leaders. 18. You’re a columnist in your school paper and in your column you gi ve advice on appropriate acts to be done based on one’s traditions and values. What tip should you give your reader who wrote… Dear Ask Me, Hi, My Chinese friend whose birthday falls on the same day as mine has given me a gift. I learned in my English 8 class that reciprocating i s one of the Chinese values, so I have bought a gift for her too. How should I give my gift? I understand Chinese has a rich culture and tradition. I want my friend to be happy. Thanks! Thelma Hi Thelma, like the Filipinos, Chinese would appreciate gifts that are given wholeheartedly. However, you’d show how much you care for them more by considering their culture. One way of doing that is by __________________. a. Wrapping your gift with white paper. b. Wrapping your gift in colorful wrappers.

c. Wrapping your gift in transparent plastic. d. Wrapping your gift in red and gold. I hope your friendship will remain strong. Take care! Ask Me 19. You are a graduating linguist student. In your thesis you decided to conduct an in depth study of the culture and history of a particular group in Asia. To be able to do it you have to read Arabic articles. For you to achieve your goal the first thing you n eed to do is Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 7 You are now in Grade 8, I am quite sure that you enjoyed the lessons and the activities which you took when you were in Grade 7. I am very sure, too, that you fully understand now your identity as a Filipino. However, there is one thing you must remember, we are only one among the members of that big global village called Afro-Asia. Through this lesson, your quest for knowledge on our Afro-Asian families will gradually unfold and eventually be satisfied. Let us begin our journey. To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson, pay close at tention to the expected skills and the lesson map. In this lesson, you will learn the following: Identify prosodic features: stress, intonation and pauses serving as c arriers of meaning that may aid or interfere in the delivery of the message in stories and informative texts. (Listening Comprehension) Use appropriate registers to suit the intended audience, and variation in inton ation and stress for emphasis and contrast. (Speaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Use appropriate registers to suit the intended audience, and variation in inton ation and stress for emphasis and contrast. (Speaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Develop strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous sentence structu re and discourse. (Vocabulary Development) Adjust reading speed based on one’s purpose for reading and the type of materials read. (Reading Comprehension) Organize information extracted from a program viewed. (Viewing Comprehension) Discover literature as a means of understanding the human being and the forces he/ she has to contend with. (Literature) Accomplish forms and prepare notices. (Writing and Composition) Use non-linear texts and outlines to show relationships between ideas. (Writing and Composition) Use varied adjective complementation. (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Gather data using library and electronic resources consisting of general refere nces: atlas, periodical index, periodicals and internet sources/ other website s to locate

information. (Study Strategies) Ask sensible questions based on ones’ initiative. (Attitude) Express different opinion without being difficult. (Attitude) Write informative articles (e.g. posters, slogans, advertisements, brochures) t hat relate to culture and values. On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Building your Knowledge Ban k. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 8 For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this les son, write Eliciting Prior Knowledge through Anticipation-Reaction Guide (ARG) Beliefs/Attitudes/ Values Inventory KNOW Creating a Story Map of events Interactive Oral and Written Exercises Designing a Picture Story Map (Picture Reading) Concept Pyramid Strategy Vocabulary Map/Word Bridge Activity Video clip analysis PROCESS Summary-Lesson Closure Activity Reviewing Prior Knowledge through Anticipation-Reaction Guide (ARG) Creating Matrix of Afro-Asian Traditions and Values Writing on a Think Pad Mind Mapping Activity Making an Outline Grid REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Synthesis Journal Writing Reflective Journal Exhibit on Afro-Asian culture and values TRANSFER Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 9 Let us begin this lesson by reflecting on what you know so far ab out Afro-Asian

people. Let’s start the module by viewing some video clips/ pictures that show who Afro-Asians are. Click the YouTube Activity 1: THE THOUGHTS THAT In this activity, your quest for knowledge on the values and traditions of the Asians and Africans will be geared up. Here, you will be asked to provide your thoughts about them. Your thoughts will be based on what you know and what you see in the video clip that will be viewed. Question – What do you know about the people of Asia and Africa? Directions: 1. Find a partner. 2. Discuss with him/her your views on the video clip you have just watched. You r teacher will give the guidelines. 3. Complete the My Initial Thoughts Are sheet below. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 10 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. What traditions and values of Afro-Asians are revealed in the vide o clip

presented? 2. How much do you know about Africa’s values and traditions? 3. How are your traditions and values similar and/or different from them? 4. How important is understanding to your identity as an Asian? What you will learn in the next set of sections will also enable you to do the lessons and activities which involve gathering data that will enable y ou to produce an informative paragraph. This will help you better understand tradition s and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. Let’s find out how others would answer the process questions and compare their ideas with your own. We will start by doing the next activity. Many times the messages you want to convey are not clearly received or understood because of the manner you say them, especially so when conversations are carried out in monologues. In this activity, your quest for knowledge on prosodic features of speech also known as suprasegmentals stress, intonation and pauses among others, will help you get through this difficulty. Can you read the following without fear or hesitation? By the way, you will meet these words in the selections that follow. village remember international unbearable surprising In which syllable did your voice rise in the word village? What abou t in remember, international, unbearable and surprising? The syllable where you raised your vo ice is what Stress refers to the prominence given to a syllable or word which makes the word or syllable stand out above the adjacent syllable or word. It can be word stress or sentence stress. You may meet words with three or more syllables like respon” sibil’ity. Primary stress is on the BIL, while secondary stress is on the PON. Take note that in the case of polysyllabic words; the primary stress must always stand out than the secondary stress. Can you think of some polysyllabic words? Be sure that you distinguish the prima ry from the secondary stress. There are times when word conveys another meaning when used in a sentence. In that case, you must put the stress on the right syllable to show contrast and em phasis in meaning. The words that follow are examples where contrast and emphasis on stress must be carefully identified: Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 11 Examples: per’mit ( noun) — permit’ ( verb) trans’fer ( noun) — transfer’ ( verb)

Grade 8 1 . That’s what we call intonation. ________________________ 3. downward or upward. Nigeria and Morocco… Circumflex intonation comes in a wavelike glide frequent in connected speech. drank a cup of buko juice and ate a bowl of corn so up. I can visit South Africa. Congratulations! I am sure that this lesson on stress has made you m ore selfconfident in communicating with others. Let us use the selection “The Hands of the Blacks”. Learning Module for English . there is an international university near the city. Your voice may rise. Firm up your answer by using them i n 1. ________________________ Are prosodic features of speech getting clearer to you? Here are some more interesting discoveries for you. ________________________ 5. Have you seen an African child before? Humm! I think I saw one when I went to Tagaytay City last week. ________________________ 4. Ready for yet another prosodic feature? Read the entire sentence one at a time. Example: Have you read any African short story? When the voice falls down. An incomplete thought ends in a rising inflection.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 12 Try reading out loud the following sentences. You see. Are you proud of the Filipino culture? How do you find the native delicacies of Samar? He ate five pieces of moron. Example: I will save so that someday. Example: I have’nt. it indicates an answer. at other times. Be sure to raise your voice i n the right syllable. along the line of sound. also known as inflection is the movement of the voice up or dow n.dis’count( noun) — discount’(verb) Activity 2: WATCH OUT! VERB OR NOUN? Directions: Find out at least 5 pairs of words that can be used interchangeably as noun or verb. We use the rising intonation with yes-no questions. Notice that we still Try to read aloud the following highlighted words. That’s rising intonation. Voice moves upward and downward. ________________________ 2. . Intonation. it indicates a question which is answerable by yes or no. fall or ci rcumflex (the combination of rising and falling intonation) as in the given example below. Have you noticed the melodious pattern o f your voice? There is a continuous elevation or depression of pitch as you read t he group of words. When the voice rises.

Activity 3: It’s not WHAT you said. They give the impression to yo ur classmates that you are not ready or not knowledgeable enough of the topic at ha nd. Spoken language naturally comes before written language. Find a cassette tape recorder with a built in microphone. You will record the article or the folktale of your choice. 6. Challenge yourself! Can you learn intonation on your own? Yes. Get a listing of informative articles from a newspaper or magazine about any AfroAsian country (Africa. to avoid embarrassing moments when you talk or recite variation in intonation. it’s HOW you said it! Directions: 1. You may choose a folktale from the country of your choice. 4.Grade 8 1 . 7. Load a cassette into the tape recorder. 4. 2. Therefore. J apan and/or Korea). “ahs” and “and”. Push PLAY and turn up the VOLUME. What is an Educated Filipino? Francisco Benitez ( An Excerpt) What is an educated Filipino and what qualities should distinguish him today? The conception of education and of what an educated man is varies in response to fundamental changes in the details and aims of society. First. Likewise. Push PLAY and RECORD buttons simultaneously and begin speaking into the microphone. 3. what are the qualities which an educated man should possess? Great changes have taken place in the nature of our social life during the last forty years. Push STOP. In our country and during this transition stage in our national life. Listen to your delivery. Thailand. some for the worse and many f . Focus on intonation. A monotone voi ce will be counterproductive in capturing audience attention. Consi der these: 1. you can. 2.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 13 many of our old customs. 5. A sample informative text is shown below. Vocal fillers are dis tracting and annoying expressions like “ums”. traditions and practices. 3. and then REWIND the tape. stress an d pausing must be employed to give emphasis or contrast to the text be ing delivered. Count the number of vocal fillers and other distractive expressions.Did he finish them all? It’s more fun in the Philippines. stress and pause. record a presentation. Concentrate on specific word choice to avoid vocal fillers. A tape recorder is the mo st common multimedia material even in the rural areas. try to avoid vocal fillers. The contact with the Americans and their civilization has modified Learning Module for English .

Religious freedom has developed religious tolerance in our people. In the light of the social changes. 1. Our modern public school s ystem has been established as a safeguard against the shortcomings and dangers of the demo cratic government and democratic institutions. With this growth in national consciousness and national spirit among our people. The Oriental excels in reflective thinking. 3. The Filipino of today needs more of his power to translate reflection i nto action.t he training of an individual for the duties and privileges of citizenship. men and affairs. reflection They always went about with their hands folded together . he manages things. absolutely The progress of our country as well as the progress of the world. we witness the corresponding rise of a new conception in education. and the State not only has the duty but it has the right as well to educate every member of the community. I believe that we are coming more and more to the conviction that no Filipino has the right to be considered educated unless he is prepared and ready to take an active Activity 4: LET’S DO IT AGAIN! Your teacher will provide some interesting activities taken from this excerpt.the old as well as t he young. The means of communication have improved and therefore better understanding exists among the different sections of our country. first. The growth of public schools and e stablishment of democratic institutions have developed our national consciousness both in streng th and in solidarity. he is a philosopher. women as well as men. Would you like to see some examples similar to what your teacher has prepared for you? Enjoy them. be distinguished by the power to DO. village I thought this was funny. 2. education was a matter of private concern. not only for his own ha ppiness and efficiency but also for national service and welfare. now it is a public function. The Occidental is a doer.or the better.not only for the good of the individual but also for the self – preservation and self protection of the State itself. we come again to the question: What qualities should distinguish the educated Filipino today? I venture to suggest t hat the educated Filipino should. In the old days.

then read the words aloud. which made the rest of their . but one day Teacher said that the palms of the black’s hands were much lighter than the rest of their bodies because only few centuries ago they walked around on all fours. If you do not learn t o read in this literacy-driven society your chance to become productive in the future shall diminish. baloney What is an educated Filipino? Group A Group B Read the words in Group A silently. these are only to reinforce your skill in oral fluency. corresponding My mother kissed my hands. then read them aloud. like wild animals. In the previous activities. Learning to read is critical to your overall well-being. you were asked to read words . Read the words in Group B silently.phrases and isolated sentences. choose one of the activities you enjoyed and adapt it when you are with your group. _________________________________________________________________ 3. Once you have gone over each of the activities presented. _________________________________________________________________ 4.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 14 Did you feel that your activities were successful? Why or why not? List your rea sons. Can you distinguish which group of words rises or falls at the end of the sentence. then you have just used stress. so their palms were’nt exposed to the sun. 5. we do purposive reading to better understand the nature of our global brothers. _________________________________________________________________ 2. Can you pi npoint the syllables in each word where you gave an emphasis to? If you can. This time.4. A scoring rubric shall be provided by your teacher. you have just used intonation. _________________________________________________________________ 5. especially du ring the independent/cooperative learning session. or a combination of bo th? If you can.Grade 8 1 . However. The Hands of the Blacks An excerpt from “ We Killed Mangy-Dog” I can’t remember now how we got onto the subject. _________________________________________________________________ Self-Assessments A. 1. Learning Module for English . the Africans.

prayi ng in secret. all the angels wer e in heaven then. That very same day.they all had a mee ting and decided to make blacks. that you should see me now-I don’t let go of anyone. and said it was like that because they always went about their hands folded together. the Coca Cola man. whoever they are. all right. and at this hour the water in the lake was very cold. God. until they tell me why they think that the palms of the black’s hands are lighter. Senhor Antunes. our Lord Learning Module for English .and he went back to this things about their hands being lighter.Grade 8 1 . Really and truly. this thing of the black hands being so lighter. and told me everything I had heard from t hem there had been just pack of lies. the y took them to heavenly kilns. that God finished making men and told them to bathe in a lake in heav en. After bathing the people were nice and white. who only comes to the vill age now and again when all the cokes in the cantina have been sold.hand moulds. so they only wet . and some of the people who had died and gone to Heaven. many other saints. smoke.but he ass ured me it was. Senhor Fr ias called me after Senhor Antunes had gone away.and there you have them. well. The blacks. what he knew about the black’s hands was right. It was like this:-Long ago. and that even the blacks were bette r than us. the Virgin Mary. they were made very ea rly in the morning. for instance told me t hat God made their hands lighter like that so they they would’nt dirty the food that they made for their masters. And to bake them of the creatures. Do you know how? They got hold of some clay and pres sed it into some second. Peter. smoke. then he told me what he knew a bout this things of the black’s hands.Dona Dores.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 15 J esus Christ. Because they were in a hurry and there was no room next to the f ire. it was baloney. After I said yes. said to me that everythi ng I had been told was a lot of baloney. black a s coals. they hung them in the chimneys. many years ago. Of course I don’t know if it was really. When he had told me this Senhor Antunes and the other men who were aro und us were very pleased and then all burst out laughing. And now do you want to know why their hands stayed white? Because their h ands are tied.bodies darker and darker. I thought of this when Father Cristiano told us after cathechism that we were absolutely hopeless. Smoke. St. I thought this was so funny. or anything else that they were ordered to do that had to be kept quite clean.

They had to be. He regretted having made them because other men laughed at them and took them off to their homes and put them to serve as slaves or not much better. gathering the white cottons of Vi rginia and I don’t know where else. You will be called to retell what you have read. Dona Estifania did’nt agree when I tol d her this. What she said was mo re or less this: “ God made Blacks because they had to be. that the black hands are light er like this because they spent their lives bent over. On the the day that we were talking about it. is it not? Activity 5: INFORMATIONAL PARAGRAPH FRAME 1. And do you know why that was? Of course. He made it so that the palms would exactly like th e palms of other men. if they had any sense. for those who were us ed to seeing blacks would complain. but the truth is tha t no matter how calloused and cracked they maybe. What I thought was strange was that she did’nt tell me at once what she thought about all this. you don’t know. But because He could’nt make them all be white. He must be thinking of this when He made the hands of the blacks be the sam e as Did you enjoy reading the tale? It’s informative and literary at the same time. 2. many people don’t know. Create a paragraph frame that correspond to the organization of details in the text just read. and she only answered me when she was sure that I would’nt get tir ed of bothering her about it. it’s only because their hands became bleached with all that wash ing. Learning Module for English . But I read in a book that happened to mention it. I was telling her what I know about the question.Grade 8 1 . And even then she was crying and clutching hers elf around the stomach who had laugh so much that it was quite unbearable.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 16 . and she just could’nt stop laughing. Of course. and it’s not surprising. a black’s hand are always lighter than all the r est of him. According to her. because many. my son. Well. Well. I don’t know what to think about all these. He th ought they really had to be…Afterwards. Present the paragraph frame to guide you in retelling the tale. 3. listen: It was to show tha t what men do is only the work of men…That what men do is done by hands that are the same hands of people who. would know that before anything else they are men.the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet before dressing and coming into the worl d. And that’s that! My mother is the only one who must be right about this quest ion of a black’s hands being lighter than the rest of his body.

1. The process will be repeated. Other members of the opposite group are writing down the descriptive words you used. the African people. The object ( photograph) will be shown later once t he This is how the activity is done.Grade 8 1 . When finished. your partner will announce his guess. spend two minutes describing an object common to African people. The title is “ I am an African Child” by Eku McGred. Your teacher will read it to you without interruption. Activity 7: RUN-ON POEM Learning Module for English . _______________________________________________ Some learners are fortunate to be born into homes where parents and immediate community provide rich language experiences. You will discover words unknown to you but may be familiar with. Activity 6: PARTNER CHATTER Directions: In pairs. Engage yourself actively in the following tasks. 3. It is now your turn to guess the right object. You will show cue cards to help your partner in identifying the object. It is written without punctuations solely for this activity. your partner will describe the hidden/secret object. How many unknown words were discovered by your group? Your teacher will assess The text that will follow is an African poem. of course. It is a very amusing process. She may also call one learner to re-read it for everybody. then you must make the most out of the opportunities given to you by your family. The next step of the process is ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 17 I am an African child Born of a skin the color of the chocolate Bright brilliant and articulate Strong and bold Im gifted Talented enough to be the best I am an African child Often the target of pity My future is not confined to charity Give me the gift of a lifetime .Process Frame (based from the creation of the Africans and why their hands are white) The first of the process is __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________. no pausing nor variation in tone. The third step in the process is ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________. 4. As you describe the object aided by the cue cards. 2. Are you one of them? If you aren’t.

ME Authors __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ The teacher in the story the Hands of the Blacks is a racist. place a check before each statement which you think the authors will agree to.Grade 8 1 . place a check next to any statement with which you tend to agree. The Africans just like any race aspire for a decent living . Africans became slaves because they had no choice. The Africans are discriminated against. The characters in the story are religious.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 18 and “I am an African Child”. You are almost at the end of the . Congratulations! You have successfully finished the tasks intended to make you more communicatively competent.Give me a dream a door of opportunity I will thrive I am an African child Do not hide my fault Show me my wrong I am like any other Teach me to dream And I will become I am an African child I am the son daughter of the soil Rich in texture and content Full of potential for a better tomorrow Teach me discipline teach me character teach me hard work Teach me to think like the star within me I am an African child I can be extra-ordinary Call me William Kamkwamba the Inventor Give me a library with books Give me a scrap yard and discarded electronics Give me a broken bicycle Plus the freedom to be me And I will build you a windmill I am an African child We are the new generation Not afraid to be us Uniquely gifted black and talented Shining like the stars we are We are the children of Africa Did you understand the poem? Do you now recognize how important prosodic features are? Activity 8: ANTICIPATION GUIDE Directions: In the column labeled ME. Be prepared to defend and support your opinions with specific examples. The author. The Africans in generations were slaves of the Whites. Luis Bernardo Honwana is a realist. The students then and now manifest the same study habits. There are no cultural differences between the Africans and the A sians. After reading “The Hands of the Blacks” Learning Module for English .

Sr. In the previous activities. 6. you were enlightened by the perspective of the author that education was not the true measure of a meaningful life. 4. 2. You will gather information on these key individuals with focus on their contributions to enduring traditions and values. You can also explore digital resources if you have access to them. That a Filipino could live respectably and productively regardless of the length of education he would received.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 19 “ WHO ARE THE BIG PLAYERS?” Topic: Afro-Asian Enduring Traditions and Values Key Persons Traditions/Values Connections to the present Martin Luther King. A sample is done for you at the next page to make this activity easy and enjoyable. The story on the Hands of the Blacks deepened your knowledge of the economic and social conditions of the African people. 5. Create a connection among the key individuals and the list in Column 2. you were asked to view a video clip of I am an African Child. share it during your cooperative learning activity. Write these down in Column 2. Voting rights of the Blacks Equal pay for black teachers A community center in Atlanta to help the lowincome people like the teachers find a path out of poverty Did you enjoy it? If you found out a similar video clip. Identify key individuals connected to an idea or concept by listing them down in column 1. In the selection What is an Educated Filipino?. Learning Module for English . The magic word is DO! This entails action! That reflections.module. The key question is: Are these tradition and values still practiced today? 3. You also worked on several activities on the poem of the same title. thoughts and learning of any Filipino must be translated into action to cope Activity 9: WHO ARE THE “ BIG PLAYERS” Directions: 1. Let’s go back to the story of the Hands of the Blacks by Luis Bernar do .Grade 8 1 .

Exchange cards with your classmates.that’s what we call e-portfolio of ACTIVITY 11: GRAMMAR TOPICS ADJECTIVES AND TYPES OF ADJECTIVES An adjective is defined as a word used to modify a noun or pronoun. how many or how much.Honwana. 5. Examples: shouted. shapes. rich 7. tastes. The lines must contain word or words which you have encountered for the first time. slow 4. We will now try to unlock some of these difficult words. sleepy 5. But reading is beyond enjoyable if you do not understand or comprehend the reading selection! One of the reasons why a reader cannot comprehend a text is his/her inability to understand some vocabulary word s found in the text. 4. place the remaining words in between these boundaries. your knowledge on the Africans was quite limited. The word shouted is “mild er” compared with shrieked. places and events. upload your compilation . list down their own words until you h ave a rich copy of clines. and a multitude of other qualities. 3. Write these words on a set of cards. These will become the boundaries of the cline. gregarious Notice the two extreme words in each sample. When done. warm 2. List down the words. screamed. Use recycled materials such as old ca lendars. strong 3. Select any lines from the selection “The Hands of the Blacks”. find a dictionary or a thesaurus and look for different meanings/ synonyms of these words. right? Can you still say the same thing after going through the previou s activities? One thing good about reading is we get to know people. Let’s talk about clines! A cline is a graded sequence of words whose meanings go across a continuum of meaning. Choose two extremes among the synonyms. yelled. poor 8. scary 6. which one. sociable. It limits or qualifies nouns or pronouns by telling what kind. 6. shoe boxes and the likes. If internet is accessible. ANYONE? Directions: 1. It came from the Greek word “clino” meaning to slope. Learning Module for English . right? Activity 10: GOING CLINING. sizes.Grade 8 1 . Earlier in the module. painful . shrieked friendly. Adjectives allow writers to describe color. outgoing. 1. they can add importa nt details to a sentence.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 20 2.

nevertheless.9. full 15. otherwise. ne vertheless. so. such as and. You will write these sentences on a piece of paper requested by your teacher. she will have no money to buy birthday presents . (compound sentence) Example: Sarah saves five hundred pesos out of each pay check she receives. and his wife J oan works in a perfume factory nearby.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 21 PROCESS QUESTION: 11. handsome 14. for. so. before you proceed. therefore. fat 17. However. etc. difficult 1.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 22 Example: J oe and J oan are black couple. heavy 13. but . therefore. These sentences are often combined with conjunctions. 3) complex. Can you associate these modifiers with the selections you just read? Example: warm climate Is the climate in Africa warm? Is it the same in Asia? Your simple task now is to choose at least 10 adjectives from the selections just read and use them in sentences. or. and 4) compound-complex A compound sentence consists of two or more simple sentences. or a semi-colon before however. otherwise. old 10. consequently. 2) compound. you have to deepen your understanding of the types of sentences according to structure. however. otherwise. Learning Module for English . Compound and Compound-Complex Sentences There are four basic types of sentences according to structure: 1) simple. but. compound sentences require either a comma before and . consequently. fast 18. for.Grade 8 1 . yet.Grade 8 1 . noisy Learning Module for English . hungry 12. or. yet. sick 16. Note: In formal writing. nor. famous 20. (simple sentence with compound subject and simple predicate) J oe works in a manure factory downtown. a semi-colon o . etc. If there is no conjunction used between two simple sentences. nor. far 19.

his wife J oan works in a perfume fac tory nearby. could it be perhaps because the dish is meant to be eaten against the mild backg round of rice? Easy to plant and harvest. sinigang seems to me the dish most representative of Filipino taste. mahal ang gabi. and to seasons and availability (walang talong.r a period should be used instead. (even ayungin. Example: Early on. and allowing more than one crop a year. th en bangus. It is adaptable to all tastes ( if you don’t like shrimp. but J oan. and one or more adjecti ve or adverb clauses. But why? Why does sinigang find its way to bare dulang. fell of f half way up. Read the informative essay below about one of the Filipino traditions. Why Sinigang? By Doreen G. fin d their way into the pot). Example: J ohn climbed to the top of the tree. the dish that includes fish (or shrimp or meat) vegetables and broth. Find out later how this affects our identity as part of the Asian countries. k angkong ACTIVITY 12: INFORMATIVE ESSAY Learning Module for English . A compound-complex sentence consists of two sentences. to gleaming ilustrado table? Why does one like anything at all? How is a people’s taste shaped? But still. the slightly soured. We like the lightly boiled. to all classes and budgets. or pork). why soured? Aside from the fact that sour broths are cooling in hot weather.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 23 na lang).Grade 8 1 . you have a glimpse of an informative text entitled “What Is An Educated Filipino?” Here is another informative text in an essay form which will further deepen your appreciation for Filipino culture. Example: J oe works downtown in a manure factory. to formica-topped rest aurant booth. Fernandez Rather than the overworked adobo ( so identified as the Philippine stew in for eign cookbooks). One can picture our ancestors settling down beside . in humble little piles. who was a bit clumsy. rice is ubiquitous on the landscape.

“Ba ck home. Finally those points are neither positive nor negative. the banana leaf-encased Manapla variety. Activity 13: LET US DO PMI IDEA…WHAT PHILIPPINE TRADITIONS HAVE I LEARNED? PLUS MINUS INTERESTING Learning Module for English . kalabasa. Then note the conclusion you have realized about t he Filipinos traditions and beliefs and how do you think does this affect his identity as an Asian. We not only sour. bagoong) because the blandness of rice suggests the desi rability of sharp contrast. with rice as one of the first stead y crops. kintsay. potatoes. the mildly sweet Putong Polo.” All we use from day to day are peas. visit your school library. Fernandez is? The internet if accessible in your school or community will make it easy for you. Rice ca be ground into flour and thus the proliferation of puto.their rivers and finally tuning to the cultivation of fields. puto in cakes or wedges. and of tastes.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 24 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. for as constant background. dahong bawang. do you know who Doreen G. and very few others. malunggay) and tendrils (talbos ng ampalaya. kamote). tuyo. it is also the shaper of other foods. forests and tre es from which comes the galaxy of gulay with which we are blest all year round. puto filled with meat or flavored with ube. the delicacy and flavor of leaves (pechay. sayote). recognizes the succulence of roots (gabi. but also salt (daing. Next the Minus or neg ative points are listed. PMI is a three-columned thinking strategy that encourages you to first consider and list the Plus points of an idea. After reading the informative essay. t he bounty By the way.” The dietarily uninhibited Filipino. ube. pako. white or brown eaten with dinuguan o r salabat. If not. fields.Grade 8 1 . How can you describe the Philippine traditions you read in the essay? . THE GREENERY The landscape also offers the vines. on the other hand.” an American friend commented. shrubs. answer the PMI activity below. carro ts. cabbage. RICE Rice to us is more than basic cereal. but simply interesting. steady accompaniment.

how-to articles represent another category. Activity 15: AN INFORMATIVE ARTICLE To help you in writing your informative article. where and why. you will now apply the insights you have learned.Grade 8 1 .what’s it about P – Points . In this final phase of the lesson. Start getting deeper into knowing more about Afro-Asian traditions and beliefs using print or online periodicals.choose 2 important points to support the main idea Activity 14: USING PERIODICALS About: Point 1: Point 2: Summary: After going through several activities. you are now ready to complete the Generalization Chart you answered at the beginning of this module. the skills you have developed and the information you have gathered from the previous activities. An informative article provides the readers with details on a given topic. Your tasks now will involve more of your skills in organizing and expressing ideas in written form. It covers all the pertinent details: who. MY INITIAL THOUGHTS MY FINDINGS AND CORRECTIONS SUPPORTIVING EVIDENCE QUALIFYING CONDITIONS MY GENERALIZATION Learning Module for English . News paper reporting uses informative articles. The RAPS Strategy assists students in identifying and recording main points an d meaning of a text. when. The informative article is not an argumentative article that tries to persuade the reader to one side or the the paragraph A – About .L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 25 An informative article gives the reader unbiased facts about a topic. R – Read . read the example and tips that . Use the RAPS Strategy below to organize and analyze the information you got from the researches you did about Asian traditions.2. Why is it important to know our own traditions and values as Fil ipinos to further establish our identity as Asians? One way of finding information aside from books is using the internet. what.

People will be more interested to know how you sorted out a particular proble m when you had faced one. write about the top ic you have sufficient knowledge about. 5. Please . including South India tourism. Most of the people will be just scanning the matter within a short time. How many times hav e you read long articles on the net? I do agree that we take time to read long articles whe n they are highly important to our need.follow. more people rea d only smaller articles. Therefore. Otherwise. and if necessary read once aloud. using a search engine. read it at least 3-5 times. 6. It helps you to find the mistakes in your articles. Remember to leave enough white space in between your paragraphs. Reading the matter on the monitor is different from rea ding on the printed page. which means easy for them to read. J ust place yourself in that position. You can find details about anything on the internet. the smaller the p aragraph the easier to read. Hence. Y ou may wonder why it should be. Many of them would have faced a similar probl em and your information will be of immense help to them.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 26 Lakshmi Menon writes articles on various topics. Therefore.Grade 8 1 . Please remember the vital point that many of your readers may already know mo re details than you about the topic you are writing. After writing your article. It causes eye strain and for some people neck pain al so. The following tips can help you in writing an informative article: 1. on a routine basis. who will be looking for various information. Write about what you really know. 2. Tips for Writing an Informative Article by Lakshmi Menon How to write an informative article? Writing an article is not that difficult as you think. The other main reason is that many of our readers will be senior citizen s. 4. which is easy to read. Before writing. A well written article about solving your own problem will be more useful to the readers. Then you can revise your article appropriately. 3. Try to write small paragraphs. do a search and find out so me more details to polish your knowledge on the selected topic. it is better to see that your article is senior citizen-friendly. Learning Module for English .

Rubric for an Exhibit of Informative Write-Up Criteria Outstanding 4 Satisfactory 3 Developing 2 Beginning 1 Rating CONTENT Presented information indepth and comprehensiv e and strongly adhered to the theme. creativity.visit http://www. Consider your audience. you are being tasked to prepare an exhibit of informative write-ups with multimedia support sh owcasing the different traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. Your municipality/city is hosting the 1 st Asia-Africa Cultural to know more about South I ndia.enchanting-south-india-vacations. This test” on how well you have discovered Afro-Asia. Try writing a one paragraph essay below about any topic of your choice. the City Tourism Council intends to pu t up an exhibit dubbed as “Taste Asia. Your outpu t will be evaluated on the quality of information presented. Be guide d by the following guidelines: a. In this activity. her culture. As a member of the well acclaimed group of event organizers. TRANSFER TASK classmates are now in the last leg of your journey. relevance to the theme and Use the rubrics below to guide you. e. will know and understand Afro-Asia. Presented essential knowledge about AfroAsian countries and adheres to the theme. As the head of the promotional activities for the event. TASK Activity 16: You and your is the “acid traditions. Taste Africa” as a welcome treat to the summit delegates. Cite only relevant and accurate details. c. d. and beliefs. Presented essential . Have an interesting beginning sentence to hook your audience’s interest. b. Have a clear conclusion. you will enjoin parents and community so that they. too. Identify the purpose for writing.

Creativity/ Visual Effect Made an excellent use of effects.Grade 8 1 . Made use of effects.knowledge about AfroAsian countries but there are 1 to 2 factual errors and inadequately adheres to the theme Presented minimal or there were several factual errors and does not adhere to the theme. style and artistry to enhance the content. and artistry to enhance the content. style. Made use of effects and style to enhance the exhibit but these occasionally distract the viewers Made use effects and style to enhance but these often distract the viewers Learning Module for English .L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 27 Criteria Outstanding 4 Satisfactory 3 Developing 2 Beginning .

If in case. brochu res should be secured from local tourism office. You diligently followed the requirements. You are done with all the required activities and tasks. the notices like signage to give directions. registration forms to be accomplished by you r invited guests. All these are a part of the preparation fo r writing informative write-ups. go back to “who does what”. 1. Find out if a committee is in charge of the needed papers/documents. Task: Revisit your well-thought. OR. you choose the Happy face. The venue where to put up the exhibit. Included all required elements/ criteria in writing with clear discussion. The preparations you have done in coordination with the event organizer of the exhibit are all set.of plan. may be missing extensive required information within element. Missed one or more required criteria/ element. Included all required criteria/ elements in writing but may be missing some required information from within elements. the “who does what” are clear but aren’t you forgetting something? The simple advertisements. . Directions: Honestly rate yourself using any of the following emoticons. Prepare a checklist. It is about time that we know how you feel about this first lesson . again.1 Rating Writing Wrote with extensive interpretation and discussion. Please perform this last task. you will move to the next module. the ite ms to be displayed. leaflets and flyers.

We will be happy to explain further the nature of this module. consequently. pp. such as journals. Values .are those aspects of speech which go beyond phonemes and deal with the qualities of sound. Tradition . issue.L1 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 28 Advertisements .is a graded sequence of words whose meanings go across a continuous of meaning. Books Croghan. The Culinary Culture of the Philippines. an important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members o f a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable.are publications which are issued at regular intervals. however. Why Sinigang?. Manila: Bancom Audiovision Corporation. Cline . therefore. the lesson or the activity which created your confusion. but. If in case. Monologues a literary composition in the form of a soliloquy. you choose the Sad face. ye t. or event. magazines. Intonation / Inflection . It came from a Greek word “cline” meaning to slope. Quezon City. so. Informative Essay .is a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sounds. far. A continuous series of jokes or comic stories delivered.a public announcement using the mass media.a type of sentence containing two or more simpl e sentences. CONGRATULATIONS! Learning Module for English . (1975) The Development of Philippine Literature in English ( since 1900).a word of more than three syllables Stress . . Richard V. (1976). otherwise. you choose the Confused face and you seem not to be fully conv inced. Doreen G. Periodicals .refers to the prominence given to a syllable or word which makes the word or syllable stand out above the adjacent syllable or word. write in a sentence or two the reasons why. In Gilda Cordero-Fernando. Syllable .is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or s ociety with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. Phoenix Publishing House. Polysyllabic Word .is the movement of the voice up and down along the line of sound. and newspapers. What Is An Educated Filipino by Francisco Benitez an excerpt. nevertheless. If in case. or.Grade 8 1 . topic. It is often combined with conjunctions such as and. nor. Compound Sentence . etc. Articles Fernandez. don’t hesitate to write the lesson/s and activities which will need reinforcement. Prosodic Features of Speech an essay which informs the reader about a subj ect.

blogspot. varied and ancient traditions of the Chinese and J apanese. collocations. think about your answer to the question: How can I better understand my identity as a Filipino and as an Asian? Your answer to this question will help you understand better your identity as an Asian and hopefully it will create in you the sense of pride and camaraderie with your fellow Asians. Lakshmi viagensdairis. slogans. I am an African Child. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills and the lesson map.L2 . In this lesson. Poems.24–29. Learning Module for English . posters. You are now ready to embark on the second phase of To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson. broch ures) that relate to culture and values (Writing and Composition) Formulate correct conditional statements (Grammar Structure and Awareness) Gather data using the general references: SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 29 After your journey towards your quest for knowledge. advertisements.. you will learn the following: Identify changes in meaning signaled by intonation and pauses (Oral Language and Fluency) Express feelings and attitudes by listening to contrastive stress and variation s of tone and tempo (Listening Comprehension) Guess meanings of words or expressions by noting keywords in expressions. http://ezinearticles.. As you gather information about their traditions and etc. Menon. (Vocabulary Development) Scan rapidly for sequence signals or connectors as basis for determin ing the rhetorical organization of texts (Reading Comprehension) Demonstrate a heightened sensitivity to the needs of others for a be tter understanding of man (Literary Appreciation) Narrate events logically (Reading Comprehension) Write informative articles (e. J a pan and On the next page is the lesson map which can guide you in Building your Knowledg e Bank. Eku McGred Naka-cache. In this lesson. you will build up your knowledge bank on the rich. Websites www.Grade 8 1 .Grade 8 1 .poemhunter./hands-of-blacks.g. clusters. dictionary (Study Skill s) Express a different opinion without being difficult (Attitude) Prepare a travel brochure on the traditions and values of China. you are now aware that there are more to discover about traditions and values of our Asian neighbors. conte xt clues. Honwana Luis Bernardo Learning Module for English .

SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 30 For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this lesso n, write Pre-Assessment through Anticipation-Reaction Guide (ARG): Map of Conceptual Change Hooking the students’ interest through the Comic Strips Activating prior knowledge via Picture Reading: Family Portraits Deciding on the distinctive AfroAsian traditions and values which you can relate/identify KNOW Vocabulary Map Activity Conditionally Yours Activity Sheet Listen and speak activity Connecting with Connectors Activity Sheet Video clip viewing on the Seven Rules for Happiness Revisiting the AnticipationReaction Guide (ARG): Map of Conceptual Change Differentiated Activities PROCESS Summary-Lesson Closure Activity Reviewing Prior Knowledge through Anticipation-Reaction Guide (ARG) Making Inferences with Evidence Activity chart Concept-Retrieval activity chart REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Synthesis Journal Writing informative article Brochure-making on the Philippines, Chinese and Japanese traditions and TRANSFER Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 31 Families all over the world celebrate important events which help pres erve the history and traditions of their countries. Most of these traditions and practice s are handed down from one generation to the next. Let’s see how well you can identify a country and the tradition each family celebrates. Directions: On the left are photos of Asian/African families and on t

he right side are some traditions/festivals celebrated in Asia and Africa. Match the family ph otos with the festival by writing the letter on the space provided for. In this lesson, you will further discover some practices, beliefs, or modes of behavior of the peoples of selected AfroAsian countries as exemplified in their representative literary pieces and in informative texts extracted from general references and online materials. Let’s begin this lesson by studying the photos below. The photos show the different traditions and values of selected countries in Asia and Africa. As you start working on this task, think about this question: How can you better Activity 1: LET’S CELEBRATE! A_______ B_______ C_______ 1 2 3 Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 32 D_______ 4 This time, answer the questions that follow about the family portraits and the f estivals. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. What country does each family represent? How do you know? 2. What countries are represented by the festival photos? 3. Do you think Asian-African families or countries have similar characteristic s? Why do you think so? 4. Which of these characteristics are commonly observed in Filipino families? 5. As a Filipino, how can you better understand your identity as an Asian? Having answered those important questions, let’s continue with our lesson by answering the Anticipation Reaction Guide (ARG) sheet below. Read the instruc tions carefully. Anticipation-Reaction Guide Directions: Read the set of statements found at the center column in the table below. Respond to each statement: Write Agree if you agree with the given statements. Write Disagree if you disagree with the statements. Fill out only the column: “Response before the lesson” in your notebook. Don’t write anything yet on the column that says “Response after the lesson”. You will work on t hat Activity 2: ARG TIME! Response Before the Lesson Statements Response After the Lesson J apan, Philippines, China have many examples of oral literature. China has different folktales that feature their religious beliefs.

Only Asian countries have wedding traditions. Love for family is often the theme of J apan’s oral literature. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 33

For Asians, shame and honor go far beyond the individual; and reflect directly upon ones’ family, nation, or other group, and so is taken very seriously. The Philippines, China and J apan have traditions that are influenced by religion. Kimono, geisha, sumo, samurai are parts of Chinese traditions. The Philippines, China and J apan have rice and tofu as staple food. J apanese write haikus to honor nature. Hard work is one of the outstanding qualities of the Chinese and the J apanese. Philippines, China and J apan have three common qualities: love for the family, religiosity and value for work. You have just tried giving your initial answers or ideas about the traditions and values of selected Asian countries. As you go through this lesson, y ou need to go back to your answer to the ARG in order to check whether your initial answers and ideas are valid. Let’s find out whether your assumptions about traditions and values of countries mentioned earlier are valid by doing the next set of activities. What you will learn in the next set of activities will also enable you to do

the lesson project which involves preparing a two-page informative brochure about the traditions and values of our country and our Asian neighbors particularly China and J apan. Your creativity will be put to a test a s You are now in the second phase of your journey. Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts related to common key values among Asians and Africans. As you go through this part, keep on thinking about this question: How can I better understand my identity as an Asian? Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 34 This time, be ready to read a folktale from China. In reading the Soul of the Great Bell, you will surely meet some unfamiliar words which may cause you to stop and analyze the meaning of each to understand the details of the story. Directions: Go over the following terms or expressions taken from the Soul of th e Great Bell. Read them to yourself and figure out the meaning of each itali cized word using context clues. Put a check mark in the circle of your chosen answer. Activity 3: VOCABULARY OVERLOAD A mallet is _______ a hammer an axe a saw To smite is to _______ hit touch caress All the little dragons on the high-tilted eaves of the green roofs (3) shiver to the tips of their gilded tails under that deep wave of sound. Shiver means to _______ fall on one’s knees tremble at the loud sound All the green-and-gold tiles of the temple are vibrating; the wooden goldfish ab ove them are (4) writhing against the sky. writhing means ________ twisting pointing leading Therefore, the worthy mandarin Kouan-Yu assembled the master-molders and the renowned bell smiths of the empire, and all men of great repute and (5) cunning in (6) cunning means _______ innocent expert skillful foundry means _______ act, process, art of making plastic act, process, art of casting metals Therefore, the molds had to be once more prepared, and the fires (7) rekindled, and rekindled means _____ lighted again set on fire again stopped the fire toilsomely means _____ with difficulty lightly unmindfully (9) Gold and brass will never meet in wedlock, silver and iron never w ill embrace, until the flesh of a maiden be melted in the crucible; until the blood o f a virgin be What does this mean? Gold, brass, silver and iron will never be fused together by a virgin maiden The blood of a virgin maiden mixed with gold, brass, silver and iron And even as she cried, she (10) leaped into the white flood of metal. Leaped means to _____ squat jump run

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 35 (11) And still, between each mighty stroke there is a long low moaning heard; an d ever the moaning ends with a sound of sobbing and of complaining, as though a we eping woman should murmur, “Hiai!” Between, low, end, stroke, ever Moaning, sobbing, complaining, weeping, murmuring Stroke, long, low, murmur, sound After knowing the meanings of words from the selection “The Soul of the Great Bell”, here now, is the folktale from China retold in English by Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904). Hearn was an American journalist whose parents were Irish and Greek. He spent the latter part of his life in J apan later marrying a J apanese girl. His interest in the Oriental culture inspired him to write the English version of well-loved Chinese and J apanese folktales. When he As you read, try to understand the values and traditions of the Chinese as reflected in this folktale. The Soul of the Great Bell by Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904) The water-clock marks the hour in the Tachungsz’, in the Tower of the Great Bell: now the mallet is lifted to smite the lips of the metal monster—the vast lips inscribed with Buddhist texts from the sacred Fa-hwaKing, from the chapters of the holy Ling-yen-King! Hear the great bell responding!—how mighty her voice, though tongue less! KO-NGAI! All the little dragons on the high-tilted eaves of the green roofs s hiver to the tips of their gilded tails under that deep wave of sound; all the porcelain gargoyles tremble on their carven perches; all the hundred little bells of the pagodas qui ver with desire to speak. KO-NGAI—all the green-and-gold tiles of the temple are vibrating; the wooden goldfish above them are writhing against the sky; the uplifted finger of Fo shak es high over the heads of the worshippers through the blue fog of incense! KO-NGAI!—what a thun der tone was that! All the lacquered goblins on the palace cornices wriggle their fire-co loured tongues! And after each huge shock, how wondrous the multiple echo and the great golden m oan, and, at last, the sudden sibilant sobbing in the ears when the immense tone fain ts away in broken whispers of silver, as though a woman should whisper, “Hiai!” Even so the great bell hath sounded every day for well-nigh five hundred years—Ko-Ngai: fi rst with stupendous clang, then with immeasurable moan of gold, then with silve r murmuring of “Hiai!” And there is not a child in all the many-coloured ways of the old Chinese city who

does not know the story of the great bell, who cannot tell you why the great bel l says KoNgai and Hiai! Now this is the story of the great bell in the Tachung sz’, as the same is Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 36 N early five hundred years ago the Celestially August, the Son of Heaven, Yong-Lo, of the “Illustrious” or Ming dynasty, commanded the worthy official Kouan -Yu that he should have a bell made of such size that the sound thereof might be heard for one hundred li. And he further ordained that the voice of the bell should be strengthened with brass, and deepened with gold, and sweetened with silver; and that the face and the great lips of it should be graven with blessed sayings from the sacred books, and that it should be suspended in the centre of the imperial capital to sound through all the many-coloured ways of the City of Pe-K ing. Therefore the worthy mandarin Kouan-Yu assembled the master-moulders and the renowned bell smiths of the empire, and all men of great repute and cunning in f oundry work; and they measured the materials for the alloy, and treated them skillfully, and prepared the moulds, the fires, the instruments, and the monstrous melting-pot f or fusing the metal. And they laboured exceedingly, like giants neglecting only rest and s leep and the comforts of life; toiling both night and day in obedience to Kouan-Yu, and s triving in all things to do the behest of the Son of Heaven. But when the metal had been cast, and the earthen mould separated from the glowi ng casting, it was discovered that, despite their great labour and ceaseless care, the result was void of worth; for the metals had rebelled one against the other—the gold had scorned alliance with the brass, the silver would not mingle with the molten iron. Therefore the moulds had to be once more prepared, and the fires rekindled, and the metal reme lted, and all the work tediously and toilsomely repeated. The Son of Heaven heard and was angry, but spoke nothing. A second time the bell was cast, and the result was even worse. Sti ll the metals obstinately refused to blend one with the other; and there was no uniformity in the bell, and the sides of it were cracked and fissured, and the lips of it were slagged and s plit asunder; so that all the labour had to be repeated even a third time, to the great dismay of KouanYu. And when the Son of Heaven heard these things, he was angrier than before; a

nd sent his messenger to Kouan-Yu with a letter, written upon lemon-coloured silk and se aled with the seal of the dragon, containing these words: “From the Mighty Young-Lo, the Sublime Tait-Sung, the Celestial and August, whose reign is called ‘Ming,’ to Kouan-Yu the Fuh-yin: Twice thou hast betrayed the trust we have deigned graciously to place in thee; if thou fail a third time in fulfilling our command, thy head shall be severed from thy neck.Tremble, and obey!” Now, Kouan-Yu had a daughter of dazzling loveliness whose name—Ko-Ngai—was ever in the mouths of poets, and whose heart was even more beautiful than her face. Ko-Ngai loved her father with such love that she had refused a hundred worthy suitors rather than make his Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 37 home desolate by her absence; and when she had seen the awful yellow missive, sealed with the Dragon-Seal, she fainted away with fear for her father’s sake. And when her senses and her strength returned to her, she could not rest or sleep for thinking of her parent’s danger, until she had secretly sold some of her jewels, and with the money so obtained had hastened to an astrologer, and paid him a great price to advise her by what means her father might be saved from the peril impending over him. So the astrologer made observations of the heavens, and marked the aspect of the Silver Stream (which we call the Milky Way ), and examined the signs of the Zodiac—the Hwang-tao, or Yellow Road—and consulte d the table of the Five Hin, or Principles of the Universe, and the mystica l books of the alchemists. And after a long silence, he made answer to her, saying: “Gold and br ass will never meet in wedlock, silver and iron never will embrace, until the flesh of a maiden be melted in the crucible; until the blood of a virgin be mixed with the met als in their fusion.” So Ko-Ngai returned home sorrowful at heart; but she kept secret all that she ha d heard, and told no one what she had done. At last came the awful day when the third and last effort to cast the great bell was to be made; and Ko-Ngai, together with her waiting-woman, accompanied her father to the foundry, and they took their places upon a platform overlooking the toiling of t he moulders and the lava of liquefied metal. All the workmen wrought at their tasks in silen ce; there was no sound heard but the muttering of the fires. And the muttering deepened into a roar like

the roar of typhoons approaching, and the blood-red lake of metal slowly brightened like the vermilion of a sunrise, and the vermilion was transmuted into a radiant glow of gold, and the gold whitened blindingly, like the silver face of a full moo n. Then the workers ceased to feed the raving flame, and all fixed their eyes upon the eyes of Kouan -Yu; and Kouan-Yu prepared to give the signal to cast. But ere ever he lifted his finger, a cry caused him to turn his head and all hea rd the voice of Ko-Ngai sounding sharply sweet as a bird’s song above the great thunder o f the fires—“For thy sake, O my father!” And even as she cried, she leaped into the white fl ood of metal; and the lava of the furnace roared to receive her, and spattered monst rous flakes of flame to the roof, and burst over the verge of the earthen crater, and cast up a whirling fountain of many-coloured fires, and subsided quakingly, with lightnings and with thunders and with mutterings. Then the father of Ko-Ngai, wild with his grief, would have leaped in after her, but that strong men held him back and kept firm grasp upon him until he had fainted away, and they could bear him like one dead to his home. And the serving-woman of Ko-Ngai, dizzy and speechless for pain, stood before the furnace, still holding in her hands a shoe, a tiny, dainty shoe, with embroidery of pearls and flowers— Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 38 the shoe of her beautiful mistress that was. For she had sought to grasp Ko-Ngai by the foot as she leaped, but had only been able to clutch the shoe, and the pretty sh oe came off in her hand; and she continued to stare at it like one gone mad. But in spite of all these things, the command of the Celestial and August had to be obeyed, and the work of the molders to be finished, hopeless as the result might be. Yet the glow of the metal seemed purer and whiter than before; and there was no sign of the beautiful body that had been entombed therein. So the ponderous casting was made ; and lo! when the metal had become cool, it was found that the bell was beautiful to look upon and perfect in form, and wonderful in colour above all other bells. Nor was ther e any trace found of the body of Ko-Ngai; for it had been totally absorbed by the precious a lloy, and blended with the well-blended brass and gold, with the intermingling of the silv er and the iron. And when they sounded the bell, its tones were found to be deeper and mell ower and mightier than the tones of any other bell, reaching even beyond the distance of one

hundred li, like a pealing of summer thunder; and yet also like some vast vo ice uttering a name, a woman’s name, the name of Ko-Ngai. And still, between each mighty stroke t here is a long low moaning heard; and ever the moaning ends with a sound of sobbing a nd of complaining, as though a weeping woman should murmur, “Hiai!” Activity 4: SPIN A STORY WHEEL Directions: Did you have fun reading the “Soul of the Great Bell”? In a group of five, answer the questions in the story wheel to get to know more Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 39 Activity 5: RING THAT BELL! Directions: You have just read the Soul of the Great Bell. Have you noticed the descriptions of the bell? Fill out the bell’s description o n the corresponding columns and answer the questions that follow. Description of the Bell Before KoNgai leaped to the furnace

(Indicate paragraph number where you found your answers) After KoNgai leaped to the furnace

(Indicate paragraph number where you found your answers) Answer the questions that follow. Write your answers in a one fourth sheet of paper and be ready to join the discussion later. 1. Why was it entitled the Soul of the Great Bell? 2. What other Chinese traditions involve bells? Compare and contrast th ese traditions with Filipino traditions. 3. Do Filipinos and Chinese have similar values? What makes you think so? 4. Has the story helped you understand your identity as a Filipino and a s an PROCESS QUESTIONS: Activity 6: VALUES GALORE Directions: Go over the story of The Soul of the Great Bell. In the chart below, identify the values and traditions of the Chinese people that you can deduce from the reading selection. Cite the supporting detail or details in the story to prove your claim. Then, answer the process questions tha t follow.


Activity 7: SIGNALS TO CONNECT Directions: Below is the list of highlighted words and some lines tak en from the Soul of the Great Bell. Find out how these words connect t he paragraphs in the story. How do you think is this achieved? Find out as you answer the questions that follow. Therefore Finally But Now And Next At last But Then But in spite of Yet And still when However Therefore the worthy mandarin Kouan-Yu assembled the master-moulders and the renowned bellsmiths of the empire, and all men of great repute and cunning in fo undry work… But when the metal had been cast, and the earthen mould separated from the glowi ng casting,… A second time the bell was cast, and the result was even worse. Now, Kouan-Yu had a daughter of dazzling loveliness whose name—Ko-Ngai—… At last came the awful day when the third and last effort to cast the great bell was to be made; But ere ever he lifted his finger, a cry caused him to turn his head and all he ard the voice of Ko-Ngai Then the father of Ko-Ngai, wild with his grief, would have leaped in after her, but that strong men held him back But in spite of all these things, the command of the Celestial and Augu st had to be

Use the words you have learned from the story. and the work of the moulders to be finished Learning Module for English . Task 2 – for the Singers: Choose a song that best interprets the message of t he story and sing it to the class. Highlight Chinese tradition s by using traditional Chinese clothes. Give a short explanation on the c onnection of the drawing/illustration you’ve created to your life. Your performance should be accompanied by a dance numb er. Here are some suggested scenes but you may come up wi th other scenes in the story: workers who labored hard to make the bell. Before you perform.obeyed. are talented and skillful. Task 5 – for the IT’s: Create a 5 slide power point presentation highlighting the tr aditions and values of both the Filipinos and the Chinese.Grade 8 1 . you. Use this for your group . too. You may research on other Chin ese traditions and values related to Filipino values which are not mention ed in the story. Use the transitional devices you have learned from the selection.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 41 1. What are other ways to organize a paragraph? PROCESS QUESTIONS: This time you will work on the different activities to tap your skil ls and potentials. Task 3 – for the Actors/Actresses: Role play the scene that you like best in the s tory. Include the tradition and values of the Chinese shown in the story. the Chinese and the J apanese. What is the function of the underlined expressions? How are they called? 2. Task 1 – for the Visual artists: Draw a scene/an object/ a character from th e story that has the most impact on the group. How are the paragraphs organized? What do they show? 4. give the class a short background of your chosen song and ho w it is connected with the traditions and values you have learned about the Chinese. How are the paragraphs organized? What do they show? 3. Directions: Read carefully the instructions and be ready to present your group work to the class. Like your Asian neighbors. Use some background music from the collection of an cient Chinese songs. when Kouan Yu received the lemon colored envelope from the Mighty Emperor when KoNgai leaped to the lava of melted iron Task 4 – for the Writers: Write your own ending of the story. Activity 8: DIFFERENT ACTS FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS A copy of the scoring rubric is shown at the next page.

L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 42 Different Acts for Different Folks (Differentiated Learning) Group Name: _______________________________ Project: ______________ Indicators 1 2 3 4 Score Preparation Did not prepare enough for Some preparation was done A good amount of preparation was done Student prepared beyond level of assessment Visuals There were no helpful visual aids There were a few visual aids There were clear and interesting visual aids Students created excellent visual aids Speaking and Audience Contact Did not look at the audience and did not speak clearly Looked at audience some of the time. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 1 . spoke clearly once in a while .presentation. You will do peer grading. Each group shall score the other groups based on the indicators given.

Looked at the audience and spoke clearly Held attention of the audience and spoke very expressively Overall understanding of the topic Group didn’t show sufficient understandi ng of the traditions & values from the story Group understood most of the traditions. values from the story Group understood the entire traditions and values presented in the story Group understood the traditions and values from the story and presented extra Instilling Values in Students Helped other students understand at least one important values and traditions of other countries Helped other students understand .

They owned a bit of land which supplied them with food.atozteacherstuff. L ong.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 43 You had a glimpse of the Chinese way of living through the literary piece and activities you worked on in the previous section. identify any resemblance to your own culture and values as a Read a J apanese folktale. had a great and cowardly shrinking from anything suggestive of failing health and strength. and their humble were peaceful and happy. You will also have to deduce from the selection some of the J apanese traditions and values. This caused him to send out a . long ago there lived at the foot of the mountain a poor farmer and his least two important values and traditions of other countries Helped other students understand at least three important values and traditions of other countries Helped other students understand at least four important values and traditions of other countries TOTAL TEACHER’s COMMENTS: based on the Differentiated Learning Rubric by Maxine – Learning Module for English . See if there are similarities between the Chinese and J apanese customs and traditions as shown in the reading selections and activities in t his section.Grade 8 1 . widowed mother. Study how the organization of the paragraph s helps develop the story. You will now have a taste of the J apanese culture in this part of the lesson. Shinano was governed by a despotic leader who though a warrior. Then.

and her loving heart grew anxious. the youth prepared for what at that time was considered the kindest mode of death. “Let not thine eyes be blinded. so she stret ched The Story of the Aged Mother A Japanese Folktale Learning Module for English . he wrapped her padded coat more closely about the stooping shoulders and with tearful eyes and an aching heart said farewell. The entire province was given strict orders to immediately put to death all aged people. the mountain of the “abandoning of aged”.Grade 8 1 . the youth gently released his burden and silently prepared a place of comfort as his last duty to the loved one. On he went. “The mountain road is full of dange rs. sweet wate r. One path or another. Gathering fallen pine needle. They will gui . The trembling mother’s voice was full of unselfish love as she gave her last injun ction. the narrowed road was crossed and recross ed by many paths made by the hunters and woodcutters. and tying it in a sq uare cloth. he took a quantity of unwhitened rice which is principal food for poor. he made a soft cushion and tenderly lifting his old mother therein. my son. the narrow path behind them was dotted at frequent intervals with tiny piles of twigs. climbing blindly upward – ever upward towards the high bare summit of what is know n as Obatsuyama. T he poor farmer loved his aged mother with tender reverence. Look carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs.” She said. In some place. Then he lifted his helpless old mother to his back and stated on his pai nful journey up the mountain. and the custom of abandoning old people to die was not common. they mingled i n a confused puzzled. Those were barbarous days. But no one ever thought a second time about obeying the mandate of the governor. when his day’s work was ended. she quietly dropped a handful every few steps of the way so that they climbed. and the order filled hi s heart with sorrow. so with many deep hopeless sighs. Her son d id not know the mountain’s many paths and his return might be one of danger. At last the summit was reached.cruel proclamation. but he gave no heed. cooked and dried it. J ust at sundown. The road was long and steep. Weary and heart sick. it mattered not. The eyes of the old mother were not so dim but that they noted the reckless hastening from one path to another.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 44 forth her hand and snapping the twigs from brushes as they passed. swung and bundle around his neck along with a gourd filled with cool.

which was covered and hidden from vi ew. “th e truth must be told!” and with deep bows he related his story. Together we will follow the path of twigs. “Make rope twisted straw. “Wait!” she said.Grade 8 1 . Be neath the kitchen floor was a walled closet for food. Time passed. behold upon the stones with every twist an d fiber showing perfectly. and he was beginning to feel safe when again the governor sent forth heralds bearing an unreasonable order. through the shadows and the moonlight. honorable mother. seemingly as a boast of his power. the son whispered the news to his hidden mother. and together we will die!” Once more he shouldered his burden (how light it seemed no) and hastened down th e path. “Alas! Alas!” cried the farmer. The governor was pleased at the wit of the youth and praised greatly . then at the poor old. Finally. I will think” On the second day she told him what to do. give examples of words with similar meanings (SYNONYMS) and words that have opposite meaning (ANTONYMS). There the son hid his mother. What is it? Definition Despotic ANTONYMS . in great distress. The order must be obeyed yet who in all Shinano could make a rope of ashes? One night. The son’s surprised eyes looked back over the path. give the definition of the word in focus.” He called the people together and did as she said and when the blaze had died.” she said. His demand was that his subject should present him with a rope of ashes. “I will think. use the word in a sentence. thy kindness thrusts my heart! I w ill not leave thee. he cried aloud: “Oh. His heart smote him and bo wing to the grounds.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 45 Activity 9: WORD WATCH Directions: In the middle of each Word Chart are words found in the selection. Lay a rope of whitehead ashes. “Then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it there on the windless night. but he demanded to know where he had obtained his wisdom. Then. The entire province trembled with you to the familiar way farther down”. to the little hut in the valley. shrivell ed hands all scratched and soiled by their work of love. In your group. The governor listene d and Learning Module for English . supplying her with everything needful and continually wa tching and fearing.

Do you find the values and/or traditions of the J apanese people illustrated in the story similar to your values and/or traditions as a Filipino? Explain .L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 46 Activity 10: GOING JAPANESE Directions: In the chart below. Cite the supporting detail or details in the stor y to prove your claim. identify the values and traditions of the J apanese people that you can infer from the reading selection The Story of the Aged Mother. answer the process questions that follow.Grade 8 1 .Grade 8 1 . THE STORY OF THE AGED MOTHER JAPANESE VALUES/ TRADITIONS SUPPORTING DETAIL/S IN THE STORY Learning Module for English .SYNONYMS What is it? Definition Mandate ANTONYMS SYNONYMS What is it? Definition Summit ANTONYMS SYNONYMS Learning Module for English .L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 47 PROCESS QUESTIONS: PROCESS QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions with a partner: 1. Then.

_______________________ would you also jump into the boiling metal? 3. their parents would be very happy. KoNgai would not die a tragic death __________________________________. Are the values and/or traditions of the J apanese similar to Filipino values and traditions? In what way? 4. 1. 1. Why is it important to know the values and traditions of our Asi an Hi there! Remember how you’ve given your own ending to the story The Soul of the Great Bell? You have provided a “sort” of condition a “what if” situation. Imagine yourself creating your own story line. would you also save your mother? 5. then she would have died. too. 2. What word is common among the given sentences? What does it express? 2. 1. The farmer’s mother would die ____________________________________. If I could talk to the mother.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 48 Exercise B – CONDITIONALLY YOURS Directions: Write 2-3 sentences using conditional statements about the traditio ns and values of the Chinese and J apanese you have learned from the previou s activities. __________________________________. 2. What are the common uses of conditional sentences? Exercise A – Directions: COMPLETE THE LINE with the most appropriate condit ional statement or “if” statement. If I could talk to the son. ___________________________________________________________________ 3. 4. you need to learn how to formulate correct conditional statements that will be helpful to you when you begin your practical writing task in this sectio n. 3. the Filipinos love their famil ies. Then. 5. If the son had left his mother in the mountain. right? And now. _________________________. I will express my admiration to people who do good despite of the difficulty if I will 1. If you were the son. What does each sentence mean? 3. Learning Module for English . ___________________________________________________________________ You have learned about some J apanese traditions and values through the . Compare these values with some common Filipino values and cite the title of the story Example: If the Chinese and Japanese value their families. I would express my admiration for him. the custom of abandoning aged people would have continued. ___________________________________________________________________ 2.briefly. Do you think these values and/or traditions are also true to your other Asian neighbors especially the Chinese? Why? 3. 4. as shown in the story the Mats. you have just read the Story of the Aged Mother. 2.Grade 8 1 . I would congratulate her on having a son like him. answer the questions that follow. To be able to successfully do that. Activity 11: ON ONE CONDITION Directions: Analyze the following “what if statements” inspired by the Story of the Aged Mother.

Think about your answer to each question. ( v=HpF9UlzkQ1c) Activity 12: SEVEN RULES RULES For HAPPINESS (JAPANESE STYLE) IMPORTANCE TO YOU AS A FILIPINO VERY IMPORTANT IMPORTANT LEAST IMPORTANT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Learning Module for English . How many of the rules for happiness mentioned in the video clip have you che cked as ‘very important’? Why do you consider them ‘very important’? 2. list down the seven (7) rules for happiness J apanese style. You will further get to know J apanese customs and traditions by watching a video clip on the Seven Rules for Happiness Japanese Style. As you watch the video clip. do the “Think Pair Share” strategy. How many of the rules for happiness have you checked as ‘least important’? Why d o you consider them ‘least important’? 3.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 49 Directions: In answering the questions about the video clip you have just seen. Agree on one common answer to each question and Share your PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. What have you realized about your own values as a Filipino based on your ans wers .Grade 8 1 . Pair up with your seatmate and discuss your answers. As soon as you’ve written your answer on the space provided. Have a self-assessment on these rules by placing a check mark in the appropriate column to indicate how important each rule is to you as a Filipino/Asian. take note of some impor tant Directions: After watching the video clip.story of the Aged

Singapore is a shining example of Asia’s growing economic and political success an d an impressive testimony to the vision. with two of the outstanding fi gures in Asia’s growing success and rising influence on our world. I will try to meet the high standards he always sets for himself and for this co untry. Standards that I know are reflected at this wonderful university and in its stud ents. As you listened to and watched the video clip on the Seven Rules for Happ iness Japanese Style. This is impressive in itself. I am proud as well to be linked. Prime Minister of J apan on the Occasion of Activity 13: SPEAK THE LANGUAGE Keynote Speech Excerpt: I am honoured to be with you tonight and to have been invited to b e the first Li KaShing professor here at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. How similar to or different are we from the J apanese in term of using the English language? You have learned in lesson 1 that meaning changes due to stress. Over the past decades. intonation and juncture or a pause. I am sorry that my dear friend Lee Kuan Yew has not been able to join us here to night. this economic growth has helped lift hundreds of millions out of poverty.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 50 including trade and climate change. Study the excerpt of the Keynot e Speech by J unichiro Koizumi. learnt the lessons from the financial crisis of the late 90s and put in place prudent measures to prevent a repeat. It has also established the region’s leadership on critical global issues. the success of this remarkable city state provides a fitting context for what I want to talk about today. At the time of decolonization. As non-native English speakers. for example. even indirectly. Indeed.Grade 8 1 . Four decades ago. the level of economic development in most of Asia was comparable with that of Africa. courage and commitment which is found her e in such abundance. The result is your economies have weathered the recent global storms much better – and already returned to strong growth. the per capita in come of South Korea was virtually the same as that of Sudan. Your region is on a roll. It is a great privilege to be associated with such an influential school at a wo rld-class university. but even more so if compared to the fate of Africa. .to the activity? 4. what did you notice about how the J apanese woman expressed her feelings? 5. You. unlike Europe and the US. Learning Module for English .

Unfortunately. the celebration of the New Year is the . how For the full text of the speech. and purity. Buddhist practices and beliefs in J apan stemmed from practices in China and wer e very similar to those in China. crucial ly. How does the knowledge of these traditions and values help you in understanding better your identity as an Asian? Japanese and Chinese Traditions Many J apanese traditions stem from their deep roots in religions. The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a cultural tradition that originated in China. dance. Two main rel igions dominate the J apanese culture: Buddhism and Shintoism. how can you better understand your identity as an Asian? This final PROCESS activity may give you a better view of the collective values and Activity 14: EXTRAditions! Read this article about J apanese and Chinese traditions. The spiritual aspect involves harmony between the persons participating in the ceremony. Kabuki drama combined The Japanese New Year Celebration (January 1-15) In J ssons -future-ambitions 1.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 51 Japanese Theater : Noh & Kabuki Drama Noh drama is rigidly traditional J apanese drama which in it s present form dates back to the early 14th century. What tips can you give the learners of English on how to deliver a good speech? 5. with a highly stylized ritualistic presentation. What is the speech about? Give its gist in one sentence. intonation and juncture or pause affect the deliv ery of speech? 4. this comparison holds true for most countries in the two regions. How does the speech affect your being an Asian? Do you understand better PROCESS QUESTIONS: Now. 3. Did the speech increase your knowledge about the values and traditions of Asia and Africa? Explain. that you have explored ideas about Chinese and J apanese traditions. The divergent paths of Africa and Asia are a much studied subject. These three aspects bring tranquility to those who participate in the Learning Module for English . South Korea is one of the richest countries in the world while Sudan is among the poorest.Grade 8 1 . follow this link: http://kofiannanfoundation. respect for those involved in the ceremony. Noh plays are short dramas combining music. The tea was considered medicine that promoted physical and spiritual health and was consumed for enjoyment purposes primarily. I want today to focus on how Africa can learn from the approach and success of Asia and.Yet today. and lyrics. 2. How does stress.

and of its later derivative. ambiance andtechnique. the ruling nobility and samurai slept on tatami or woven mats called goza. By the time of Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694). or renga. This custom is still practiced on formal Chopsticks are believed to symbolize kindness and gentleness. spend time with family and friends and prepare for the events of the New Year. the hokku had begun to appear as an indepen dent poem. tea ware selection. Confucianism taught the Chinese to abandon knives and forks from the dining table. and tatami were only used as seating for the highest aristocrats It is said that prior to the mid-16th century. Ways of tea preparation. Kimono are made of silk and are usually very expensive. and was also incorporated in haibun(a combination of prose and hokku). Tatami were originally a luxury item for the nobility. Children serve tea to their elders as a token of respect. houses are decorated with straw ropes and pine bough that is Kimono and Yukata are traditional J apanese clothing. Firewood. Nowadays they are worn at formal or traditional occasions such as funerals. oil. humility and an overall sense of peace an d calm. Sumo is a J apanese style of wrestling and J apan s national sport. Many rituals with religious background Most houses in J apan have tatami mats. renku (or haikai no renga).Grade 8 1 . tasting it and the occasions on which it In the beginning. when the shinden-zukuri architectural style of aristocratic residences was consummated. the flooring of shinden-zukuri palatial rooms were mainly wooden. In the late 19th c entury. salt. while commoners used straw mats J apanese Haiku started as Hokku. Today. People of lowe r order are supposed to serve tea to people of higher ranks. Chinese considered tea as one of their seven basic necessities. there are six major aspects to consider when performing a Chin ese Tea Ceremony: attitude of the person performing the ceremony. tea was cultivated and used solely as herbal medicine mostly within temples. Monks began to Learning Module for English . During the Heian period. tea selection. After the cleaning.most significant and important holiday. and haiga (a combination of painting with hokku). It originated in ancient times as a performance to entertain the Shinto gods. water s election. So they have their food cut to bite-size before it comes on the . soy sauce and vinegar were some of the basic needs. Masaoka Like the J apanese. During this time they begin the New Yea r with a clean slate. weddings or tea ceremonies. Only rarely kimono can still be seen in everyday life.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 52 use tea to teach a respect for nature. an opening stanza of an orthodox collaborativ e linked poem.

do the 3-2-1 Chart below. the bride and groom kneel in front of their parents and offer them tea.Chinese weddings have certain traditional customs. . In olden times. So people clothe in red for the New Year celebration. Feel free to modify your initi al answers.Grade 8 1 .L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 53 At this point. The Dragon dance is an ancient Chinese tradition. When you give your gift make sure to wrap it in red a nd gold Directions: After reading the article. Young men hold the dragon and dance while carrying the dragon along. 3 Things You Found Out: 2 Interesting Things You Discovered 1 Question You Still Have to Ask Learning Module for English . A long dragon made of silk. As a form of expressing gratitude. drinking the tea offered showed acceptance of marriage while refusal represented opposition to the New Year is one of the most prominent festivals of the Chinese calendar. bamboo and paper are carried along streets. has your knowledge of the traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian counties increased? Are you now ready to modify your initia l answers to the focus question: As a Filipino. It is about getting together. how can you better understand your identity as an Asian? Fill out the ARG Worksheet that follows. Red is believed to abolish bad luck.

religiosity and value for work. Write Disagree if you disagree with the statements. sumo. nation. China and J apan have rice and tofu as staple food. China have many examples of oral literature. For Asians. Only Asian countries have wedding traditions. geisha. China and J apan have three common qualities: love for the family. and so is taken very seriously. Hard work is one of the outstanding qualities of the Chinese and the J apanese. J apanese write haikus to honor nature. Response Before the Lesson Statements Response After the Lesson J apan. Respond to each statement: Write Agree if you agree with the given statements. or other group. The Philippines. samurai are parts of Chinese traditions.Anticipation-Reaction Guide Directions: Read the set of statements found at the center column in the table below. and reflect directly upon ones’ family. China has different folktales that feature their religious beliefs. Love for family is often the theme of J apan’s oral literature. . Philippines. China and J apan have traditions that are influenced by religion. shame and honor go far beyond the individual. The Philippines. Kimono. Philippines.

that you know the important ideas about this topic. let us go deeper Directions: Conduct an online or library research to come up with a comprehensive view of the unifying and distinctive characteristics.Grade 8 1 . Go back to the previous section and compare your initial ideas with the things learned. Use the template on the next page to guide you in your online or library researc h.Learning Module for English . Your goal in this section is to enrich your familiarity with the common traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. J apan and the Philippines. particularly China. Activity 15: INFO SEARCH ASPECT OF LIFE/ CULTURE CHINA JAPAN PHILIPPINES Famous festivals Wedding Traditions Unique cuisines/ dishes Family Values Music/Theater Arts Literature Martial arts Social values Popular culture . values and traditions of the people of China. the discussion was about the concepts related to the common values and traditions among selected Asian countries particularly China and J apan. you will engage yourself in a deeper search for knowledge to satisfy your curiosity and deepen your understanding of your being an Asian. In this phase.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 54 In the previous section. J apan and Philippines in preparation for your final perfor mance task. How many of your initial ideas are similar to those discussed in the section? Which ideas are different and need refinement? Now.

They will insist on declining the gift. they will wait until the guests have left to open the gift.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 55 Activity 16: HOW WELL DO YOU REALLY KNOW? By this time you will have had a good grasp of the traditions and values of the Chinese. TRUE FALSE J ustification: ______________________________________________________ 4. it is a common practice for visitors to tip the tour . hard work and the ir religion or faith. J apanese. Kissing. In China. Most Chinese care more about the quality than the packaging of th e gift. The benefit of all the members of the family is more impo rtant than the individual. If your answer is FALSE. TRUE FALSE J ustification: ______________________________________________________ 2. TRUE FALSE J ustification: _____________________________________________________ 8. TRUE-FALSE STATEMENTS Directions: Read the given statements. 1. for they will find it embarrassing if all the food is consumed. and Filipinos as you worked on the learnin g A. Asians like Filipinos. Number 4 is considered lucky in J apan. whether on the c heeks or on hands. People in China tend to over-order food. It is a no-no in J apan to pick up your rice or miso soup bowl and hold it u nder your chin to keep stuff from falling.Grade 8 1 . Identify whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE. TRUE FALSE J ustification: _____________________________________________________ 6. Furthermore.Unique Beliefs Learning Module for English . TRUE FALSE J ustification: ______________________________________________________ 3. In J apan it is impolite to pour your own drink when eating with others--you pour your companion s drink and your companion pours yours. J apanese often send money to bereaved friends as an expression of sympathy. Education of children and their excellence in school is important to them. be able to provide justification on the space pr ovided. TRUE FALSE J ustification: _____________________________________________________ 5. Chinese and J apanese value family. is usually acceptable for the Chinese. TRUE FALSE J ustification: _____________________________________________________ 9. TRUE FALSE J ustification: _____________________________________________________ 7. The Chinese normally embrace each other.

. In many places in Africa young girls are trained to be good wives from an ea rly age. wedding ceremonies can be extremel y . A unique feature of the Chinese family is th e one child policy that has been enforced by the law of the country. Chinese parents are usually concerned about the discipline of their children. It is considered ideal for men to marry and bring their wives to go and l ive with their husbands after marriage. Hotel bellboy expects your tips as and driver in recognition of their good service. businesses are more accepting of women performing business. http://www. women in the Philippines have had high societal positions since pre-co lonial times. Copy the Inference-Evidence Chart in your notebook and write your 1.htm 3. TRUE FALSE J ustification: _____________________________________________________ 10. Depending on which part of Africa you are in. They may even learn secret codes and secret languages that allow them to talk wi th other married women without their husbands understanding what is being said. Unlike other Asian countries where women tend to be in more subservient posi tions. It is not customary to leave tips at hotel or local restaurant as the bill usually include s 10-15% service charge. Parents are really very keen to see that their children are married to suita ble families. The first son enjoys the greatest benefits in terms of education and opportunities. Married sons continue to live in the same household with their parent s. Directions: Read the following passages about Asian-African traditions and values and draw conclusions or make logical predictions about each.asianinfo.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 56 Activity 17: IT HELPS TO KNOW.Grade 8 1 . The parent never gets divorce if the relationship does not work. Since there is gender equality.. The first daugh ter takes Inference-Evidence Chart Inference Evidence Inference-Evidence Chart Inference Evidence The father maintain s a strict Learning Module for English .

. a child learns at an early age on how to become a good m ember of his tribe. .elaborate. Inference-Evidence Chart Inference Evidence Learning Module for English . I t is basically done to keep the house clean.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 57 Inference-Evidence Chart Inference Evidence 4. as you will be expected to take off your slippers when seated on tatami mats. Taking off one’s shoes is another prevalent practice in J apan. In African culture.html . While entering houses.iloveindia. . Each member of the tribe belongs to an age group that has special ser vices within the tribe. Inference-Evidence Chart Inference Evidence Activity 18: TRADITIONS AND VALUES REVISITED Directions: Reflect on your previous ideas and fill out this Retrieval Chart using the knowledge you acquired about the traditions and values of the Five Common Traditions and Values of Asians (Chinese & Japanese) and Africans Aspect of Culture Specific Tradition/Value Best Features .Grade 8 1 . Each person is expected to contribute to the tribe by doing hi s share of the work and obeying its customs. . some lasting many days. . schools and many other buildings. http://lifestyle. people are expected to take off their shoes. . . Often huge ceremonies are held during which many couples are united at the same time. Make sure you are wearing decent socks.

the discussion focused on probing your understanding of the ideas related to the common traditions and values among the people of selected Afro-Asian countries. In this final phase of the lesson. you need to understand that the goal of this lesson is for you to learn on your own how to present information using various tools of data gathering. You have just tried to synthesize and integrate in a creative way differe nt ideas related to the common traditions and values among the peoples of Asia and Africa through the Retrieval Chart. More often. you are going to write brief articles for a brochure that contains relevant information about the culture and values of the Chinese or J apanese people.Grade 8 1 . you are now ready to finalize your answer to the focus question: How can you better understand your identity as an Asian? Enter your final answer in the ARG Worksheet on page 50. In this lesson. Compare your previous answer with your final answer and see how you have progressed. your goal is to apply your learning to real life situations. Chinese & J apanese) & Africans? What new connections have you made for yourself ? Write your thoughts in the cloud callout on the next page. You were asked to determine misconceptions and errors and explain your justifications to he lp arrive at your generalizations on the topic. In the previous section.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 59 In Lesson I. for your practical task. what new realizations d o you have about the traditions and values among Asians (Filipinos. Learning Module for English . But before you worry about the design. and present information in many different occasions. You will likewise finalize your answer to the focus question that has been asked since the beginning of this lesson.. This will be your final AR G task. To begin with. There are many ways of doing this.Grade 8 1 . your Asian neighbors. organize. you will write brief articles about the Asian countries we featured in this Lesson – China and J apan. in real life situations you will be required to gather. you wrote informative articles about a selected African country and the Philippines. . Learning Module for English . Thus. collate. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understanding. You are going to come up with a similar output as follows: You might be asking how you will go about this practical task. . Fill out the column: “Response After the lesson” in your notebook.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 58 At last. At this point. learn first the basic steps in preparing a brochure.

photos and scanned artwork. Step 2: Make a draft of the six panels. one panel can be about the beaches in the country. and designs.Directions: Using the information you gathered in the different activit ies included in this lesson: write in a half sheet of paper a 5-sentence article each about the traditions a nd values of China. You should list your resources at the bottom of one panel. you will need to choose the most important ones. 2. clip art. Your brochures have to inform the reader about the traditions and values of the selected Asian and African countries. Other Five Panels: Display information with subtitles.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 60 PROCESS QUESTIONS: product. Constructing the Brochure Step 1: Once the brochure is planned. It can be folded in many ways. If you will make the brochure on the computer. 1. artwork.Grade 8 1 . A picture is always a good addition. You will need those articles for your Brochure-making project. You can insert clip art. For example. It can be completed on the computer or without the aid of the computer. J apan and Philippines provide a catchy title for each article Activity 19: CONTENT MATTERS Activity 20: LEARNING THE BASICS It’s good that you have written your brief article on the traditions and values of the Chinese and J apanese. If you are not using a computer. if you are making a travel brochure about a country. and basic information about the topic. if available. markers. A picture. Prepare materials needed Have the following available: paper. There are three panels on each side of the paper. pictures. The paper can be set up on "landscape" and each side of the paper can be split into three panels by making three columns on each page . Front Panel: This should have the title. you can use M icrosoft Word software or Microsoft publisher. If there are many beaches. but the six panels need to be planned out on a piece of notebook paper. Learning Module for English . a clip art or a small piece of artwork about the topic is a good addition. you need to neatly write your information on ea ch panel . You should decide on what main information you want to display and t ell about your topics. colored pencils. You may need to do some research to add more information and complete the brochure. color printer and access to the Internet. name of the Group and the individual members. photos. You may write the information and paste pictures about your topic. you can begin working on your final Study the simple guidelines on brochure making below adopted from the article Brochure Projects Made Easy with Rubric by Kellie Hayden. 3. a computer. Preparatory Procedure Step 1: Decide on a purpose and a specific topic. Plan Fold a piece of paper in thirds and concisely write information on i t with graphic design. 4.

Tips for designing a brochure: Learning Module for English . the gifts tourists can expect t o buy in your place. Don’t hesitate to ask for details or c larify instructions. Remember to provide accurate and detailed information on how visitors could get to . Directions: Read carefully the task below. do the Activity 21: BROWSING YOUR BROCHURE You are a feature writer of your school paper. Copies of your brochure will likewise be distributed to restaurants and stores t hat sell local products." to work with and one large area. Do you find brochure-making easy to do? Why? 2. Arrange your information according to "topics" based on the assignment .L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 61 Create a colorful and eye-catching cover for your brochure. One of your first tasks is t o design a travel brochure. This brochure will be distributed to the visitors of your barangay. You will try your knowledge of the steps by doing the gi ven activity below. answer the questions that follow. What skills are required of you in making a brochure? 3. 5. the kinds of terrain a tra veler might expect to pass through. you might gather all information collected about living accomm odations that a visitor might expect to find in your locality.Grade 8 1 . 1. In what way will the guidelines above help you in your practical task? 4. modes of transportation." inside. That will give you three outside areas. For example. Wait for your teac her to give you the cue. Prepare your information: Gather information about the tourist attractions. or "panels. You have been asked by the barangay council to promote tourism as an industry. and things to see and do in your locality. local festivals and unique qu alities of your barangay or locality.and glue photos or clip art to the brochure. In your group with five me mbers. What problem do you think might you encounter in making your broYou have learned how to make a brochure based on the given guidelines. This is what you do: Prepare a letter-size sheet of paper by folding it twice to form a tri-fold bro chure. Present your brochure to the class as soon as you are ready. Assessing the Brochure with a Rubric To test your understanding of what you have read. Interview long-time residents and local officials. or "spread. You may follow the previous guidelines or work with t he suggested steps in this activity.

Assessment The following criteria will be used in evaluating your travel brochure: Quality of the Information on How to Get There (10 points possible) High-Quality Work: All possible modes of transportation are mentioned and explained. All possible reasons on why visitors have to visit the attractions have been pro vided. terrains. Festivals ar e not mentioned. The sections of the brochure are in a logical order. Map is neatly colored. No reasons were mentioned as to why visitors have to visit the place. The terrains are mentioned as well as traffic conditions in the area. Satisfactory Work: Most of the brochure is organized. Quality of the Information on Tourist Attractions (10 points possible) High-Quality Work: All tourist attractions including festivals are explained th oroughly. Unsatisfactory Work: Very difficult to follow. The brochure ha s decent "flow" throughout. Information doesn t "flow" in a way that Here is the CHECKLIST FOR the REVIEW OF a TRAVEL BROCHURE.Grade 8 1 . Some possible reasons have been given on why visitors have to visit the attracti ons have been provided. Satisfactory Work: Some tourist attractions including festivals have been expla ined. Exchange brochure with the other group and evaluate the group’s sample travel br ochure by CATEGORIES High Quality Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Information on How to Get There Information on Tourist Attractions Organization of Brochure Learning Module for English . Unsatisfactory Work: No map. Satisfactory Work: Comments about modes of transportation.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 62 By this time you are now ready to perform your practical task in th is lesson. Map is beautifully colored. Unsatisfactory Work: Few tourist attractions have been identified. Very vague descriptions of the modes of transportation. The brochure is easy to read and "flows" very well. terrains and traffic situation. Organization of Brochure (10 points possible) High-Quality Work: Information is organized. You are on your own to figure out which of the skills you learned in . The sections of the brochure are in an order. tr affic condition are included but not well explained.the place.

. Less than half of the sections of the brochure have a clear . J apan and Philippines which they will use for their marketing campaign. correct grammar.. 89-80% of the facts in the brochure are accurate. and end.OUR BROCHURES Travel and Tours Organization plans to publish a two-page brochure that contains relevant information about the culture and values of China. Most sections of the brochure have a clear beginning. spelling RUBRIC FOR ASSESSMENT OF BROCHURE ON TRADITIONS AND VALUES CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Content Accuracy All facts in the brochure are accurate. In your group. middle and end. Activity 22: FEATURING. Directions: Read the task below. discuss and plan on how you wil l make your travel brochure. Almost all sections of the brochure have a clear beginning. middle. middle and end. As the writer you are tasked to: Write 5-sentence article about the traditions and values of the three countries with accurate information Design the brochure with attractive layout and a good mix of graphics and arts Observe the principles of clear organization. Writing Organization Each section in the brochure has a clear beginning. Fewer than 80% of the facts in the brochure are accurate.the previous activities you will use to meet the standards set in this given task. The Organization chose your advertising company to prepare the brochure. 99-90% of the facts in the brochure are accurate. The rubric for grading is provided here to remind you on h ow your work will be graded.

3-2-1 Chart– is a graphic organizer that calls for the use of process skills lik e data gathering and analysis. TASK Learning Module for English . two interesting things learned and one question that still needs to be answered which is not covered by the topic/ article read. Accomplishing the 3-2-1 chart requires identifying three things found out/discovered about the topic. Did you find the skills you learned previously helpful in doing t his task? Why? 3. Attractiveness & Organization The brochure has exceptionally attractive formatting and well-organized . There are 1-2 grammatical mistakes in the brochure. You have completed your project for this lesson. Writing Grammar There are no grammatical mistakes in the brochure. If you were given a similar task in real life. J apanese. answer briefly the follow ing questions: 1. There are several grammatical mistakes in the brochure. you have designed a travel brochure that contains relevant information about the traditions and values of the Chinese.Grade 8 1 . Don’t forget the learning you gained. which top 2 skills you learne d in Finally. You will need them as you embark further on your search for knowledge. What important insight did you gain from doing this practical task? 4. How did you find working on your final practical task in this lesson? Why? 2.beginning. There are 3-4 grammatical mistakes in the brochure. Africans and Filipinos.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 63 CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 PROCESS QUESTIONS: To highlight the learning for this activity.

Graphics do not go with the accompanying text or appear to be randomly chosen. but there are so many that they distract from the text. The brochure\ s formatting and organization of material are confusing to the reader. Capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout the brochure after feedback from an adult. There are 1-2 capitalization and/or punctuation errors in the . Graphics go well with the text. Writing Mechanics Capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout the brochure. Graphics go well with the text. but there are too few and the brochure seems "textheavy".information. Graphics/ Pictures Graphics go well with the text and there is a good mix of text and graphics. The brochure has attractive formatting and well-organized information. The brochure has wellorganized information.

but also can be a r evealing mirror of the comedy and pathos of our lives. value system that makes a part icular person or group different from others. is to decide (something) after thinking about known facts. Identity–refers to the qualities. Customs – is an action or way of behaving that is usual and traditional among th e people in a particular group or place Deduce–is to use logic or reason to form (conclusion or opinion about something). Because folktale plots are generally concerned with life s universal themes. Folktales .brochure even after feedback from an adult. folktales often reflect the values and customs of the cultur e from which they come. Excerpt – a small part usually the most important or interesting of a longer writt en work or oral work like a speech. Expanded and shaped by the tongues of tellers over time.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 64 ARG or Anticipation-Reaction Guide – aims to illustrate student or class’s prior knowledge about a topic or section of a lesson which is similar to the K-W-L-H technique. Inference-Evidence chart – is a graphic organizer that needs skills in making i nferences (drawing conclusions about what is implied but not directly stated) an d gathering evidence or factual information to support the inference. it is also used to assess student or class’s knowledge before. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 1 . during a nd after the lesson. they also transcend their culture of origin to reveal the commonality of human experience. Brochure project – a two-page flyer or leaflet that usually has many p ictures and information about a product. This ancient form of narrative communication for both educa tion and entertainment.are oral narratives that do not have a singular. belief.or infer is often described as "reading between the lines. not only offers a window into other cultures. etc as in the example for this lesso n. identifiable auth or. a place. There are several capitalization or punctuation errors in the brochure even after feedback from an adult. a travel brochure. and passed down from one generat ion to the next. Making Inferences . .

/Serrano. . pertains to stories. Retrieval Chart.L2 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 65 Book Lapid. and Note taking in a systematic way./Serrano. In other words. 2010.victoriafalls-guide. Tradition – means a way of thinking. The Story of the Aged Mother Through Afro-Asian Literature. Milagros G. Through Afro-Asian Literature. TPS or Think. 2003). each member will Pair with another member of the grou p. Milagros G. Phoenix Publishing Websites African culture. family. the members in th e group are asked Think about answers to a question on their own. First. The Soul of the Great . c ustoms that Learning Module for English . Inc.buzzle. a graphic organizer used for organizing and categorizing d ata using headings or key concepts.http://www. marriage/ Ancient Chinese Traditional Customs. They discuss their answers and agree on one common answer to each qu estion before they could Share their answer to the group and finally to the class. society. Lapid. English Communication Arts and Skills House.html Brochure Projects Made Easy with Rubric by Kellie Hayden. ." Making an inference involves using background knowledge combined with information fr om the text and illustrations to draw conclusions about what is implied but not directl y stated (Pinnell &Scharer. Phoenix Publishing J osephine B. As soon as they’ve written/ thought of their answers. 2010.www.Grade 8 1 . Comparing and contrasting attributes.www. Share strategy –is a group activity that calls for a step by step approach in discussing answers in the group. Retrieval Charts are useful for: Presenting information in an easily accessible way.worldweddingtraditions. English Communication Arts and Skills House. Peer Grading – makes use of a rubric that is accomplished by members of the dif ferent groups in a class to give a score or grade the output or performances of other g roups.html African wedding traditions. behaving or doing something that has been u sed by people in a particular group. Pair. sometimes an author does not come righ t out and tell something but uses words or illustrations to show reader s so they can draw their own conclusions and make logical predictions. J osephine B. Organizing data for use in research projects and the african_traditions.html Ancient Chinese Marriage Custom.

you will learn the following: Listen to points the speaker emphasizes as signaled by contrastive sentence str ess (Listening Comprehension) Use stress. and juncture to signal changes in meaning (Sp eaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Guess the meaning of expressions by noting keywords in expressions. J akarta.kanazawa. J unichiro Koizumi. (Reading Comprehension) Narrate events logically (Viewing Comprehension) Validate mental images of the information conveyed by a program viewed (Viewing Comprehension) Respond to questions raised in a program reviewed.iloveindia. You have received enough information to build up your knowledge bank. 2005 at Mulia Hotel. you are expected to put up your own informative and creative exhibit showcasing the traditions and values of people from selected Afro-Asian countries discussed in Lessons 1. Excerpt. It’s time for you to share that knowledge with others.www.merriamwebster. History and Origin.Grade 8 1 . intonation. tatami mats.www.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 66 Hello.htm and researchpapers. To give you an overview of the things you will do in this www. www. sumo.www. Haiku. kimono.www. At the end of this J apan practices http://lifestyle. (Viewing Comprehension) . (Vocabulary Development) Skim to determine the author’s key ideas and purpose by answering questions raise d after surveying the text (Reading Comprehension) Read closely to select appropriate details from a selection for speci fic purposes.html J apanese tea ceremony.hypermart.sevencups. Prime Minister of J apan Keynote Speech excerpt on the Occas ion of the Asia-Africa Business Summit on April 22. context clu Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In this lesson. etc.html Learning Module for English .net/art/J apanese%20Tea%20Ceremony.Chinese Tea Ceremony.html Seven Rules for Happiness J apanese v=HpF9UlzkQ1c Women in the Philippines. young explorers! You have reached your final journey in searching for knowledge.asianinfo.wikipedia.atozteacherstuff. Information about Differentiated Learning Rubric by speech/2005/04/22keynote_e. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills and the lesson map.

(Grammar Awareness and Structure) Get and assess current information from newspaper and other print and non-print media. (Attitude) On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Sharing the Kno wledge you Learned. discuss and respond to the text through Readers Circle Stating the significance of . (Literature) Transcode ideas from texts to concept maps.Grade 8 1 . (Study Strategies) Set new goals for learning on the basis of self-assessment made.Discover through literature the links between one’s life and the lives of people throughout the world.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 67 Administration of Pre-Test Picture Reading through picture perfect Activating prior knowledge through IRF KNOW Identifying whether the word is stressed or not stressed using the Retrieval Chart Identifying Correct Coordinating/ Subordinating Conjunction Give the meaning of words using vocabulary mapping Getting Information from Newspapers Sentence Structure Test Getting information through Scanning (I) Getting the main idea through skimming Getting the major ideas through Skimming Organizing ideas through outlining Reading Meaning into Poetry Transcode ideas using mind map Activating prior knowledge through IRF Video critiquing through Differentiated Task Writing ones personal insights based from the given questions Oral Practice using appropriate PROCESS Vocabulary Test Character Map Review the past lessons using the Check and Balance Read. (Writing and Composition) Use of coordinators and subordinators. (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Use of correct complex and compound-complex sentences. (Writing and Composition) Make write-up ideas presented in concept maps. Learning Module for English .

What helps you in identifying the specific country shown in each picture? 4.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 69 Good start! But your search for knowledge is not yet over.Grade 8 1 . write Let us begin this lesson by reflecting on what you know so far about Afro-Asian people. concepts.Grade 8 1 . Do these pictures help you understand your identity as an Asian? How? Directions: Explain your answer to this question by accomplishing the IRF worksheet . Let’s find out how others would answer the question and compare their ideas to our own.studying Afro-Asian traditions and cultures through Think Pair Activating prior knowledge through IRF Dramatize a Real Life Situation Discuss a literary text through Active Knowledge Sharing Read the lines/dialogue revealing the Character’s Emotion Draw the group’s imagination. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 68 For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this lesso n. Can you identify what country is being represented in picture 1? How about the other pictures? 3. you have just begun another journey to discover new things and the privilege to share these with others. their traditional Activity 1: THE THOUGHTS THAT Are you familiar with our traditional dances? Can you name one? Take a look at the following pictures and answer the questions that follow: Learning Module for English . ideas from the text REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Reviewing prior knowledge through IRF Writing an event proposal Put up an informative and creative exhibit showcasing the traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian TRANSFER Learning Module for English . What do the pictures show? What do they have in common? 2. in particular. in fact. As we compare. You have just shared your first discovery that dance is a part of human culture and traditions. you will also learn other concepts which will help you complete the required project. Your project is to put up an informative and creative exhibit showcasing the traditions and values of people from selected Afro-Asian countries.

Function Words like articles. Amsterdam) Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts related to Indian and Persian people. Can you recall the words that were stressed? What do we call those words? 3. We will do this by studying another aspect of their identity. and adverbs. auxiliaries. pronouns. and interrogatives when used as subjects are sometimes stressed because the y have meaning in themselves. As you go through this part. Activity 2: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Directions: With your partner. verbs. let’s try to find out why the Indians are said to be a remarkable people. adjectives. be guided by this question: PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Having understood the difference between content and function words try to do the oral practice and accomplish the retrieval chart afterwards. you Initial Answer Revised Answer Final Answer Learning Module for English . and prepositions are not normally stressed.below. Accomplish the (I) for your Initial Answer. Library of Nations (Time-Life Books. conjunctions.Grade 8 1 . We will start with India. What do we call this emphasis or prominence which is given only to a syllable of certain words in a sentence? You have learned in your previous lessons that Sentence stress refers to the emphasis or prominence given to a syllable of certain words in a sentence. Did your teacher give emphasis to all words in the sentence? 2. . Notice how she puts emphasis to some important words in the sentences to communicate the message more effectively Source: English for Secondary Schools (Revised Edition) Second Year India. On the other hand. linking verbs. What words were not stressed? Why do you think they were not stressed? 4. As you continue doing this m odule. their culture and their literature. take turns in reading this paragraph properly.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 70 Listen as your teacher reads the passage on Indian culture. These wo rds do not have meaning except when they are used in relation to their grammatical use in the sentence. Content Words like nouns.

And if you cannot work with love but only with dista ste. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons. Then. Write your reasons in the box provided. it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and tak e alms of The Prophet by Khalil Gibran (excerpts) Learning Module for English . that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite. And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes. Process this activity using the retrieval chart.Be sure to put emphasis to a Then a ploughman said. And if you cannot work with love but only with dista ste. 4. For if you bake bread with indifference. write your answers in Column 3. Retrieval Chart Directions: Pick out 10 words from the excerpts and classify them as content or function words. 2. 5. your grudge distils a poison in the wine. Words Content Word/Function Word Stressed/ Not stressed 1. and love not the singing. you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man s hunger. give your reasons why you have the words as such.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 71 those who work with joy. Reasons for your answers: Grammar Recall: Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions Take a look at these lines taken from the excerpt and answer the questions below : Work is love made visible. 6. and to step out of life s procession. it is . 8. Work is love made visible. Then. 7." You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth.Grade 8 1 . tell whether they are stressed or unstressed. 3. "Speak to us of Work. 9. 10. And if you sing though as angels. you muffle man  s ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night.

What is said about work in the paragraph? 2. phrases. What about in the second line? 3. Examples: a. your grudge distils a poison in the wi ne” 1. She is attractive and bad tempered.Grade 8 1 . (Principal Clauses) 1. The man was ugly and mean.better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and tak e alms of those who work with joy.) 2. (Adjectives) They worked rapidly but carefully. (The sentence is faulty because attractive is a positive quality whi le bad tempered is a negative quality.) b. you bake bitter bread that feeds but ha lf man s hunger. How do we call this word that connects ideas? 5. 1. How many ideas are joined in the first lines? What are those? 2. (The words ugly and mean are both negative qualities. What word is used to introduce the first part of the sentence? What is its f unction in the sentence? A. Coordinating conjunctions tie together words and word-groups which have the same grammatical List of coordinating conjuntions: F – for A – and N – nor B – but O – or Y – yet Examples: I study mathematics and history. (Phrases) They waited a long time. Can you give other connectors that join words. and clauses? Give on e. The But type .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 72 3. How many ideas are given to answer question no. It should be used o nly when the second idea is along the same line of thought as the first idea. (Noun) We sang and danced heartily. If you grudge the crushing of the grapes. 3? What word is used to conn ect these ideas? 4. The And type And is used to add something to what has already been said. Does the first part of every sentence convey a complete thought? Why? Why no t? 4. (Adverbs) He went into the water and down to the bottom. According to Gibran. When do you use that connector? Now take a look at these lines: “If you bake bread with indifference. (Verbs) The book was old and soiled. what are the better things to do if one cannot work wit h love but only with distaste? Learning Module for English . yet nobody came.

lest They read that they may learn. as if. Subordinating Conjunctions Subordinators are function words that join dependent clauses to main clauses. whereas. the second part of the sentence expresses an idea that is the contrast to the Learning Module for English . which implies the same line o f thought and from the but type. as though. 4. Example: He is stupid but hardworking. whom.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 73 first. When we use and. t hey are of two types: those that pattern like because and form that pattern like who . unless. in case. in the event that If you go with me. place. even if. 2. The So type The conjunction so is used when the second part is a consequence or effect of th e first part. I’ll not speak to you unless you go with me. Cause and effect: because.But adds something contrary to or different from what has been said. result. The chief relations they show are time. 3. inasmuch as He failed because he did not study. I can go or stay as I please. He could not stand the wind and rain since he fell ill. So implies that the second part follows as a result of the first part. These words not only introduce the subordinate clause but link it to the main cl ause. The so type differs from the and type. Condition: if. cause. Their chief function is to make clear exactly what the relation between the two clauses is. They read. Purpose: so that. (Stupid expresses a negative quality while hardworking expresses positive quality. in such a way that Tess is acting as if she knows everything. Subordinators express various logical relationships such as: 1. and alternative.Grade 8 1 . con dition. so that they may learn. in case. The second idea is constructive. whose. giving one a chance to ch oose either idea.) 3. It connects ideas of equal value. which implies a contrast. . exception. 4. I’ll treat you to a snack. The Or type Or implies a choice. in order that. You can come today or tomorrow. since. B. Examples: a. which and that. Manner: as. the second part of the sentence expresses an idea similar to the first. Whe n we use but. b.

it also ffunctions as t he direct object of the clause. Her mother told her to. He didn’t look for it. the relative pronoun has a job to do within the adjective clause. 6.Grade 8 1 . He spent his money foolishly. He was an extravagant person. She has a lot of books. I’ll buy that picture. It is very pretty. We went out. He has been punished. She could not go out. 5. The boys apologized to the man whose window they had broken. She did not know.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 74 as the subject of the adjective clause. It was a warm day. ___ 7. We went out. Tell the truth. ___ 5. Anton lost his book. 8. a. He was an extravagant person. An adjectival subordinate clauses are usually introduced by the pro nouns who. (Whom relates the adjective clause to people. Write your answer on the space pr ovided for you. The rain stopped. She lost her watch. 9. I will punish you. 4. These pronouns are called relative pronouns because they relate the adjective clause to the word the clause modifies (the antecedent of the relative pronoun). J aveline is one of the people whom I invited. She felt ill. 2. ___ 4. I’ll attend your party. Tell the truth. ___ 9. (The relative pronoun who relates the adjective clause to boy. It was raining. 10. wherever I don’t know where I lost it. The boy who won the prize is my cousin. She was not sure. if that when although ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ unless because 1. 3. 7. It was growing dark. Activity 3: CONNECT ME IF I’ M RIGHT Using the Correct Coordinating Conjunctions Directions: What coordinating conjunctions should connect these clauses? Write your answer on the space provided for you. She doesn’t read them. The teacher will scold you. You invite me. It also functio ns Learning Module for English . whose. The child is crying. I’ll impose a penalty. He did not spend all his money. Place: where. I invited whom.) b. ___ 8. We took off our sweaters. You are not paying attention. She got a good grade. I’ll not punish you. ___ 3.) c. 6. ___ 10. J osie studied hard for the test. In addition to referring to the word the clause modifies. ___ 2. . She reached home. Supplying the Appropriate Subordinating Conjunctions Directions: What subordinating conjunctions should connect these clauses? Choose from the subordinating conjunction inside the box. whom. ___ 1. She didn’t wear her new shoes. which and that. ___ 6.5. She could go. You will hand in your theme on time.

There must be a relationship in meaning between those sentences.Learning Module for English . Label each of the four corners of the square with the following headings: defin ition. Activity 4: VOCABULARY MAPPING Directions: Give the meaning of the italicized words using the vocabulary mapping procedure. moral undertones Process for Vocabulary Mapping: Accomplish the vocabulary mapping worksheet by following the procedure below: There are 4 squares in each worksheet. sentence and picture.Grade 8 1 . you listened to an informative text about the culture of India.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 76 VOCABULARY MAPPING WORKSHEET Name: ____________________________ Definition Synonym Sentence Picture Grade and Section:__________ . Place the italicized word at the middle of each square. we do not just put together any two or three sentences into one. You would still encounter more exercises regarding conjunctions in the next quarter. Complete what is being asked for in each of the four headings Share your map with the class. He helped me join in To be patient is to care enough about someone so that he/she may have the Learning Module for English . rituals and prayers 2. Previously. You will read a selection about the characteristics of Indian Literature. synonym.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 75 Great job! You have combined sets of ideas to form new sentences. discourses between teachers and pupils 3. now it’s time for you to know additional information about the said coun try. But always remember. 1. Patient Definition Synonym Sentence Picture Tolerant Uncomplaining Thoughtful Tom was very patient with me when I didn’t understand the instructions on how to play soccer.Grade 8 1 .

Definition Synonym Sentence Picture

Definition Synonym Sentence Picture

Definition Synonym Sentence Picture

The Literature of India is one of the indelible marks of India’s culture. It ha s its own unique development. In centuries, India produced some of the most Read and study the selection that follows. Find out what are the factors that Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 77 S anskrit literature originated with an oral tradition that produced the Vedic hol y texts, sometime after 1500 B.C. The Aryans, who came from Central Asia bringing their own Gods with them, memorized these sacred literatures, the Vedas, which means “knowledge.” The oldest of these holy works is the Rig Veda-“the Veda of praise”-a collection of 1017 hymns addressed to the various Gods of the Aryans. After the Rig Veda, came the Brahmanas, which codified the rituals and prayers of the Brahmins, the priests of the Aryans. The Brahmanas were followed by the Upanishads, which were discourses between teachers and pupils. Then came the Puranas, which were essentially the h istory of the Aryan race and its relationship with the gods. The two most famous Puranic epics are the Mahabhrata and the Ramayana , which have since been used as the sources of countless literary works. The Mahabharata interwove ideas about cosmology, statecraft, philosophy and the science of war into its stories of the deeds of Gods and men. It was considered to be the longest poem i n any language. The Ramayana simply recounted a sequence of heroic adventures , many of them with moral undertones.

When Sanskrit grammar was evolved beginning about 400 B.C., the literary works a imed to put in order all learning in the form of laws for the arts and sciences, called shastras, as well as poetry and stylized drama. Prior to this, the Indian constitution recogn ized several official languages. This resulted in the production of regional literature. Majo r writers such as Bhartrihari, and Mayura emerged when classical poetry reached its p eak in the 7 th century A.D. Kalidasa, one of the notable poets, is better known for his play Sa kuntala. Modern Indian literature started with establishment of civil service tr aining schools and printing presses early in the 19 th century. Western literary and philosophical writings produced a cultural revival, while vernacular language and culture was taught to British colonial officials. Twentieth-century writing has managed to keep alive the sentimental rom anticism of the 19 th century, while nationalist leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi influenced the development of social realism in the earlier works. Writing in English was viewed with mixed feelings in post-Independence India but was well established nevertheless. Pioneers in this field included Michael Dutt (182 4-73) and CHARACTERISTICS OF INDIAN LITERATURE PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Describe briefly the development of Indian Literature. 2. Explain the role played by religion in Indian literature. 3. Differentiate Ramayana from Mahabharata as to the theme. 4. How do several languages affect the development of Indian literature? You got additional information about India. Do you find it easy to answer the comprehension questions? If you didn’t, let me give you more input on how to do it. This is by skimming of the article. In the course of time, you will be asked to do research work in one of your subjects. Skimming is one skill which can help you get a quick overview of the material you are reading. To skim is to get the gist or the ge neral understanding of a reading material. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 78 Skimming for Major Ideas To skim effectively, let your eyes move quickly over the reading material. The titles, subtitles and illustrations will give you clues about the cont ent of the 1. Read carefully the topic sentence in the first paragraph, and then skip rapi dly to the next paragraph. In this way, you can get all your facts without having

to spend too much time on the reading matter. 2. If the reading material does not have explicit topic sentences, glance down the pages. Pick out sentences at random or select nouns and verbs which give you the trend of the material. Exercise keen judgment as you search for the catchwords. 3. Read sentences or parts of sentences at random throughout the article. This will help you grasp the idea of the author as quickly as possible. Activity 5: READ QUICKLY Practice one of the methods of skimming. Browse again the article about the characteristics of Indian Literature and identify the topic sentenc e for each paragraph. Paragraph 1: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Paragraph 2: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Paragraph 3: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Paragraph 4: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Paragraph 5: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Paragraph 6: As a grade 8 student, you will often come across a material that is difficult to remember. Thus there is a need for you to outline your reading ma terial. Reducing complex material to its outline form will make you understand t he material fast and easy. How do you prepare a reading outline? Keep these points in mind: 1. Read the material and determine its purpose and structure. 2. Pick out the writer’s thesis statement or controlling principle; if it is not explicitly stated, express it in your own words. 3. Look for the major divisions and label each with a Roman numeral. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 79 4. Divide each major division into subdivisions. 5. Check whether the divisions and subdivisions relate to the thesis statement or the purpose of the writer. 6. Compare your outline with the original material to check against any misinte rpretation or distortion of the content and structure of the original. Remember that there are two kinds of outline: the topic outline, in which the e ntries are given in words or phrases, and the sentence outline, in which the entries a

re complete Now, try to convert the selection you have just read to an outline. You can use three-step word, phrasal or sentence outlines to organize your ideas. Activity 6: OUTLINING Directions: Fill out this outline of the development of Indian literature and give the characteristics of each period. Stages of Development I. Oral Literature A. ____________________ B. ____________________ 1. ______________ 2. ______________ C. ____________________ D. ____________________ 1. Ramayana 2. Mahabharata II. Beginnings of Sanskrit Grammar A. ____________________ B. ____________________ III. Modern Indian Literature Characteristics I. Sacred/ holy texts The world is getting smaller but not in size. We know what is happening in other Afro-Asian countries by reading newspapers. This will also help us understand their traditions and values. Newspapers give us information about what is happening in a country or in the world every day. It is said that people need news, as much as they need eyes in order to see what’s going on. It is important for you, as students to develop skills in getting information from newspapers. Most newspapers have several sections: News page, sports page, classified advertisements, comics/cartoons, editorial, columns, and obituary. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 80 Activity 7: GETTING INFORMATION FROM NEWSPAPERS 1. Form a group of five members and examine the parts of a newspaper. Note its different sections. 2. Collect items belonging to every section. Display them around the room. 3. Note how many sections talk about the following: a. local news b. national news PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Where do international news items come from? 2. What do international news items talk about? 3. Are these news items mostly good or bad? So, have you gathered data about other Afro-Asian countries from the newspapers? Let me give you another input about India. This time, you will watch a video clip of the Kids Animation Epics containing the full episode of the

Activity 8: WATCH AND WORK Directions: Watch the video clip and observe keenly. Be ready to do the following group tasks below. You will be graded based from your preparation, visual aids, speaking and audience contact, overall understanding of the topic and teaching value for other students. Group 1: Arrange the given events to get the summary of the Ramayana Group 2: Accomplish the Actitude Analysis Group 3: Identify the conflict in The Ramayana Group 4: Identify the theme of Ramayana RUBRIC FOR DIFFERENTIATED TASK Group no. ___________ 1 2 3 4 TOTAL Preparation Did not prepare enough for presentation. Some preparation was done. A good amount of preparation was done. Group prepared beyond level of assignment. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 81 1 2 3 4 TOTAL Task: ____________________________________

Visual Aids

There were no helpful visual aids. There were a few visual aids. There were clear and

interesting visual aids. Student created excellent visual aids. Speaking and Audience Contact

Did not look at audience and was not loud enough. Looked at audience some of the time and used a soft voice. Looked at the audience and speak clearly. Held the attention of the audience and spoke very expressively . Overall Understand ing of the Topic Students did not show sufficient understanding of the topic. Students understood most of the topic.

Students understood the entire topic. Students understood the topic and found extra information. Teaching value for other students

Did not help other students learn about the topic. Helped other students learn something. Helped other students understand the topic well. Helped other students understand the topic and enjoy the presentation . Differentiated Learning Rubric by Maxine – Group 1: SEQUENCING OF EVENTS Arrange the following events in the order of the diagram. Write num bers 1 to 10. Then, retell the story in your own words. Put your answer on the space provided for you. ____ King Dasharatha, Rama s father, decides it is time to give his throne to his eldest son Rama.Everyone seems pleased. However Rama s step-mother, the king s second wife, is not pleased. She wants her son, Bharata, to rule. Because of an

oath Dasharatha had made to her years before, she gets the king to agree to banish Ra ma for fourteen years and to crown Bharata, even though the king, on bended knees, begs Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 82 ____ Rama, always obedient, is as content to go into banishment in the forest a s to be crowned king. Sita convinces Rama that she belongs to his side an d his brother Lakshman also begs to accompany them. Rama, Sita and Lakshman set out for the ____ Dasharatha, King of Ayodhya, has three wives and four sons. Rama is the eldest. Bharata is the second and the other two are twins, Lakshman and Shatrugh na. ____ In a neighboring city the ruler s daughter is named Sita. When it is time for Sita to choose her bridegroom, at a ceremony called a swayamvara. Sita indicates she has chosen Rama as her husband by putting a garland around his neck. The disappointe d suitors watch. ____ Ravana devises a plan to abduct Sita. He sends a magical golden deer which Sita desires. Rama and Lakshman go off to hunt the deer, first drawing a protect ive circle around Sita and warning her she will be safe as long as she does not step outside the circle. As they go off, Ravana (who can change his shape) appears as a holy man begging alms. The moment Sita steps outside the circle to gi ve him food, ___ Bharata, whose mother s evil plot has won him the throne, is very upset when he finds out what has happened. Not for a moment does he consider breaking the rule s of dharma and becoming king in Rama s place. He goes to Rama s forest retreat and b egs ___ Rama is broken-hearted when he returns to the empty hut and cannot find Sita . A band of monkeys offers to help him find Sita. Ravana has carried Sita to his pal ace in Lanka, but he cannot force her to be his wife so he puts her in a grove and alte rnately sweet-talks her and threatens her in an attempt to get her to agree to marry him . Sita will not even look at him but thinks only of her beloved Rama. Hanuman, the gene ral of the monkey band can fly since his father is the wind, and Hanuman flies to La nka and, finding Sita in the grove, comforts her and tells her Rama will soon come a nd ___ Years pass and Rama, Sita and Lakshman are very happy in the forest. One day a rakshasa princess tries to seduce Rama, and Lakshmana wounds her and drives her away. She returns to her brother Ravana, the ten-headed ruler of Lanka, and tell

s her ____ Rama frees Sita. After Sita proves here purity, they return to Ayodhya and Rama becomes king. His rule, Ram-rajya, is an ideal time when everyone doe s his or her dharma and "fathers never have to light the funeral pyres for their sons." Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 83 ___ Ravana s men capture Hanuman, and Ravana orders them to wrap Hanuman s tail in cloth and to set it on fire. With his tail burning, Hanuman hops from h ouse-top to house-top, setting Lanka afire. He then flies back to Rama to tell him where Sita is. Rama, Lakshman and the monkey army build a causeway from the tip of India to Lan ka and cross over to Lanka. A might battle ensues. Rama kills several o f Ravana s Group 2: Analyze the Actitude (Action/Attitude) Fill out the Actitude Analysis below and discuss your analysis in front of the c lass. Other groups are free to agree/ disagree on the answers of the group reporting i n front of the class. Process for Actitude (Action/Attitude) Analysis First enumerate the attitudes/values of the characters revealed in the video Then write the corresponding actions/ practices that will serve as your evidenc es. Analyze everything and come up with the summary of your analysis. Attitudes/Values Action/Practices Actitude Analysis of... Summary Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 84 Group 3: Validate the Conflict Identify the conflict in the story “Ramayana” Do this through a graphic organizer, how the conflict shaped the course o f the story and how it was resolved. CONFLICT Resolution How it shaped the flow of the play How the character deal with it Group 4: Examine the Theme Identify the theme of “Ramayana” Process the activity by answering the following questions. 1. What is the theme of the play? 2. What ideas lead you to identifying the theme? 3. How is the theme of Ramayana similar or different from the other themes of d ramas/

movies you have watched on television? 4. What does this reveal of about Afro-Asian plays? 5. How does the theme affect you as a person? 6. Are you able to relate an experience, a thought or a personal feeling with t he story? Group 5: Make your Own Script In your own words, create a script of Ramayana. Check the script you will make with that on video. Go to the following link for the video: Read dramatically your written script. Recall the lines in the video clip, “The Ramayana.” Think about how Sita felt when she said to Rama these lines: "As shadow to substance, so wife to husband, is not the wife s dharma to be at her husband s side? Let me walk ahead of you so that I may smooth the path for your feet," If you were acting out a dialog, how would you convey Sita’s feeling as she begged to accompany Rama to his retreat? When people talk, can you guess how they feel and what their attitudes are? Pitch refers to the highness or lowness of a sound; stress or accent refers to the greater or lesser force given to certain syllables or words; intonation refers to the way the voice goes either up or down at the end of the sentence. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 1 - L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 85 A person who is in great fear may utter stressed sounds in a high pitch as when calls out: Fire! Look! Help! Run! A person who is embarrassed may stutter in a low pitch as when one says: I’m s-s-s-sorry. One who is doubtful may use a rising intonation for a statement as in: Yoni holds office in this building? One who scorns or wants to emphasize a place, person, or thing stres ses a demonstrative adjective before that noun, as in; Yoni holds office in this building. One who has self-confidence and poise may use a normal pitch, stres s and intonation pattern as in; The battle began. How can you identify a person’s attitudes and feelings? You can identify attitudes and feelings by listening to the way a person speaks. Activity 9: ORAL PRACTICE Get a partner and take turns in reading and listening to the followi ng

You learned in your previous lessons that. Identify the feeling expressed by your partner 1. but this does not alter the fact that only Examples: King Dasharata had four sons. “You must stand vigilant. . The time has come for you to fulfill your promise!” – Kaikeyi Did you make clear and interesting explanations about your answers in the last activity? You will encounter more exercises about this topic in the succeeding lessons.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 86 Kinds of Sentences According to Structure A.Grade 8 1 .dialogs from The Ramayana. Simple sentence – is a sentence with one independent clause and no subordinate clause. please come back and claim your rightful p lace as king. sentences could be classified into: simple. while Lakshman draw a protective circle around S ita. If you are not sure of the characteristics of each of these. or semi-colons foll owed by sentence connectors. complex. remember when I saved your life in the battlefield so many years ago? And do you remember that you granted me two boons at that time. Compound Sentence – is a sentence composed of two or more independent claus es but no subordinate clauses.Rama 2. It may contain two or more verbs or two or more subjects connected by subordinators." Bharata 3. Sita and Lakshman begged and convinced Rama to let them set out for the forest. guarding a sacrifice from demons for six days and se ven nights” – Visvamitra 4. Rama goes off to hunt the deer. you can also improve your skill in expressing your ideas clearly and interestingly by using a variety of sentence structures. The clauses of a compound sentence may be separated by semi-colons or commas followed by coordinating conjunctions." . a sentence containing one independent clause and at least one subordinate clause. King Dasharatha decides it is time to give his throne to Rama and retire to the forest. and compound-complex. compound. You may separate the two main clauses of a c ompound The most common coordinators are: and or nor so but for yet The most common sentence connectors are: therefore moreover indeed while also hence Examples: Bharata begs Rama to return to the palace but the latter refuses. here are key points to refr esh your Learning Module for English . “My husband. "I gladly obey father s command. Lakshman and Shatrughna were twins. Complex Sentence . B. "The eldest must rule. Aside from using the proper stress and intonation.

compound and complex sentences to make your summary interesting. How did Sita show her love and devotion to her husband? How about Rama to hi s wife? 3. complex. we can finish before noon. _____________ 4. because we have already sold several hundred tickets. Be prepared to explain your answer. and we Learning Module for English . D. Persia. Compound-Complex Sentence – contains two or more independent clauses and at least one subordinate clause. We have elected a king and a queen for the dance. especially in north- . _____________ 2. One of the best Persian prose selections Persian literature refers to the body of writings in Modern Persian. _____________ 5.Grade 8 1 . Activity 11: WRITE A REFLECTION Write a summary of the insights you have gained about the two characters in “The Ramayana” . _____________ 3. _____________ 7. Use a mixture of simple. Ravana grabs her and carries her off to his kingdom in Lanka. Lucia and Shine wil l decorate the Audio-Visual Room. If we start early. Do you see any similarities between Indian men and Filipino men? Or Indian w omen Have you gathered enough information about India? Do you now understand why Indians are said to be a remarkable people? Now. Let’s try to know about the Persians through their literature. Arrange the props creatively and artistically.Examples: When Sita steps outside the circle. compound.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 87 appreciate their efforts. and they wil l lead the Grand March. This presentation should be a success. Somebody must stand at the door and collect the tickets. Ravana’s men capture Hanuman before he could finish conversing with Sita. we will talk about another country. 2. Activity 10: SENTENCE STRUCTURE TEST Read and analyze each sentence and write on the space before the number whether the sentence is simple. What conclusion can you make about the Indian women and men of their time? 4. Tess moves the table at the center. Characterize Rama as a husband and Sita as a wife. the form of the Persian language that emerged in the 19 th century. _____________ 8. Examples: The people who were in the kingdom are pleased with Rama . We know that the English department has worked very hard. The clean-up committee will report tomorrow at noon. _____________ 9. 1. but Kaikeyi plotted an evil plan against him. or compoundcomplex. _____________ 6. After the supplies are delivered. _____________ 1.

or it prospers. and in the Fire of Spring The Winter Garment of Repentance fling: The Bird of Time has but a little way To fly -. but by a famous mathematician and astronomer who lived in Persia in the eleventh century for the readers of the western world. an earlier model ____5. And one by one crept silently to rest Ah. fill the Cup that clears TO-DAY of past Regrets and future Fears: To-morrow! Why. Think. . those who stood before Come. was written in answer to the many questions about life. What ma kes it outstanding is the fact that these verses were written. soon ____3. Drives Night along with them from Heav n and strikes The Sultán s Turret with a Shaft of Light. vintage c. battered e. How Sultan after Sultan with his Pomp Abode his Hour or two and went his way. a large inn ____2. the loveliest and the best That from his Vintage rolling Time has prest. were introduced. Ah. To-morrow I may be Myself with Yesterday s Sev n thousand Years. make the most of what we yet may spend. caravanserai d. And. As prose translation from Arabic were made. as the Cock crew. The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon Turns Ashes gone. anon b. improvements based on Arab literary conventions and the use of literary devices. A B ____1.Grade 8 1 . For some we loved. my Beloved.eastern Iran.and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing. not by a man of letters. projecting tower The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam Translated by Edward Fitzgerald Wake! For the Sun. and anon. Like Snow upon the Desert s dusty Face Lighting a little Hour or two -. fill the Cup. Before we too into the Dust descend. in this batter d Caravanserai Whose Doorways are alternate Night and Day. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam. Let’s try to find out the general mood or tone of the poem? Find the lines that Background on Persian Literature Learning Module for English . who scattered into flight The Stars before him from the Field of Night. which scattered philosophical quatrains of rare music and charm. rundown ____4. Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before. The first writings in Modern Persian were in verse.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 88 Activity 12: BUILDING YOUR VOCABULARY Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B. turret a.

The Flower that once is blown for ever dies. to lie. Activity 13: READING MEANING INTO POETRY Directions: Encircle the letter of the most appropriate meaning of each of the following passages. Answer this using a concept map. their hurts burn. 1. How Sultan after Sultan with his Pomp Abode his Hour or two and went his way.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 90 Activity 15: WRITING AN EXPERIENCE Directions: Choose a passage from the poem. One thing is certain and the rest is lies. Check to make sure the connections are valid and clear.and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing. To fly -. See the sample on the next page. A rich man does not stay permanently in a palace. sans Singer. Men burn their hopes. Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise! One thing at least is certain--This Life flies: a. time comes when he becomes poor. Sans Wine. 5. c. Birds die fast. b.and Lo! the Bird is o n the Wing. When men hope.Grade 8 1 . a. The steps in doing a concept map Write the major idea at the center Encourage students to use their own words. 2.Dust into Dust. and under Dust. The Bird of Time has but a little way To fly -. Even rich men just live the life meant for them. Birds cannot fly for a long time. Example: The Bird of Time has but a little way. The Worldly Hope men set their Hearts upon Turns Ashes -. Activity 14: WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Identify what is the author’s concept of life and death. a. b. Life is destined for hell or paradise. then they die. 3. a.” and write your reflections on it. a. b. No matter how rich a person is.or it prospers.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 89 Let’s find out if you understand the poem through Reading Meaning into Poetry. c. 4. “ The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam. c. Learning Module for English . Everyone should think about hell and paradise. Share your concept map to your classmates. All flowers die after it has bloomed. Life is short b. and--sans End! Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise! One thing at least is certain--This Life flies: Learning Module for English . Life on earth soon ends. .Grade 8 1 . sans Song. Men’s desires either fail or suceed. c.

shadow theatre. drama. 2. The Interaction between “ Living Theatre” and Puppet Theatre In Asia. you will have to do a lot of reading and learn how to read fast. To scan is to move the eyes quickly down a page to find facts or details quickly. The acting technique. Activity 16: SCANNING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION Directions: Scan the following passage and find the answers to the following questions. for example . are often . One way to do fast reading is through scanning. puppet theatre and one of its variations. Interpret the meaning of the lines by paraphrasing or re-stating them. dance and music into a kind o f whole in which it is difficult to draw a clear borderline between these art forms . you will be expected to study or do research work. Most of the Asian traditions employ either dance or dance-like. Most of the traditional forms of Asian performing art combine drama. Let’s try this one. Why is Asia. while movements are frequently interwoven with text. Conclude with your own view of the passage. What are regarded as valued “classical” traditions in Asia? __________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . mo st of the traditions are characterized by their own specific musical styles or genres. which employs dance-like body language. does. dance and music are inseparable. In addition to this. Write your answers on the space provided. Therefore in Asia it is simply not possible to classify stage arts as nonv erbal “dance” or “spoken theatre”. 2. 1. stylized movements.Grade 8 1 . is usually very intri cate and it demands many years of arduous training. Relate an experience in your life or observation around you that will help e xplain or illustrate the meaning of the lines. ceremonies and rituals? __________________________________________________ 4. What are inseparable in Asia? __________________________________________________ 2.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 91 3. called a treasury of traditions representing developme nt of theatrical performances? Asian Traditional Theatre and Dance 1. dance and music In Asia. Do you agree or believe in it? I s it an As you go through your formal education.Pointers for writing a reflection 1. The interrelatedness of drama. Because of this. as western ballet technique. 3. What makes it difficult to draw a sharp borderline between and am ong dance.

has your knowledge of the traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian counties increased? Are you now ready to modify your initia l answer to the focus question: As a Filipino. sometimes even thousands. The Preservation of Ancient Forms In Asia there is an abundance of theatrical traditions with histories of hun dreds. costuming. a make-up system etc. Initial Answer . Most of these traditions preserve not only a literary heritage. how can you better understand your identity as an Asian? Answer the Focus Question by giving your Revised Answer in the IRF grid based on the things learned. of years in which the performance traditions with spec ific acting techniques are also still preserved. In Asia there are dozens of important for ms of puppet theatre.regarded as valued “classical” traditions.Grade 8 1 . but also an acting technique. This deep intermingling of t heatre. This may be due to the d eep interrelationship with religion and rituals. 4. complex court performances and to modern. Thus Asia is a treasury of tradi tions representing different stages of the development of theatrical performan ces from stone-age rituals to later. often west erninfluenced styles. Religious art tends to be conservative in nature and changes of style are mainly avoided. 3.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 92 At this point. In shadow theatre the silhouette-like figures are often cut from leather or other transparent or semi-transparent materials and they are seen through a cloth scre en while manipulated by one or more puppeteers. that have retained much of th eir Learning Module for English . as will be apparent later. masks. dance and religion makes it difficult to draw a sharp borderline between dance. theatre and dance are still organi cally related religions and other belief systems today. The interaction of puppet theatre and “living theatre” is one of the characteris tics of Asian theatrical traditions. ceremo nies and rituals. One could generalize that shadow theatre usually represents t he early strata of puppetry with a long history and religious or magical connotatio ns. Relationship with Religion In many of the Asian cultures.

Grade 8 1 .Revised Answer Final Answer Hello there! Congratulations on making it this far. The Afro-Asian countries share some common Learning Module for English . What would you do if you were in these situations? Learning Module for English . Plot them on the chart below and answer the questions t hat Title of Informative/Literary Text 1. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam Title of Informative/ Literary Text Reason Reason Reason Reason 1. You have learned from the previous activities that the traditions and values of people have come down to us through oral language. In what manner do these informative / literary texts help you understand you r identity as an Asian? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Continue sharing your knowledge and views with others through this activity. let’s go deeper by moving on to the next level. Indian Culture 4. Your goal in this section is to enrich your understanding on the topic. The Ramayana 2. Now that you know the important ideas/concepts about our topic. How do these informative/literary texts help you understand the dif ferent traditions and values of Afro-Asian countries? 2.Grade 8 1 .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 94 .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 93 Activity 17: CHECK AND BALANCE Directions: What have you learned so far? Choose one Informative or Literary text you took up in the previous lesson. Write four reasons for choosing it. and in theatre and dance. literature. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran 5.

sisters.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 95 Read the selection silently. the c hild is loved and cared for.Do the following group tasks. choose the character you prefer and read Shakuntala by Kalidasa (Act IV) (excerpts) Sharngarava (listening to the song of koïl-birds). Activity 19: VOCABULARY TEST Directions: Choose the word from the word pool which means the same as the word or words in parentheses. this time a play entitl ed “ Shakuntala” . heralds curse hesitate apparently ashram dynasty garland blurs (1) An ___________________ (abode. parents and entire family. . Take for exampl e the political (7) ___________ (ancestry lines of hereditary rulers) we have in the c ountry. This play was written by a well known poet Kalidasa. try to unlock some vocabulary words found in the selection. Group 5: Deciding whether to live independently or to stay with parents after Activity 18: REAL LIFE SITUATIONS You are about to read another literary work.Grade 8 1 . Then. What do you know about him? Before you start reading “ Shakuntala” . (2) _______________ (obviously) parents are the first teachers. Family members don’t (6) ___________ (waver) t o pursue fields of endeavor that would bring them honor and glory. but nevertheless. In most cases the family (5) ____________ (announces) progress and str ives to contribute to national development. Every child is a gift to its brothers. They say a good child is a (3) _____________ (wreath of flowers) that brings honor to the parent s while a black sheep is a (4) _____________ (damnation). Decide an action if you were in these situations: Group 1: Deciding whether to take your parents order in choosing a course or not . It is from the family that individuals come to birth and it is within the family that they find the first school of the social virtues that are important to buil d a society. Learning Module for English . Group 2: Letting go of a friend due to some conflicts Group 3: Staying away from peers due to family pressure Group 4: Deciding whether to stay and live in the city or province. refuge) is the home of the family – the basic unit of society.

Father. No longer need I watch for you. I know your love for her. My child. Shakuntala (does so. I shall be fa r away from you after to-day. Shakuntala (going to the two friends). May all your path be pleasantness and peace.Grade 8 1 . Father.) Learning Module for English .) Gautami. I’ll give the vine a lover true. Anusuya! Priyamvada! Do not weep. The trees are answering your prayer In cooing cuckoo-song. you must send some one to bring me the good news. Pale. It is ha rd. Aside to PRIYAMVADA). Shakuntala (approaches the vine and embraces it). Bidding Shakuntala farewell. But who will care for poor us? (They shed tears. And now start on your journey. See! Here she is at your right hand. Do not forget. Vine sister. You are not the only one to feel sad at this farewell. Invisible beings. I long to see my husband. I leave her in your care too. I must say good-bye to the spring-creeper. Dear girls. there is the pregnant doe. and yet my feet will hardly move. The grass drops from the feeding doe. Pay reverence to the holy ones. wandering about near the cottage. Priyamvada.) Shakuntala. The tears of clinging plants. Kanva. .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 96 Kanva. My child. May shade-trees bid the heat of noonday cease. For they love the hou sehold. It is you who should cheer Shakuntala. The two friends. the fairies of the pious grove bid you farewell. Their sister for so long. you must care for her as you did for me. Kanva. When she becomes a happy mother. Shakuntala(recalling something). See how the whole grove f eels at parting from you. Father. May soft winds blow the lotus-pollen nigh. May lily-dotted lakes delight your eye. you found the lover who Had long been sought by me. my sister among the vines. these branches. embrace me too with your arms. Priyamvada. hard to leave the hermitage. trembling leaves are falling slow. (All wa lk about. The peahen stops her dance. Kanva. (All listen in astonishment.Father. This handsome mango-tree.

I will not forget your message. My dear. I have so me knowledge of the world. Go back.Grade 8 1 . my child. Sharngarava. Look at the path before you. Shakuntala. Son Sharngarava.) Anusuya. when you present Shakuntala to the king. Pray give us your commands on the bank of this pond. Holy Father. forgetful of her friends. an d then return. The fawn who gladly nibbled corn Held in your hand. Do not weep. the love poured forth By her. as if to hinder me? (She turns round to see.) What commands would it be fitting for me to lay on King Dushyanta? (He reflects. He drops the lily from his bill And turns on you a glance of grief. My child. Remembering my religious worth. Your feet are stumbling on the path That so uneven lies. Kanva. weeping. and he Would never leave you willingly. when torn By kusha-grass. And what fate gives Beyond. Be brave. Though I live in the forest.I shall not forget. dear! Go back! (She walks away. Sharngarava. Oh. Your own high race. with loving toil You have adopted him. Be brave. Look! The sheldrake does not heed his mate Who calls behind the lotus-leaf. . give him this message from me. you soothed with oil. I must now give you my counsel. my child. the Scripture declares that one should accompany a departing loved one only to the first water. and check the rising tears That dim your lovely eyes. Then let us rest in the shade of this fig-tree. and Father Kanva will take care of you. oh! Who is it that keeps pulling at my dress. there is not a living thing in the whole hermitage that is not grieving to-day at saying good-bye to you. Kanva.) Kanva. why should you follow me when I am going away from home? Your mother died when you were born and I brought you up.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 97 Pay her what honour custom lends To all your wives. Father. My dear. Kanva (turning to SHAKUNTALA). Learning Module for English . It is the fawn whose lip. will please her relatives. Now I am leaving you. Shakuntala (stumbling).) Kanva. (All do so.

Shakuntala (falling at his feet). long. (To SHAKUNTALA. This is advice sufficient for a bride. girls! Embrace me. The two friends. Kanva. as eastern skies Bring forth the sun. Shakuntala (going to her two friends). My daughter. . Shakuntala. Come. they too must someday be given in marriage. My daughter. both of you together. Father. Do not be afraid. The two friends (do so).) You will not forget. from you there shall arise A child. But what does Gautami say? Gautami. Obey your elders. Love is timid. show him the rin g Learning Module for English . a blessing and a comfort strong— You will not miss me. She must hasten. Dear. My child. embrace me and your friends. Father! Must my friends turn back too? Kanva. Therefore they may not go to court. when shall I see the pious grove again? Kanva. But self-willed women are the curse of life. gives insight into everything. may all that come to you which I desire for you. useful life In the world’s eye. Father. Come. Kanva. Kanva. How can I live in another soil? (She weeps. Oh.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 98 with his own name engraved on it. When you have shared for many years The king’s thoughts with the earth.Grade 8 1 . and be very kind To rivals. Shakuntala (throwing her arms about her father).) Kanva. dearest daughter. Sharngarava (looking about). Father. my child. Not puffed with pride in this your happy day: Thus does a maiden grow into a wife. My daughter. Shakuntala (embracing KANVA once more). Be as courteous to servants as you may. even though he Should prove less faithful than a man might be. True wisdom. My daughter. if the good king should perhaps be slow to recognise you. why distress yourself so? A noble husband’s honourable wife.Sharngarava. when you have entered your husband’s home. Your doubts make my heart beat faster. the sun is in midheaven. Gautami will go with you. my daughter. Farewell. Father. dear. Shakuntala. You are to spend a busy. I am torn from my father’s breast like a vine stripped from a sandaltree on the Malabar hills. and soon. never be perversely blind And angry with your husband.

Your royal labours cease. Kanva. Anusuya! Priyamvada! Your companion is gone. the hour of your departure is slipping by. You will be busy in the grove. Proofs/ Evidences Name of the Character Descriptions Activity 20b: ACTIVE KNOWLEDGE-SHARING Directions: Participate in the class discussion by answering the following questions. Choke down your grief and follow me. sir. Use the character map to answer this activity. will grow.When to a son who knows no fears You shall have given birth. you interrupt my duties in the pious grove. Go. 1. Cite proof/evidence to your answer. And peace go with you. the people around her? ____________________________________________________________________ . Father. And I shall see them. Pray turn back. Write your answers on the space provided.Grade 8 1 . What advice did he give his daughter in her relation with her husband. and SHARADVATA. How is Kanva similar to most fathers nowadays? ____________________________________________________________________ 2. Mournfully). How can you think me so indifferent? (He sighs.) My lonely sorrow will not go. When. trusted to the son you love. Child. Oh. Kanva. For seeds you scattered here Before the cottage door. Kanva. Gautami. Let’s try to figure out if you understand the selection. 1. Learning Module for English . 3. My child.) The two friends. she would never do that. oh! Shakuntala is lost among the trees. SHARNGARA VA.) The two friends(gazing long after her. Yes. Shakuntala.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 99 Activity 20a: CHARACTER MAP Directions: Do the following tasks below. Come with your husband to the grove And end your days in peace. with GAUTAMI. her hu sband’s family. dear. as a sister and as a friend. 2. Describe Kanva as a father. (Exit SHAKUNTALA. Bid your father turn back . But oh! I mi ss you. Describe Shakuntala as a daughter. No. (They start to go back. You will not miss me. Do the follow ing activities as you go deeper in your search for knowledge.

summariser. (She drops tears) PRIYAMVADA: Anasuya. . ____________________________________________________________________ 5. timekeeper etc). Learning Module for English .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 101 Group 1. Priyamvada: You are not the only one to feel sad at this farewell.Grade 8 1 . Analyse the assigned text/lines to your group. I will never have friends like you. Choose a representative to Process for the Readers Circle Strategy Be sure to work with your members.3. (With Joy) KANVA: How grief weakens me when I see all those grains you scattered in offering of the cottage door sprouting! Go now! God be with you on your journey.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 100 Activity 21: CHARACTER’S EMOTIONS Directions: Pick one line of a character from the story and deliver it ANASUYA: Even people ignorant of wordly affairs would say that the King had not behaved like a gentleman towards Shakuntala. hurry. Assign your facilitator to a circle. Read. The peahen stops her dance. trembling leaves are falling slow. See how the whole grove feels at parting from you. (Sighing with grief) Examples: Activity 22: READERS CIRCLE Directions: Group into five and write your interpretation of the follo wing excerpts in depth using the Readers Circle Strategy. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 1 . What Indian traditions and values were mentioned in the story? Rela te it to Filipino traditions and values. (Complaining) SHAKUNTALA: So I became bride again. Assign roles to your members (clarifier. The grass drops from the feeding doe. discuss and respond to the dialog assigned to your group. As described in the excerpt what is the concept regarding the rol e of a woman as bride? ____________________________________________________________________ 4. Prepare for your roles in the circle. Pale. We are arranging for the departure of Shakuntala. Go over the text again and list down common practices that we still observe n owadays.

Learning Module for English . Kanva: Do not weep. my child. The group discussion stays on topic or on directly related issues. sunk in thought. But self-willed women are the curse of life. never be perversely blind And angry with your husband.) Group 5. Kanva: So love interprets. Be brave. Group 3. But what does Gautami say? Group 4.) Ah! I have sent Shakuntala away. How can I live in another soil? (She weeps. Group 2. Kanva: My child. Your feet are stumbling on the path That so uneven lies.The tears of clinging plants. Look at the path before you.Grade 8 1 . Self and Peer Assessment Sheet Activity 23: SKETCH TO STRETCH . Be brave. Group climate promotes friendliness. Obey your elders. even though he Should prove less faithful than a man might be. The group is supportive of their individual members. The group is energetic and enthusiastic. Be as courteous to servants as you may. Not puffed with pride in this your happy day: Thus does a maiden grow into a wife. For a girl is held in trust. and check the rising tears That dim your lovely eyes.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 102 Yes No Sometimes Evidence Everyone participates and shares in the discussion process. when you have entered your husband’s home. another’s treasure. Shakuntala: I am torn from my father’s breast like a vine stripped From a sandal-tree on the Malabar hills. and be very kind To rivals. and now I am myself again. Communication is interactive. (He walks about. Group members often ask questions for clarification or elaboration.

Learning Module for English . Write your answers on the space provided. ideas or concepts. What similarities do you find between your values as a Filipino and the valu es of other Afro-Asian countries discussed in lessons 1 to 3? How did you feel about it? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 103 1. Group 4: Have a visual presentation of the setting of the story. Group2: Draw an illustration of the characters mentioned in the selection. Group1: Draw a comics strips narrating the story Shakuntala. Group 5: Illustrate the traditions and values revealed in the selection. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Activity 24: THINK PAIR Directions: Answer the following questions with a help of a partner. At last.Grade 8 1 . Initial Answer Revised Answer Final Answer . you are now ready to give your final answer to the focus question “ How can you better understand your identity as an Asian?” Write your Final answer in the IRF grid below. Group 3: Reveal the theme of the story through a collage. Do you see the significance of studying the traditions and values of other A fro-Asian countries? Explain your answer.Directions: Sketch the topic assigned to your group in order to “stretch” or broaden and deepen your imagination. What new realizations do you have about the traditions of Afro-Asian? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2.

Make a statement of feasibility or possible outcome of the proposal. estimate Source: How to Write an Event Proposal | eHow. You have been asked to run a concert for a fund raising project of a certain foundation. This exhibit should showcase the traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. 8. 6.ehow. Indicate the purpose of the event proposal. timeline or list of project "milestones" for the project. You will try your knowledge of the steps by doing the given exercise.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 104 In this final phase of the lesson. Furthermore. Discuss how you will go about the event and what concepts or the ory is involved. the previous lessons taught you how to write an informative paragraph that leads you to have your own informative article. This time. Provide a schedule. Briefly state what it is you are proposing to http://www. is to write an event proposal. 7. Discuss the background. 2. you were given a chance to write your own brochure. 4. State the problem or opportunity that has brought about this event proposal. Me ntion prior contact with the recipient or how you learned about the project . Right from the start of Lesson 1 you have been gathering facts and opinions about the traditions and values of people from selected Afro-Asian countries. Discuss the benefits or advantages of doing the project. As part of your preparation for the even t. Write an introduction. Discuss or describe what the finished product will look like and how will i t work.html#ixzz2ByM9uEwM Activity 25: TAKE MY PROPOSAL Directions: You have learned how to write an event proposal from the guidelines above.Grade 8 1 . Your targ et is to invite sponsors who will support your project. How to Write an Event Proposal Instructions 1. Say something encouraging about your company or the project and give an overview of the proposal s contents. Consider the scenario below: You are the event organizer in your company. If you cannot cite specific dates for completion of key project phases. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understanding of the lesson. This letter will be distributed to all t . 3. your target is to make a write-up promoting the informativ e and creative exhibit you will put up.Learning Module for English . You have discovered also that the literature of these countries is a great tool in understanding their beliefs and customs. Also. Describe the full benefits of the event. your goal is to apply your learning to real life situations.

"Mr.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 105 1." And type in the "dear" line. J ohn Dela Cruz c/o Cherry De Vera The name of the addressee s organization be typed professionally and correctly." On the left-hand side of the page. Address Information: The address and title information should If you are addressing the letter to J ohn Dela J ohn Dela Cruz". type what type of intent the letter is for. let the reader know who your representative w ill be. which tends to look less professional.Grade 8 1 .. "09/21/12 ". Title Information: The title of the document should be centered in bold letters at the top of the page and should say something such as "LETTER OF INTENT... For example: Mr. J ohn Dela Cruz c/o Cherry De Vera Department of Parks and Recreation Pearl Drive. care of a second person." On a line underneath. you wo or company goes on the line below with the address following. "Dear Mr.e. "Park Enhancement Grant Program..he prospect sponsors. Begin the letter with something suc h as. If you are speaking of a specific park or organization. i. begin with the date. use proper names. 2. i. Learning Module for English . Letter Body Keep paragraphs short and concise. In the final paragraph. Ortigas. For example: . instead of using. Dela Cruz".e. "RE: PEG Letter of Intent. For example. For example. "[Name] will be our main point of contact for the purposes of the application process and can be reached at:" use a bulleted list for the contact information. you would address it to. For example. If the letter is sent in uld add that underneath in the following format: Mr. write "August 21. In the second paragraph. talk about your organization s intent and gi ve a brief description of the improvement or whatever the intent is. 3. It s best to write the date out. " Add the remaining information and end the first paragraph here. Pasig City Then type in the regarding line. Cruz. "I submit this letter of intent to notify the Department of Parks and R ecreation of [enter name of organization here] s intent to submit a proposal for. 2012".

closing. It doesn’t just summarize and generalize. Many . etc. Here are some of the important aspects to consider in putting up an informative and creative exhibit: 1. How are you going to do this? There are many creative ways on how to put up an exhibit.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 106 Assessment The following criteria will be used in evaluating your event proposal: 1. 3. 4. Do you think your output meets the criteria for assessing an event proposal? The planning process takes time and should not be rushed.Grade 8 1 . Learning Module for English . salutation. can b e stressful thing to organize and run on. are present. inside address. Find the right equipment to put up a good display and promoting the exhibit. that is why it is a good idea to begin this as early as possible. Polished (5 points) The errors are checked thoroughly. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Take a look at this. Complete and sign the let ter as follows: This is how you will write your event proposal: Learning Module for English . whether it is a large event or a small activity. 5. The plan of action and schedule will then be drawn up based on the ideas created by your class and will be used on the day of the event.Mailing Address Phone Number E-mail Address In the final paragraph. Specific Details (5 points) Specific details in each body paragraph are provided.Grade 8 1 . What difficulty did you encounter in writing your letter of proposal? What d id you do about it? 3. 2. thank the reader for the opportunity to part icipate in whatever program to which you are applying. body. Proper Business Letter Format (5 points) Heading. Passion (5 points) Demonstrated a choice of project that reflects your passions and futu re goals.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 107 Putting up an exhibition. There is a signature. Were you successful in writing your event proposal? Why do you say so? 2. Focused Body Paragraphs (5 points) Distinct claims in each body paragraph explaining your project’s origins and goal s are evident.

Taste Africa” as a welcome treat to the summit delegates. you have been tapped to prepare the exhibit showcasing the different traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries.Grade 8 1 .) 3. What important things have to be considered in putting up an informative and creative exhibit? 3. Or reserve this just for the op ening night or morning to share among those who come to an invitation-only opening.html PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Get in touch with local newspapers and tell them about the u pcoming exhibition. It’s not enough to simply have lots of artwork you’d like to exhi bit. 4. brochures. leaflets. you need to come up with a focus. wine or juice. universities. How to Put Up the Best Exhibition Display Source: http://www. samples. making sure that the people ar e able to see and understand what is being displayed (products. TASK . As the spearhead of the promotional activities for the event. prototypes. Put up posters aroun d local art schools. bookl ets. 5. Your output will be evaluated based on the quality of information pre sented. Choose a theme. Advertise the exhibition. or even the supermarket b ulletin boards. If you can afford it. Consider doing press releases. As the well acclaimed group of event organizers in the city. along with finger food or buffet. Do you find it easy to put up an exhibit? 2. pictures etc.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 108 Activity 26: GRASP YOUR PERFORMANCE Your city is hosting the 1 st Asia-Africa Cultural Summit.people will have been to exhibitions for various and will have noticed that in t hese events the key to a successful exhibition is promotion and communication. the City Tourism Council intends to put up an exhibit dubbed as “ Taste Asia. Plan carefully where you will place each unit. You are on your own to figure out which of the skills you learned in the p revious activities would you use to meet the standards in this given task. in order to tie each piece together. clubs. Learning Module for English . offer beverages such as champagne. Entertain with food and drink. trendy areas. relevance to the theme and visual impact. What skills and attitudes do you need to come up with an exhibit? You are now ready to perform your practical task in this lesson. cafes. 2.

Directions: Read the task below. Taste Africa: A Cultural Awareness Program” as part of its information campaign for the “One ASEAN” advocacy. traditional mu sic and fashion.Goal: To showcase the different cultures of selected Afro-Asian countries in an exhibi t Differentiated Roles: You are: event organizers who will prepare a detailed plan of the event advertisers/entrepreneurs who will design flyers/brochures for the event inclu ding the agro-industrial products of Afro-Asian countries * artists who (1) will dress up like mannequins dressed in tradition al Afro-Asian costumes and will move and talk at the drop of a coin (fund-raisin g) and (2) prepare slide/video presentation on the traditional music and dance of Afro-Asia n countries chefs who will feature the best Afro-Asian cuisines through make-belie ve/real cooking demonstration event hosts who will write script for the presentation of the exhibits in coord ination with the events’ organizers Audience: *The target audience is foreign and local tourists. Situation: The City Tourism Council will launch the “Taste Asia.Grade 8 1 .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 109 Rubric of the “ Taste Asia. and agro-industrial products. Taste Africa Exhibit CRITERIA Outstanding 4 Satisfactory 3 Developing 2 Beginning 1 RATING Organization/ Collaboration . Product: You need to put up an informative and creative exhibit showcasing the different traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. The rubric for grading is provided her e to Learning Module for English . Your group is tasked to present an exhibit of Afro-Asian cuisine. In your group. discuss and plan on how you will prepare your exhibit.

Most of the members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. Presentation of information includes essential knowledge about AfroAsian countries and adheres to the theme Presentation of information Includes essential knowledge about AfroAsian countries but there are 1 to 2 factual errors and inadequately adheres to the . Some members contribute in the completion of the assigned task.All members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. Few members contribute in the completion of the assigned task. Content/ Information presented Presentation of information is in-depth and comprehensiv e and strongly adheres to the theme.

Exhibit uses effects and style to enhance the exhibit but these often distract the content Audience impact Presentation is well rehearsed with smooth delivery that holds audience attention.theme. Exhibit makes use of effects. Exhibit makes use of effects and style to enhance the exhibit but occasionally distract the content. Content is minimal or there are several factual errors and does not adhere to the theme. style. Creativity Exhibit makes excellent use of effects. style and artistry to enhance the content. and artistry to enhance the content. Presentation is rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery that .

al. Exhibit – an object or collection displayed to the public. II. Context clues – information (such as a definition. Collocations – are two or more words that often go together.Grade 8 1 . Books Bermudez. Literature – the body of written works of a language. Graphic organizer – visual artistic representation of information gathered. Delos Reyes. Inc. Rosemarie R. et. Reflection – a thoughtful idea or remark. Resolution – a formal statement of opinion. or example) that appears near a word or phrase and offers direct or indirect suggestio ns about its meaning. 1973. Did you find the skills you have learned previously helpful in doing this ta sk? Why? 3. Cluster – small group or bunch of something. Juncture – the set of features in speech that enable a hearer to detect a word or phrase boundary. Proposal – a proposed plan. period or culture. and J osephine B.holds audience attention most of the time. English Comunication Arts and Skills . Video clip – a clip containing images and sounds. film. 2007. J ovita et. English_Com. Virginia. synonym. Quezon City: SD Publications. Delivery is not smooth and audience attention is often lost. Quezon City: Bookman Inc. Delivery is not smooth but is able to maintain interest of the audience most the time. Script – a copy of the text of a play. College Freshman English. Serrano. antonym. to authenticate. English Expressways II. Transcode – to put all the things learned from a text to a concept map. etc. Validate – to prove to be valid. TOTAL PROCESS QUESTIONS: What important insights did you gain from doing this practical task? Learning Module for English . Lapid. How’s your experience in doing your final task? 2. Fernando. et.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 110 Assessment – evaluation of something based from its worth of importance. Caloocan City: Philippine Gra phic Arts. 2004 . Milagros G.

html#ixzz2BylfJ tQv Sample Exhibit.libertyfund. Inc. 2012 https://www.0.0..0.0. . Quezon City: Rex Publishing Company Inc.ItzBPBMDhOQ&bav=o n.Ladena. De partment of Education. Retrieved November 21. 2012. Retrieved November 2012 http://www. et... Retrieved December Retrieved December hl=fil&tbo=d&biw=1366&bih=643&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=traditional+dances+of+AFROASIAN&oq=traditional+dances+of+AFROASIAN&gs_l=img.0. Helen.0. Worktext in English I. Lipa City: United Eferza Academic Pub http://www.or. Retrieved December 6. http://www. Rodriguez.pdf Ramayana: Summary. http://www. Lorna ..1c.Through Afro-Asian Literature (6 th Edition) Teaching Guide English II.html Philippine Dances.. 2. Co.htm Differentiated Learning Rubric.umich.Animated Story For Kids. q=traditional+dances+of+filipino&hl=fil&biw=1366&bih=643&prmd=imvns&source=lnms &tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=CKKKUNeZDdHirAeumIHYBw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ Shakuntala by Kalidasa (Act IV) 8 1 . Retrieved November 15. Retrieved December 7.html#ixzz2ByM9uEwM Letter of Intent.0.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 111 The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=dTX9UOO8BY6QiQfBhIGQDA Learning Module for English .0. 2010. 2002. On Asian Traditional Theatre and Retrieved December 6.Mythology Stories 2012. Dimensions in Learning English II.ehow. Retrieved December 3. 2012. Retrieved December 3. 20 12. Websites Afro-Asian Traditional Dances. 2012 http://www-personal. Retrieved December 6. 2010 SEC: Bureau of Secondary Education.html English .0. 2012 from Maxine website: http://atozteacherstuff. 2011.12. Phoenix Publishing House. 2012. 2012..php% 3Ftitle=1261&chapter=77399&layout=html&Itemid=27 Writing an Event Proposal.0.htm?rubric_differentiated.0. Ponce de 2010.

Grade 8 1 .0... What shall we do?" "Sam has fallen into the well?" cried the father. one named Sam.dqEfnO1v34&pbx=1&bav=on. your answers will be checked to find out your score. Answer the following post-assessment Let’s find out how much you have learned on this module.1. shouting.. habits and appreciations.477434.0.0. who was wet and cold and frightened.&fp=b9f3c05734f0b8b7&bpcl=38093640&biw=1 366&bih=643 Learning Module for English . young explorers! You have just finished your wonderful journey of Searching for Knowledge.. and ever so . What shall we do?" "What?" cried the mother. You were able to armed yourself with map as you did your Quest for Knowledge.472570. Sam has fallen in to the well. Sam has fa llen into the well.r_qf. and o ne named TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPom Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako. a compass as you visited selected Afro-Asian countries to Build up your Knowledge Bank and you did not forget to use your magnifying lens as you highlighted your significant discoveries and Sha red what you Learned. Circle the Tiki-Tiki Tembo A Chinese Folktale Once upon a time in faraway China there lived two brothers.92.1. "Quick.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 112 Hello.2.7.25. Well done young explorers! All the pieces of literature you studied and all the activities you successfully accomplished developed and improved not only your skills but you’re your attitudes.or..1c. and then he quickly fetched a ladder and pulled the poor boy from the well.473837.0. and TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry P em Do Hai Kai PomPom Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako ran to his mother. What shall we do?" "Sam has fallen into the well?" cried the gardner.0. Now one day the two brothers were playing near the well in their garden when Sam fell into the well. "Sam has fallen into the well? Run and tell father!" Together they ran to the father and cried. Write the answers in your notebook. "Quick.3207.6311.r_gc. Remember to answer all items. "Quick.0. Congratulations! Are you ready to take another trip? Let’s find out if you’re ready for the next learning adventure.12. "Run and tell the gardner!" Then they all ran to the gardner and shouted.0. After taking this short test. Sam has fallen into the q=informative+and+creative+exhibit&hl=en&tbo=d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=b EegUMjLKaeCiQfRqoDwDg&sqi=2&ved=0CAQQ_AUoAA&biw=1366&bih=643#hl=en& tbo=d&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=Afro-Asian+exhibit&oq=AfroAsian+exhibit&gs_l=img. Choose the letter that yo u think best answers the question. Read this folk literature from China and answer the questions that follow..

What shall we do?" "TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPo m Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako has fallen into the well?" cried the father. The boy was not the family’s favourite. an d then he quickly fetched a ladder and pulled TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Per ry Pem Do 1. and this time TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPo m Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako fell into the well. sho uting. What particular ory? a. and Sam ran to his mother. loved to tell stories of adventure wrote short stories with complicated plot 3-4.Grade 8 1 . d. depended on house help as in this folktale. Sam failed to tell their parents of Tiki-tiki’s situation immediately. "TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPom Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako has fallen into the wel l? Run and tell father!" Together they ran to the father and cried. TikkiTikkiTembo No Sarimbo Hari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPom Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako has fallen in to the well. Ancient Chinese d.happy to still be alive. c. "Quick. In the folktale. What shall we do?" Learning Module for English . b. Ancient Chinese c. one of the brothers died.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 113 "What?" cried the mother. “ I don’t think he should get the job” 3. What shall we do?" "TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPo m Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako has fallen into the well?" cried the gardner. "Quick. What could have caused the death of the boy: Tiki-tiki? a. Ancient Chinese b. "Quick. where should you put the emphasis if what you mean . The gardener didn’t come at once. "Ru n and tell the gardner!" Then they all ran to the gardner and shouted. The boy had a long name. 2. Use this sentence to answer the questions 3 and 4. Ancient Chinese characteristic of the Chinese could be inferred from this st could be humorous as reflected in their folktales. Using the above sentence. TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHari Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPo m Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako has fallen into the well. TikkiTikkiTembo No SarimboHar i Kari Bushkie Perry Pem Do Hai Kai PomPom Nikki No Meeno Dom Barako has fallen into th e well. Some time afterward the two brothers were again playing near the well.

He will b. Have a photocopy of the story “ He should get another job“ a. b. They are service oriented people. What charac teristics of the J apanese may be reflected on this ceremony? a. the host cleans the serving bowls. your performance task is to make an ada ptation of Mahabharata. True meaning of the sentence can be c. d. what is the possible output you could have for this project? a. In most Chinese and J apanese folktales. Family is important. job b. . Make your own version of the story b. boils water. should d. He will that special occasion. prepa res a sweet treat for the guests. In your literature class. Write a slogan about the story 7. Chinese and J apanese children are dependent on their parents c. True meaning of the sentence can be words. You are in Iran you were able to witness the desire of an Irani an to give thanks through a celebration because of a certain fulfillment/ achievement. Before the ceremony begins. that c. True meaning of the sentence can be d.L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 114 a sheep for ? a. he 4. what common practice of Persian is reflected offer the sheep to the church give divide the meat to all of his neighbors cook the meat and ask his neighbors to go to his house and eat with cook the meat and celebrate alone 6. The J apanese Tea ceremony is a cultural tradition that originated in China. 5. Prepare a drama presentation of Mahabharata d. They drink their tea only in the company of friends. What does it say about the Chinese or J apanese values? a. He will him. Family is always right b. What important point is revealed in a. there would oftentimes be the prese nce of a loving mother or father and a dutiful son or daughter. Chinese and J apanese parents are protective of their children 8. c. b. expressed in different word or words. They consider their guests as very important people. the word or words. and then mixes the tea in front of the guests. d.Grade 8 1 . For you to be able to show the adaptation clearly and effectively. He will c. There are different meanings behind question number 3? expressed through the stressed word or expressed through its length. He will sla ughter Learning Module for English .

Then he prepares a sweet treat for the guests. You are task ed to gather information about Asians’ ways of living. Chinese and J apanese do not understand the spoken and written language. 12. First. b. We can now assume that: a. before the ceremony begins. If you won in this pageant. If you were to sacrifice one thing for the pageant. Next.d. he mixes the tea in front of t he guests. descriptive .L3 SEARCHING FOR KNOWLEDGE 115 b. would that be and why? c. Chinese and J apanese understand the spoken and written language. style of dressing up. Lastly. Based on what you have learned in your Language class. They want to impress their guests. Philippines’ search to formulate one question for the Q & A portion. he boils wa ter. 9.Grade 8 1 . If you were to judge this pageant. The J apane se written language is derived from the Chinese language. the host cleans the serving bowls. customs c. Each candidate will be asked a question. history Learning Module for English . c. This style of J apanese writing is referred to as Kanji. 10. Anyone who can read either the Chinese or J apanese language can usually see the similarities between the characters and interpret the text. How are the ideas in the paragraph organized? a. eating. What will be the focus of your research? a. economics d. expressing their faith. which criterion would have the highest bearing? Why? The tea ceremony is a practice in J apan. If you were to change something about this pageant. You want the public especially the non -Asians to be familiar with those things so that they could understand them better. Chinese and J apanese understand the written language but not the spoken language. cause effect b. politics 11. courtship and beliefs. You are tasked by the organizers of the Ms. what could be the best question th at you could ask the candidates? a. You are a researcher from the Department of Tourism. d. what would it be and why ? d. what would you initially do? b. Chinese and J apanese understand the spoken but not the written language. There are steps that the host follows.

you will learn the following: Identify strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous senten ce structures to arrive at meanings Identify the derivation of words Define words from contexts and through word analysis (affixes) Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary difficultie s Show understanding of the text through paraphrasing Show understanding and appreciation for the different Asian literary texts Point out the elements of plays and playlets Determine the author’s tone and purpose for writing the literary text The learner demonstrates understanding of how Afro-Asian Literature and other . a. therefore d. compound-complex 116 Learning Module for English . They worked rapidly ___ carefully.c. but c. 14. We sang ____ danced heartily. you will ask yourself. J apanese. Identify the sentence according to its structure. compound c. simple b. no matter how remote they are? Is it possible to be united even when In this module. I can’t talk to her. your learning will be maximized as you take the following lesson s: Lesson 1 – Tracing Our Roots Lesson 2 – Revisiting the Richness of Our Past Lesson 3 – Appreciating Our Origin Specifically for Module 2. 17-20.____. 15. and b. chronological sequence d. or a Chinese when all of them look the same? In this module. you will find out about Afro-Asian people. how is it possible that people do not kno w one another and yet they are related? Is it possible that you have the same ance stors or blood lines. Choose the appropriate conjunction to complete the sentence. a. complex d. _____. She is absent. I didn’t talk to her.Grade 8 H ave you ever wondered how is to see different nationalities all in one place? How will you differentiate a Filipino from the rest? How will you kn ow if someone is a Korean. In the process. however 13. you are like them as they are like you. Choose the letter of y our answer. How are they similar or different from one another? You will also discover that although they are of dif ferent races. simple listing 13-16. She was here yesterday. in many ways. 16.

figurative language. for or against an issue that r elates to the community Ask for and give information. The learner performs an interactive human exhibit of Afro-Asian literar y characters.text types equip him/her with communication skills that lead to embrac ing diverse cultural heritage.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 117 Point out how the choice of title. infor mation maps commonly used in content area texts Discern positive and negative messages conveyed by a program viewed React appropriately and provide suggestions based on an established fact Decode the meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis Follow task-based directions shown after viewing Interpret the big ideas/key concepts implied by the facial expressions of inter locutors Show understanding and appreciation for the different genres with emph asis on types contributed by Asian countries Point out the elements of plays and playlets Determine the author’s tone and purpose for writing the essay . choice of words. features. and the like contribute to the theme Transcode information from linear to non-linear texts and vice.Grade 8 2 . space allotment. and attitudes explicitly and implicitly in an informative talk Make inquiries Give information obtained from mass media Highlight important points in an informative talk using multimedia resources Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary difficulti es Evaluate content. elements. and properties of a reading or viewing selection using a set of criteria Explain visual-verbal relationships illustrated in tables. feelings. Learning Module for English . express needs.versa Employ concept mapping Use non-linear texts outlines and notes as aids in the preparation o f a research paper Use coordinators Utilize appropriate idioms Acknowledge citations by indicating bibliography sources used Observe correct format in bibliography sources used Use writing conventions to acknowledge resources Employ appropriate listening skills when listening to descriptive and long narr ative texts Listen to determine conflicting information aired over the radio and television Listen for clues to determine pictorial representation of what is tal ked about in a listening text Determine if the speaker is neutral. imagery. graphs. opinions.

bubble. space. for or against an issue that r elates to the community Look into the derivation of words Define words from context and through word analysis Organize information illustrated in tables. choice of words.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 118 complex sentences and appropriate parenthetical expressions Use writing conventions to indicate acknowledgment of resources Ask for and give information. and attitudes explicitly and implicitly in an informative talk Communicate thoughts and feelings in summary results and notes. com poundLearning Module for English . and Here is a simple map of the above lessons you will cover: The Two Brothers (Egypt) Makato and His Cowrie Shell (Thailand) The Taximan’s Story (Singapore) The Devouring Rock (Malaysia) The Peasant. etc. among others. feelings.Point out how the choice of title. and figurative language.Grade 8 2 . opinions.) as aids in taking down no tes and organizing ideas Use outlines to sum up ideas taken from texts Use varied adjective complementation and formulate correct complex. imagery. allotment. space. choice of words. needs. linear. and express needs. the Buffalo and the Tiger: A Tale of Strength and The Origin of Ancient Vietnam (Vietnam) Embracing . allotment. imagery. using appropriate styles (formal and informal) Use appropriate modes of paragraph development to express one’s ideas. graphs and maps Decode the meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis Interpret the big ideas/key concepts implied by facial expressions Point out how the choice of title. feelings and attitudes Use a variety of cohesive devices to make the flow of thoughts from one sentenc e to another smooth and effortless Employ concept mapping (circle. using appropriate styles Listen to determine conflicting information aired over the radio and television Determine if the speaker is neutral. among others. among others contribute to the theme Communicate thoughts and feelings in summary results and notes.

Which of the following is considered one element of a short story? character denouement exposition climax 4. atmosphere d. your answers will be che cked to find out your score. c.. b. social condition 3.. mood b. atmosphere d. In a plot of the story. Remember to answer all items. It may be the following EXCEPT ____________. a. exposition c. It refers to the time and l ocation in which a story takes place. W rite the answers in your notebook. Setting is one of the elements of a short story. d. Choose the letter that you think best answers the question.Our Heritage Outwitting a Crocodile Sawatdee. and end? .Grade 8 2 . the logical arrangement of events is pre sented. climax 2. After taking this short test. The Century Carver Appreciating Our Origin Revisiting Our Rich Past Learning Module for English . What element of the story shows the logical arrangement of events. middle. a.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 119 Let’s find out how much you know about the coverage of this module. It has five essential parts EXCEPT _____________. a. climax c. denouement b. My Beautiful Bangkok Tracing Our Roots The Legend of Banyuwangi. Take note of the items that you won’t be able to correctly answer and look 1. with a be ginning.

more cheap c. Sang Buaya was the culprit that made Sang Kancil afraid. It maybe a conflict between man and . Which is synonymous to mood or atmosphere in the story ? a. 5. exposition character plot conflict The author may reveal a character’s traits and attitudes by what he/she says. first person b. c. b. We went to the ______________ hotel in the city. c. b. b. a. climax Learning Module for English .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 120 b. Which of the following is a compound-complex sentence? a. c. b. b. We went to the forest yesterday. a. a. d. a. d. 12. c. and but for while 7. d. b. and then the delivery truck drove off. 8. d.. The delivery truck dropped its load of sand on the backyard where the bricks lie. thinks and does what he/she does or does not do his/her views and opinions all of the above The following are examples of coordinating conjunctions EXCEPT ___________.Grade 8 2 . a. cheaper .. man circumstances society internal 10. was flown in to help people who we re made homeless by the typhoon. but we did not find anything. The point of view is defined as the angle from which a story is told EXCEPT ___________. Gawad Kalinga which gives invaluable aid. listen to note details listen to extract information listen to get the central idea listen to get the summary Conflict is the opposition of forces. a. innocent eye c. d. denouement setting character In preparing an outline from a listening text. d. omniscient d. 9. c. 6.a. static 11. the initial step is. d. c. c. most cheap b.

cheapest 13. .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 121 b. c. Which of the following is the correct concept map for the ideas inside the box? a.d. Indigenous Costume e Tangible Cultural Heritage Indigenous Cultural Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Cultural Heritag Festival Intangible Cultural Heritage Tangible Cultural Heritage Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 .

th eme. 15. 14.Grade 8 2 . Conflict is enhanced through the interplay of other elements like setting. b. Multiple conflicts are rarely seen in short stories. External conflict is the best type for any story. d. and plays. movie. movie. movies. Resolution is the highlight of a conflict. Sandra is going to Malaysia for a student-exchange program. Conflict is the most important part of plot for a story. She wants to kno w the culture of Malaysian before she goes there. c. or play.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 122 a. and characters.d. Whi ch statement is TRUE about conflict? Indigenous Cultural Heritage Festival Intangible Cultural Heritage Tangible Cultural Heritage Indigenous Cultural Heritage Festival Tangible Cultural Heritage Intangible Cultural Heritage Indigenous Costume Cultural Heritage Festival Intangible Tangible Cultural Heritage Learning Module for English . How can Sandra know some Ma laysian . or play.

Honour those who suffered for justice and freedom in our land. he knew wh at to do to make him feel at home. you and your peers have been hired by the board to fi nd the most appropriate movie to be used for a cultural exhibit. poems. the people of South Africa. One day. a non-government organi zation that aims to promote the rich culture of the Southeast Asian region. c. Recognise the injustices of our past. Multiculturalism is divisive. Watch some Malaysian news programs. 16. Culture helps develop people. J ohn is just friendly. Though it’s J ohn’s first time to meet the Malaysian. beliefs. Find a Malaysian film director and ask his/her advice about a movie adaptati on of a folktale. As local film critics. d. A movie review is needed. and Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it. Research on the political structure of Malaysia. b. c. united in our diversity . a Malaysian student visited their place and he had the c hance to mingle with him. Which of the following would you do for your organization? a. c. b.Grade 8 2 . 19. J ohn learned the traditions. People should remember the sacrifices of their heroes. Your organizatio n wants you to help find a movie that will promote the culture of Malaysia for a film showing activity. Read this part of the Preamble of South African Constitution: "We. and plays. Filipinos are known to be hospitable. How did J ohn manage to do that? a. J ohn wants to ask a favor from the Malaysian. beliefs and culture of Malaysians from his rea dings. Respect those who have worked to build and develop our country. Find a Malaysian folktale and its movie adaptation and write a mo vie review about it. and heritage in a literary perspective? a.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 123 Have you ever wondered why you have . b.traditions. d. Read some travel brochure from Malaysia. Develop a survey asking students their preferred theme for a movie. Some cultures are just more evolved than others. Which of the following is contrary in this part of the Preamble of South African Constitution? a. so he knows how to deal with people. You are a member of ASEAN Culture Society. Read Malaysian short stories. just like J ohn. Give a list of the box-office hit movies in Malaysia. b ut the Learning Module for English . c. 18. d. b.” 17. J ohn has been reading many Malaysian stories and had watched some Malaysian movies lately. d.

(Literature) Show understanding and appreciation for the different Asian literary t exts. (Viewing Comprehension) Point out the elements of a short story.. Likewise. you will learn the following: Listen to note important information and details of a listening text. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills below and the lesson map. Indonesian. (Writing and Composition) Employ concept mapping as aids in taking down notes and organizing ideas. the ir beliefs and traditions. (Listening Comprehension) Determine if the speaker is neutral. (Writ ing and Composition) Use correct coordinators (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Observe the correct format in bibliographical entries. (Study Strategies) On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Tracing Our Roots.Grade 8 2 .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 124 Say You. you will know more about who your ancestors are. elements. (Literature) Use graphic organizer to sum up ideas. (Speak ing-Oral Language and Fluency) Formulate responses to questions. you will underst and the cultural diversity of other Afro. J apanese. Chinese as well as Malaysian. and properties of a reading or viewing selection. culture and heritage can also be united and work towards peace. harmony and progress? What would you do if you were given a chance to meet and talk to them in a gathering of Afro-Asian nationalities? In this module. beliefs and values are being treasured? Do you look forward to seeing. Learning Module for English . features.similar physical attributes and characteristics as that of your Asian neighbors? Have you asked yourself why you look like a Thai. (Literature) Point out how the title contributes to the theme. (Vocabulary Development) Use appropriate idioms (Vocabulary Development) Infer character traits from a reading text. for or against an issue.Say Me Pick and Match Face to Face KNOW Draw or Sketch . (Reading Comprehension) Evaluate content. their ideals and aspirations. traditions.. In this lesson. (Speaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Identify the meaning of words through visual context. talking.Asian countries through their literary tex ts To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson. and interacting with them? Do you think it is possible that people of different races. or Egyptian? Have you thought of discovering your roots as an Asian and further know what customs.

Can You? Multiple Intelligence Activities Writing Activity REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Preparing a Speech TRANSFER For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this les son.” Source: https://www.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 125 Let us begin this lesson by reflecting on what you know so far about Thailand. What did you notice in the pictures? What did you learn from the film? Can you see some connections? Do you think we have similarities in terms of culture. write Learning Module for English .ph/search?q=thailand+attractions Activity 1: SAY YOU. What does this imply? Learning Module for English .What Element Lay Your Cards Characterization Lay the Road Map Solving Dare to Climb Building Formatting Build Me Up Summing Up Sense It Combine/Fuse Idiomatic Expressions Constructing Working with Idioms Paint a Picture Bite the Theme Compare and Share Connecting/Pairing Introspecting Drawing Out What PROCESS I’m “ Punch lining” . Let’s start working on this lesson by watching a film clip about Thailand or see the pictures below. Work with a partner and answer the following guide questions: 1.SAY ME.Grade 8 2 . What are their customs and traditions? 8 2 .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 126 Activity 2: FACE TO FACE ... keep on thinking about these questions: How does diversity contribute to unity? How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and or harmony? The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the fast-growing and developing countries in Southeast Asia.. What landmarks are they noted for? 3. As we go through the She is known as the “Land of the Free. Do they have a culture similar to us? 4. beliefs and traditions? Explain.

religion and socio – economic status if you are familiar with. you may also bring out the differences of both countries in terms of forms of government. BEAUTIFUL BANGKOK by Ethel Soliven-Timbol B angkok known as Krun Thep. 1. Before you proceed. 2. which is Thai for “City of Angels. Discover. find out whether the words or symbols you have written match with the followin g selection below. pointed structure Learning Module for English . 5. connect the pictures under Column A with the vocabulary under Column B and the meaning under Column C.”What I Want To Know” guide. mosaic picture of small colored pieces loquacious talkative Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts related to Filipino traditions and beliefs practiced by Thais. In the process of your sharing. it is home to the famous Reclining Buddha. which is sa id to be 46 meters long. One of t he 370 temples in Bangkok alone. Find out what Filipino traditions and beliefs are practiced by Thais as depicted in this selection.Grade 8 2 . Activity 3: PICK AND MATCH Directions: Using Activity 2 .” beckons with its golden roofed temples and spicily curried cuisine.. the attractions in Thailand that SAWATDEE. 3. lie back murals tall..L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 127 4. Our loquacious guide regales us with the colorful history of Bangkok .. We will Read the following selection below. Seven million visitors come t o Thailand each year spending an average of six to seven days because there is so much to see and to relish in this “Exotic Orient” as one enamored traveller dubbe d the country. traditions. where 90 percent of the people are Buddhists. Let’s find out also how others would answer the process questions “How does diversity contribute to unity? How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and or harmony?” and compare their ideas with your own.Find a partner and orally talk about the similarities of Thais and Filipinos in terms of customs. Column A Column B Column C recline painting on walls spire tilt back. beliefs and way of life as depicted in t he pictures. Also world–famous are the golden Buddha at the Wat Trinig (“wat” being Thai for “temple”) and the dazzling Emerald Buddha. There are 2100 temples in all of Thailand.HELLO. too. Our agenda for the first day of our tour started with a tour of Wat Po.

although foreign visitors are advised to stick to bottled mineral water or soft drinks.Grade 8 2 .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 128 residence to this side of the Chao Phraya River. Today. which the court artisans used to decorate pagodas using their elabora te spires. a boat excursion takes v isitors on a tour of the old city. in the 2222-old Chinese section. the second largest city up north. The Reclining Buddha was shipped from China by King Rama I. spices and crafts are still at the riverside markets where one can also pro duce gold. I . devotees buy one–inch gold leaf squares which they stick to sm aller buddhas as offering to their god. morning ceremonies are held at an adjacent temple surrounded by four magnificent monuments: the first in red built by Rama I. which is “Clean U p Day” according to our guide. So the sidewalk eateries are relatively sa nitary. like Chiang Mai. J ust as fas cinating is the sala tree under which. when the god-king Rama I mov ed the royal Learning Module for English . according to legend. Only for strong knees is the Temple of the Golden Mount. the second in yellow. in cluding favorite destinations. we had dinner at the Baa Thai Restaurant wh ile watching heavily costumed folk dancers from the lowland and highland villages. a showcase o f Chinese porcelain mosaics. To cap a hectic first day. b y Rama II. jade and other precious jewelry. Amazingly. Not to be missed are the Temple of the Dawn along the Chao Phraya. The King had also brought with him excellent samples of porcelain. and the Temple of the Giant Swing for some of the finest murals. Buddha was born (although in India). the Chinese and the Indians. ato p a climb of 300 steps. by Rama IV.and how it became the imperial city 300 years ago. circa 1782. the third in green by Rama III. The best buys of Thai silk s. Bangkok is clean. Everyday. housing one of the largest bronze buddhas in the world. from whence one can visit the winter palace of the Royal Family and the training school for working elepha nts. winding down the “klong” canals for a glimpse of the water d wellers and the ancient edifices. remnants of an era when Rama I divided his city into three sections: for the Thais. At the main temple. especially the day after Wednesday. who also built the W at Po Temple on a 20-hectare compound adjacent to the Royal Palace. Its pink and red flowers are sweet-smelling. and the fourth in blue. a contrast to the brown gourd which are the “f ruit “of the sala tree.

and we use our brain to convert these into messages that we find meaning in. WHY. “ How does diversity contribute to unity?” and “ How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and or harmony?” can be answered.______________. Your questions will be taken from the selection read. The select ion enables you to deeply appreciate its customs and beliefs similar to ours. and HOW.. Activity 4: WHO’S THE NEXT? Learning Module for English . Listening is receiving language through the ears. we use our ears to receive individual sounds (letters. Find out if your focus questions.n spite of the colossal traffic jams. Group yourselves into five (5) and you will be assigned names such a s WHO. and these will be thrown to the group of your choice. Your performance as a group will depend on how well you have responded t o the questions asked. It involves identifyi ng the sounds of speech and processing them into words and sentences. When we listen.Grade 8 2 . “One of the most interesting customs and traditions in Thailand which attracted me is. Be able to explain or discuss y our You may start your sentence by saying. WHERE. Each group will construct questions that begin with the name of the group.. It is a skill that some people Learning Module for English . Example: Group WHAT: What is the mood of the writer while telling the s tory? Group WHERE? Answer: The mood of the writer while telling the story is happy and excited. stress. no thanks to the ubiquitous “toktok” pedicabs the air smells cleaner and less polluted than in Manila. One way of getting information and knowledge is through listening. WHAT. Listening in any language requires focus and attention.Grade 8 2 .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 129 Activity 5: DRAW OR SKETCH Draw on this canvas interesting customs.” Read orally your w ork in We are embarking on the next activity by learning more about the country whose contributions to fellow Afro-Asian neighbors made an impact on their economic growth as well as on bridging unity and progress. traditions and culture or eve n landmarks distinctive of the country. Let‘s find out what listening is all about.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE . rhythm an d pauses).

After a pause in every third paragraph. Activity 7: BUILD ME UP! Fill up the diagram on the next page. compose a paragraph of 7-1 0 ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 131 Thail and’s Goals Activity 8: SUM UP THE WHOLE Using the graphic organizer in Activity 7. you were able to know the unfolding of Thailand’s growth in economy through its diversified cultural and socio-economic innovation. Find out what facts or information are presented by the speaker and det ermine if the speaker is for or against an issue.Grade 8 2 . take note of the following guidelines when listening: Listen to get the general ideas of the text. Learning Module for English . Listening in a second language requires even greater focus. and explain your answers. Be guided by the pauses in order to answer the questions. listen and give your responses. Listen to your teacher as s/he reads the article entitled Thailand at the Turn of the Century.130 need to work on harder than others. What are the similarities of Thailand and Philippines? What are Thailand’s reasons for shifting to manufacture? Q Card 1 Q Card 2 What are the diversified industries in Thailand? What are the causes of economic growth of Thailand? Q Card 3 Q Card 4 From this activity. Be guided by the following questions: 1. which contributed in bridging and shaping the success of Asian countries. Take down notes to help you recall important ideas. People who have difficulty concentrating are typically poor listeners. tune in. So. be able to answer the questions in the question cards in Activity 6. What is Thailand’s goal at the end of the century? Listen carefully as your teacher reads the listening text. Activity 6: LAY YOUR CARDS Answer the questions below based on the listening text. Before listening.

beliefs and traditions? Learning Module for English . Provide your own title. you have learned the similarities of Philippines a nd Thailand in terms of socio-economic goals.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 132 Activity 9: BITE THE THEME Write your reflections and insights in relation to the theme of the listening text.Grade 8 2 ._________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ From this activity. __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ . What other insights can y ou extract? Can unity be possible in diversity of culture.

night. Setting — refers to place. what period? What is the weather condition? Is it sunny. and stormy? What is the daily life of the character? What are his customs and status in lif e? What is the feeling created at the beginning of the story? Is it bright. The plot is a planned . we find meanings as interpreted by the artist .By a skilful use of language. what year. and even mood or atmosphere. Plot – It is the sequence of events in a story or play. dark or frightening? Example: My sister and I had a fun–filled vacation last summer. It is to make the reader interpret and imagine what he is reading and to iden tify himself with it . logical series of events having a beginning. middle and end. we played patintero. We swam in the sea ever y morning. cheerf ul.It is seeing beyond one’s eyes.Grade 8 2 . When the moo n was bright. To recognize the setting of the story. The short story usually has .________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Reading literature is like looking at a painting or a mural . provide the answers: Where is the action taking place? _________________________ Learning Module for English . Using the guide questions above. the writer places rea lism and uniqueness in his stories. rainy. social condition. time. In paintings. which was near the beach. ELEMENTS OF A SHORT STORY 1. as if making the reader fee l as if he has experienced it in his life. climbed the trees in the afternoon and fed the animals before dark. poems or essays. The artist has a way of interpreting his subject. weather condition. This is the role of literature.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 133 Where is the story taking place? __________________________ What is the weather condition? ___________________________ 2. We sta yed at our grandparents’ house. you may ask these question s: Where is the action taking place? Where is the story taking place? Is it during the day.

. I know they must be sour. Rising Action This is where the events in the story become complicated and the conflict in the story is revealed . plot. Falling Action The problems and complications begin to be resolved. Climax It is the turning point of the story and the highest point of interest. vegetables and fruits. thinks feels and dreams. On the blank after each paragraph. like a nother human being. and what others say about him/her. “Steady!” cried our teacher. Answer: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Finally. He lived on a farm and every summe r. the good -natured character.This is where events between introduction and climax take pla ce. the opponent of the main character. c. middle and end of the story.refers a struggle within oneself. the boat tilted to the left. Character – there are two meanings for the word character: the person in a wor k of fiction and the characteristics of a person. The author may reveal a character in several ways: his physical appearance. and it could be read in one sitting . “I don’t want those grapes anyway. he enjoyed harvesting corn. Conflict . “stay where you ar e!” We kept calm . 4. He may be the protagonist. b. circumstances. b. Will the conflict be resolved or not? d. the fox grumbled. External – refers to outside forces that may cause conflict. There are two types of conflict: a. Denouement This is the final outcome or untangling of events in the story. etc. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Once there was a child who liked summer best. Suddenly. It is wh ere the reader asks what will happen next. The character maybe d ebating inside himself about what to do. he went away.We prayed hard and followed all of our teacher’s instructions. what he/she says. environment.There are five essential parts of a p lot: a.It is the opposition of forces which ties one incident to another and makes the plot move.” Then. what he/she does or does not d o. or the antagonist. Internal . the setting and the characters are revealed. write whether the given part is the beginning. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Exposition/Introduction In the introduction. Here are three different parts of a story.

5. 1. ___________4. And is used to connect words. The main character faces a conflict or problem.Grade 8 2 . The problems and complications are resolved.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 134 Activity 10: MATCHING From the pool of words below. Sentence 3 uses or to join nouns of equal rank. Makato never idled and never complained. so he became successful. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. He did every kind of work. 3. 2. Makato had no sister or a brother to take care of him. Activity 11: WORK WITH COORDINATES Directions: Read the sentence carefully and encircle the conjunction. The ending where the final outcome of the story is shown ___________5.Grade 8 2 . What are the two clauses that are joined by yet in sentence 2? _________________________________________________________ 3. Thailand shifted from agriculture to manufacturing. He tried his luck in a far-off land. It joins an affirmative and negative sentence pattern. The setting and characters are revealed. What are the clauses that are joined by so in sentence 4? _________________________________________________________ 5. What words are connected by and in sentence 1? _________________________________________________________ 2. phrases and clauses of which are equal. Underline the words. What are the clauses that are joined by but in sentence 5? Sentence 1 uses and to show addition of thought or ideas. The highest point of interest in the story ___________3. 4. What are the phrases that are connected by or in sentence 3? _________________________________________________________ 4. Language Recall: Coordinate Conjunctions Observe the following sentences: 1. Sentence 5 uses but to show contrast of idea. choose the appropriate answer to the following descriptions. Philippines and Thailand are both Asian countries. Learning Module for English . ___________2. So is used to show a result. phrases and clauses it joins. 2. so she gained a . Sentence 4 uses so to show result. But / Yet is used to express contrast of idea.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 135 Coordinating conjunctions join words. Point of View – the angle from which the story is told Learning Module for English . Climax Introduction Denouement ___________1. Or/ Nor implies a consequence or choice. Sentence 2 uses yet to show contrast of idea. phrases and clauses of equal rank. yet he remained cheerful.

like Thailand. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 5. Thailand focused on food processing. Write your sentences on the blanks. Write your sentences in the blanks provided. 1. The chances for common blowout s are reduced. phrases and clauses. so both are tourist d estinations in Asia.Grade 8 2 . 3. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Activity 13: SUPPLY THE PARTS Directions: Complete the sentences by supplying additional words. Learning Module for English . 5.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 136 _______________________________________________________________________ 4. Both countries have diversity of culture. Philippines.They were all about politics or sp orts. enjoys a tropical climate. Activity 12: COMBINE/FUSE 1. peac e and progress in the region. but she developed heavily in export pro motion. Most cars are now equipped with radial tires. Philippines and Thailand are members of the ASEAN. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Directions: Combine the following sentences below using the coordinate conjunctions.thirty percent economic growth. The magazine contained only six articles . The meat was spoiled by the time I returned home . 4. The tourism sector is Thailand’s highest income generator and largest foreign exchange contributor. Riverside markets are attractions for small businessmen and_________________ __ ___________________________________________________________________ . Filipinos and Thais have water dwellers so________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. Their traditions and beliefs bring harmony and unity.I had forgotten to put it in the refrigerator when I left. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 3. They work for unity. Thais love spicy food and Chinese_______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 2.

Find out if the words were used properly in the sentence. Makato thought about what he liked to do in the future. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ good-natured adventurous .4. He never complained and was satisfied._______ 8._________ 3._____ 2. Traffic jams and pedicabs are both a sight to see and to experience and_____ _____ ___________________________________________________________________ Activity 14: GUESS WHAT? Directions: Read each sentence carefully and choose from the word pool the character traits are inferred in the following lines. He never idled. He planted the ground with more seedlings. Sidewalk eateries mushroomed along the streets yet_________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 5. and cleaned the forests. ____________ 4. Work with your seatmate and do peer-checking. He picked up the shell and handed it to the king.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 137 6.__________ 7.Grade 8 2 . His father and mother d ied. like carrying heavy things. Makato had no brother or sister to take care of him. fed the pigs. He did every kind of work.__________ 5. Write your answer at 1. He knelt down and gave the king lettuces._________ 9.____________ Activity 15: CONSTRUCTING Directions: Construct sentences using the words found in the word pool. He tried his luck in a far-off land.__________________ honest orphaned ambitious hardworking proactive grateful industrious naturalist Learning Module for English .

” His eyes sparked with excitement. sisters. Although he was paid only small wages. cousins or friends to take care of him. Find out the author’s purpose of writing this selection. or feeding pigs. for he longed for exciting adventures. He was an orphan. he was sati sfied. there was a boy whose name was Makato. enjoying new insights and talking to the people he met on the way. his employ ers praised him for being sensible. “Please. hardworking. One fine evening after he had finished chopping up a big pile of wood. “The land you wish to go to is called Sukhothai.” said Makato. so he had to make a l iving for himself. He never idled. “What are you thinking about so deeply.Grade 8 2 . he reached a village on the boundary of the Kingdom of Sukhothai. my boy?” asked his employer. he sat do wn to rest and thought of all he would like to do in the future.” . for his father and mother died when he was very young. Draw out the Filipino values and traits of the character which enable him to become successful and better person.H e walked along cheerfully. Makato and the Cowrie Shell (A Thai Folktale) by Supanee Khanchanathiti O nce upon a time. Its theme is centered on the Buddhist principle of suppressing one’s earthly desire t o achieve enlightenment. He wanted to try h is luck in far– Learning Module for English .” Sometime later. “They say Pra Ruang of Sukhothai is a very kind–hearted king. “I would like to go on a journey for adventure. “I’m so thirsty. He knew that if he would not work. good-tempered and cheerful.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 138 off strange lands. he would starve._________ The selection which you are about to read is a Thai folktale. I wish I could see the land for myself.” said his employer. You might be lucky if you could go there. clearing away the forest . After a month’s journey. He did every kind of work—carrying heavy things. pointing to the northeast. Wherever he went. He had no bro thers. He left his village and set out in the wide world . can I have some water to drink?” Makato asked an old woman with a big water pot on her head. “I heard that the land is fertile and the people are kind. Makato decided to try his fortune.

fo r it was the king’s gift. your Majest y. the sky was clear and the weather so fine. His heart beat fast. The old woman was one of the Pra Ruang Mahouts. It was Pra Ruang himself. and the mahout and his wife grew fond of him. Lettuces! He could grow small plants like that. some food to eat and perhaps someday. pouring cold water from her pot into a small cup and handling it to Makato. “the king has given me a cowrie shell. “Can I buy some lettuce seed?” .”Come along with me . One day. “A good-looking and hardworking boy. “You may keep it.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 139 to pick up and held it to the king. Al though one cowrie had little value.Grade 8 2 .” said the king. If he could work with this kind of woman.” replied Makato. came in.” said the old woman. a tall young m an in a splendid costume.” said the boy.” “How wonderful!” Makato thought. He worke d hard and well. but the king said with a smile. he could not think of a way to use it so that it wou ld earn money for him. the people of Sukhothai used cowrie shells as money. He looked along the stall and caught sight of a basket f ull of lettuce seed. “Where did the boy come from?” the king asked the mahout. “Take good ca re of him. “Who are your father and mother? Haven’t you any family?” the old woman asked again.H e ran Learning Module for English .” As the king walked away. “Thank you so much. followed by attendants.” replied the mahout. He asked the joyful woman at the stall. it seemed to Makato that it must be a lucky day. such a young boy as you are?” “I wanted to see Pra Ruang of Sukhothai. “I come from the City of Mon over there. “12 years old.” Makato was glad to go with her. Makato saw a little cowrie shell lying on the ground . which meant that she helped the mahout find the food for the elephant and clean out the elephants’ sheds.”They say he is a very kindhearted king. “Good heavens! Have you really come from Môn? How is it that you are travelling alone. who was attending him. he passed by a stall in the market where the seeds of many different pl ants were sold.“Where did you come from? Why are you here alone? You look as if you’ve come a long way. One day. he wou ld have a place to sleep. “How old is he?” the king asked further. Makato bowed low at once with his hands clasped together before him.” “You are a very determined boy!” said the woman. As he worked in the elephants’ sheds. For a long time. he might be lucky e nough to see the king.” At the time.” replied Makato. Makato wanted to make as much use of it as possible.Who knows? You might see Pra Ruang someday.

He was so loyal that the king trusted him abs olutely. 4.“Oh yes. As the years passed. How much do you want?” said the old woman. I can’t even measure that much. surprised. Makato waited for an opportunity.” answered Makato. Cite lines. I wil l take the seeds that stick to it. it was covered with seeds. action and speech. “I will dip my finger into the pile of seeds. That must be right for one cowrie shell. “All right boy. Your Majesty. “Where did you get this?” the king asked. then knelt down and proudly presented his biggest lettuces to the k ing. He carefull y scraped them of his finger into the palm of his hand and went away. the king passed by the elephants’ sheds again. my boy. Fill up the character web with your answers and explain Character .” he thought.Grade 8 2 . Makato told the king the whole story. How would you nurture and enhance your positive traits? In what ways? 7. He was very proud of himself because he had done so well. Now that he had seeds. which meant that he PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. “One cowrie shell!” said the woman. laughing.” “Well. 5. The king was impressed with his intelligence and industry.” That won’t buy anything. “I grew them from th e cowrie shell you gave me. why not ?” said the amused woman at his suggestions. does and thinks. What character traits does he possess? 2. he dipped his finger into the pile of seeds. What were those changes in Makato’s life after meeting the king? Enumerate.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 140 Activity 16: PAINT A PICTURE What are Makato’s character traits? Describe his appearance. Through inferring what the character says. the young plants appeared. He watered the seed bed every day and soon. “How could you do that?” asked the puzzled king. Then.” “Look!” said Makato eagerly. “I wish I could give the king some lettuces. Describe Makato. attitude. “I have one cowrie shell!” said Makato. What lessons in life does the author want to convey to you? Are these true t o Learning Module for English . one ca n recognize the traits of a literary character. What could be the reason why Makato left his place? 3. When he pulled his wet finger out. happily clutching th e seeds. He mastered every grace and served the king well. Help yourself. He was promoted to higher positions until he was given a title of Kun Wang. Makato broke the soil and sowed them at once.” Makato paid the woman his one cowrie shell . he cleared more ground and planted more lettuce seedlings until the kitchen garden was cove red with them. actions and thoughts which show Makato’s traits. beaming with a smile.Then. Day by day . Makato grew tall and handsome. so much so tha t later on.. Which of Makato’s traits are similar to yours? 6. One day. he gave Makato a job in the palace.

L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 141 Activity 18: LAY THE ROAD MAP Using the timeline.Grade 8 2 . Provide your own title.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 142 Activity 19: DARE TO CLIMB? Plot the events in the story by writing them inside the space provided. 4. What kind of life did he have at the beginning of the story? Describe.Grade 8 2 . What was his reward from the king? Past Future Learning Module for English . Write your character traits. 4. What did he do with the cowrie shell? 5. inside the right circle. 2. 3.Grade 8 2 . inside the left circle. What is the climax of the story? 4. What is the falling action? 5. What is the rising action? 3. Write Makato’s character traits. Be 1. Be guided by the following key questions: 1. What is the denouement? Climax Introduction Falling Action Rising Action Denouement Learning Module for English . Be guided by the following questions: 1. What motivated him to leave his place? 3. What is the beginning of the story? 2._______________ Articulation Action Attitude Appearance what the character does what the character says what the character looks like how the character feels Activity 17: COMPARE AND SHARE Using the Venn diagram on the next page. compare yourself with Makato. plot the events which led to Makato’s success. Which of those traits would you like to improve? Explain. which are different from yours. __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ . What traits do you both share? Write your answers between two circles.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 143 Activity 20: INTROSPECTING What lessons in life have you learned from Makato’s experiences? Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph. How did the king recognize him? Cite the incident that showed it. 2. which are different from Makato’s. Learning Module for English .

.________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Activity 21: CONNECTING.PAIRING Directions: Compose sentences describing the character traits of Makato using coordinate conjunctions. You may .. Work with a partner and brainstorm ideas to __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ You are going to read your work orally in front of the class.

4. “ How does diversity contribute to unity?” and “ How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and or harmony?” can be answered. Egypt. Activity 22: PAIRED APPROACH Work with a partner and discuss relevant issues. What knowledge and information did you get after watching/ observing? 3. hear and/or touch.Grade 8 2 . She is considered a modern nation in an ancient land and considered the most populous country. Egypt is famous for its Pyramid at Giza and the Giant Statue known as The Sphinx. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ .Grade 8 2 . The selection enables you to deeply appreciate its customs and beliefs which are similar to ours. Discover this country by observing the pictures on top or watching a d ocumentary film. Find out its unique traditions and beliefs. Find a partner and discuss relevant information about the country.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 144 We are embarking on the next activity by learning about another Asian neighbour. Be guided by the following questions: 1. Let us discover and explore one of the most interesting Arab countries. Find out if your focus questions. Activate your senses to draw out information. Do you have similar answers? What impressed you most about this country? Learning Module for English .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 145 Sound Sight EGYPT Touch Taste Smell SENSE WEB Activity 24: SUMMING UP! Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph describing Egypt using the information you placed in the sense web. or similar customs and traditions? What make Egyptians different from Filipinos or Thais? Activity 23: SENSE IT! Using the sense web on the next page. Describe what you see. What country is described in the film/pictures? 2. What attracted you most about this country? Do you think you have common interests. the Teenager My Brief Encounter With Makato Makato’s Dream and My Dream How Makato Influenced My Life Learning Module for English . fill in the circles with your answers and compare your work with your seatmate.choose from the following topics: Makato. culture. feel.

______________ GITETNS . deep-rooted.______________ Now. TRACREHAR .______________ TCFIOCNL .________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Learning Module for English . One is that several words . Rearrange the letters of the words below. There are many idiomatic expressions in our language. Have you realized something? Are human thoughts.f or the native born.______________ ETLIT . widely used.______________ TLOP .” and. something individual and peculiar. English idiom or idiomatic expressions are Greek in origin. then. although an exact answer would be absurd.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 146 Activity 25: WHAT ELEMENT? To prepare you to fully understand the text you are about to read. for example. you are slowly going deeper into understanding human nature and the experiences of other people of different races. something belonging to a private citizen. “How do you do?” is.Grade 8 2 . feelings and emotions universal? Do they manifest in every race and culture? Let us see how you will work on the next activity but first. and easily understandable. an accepted idiom. personal. The word idiom means “a private citizen. let us recall our lessons on idioms or idiomatic expressions to be able to fully appreciate the beauty of these in the next reading text you are about to read. review the elements of a short story by answering the activity below. The y may also violate grammar or logic or both and still be acceptable because the phrase is familiar. by extension. Idiomatic Expressions . conform to no laws or principles describing their formation.

are combined which lose their literal meaning and express something very remotely suggested such as . He went from ____ to riches. A third generalization is that hundreds of idiomatic phrases contain a dverbs or prepositions with other parts of speech. 5. Here are some examples: walk off. all thumbs. A second statement about idioms is that parts of the human body have suggested many of them: burn one’s fingers.Grade 8 2 . although I was not the only responsibl e for the problem. step on someone’s toes. acquaint Learning Module for English . Directions: Choose the appropriate word to complete the meaning of the idiom. pros and cons or ups and down in the blanks provided. Examples of Idiomatic expressions are : accord with . 3. hard row to hoe. heavy hand. birds of a feather. 3. 4. 4. dark horse. make ou t. rub elbow s with. read between the lines. If you think that doing this math problem is __________. get one’s back up. odds and ends. Wr ite ocean. 2. 2. Do not worry about the problems you have in your business . rags. That‘s why she gave him a ___ shoulder. fly in the face of. lay up. keep one’s chin up. The small amount of money donated is just a drop in the _____ co mpared to the large sum of money needed. toe the line. bed of roses. Write a piece of cake. keep body and soul together.You k now there are always ___________ in business. They had a dispute yesterday. 1. no ax to grin d. Activity 27: IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS . cold and pie in the blanks provided. open house. agree to a proposal contend for a principle on a plan with a person with a person against an obstacle Usage should conform to the idiomatic word combinations that are gener ally acceptable.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 147 Activity 26: WORKING WITH IDIOMS Directions: Choose the appropriate idiomatic expressions to be used in the following sentences. blacklist. stand on one’s own feet. just try it. The teacher asked us to talk about the ___________ of industrial development . 1.according to . I had to face the ____ all by myself. music. All these promises the politicians make are just ____ in the sky. keep one’s eyes open. The police found nothing special in the house of the criminal as he had take n all the important documents with him leaving just _____________. He has been successful in life. walk over.

and there was no one his equal in the whole land._______ 4. they needed some corn. Anpu felt a pain in the neck when he heard his wife’s explanation. Anpu was the elder. Bata kept company with god.________ 8.___________ 2.________ 6. Bata supported his brother Anpu. his wife became very jealous and she wanted to destroy Bata. She showed him her arms and legs which he had painted black and blue and accused Bata of ha ving . when Anpu and Bata were in the fields. and every evening._______ 9. One day._______ The selection which you are about to read is considered the oldest literary piece believed to have been written 3000 years before Christ. who was crying bitterly. Do not delay. When their parents died. Find out the similarities of Egyptians and Filipinos in terms of cult ure. use them in the sentences. he became an excellent worker. He harvested the corn. and he took with him his bread. 1. so Anpu sent Bata home to get some. The younger brother found the wife combing her hair and said to her. Behold. Bata had made an easy way out to the mountains. Every morning. the younger brother followed his oxen and worked all d ay in the fields. When the little brother grew to be a young man. He laid all these before his elder brother. In good faith. He did the plowing. and w ood. She bent her knees for forgiveness. and Bata was the younger.__________ 5. Anpu was blue in the face. After giving the correct meaning.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 148 The Two Brothers Egyptian Folktale O nce there were two brothers. “Get up and give me some corn that I may ru n to the field for my elder brother is in a hurry. After killing the wife. Anpu was met by his wife._______ 3. blood pours into his face.Ra to seek consolation. he returned to the house with vegetables. and he drove the cattle into the field. Because Anpu loved his younger brother very much. Anpu returned home earlier than his brother because Bata had much work to do in the fields. Anpu was already married and had a house of his own.Grade 8 2 . Learning Module for English . milk. beliefs. so he took his little brother with him and treated him like his son. Anpu’s wife accepted the dose of her own medicine. The wife of Anpu was beaten black and blue. Knowing the wife’s dishonesty.Directions: Guess what idiomatic expressions are used below and give the correct meaning.________ 7. the spirit of the god was within him. respect and love for family and reverence to God as depicted in this selection.________ 10. Bata makes hay while the sun shines.” At eventide.

Grade 8 2 . She pretended that she was very sick. Anpu killed his wife and cast her to the dogs. “My good Lo rd! Save me from death. As he entered the door.” Ra heard h is cry.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 149 Activity 28: CHARACTERIZATION Direction: Describe the three characters through a Venn diagram. “Behold. The brother sprang from him and Bata fled praying to the god Ra. loaded with herbs. Enumerate those traditions of Egyptians which are similar to you as Filipino s. thou who divines the evil from the good. Bata asked his elder brother. When the sun went down. Bata reached the Valley of Acacia. Have I told you that I have always looked upon her as my mother?” So. “Why did you beat up my wife and almost kill her. built himself a house and met the Nine Gods who knew of his inn ocence and goodness. If you were Bata. frame a woman for Bata that he Learning Module for English . She pretended to be in great pain. Anpu went home. He made a river flow between one brother and the other and filled it with crocodile s.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 150 . Ra said to the god Khunumu. 7.” Anpu answered. She did not light the fire for him. Do you agree with the beliefs and traditions they practice? Which of those bring unity and harmony? Which do not? 6. Write them down on this canvas. Filled with great anger. he slew wild beasts for food.” Bata answered. Bata came home as usual. Anpu became very angry. Then 1. milk and woo d. would you believe your wife’s explanation? 5. Why did the wife get jealous of Bata? 2. “I did not do such thing. She did not give him water to wash his hands with. I shall go to the Valley of the Aca cia. Then. If you were Anpu. what would you do? Do you agree with him in leaving the house? Why so? 4.Grade 8 2 .beaten her up. He found his wife near the river washing off the black and b lue dye with which she had painted herself. compare and contrast them to our PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . poured ashes on his head and mourned fo r his younger brother. he saw the feet of his brother and the sharp knife hangi ng by his side. he sat down. Since there was no one with him. “Why do you seek to kill me? Am I not your brother a nd have you not always treated me as if you were my father? Has not your wife been as mother to me? Now since you want to kill me. What did the wife do to get the attention of Anpu? Do you agree with what she had done? Why so? 3. Then. He sharpened his knife and waited for Bata in the stable .

Explain your work to the class.. Every formally prepared res .Activity 29: SOLVING What problems are faced by the two brothers? Are these problems happening in today‘s world? Using the problem–solution chart.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 151 Activity 8: DRAWING OUT. sometimes grouped into categories..WHAT? What traditions and beliefs of Egyptians can contribute to and shape you as a Filipino? What cultural diversity brought unity.Grade 8 2 . containing the names of all works quoted from or generally used in its preparation. identify the problems and provide solutions to these based on the selection you just read. The Two Brothers Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Actio n Denouement Learning Module for English . peace and progress? Compose a 5-7 sentence paragraph. In a research paper. relating to a particular subject. enumerate the events in the story by filling in the rectangles. __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Bibliography contains a list of books or articles. or both. Problems Solutions Problem-Solution Chart Activity 30: BUILDING Using the plot organizer. a bibliography is an alphabetical list.

what are the things you are supposed to remember? Let’s try answering the questions below. how would you write the bibliography? Explain. C. Newspaper Hunt. "Choose The best search engine for your information. Learning Module for English . David H. Magazine Article Hackworth. Linda J . 5. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ . What is the format if the author is only one? Explain. 20 (1977) 36-42. Makati: Bookmark Inc. Aurea. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2. 1999. " Texas Quarterly. Col. Carla. English CV for High Schools (3 rd ed. Gail E. 1995: 38-40. 3. Teaching Writing (3 rd ed. "Clinton Needs Fewer Reinventions and More Consistency. & Soffos. Activity 32: FORMATTING 1. Two Authors Books One Author Tompkins. What words are used to mean several authors? Explain and give an example. 1.” Newsweek. 1999 What have you observed in the examples above? In writing the format of bibliographical entries.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 152 4.).”22 March http://www. “Terms of Forgiveness. World Wide Web Abilock. Encyclopedia 2. Teaching for Deep Comprehension. 2000. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 3. Albert R.Grade 8 2 . Several Authors Lauengco.nueva.pvt. For two authors. 24 Apr. paper should contain a bibliography placed at the end and begun on a separate page. Maine: Stenhouse Journal Cline. Debbie. “Quasi Adventures in Literary Scholarship.html> 12 A pr. 2005.k12.) New J ersey: Prentice-Hall Inc.L.

5. followed by the first name. such as period. “T he Two Brothers” or “Mako and the Cowrie Shell. You are asked to perform the indicated activities: Group 1 – the Dramatists – Present a scene that highlights the theme of the story. encyclopedia. magazines and newspaper articles. magazine and newspaper articles. and encyclopedia and newspaper articles should be underlined. what should you observe? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 5. what should you remember? Explain. title of the book. It is a collection of supplementary materials. sample questionnaires. such as a book or legal contract.” Group 2 – the Naturalists/Environmentalists – Present a problem–solution char t showing your ability to address environmental problems. usually appear ing at the end of a report. Group 3 – the Dancers – Present a Thai or Egyptian dance showcasing its culture. . . Titles of topics of magazines. All titles of the books. 4. and transcripts of telephone conversations. Place a comma after the author’s family name to separate it from the first Appendix An appendix refers to an “addendum “or any addition to a document. 7. Observe correct punctuation marks.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 153 Points to Remember: 1. In writing the topics for encyclopedia. 2. budgets and cost estimates.Grade 8 2 . to mean many or se veral authors. For two authors. It may come in the form of tables and char ts. newspaper articles and encyclopedia must be enclosed in quotation marks. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 6. All names of authors should start with the family name. use the words et . 3. What should come first when writing the place and name of the publisher? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . or a book. correspondence about the pre paration of the report. the second author‘s name should be written with the first name first and not with the family name. 6. magazines. In writing the titles of the book. case histories. For several authors. after the author’s name.4. among ot hers.

ph Learning Module for English . Your goal in this section is to enrich your understanding in discovering who you are as a Filipino and be the one who treasure your roots. show the age of Makato when he became a king . deliver the dialogues. Then.Grade 8 2 . Observe proper stress.” – Michael Novak 2.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 155 Activity 35: WRITING ACTIVITY Using comparison and contrast.Group 4 – the Singers – Sing a song or perform a rap related to the tone and voice level. fill in the grid with the Positive-InterestingNegative aspects of Filipinos. provide dialogs appropriate fo r the following pictures found below.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 154 Oral Activity 1. Activity 34: I’M “ PUNCH LINING” . a testimony to the most noble possibilities of the human race. Activity 33: MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE Learning Module for English . we are taking you off from the text and allow you to explore your outside world. Work as a group and interpret this passage: “ Unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of a civilization. This attainment is made possible through passionate concern for choice in an atmosphere of soc ial trust. Thais and Egyptians in terms of : . CAN YOU? Men worshipping in a church or a mosque International beauties joining the contest Two different nationalities in a boxing bout Meeting of ASEAN Leaders in a Summit Leaders of three nations talking about national issues and problems What can you say about the presentations made? What have you learned? Is there a connection between the words diversity and unity? traditions and beliefs? Give your generalizations and conclusions. Using the key ideas presented in the passage. We shall now move to the next challenge! But this time. 3. Provi de your own lyrics depicting unity and Source: www. Group 5 – the Mathematicians – Through a mathematical formula. Be guided by the following: Deliver your lines well. Your performance will be scored through a rubric. Enunciate the words with articulation.Grade 8 2 .

Religious Beliefs of Filipinos 3. look for some readings related to the topics below. “The Role of the Youth in Establishing Unity in a Diversified Multi-Cultura l Society. 1. Multi-Cultural Dialects of Filipinos 2. Filipino Treasured Values 4. . Come up with 10 bibliographies. Filipino Traditions and Beliefs ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Learning Module for English .L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 156 You are asked to be the representative of the Youth Commission in a World Youth Conference to speak on their behalf on the topic. using online resources for additional information.Love for Family Reverence to God Desire to Succeed in Life Report to the class afterwards. Make sure that the suggestions you will cite can be done by young people like you.Grade 8 2 .” Your task is to prepare your speech by scouting reliable resources from the internet and other library resources to address the concerns. Make a list of bibliographical sources and TASK By this time you are now ready to perform your practical task in this lesson. You are on your own to figure out which of the skills you learned in the previous activities you will use to meet the standards set in thi s given task. Filipino Thai Egyptian Positive Interesting Negative Activity 36: MORE READINGS With your group.

You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understanding. Made points clearly. You will likewise finalize your answer to the focus question that has been asked since the beginning of this lesson. makes note cards to use as cues during presentation. your goal is to apply your learning to real life situations. Activity 37: PREPARING A SPEECH Grading Criteria Excellent Acceptable Minimal Unacceptable Preparation Gathers information from varied sources. Then plan on how you will write your speech. writes presentation accurately Gathers information from only one source. prepares notes and visual aids to use during presentation Gathers information from one or two sources. creates attractive visual aids to illustrate presentation Gathers information from three or four sources. made good . may not be able to complete task because of lack of preparation Content Used an abundance of materials clearly related to topic.Directions: Read the task below. In this final phase of the lesson. The rubric for grading is provided here to remind you on how your work will be grade d. used varied materials Used adequate information about the topic.

Grade 8 2 . Presented easy -to-follow argument.points. Engaged during presentation. used some variation in use of materials Used some information not connected to the topic Used information that has little connection to topic Rubric for Assessing an Oral Presentation Learning Module for English . and confident during the presentation.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 157 Organization Organized information and ordered ideas logically. Presented generally clear and easy-tofollow arguments Presented loosely connected ideas. Stated a clear conclusion Presented most information in a logical order. enunciated clearly. enthusiastic. Had little or no . Presented a choppy and difficult-tofollow organization Did not use a logical order in presentation Speaking Skills Well-poised.

a person of marked individuality civilization – advance stage of social culture climax – most interesting part of the story colossal – immense. various. and whose sides are triangles sharing a common vertex realism – practical outlook.expression. excitingly different or unusual exposition – a public show or exhibition. a light yellow color monument – a statue or building that commemorates a person or an event mosaic – a surface decoration made by inlaying small pieces of glass or stone mural – a picture or a design painted directly onto a wall naturalist – one who studies natural history. adventurous – daring. a detailed explanation eventide – evening fiction – an invented story. the outcome. inclined to incur risk ancient – very old. any literary work with imaginary characters and event s Learning Module for English .scribd. gigantic conflict – to clash. difference edifice – substantial building emerald – a rich green gemstone enamoured – to inspire with love exotic – foreign.Grade 8 2 . a fight. brightly speckled shell cultural – pertaining to culture denouement – the solution. emotional disturbance coordinate – to integrate elements into an efficient relationship cowrie shell – a marine mollusk with a glossy. differences diversity – variety. Did not enunciate clearly Appeared disinterested during presentation Grading Criteria Excellent Acceptable Minimal Unacceptable http://www. tendency protagonist – the main character in a story or drama pyramid – a solid figure having a polygon as a base.L1 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 158 hefty – large and strong heritage – something inherited at birth innovation – new methods or ideas journey – travelling from one place to another loquacious – talkative mahouts – an elephant driver maize – corn. strange. the resolution or a plot or story diversified – assorted. the ability to represent things without concealment . an advocate of naturalism populous – densely inhabited proclivity – inclination. dating from the distant past antagonist – opponent appendix – a section or a supplementary information at the back of a book beckons – to summon by a gesture bibliography – list of writings on a given subject or by a given author burgeoning – to start to increase rapidly century – a period of 100 years character – one of the element of a short story.

Myrna S. Lesson 2 will provide you a deeper look into their rich cultural heritage a nd its diversity as you will revisit their rich Learning Package 2. Copyright. Our world is becoming much smaller.abnet. 2007.bcps. remember to answer the following questions: How does the study of Afro-Asian literature help you increase your .html http://www./ab/g/appendix 2007. 2000. Criss Crossing Through Afro-Asian Literature.htm Unescodoc. In this kind of world we are living now. English for Secondary Schools./ciges www. https://hrsbstaff. As you go in this lesson.ns. Inc. you may consider looking into the diverse traditions and beliefs of AfroAsians.. Have you ever thought of traveling around Asia or Africa? Have you thought of the rich cultural heritage of these places? How about its diversity? If not.and J osephine Serrano. This means that a person living in the ASEAN Region needs to prepare for embracing its diverse heritage and rich past. Fund for Assistance to Private Education. you are now aware that there is more to discover about the traditions and beliefs of our Asian neighbors.Phoenix Publishing Co. In the ASEAN Region. English Teachers’ Guide. Inc. Lapid. Myrna S.ednet. Copyright by Anvil Publishing. finance. Online Sources http://www.scribct.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 159 After you had traced your Afro-Asian roots in Lesson 1.unesco. magnificent tapioca – a glutinous starch extracted from the root of the cassava and used in pu ddings Books Carpio. Moving Ahead in English http://grammar.725397772/synopsis of Afro-Asian Literature Learning Module for English . FNB Educational./graaphic organizer https://www. understanding and appreciating other’s diverse cultural heritage become more vital. Second Year High School. member states are preparing for 2015 – the year when their boundaries open to one another in terms of In doin g In this lesson.rebounded – bounced back recession – a downturn in economic activity recline – to lie down on the back or side reminiscent – recalling the past remnants – small remaining fragments shift – to change position sphinx – a monster with a lions body and human head spire – the tapering point of a steeple splendid – brilliant. and culture. 1997. Inc. you will revisit the rich past of the Afro-Asian people. Rustica C. Milagros G.Grade 8 2 . FNB Educational . English Communication Arts and Skills Through Afro-Asian Literature.

Grade 8 2 . (Stu dy Below is the lesson map to guide you in Revisiting Our Rich Past: Cul-lit Misconceptions Check What’s with the Bubbles? Finding Connections (Picture and Situational Analysis) Like Like Like! KNOW . (Viewing Comprehension) Interpret the big ideas/key concepts implied by the facial expressions of inter locutors. (Grammar Skills) Uses writing conventions to indicate acknowledgement of resources. (Reading Comprehension) Discern positive and negative messages conveyed by a program viewed. Sure enough.communicative competence? How will it guide you to understand the diversity of cultural heritage in Asia and Africa? How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and/or harmony? How does diversity contribute to unity? You need to think about these questions now and then as you proceed in this lesson. notes. opinions. (Viewing Comprehension) React appropriately and provide suggestions based on an established fact. (Vocabulary Development) Show understanding and appreciation for the different genres with emphasis on t ypes contributed by Asian countries. when you have answered the questions above and have done the activities in this lesson. express needs. co mpoundcomplex sentences and appropriate parenthetical expression. feelings. (Literature) Communicate thoughts and feelings in write-ups of summary results. and attitudes explicitly and implicitly in an informative talk. (Writing and Composition) Use varied adjective complementation and formulates correct complex. Employ appropriate listening skills when listening to descriptive and long narrative texts. (Vie wing Comprehension) Follow task-based directions shown after viewing. (Speaking) Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary. etc. features. elements. using appropriate styles (formal and informal). pay close atte ntion to the expected skills below and the lesson map. it will prepare you to live in a more To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson. (View ing Comprehension) Decode the meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 160 (Viewing Comprehension) Ask for and give information. (Listening Comprehension) Evaluate content. and properties of a reading or viewing se lection using a set of criteria developed in consultation. Learning Module for English .

Let us find out how much you already know about this lesson. then seek the guidance of your teacher to interpret the results. Culture.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 161 For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this lesso n.What’s with the Pics? S-Cube (Short Story in Scrutiny) A Day as an English Translator Taxi Ride Anyone? Heritage. Write y our answer in the space provided. Read them and write T if the statements are TRUE and F if they are FALSE. then use it as a guide Activity 1: CUL-LIT MISCONCEPTIONS CHECK Statements .Grade 8 2 . Answer them accordingly. write Directions: Below are statements related to the big ideas/concepts in this lesson. Below are activities that can assess your prior knowledge and misconceptions on the big ideas in this module. and Diversity Your Culture is my Culture I See Heritage (ICH) Around the World through ICH I-C-H Terminologies Sang Kancil Needs Help! Sang Kancil and Pilandok A Letter for Pilandok A Deeper Look on Heritage Literature Ouch literature (Outline your Cultural Heritage Literature) Literature and Heritage in Color Beautiful Adjectives Concept Mapping and Mind Mapping Drama Essentials Deeper into Ancient Theatre Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup Story Strip Making a Filmed Movie Review PROCESS Introspecting your Misconceptions Closeness is the Key Converging Circles for Culture Perspectives on Cultural Diversity Dreaming for Cultural Unity in Singapore Remembering Claude Lévi-Strauss Becoming a Movie Critic REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Finding the Right One (The Movie) Write a movie review with the aid of advanced organizers to be presented in an audio-video TRANSFER Learning Module for English .

9. Then answer the questions that follow. 4. Compare your answers with your How do you find Activities 1 and 2? Did they help you rethink/reconsider your understandings on the big ideas/key concepts? What are your learning goals and targets? If you have thought of them.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 162 Activity 2: WHAT’S WITH THE BUBBLES? Directions: Answer the questions below. Most people identify with only one culture. In predominantly monocultural or bicultural societies. share a common culture. 1.Grade 8 2 . As you do the activities below . 2. Globalization is causing an inevitable homogenization of culture. consider these questions: How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and/or harmony? How does diversity contribute to unity? Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 163 Activity 3: FINDING CONNECTIONS (PICTURE AND SITUATIONAL Directions: Read the text in the box below. Some cultures are just more evolved than others.Grade 8 2 . What’s the same with the literature of those three countries? Write it in the parts of the bubble that overlap. 7. there is no need to study other cultures. 6. Culture is based on nationality. 10. People from the same nation or geographic region. 3. ethical standpoints and to present themselves as educated members of the society. Families from the same culture share the same values. 8. then it is time for y ou to move on in the next phase of this lesson. The study of literature allows people to develop new ideas. Singapore.Answer 1. Christian is currently working as a program producer for a history cable . Learning Module for English . 5. or those who speak the same language. and the Philippines? Write it on the space that does not overlap in each of the bubbles. What’s the difference among the literature of Malaysia. Studying literature can help you understand different cultures or time periods. Multiculturalism is divisive. 2. Write your answers in the parts of the bubbles as indicated.

L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 164 Activity 4: Directions: is related column of LIKE Look to your LIKE LIKE! at each picture on the previous activity. Traditions Beliefs 1 Like Like Comment: . Then comment on the picture by justifying your answer. what do you think is the theme Christian has thought of for the documentary? Explain your answer. Tell if the picture traditions or beliefs. Then.Grade 8 2 . As the newest member of the production. Encircle the word “Like” under the choice. at a “eureka” moment. Write your answer in a sheet of paper. he thought of a theme for the documentary. He is browsing some pictures he got during his last trip within the countries in Southeast Asia. Picture No. Looking on the pictures he has. Learning Module for English . he was tasked by his executives to come up with a documentary featuring the AfroAsian stationed at Malaysia.

L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 165 Activity 5: LIVING IN PERFECT HARMONY Directions: Look at the words inside the boxes below.Comment: 2 Like Like Comment: Comment: 3 Like Like Comment: Comment: 4 Like Like Comment: Comment: 5 Like Like Comment: Comment: 6 Like Like Comment: 7 Like Like Comment: Comment: 8 Like Like Comment: Comment: Learning Module for English . _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ . Analyze the relationship of the words to one another and write a short paragraph using the words.Grade 8 2 .

L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 166 My Initial Thoughts My Findings and My Supporting Qualifying Conditions MY GENERALIZATIONS .Grade 8 2 . write your initial thoughts on the focus questions posted at the beginning of this lesson i n the Map of Conceptual Change. In completing this lesson. you have to write a movie review with the aid of advanced organizers to be presented in an audio-video format. Your teacher will grade it based on the following: content presentation creativity organization use of advance organizers As you continue with this module. reflect on your answers on the previous activities frequently and don’t hesitate to revise them. You will complete this map as you continue in Learning Module for English ._______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Congratulations! You have just tried finding out how diverse the traditions and beliefs of Afro-Asian people are and how this diversity can contribu te to harmony and unity. But for now.

Will you ride in a taxi with a driver willing to share his personal stories? See how this Singaporean shares his story as a taximan. been taxi man for twenty years now. madam. ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __ ________________________________________________________________________________ __ Learning Module for English . Singapore not like this so crowded so busy. less traffic. La . so not to worry.MAP OF CONCEPTUAL CHANGE Learning Module for English . Write a short photo essay about the pictures by sensing the relationships among them. ha. Half hour should make it. the simplest person can be the most truthful person you will ever meet. madam. When you are done. will take you there in plenty good time for your meeting. madam. Sure.Grade 8 2 . Madam. Long time ago. Read the The Taximan’s Story by Catherine Lim V ery good. ha. less car jams.Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 167 Your goal in this section is to learn and understand big ideas/key concepts on appreciating the diverse cultural heritage of Afro-Asians reflected in the different forms of literature. This way better. 2 What is it you say. You shall focus on the literature of these two Asian countries – Malaysia and Singapore. and develop your communication skills at the same time. Reflect on these questions as you do the activities: How does the study of Afro-Asian literature help you increase your communicative competence? How will it guide you to understand the diversity of cultural heritage in Asia and Africa? How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and/or harmony? How does diversity contribute to unity? Activity 6: WHAT’S WITH THE PICS? Directions: Look at the pictures below. madam? Yes.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 168 Sometimes. yes. proceed to reading the text on the next page. but you will also look back on our country’s rich past as you compare it to those two countries.

got sports and games. They tell their Mum got school meeting. Madam. Do not want to study. you see this young people over there. stay at home. no education. you are a teacher. but they act like big shots. one childs. got caning. My eldest daughter. madam? They are only school boys and school girls. stop. sixteen years old. but I know. you say? You kn ow or not that young school girls. smoking. young people not like us when we are young. fifteen. three children. 3 Yes time more peaceful. and th . You agree with me madam? 6 Today. madam. outside the coffee house? See what I mean. 4 Yes. 5 Luck for me. that. the cane. I know! As taximan. Very sad like punishment from God. Their parents never know. Big fami ly! Ha! Ha! No good. My other girl Oh. and they put make-up on their face. Is no good at all. wearing latest fashion. Madam. one a teacher in Primary school. Madam. or so much cars and buses. What to do. I see you surprise. young boys and girls become very useless. and that is good thing for parents to be strict. Where got Family Planning in Singapore? People born many. and still. she is twenty plus. two clerks. madam. but a good. six sons. madam. and go to night clubs and take drugs and make love. Today. this. They usual is wait in bowling alley or coffee house or hotel. young people they are very trouble to their parents. every year. we must sweat to earn money for wife and children. not so much taximen. I know them and their habits. and obedient girl. help the mother. they go to public lavat ory or hotel and change into these clothes. no capital for business . two daughters. Our government say stop . one in National Servic e. enough. all my children big now. No. many children. Ah. In those days. can make a living. Madam! Very hard for father when daughter i s no good and go against her parents. Otherwise. Toda y is much better. My father cane me. We obey. Four of my sons working---on e a businessman. My father he was very strict. I was big enough to be married. If not. I know all their tricks. but they really come out and play the fool. Two children. So so. we n ever do. spending money. 7 Ah. Our parents say don’t do this. I know. I take them about in my taxi. in Secondary Two. but run awa y. People like us. not married yet---Very shy and her health not so good. one still schooling. quite big family---eight children. and making love. Must work hard if wan ts to success in Singapore.

more th an I Learning Module for English . much more money. no joking. and so on. and friend. I go and wait outside Elroy Hotel or Tung Court or Orchid mansions. and that’s extra money. Phui!! Some of them really make me mad. and I say! All American notes---ten dollar notes all. Last Saturday. and this is how they mak e fun and also extra money. and sure enough.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 169 get from other people who bargain and say don’t want go by meter and wait even for ten cents change. If you have a young daughter and she says Mumm y I got meeting today in school and will not come home. she is very smart and intelligent---no boasting.Grade 8 2 .ey walk up. I get more mone y from these young girls and their American and European boyfriends in my taxi. pay. Some of tourists don’t know wh ere. some of them don’t care how much they spend on taxis. and she says go to University. so o n. madam. yes b ut you must go and ask her where and why and who. you must not say. and they make love in taxi so much t hey don’t know if you go round and round and charge them by meter! I tell you. you believe or not when I tell you how much money t hey got? I say! Last night. But these young girls and their boyfriends don’t bargain. if I tell you. madam her teachers wr ite “Good” and “Excellent”. and help the mother. because naturally. Madam. friend.m. Madam. madam. madam. Madam. madam. I tell you because I myse lf have a daughter---oh. every month. so I tell them and take them there. and you find out. and she pull one out and say kee p change as she has no time already. Today young people not to trust. fourth floor flat---and she open her purse to pay me. She study at home. And I see her report cards and her teacher write “Good work” and “Excellent” so on. Ah. madam. 8 But I will tell you this. but this one. taxi fare double. and I ask her what she want to be after left s chool. madam. . like young people in many years ago. I tell you this. Oh. and I prefer working this time. a daughter I love very much. in her report cards. so on. they just pay. Madam. n o end to the story. None of my other children could go to University. the European and American tourists. Madam. she my favorite child. and she is so good and study hard. Oh. wi ll have plenty business. Yes. It is like this: after th e 1 a. on one day alone I make nearly one hundred and fifty dollars! Some of it for services.

and I am so angry. but I don’t care. Then they all go inside the c offee-house. and I ashamed to tell her teache r.but sometime a little lazy. in her weak subject. it cannot be Lay Choo. Do you agree with his lamenting? Learning Module for English . What are the themes raised in the story? 3. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Then one day. How does this story appeal to the “strict discipline” image of Singapore? How do you find the story? Did you understand it in your first reading? How do you find the language of the taximan? What form of literature is it? The text you have just read is a short story.hoe you describe it. I will watch that Lay Choo and see her monkey tricks. It is a brief imaginative narrativ e. the details of which are so compressed and the whol e . madam. then she do her studies and g o to sleep. What is the irony of this story? 2. how you f eel in my place? Make herself so cheap. Oh. very--. unfolding a single predominating incident and a single or a few characters. and this is not like my daughter at all. I sure t o kill that girl. How realistic is the story? 4. What do you think of the taxi man? Do you sympathize with him? Explain. 5. So I let her s tay back in school and day after day she come home in evening. when her father drive taxi all day to save money f or her University. It contains a plot. and s lap her and she scream. and my heart is very. My wife and some neighbors they pull me away. and very bold in her behavior. I rush up to this wicked daughter and I catch her by the shoulders and neck. with othe r girls and some European outside a coffee---house but I think. What do you think on the way the story is written? How does it relate to the taxi man? 8. how c an. madam. and at home I trash her stupid fool and I beat her and slap her till like hell. Then I drag her to my taxi and drive all the way home. so I just tell the teacher that Lay Choo is sick. madam. driving along and hey! I see a girl looking like my Lay Choo. oh madam. Lay Choo is in school. 9 The very next day she is there again I stop my taxi. I in my taxi driving. and this girl is all dressed up and make-up. which is maths. my heart is very “susah hati” and I say to myself. and I think if they not pull me away.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 170 6. and she say teacher want her to go back to school to do extra work. so please to excuse her.Grade 8 2 . I lock her up in her room for three days. extra coaching. madam. What about the other characters in the story? Do you feel sympathy over them ? 7. it makes me so angry even now---one day.

Without conflict there is no plot. Tony Stark has to choose between saving the world and keeping his powers for himself. God or Supreme Being .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 171 c. Internal conflict is the c haracter’s struggle within oneself. Short stories use fewer characters. with his/her own soul.Grade 8 2 . Learning Module for English . as well as ma jor or minor conflicts. This scene from the sci-fi movie “2012” clearly shows how horrible it is to face nature as an opponent. society (social) – the leading character struggles against ideas. nature – the leading character struggles the forces of nature. It is the struggle between two or more opposing forces which is the nucleus of the plot . b. That is why a short story is shorter than a novel. This clearly shows how struggle against the forces e. There are two main types of conflict – external and internal conflict. Human vs.the leading character struggles This scene is from the “War of the Worlds” movie in 2005. 2. In the movie Ironman. human (physical) – the leading character struggles with hi s This scene from Spider Man 3 clearly depicts the concept of human vs. it captures a single moment in life. practices. quiet their temper. One c .treatment so organized as to provide a single impression. Human vs. A story may have a single conflict or many conflicts. Human vs. Quasimodo of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is a clear example of a character that experienced this kind of conflict. A short story can be compared to a photograph.Spider Man punches Sand Man in a battle scene. bu t short stories are not always “short” as you may think. d. Human vs. For as long as they depict single p lots. Human vs. physi cal limitations. a. human . or customs of other people. Conflict is essential to the plot. choices among others. It is the opposition of forces which ties one incident to another and makes the plot move. External conflict is a struggle with a force outside one’s self. self (psychological) – the leading character struggles with himself/herself. overcome pain. Character could have two meanings – the person in a work of fictio n or the characteristics of a person. they are short stories. etc. as compared to a novel which covers more. no matter how many pages they may take. 1. ideas of right or wrong. A person must make some decisions. resist anger.

V. Stream of Consciousness – the story is told so that the reader feels as if they are inside the head of one character and knows all their thoughts and reactions. and decis ions. The author may reveal a character in several ways: Learning Module for English . Innocent Eyes – the story is told through the eyes of a child (his/her judgm ent being different from that of an adult). Second Person – this is used rarely.Grade 8 2 . its characters mus t seem real. In order for a story to seem real to the reader. he/she is the protagonist.O. Point of View (P.haracter is clearly central to the story with all major events having some import ance to this character. Indirect characterization (dramatic) – this method allows the readers to deduc e the traits of the characters through their thoughts. Dynamic (full or rounded) characters – they are characters who live lives of s orrow and joy.) is defined as the angle or perspective from which the story is a. d. Example: A driver who appears in the story remains a driver until the end. They normally do not undergo changes throughout the story. b. for instance). The y are capable of undergoing changes. They Characters also have types: a. 3. motivated and lifelike (resemble real people). c. Example: A beggar whom the major character helped before becomes a rich man Characters can be said effective if they are consistent. The second person is most often used in training manuals and role-playing games. The character traits are explicitly b rought out by the writer using descriptive words. “me”. actions. The reader sees the story through this person’s eyes as he/she experiences it and only knows what he/she knows or feels. b. b. First Person – the story is told by the protagonist or another cha racter that interacts closely with the protagonist or other characters (using first person pronouns “I”. Static or flat characters – they are characters who do not have fl esh and blood qualities. “we”. Direct characterization (expository) – this method allows the writer to pre sent the character’s physical traits and personality. sinking or swimming in the visible tides of life – very much like us.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 172 a. while the person (or force) that opposes t he main character is called the antagonist. The main character in the story is refe rred to using the second person pronoun “you”. words. . Characterization is the information the author gives the reader about the charac ters themselves.

“she”. having free access to the thoughts.Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 174 development o of view effec for a story? of short stor about B. Story House Direction: Complete the story house below by writing the details Learning Module for English . How does a clear establishment of conflict provide direction 4. usually the main character or protagonist. The reader has access to the thoughts and feelings of only one character. 3) Objective – the author tells the story in the third person. and recording on ly what is seen and heard.e. Use “The Taximan’s Story” for this activity. No interpretations are offered. There is no comment on the characters or th eir thoughts.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 173 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. The reader has to interpret Learning Module for English . going anywhere. “they”. The reader is placed in the position of spectator without the author there to explain. Write the elements of short story down t he side. Third Person – the story is told using a narrator who is located outside the action of the story and uses third person pronouns such as “he”. “his”. for example. Story Matrix Directions: Think like a story editor. How do conflict and point of view contribute to the f a character in a short story? 2. Make a + (for yes) or a – ( for no) in each box. Why is it important to establish conflict and point tively in revealing and developing the character/s in a short story? 3. “her”. Write the criteria for a good story across at the top. feelings and motivations of any character and can introduce information where and when he or she chooses. 2) Limited Omniscient – the story is told by a third person narrator but from the viewpoint of a character in the story. the narrator can move from character to character. Using the third person omniscient point of view. The third person point of view can be broken up into three 1) Omniscient – literally means “all knowing”. It appears as thou gh a camera is following the characters.Grade 8 2 . eve nt to event. Elements of a Short Story CRITERIA . What is the importance of understanding the elements ies in reading narratives? Activity 7: S-CUBE (SHORT STORY IN SCRUTINY) A.

. 2.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 175 C. Characterization Chart Direction: Fill out this chart to describe the characters of the shor t story “The Taximan’s Story”. 6. Character/s 1. Learning Module for English . 5. 3. Direct Characterization (from the narrator) This occurs when the narrator makes direct statements about the character. 4.Grade 8 2 .1.

. Indirect Characterization (from the words and actions of other characters) We also learn about characters from the words and actions of other characters.2. 3. Indirect Characterization (from the character’s own words and actions) This occurs when the words and actions of a character reveal aspects of his/her personality.

state the story’s theme. What are the important statements about life or people made. What does the title signify in the story? Does it point out to a truth the story reveals about life? Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 .Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 177 E.Learning Module for English . where is it stated? 5.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 176 D. In one sentence. Is the theme ever directly stated? If so. in the story? 4. Do you agree with the theme? Is the writer presenting a truth about life or forcing us to accept a false view? 1. Elements of a Short Story Worksheet Direction: Accomplish this worksheet to have an overall grasp of the short stor y you . What changes occur in the main character during the course of the story? Does the main character realize something he or she did not know before? 3. Analyzing a Short Story’s Theme Direction: Answer the following questions in the boxes to help you fi gure out the Questions to help clarify theme Responses with examples from the story 2. either by the narrator or characters.

Grade 8 2 . Point of View Character Dynamic: Static: Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 178 Characterization Character’s Name: Physical Traits: Personality Traits: 1) 2) 3) Theme List any themes in the story: . Setting Place: Time: Weather: Social Conditions: Mood/Atmosphere: Plot Conflict Human vs.have just examined.

It contains a subject (who or wha t is being talked about) and a predicate (which tells something about the subject ). participial phrase. you will learn how to construct compound and compound-complex sentences. These sentences can be joined by a comma-conjunction combination. he discovered that her da . Compound Sentence: A sentence with multiple independent clauses but no dependent clauses. or (in spe cial circumstances) a colon. the taxi man has to leave. A complex sentence has TWO OR M ORE ideas intermixed. the elements underlined turn the sentence from being simple sen tence to complex sentence: After following Lay Choo for a couple of days. I was big enough to be married. you have to go back with your ideas about the oth er types of sentences. however. A simple sentence contains ONE idea. My father was very strict. a semi-colon.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 179 For you to understand clearly how to construct compound and compoundcomplex sentences. adverb clause (or phrase). Complex Sentence: A sentence with one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Singapore is a good place for travel: Cultural diversity is evident. I have been a taxi man for twenty years. A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined together. or absolute phrase. Lay Choo and her friends wait outside the coffee shop. adjective clause (or phrase). do the Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 .What can you say about “The Taximan’s Story”? Why are the pieces of information about its elements useful in understanding it? How about t he structure of the sentences? Are they clearly written? How do you say so? In this part of the module. A complex sentence can always be rewritten into two sentences. Simple sentence: A sentence with one independent clause and no dependent clauses. In the sentences below. Here is a short lecture about the four types. I go and wait outside Elroy Hotel or Tung Court or Orchid mansions. I must go off to Hotel Elroy. After having this short lecture. A complex sentence is a simple sentence plus one of the following tools: apposit ive phrase. I got caned. and still. and it is a good thing for parents to be strict. The taxi man and the teacher love their conversation. A simple sentence contains ONE idea. A simple sentence can have two subjects (called a compound subject) or two predicates (ca lled a compound predicate).

help the mother. appositive phrase. 2. Oh. she is twenty plus. 2. in her weak subject. and this is how they make fun and also extra money. My eldest daughter. adjective clause (or phrase). Compound-Complex sentences can get extremely lengthy. 1. which is maths. A compound-complex sentence is a compound sentence with at least one complex element (e. While the taxi man believes her daughter is at school. and obedient girl. She study at home. the European and American tourists. No. not married yet---Very shy and her health not so good. 5. ex tra coaching. 3. and she say teacher want her to go back to school to do extra work. Learning Module for English . 4. sixteen years old. This way better. but run away. all my children big now. Must work hard if wants to success in Singapore. and help the mother.Grade 8 2 . and they walk up. and they put make-up on their face.. friend. they go to public lavatory or hotel and change into these clothes. Help him improve his sentence construction skills and correct his sentences by referring to the previous lecture. 3. and friend.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 180 Activity 8: A DAY AS AN ENGLISH TRANSLATOR English is one of the official languages of Singapore. stay at home. 2 1. As you have r ead “The Taximan’s Story”. and she says go to University. Singapore not like this so crowded so busy.Grade 8 2 . fifteen. and go to night clubs and take drugs and make love. participial phrase. then she do her studies and go to sleep. 1 Set A Set C Set B 1. 3. They usual is wait in bowling alley or coffee house or hotel. 4.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 181 . Lay Choo is doing something that his father never thought of.ughter is just like the girls he fetches in his taxi. Do not want to study. but a good. 4. madam. act as an English translator for him. less traffic. I rush up to this wicked daughter and I catch her by the should ers and 3 Learning Module for English . or absolute phrase) attached. 2. and I ask her what she want to be after left school. less car jams. adverb clause (or phrase).g. madam. Complex-Compound Sentence: A sentence with multiple independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. she my favorite child. So I let her stay back in school and day after day she come ho me in evening. You know or not that young schoolgirls. but sometime a little lazy. Luck for me. Long time ago.

youtube. Introduction to Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Scotland www. ________ Were you able to accomplish the activities above? How did your analysis on “The Taxi Man’s Story” help you increase your competence in constructing B. Use the guide questions for ea ch video to make your research v=oy47guq0S5M&feature=related Guide Questions: 1. you are going to seek the existence of diversity on cultural heritage in Malaysia and Singapore.Activity 9: TAXI-RIDE ANYONE? Directions: Focus on the two characters of “The Taximan’s Story”. What factors pose danger to ICH? 5. What is intangible cultural heritage or ICH? 2. Use the link given for each video to access them on the internet. A. and at the same time. How can we protect ICH? . the taxi man is a living witness to Singapore’s existence as a multicultural community. paragraph no. reflecting if diversity of cult ural Learning Module for English . focusing more on their intangible heritage. How does this situation contribute to diversity of cultural heritage. Write the thoughts of the taxi man and of the teacher in each paragraph. AND DIVERSITY Directions: Gather information about intangible cultural heritage by watching the following videos on YouTube.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 182 Activity 10: HERITAGE. Intangible Cultural Heritage www. What can be regarded as intangible cultural heritage according to UNESCO? 3. especially to literature? As you continue on this module.Grade 8 2 . Where can we find manifestations or expressions of intangible cultural heritage? 4. Use compound and compound-complex sentences in your short paragraph. specifically compound and compound-complex sentences? In another angle.

Grade 8 2 . How can intangible heritage help people manage their resources? Use the space below for your answers and then complete the concept web. What role does ICH have in combating the negative impacts of globalization? 2.Grade 8 2 . ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ Intangible Cultural Main Idea Detail Learning Module for English . Why do we need to safeguard intangible cultural heritage? Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 184 Activity 11: YOUR CULTURE IS MY CULTURE .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 183 D D. Why safeguard intangible cultural heritage? Guide Questions: 1.A B C C. Why safeguard ICH? Answers from Australia Guide Questions: 1. What organization is tasked to safeguard intangible cultural heritage? 2.

Grade 8 2 . sentences. such as oral trad itions. Establish the relationship of these elements to come up with t he concept of diversity of cultural heritage. Cultural heritage does n ot end at monuments and collections of objects. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 186 Activity 12: I SEE HERITAGE (ICH) Read the following article from UNESCO about intangible cultural heritage. An understanding of the intangib le cultural heritage of different communities helps with intercultural dialogue. knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe or the knowledge and skills to produ ce traditional crafts.How do the pictures that follow present diversity of cultural heritage? Take note of the words. social practices.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 185 Concept Map of Diverse Cultural Heritage Learning Module for English . The importance of intangible cultural heritage is not the cultural mani . Complete the concept maps on the next page. What is Intangible Cultural Heritage? The term ‘cultural heritage’ has changed content considerably in recent de cades. and the figures included in th e frame. intangible cultural heritage is an important factor in maintainin g cultural diversity in the face of growing globalization. performing arts. and encourages mutual respect for other ways of life. It also includes traditions or living e xpressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants. While fragile. Then answer the questions that follow. rituals. phrases.Grade 8 2 . partially owing to the instruments developed by UNESCO. festive events.

from generation to generatio n. The social and economic value of this transmission of kn owledge is relevant for minority groups and for mainstream social groups within a State. Intangible cultural heritage is: Traditional. Whether they are from the neighboring village. and into our fu ture. Intangible cultural heritage does not give rise to questions of whether or not certain prac tices are specific to a culture. Community-based: intangible cultural heritage can only be heritage when it is recognized as such by the communities. groups or individuals that create. skills and customs are passed on to the rest of the community. What is intangible cultural heritage according to UNESCO? 2.festation itself but rather the wealth of knowledge and skills that is transmitted thr ough it from one generation to the next. on a comparative basis. providing a link from our past. they all are intangible cultural her itage: they have been passed from one generation to another.Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 187 1. It thrives on its basis in communities and depends on those whose knowledge of traditions. and is as important for developing States as for developed ones. or have been adapted by peoples who have migrated and settled in a different region. Representative: intangible cultural heritage is not merely valued as a cultural good. for its exclusivity or its exceptional value. or to other communities. nobody else can decide for them that a given expression or practice is their heritage. from a city on the opposite side of the world. How can understanding intangible cultural heritage help in understan ding other people’s way of life? . Learning Module for English . contemporary and living at the same time: intangible cultural heri tage does not only represent inherited traditions from the past but also contemporary rural and urban practices in which diverse cultural groups take part. encouraging a sense of identity and responsibility which helps individuals to feel part of one or different comm unities and to feel part of society at large. mainta in and transmit it – without their recognition. Inclusive: we may share expressions of intangible cultural heritage that are si milar to those practiced by others. through the present. have evolved in response to the ir environments and they contribute to giving us a sense of identity and continuity. It contributes to social cohesion.

19 new elements have been added to the list. Learning Module for English . It aims at ensuring exchange and cooperation at the international level for programs with proven suc cess in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. In 2011. In 2011.Grade 8 2 . In 2011. The Intangible Heritage List 1) The List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding is c omposed of intangible heritage elements* that concerned communities and States Parties consider require urgent measures to keep them alive. 3) The Register of Best Safeguarding Practices includes programs. five more programs were added to the list . projects and activities on the national. 4) Following the sixth session of the Committee for the Safeguarding . it inscribed additionally 11 elements. Three programs were select ed for the Register in 2009 by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguardin g of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It aims at en suring better visibility of the intangible cultural heritage and raising awareness of its impo rtance while encouraging dialogue that respects cultural diversity. Inscriptions on this List h elp to mobilize international cooperation and assistance for stakeholders to un dertake appropriate safeguarding measures.3. sub regional and/or international levels that the Committee con siders to best reflect the principles and objectives of the Convention. the Committee inscribed 12 and in 20 10 .4 elements. The Committee incorporate d 90 elements in 2008 (items formerly proclaimed Masterpieces) and inscribed 7 6 elements in 2009 and 47 elements in 2010. Then answer the questions that follow. What might happen if people did not realize the importance of intangible cul tural heritage and did not create steps to safeguard it? Why do you say so? PROCESS QUESTIONS AND ACTIVITY: Activity 13: AROUND THE WORLD THROUGH ICH Read the text below and study the different presentations on the number of intangible heritage list around the world by UNESCO.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 188 2) The Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity is made up of those intangible heritage practices and expressions help demonstrate the diversi ty of this heritage and raise awareness about its importance. What makes intangible cultural heritage different from the tangible ones suc h as heritage sites? 4. In 2009.

and 8 programs included in the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices. * — are components of a country s cultural heritage that are equally as important as physical cultural elements.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 189 Questions: 1. The elements are abstract and must be learned. in November 2011. Which part of the text is being presented in: . Bar Graph of UNESCO Intangible Heritage List Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 . What is the trend in: a. register of best safeguarding practices? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 3. celebrations. handicrafts. held in Bali. representative list? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ c. Numerical Table of UNESCO Intangible Heritage List 2008 2009 2010 2011 TOTAL Urgent Safeguarding List 0 12 4 11 27 Representative List 90 76 47 19 232 Register of Best Safeguarding Practices 0 3 0 5 8 TOTAL 90 91 51 35 267 Questions: 1. like World Heritage Sites. A. urgent safeguarding list? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ b. Indonesia. Which parts of the text are being presented here? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. 232 ele ments on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Huma nity. performances. encompassing traditional knowledge which includes festiv als. What conclusion/s can you draw from this graph? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ B. music. there are 27 eleme nts on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. and oral traditions.

L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 190 __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ b.Grade 8 2 . b. How do you see the map in giving information about the elements of intangible .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 191 ____________________________________________________________________ 3. Pie Chart for Questions: 1. Which part of the text is being presented in this information map? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. d. vertical entries in the table (per year)? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. horizontal entries in the table (per category)? _________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . Information Map of UNESCO Intangible Heritage List Questions: 1. What conclusion/s can you draw from this table? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ C. Which parts of the text are being presented here? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. row row row the A? __________________________________________________________ B? __________________________________________________________ C? __________________________________________________________ last column? __________________________________________________ 2. What can you say about the percentage of elements listed for each year? as a whole? Is there a trend? Why? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 . What conclusion/s can you draw from this pie chart? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ D.a. c. What can you say about the: a.

heritage list? How do you interpret the “shade of color” of the countries by the use of the legend in the bottom left corner of the map? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . Use one frame for each term you have learned.Grade 8 2 .Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 192 3. TERM OR PHRASE: What I Already Know What I Am Learning My Picture/Image EXAMPLES NON-EXAMPLES EXTENDING MY LEARNING (TERM OR PHRASE): (TERM OR PHRASE): (TERM OR PHRASE): _______________ as _______________ : _______________ _______________ as _______________ : _______________ _______________ as _______________ : _______________ Term or Phrase Frame Learning Module for English . What conclusion/s can you draw from this information map? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Activity 14: I-C-H TERMINOLOGIES Directions: Use the Term or Phrase Frame to write the terms or phrases you have learned about intangible cultural heritage.

tricky mouse deer who is always finding hims elf in predicaments with animals that want to eat him or harm him. One day when Sang Buaya was walking along the river. but the king wants me to do something. They were always waiting to catch Sang Kancil for dinner. There were always lots of leaves. Sang Kancil was a clever mouse deer. In this story. In this story. Sang Buaya. so he never had trouble finding food. "Aren t you afraid I will eat you?" Then he opened his big mouth very wide to scare Sang Kancil. Sang Kancil wanted to taste the tasty-looking fruit because he was a little tired of eating leaves. including you and all the other crocodiles. but he had to be careful. so I can walk a cross Image from http://dimdima. I have to count all of yo u. the big bad crocodile. but he cleverly manages to escape each time. and harmony. a big. He needed to trick Sang Buaya. khazana . There were many trees where Sang Kancil s lived along the river. "Sang Buaya! Sang Buaya!" Sang Buaya slowly came out of the water and asked Sang Kancil why he was shouting his name. he always played a clever trick to escape. Sang Kancil outwitted San g Buaya. Sang Kancil said. I am afraid of you. He asked Sang Kancil. Outwitting a Crocodile (Kisah Sang Kancil dengan Buaya) A Traditional Malaysian Folktale S ang Kancil is a clever. He didn t want to be caught and eaten by Sang Buaya. he saw some delicious fruit on the trees on the other side of the river. you will encounter other literary pieces showing diversity of cultural heritage and examples of intangible cultural heritage from Singapore and Malaysia. Please line up across the river. But first. specifically in Singapore and Malaysia. As you continue. bad crocodile. and see how this diversity can lead to unity.193 How do you find the activities on intangible cultural heritage? Those activities should have prepared you to find diversity among cultural heritage among Afro-Asian people. Sang Kancil outwits a bi g. He spent his time running and jumping and looking into the river. He called out to the crocodile. Whenever he was in a bad situa tion. He tried to think of a way to cross the river. Sang Kancil suddenly had an idea. He is having a big feast with lots of food. You will see how intangible cultural heritage is reflect ed and Read the text below and answer the questions that follow. He needs to know how many of you will come. lived in the river with other crocodiles. and he is inviting everyone. "Of course. bad crocodile. who wanted to eat him.

but also the “add-ons” it can have. Sometimes. However." Sang Buaya was shocked and angry. How tricky is Sang Kancil? J ustify your answer. Then he said to Sang Buaya. and finally reached the other side of the river. and though only these three syntactical variations exist." He stepped on each crocodile. Sang Kancil said. not just in length and complexity. 3. sometimes called simply a parenthetical. they came and made a line across the river. One of these addons is called parenthetical phrase. and f inally reached the other side of the river." Sang Buaya was excited and left to tell the other crocodiles about the feast wit h all the good food. Here are five of the eight types. Is this story quite familiar to you? How would you compare it to our “Si Sentences vary. "Two. with a sentence that demonstr ates each . Sang Kancil loved his new home on the other side of the river because he had a l ot of tasty food to eat. They were angry because he let Sang Kancil trick all of them. counting each one. Sang Kancil stepped on Sang Buaya s head and counted one. In short.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 194 your heads and count all of you. these add-ons can make its meaning clearer or more informative. Do you admire Sang Kancil’s wit? How can cleverness help solve problems? Explain your answer. it’s better if they are omitted. What would you do after the incident if you are Sang Buaya? Why? 4. counting each one. a parenthetical phrase is one that is not essential to the framing sentence. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. He shouted at Sang Kancil. Learning Module for English . Then he stepped on the next one and said. a parenthetical can be categorized as servin g one of eight functions. Soon. is there?" All of the crocodiles looked at Sang Buaya angrily . A parenthetical phrase. is one that i s not essential to the framing sentence. In the preceding sentence.” They prom ised not to eat him. no ne of the other crocodiles ever talked to him again. Poor Sang Buaya was not so lucky. "You tr icked us! There is no feast. 2."Thank you for h elping me to cross the river to my new home. a parenthetical can also begin or end a sentence.Grade 8 2 . After that. the phra se “sometimes called simply a parenthetical” is itself a parenthetical because the seg ments of the sentence that precede and follow it can be attached to form a complete sentence without it. " Promise not to eat me or I can t report to the king how many of you are coming. and sometimes.He stepped on each crocodile.

Absolute phrase: An absolute phrase.L2 . a noun or noun phrase placed in opposition to another such construction that defines or modifies the f irst. Sang Buaya’s friends met at the riverside. the contest is over! Activity 16: SANG KANCIL AND PILANDOK Complete this Venn diagram to compare Sang Kancil to Pilandok.” 5. an experienced chef. writing her oratorical piece.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 195 doubt. 2. Planning their next move. that tricky mouse deer. Follow the same instructions in the previous set. 4. modifies the entire sentence. to cross this river again! 3. leaving no room for a ny Learning Module for English . Sang Kancil needs to master parentheticals more. Example: Sang Buaya. Sang Buaya thought of eating Sang Kancil. Sang Buaya talked to his friends and.Grade 8 2 . 2. If you. Example: “Of course. At long last. I won’t let Sang Kancil. Introductory phrase: This element preceding the main statement provides con text for Activity 15: SANG KANCIL NEEDS HELP! Sang Kancil needs to find different parentheticals in statements about Sang Buaya. lived in the river with other crocodiles. Underline the parenthetical you can find in each sentence. thinking about Sang Kancil’s intelligence. I am afraid of you. agreed to be more cautious. While on the river. Then write thei r differences in Learning Module for English . the big bad crocodile. 5. Interjection: An interjection imparts information about the writer’s (or speak er’s) state of mind. 4. I had an epiphany. 4. which contains at least a noun or a pr onoun and a participle. but not a true verb. Then tell what type it is. continued on my journey. While I was on vacation. J anice stayed up late.) 3. had trouble. counting them one by one. Appositive: In this case. how hard will it be for me? 2. crossed the river. 3. Example: Sang Buaya believed Sang Kancil’s words. brushing off my 1. 1. as in this sentence in which Sang Kancil fully agrees to S ang Buaya’s statement in the story. Write in the overlapping part of the bubble their similarities. 1. Help him by answering the next set of items. Example: Sang Kancil stepped into each crocodile and.Grade 8 2 . Free modifier: A free modifier is an unspecialized interruption of additiona l information. I stood up and. the parenthetical is an appositive.” (The phrase may also begin the sentence. but the king wants me to do something.

they can serve as the basis for listening. Students will then be able to an alyze the key structural features of the language of the selection. Reading comprehension. sentence types. especially those characteristic of the wri tten language. Vocabulary comprehension and expansion. speaking . words/phrases coined by the author and adopted by the language. Write a letter for him narrating what just happened to you with Sang Buaya. Depending on the HL. can be taught or reviewed. He/She may also point out idiomatic expressions (to foster understanding of cultural commonaliti es and differences). and writing activities. "troublesome" words can be targeted in literary texts to help learners improve their orthography or eliminate the interference of English spelling. Students can answer questions based on content. Heritage learners can expand the ir vocabulary by reading a variety of literary selections. reading. and cohesive devices. registers. Use parentheticals in your letter. the instru ctor will highlight the lexical items related to the chapter s topic or theme. and expressing their own ideas and emotions (Lazar 1993: 19).EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 196 Activity 17: LETTER FOR PILANDOK Pretend you are Sang Kancil and you would like to share your story with Pilandok.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 197 Spelling. Heritage literary passages are versatile tools for language study. making interpretations. A wide range of grammatical struct ures. they provide meaningful and memorable contexts for vocabulary expansion and gram mar practice. genres.Grade 8 2 . Grammar identification and practice. Heritage Literature as a Teaching Tool Learning Module for English . They illustrate heritage literature (HL) in use (a wide range of styles. Heritage literary texts can illust rate grammatical structures taught in class. They ca . Students identify the target structures in the passage and then practice them as they appear in that context or giv e examples related to their own lives (personalization). regionalisms. and they develop students’ ability to think critically by in ferring meaning. etc. and varieties). cultural connotations. literary words. Activity 18: A DEEPER LOOK ON HERITAGE LITERATURE Read the following text and do the exercises that follow. In each text.

accept ance. students gain a deeper understanding. and PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Is there a way you can organize the facts in your answers for q uestion number 1 to 3? Learning Module for English . writing a literary analysis of the piece. heritage or non-heritage. Oral and written literary assignments. ana lyzing the characters’ and/or the author’s point(s) of view. What is the topic of the text? 2. Cultural understanding and appreciation. How did heritage literature. Literary characters can be matched to actions Student drawings or collages based on the text will help the characters in the story. ize paragraphs or the text or facts related to them. 3. their families. paraphrase sentences. p lacing the text/author within the heritage literary tradition. 5. If heritage literary works are compared to writings from the dominant culture or other. cultures. for example. summar as a whole. describing the relevance of the selection for contemporary readers in general an d for heritage learners in particular. What are the subtopics? Enumerate them. and the work to the personal/historical circumstances in which i t was written. Such tasks include: describi ng the features of a literary genre and identifying them in the reading. 4. and their communities better as members o f a particular culture.n fill in missing words. Heritage literature helps stude nts understand themselves. Can you find details for the subtopics? Write them together with the subtopi c it supports. By reading folk tales and legends. relating the text to the work it h as been excerpted from. help you learn English? Cite an example. and writing an argumentative essay about the literary passage.L2 . analyzing the literary techniques/ language/style used by the author.Grade 8 2 . like Outwitting a Crocodile. The understanding and appreciation of culture that results from the study of lit erature helps students develop a positive self-image and attitude toward their heritage language and culture. they learn a bout "the origin of traditional cultural values and beliefs" (Diamond & Moore 1995: 221). A multitude of literary tasks empowe r students to think and act critically and develop an appreciation of literature while developing language proficiency (McKay 2001: 321-326). students visualize and remember find synonyms for key words.

Heritage Literature as a Teaching Tool (Activity 19) 2. What is Intangible Cultural Heritage (Activity 13) Use the graphic organizer below in gathering entries for your outline. You may m odify M a i n T o p i c / T o p i c S e n t e n c e o r T h e s i s S t a t e m e . Outwitting a Crocodile (Reading Text) 3.EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 198 Activity 19: OUCH LITERATURE (OUTLINE YOUR CULTURAL HERITAGE LITERATURE) Write an outline for the texts listed below. Texts for outlining: 1. Have an agreement with your teacher what kind of outline will be used for this activity.

and (c) the feelings he/she/it may have.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 199 Activity 20: LITERATURE AND HERITAGE IN COLOR The pictures below are from the previous activities and readings in t his lesson.n t Major Point 1 Sub point 1 Sub point 2 Sub point 3 Major Point 2 Sub point 1 Sub point 2 Sub point 3 Major Point 3 Sub point 1 Sub point 2 Sub point 3 Major Point 4 Sub point 1 Sub point 2 Sub point 3 Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 . The Taxi Man ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ . Describe them by writing: (a) who/what is in the picture. (b) the action you can see. Use the space given for each picture.

Comparative Degree It compares two nouns or pronouns. (The adjective young modifies the noun people. Adjectives enable us to describe. clarify and make distinctions to ou r words. (The adjective clever modifies the noun mouse deer. 1. things. Did you try to compare the pictures to one another? Do you know how to use adjectives to compare persons.Grade 8 2 .) Today. Adjectives primarily modify nouns.) 2. This degree is formed by adding –er for onesyllable and some two-syllable regular adjectives. Adjectives have forms or degrees. Adjectives have three degrees of comparison namely – the positive. add color. young people are not like us when we are young. Positive Degree It describes a noun or pronoun without comparing it to anyone or anything else. Examples: Sang Kancil was a clever mouse deer.____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Sang Kancil ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Malaysia’s People and Culture ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Singapore’s People and Culture ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 200 How were you able to describe the pictures? Did you use adjectives in your answers? Probably you did. the comparative. Most adjectives have different forms to show degrees of comparison. Examples: Intangible heritage is harder to safeguard than the tangible ones. Each one has a distinct use and ways to be for med. and the superlative. . or by adding more or less for three -syllable (or more) adjectives. pronouns and noun-derivatives.

) Learning Module for English . (The two nouns being compared are foreigners and Singaporeans. This degree is formed by adding –est for onesyllable and some two-syllable regular adjectives.) Sang Buaya is more gullible than Sang Kancil. You need to familiarize yourself i n the order of adjectives in a series. These adjectives have different words for the comparative and superlative degree s.) Aside from regular adjectives.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 201 Intangible heritage is the most viable cultural expressions of humanity in terms of safeguarding. DEGREES OF ADJECTIVES Positive Comparative Superlative young younger youngest hard harder hardest old older oldest clever more/less clever most/least clever gullible more/less gullible most/least gullible tightfisted more/less tightfisted most/least tightfisted viable more/less viable most/least viable good better best bad worse worst As you use more adjectives in your sentences. there are irregular ones that need to be memorized. (The comparison involves all his daughters. ORDER OF ADJECTIVES IN A SERIES Number Opi ni on Si ze Age Shape Col or Proper adj ecti ve Purpose/ Qual ifi er . Examples: My oldest daughter stays at home and helps her mother.(The two nouns being compared are intangible heritage and tangible ones. Memorizing this will help you use adjectives correctl y when they are in a series. Superlative Degree It compares three or more nouns. you might get confused on the orde r these adjectives should be written or spoken.Grade 8 2 . or by adding most o r least for three-syllable (or more) adjectives.) 3. said the taximan.) Foreigners are less tightfisted than local Singaporeans. (The two nouns being compared are Sang Buaya and Sang Kancil. (The comparison involves all types of heritage.

Give the comparative and superlative degrees of the following adjec tives. Classify the following adjectives as either two-syllable. or irregular adjectives. Use the space provided for. Two-Syllable Adjectives Three (or more) Syllable Adjectives Irregular Adjectives Learning Module for English .two cute little Siberian puppies strange old black jacket blue cotton shorts one amazing donutshaped violet sofa beautiful new Italian sports car small antique gold wedding ring Learning Module for English . three (or more) syllable.Grade 8 2 .Grade 8 2 . Use the space provided for. Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degree .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 203 B.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 202 Activity 21: BEAUTIFUL ADJECTIVES A.

Sometimes these are called semantic units. Propositions are statements abo ut some object or event in the universe. The main themes of the subject radiate from the central image on branches. usually enclosed in circles or boxes of some type.details radiate out. Sound Adjectives Feelings Adjectives Condition Adjectives Appearance Adjectives D. We define concept as a perceived regularity in events or objects.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 204 C. is an expression of radiant thinking and is there fore a natural function of the human mind. designated by a label. The mind map ca n be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.Grade 8 2 . Activity 22: CONCEPT MAPPING AND MIND MAPPING Read the text below and do the exercises that follow.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 205 Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge. either naturally occurring or c onstructed. The mind map has four essential characteristics: The subject of attention is crystallized in a central image. Make sure you also use cohesi ve devices Learning Module for English .Learning Module for English . It is a powerful graphic technique which pro vides a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain. They include concepts. Use the adjectives from the other parts of this activity. or units of meaning. . Use the following adjectives to create sentences. or records of events or objects. specify the relationship between the two concepts. although sometimes we use symbols such as +or %. Look at the picture below. and sometimes more than one word is used. Mind maps. The label for most concepts is a word. Propositions contain two or more concepts connected using linking words o r phrases to form a meaningful statement. referred to as linking words or linking phrases. Branches hold a key image/word printed on the associated line . Be sure to put adjectives in their proper order if you are going to use them in a series. and relationships between concepts indicated by a connecting line linking two concepts. Words on the line.Grade 8 2 . Write a short descriptive essay about it. on the other hand.

Choose one of these three main concepts and create a mind map. Introduction: How many characters did you see? What are they doing? Can you grasp the idea of their story through their words? 2. Plot Structure: What can you say about the two women? Who are they? What is the conflict in the story based on their dialogues? 5. Use the questions below for the “Think Aloud” activity: http://www. Sentence Types Intangible Heritage Heritage Literature Elements of Short Story The Taxi Man’s Story Literature Diversity Malaysian Folktale Adjectives Parenthetical Communication B.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 206 Here is an example of a mind map together with the steps in making one: A. perform a “Think Aloud” activity to study the examples for the elements of drama embedded in the video. Protagonist and Rising Action: What did you notice on the scene? How is it related to the previous part? Are th ere more actions and characters involved? Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist? What happened to the protagonist? 6. Soliloquy. Then together with your teacher.Grade 8 2 .The branches form a connected nodal structure.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 207 Activity 23: DRAMA ESSENTIALS Watch this YouTube video clip on elements of drama.Grade 8 2 . Dialogue: How were the two characters able to interact? 4. F ollow the example given in this activity. Characters: What is the role of the man seated in front of the woman? How about the woman? How did you know their roles? 1. Create a concept map using these words. Take down notes about the elements using concept mapping. Aside: What is the difference of these three types of dialogue in drama? . The words in the ovals are some of the main concepts in this le sson. Monologue. Learning Module for English .youtube. Intangible Heritage Literature Communication Skills Learning Module for English . Follow the example given in this activity.

Do we need to safeguard these intangible heritage expressions? Why? Learning Module for English . Theme: Learning Module for English . What elements of drama are common or present in these three intangib le heritage expressions? 2. her daughter She would work in both a field and as a fisherwoman to support her fairly young .com/watch?v=4VzzhNkbjgg www. How do intangible heritage expressions such as these help in knowing and appreciating other culture’s traditions and beliefs? 4. PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . What makes them diverse? Why? Cite evidence from the pictures. up to the extent of inspiring other versions of the story. and her young son. Mak Minah would work hard at several jobs in a day.Grade 8 2 .youtube. 3. 2.Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 209 B. Watch and listen to the following videos on YouTube about these t hree intangible heritage PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Look at these a widow. www.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 210 Here is another famous Malay folktale for you to read.Grade 8 2 . Take down notes about them using different graphi c organizers. Then compare these to the contemporary drama in terms of its element s. and her two children. 3. Setting: What type of setting is employed in “True West”? How did you say so? 8. Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup (The Devouring Rock) T his story is about Mak Minah. How did these intangible heritage expressions contribute to the development of their communities? J ustify your answer. What can you say about them? The Mak Yong Theatre – Malaysia Wayang Puppet Theatre – Indonesia Darangen Epic – Philippines 1.7.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 208 Activity 24: DEEPER INTO ANCIENT THEATER A. www. What makes these intangible heritage expressions unique to one another? Prove your answer using the pictures. Read the synopsis of the story and answer the questions that follow. What unifies them? Cite proof from the pictures. This story wa s adopted as motion picture and TV drama in Malaysia.

hearing the commotion of her mother storming out of the house.Grade 8 2 . Mawar explained to her that she a nd her brother had both eaten their portions. That night Mak Minah was kept awake by the calling of the batu bela h batu bertangkup. the rock split. She heard the rock calling her. sa ying “You never managed to eat your roe because as much as you desired it. it never desired to b e eaten by you. and just long enough for her children to catch sight of her. But I am your death and I have longed for you since you were born. and fantasizes all day about eating the fish with her ch ildren for dinner. Bulat demanded t he other portion and threw a horrible tantrum when she said no. Mak Minah stopped only once o n her way to the rock. One morning. Mak Minah tells her children that they may each have their portion.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 211 ask you is that you have the same longing for me. As she did so. At noon. Mak Minah spent the entire evening at the field thinking of eating the roe. and the other fo r herself. She of course is really happy. As she heads out the door. one for her older daughter. one that poor people like herself would very rarel y be able to enjoy. What did the mother feel after knowing that her fish roe was eaten? 2. 1. And no w all I Learning Module for English . Why do you think it came across to the mother to commit suicide? . and is even h appier when she realizes that there is fish roe inside. ri ght in front of it.children as best as she could. and that he had taken the piece anyway. but after finishing his. one for her young son. but it was no use. She happily fries it before she goes to work in the fields and cuts it into three equal parts. Mawar. she catches a tembakul fish (local river fish). Mak Minah was so devastated that she didn’t say anything and just went to bed. very expensive and was a delicacy. Mak Minah left the funnel on the floor and fled deep into the rock. Mak Minah goes home and starts to clean the fish. This is the way of the world: what we desire to touch has no desire to b e touched by us. while fishing. the voice of the rock drowned out everything else. the eater of suicides.” She then snaps and runs to the rock. where she made a funnel and filled it with her breast milk for her young son . They called out after their mother. When she came home. and beckoned her to enter. Fish roe back then was very. wakes up Bulat and they try to chase her down. she finds all three portions eaten. but she asked them to leave her one of the pieces to eat when she comes home.

Mawar and Bulat through characterization. What is the moral/lesson of the story? How does it affect you? Explain your PROCESS QUESTIONS: Activity 25: BATU BELAH BATU BERTANGKUP STORY STRIP A.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 213 Activity 26: MAKING A FILMED MOVIE REVIEW Read this short lecture about making a movie review. What does Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup represent? How did you say so? 4. 5. but they all have the same content. Five Parts of a Movie Review 1. There are numerous formats you can follow in writing a movie review. Choose a picture from the previous activity and write appropriate dialogues for it based on the story." If you li ked the movie.Grade 8 2 . Then choose a partner to read the dialogues. Number the pictures from 1 to 15 in the space provided for.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 212 B. Then watch the video presentation on how to make a “filmed” version of your review. Deliver the lin es like Learning Module for English . it consists of five parts. Describe Mak Mina. Arrange the following pictures to create a story strip for Batu B elah Batu Bertangkup. Do not expla in why you liked it or did not like it. but if you did not l ike it.Grade 8 2 . Opening: Catch the Reader s Attention Think about how advertisements sell movies: "trailers" show you a few seconds of the movie to get you interested. Alternative: Begin your review with another kind of story or interesting fact--a bout . then your trailer should make people want to see it. Learning Module for English . How do they influence or affect the character of one another? 6. make your own "trailer. the trailer should be something that shows why you did not like it. Begin your review by retelling an incident or moment from the movie wh ich you think captures the spirit of the movie as you understood it. In this particular format. When you begin your movie review. make the reader like or not like the movie by w hat you describe. Does this story have similar themes with some of our own? Cite s ome famous folktales.3.

or about the director. In this paragraph. If it was a musical. Give at least two reasons why you liked or did not like the movie. but that might work. Fourth Paragraph: A Key Moment or Idea In this paragraph. you should say something about the songs. This paragraph tells the reader the th ings they have to know about the movie. in one sentence or two. 2. or retell another big moment from the movie and explain w hy it is important. Use these URL: A: http://www. explai n that idea and talk about it a little bit. in more detail than you do in the One way to do this might be to and Plot Summary You should not tell everything that happen you want to summarize the basic plot of the movie paragraph above. too.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 214 Do you recommend it or not? Who will like it (kids or adults)? The most importan t thing here is that you must also explain why you are making your recommendation. If you think the "idea" behind a movie was really of the star actors. Watch these video on YouTube about making a “filmed” movie review. You must justify your opinion--and that opinion should grow out of what you writ e in the rest of the review. Second Paragraph: Take Care of Business Near the beginning of the review. the main actors. you must increase your . the director. But . the year it was made (if you watched it on video). Third Paragraph: Character What happens in the movie? s--and especially not the ending.Grade 8 2 . Fifth Paragraph: Evaluate the Movie How to Write a Movie Review Learning Module for English . write a sentence about each main character. go into detail about something important that inter ested you about the movie. you have to tell the reader all the obligatory stuff --the title of the movie. If the soundtrack was 91tIgGA B: http://www. Also. or about the making of the movie. you must go into depth a bout the Write more about one character who was rea lly intriguing. the studio. talk about that. the rating. you should explain v ery simply what the movie is all about--not necessarily what happens. 4. if you can say it in one two Video A Video B Video C To help you write an effective filmed movie review. 5.

At first their eyes filled with horror.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 215 I d like to buy three bags of potato chips please. With the use of collocations.Grade 8 2 . ADVERB + ADJECTIVE Fish roe. VERB + NOUN The officer was jailed for committing murder. and it is easier for our brains to remember and use langua ge in chunks or blocks rather than as single words. was writhing on the ground in excruciating pain. NOUN + VERB The birds started to chirp when it heard the cat purring. 1. Below you can see seven main types of collocation in sample sentences. noun +noun. 3. Christian whispered softly in J ohn s ear. 7. They want a richly decorated house. bus had its maiden journey in the province. Structural analysis is a powerful v ocabulary tool since knowledge of a few word parts can give you clues to the meanings of a . Rain was falling as our plane took off. You’ll have alternative and richer ways of expressing yourself. structural analysis is the process of breaking words down into their basic parts to determine word meaning. after making my bed. Collocations can be adjective + adverb. and then they burst into tears. Collocations are combinations of two or more words that often go together. The protests died down in the course of the summit. 4. We vaguely remembered that it was going late when we left. verb +noun and so on. On the other hand. Are you fully responsible for your actions? 2. 5. His The She ADJECTIVE + NOUN coach ordered him to get regular exercise.vocabulary by learning how to get the meaning of a word using structural analysi s and using collocations. The garage sale went until evening. 6. NOUN + NOUN Let s give them a round of applause. VERB + EXPRESSION WITH PREPOSITION Peter had to return home because he had run out of money. His behavior was enough to drive anybody to work. your language will be more natural and more easily understood. They have been asked to give a presentation about their invention. There are several different types of collocation. I always try to read my books in the morning. VERB + ADVERB Paulo placed his keys gently on the table and sat down. in that time is rarely cheap. Learning Module for English .

and the Malaysian folktales Outwitting a Crocodile and Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup. parentheticals . AFRO-ASIAN STYLE! Choose an Asian drama on TV or an Asian movie and write down its elements using advance/graphic organizers. Go back to the previous section and compare your initial ideas with the discussion. Although the meaning suggested by the word parts may not be exa ct.Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 216 Learning Module for English . You had used different communicative skills in completing the different activities. Try the sample graphic organizer on th e Learning Module for English . Learning Module for English . roots – the basic meaningful part of a word. suffixes often alter the p art of speech of the word For example.large number of words. and had learned the types of sentences. and have viewed v ideo clips related to it. and/or suffixes . Use the concepts and information you had acquired in this lesson.word parts attached to the end of a word. and adjectives. the word bicyclist can be broken down as follows: bi — prefix meaning two cycle — root meaning wheel ist — a noun suffix meaning a person who Activity 27: DOING YOUR MOVIEW REVIEW.Grade 8 2 . Then write a short review on its elements. You also had read different informative texts about intangible cultural heritage. and answer the next three columns. Submit the completed organizer and the review to your teacher and discuss it in class. When using structural analysis.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 217 Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 218 Congratulations! You had gone through the different readings like The Taximan’s Story from Singapore.Grade 8 2 .Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 219 . this process can often help you understand the word well enough that you can con tinue reading without significant interruption. the reader breaks down words into their basic pa rts: prefixes – word parts located at the beginning of a word to change meaning. How much of your initial ideas are found in the discussion? Which ideas are different and need revision? Please go back to the Map of Conceptual Change in KNOW.

Culture is based on nationality. 2012). Probably. peace and harmony. (The vast majority of people do not want to intentionally create conflict or fail!). all the misconceptions presented at the start of the lesson will be clarified. or naïve (Parrilla. or 15 hour flights that connect Asia to Europe. A. The environment we all live in may be changing (slowly or quickly) impac ted by such things as the internet. geographic location. you need to find out how this diversity of cultural heritage can lead to unity. Globalization is causing an inevitable homogenization of cultures. It’s our inability to see things wholehe artedly from their perspective that may cause us to judge another culture as cruel. but you cannot measure culture solely by one’s nationality. religiou s faith. reflect on your previous answers and then answer the questions that will follow at the end. You need to reflect and reconsider your understanding about the relationship of literature and the diversity of cultural heritage of Afro-Asians (as seen in traditions and beliefs). work. s ocioeconomic experiences. some cul tures may have values and behaviors that do not support success when their envi ronment changes. Our view of culture is affected by the subcultures we have at home. but the French will always have French history and French pride. 3. age. or Hollywood. Cultures exist because a group has found a way to make their lives better. Until such time as we all speak the same language. On Culture 1. Some cultures are just more evolved than others. or YouTube. Activity 28: INTROSPECTING YOUR MISCONCEPTIONS In this activity. go to t . stup id. and the Bolivians will always have Bolivian history and Bolivian pride. Rather. In addition. No culture is inherently worse or better than any other. or pandemics like the flu. but thi s “national culture” is only one of the many cultures that affect us. and how this understanding affect your communicative competence. 2012). ethnic background and sexual orientation (Parrilla. school and organizations we are in. This is also affected by particular life experiences. or Bollywoo d. After reading the explanations for each one. Also. In the long run. most cultures are benevolent and have positive i ntentions behind any values they instill. or migration – but the bottom line is that we all still interact with these commonalities based on our cultures. You may argue that culture is a set of values and behaviors that are learned and shared by a group of people who have common experiences and influences. 2. antiquated. gender identity. we may begin to share certain values and behaviors. or outsourc ing.Your goal in this section is to look closer at some aspects of the topic.

These people may share the same nation. 3. The myth goes on to state that when ethnicity is turned into a defining characteristic. This myth is pervasive in such societies. For example. a continuum of cultural identity exists and the entire range often can be found within the same family. immigrants coming to the United States eventually have been assimilated and considered themselves to be Americans. These include “1) mainstreamers. In reality. & Murphy. and the tribal groups of Sarawak. Lynch and Hanson (1998) reported at least four ways individual s and families from other countries “live out” their culture in the United Stat es. Families from the same culture share the same values. Multiculturalism is divisive. 1999).Grade 8 2 . while their grandchil dren may be bicultural or mainstreamers (Aldridge et al. 2012). This shallow reasoning denies the multiple diversities that a lways have existed and continue to exist throughout the United States (Swini arski.he same schools. To view regions or nations as if they were monocultural is erroneous. 4. 3) culturally different indi viduals. b ut they cannot be considered as one ethnic group sharing a similar cultu re. Tremendous historical. and have uniform laws. share a common culture. With an increasingly diverse society. there is no need to study other cultures. and cultural differences must be acknowle dged (Banks & Banks. grandparents may maintain their original culture. People from the same nation or geographic region. and it may inhibit students’ construction of the fact that many parts contribute to the whole (Aldridge et al. geographic region.. 2012). bicultural and monocultural areas especially need to learn about cultur es to which they will be in close proximity in the immediate future (Greenfield & Cocking. 2000). This notion is especially false for nondominant cultures living in the United States. policies. we will continue to be unique (Parrilla. According to this myth. 19). Chinese. it promotes division rather than unity. East Indians. racial. or those who sp eak the same language. 2) bicultural individuals. In Malaysia. share the same history. Breitborde. there are Malays. and 4) culturally marginal individuals” (p. In predominantly monocultural or bicultural societies. language. and holidays. 1 . 1997).L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 220 B. 2. Learning Module for English .. On Multiculturalism 1.

Learning Module for English . Hi s family later moved to Toronto and now lives in Miami. ethica l standpoints and can help an individual to present themselves as educat ed members of the society. Studying literature can be an enriching. how do you look now on the presence of different cultures around the Philippines (our cultural or ethnic groups). eye opening experience. and the Philippines? Cite examples for your answer. Literature allows us to understand the philosophical movements and ideas that permeated a particular culture at a particular time. The study of literature allows people to develop new ideas. 2. Studying literature can help you understand different cultures or time perio ds. Patrick is of Chinese heritage. children like Patrick could experience intrapsy chic cultural conflict (Aldridge et al. These children are not ster eotypical. Based on misconceptions on culture. By fo llowing the histories presented throughout English literature.994). but was born in Jamaica. How did your readings on Malaysian and Singaporean literature help you . On Literature 1. Here are just two examples. If this is not acknowledged and valued. Singapore.Grade 8 2 . it’s possible to understand how contemporary western culture has developed into what it is today (Priy adarshini. What are some examples you can cite that shows diversity because of multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore? Does multiculturalism also apply in our country? Why? Why not? 3. in Malaysia and Singapore? 4. Increasingly. a Muslim from Pakistan. How does the study of Afro-Asian literature give you a wider perspective in tolerating and appreciating cultural differences? 5. Multicultural education should ex amine intrapersonal cultural diversity as well as the interpersonal. 2. How do these misconceptions apply to Asian countries like Malaysia. 2012).L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 221 2010). Most people identify with only one culture. C.. The children have never visited Ecuador or Pakistan. They have a unique cultural heritage. Maria is an Evangelical Christian from Ecuador who married Mohammed. As an example in English PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. 5. They have two elementary-age children wh o are being raised in Queens. New York. children and families are multiethnic in nature.

Does this period have any effect on the culture of two countries? How? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. Singapore and Malaysia had been under the same colonial rule (Brit ish Empire).Grade 8 2 . Diversity Cultural Heritage Intangi ble Cultural Heritage T r a d i t i o n s B e l i e f s L i t e r a t u . Singapore and Philippines to one another. Then grasp your schema on the history of Malaysia. What effect could geographical proximity contribute to the developme nt and assimilation of culture among these three countries? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Activity 30: CONVERGING CIRCLES FOR CULTURE Explain the relationship of the terms inside the circles in this conc ept diagram.Activity 29: CLOSENESS IS THE KEY Study the map below. Learning Module for English . Singapore.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 222 Answer these questions: 1. and the Philippines. Focus on the proximity of Malaysia.

r e Unity Peace Harmony Learning Module for English . How do these ideas in Singh’s poems apply to us Filipinos? 5. blue. and how he hopes to Use this URL – http://www. on his career as a poet.Grade 8 2 . What does it illustrate? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Activity 31: PERSPECTIVES ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY Listen to this audio clip from YouTube and determine if the speaker is in support or against cultural diversity. Write statements from the clip that will provide evidence for your claim. white… i no longer argue. How does each title complement the theme of each poem? 3. What does this concept diagram mean? 2. Then record your own opinion about cultural diversity and upload it i n YouTube. white. 8 2 . of oneness. Notice the words he used and how they relate to the diversity of culture in Singapore. black. Are we living in a world of diverse culture? How do you say so? PROCESS QUESTIONS: colours/ blinds my daughters say kids are colour blind that it is we the adults who change our kids and make them see red. Making Harmony he sits and drinks his coffee. a Singaporean poet. What themes do the poems have? 2. of blood.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 224 1. one sugar: .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 223 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. knowing how right they are these young whose beautiful innocence we colour giving them myths and legends to frighten their discovery of truth. Use a graphic organizer for this activity. Then read his poems below. How do these themes relate to achieving unity in a multicultural community like Singapore? Learning Module for English . no sugar the other guy sits and drinks his tea. Use this URL for the audio clip: Activity 32: DREAMING FOR CULTURAL UNITY IN SINGAPORE Watch this interview of Kirpal Singh.

if we are to safeguard the vitality of our societies. tea/ coffee… i watch from a distance. you proclaimed Sizing each and laughing As the kids played their games Oblivious to our reflections We have come a long. Claude Levi-Strauss. comparing our customs and beliefs wi th those of other times and places. it is becoming a matter of urgency to protect and preserve the internal diversity that each society owes to its constituent groups and subgroups. religions.Grade 8 2 . Learning Module for English . languages Sensitive areas of public harmony Our rainbow is shy. hides But it will come after cleansing rain Even as we plan and strategise A multicultural vision for ourselves. coffee/ tea.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 225 Activity 33: REMEMBERING CLAUDE LÉVI-STRAUSS Read and reflect upon this statement made by this famous French anthropologist/ethnologist and the founder of structural anthropology. these realisations might… who knows what our next drinks might be when harmony across gaps prevails through rhyme and in time makes possible living peacefully. safe with my coke realise that drinks alone don’t solve problems maybe these words. we must learn to see it from the point of view of other cultures. Mixed Colours Rainbow colours. tea/ coffee. all of which develop differences that they consider highly important. preserve at the very least the living memo ry of irreplaceable customs. “To know and understand our own culture. It should accordingly be possible at least to maintain and encourage cultural diversity to a degree by preserving the cultural characteristics of th e different social groups: and in the same way as gene banks of plant species are created to prevent the impoverishment of biological diversity and the impairment of our earthly environment. we must. With globalization now upon us. For it is diversity itself that must be saved rather than the historical content . and external diversity on the retreat. long way— You were talking about our plurality Our mix of dialogue between them save the sips coffee/ tea. practices and know-how that should not be allowe d to disappear.

After watching the movie.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 227 ____________________________________________________________________ 3.Grade 8 2 .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 226 Activity 34: BECOMING A MOVIE CRITIC Assume the role of a film critic. Then watch the mov ie adaptation of Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup (1959) in YouTube.that each epoch invests in it and which none can perpetuate beyond its own confines. Activity 35: OH MY EQ! After the different activities presented to you. How does the study of Afro-Asian literature help you increase your communicative competence? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and/or harmony? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ . write a two-page review about it using the criteria you created with your group.Grade 8 2 . How can you help achieve unity.” Claude Lévi-Strauss. peace and harmony amidst diverse culture and cultural heritage among nations based on Levi-Strauss’s statement? Learning Module for English . What implication does Levi-Strauss’s statement could have in the communities with diverse cultural heritage like the countries in Southe ast Asia? 2. French ethnologist (1908-2009) PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. each of them retaining its originality.” “ Global civilization could never be anything other than the coalition at global levels of cultures. Brainstorm and write a set of criteria in rating a movie as part of a film review process. Form small groups with your classmates to represent a movie review body. it is time again to answer these focus questions: 1. How will it guide you to understand the diversity of cultural her itage in Asia and Africa? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English .

_____________________________________________________________________ 4. you were able to reflect on your ideas about the relationship of literature and the diversity of cultural heritage of Afro -Asians (as seen in traditions and beliefs). with th e aid of advance organizers.Grade 8 2 . and write a review about it. How does diversity contribute to unity? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ In this section. peace and harmony. The rubric for grading is provided here to remind you on how your work will Activity 36: FINDING THE RIGHT ONE Your Local Tourism Board is assigned to prepare a sample cultural exhibit for Malaysia and Singapore. In your group. Then you have to present it to the Local Tourism Board with a 10-minute audio-video clip as a teaser. You also had gone through activities designed to help you synthesize ideas of this diversity of cultural heritage and how it can lead to unity. with an accompanying review or analysis about it. As local film critics. as part of its bid to host the weeklong celebration of ASEAN Day in the Philippines. What new realizations do you have now about the topic? What new connections have you made for yourself? Revisit your answers on the Map of Conceptual Change in the KNOW part and write your new understandings/ realizations. you and your peers were hired by the board to find the most appropriate movie to be used for the cultural exhibit. Your task is to find a movie adaptation of a Malaysian/Singaporean literary piece (refl ecting their diverse cultural heritage). watch it. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understandings in this Directions: Read the task below. They are going to include movies that represent a part of their heritage and literature. stating the main points why the movie should be used for the cultural exhibit. discuss and plan on how you will prepare for the movie review. TASK Rubrics for the Movie Review Presentation Criteria Outstanding (4 points) . Answer also the second Map of Conceptual Change below IN THE BOX I think … OUT OF THE BOX Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 228 Your goal in this section is to apply your learning to real life situations. and how this understanding affect your communicative competence.

but is not strongly supported. plot. but it does have an opinion. script.Very Satisfactory (3 points) Satisfactory (2 points) Fair (1 point) Content The review focuses on the following: character/s. The review focuses on 4-5 of the following: character/s. The review has a strong opinion. special effects. themes. script. script. plot. special effects. The . plot. themes. themes. special effects. special effects. music. The review focuses on 2-3 of the following: character/s. plot. script. music. music. The review has a strong opinion that is supported by 23 details (good or bad). music. The review focuses on one of the following: character/s. themes. The review doesn’t have a strong opinion or supporting details. The review doesn’t have any supporting details.

Presenter incorrectly pronounces terms. and showed minimum level of confidence and mastery of the subject matter. and showed high level of confidence and mastery of the subject matter. incorrectly pronounces . Presenter mumbles. precise pronunciation of terms.Grade 8 2 . He/she pronounces most words correctly. Learning Module for English .L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 229 Criteria Outstanding (4 points) Very Satisfactory (3 points) Satisfactory (2 points) Fair (1 point) Presentation Presenter used clear voice and correct. Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation. and showed average level of confidence and mastery of the subject matter.opinion may not be clear. Presenter s voice is clear.

innovation is not present.terms. interesting sequence which audience can . speaks too quietly for students in the back of class to hear. innovation is not present. The group used an unclear method of presentation. The presentation is interactive and attractive to the audience. The group used the typical methods of presentation. The group used innovative methods of presentation partly. Creativity The group used innovative methods of presentation. but relied mainly on the typical methods. The presentation is not interactive and not attractive to the audience. The presentation is very interactive and very attractive to the audience. The presentation is quite interactive and quite attractive to the audience. Organization The group presents information in logical. and showed no confidence and mastery of the subject matter.

L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE .follow. Use of Advance Organizers The group used advance organizers very proficiently in gathering and presenting information. Use all the understandings you had thought of as you write your generalizations. The group used advance organizers proficiently in gathering and presenting information. If you’re done with the Map of Conceptual Change.Grade 8 2 . Audience cannot understand the presentation because there is no sequence of information. The group used advance organizers in gathering and presenting information. Before you go to the next lesson. How did you find the performance task? How did the task help you see the real world use of the topic? It is now time to write your generalizations in the Map of Conceptual Change in the KNOW part. read the summa ry/ Learning Module for English . then you have completed this lesson. The group didn’t use advance organizers in gathering and presenting information. Audience has difficulty following presentation because the group jumps around. The group presents information in logical sequence which audience can follow.

contains at least a noun or a pronoun and a participle. Collocations: combinations of two or more words that often go together. Colloca tions can be adjective +adverb. Concept map: are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge. emotions. and verb +adverb. adjective +noun. noun +noun.230 Absolute phrase: a kind of parenthetical. etc. and relationships between concepts indicated by a connecting line linking t wo concepts. Cultural diversity: The existence of a multiplicity of sub-cultures and differe nt value systems in a plural or multicultural society or other setting. Complex sentence: a sentence with one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Character: the person in a work of fiction or the characteristics of a person. maiden journey. usually enclosed in circles or boxes of some type. verb +expression with preposition. Y ou can get to know a character through their actions and speech (in case of drama/play) . Antagonist: a character who provides some sort of opposition or contes t for the protagonist. perceptions and attitude of the members of the society. values. but the other characters are not supposed to be able to hear it. educatio n. verb +noun. Compound sentence: a sentence with multiple independent clauses but no dependent clauses. Appositive: a kind of parenthetical. This degree is formed by adding –er for one-syllable and some two-syllable regular adjectives. garage sale. Cultural heritage: is the legacy of physical artifacts (cultural property) and intangible . Examples: ri chly decorated. this is a noun or noun phrase placed in opp osition to another such construction that defines or modifies the first. Conflict: the struggle between two or more opposing forces which is the nucleus of plot. This is a statement made to the audie nce. Compound-complex sentence: a sentence with multiple independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. It consist of fables. Usually he/she is known as the villain with evil character in the s tory. myths. superstition. Aside: a kind of dialogue in a drama/play. Adjectives: are words used to describe a noun or a pronoun. Th ey include concepts. Comparative degree: compares two nouns or pronouns. proverbs. read my books. folklore. traditions. Beliefs: are the ideas. viewpoints and attitudes of the particular gro up of society. but not a true verb. that influence the ideas. modifies the entire sentence. noun + verb. or by adding more or less for three-syllable (or more) adjectives.

st udying. and social values specific to the Maranao . and knowledge). It is meant to be sp oken. Free modifier: a kind of parenthetical.Grade 8 2 . metaphor. Culture: refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge. irony and sat ire. Heritage includes tangible culture (such as buildings. spatial rela tions. courtship. an unspecialized interruption o f additional information. Darangen: an ancient epic song that encompasses a wealth of knowledge about the Maranao people who live in the Lake Lanao region of Mindanao. planning. and material objects and possessions acquired by a Learning Module for English . attitudes. it is meant to be acted out. Visual learners benefit most from graphi c organizers as visual thinking can have many expressions. Degrees of Adjectives: the positive degree. and the superl ative degree. intangible culture (such as folklore. notions of aesthetic beauty. and biodiversity). Culture is the systems of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people . landsc apes. The Darangen also encodes customary law.attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generat ions. books. researching. and natural heritage (including culturally sig nificant landscapes. Comprising 17 cycles and a total of 72. beliefs. standards of social and ethic al behavior. Graphic organi . val ues. concepts of the universe. religion. Graphic organizer: an educational tool to help in problem solving.000 lines. especially the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different ra ces or cultures) in a group or organization. and artifacts). works of art. brainstorming and writing. monuments. notions of time. Drama: is a story told through characters played by actors. language. tradi tions. hierarchies. Diversity: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety. Dialogue: the words spoken by the actors in a drama/play. politics. love and aesthetics through symbol. the epic explores the underlying themes of life and death. meanings. comparative degree.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 231 group of people in the course of generations through individual and group strivi ng. the Darangen celebrates episodes from Marana o history and the tribulations of mythical heroes. maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future gene rations. experience. roles. In addition to offeri ng compelling narrative content.

Interjection: a kind of parenthetical. Mak Yong Theatre: an ancient dance-theatre form incorporating the elements of ritual..zers make it easier to understand how ideas connect. is constantly recreated by communities and gr oups in response to their environment. their interaction with nature and their history. individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 232 as improvised spoken text. it imparts information about the writer’s (or speaker’s) state of mind. This is a long speech given by on e . Malaysia. emotions. groups and. this list entails the lis t of intangible cultural heritage under nomination. It is a powerful graphic technique which provides in the state o the genre s orig a natural function a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain. Intangible cultural heritage: the practices. an element preceding the main statement that provides context for the sentence. and ideas that are common to all people. Many theories have been advanced to explain ins. Monologue: a kind of dialogue in a drama/play. recognition. It usuall y deals with events. speaki ng. and expressing their own ideas and emo tions (Lazar 1993: 19). kno wledge. story. and provides them with a sense of identity and continuity. song. stylized dance and acting. Mind map: an expression of radiant thinking and is therefore of the human mind. in some cases. Introductory phrase: a kind of parenthetical. thus promoting respect fo r cultural diversity and human creativity. representations. Heritage literature: literary passages from the past generation like my ths. provide meaningful and memorable contexts for vocabulary expansion and grammar practice. artifacts and cultural spaces associ ated therewith – that communities. and they develop students’ ability to think critically by inferring meaning. making interpretations. reading. Literature: writing that is excellent in form and packed with meaning. epic. skills – as well as the instruments. folklore. Its roots obviously sink deep into animism as well as shamanism. objects. This intangible cultural heritage. etc. they can serve as the basis for listening. tra nsmitted from generation to generation. and writing activities. Intangible heritage list: created by UNESCO. expressions. It is performed principally f Kelantan. vocal and instrumental music.Grade 8 2 . formal as well Learning Module for English . and urgent safeguarding all over the world.

character. climax. the se tting may be realistic or abstract. falling action. Order of Adjectives: the correct sequence of writing adjectives when used in a s eries. Short Story: a brief imaginative narrative. or by addin . is the analysis and evalu ation of films. Point of view: the angle or perspective from which the story is told. Parenthetical phrase: sometimes called simply a parenthetical. It is the playwright s selection of events to create a logical sequence and results into distilling mea ning from the chaos of life. Positive degree: describes a noun or pronoun without comparing it to anyone or anything else. Soliloquy: a kind of dialogue in drama/play. the details o f which are so compressed and the whole treatment so organized as to provide a singl e impression. is one t hat is not essential to the framing sentence. This is a speech given by a character when he/she is alone in the stage. individually and collectively. It contains a plot. and set designs. resolution. Setting: the time and place in which the story or drama/play. Here is a common plot structure . This degree is f ormed by adding –est for one-syllable and some two-syllable regular adjectives. this can be divided into journalistic criticism that appears regularly in newspapers. and other popular. It includes the lin es each of the actors must say and some indication of stage action (stage directions) . Simple sentence: a sentence with one independent clause and no depende nt clauses. Superlative degree: It compares three or more nouns. unfolding a single predominating in cident and a single or a few characters. In the exposition. lighting plots. In general. mass-media outlets and academic criticism by film scholars that is informed by film theory and publishe d in journals. Script: is the instructions you perform a play from. Plot structure: the usual order of events in a particular story. Movie/film critic: an individual that engages into movie reviews. rising act ion. Protagonist: the main character in a story. Structural analysis: the process of breaking words down into their bas ic parts to determine word meaning.exposition. the characters ar e introduced and the conflict is brought into play. Movie review: also known as film criticism. often a good or heroic type and trie s to solve the conflict that gives way to the rising action. In theatre. but these are not really part of the script. Some scripts come with helpful hints to directors and stage managers as to prop lists.

J anuary 1). Prentice Hall Grammar and Composition 2. ( (2012). UCLA International Institute.d..html Movie Review Graphic WordPress.g most or least for three-syllable (or more) List of Adjectives.html EnglishClub. Structural Analysis. DailyWritingTips.wordpress. MA: Houghton Mifflin Co. eLearningCafe. Kirpal & Nazareth. Philippines: St.pdf Nichol. P.html Movie Metropolis. Retrieved from Retrieved from http://billhowe. Inc. Sebranek. Retrieved from http:// www. Heritage Literature as a Teachi ng Tool.). Write Source 2000: A Guide to Writ or story. J anuary 10). (2005). Mark. Henry C. (1999). (n.ucla. Retrie ved . How to Make a Mind Map.ucls. Theme: the central idea of a featured drama. Tradition: the passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generati on. Thinking and Learning. Retrieved from http://www.htm Howe.asp?parentid=60803 English for Students. Retrieved from http:// www. (2007. How to Write a Movie Review: Our Template. LAB MOVIE REVIEW SITE. Retr ieved from D. William. Navarro. Retrieved from http://www. Sampaloc.d. 8 Types of Parenthetical Phrases. Augustine Publications. (n. Interactive Learning through English III. Sentence Writing: The Basics of Writing – Student Workbook. (n. March 19). Thailand: Macmillan Education.momswhothink. & Meyer. Retrieved from http://miraflorredula.php? option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=195&Itemid=400 miraflorredula. the-taximans-story-by-catherine-lim/ MomsWhoThink.).). Order of Adjectives in a Series.). Dorothy E.Grade 8 2 . Wilmington.d. Kemper. Collocations. (2009). et Online Sources Center for World Languages. ( p=146#respond IllumineTraining. Singapore: Epigram Books. November 18). (2009.weebly. University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. (1998).htm Lethbridge College. Retrieved from ht tp:// www. The Best of Kirpal Singh: Introduction by Peter Nazareth. (2012. Bill Howe on Multicultural Education. Philippines: Pe arson Education South Asia Pte Ltd.. play.L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 233 Books Forlini. (n. Ma nila.d. 15 Misconceptions About Multicultural Education . ( / vocabulary/collocations. Learning Module for English . Retrieved from http:// www.).com/ uploads/1/9/6/1/1961294/movie_review_graphic_organizer11.mind V.englishclub. The Taximan’s Story by Catherine Lim.

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unesco. September 28). Every time we sought answers to the v=EDIygoCcK48 expertvillage. Retrieved from http://www. ( unesco. Retrieved from unesco. “Where do you come from?” we become eager to check our origin. Retrieved from http :// www. there are many foreigners who occupied some Asian and African nations and have become influential in the internal and external affairs of the land. J ojo/UNESCO. Retrieved from http://www. Wayang Puppet Theatre [Photograph]. If it sounds foreign. (2010. An Introduction to Drama: The Essential Elements [Video file].L2 EMBRACING OUR HERITAGE 236 unesco. lg=en&pg=00011&RL=00063 Unalivia. December 10). September 28). November 4). October 25). (2010. through legends. The Wayang Puppet Theatre [Video file].com/p/asean-resources.Grade 8 2 .com/watch?v=pfydro4X2t0 eHow. The Darangen Epic of the Maranao People of Lake Lanao [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www. Mak Yong Theatre [Video file]. November 26). Why safeguard ICH? Answers from Australia [Video file]. our name is our clue.php? lg=en&pg=00011&RL=00159 Salter. 2003. March 13). Intangible Cultural Heritage [Video file]. Tim/Mekin Photography.unesco. September 28). Retrieved from http://www. (2008. our race. Academic Writing Tips: How to Write a Movie Review [Vi deo file].org/culture/ich/ Heather [SCADHIPR].L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 237 Have you thought of knowing your origin? Did it ever occur to you that your story about origin might be similar to other Asian countries? Each country in Asia and Africa has a rich source of stories to share about Darangen epic of the Maranao people of Lake Lanao [Photograph]. (2009. Retrieved from ICHScotland. (2010. Retrieved from http://www. Retrieved from http:// iepdigitalresourceroom. Darryl. Map of Asean [Map].youtube.Mowrer. March 5).com/watch? v=oy47guq0S5M&feature=related KU RosswellsexploZion. (2012. our ancestry. (2009. (2009. . ( Retrieved from [Video file]. Retrieved from 91tIgGA TRMovieandGameYT.Grade 8 2 . Retrieved from http://www.blogspot. Why safeguard intangible cultural heritage? [Video f ile].org/culture/ich/ J anuary 1). 2005. (2009. In addition to a very rich heritage. Retrieved from Sometimes. Tom R’s “How to Make a Movie Review” – A TR Edit #3. How to be a Movie Critic : The Importance of Learning Module for English . we trace our family background if our parents are product of mixed marriages or we look back to our geographical location and examine whether our locality was once a route for trading and industry. myths and YouTube Videos Learning Module for English . n. Introduction to Intangible Heritage (ICH) in Scotland [Video file]. October 22).

contribute to the theme On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Appreciating Our Origin: Learning Module for English . you will learn the following: Ask for and give information. for or against an issue that r elates to the community Identify the derivation of words Define words from context and through word analysis Organize information illustrated in tables. we will have the opportunity to appreciate our origin. opinions. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills below and the lesson map. and attitudes explicitly and implicitly in an informative talk Communicative thoughts and feelings in write-ups of summary results. etc. let us accept the challenge how we can best appreciate our origin. and express needs. using appropriate styles Determine if the speaker is neutral. Who were the most influential in the development of our Afro-Asian Literature? As we unfold the intricacies of Afro-Asian Literature. n otes. write Learning Module for English . figurative language. imagery. etc.L3 . graphs and maps Decode the meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis Interpret the big ideas/key concepts implied by the facial expressions of the p articipant Point out how the choice of title. space. choice of words.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 238 Divided by Two Photo-Formation KNOW What if… My Conditions. if only Character on Woodcarving in Indonesia Disclosure Spot the Author in the Selection Which image is the best to explain diversity? Image Challenge PROCESS Tiger Needs Advise Panel Discussion Opinion Poll Survey Diversity Quotations Reflective Writing REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Interactive Human Exhibit of Afro-Asian Literary Characters TRANSFER For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this les son.In this lesson. feelings. But some questions still remain: How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and/or harmony? How does diversity contribute to To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson.Grade 8 2 . allotment.Grade 8 2 .. In this lesson.

one of those writers who published works about “The Myths and Legends of Indonesia. and folktales. Eastern Isla nd. Samoa. He found out that the population of Indonesia was homogeneous. to Madagascar. So by now you know that we are going to learn about two countries in Asia. west to the East African coast. ask yourself. Write the name of the country at the bottom of each photo. The stories were told and retold from generations to generations in the form of legends. But before we read and learn something about their stories. myths.Grade 8 2 . where Indonesian lang uage are still spoken. In the table provided.APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 239 In this lesson. In addition. you will find out that each country has many stories to tell about their origin. identify which groups of words go together. Proa is a canoe that can survive the deep seas near Indonesia. How does diversity contribute to unity? How do traditions and Activity 1: DIVIDED BY TWO Directions: Go over the scrambled words and create two major groups. where the languages of Hawaii.” traced the flight of the Indonesians in Asia. east to Polynesia.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 240 Similarities Differences In what way are they similar to our culture? J ohn Knappert. let us have some fun with these scrambled words in the box. with the exception of West Irian. As you go over each word. there were two hundred different languages in Indonesia but the existence of the hundred-odd languages is all related. Activity 2: PHOTO-FORMATION Directions: Study the Asian photos below and group them into two. Fiji and Tahiti are clearly related to Malay and J avanese and finally south to New Zealand . The Indonesians were able to sail by using their invention which is known as proa. They went to dif ferent directions: north to the Philippines and Formosa. Then fill up the table that follows. Let us continue and do the next activity. What similarities and differences do you see in the photos? Which photo bespeaks of your culture? Learning Module for English . where Malayo-Polynesian d ialects are still spoken.

I’m Prince Banterang from the kingdom of Blambangan. Activity 3: AN INDONESIAN FOLKTALE Directions: Divide the class into four groups. They mastered this. it is primarily because the surrounding lan dscapes were full of spirits.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 241 and the lush green islands of Indonesia. the third group. A long time ago. and the f ourth group will read all the lines in the story. fishing is the main occupation of the people. Unfortunately. My name is Surati.Learning Module for English . Since Indonesia is archipelagic. Please help me. One day when Surati was in the street he met a man. Banyuwangi is known as Blambangan. My guards took me here but I got lost.” . During those times. it is time to learn more about Indonesia through an Indonesian folktale. I’m a princess. that you have learned some information about Indonesians. and the rich goddess lived in the sawh (wet rice-fields) in the shape of a freshwater sn ake. The rebels killed my father but I managed to escape.” Surati begged. Its kingdom has a wise king who has a handsome and smart son named Raden Banterang. She was all alone in the fo rest. Indonesians hunted using sumpitan or blow-pipe. “You come to the right person. when Raden was in a forest he spotted a deer. the Creator. One day. He fell in love with her and then several months later he married her. “Excuse me. Rice is the staple food. If there were stories about spirits. “Surati. including the art of forging iron. Now I‘m alone. He chased it and the deer ran deeper into the forest. I don’t know where to go. Now. His horse was so good and strong that he left his guards behind. The man ca lled her. He suspected that the girl may not be human after all.” said the prince. lovely lady. I have no relatives here. Raden took Surati home.Grade 8 2 . Rupaksa. the second group will be Surati. So he asked her. I’m from Klungkung. Bromo. I am going to protect you. The spirits of the waters were also diverse: the ocean-god brought r ain. migrations were still very few then. do you live around here?” “No. Many islands were created by v olcanic eruptions. As he took a rest under a big banyan tree suddenly a beautiful girl appeared in front of him. Bali. Then. he lost the deer. I don’t. Please come with me. the volcano was identified with Brahma. the daught er of the king of Klungkung. except the characters’ dialogs. The Hari which is the sun was identified as Wisnu. Surati. The first group will be Raden. Raden prefers hunting that he often went to forest around Blambangan to hunt for animals.

Tell me who he is. His brother revealed that it was Raden Banterang who killed their father. He decided to penalize Surati by giving her a de ath sentence near the riverbank. I have a clear spiritual vision.” Surati was defenseless.” Surati pleaded. It is my duty to se rve him.” Rupaksa “It is hard for me to believe it. He never hurts me. When I met Raden. she cried. I will never betray him. This is from a man who will help you kill me. If you find a head dress under her pillow then my words are correct.” Raden uttered. “All right then.” the man quickly replied “Surati? How do you know?” Raden verified. Searc h her room. The man greeted him politely. I just want to save you. But please keep my head dress. It is Rupaksa who wants to kill you.” Rupaksa demanded. He’s very kind to me. “It is my brother’s head dress. “You not faithful to me. one by one. on the next page. He gave me his head dress and told me to put it under my pillow. he was here and not in Klungk ung. I met him several days ago when you went hunting. The Legend of Banyuwangi Adapted from an Indonesian Folktale Learning Module for English . I know that you want me dead. “You life is in danger. Raden was hunting in a forest when he met a man that looked like a priest. When he reached the palace. “I am a priest. Several days later. “But he killed our father. put it under yo ur pillow.She was surprised to see her brother Rupaksa. not me.” Rupaksa was disappointed with her sister. As a good wife. “Raden Banterang is now my husband. So I put it there to show my respect for him. “Your wife Surati.” “Thank you your holiness. “Who is he?” asked Raden. To respect her older brother.” the man said. he immediately searched Surati’s bedroom. Rupaksa gave his head dress to his sister Surati.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 242 Directions: Let us go over each box. Surati put it under her pillow.” But Raden no longer trust her. The priest was right. If you were in Raden’s shoes what could have been your action? If you were in Surati’s place what could have been your plan? What would change your decision? Activity 4: WHAT IF…? He’s protecting me.Grade 8 2 . Surati refused to join. This is the evidence. Raden confronted Surati. It is from a man who will help her kill you. At t his time. He was very angry and upset. He found the head dress under Surati’s pillow. He came to Blambangan to take revenge. Then he said some thing. I have to go now. . he asked Surati to join him. Someone has an evil intention on you.

Surati threw herself int o the river. it means that I am guilty. keep thinking about these questions: How does diversity contribute to unity? How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and harmony? Learning Module for English . Surati spoke calmly. But if the water becomes clear and fragrant. “When I die. If water bec omes dirty and smelly. just throw my body into the river. “Please do.Grade 8 2 .L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 243 _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ What if Raden had not paid attention to Surati? What could have happened? _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ What if Surati had not obeyed his brother’s request to hide the head dress under her pillow? What could have happened? _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ . Your goal in this section is to learn and understand more about Asians. it means that I am innocent. let me say a few words.” Raden granted Surati’s request.” Surati pleaded.“Before I die. As you go through this part.” Then as Raden stabbed her wife with a kris.

L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 245 Now we can discuss one literary element which is the character. IF ONLY Directions: Fill up the boxes. Learning Module for English . An open conditional statement refers to a future event which is conditional o n another future event.Grade 8 2 . the character’s identifying traits are revealed one a . and its c onditional clause is in the simple present tense. Did you find the writing of conditional statements easy or difficult? Why? Why not? Learning Module for English . A hypothetical conditional statement refers to a possible future situation wh ich depends on another possible future event. we used conditional sentences. Its main clause is in the past Let us recall some situations in the legend and see what conditional statements we can produce.Grade 8 2 . narrates or spea ks and characterization is the method used to portray that person or being. acts. Unfulfilled hypothetical statement refers to a situation which an event might have taken place. because a condition was not fulfilled. Let us try to describe each type of conditional sentences and see how they differ from each other. Its main clause uses present conditional tense._________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ What if Raden had not believed in what Surati had said about her brother’s plan? What could have happened? What sentences did we use in the above sentences? You are right. In any literary work. but did not. a character is a person who appears in. In some stories for example. Its main clause is in the future tense.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 244 Activity 5: MY CONDITIONS. by giving your own example of conditional statements.

exhilaration or explosion. emotions and response mechanisms. productive or unproductive. humble. If everything is clear now. Emotions follow. this may lead to a generalization about that person based on his attitudes. But in some literary works. helpful or helpless. We may perceive the character traits that are part of the character’s intrinsic values which is a product of the attitudes. In one way or another. like what is truly important to him or her. like the following characters: Flat character is only two-dimensional (lacking in depth). this is the person’s intense feelings. honorable. characters can be identified in the role they play: a. he or she may not possess heroic qualities f. Others may refer to this as “c limate” like political climate. In real life. trustwor thy. A person’s attitude may be described as something positive or negative. emotions and response mechanism the character has exhibited within the reading selection. stability or instability. and many others. emotional attachment. careless or careful. If the character is under pres sure and under stress. people ma y react with dispassion. The last one is on intrinsic values. they may show state s of excitement. Heroine is the leading female character who exhibits superior qualities c.t a time. happy or sad. good or bad. In a given story. ki nd or unkind. this attitude may also comprise a group of people. we can arrive at a conclusion that the character may be loyal. responsive or unresponsive. Anti-hero(ine) a hero(ine) who is more ordinary than the traditional hero(in e). usually supernatural d. how must this person reveal himself or herself. to name a few. a nation or a literary work (prevailing attitude). and even deg rees of emotional appeal. It is also important to find out how the character responds physically and emoti onally to life – his or her response mechanism. Hero is the leading male character who exhibits superior qualities b. loving. Thus. impassiveness. Protagonist is the hero(ine) g. Round character is three-dimensional (true to life). Villain(ess) is a character in the story who is often characterized as evil and may be exactly the opposite of the HERO(ine) e. these are the traits that arise from value judgments made in the heart of the person. shallow. Antagonist is the villain(ess) But it is interesting to note that there are other characters in the story. agitation. complex and changes or gro ws in . Superhero(ine) is larger than life hero. described without th e kind of details you would need to see him or her as an individual. intellectual climate.

Learning Module for English . Ms. one who is repeated without variat ion and who lacks originality.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 247 As we deepen our understanding of Indonesia. Srenggi. like the Prince Charming character in fairy tales. 2. an aroma of dry leaves and damp wood. Indonesi a? What do you associate with Bali as a place? Well. Type character exhibits the characteristics of a particular class or group of people. Oka Rusmini. let us read one great work of a multi awarded writer from Bali. Bali is known as a city for woodcarving industry.Grade 8 2 . Stock character is a conventional stereotype character. this smell that made him feel so agitated? It wafted closer. almost slicing open his own leg—and all because he d detected a strange smell coming from the direction of the door. Disclosure of character through exposition 3. where was it coming from. But before we read. His hands were bereft. Ms. Disclosure of character through the character’s actions 4. Odd. The smell was coming closer and he was finding it hard to breathe. Disclosure of character through the character’s words Activity 6: CHARACTER IN WOODCARVING IN INDONESIA Directions: Describe the character in the given images. he n . Rusmini is considered a prolific writer of poetry and novels. which can be acc omplished in different methods or techniques: 1. how many of you are familiar with Bali. "Who s there?" "It s me. Learning Module for English .the course of the story." "Srenggi? Srenggi who?!" Kopag was trembling with trepidation now.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 246 Stereotype character is predictable. Some of her works were already translated in several languages.Grade 8 2 . Indonesia. This is now under character development in a story. Let us continue to examine how writers may use to present a character and to rev eal his or her character traits of either the speaker or the writer. Disclosure of character through stereotyping 2. 1. 3. Is there any city in our country which is sim ilar and The Century Carver by Oka Rusmini K opag dropped his sharp chiseling knife. This type may be very individualized and unpredictable in personality and action. and still be a representative of the class or group to which he or she belongs.

"Srenggi. Usually he was treated as an object. "What did you say your name was?" Kopag began to calm down a little. "Even when I m judging beauty. For the first time Kopag felt able to enjoy life. Sure ly her beauty rivaled that of a tree trunk. His mind conjured up images of sharp knives. And now God had sent her for him. till the end of time. increasing Kopag s anxiety. What was happening t o him? Kopag cursed himself. The woman s skin felt like bark. intensely aware. compassion and sincerity. Kopag trembled as the smell exposed him to the reality of being a man. submitting to what ever was said by those around him. of course. It was the voice of a woman. "Tell me who you are!" "I am the one who will serve all your needs—from this moment on.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 248 born complete with all their senses capable of capturing all the secrets of this life—secrets that are held onto and kept hidden by nature? Would it be wrong if Kopag were su ddenly to encounter extraordinary beauty in Srenggi? A beauty that he could see with his t houghts and feelings? Would that be wrong? . Kopag was sure his judgment was right: this was the one. But are p eople Learning Module for English . the woman he d been seeking for centuries." The voice sounded nervous. His eyes would never see a woman.Grade 8 2 . his thoughts in a muddle! Kopag was aware. Srenggi quickly stepped in to help. merely subject to the decisions of the people closest to him. was that really the voice of a woman? When Kopag went to pick up his cane. "Is truth always manifested on earth in a homogeneous form?" Kopag had asked his servant Gubreg with a trembling voice. she was more beautiful than the most sacred pile of timber. The voice seemed to be full of honesty. He was able to provide an obje ctive evaluation of the living creature known as man. it was no caus e for celebration to have been born blind. This time he felt that he had encountered a tr uth that was different from that developed by people who used their own truth as a personal y ardstick. Although." the voice quivered. do I have to use their criteria?" "Their criteria? I m not convinced that they re capable of genuinely seeing the beauty of life!" Kopag s voice was tense. A woman. Their hands touched. He had the strange sensation of suddenly being submer ged in the ocean.eeded his chiseling tools.

considering the circumstances of his birth. People used to say that any woman was fair game for hi m. he came home in a sickening state. from an early age. he carved his thoughts. His fath er was a highly respected man who held an important government position. life had imposed the label "Ida Bagus Madé" onto Kopag. The life that Kopag so frequently curse d turned out to be quite democratic in fact. for Kopag s father. Srenggi s body was where life was c reated for this man who. healthy or not. She resisted. The indentations of her body a nd her face resembled those in a piece of timber. She became pregnant—and died giving birth to a baby boy . so that people would recognize him and be able to distinguish him from others. and his dreams as well. his life. He could transform a piece of dry wood into a work of art that attracted the eli te of the art world. Like a piece of timber with its captivating curves.The beauty of this young woman was extraordinary. ever since his first encounter with the aroma of the earth and lif e. How miraculous it would be if life could be acted out. But what is the po wer of a woman? Especially since. could feel only darkness as his language. just as Kopag had surrendered to the blindnes s that was his constant companion. an appalling one. nature had surrendered to his power. his brain. He was thin and pale. Before long his debts began to mount. What was wrong with the criteria he h ad used to judge her beauty? As a boy. It was odd that other people were unable to see her loveliness. He was an animal. Unfortunately he had a wandering eye. She was timber of exquisite beaut y. Even old Gubreg made no comment when Kopag praised the prettiness of this eighteen-year-old girl. For the firs t time. to appreciat e the beauty that nature had entrusted to her. It gave him qualities that others could not poss ibly possess. His wealth evaporated. He didn t just carve wood. . the highest caste in the Balinese social structure. She k new he would impregnate her with the seed of an animal. And in those circumstances he forced his wife to have sex with him. any creature with a hole could be entered. she had been educated to become a noblewoma n who would respect her husband. Kopag had reinvented the idea of artistic endeavor. One day. Being born blind was redemption of a kind. after an absence of many months. It didn t bother him whether she was beautiful or not. turned into a performance . The title "Ida Bagus" indicated t hat he was of the brahmana caste. He also owned do zens of painting and sculpture galleries. He was the secon d son in the richest family in the compound.

or his cane had got ta ngled up with the bougainvillea that that gasbag of a woman had just planted. He touched the dry wood that always accompanied him wherever he went. Her bea ring. her body was one that all the men talked about. In her absolute commitment to assuming the role of th e wife of a brahmana. His sister-in-law s voice constantly rang in his ears. Outsiders only knew her extraordinary physical beauty and her much-lauded skin. she had married Kopag s brother and had thus become a member of their noble family.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 249 of the commoner sudra caste. How could a woman that ev eryone said was so beautiful and elegant speak with such a foul mouth? Her screech was enough to blunt his chiseling knives. he said. the faithful servant who had looked after Kopag since he was a child. She had been focuse d on joining a brahmana family. she had to demonstrate to everyone in the village her right to join the family. Kopag loved the wood that had introduced him to his world. Her name was Ni Luh Putu Sari but because she had n t been born into the brahmana caste she had had to change her name to J ero Melati. . a smell that leaped from those lips that were apparently s o sweet. on account of her having married into a high caste family. so perfect. Kopag could smell the ranc id stench of blood. She was always making a fuss about something. so red. The world he wanted. she was the perfect example of a playactor. How could this incredibly crude and carping woman be the one all the men adored? In Kopag s view.Kopag drew a deep breath. now known as J ero Melati. Kopag often wondered whether human beings could ever share a genuinely objective set of views. Her hands fe lt like those of a rotting corpse. Gubreg also talked about the beautiful skin of Ni Luh Putu Sari. in short. "What can that blind brother of yours do? Tell me? He s a bloody nuisance!" The young woman s voice always set his nerves on edge. or the plates and glasses were in the wrong place in the kitchen. A m ember Learning Module for English . Kopag had sensed this the first time his sister-in-law greeted him. Solitude fenced in by beauty—without the sound of his sisterin-law harping. commented on how lucky his brother was to have married the most beautiful girl in the village.Grade 8 2 . To be honest. Even Gubreg. Every time she opened her mouth. He d trodden on the plants in the side garden.

don t you? Life has given him an extraordina ry gift. He loved reading his Braille books. Gubreg. the Frenchman Frans Kafkasau would pay him a visit. Too hard. about Michelangelo Buanorotti who Frans said was a famous Renaissance sculptor. but still appealing? Can you see. "She really is extraordinarily beautiful. It didn t take much to fire him up. a teacher would be brought in to teach him to read.resembled that of the daughters of the Balinese king. you haven t answered my question. He was tall and exceptionally skilled w ith his hands. Gubreg?" "Don t ask me weird things. Look after him well. Since he d been a small boy. He s paying for the sins of his father." The old man fell silent. I still believe that we can learn from such a life. books he d tra nslated. "Gubreg. It was hard.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 250 sound uttered by the Frenchman was enough to make his stomach churn. Gubreg. His karma ha s fallen to his own son. I can t explain things like Frans can. "Aren t you going to answer my question. On occasion. Ida Bagus Madé Kopag had a very fine body. My grandson will know darkness for all eternity. You see it. See how he produces perfectly carved statues. and I want to feel it too." "Describe her to me. I want to know what s he s like. My grandson is in possession of all the eyes of everyone on this earth. his grandfather alone had taught him how to work with wood. A pain fluttered in h is chest. The middle-aged Kafkasau got on Gubreg s nerves. with all the things he always brought with him. The Frenchman had given . And from ti me to time. Gubreg. to better acquaint him with life. He looked deep into Kopag s eyes. Sometimes he would read foreign books to Kopag. I ll trust your eyes. A single Learning Module for English . what is this feeling that overcomes me so often. It made him so mad! Kopag no longer had any time to talk about things. Tell me everything in detail. When I watch his development I am constantly reminded of the things that my son did. Gubreg. he was approaching hi s twenty-fifth birthday. Is she like this piece of banyan wood—cold. how it moves me? Gubreg.Grade 8 2 . Kopag would ask Gu breg all manner of questions. is that what it feels l ike to be a man? Is that a sign of masculinity?" Kopag spoke slowly. Every since he d gotten to know Frans. "The boy is blind. For the moment. The old man was quick-tempered these days. God in Heaven! Master of the universe! Kopag had grown up. Why d on t you ask him?" Gubreg s voice was heavy with envy. Think of him as your own son!" That had been Ida Bagus Rai s last instruction before he passed away. Tell me what she s like. master.

In Kopag s ha nds the knife became cold. a different perspective on the world. she would always get Gubreg to scrub her back with a river s . It was Gubreg who taught Kopag that all things have souls. He transferred everything he knew abou t carving to the body of the powerless little boy. Gubreg couldn t answer the question about what it means to be a man. A woman…" Gubreg s voice broke off. encased in a sarong. Gubreg noticed how the powerful rays scattered and died away the moment they touched the sharp edge of each knife. So mysterious. The knife s brilliance seemed to challenge that of the sun. arrogant.him a new sort of education. It was such an onerous thing. master?" "About the beauty of a woman. Despite pondering it until almost midnight. Her white feet made his brain explo de. And Gubreg taught him how to brin g out the best in the knives and savor the aroma of their sharpness. to crave the body of another to feast upon. Gubreg. Kopag had always been as much a part of him as his own breath. His legs would cramp every time her we t body emerged from the water. it was Gubre g who had taught him about the texture of wood. He understood. he had been seven years old at the tim e. He still remembered K opag s cry when he first touched those naked knives." The sun s rays flashed off the edges of the chiseling knives. Kopag didn t need G ubreg any more. "Gubreg." "I…I can t talk to you about the beauty of a woman. Their sharpness. Everyone makes th eir own judgment about it. I tremble every time I touch these knives. He knew what w as happening. The old man felt that something was missing inside him. Kopag was already in his studio bright and early in the morning. and hungry. "I need to talk to you. At the time Gubreg was a disheveled fourteen-year-old. including his rows of chiseling knives. encircling and squeezing his body." Kopag s voice was laden with curiosity. so unsettling. That feeling suddenly reemerge d in his own brain and his brittle bones began to connect him to his past once more. And on top of all that. He was often given the ta sk of escorting Dayu Centaga when she went to bathe in the Badung river. It s extraordinary. What were these feelings struggling insid e Kopag s body? Gubreg was afraid—afraid of answering the question about the true meanin g of masculinity. Ever since Kopag was a child. when his body began to need. He too was a man and had felt the stirrings of desire upon first enco untering his own humanness. "About what. it s so bea utiful. Her body was like a snake. He drew several breaths.

and he hadn t been possessed by an evil spirit. she had been unharmed. Out of respect for the brahmana family. Over time Gubreg was wracked by extraordinary pain. wounded from a sort of misplaced hunger. A woman he had put on a pedestal.tone. a scent that coul d not be erased by the borrowed time that he lived on. She said it was so that evil spi rits would leave the family be. Every time he thought about the barriers between himse lf and Dayu Centaga. The river god happened to be resting at the time.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 251 edge. So Gubreg could understand why Kopag was asking about beauty. He could feel the changes in his body. And Gubreg incurred the wrath of the river go d. Gubreg was prepared to undergo the ceremony. Gubreg realized that his hun ger could no longer be contained. and no longer able to enjoy normal human diversions. He became pale. He did not resist wh en the balian bathed him at the edge of the river. he was nobody. the current within him no longer resembled the flowing of a river. a woman he greatly respected. breathing fast. Often he would wake up in the middle of the night. Gubreg could not talk about his male yearnings. As a commoner male he knew that he could never possess the body of a brahmana woman. Gubreg was still faithful to the Griya family. Thanks to Gubreg s e fforts. In order to restore Gubreg s health. it was more like floodwater. Gubreg felt as if someone was boring holes into his body. The balian explained that Gubreg had thrown rubbish on the river s Learning Module for English . approaching his seven ty-fifth birthday. He was anxious. There wasn t a sou l with whom he could talk about his anxiety. Until this day Gubreg could still sense her aroma on his body. The old ritual healer cast her spells. Nature . It was a love that rendered him rigid. the brahmana family took an offering to the river god. He fel t a deep and powerful love for Dayu Centaga. The brahmana family sought out a balian for him. And Gubreg knew that the water in his body needed an estuary. To this day. without the passion of a man. a man who lived off the com passion of Dayu Centaga s family. cold. Nobody knew that the healer s communications with the spirit world were false. Gubreg s body was encircled by smoke which restricted his breathing. Without a wife. G ubreg was not sick. The balian went on to sa y that the river god had also wanted to get his hands on Dayu Centaga.Grade 8 2 .

Frans and one of his friends once told me that my carvings of women were p erfect. too. Gubreg. the gallery had received funding support from Germany and France. and its body. Why does the wood always draw me into a discussion. Kopag had been taught to endeavo r to understand life. page by page. The only thing that Gubreg had picked up on w as that Kopag needed a woman. Last month. the extended family managed to recover from their debts. Basically I m curious. I feel the beauty of the women through my fingertips. Thanks to Kopag. "We need to find a wife for the boy. The young man never attached any meaning to having money. Kopag s brother had even been able to open a big sculpture gallery. the secrets of the journey and pain he himself had endured as a man whose whole li fe had been dedicated to serving others." Gubreg s voice was very guarded. and even works its way into my dreams. "Gubreg. He took sever al breaths. she was at liberty to spend Kopag s money however she pleased. and my body. Dreams of the tree with its growing branches. J ero Melati Learning Module for English .had entrusted something awe-inspiring to him. a dialogue.Grade 8 2 . He was trying to come to terms with the very priv ate and very profound thing that Kopag was trying to convey. encourage me to debate.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 252 . J ero Melati had st opped her nagging. which was the most highly re garded in Bali. And now all was calm within the family. or not having it. The beauty of the women that I portray in wood rem inded Frans of the passion of Martha Graham. Very surrealistic. I have my own dreams. until in the end its timbers find themselves in my hands. Wood and knives have given me different eyes. Gubreg looked closely at Kopag s body as he finished his carving. on account of the rigorous selection process it subjected potential exhibits to." said Kopag slowly. Kopag  s carved statues were in great demand and drew a great deal of interest from both local and overseas collectors. they said. my hands. about those frag ments of wood. "Gubreg. Gubreg. who used her whole body to bring i nto being the character she was playing." Gubreg said nothing. In fact Gubreg was willing to let the boy steal. Gubreg never knew what Kopag wanted. to think? It s a consumin g curiosity that overwhelms my brain. you haven t answered my question yet. do you remember what Frans said?" "What in particular?" "He said that my wild manner of creating the human form from wood reminded him o f Picasso s Guernica.

and actions? Fill out the table on the next page and see what answers have you arrived at." "Who?" "My sister. Gubreg did his best to figure out where the conversation was headed. How does Gubreg perceived Srenggi? Activity 7: DISCLOSURE Directions: After answering the questions. what is it you want? Don t be afraid. Gubreg stared sharply at the woman. "I hope you ll forgive me. What is so strange about the character of Srenggi? 2. but what is meant of these lines: “He did n’t just carve wood." "You ve already chosen someone?" "I have. continue with the activity o n disclosure. she was not a good woman. For the first time he sensed that this beautiful body was enveloped by an evil force. He knew that J ero Melati s s ister was a wild and wicked woman. What character is disclosed in this line? 6. I want to talk to you!" This time Kopag s voice was serious." she replied seriously. "I ve already chosen my wife. Gubreg did not respond. Pacing the room. What were disclosed by the characters in terms of words. Gubreg. What are the peculiar characteristic traits of Kopag? 3. Learning Module for English . his brain. But stran gely. thoughts. she couldn t tolerate being poor. "How about he marries the girl I ve picked out for him.Grade 8 2 .L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN . What is beauty to Kopag? 4. has its own beauty." Gubreg raised his head. Kopag seemed distracted. Kopag wa s right. She was driven by a desire for status. Rumor had it that she sold her own body." "They agree.smiled when she heard Gubreg s words. Unfortunately." "And what did they say. Kopag is a wood carver. "Surely you can convince him that my sister is the right woman for him. You seem very distressed. If Kopag’s carved creations were popular in the local and overseas market. Unthinkabl e! But she was very beautiful. if one makes a commitment to it. "Gubreg. keen to see Kopag s face light up. Whereas . poverty." "I am. “Wood and knives have given me different eyes.” this is a line by K opag. I want to get married. but I ve already discussed this with J ero a nd your brother. my Lord. does it mean that Bali is meeting the standard of the international market? Explain your answer." The ton e of her voice verged on a command." Kopag s voice was very serious indeed. And this time nothing will change it!" "Who is it?" PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Five minutes pa ssed with not a word. he carved his thoughts. "My Lord. and his dreams as well”? 5. 7. In fact they ve chosen a future wife for you. I ve been thinking about it for a long time. the face remained as impassive as stone.

it is confronted with many problems but the governmen t tried to solve the problem by building schools and providing books at presidential ins tructions. During those times. allowed greater opportunities for creative freedom and expression which also paved the way for government. . This is also one way of providing opportunities for youth and other authors to publish their works via newspapers. thus. A great number of populations at 75% are in the age group of 5-30.253 Characters Words Thoughts Actions Kopag Gubreg Srenggi Now let us go over Oerjarmati’s study about Indonesian literature: Boen. in his study “Isteri. by establishing youth centers where youth can learn arts.” discussed five important socio-cultural elements that help enhance rapid growth in literary writing after 1966 in Indonesia. Cinta. (3) education. (4) mass media. (2) sponsorship. and (5) readership. poetry and drama. In the field of education. and Arjuna: Indonesian Literat ure at the Crossroads. S Oermarjati. by encouraging non-formal education. private institutions and foundation to enhance creative writ ing by granting funds and yearly literary awards. the first pheno menon is dubbed as “serious” literature and the second one is referred to as “popul ar” literature. there were two literary movements. The socio-political situation in Indonesia during the late fifties and sixties. Nearly 40 newspapers in J akarta allocate a space for creative writing. by allowing equal opportunities for women. name ly: (1) freedom of expression. will comprise the potential readership of literature in Indonesia.

he believed that transiency marks a stage in gro wth and that there are potentials in popular literature.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 254 Directions: Go over the selection once again and pick some lines that will reveal the author’s thoughts (1) among the thoughts of the characters. But Oermarjati has other views. Meanwhile. Let us read the legend of Ancient Vietnam. Oermarjati further discussed the social dynamics of popular literature. their son was believed t o be a descendant from the line of the Dragons. He married princess Long Nữ. And indeed.However. (2) social responsibili ty.Grade 8 2 . But his succession from his mother’s underwater world developed in him a strong fascination for the ocean. Because of Long Nữ’s origin. the daughter of Động Đình Vương . the "Dragon Lord of Lạc”. (2) among the actions of the characters. And a lavis h feast . Learning Module for English . another kingdom rules the highlands in the north. the Xích Quỷ kingdom was an unknown stretch of a vast land on the far East. and the young man is often seen along the shorelines enjoying the waves and exploring the many sea creature s in sight. Their king. Learning Module for English . Wanting to unite his northern tribe with Lạc Long Quân’s kingdom.sovereign of the Động Đình Lake. leaning its back on a range of high mountains while looking out facing the oceans from a long shoreline. Lạc Long Quân had extraordinary strength and supreme intelligence. some critics in Indonesia regard popular literature as inferior to seri ous literature. and (3) artistic achievement. during the reign of King Kinh Dương Vương. Lạc Long Quân and Âu Cơ: The Legend of Ancient Vietnam T housands of years ago. a boy whom they called Sung Lam. He enum erated the essentials as: (1) tradition and modernity. he agreed to give his daughter’s hand for marriage with the young man. Đế Lai.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 255 Soon. ha s a beautiful daughter named Âu Cơ. popularly known in the kingdom as Lạc Long Quân. he succeeded his father’s throne and governed the Lac-Viet tribe. They were then blessed with one child.Grade 8 2 . Can you spot the author in the selection “The Century Carver?” What makes you say “YES?” What Activity 8: SPOT THE AUTHOR IN THE SELECTION This time let us move to another country and see what stories will be uncovered. (3) among the characters’ relationship with one another and (4) among the lines of the character.

html Did you find the legend interesting? is How is diversity discussed in th . all V ietnamese should love. Vietnamese people call themselves “the children of the Dragon and the Fairy” referring to Lạc Long Quân’s lineage from the world of the Dragons and Âu Cơ’s Fairy Clan from the highlands. But soon after. However. whichever part of the country one hails from. then. Âu Cơ gave birth to a pouch filled with one hundred eggs. This legend.Grade 8 2 .was prepared as princess Âu Cơ was wed with Lạc Long Quân. Th ey learned to build houses raised on bamboo stilts to keep themselves safe from wild animals. He taught them the skills of fishing and the art of tattoos to scare off sea creatures as they dive and hunt for food. Therefore. They were taugh t well how to cultivate their lands and live nobly. he belongs to one origin. Time went by. honor and protect one another. they must look aft er each other and always be there to lend a hand should one be in need. Lạc Long Quân always finds his heart longing for the coasts while Âu Cơ constantly yearns for the highlands. also divided her areas for them to govern. Today. They were taught to live in t he jungles and mountains. of whom fifty will live wit h Lạc Long Quân along the coasts. Lạc Long Quân took fifty children to the coast and divided the area s for them to govern. So. has become the pr ide and Activity 9: WHICH IMAGE IS THE BEST TO EXPLAIN DIVERSITY? Directions: Based on the flow of the story of “The Legend of Ancient Vietnam. The children of Lạc Long Quân and Âu Cơ are believed to be the ancestors of Vietnam. as well as how to cook them in bamboo tubes.motherland-heritage. the couple started to grow unhappy. He also trained them to plant and harvest rice. Which is the best image that A _____ B _____ Learning Module for English .” kindly go over the following images. wh ich soon hatched into one hundred beautiful children. Âu Cơ will lead the other fifty to dwell with her in the highlands . The couple decided to divide their children. they made a promise that despite the distance and separation. breed animals and cultivate the soil to grow fruit trees for food. Âu Cơ. The two kingdom s then celebrated their unity. and as kind-hearted and skilful like their -quanand-au-co. The children grew up strong and sma rt like their father. who took fifty children to the highlands. Just as Lạc Long Quân and Âu Cơ promised to each other.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 256 C _____ D _____ Source: http://www.

the Buffalo and the Tiger. Learning Module for English ." the tiger said. Are these images believable? Why? Why not? In what ways can you make these images believable? Write your answer in the box. demanding answers for something that had puzzled him for a long time now. the buffalo used to have sharp front teeth while the mighty tiger was a pure golden beast. the Buffalo and the Tiger: A Tale of Strength and Wisdom A long time ago.Activity 10: IMAGE CHALLENGE Directions: Look at each picture inside the boxes. Your horns are sharp enough to cut him and y our hooves are mighty enough to trample him.Grade 8 2 .” If they were to base the information from the legends and tales. The name of the country. they documented that “the early history of Vietnam is obscure. “They descended on the legendary Chinese emperor Than Nong.” “The first Kingdom of Vietnam was known either as Van Lang or as Da Lang. a tiger came up to the buffalo. How is it possible that that Man. While the buffalo grazed and the peasant is enjoying his meal.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 257 In the following accounts of Maurice Durand and and Nuyen Tran Huan.” The Peasant. a small and upright being who neither has great stren gth. A young peasant was resting under a mango tree one fine afternoon. sharp vision or a keen sense of smell manages to lead you and make you work for him? Y ou are ten times heavier and stronger. Viet Nam. Also. The only weapon he carries is a flimsy . and in general the prehistory of Vietnam is bound up with that of the early people of China south of t he Blue River. branches of wh ich took root in southern China while the main body settled down in what is now North Vie tnam. when animals still had the power of speech. He and his water buffalo had plowed the rice field the whole morning and stopped for a while to have something to eat. ruler or Water King of Lake Dong Dinh in Southern China. it comprised southern China. and on the other from the dragon. "I have watched you everyday from the edge of the forest. present-day North Vietnam and also part of Laos. "I noticed the quite curious spectacle of y our toil. the first rulers were of supernatural origin. indicates a link with the Viet peoples. you need to find out how this diversity of Let us find out another story from Vietnam about the “The Peasant.” Your goal in this section is to look closer at some aspects of the topic.

But if you want it so badly." he answered. the tiger resolved to ask the peasant. he planned on jumping on the man when he returns to untie him. yet he rules you and you never run away." Eager to see wisdom so badly. the tiger asked. "I will tell you. "I have not been able to solve that puzzle m yself." But the young man said. "Go ahead and tie me up. and spend the rest of his days commanding the cows and dears and the delicious wild boars to come and be eaten as his meal. But sly as the tiger was.Grade 8 2 . "I posses something that allows me to rule over all animals. It is called wisdom. "I have heard your stomach rumble and I am greatly concerned over the possibility that you might eat my buffalo while I am gone. Would you be kind enough to show it to me?" asked the tiger. mighty tiger. would eat his water buffalo. I will tie you to a tree so my mind w ill be free. I keep it in a gilded box carved with dragons and a golden phoe nix to make sure it s well protected. Soon after. only he has knowledge of Learning Module for English . making them do as I say. he could just order the animals to come and then choose a suitable meal . Eage rly. He the n. the farmer returned carrying bundles of straws behind his back. "Did you bring the wisdom for me to see?" . what power do you have over the buffalo that makes him obey you so willingly?" the tiger asked the peasant. mighty tiger. the tiger was willing to agree to anything. take his magic box of wisdom.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 258 it. I left it at home. Then I would willingly go get the wisdom you want to see. secured him tightly to the palm tree and left. If he could ru le all animals like how the man ruled the buffalo. the tiger agreed." replied the young peasant. he would no longer need to hunt for food. Farmer. I have great need of it in my daily work. No matter how I ponder the situation.bamboo stick. Delighted by the peasant s words." Calmly. "Unfortunately. I can go back a nd fetch it for you." "I would do anything to see this amazing thing you call wisdom. Instead. held up his legs and said. He would never have to hunt for food again. the water buffalo answered. Wisdom is too precious for me to carry around the fields. He str olled up to the palm tree. I only know of one thing. "Please tell me. I can never free myself from his mastery. "I will gladly stay and watc h over your water buffalo while you are gone. Whatever power he possesses. If you agree." So the farmer passed ropes around his body. Eager to have such powers. Instead. Mr.

How did the tiger accept defeat? 5. Did the water buffalo’s perception of the farmer change after what happened to tiger? 6. He quickly leaped away from the flames an d dashed into the jungle. What was so amazing about the farmer that the tiger would like to possess? 2. Tiger. Though his burns have healed after some time. he set them on fire."Oh yes. How did the farmer prepare to get rid of the tiger? Learning Module for English . Now I will teach you to sta y away from my precious water buffalo. "I nev er keep my wisdom in a box. you can be your own I would like to have that wisdom that the man has. Can unity be achieved however diverse the characters are in the legend? Activity 11: TIGER NEEDS ADVISE Directions: Let us help the tiger achieve its goal. This caused the buffalo to knoc k all his front teeth out. hitting his mouth against a rock. and with a burning torch. the beast finally managed to free himself. it is here in my head all along. Up to this day." He then piled the straws around the tiger. and I am about to show you. foolish tiger. The tiger roared in pain and raged as the ropes burned around his golden body. the tiger realized that his strength could never defeat man who has wisdom he knew he coul d never have. there’s only one master. The sight of this spectacle amused the buffalo so greatly that he laughed so hard and fell." replied the peasant. How can we help the tiger in realizing that it can never reach the level of man? How can we help the tiger desire for goals which are feasible and achievable? Tiger. A s the air filled with smell of the tiger s singed fur and as the fire burned through t he ropes.Grade 8 2 .L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 259 4. The tiger would like to find out man’s secret in leading the buffalo and other animals in the farm. the tiger could no longer rid hims elf of the long black stripes that now circle his golden body. remind . the tiger has his stripes and the water buffalo never grew back his PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. What puzzled the water buffalo about the farmer? 3. but how am I going to acquire that? Tiger. be satisfied with what Tiger. But most imp ortantly. How can we keep a harmonious relationship in our environment? 7.

For example: How did the tiger wait for the farmer? The tiger eagerly waits for the farmer to bring the box of wisdom. For example: prepositional phrase The water buffalo loaded its cart with food. adverbs and prepositional phrases to expand our sentences. Learning Module for English . adjective or other adverbs .Grade 8 2 . adverbs and prepositional phrases. The Way I See It As we go through writing and start to add details about our simple sentences. age. a noun. But before we do that activity. it qualifies noun or noun phrases. It answers questions like how. we will make use of adjectives. let u s be clear first with what are adjectives. in what way.L3 . it is your turn. For example: The young tiger was eager to have extra wisdom. Why don’t you try to enhance Learning Module for English . color.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 260 Now. We can add prepositional phrases to our sentence. Words that will tell about size. fill out the form “The Way I See It. ADJECTIVES are describing words. origin. water and vegetables. and material. In the next activity. ADVERBS are words that qualify the meaning the verbs.” What can you share with the Tiger so it won’t get frustrated? Tell the Tiger how important diversity is. where. We add extra words in our sentence. We can add adjectives to our sentence. a pronoun object of the preposition and any modifiers of the object. PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES are group of words containing a preposition. and to what extent. shape.yourself that you may not have the wisdom of a man but you have skills and abilities. when.Grade 8 2 . then we begin to expand our sentences. We can add adverbs to our sentence.

Buffalo wondered. The panel may consist of six to eight persons. 2. and without making invidious personal references. Buffalo watched the fight. 9. Tiger attacked people. present information and discuss personal views.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 262 The secondary function of the panel is to answer questions from the audience. des cribe. Puzzle remained unresolved. Writers may add one or more modifiers to help explain. Identify. elucidate and elaborate so that sentences will be more meaningful and clear to the readers. Learning Module for English . Directions: Invite everyone to participate in the panel discussion. Some guidelines in the conduct of a panel discussion: 1. Buffalo fell in the ground. Man has wisdom. 7. Farmer sets fire. This discussion method is suitable for use when a relatively large audience is antici pated. without speech ma king. Farmer planned for harvest. T he topic for discussion: “Can there be unity in diversity?” Ask set of leaders to prepare the classroom for a panel discussion. The primary function of the panel is to present and deliver information that wi ll also cover personal views on one specific issue or topic. an issue or topic that inv olves an important . asking questions. 4. Preparation is important. stating opinions-all expressed with geniality. 8. 10. The proceedings of th e panel should be the same as those described for informal discussion: volunteering of facts. Simple Sentence Expanded Sentences 1. What have you noticed? We expand sentences to make their meaning clearer. 3. 6. adverbs or prepositional phrases.APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 261 Activity 12: EXPANDING SENTENCES Directions: Expand the following simple sentences by adding adjectives. It should occupy approximately two-thirds of the allotted time. or help participants identify. get some information about how panel discussions are conducted. 5. with respect for the contributions of other members. But before the actual panel discussion. This activity will also be helpful as students conduct interactive Activity 13: PANEL DISCUSSION A panel discussion is designed to provide an opportunity for a group to hear several people or groups of expert knowledgeable about specific issue or topic.Grade 8 2 . Tiger waited in the afternoon.

Let us check what structure may help us in the conduct of our panel discussion. Decide on the format of the panel discussion will follow. A panel discussion that includes three to five pan elists is usually most workable. panel members may need to prepare several weeks in advance of the scheduled discussion. an actual case. Select a leader or moderator.conflict in values and/or interests. The panelists discuss the issue or topic with each other by asking questions or reacting to the views and opinions of other panel members. Select panelists who are well informed about and have specific poin ts of view regarding the issue or topic. A specific amount of time should be established. The forum period should be conducted by the panel leader or moderator. 3. a student experience.) Activity 14: OPINION POLL SURVEY We move on to an opinion poll survey. The leader or moderator introduces the topic and the panelists pre sent their views and opinions regarding the issue or topic for a set amount of time. They are usually administered to discover the public s opinion about different political matters such as presidential elections.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 263 Structure C for Panel Discussion Structure D for Panel Discussion (This may be done in pairs. Let us take a moment to understand very well what Opinion poll surveys are the types of surveys involving the determination of the public s opinion on certain issues. The leader or moderator calls for a forum period during which the members of the class may participate by addressing questions to various panel members or by voicing their views and opinions. c. Various formats are appropriate. etc. The issue or topic may be set forth as a to pical question. a hypothetical incident. highlight ing . The leader or moderator closes the discussion and provides a summary of pane l presentations and discussion. The following procedures have been used effectively: a. or presidential ratings. 2. alternative structures are also encouraged. d.Grade 8 2 . senatorial elections. Tell the panelists that they are given time to prepare. 4. Structure A for Panel Discussion Structure B for Panel Discussion Learning Module for English . In some situations te n or fifteen minutes may be sufficient time for preparation while in other situatio ns. Opinion polls are an excellent means of generating publicity. b. one pair at a time.

au/opinion-poll-surveys/ Activity 15: DIVERSITY QUOTATIONS Directions: Now.Grade 8 2 . One advantage of an opinion poll survey is its influence to the publ ic to make decisions about certain issues. DIVERSITY QUOTATIONS AUTHORS Preference We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.specific campaign messages. The challenge of true integration is to create environments where difference is celebrated and viewed as a challenge rather than a burden to bear. Mary Montle Bacon A culturally pluralistic environment is one where . On the other hand.surveys. let us go over the following diversity quotations. Source: Then compare your answers with the rest. He who neglects to assist his relatives may become a slave to an outsider. There is a tendency to support the le ading option indicated by the researchers in their poll surveys. Adesina The challenge of diversity is not merely the issue of integrating those who are culturally or socioeconomically different into already homogeneous environments. Kehinde A. or reinforcing the company brand footprint. A key at traction of opinion polls is their versatility of scope and scale. answer the question that follows. from Yoruba Culture Learning Module for English .L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 264 DIVERSITY QUOTATIONS AUTHORS Preference If we can’t do without each other. Nigerian Proverb. from probin g attitudes and perceptions to revealing consumer or business trends. Choose only one quotation and check the heading on preference. Jr. Martin Luther King. Then at the bottom of these quotations. the disadvantage of an opini on poll survey is the public’s tendency to go bias. we must learn how to live with one another.

.Grade 8 2 . respect for differences in others. Source unknown It takes a whole village to raise a child. Michael Novak Learning Module for English . and be willing to extend to others the same respect and rights that he expects to enjoy himself. there must be unity with diversity. accomplish tasks. Daniel Holt The culturally different child brings a variety of strength to the educational environment. African proverb To achieve cultural pluralism. Henry Our future unity lies not in overcoming our differences but in seeing how they are analogous in learning to see that my struggle to become a moral human being is rather like your struggle to become a moral human being. express feelings.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 265 DIVERSITY QUOTATIONS AUTHORS Preference Full mastery of language grows from interactions in the language that accomplishes real life ends.basic knowledge about culture. without experience in using language to communicate information. and play. and an understanding of the interplay of cultures are all used as the basis for positive social interacting with diverse persons and groups Samuel D. Each person must be aware of and secure in his own identity. learners will not grow in language competence.

J.Grade 8 2 . How do traditions and beliefs bring about diversity and/or harmony? 2. that are free.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 266 Why did you choose that quotation on diversity? Activity 16: REFLECTIVE WRITING Directions: Let us write our reflections by going back to the questions that we posed at the beginning of this lesson. Newton Learning Module for English .H. How does diversity contribute to unity? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Learning Module for English . 1.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 267 What were your realizations about the topic? Have you found an answer to Your goal in this section is to apply your learning to real life . that have acquired the capacity for thinking for themselves.Grade 8 2 .The National Coalition for Cultural Pluralism Education must aim. first of all. because they have had opportunity to think for themselves. at the building of minds that are sensitive to the social realities of the world in which they live.

In your group. audience TASK PERFORMANCE TASK RUBRIC CRITERIA Outstanding 4 Satisfactory 3 Developing 2 Beginning 1 AUTHENTICITY Reveals very relevant information and highly authentic representation of the literary characters. exchange students themselves find difficulty getting along with one another.situations. discuss and plan on how you will put up the exhibit. and other nongovernment organizations. The rubric for grading is provided here to remind you on how your work will be graded. have satisfactory applicability Reveals some relevant information and partially authentic representation of the literary . You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understandings in this lesson. To address this situation. rotary club board of directors. Activity 17: EXHIBIT OF AFRO-ASIAN Appreciating a different culture is indeed difficult. In existing Rotary Club exchange student program. have greater applicability Reveals relevant information and moderately authentic representation of the literary characters. The audiences are administrators of international schools. aesthetic appeal. Your output will be judged according to authenticity. Directions: Read the task below. collaboration. you are tasked to be organizers of a social event which will showcase the diverse cultural heritage through interactive human exhibit of Afro-Asian literary characters. creativity. representatives of funding institutions.

Grade 8 2 . can combine elements in a moderately creative manner Shows a good presentation. cannot combine elements in a creative manner 20% Learning Module for English . have little applicability 25% CREATIVITY Shows an excellent presentation. can combine elements in a highly creative manner Shows a satisfactory presentation.characters. have some applicability Reveals irrelevant information and inauthentic representation of the literary characters. can combine elements in a creative manner Shows a poor presentation. unique.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 268 CRITERIA Outstanding 4 Satisfactory 3 . very unique. not unique. partially unique.

very confident Tasks are substantially accomplished by the group members. can connect with the audience Interactive exchange . can connect effectively with the audience Interactive exchange between performers and audience is impressive. somewhat confident Tasks are hardly accomplished by the group members. confident Tasks are partially accomplished by the group members.Developing 2 Beginning 1 COLLABORATION Tasks are fully accomplished by the group members. not confident 20% AUDIENCE FEEDBACK (INTERACTIVE) Interactive exchange between performers and audience is very impressive.

Kehinde A. Characterization: is the method used to portray that person or being. . can hardly connect with the audience 20% AESTHETIC APPEAL Overall appeal is excellent. Harry. can connect superficially with the audience Interactive exchange between performers and audience is not at all impressive. somewhat expressive Overall appeal is not pleasing. Diversity: means variety. expressive Overall appeal is pleasing. Aveling. (1974) A Thematic History of Indonesian Poetry: 1920 to 1974. Panel discussion: is designed to provide an opportunity for a group to hear several people knowledgeable about a specific issue or topic present information and discuss personal views. acts. Ca lifornia: SCC Publishing. I llinois: Center for Southeast Asian Studies. very expressive Overall appeal is satisfactory. not expressive 15% OVERALL RATING 100% Character: is a person who appears in. (1998) Sensitivity in Educating the Culturally Different. narrates or speaks. assortment or a mixture. A panel discussion may help the audience further clarify and evaluate their positions regarding specific issues or topics being discussed and increase their understanding of the Books Adesina.between performers and audience is somewhat impressive.

E. Hague: University of Leiden. Nigel and Anwar.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN . Thong. ed. Burton. (1981).L. A. Michigan: Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies. http://www. Huynh Sanh. Teeuw.A. Bangkok: Amarin Printing and Publishing.html Learning Module for English . Hawaii: University of Hawaii. (2000) The Canon in Southeast Asian Literatures. New York: Columbia University Press.. Nancy. S ingapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.vietnam. eds. and Huan. Quezon City: Department of English and Comparative Literature. Online Sources http://wordswithoutborders. (1982) Essays on Literature and Society in Southeast Asia . Raffle. Luisa and Tope. (2002) The Art of Styling Thelma B. Nguyen Tran.Grade 8 2 .D.historians. London: Indonesian Etymological Project.Becker. Longknife.maxwell.html http://www. eds. Papers on Indonesian Languages a nd Literatures. David. ed. Learning Module for English .motherland-heritage. (1977) Myths and Legends of Indonesia. Smyth. Richmond: Curzon Press. Ellen. Mallari-Hall. (1967) Modern Indonesian Literature. New York: State University of New York Press. New Yor k: Barron’s. (1988) Self and Society in Southeast Asian Fiction. Khaidir. Cincinati: Writer’s Digest Boo ks. Singapore: H einemann Educational Books (Asia) Ltd. A. (1996) An Anthology of Vietnamese Poems.Grade 8 2 . Chee. Kintanar. Kress. Knappert.html Singapore: Singapore University Press. ed. New Have: Yale University Press. Nitaya and Boccuzzi. Ann. Lily Rose. (1998) Writing on the and Sullivan. (1993) Beginnings. Thanh. Hoang Ngoc. Phillips. (1999) Texts and Contexts. Middles and dau-co.htm http://www2. ed. Maurice M. Tham Seong.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 269 Durand. Write An thology of ASEAN Short Stories and Poems: The 30 th Anniversary. (2008) The S. (1967) The Development of Modern Indonesian Poetry. K. J an. Masavisut.syr. (1985) An Introduction to Vietnamese Literature. (1968) The Social and Political Development of Vietnam as see n through the Modern Novel.

India b. Philippine literature Learning Module for English . As Claude Levi-Strauss put it. you may move on to the next module. In short. myths. Thus. culture and belie fs through their legends. aside from enhancing your communicative skills. a. as well as their traditions and beliefs. I f your score is not at the expected level. “To know and understand our own culture. poetry.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 271 . Exposure to other countries’ culture and literature may lead to an engaging discussion on diversity. morals and literature of the countries where you found them. This country is homogenous. we must learn to see it from the point of view of other cultures. beliefs. stories and novels. Thailand c. Whether it was tangible or intangible. 1. Indonesian literature b. peace and harmony. With this knowledge at your hands. If you do well. you cannot deny the richness of these heritage expressions and the way it affected and molded the traditions. Vietnam d. All the activities i n Embracing Our Heritage may not be the end but in reality may be the beginning to explore other Asian countries’ traditions. Studying the literature of a country opens opportunities for you to b e acquainted to their diverse cultural heritage. understanding and safeguarding this diversity of culture will lead to unity. you came across the diverse cultural heritage of the different countri es in Afro-Asia. Malaysian literature c. folktales. Popular literature has come to a wider attention from 1970s to 1980s.Grade 8 2 . you have to go back and go over the module a gain.270 The past is indeed rich and it is appropriate to revisit it.” This will not only let you understand your own culture. studying literature can lead you to know people with different cultures more. but the culture of other people as well. Choose the letter of the answer that you think best answers the question. Some old tales may be discovered and some new tales may be uncovered. you can think of ways to communicate properly with the people practicing such culture. Indonesia 2. As you do this. a. This scenario will then be the seedling that will enable you and other people to achieve unity. peace and harmony in this diversified world. comparing our customs and beliefs with those of other times and places. diversity is fascinating because there is always something “to tell about” man’s It’s now time to evaluate your learning. Appreciating one’s origin is best exemplified when the desire to trace one’s background is eminent.

Banyu means waterfalls and wangi means love. Banyu means bathroom and wangi means champion. b. a. like Prince Charming. 9. c. a. Egypt Vietnam Thailand Saudi Arabia Around 40 newspapers in this country are allocating space for creative writi China Thailand Singapore Indonesia 10. d.Grade 8 2 . er. c. The opposite of popular literature is Indonesia. a. Stock characters are like characters in fantasies and fairy tales. When the writer loses motivation to think of a character in his or her literary writings. 6. a. Important events in Malay Literary development took place in this country. The definition is fit for character and not characterization. b. a. a. d. 3. d. which is engaged into hostilities against each oth Korea Vietnam China Myanmar 4. 7. An Indonesia Folktale “Banyuwangi. The definition is a contradiction. or just another w ay to waste . Banyu means water and wangi means fragrance. Characterization is the method used to portray that person or being. b. c. d. Banyu means love at first sight and wangi means odorless. 8. The definition is vague. d. It is dependent on how the characters are written for literary style. Singaporean literature A country divided by two.d. ng. d. c. b. The definition is correct. d. The character is a conventional stereotype character. The characters are stocky and predictable in the course of the story. b. Learning Module for English . b. b. c.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 272 Read the text below and answer the question that follows: 1 The Internet can be an efficient source of information. c.” is a combination of two words in Indonesian language. a. witty serious traditional Scheming Its sufferings are reflected in its literature. 5. c.

3 d. and research papers. majority of the cultural heritage sites are m ostly found at ____________. c. defining Malaysian culture.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 273 inside the box? a. Eurasia c. games. b. that it may incorporate suitable elements from other cultur es. It stated that Malaysian culture must be based on the cultur e of the indigenous peoples of Malaysia. for the most part. North and South America b. and that Islam must play a part in it. you’re checking out flashy ads. d. 3 But if you plan ahead and stay on track. 4 you will find a wealth of up-to-date information for speeches. Europe and Africa d. Which of the following can be used to form new words out of the ones graph biography mobile immune Learning Module for English .Grade 8 2 . Asia and Africa 13. 4 b. If you’re going to make an outline for this text. It also promoted the Malay language above others. 2 c.time. a. multi-ish foreauto- Read the text below and answer the question that follows: In 1971. 1 Study the map taken from UNESCO Heritage List website and answer the question that follows: 12. reports. Thinking and Learning (1999) 11. and chat rooms. Source: Writing Source 2000: A Guide to Writing. Europe. This government intervention into culture has caused resentment among non-Mal ays who feel . essays. 2 If. Based from the map. you’re not using the Internet as the valuable research tool it can be. the government created a "National Cultural Policy". where can you find the main topic? a.

While on his trip to a local library in Singapore. Michael could take a tour inside the library to search for cultur al artifacts of Learning Module for English . What conclusion can be drawn from this text? a. The Malaysian government doesn’t know what can be called “Malaysian culture”. a member of the ASEAN Literary Circle. The professor needs Christian to do his literary criticisms for him. c. and watch classic Singaporean films. Both Chinese and Indian associations have s ubmitted memorandums to the government. Which of the following is the most viable step Michael could take to make his trip in the local library meaningful and fruitful? a. his professor assigned him to read Si ngaporean short stories. Christian is an exchange student from the Philippines and will be staying in Singapore for three months. The professor only thinks of very appropriate activities for the exchange st udent program. d. Michael could borrow books about Singaporean culture and heritage lit erature . The Malaysian government realized early the importance of defining what Malaysian culture is in order to bring unity and harmony within the diverse society they have. The professor wants Christian to appreciate Singaporean culture and its dive rsity better. Source: Culture of Malaysia (Wikipedia) 14.their cultural freedom was lessened. c. In his literature class. The professor wants Christian to make a report about his experiences while i n Singapore. accusing it of formulating an undemocrat ic culture policy.L3 APPRECIATING OUR ORIGIN 274 Singapore. Michael thought of investigating the influence of culture to literature. b.Grade 8 2 . plays. The Malaysian government formulated a policy on culture but is acc used of being undemocratic. b. The Malaysian government based the policy on the indigenous peoples of Malaysia. 15. What c ould be the professor’s aim in giving this task to Christian? a. novels. b. Michael. 16. c. was tasked to prep are a research paper to be presented in the ASEAN Conference in Literary Studies. poems. d. Michael could search for heritage literature of Singapore and read them for initial analysis.

and study them for background research. 18. watch the movie.Grade 8 W as there ever a time in your life when you almost wanted to give up? What pushed you to feel that way? How did you cope with the challenges that came with the experience? Remember. b. You are certa inly not alone in this journey. In Malaysia . The English Club decided to have the Hi story Club 275 Learning Module for English . Make sure that the film does reflect Singaporean values and cultur e through reading some reviews about the film. The principal wants to have a film viewing as part of the booth. Whatever is the color of your skin. c. c. and then write the rev iew. How would you ensur e that the film would be the most appropriate for the booth? a. The Philippines has a vast number of indigenous cultural groups. H e doesn’t know what should be observed in writing the review. Ask some film critics about the film you will choose. due to the fast influx of foreigners that choose to settle in the island. you have to keep in mind that everybody goes through challenges in these modern times. Search for a definite format of a film review. Which of the following will you recomm end to Sam? a. aside from their own indigenous cultural groups. you’re asked by the school princi pal to help prepare a welcome booth for the Singaporean sponsors of the scho ol. Sam is going to prepare a film review for their cultural club. they have to deal also with different races that had settled in their state. People in these countries are pushed into cultural homogeneity. For sure others. 17. d. like the Indians and Chinese. particularly. As the Supreme Student Government president. Do yo u think it is possible to have a glimpse of how they are coping with these challen ges in . 20. Watch the film first then write the review. your brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa have learned to overcome challenges brought about by modernity. The school fair is fast approaching. Find some people who watched the film already to help him write his review. Find and study a film review format. Watch the film to check if it does contain basic Singaporean values and cult ure. Michael could ask the local librarian to assist him in doing his research. This scenario is in a greater extent in Singapore. it is normal to go through difficulties. b. People in these countries base their culture on their nationality. People in these countries need to study other cultures. Write a film review about it and submit it to the principal for scrutiny. d. d. 19. c. Which of the following is TRUE based on this scenario? a. People in these countries identify themselves with one culture. b. d.

you will the diversity of the peoples’ es of modernity.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 276 The Psyche and Temperament of the People Strength in Responding to the Challenges The Psyche and Temperament of the People Response to the Challenges of Modernity Here is a simple map of the above lessons OVERCOMING CHALLENGES The Psyche and Temperament of the People of Korea Response to the Challenges of Modernity Resilience in Embracing Modernity The Psyche and Israel of Modernity of South Africa you will cover: . Learning Module for English . your learning will be maximized as you take the following lesson s: Lesson 1 — Resilience in Embracing Challenges Lesson 2 — Faith in Times of Challenges Lesson 3 — Strength in Facing Challenges Lesson 4 — Audacity in Rising Above Challenges Specifically for Module 1.the literary pieces? In this quarter. Burma.Grade 8 3 . Arabia/Israel and Africa to express critical understanding of and appreci ation of the diversity of temperaments and psyche among the peoples of these countries . you will learn the following: The Psyche and Temperament of the People of Korea Response to the Challenges of Modernity Resilience in Embracing Modernity The Psyche and Temperament of the People of Burma Response to the Challenges of Modernity Faith in Times of Challenges The Psyche and Temperament of the People of Arabia The learner demonstrates understanding of selected literary pieces from Korea. Remember to search for oes literature reveal about find out how Asian and African literary pieces reveal temperament and psyche in their response to the challeng the answers to the following questions: What d Asian and African character? How do Asians and In this module. The learner creates an interactive feedback blog on literary pieces.

Temperament of the People of Burma Response to the Challenges of Modernity Faith in Times of Challenges The Psyche and Temperament of the People of Arabia The Psyche and Temperament of the People of Israel Strength in Responding to the Challenges of Modernity The Psyche and Temperament of the People of South Africa Response to the Challenges of Modernity Audacity in Rising Above Challenges Resilience in Embracing Challenges Faith in Time of Challenges Strength in Facing Challenges Audacity in Rising Above Challenges .

Long before any written form of literature. outlook and humor plus the attitude of the pers on 3. After taking this short test. aesthetic intensity b. . telling legends orally 4. wha t skills can help the interviewer gather or synthesize information? a. psychomotor 2. the life-force that drives a person to decide on things – bad or goo d b. linguistic c. spiritual weakness d. thematic depth 5. What do you mean by psyche and temperament? a. Confucianism and Buddhism are two of the great religions in the history of t he world. the interviewer should know a good deal of knowledge about the topic of the interview. the inner self. the soul. the heart. b. you notice one striking similarity between Ko rean and Filipino legends. Choose the letter that you think best answers the question.Grade 8 3 . reciting poems d. Legends from both countries narrated ethnic rituals practiced by the natives . describing persons b. 1. W rite the answers in your notebook. Before doing an interview. narrating history orally c. what was the principal form of literary entertainment of the Koreans? a. the essence of the soul plus the strength of body and soul c. What similarity is this? a. Legends from both countries described the rich natural resources back then. In order to formulate sensible questions. the deepest thoughts. comprehension b. Legends from both countries were orally transmitted first before th ey were written. beliefs plus the nature or charact er of the person d. your answers will be che cked to find out your score. Remember to answer all items. location d. c. the mind. What do you think is the contribution of Confucianism and Buddhism to Korean literature? a. Take note of the items that you won’t be able to correctly answer and look for the right answer as you go through this module.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 277 Let’s find out how much you know about the coverage of this module.Learning Module for English . divine seriousness c. After reading a Korean legend. the inner thoughts.

Koreans are our friends. Some po ets were determined to bear witness to the events of their age. some sought to further as . Record the entire interview through a video or voice recorder (wit h the interviewee’s permission). 7. Let the interviewee stop from time to time so that you can write down everyt hing in a notebook.d. It has a topic sentence. temperament. c. b. Highlight the difficult words and get back to them later as soon as I finish reading the book.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 278 6. a. b. What should be the best immediate strategy to use in order to deal with the difficult words? a. c. b. It has an interesting topic. d. J ust remember everything so that you will not disturb or distract the inter viewee. You interviewed a Korean about the ways of coping with the challenges of mod ernity. 10. Literature is a work of art that describes citizens with breeding and refine ment. Learning Module for English . a. c. b. Legends from both were written by ordinary people. The Korean answered all of your questions with a degree of certainty. d. c. You are reading a Korean story with two to three difficult words in every pa ge. Literature provides a descriptive picture of how the people dress and speak like.Grade 8 3 . d. I had better just finish reading the book. J ust ignore the words. d. Literature mirrors the psyche. Define words through context. Why is literature a good source of knowing Koreans? a. 11. The liberation of 1945 produced a flowering of poetry of all kinds. What kind of a sentence is this? complex sentence compound sentence kernel sentence compound-complex sentence What are the common characteristics of a well-constructed paragraph? It has good content and shows coherence and cohesion. Literature gives all the updates about all the important events in a country . 9. Get the dictionary and look up the meanings of the difficult words. d. c. b. How do you preserve all the Korean’s answers so that you can use these answers in the making of a feature article? a. 8. Take down important details and make sure that you can write very fast. It observes correct grammar and correct use of punctuation marks. culture and traditions of the pe ople.

not! But the heart is a symbol of love.Grade 8 3 . “If the heart flies. The heart must be taken away from the person’s body because it is weak. . an impact because it has a well-chosen topic. We should be grateful to the Koreans because they set a very good example in making good decisions. c. c. a.similate traditional Korean values. and T. while others drew variously on Western traditions to enrich their work. b. It It It It has has has has a topic sentence that gives the best practices of the Koreans. At third watch. 12. this heart must have been borrowed by somebody else. In this last two lines of the poem titled On A Rainy Autumn Night by Ch’oeCh’iwŏn.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 279 d. Priority should be given to Western traditions because a country always pros pers in making this move. and works by I. This artistic and critical activity was a protest ag ainst the reduction of literature to journalism and its use as propaganda by leftist write rs.” d.E. one imperative sentence and three declarative sentences.” b. “The heart literary flies. Koreans did not respond similarl y to the situation at that time. As far as literary direction was concerned. It is not fit to stay in that body. Learning Module for English . it rains outside.A. then it must have wings on its own. “Perhaps. T. and because love flies. how do you define the highlighted phrase? Choose the best analysis. What does this information tell you? a. the heart is too weak to handle the situation so it finds a way to f ly and just be in any place that it wants. b. coherence in its sentences and cohesion in its ideas.S. therefore.” c. Translation of Western literature continued. El iot. d. “Does the heart fly? Of course. Koreans were not united as a people because they did not agree on one common direction. love is certainly gone. a. By the lamp my heart flies myriad miles away. What is the best observation regarding this paragraph? Modern Korean literature attained its maturity in the 1930s through the efforts of a group of talented writers. Richards. They drew freely upon European examples to enrich the ir art. like miles away.” 13. Hulme were introduced.

Koreans have faith in dreams. For I have few friends in the wide world. In fact. Where would yo u get the best source of inspiration and materials from? a. By the lamp my heart flies myriad miles away. At third watch. which incorporates legends involving dream meetings of spirits and dream jo urneys. from the ideas of fellow writers who wanted to pursue Korean identity b. 15. Though written in Chinese. from their own experiences and the common dilemma of the Koreans. Yo u want to write a novel that depicts the Korean psyche and temperament. it rains outside. As the section e ditor. from the stories of people who tried to colonize them Learning Module for English . this will ignite friendship and camaraderie among the readers of the magazine. What should be your best reason to feature this poem? I only chant painfully in the autumn wind. Koreans tried to resist the challenges of modernity. Koreans believe in afterlife. The poet has let the setting of the poem separate from the emoti ons of the . Koreans consider dreams important.14. Koreans are highly imaginative b. J ust like any other citizens of the modern world. The poet has combined the description of place and the persona’s views of the world which will encourage readers to write poetry on their own. c. The poet has successfully blended his own emotions of sadness and the panorama of the place which will incidentally be apt to the quarterly theme of t he magazine. Kim Sisŭp’sKŭmoshinhwa (“New Stories”). You are one of the writers in Korea. What do es this literary piece suggest of the Koreans? a. b.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 280 c. d. You have a short poem titled On A Rainy Autumn Night by Ch’oeCh’iwŏn featu red in one of the pages in ASIA MAG. The poet has described his friends who are situated in all parts of the worl d. in the last quarter of the 20th century a host of talente d writers perfected the art of being themselves. a. c. d. d. from their own literary experts who were not open to changes 16. is considered the first example of a Korean fictional narrative. a travel magazine.Grade 8 3 . you are tasked to decide whether this poem should be featured in your travel magazine or not.

what very importan t tip can you give in using context clues to a Korean classmate who also experiences t he same problem? a. you are to apply what you have learned about defining words through context clues and word analysis. You and your partner are tasked to interview a Korean about how he or she is coping with the challenges of modernity and globalization. Identify the possible meanings of a word which is intended by the writer or speaker through definition.persona which. Underline or encircle the word and try to figure out the possible meanings t hrough affixation: looking into the root of a word.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 281 ask her about some of the Korean writers that have affected her as a young Asian of the modern world. you Learning Module for English . A Korean who has been impacted directly and indirectly by her own difficult experiences in the past and has emerged as a stronger person in the present times . Knowing that this is your material in making a character sketch. restatement. then keep guessing the meaning of the word by giving a synonym or an antonym.Grade 8 3 . a verb. A Korean who has become sick and tired of her own experiences and eventually becomes modest in her dealings with other Asians like her b. 18. In reading an article about the introduction of Korean literature. Korean literature proves to be very difficult to you as a Grade 8 s tudent. She gives names like ChŏngChisang for a very sad p oem that reveals the pain of separation and Pak Wansŏ for writing the novel Winter Outing t hat reminds her about the human stress that is caused by societal difficulties faced by the characters. the prefix and the suffix. You have encountered several words in English that give you a challenging time in underst anding Korean stories or poems expressed in English. then. As a student. In the process of the inter view. proceed to defining it by trying to use the word in a sentence. c. d. ho w do you present this Korean to your reading public? a. Classify the word right away whether the word is a name word or an action wo rd. example or multiple meanings (depending on neighboring words). 17. an adjective or an adverb). b. this will teach the readers to do the same in their attempts to w rite poems. Name the part of speech of the difficult word (like if the word is a noun.

We have to respond to the challenges of so many tasks so that we will be mor e prepared in facing the future. Modernity demands a lot of decisions in the life of UiHyan Park. 20. We need to recognize where we really came from and that we shoul d also Learning Module for English . you are given by your teacher to react on the first par agraph of Carlos Romulo’s I Am a Filipino. what of your being a Korean would stay as you face the challenges of modernity? a. A Korean who is unassuming in her own success as a person and in the end becomes a little disturbed as she faces the difficulties of being an Asian 19.c. inheritor of a glorious past. As such I must prove equal to a twofold task – the task of meeting my responsibility to the past and the task of performing my obligation to the future. What would be the best lesson of the paragraph tha t you can present to your teacher and classmates that somehow will be true to you both as Asians? a. c. I would rather perfect the art of being myself as a Korean and disregard the goodness that modernity has brought to Korea. He has bee n trying to preserve his own individuality as a Korean. Somehow he has been influenced by hi s father and mother with the idea that modern society negates freedom and individu ality.Grade 8 3 . The first paragraph goes like this: I am a Filipino. I would rather embrace everything that modernity has to offer and forget abo ut the native traditions of my people. If you were UiHyan Park. and because society is constantly evolving. I would rather fail to remember that I am a Korean and go with the flow of modernity as a response to the call of globalization. being a Korean and the challenges of modernity that s omehow affected you both as Asians. d. being a Filip ino and your classmate.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES . b. I would rather strike a balance between the integrity of my own psyche as a Korean and the goodness that modernity has brought to my country. b. We have to acknowledge that as Asians we exist because of our pa st. In studying a formal essay. A Korean who is arrogant of her own beginnings and has become an egotistical individual who is ready to show off what she has as a person d. hostage to the uncertain future. we must keep up and see the positive things brought about by these changes. c. You cannot help but discuss pertinent characteristics about you. Your Korean classmate has been a student here in the Philippines for two yea rs.

etc.Grade 8 3 . (Vocabulary Development) Define words from context and through word analysis (prefix. overcome these challenges? Is it possible to learn this from the li terary selections of Korea? In this lesson. (Vocabular y Development) Arrive at the meaning of structurally complex and ambiguous sentences by separa ting kernel sentences from modification structures and expansions. Have you ever wondered how others. Everybody goes through the same situation. suffixes) (Vocabulary Development) Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary. In this lesson. Korean Literature – Resilience in Embracing Challenges. (Listening Comprehension) Use attentive listening strategies with informative texts. turn-getting. topic development. have you ever felt so down in the dumps that you almost wanted to give up? What was the last thing that came to your mind: surrender and quit or contend with all the hardship or pain that came your way? How did you cope with all the challenges? With all the answers in your head right now. Remember to search the answers to t he following questions: What does literature reveal about Korean character? How do Koreans cope with the challenges of modernity? How do Koreans respond to the challenges of modernity as reflected in their literary pieces? To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson. (Speaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Respond orally to ideas and needs expressed in face-to-face interviews in accor dance with the intended meaning of the speaker. specifically the Koreans. you will learn the following: Determine the persons being addressed in an informative talk. remember that it is normal to experience all these teething troubles. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills and the lesson map. the objectives of the speaker and his attitudes towards issues.) in extended conversations.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 283 Identify the derivation of words. (Listening Comprehen sion) Use appropriate turn-taking strategies (topic nomination. to pic shift. (Speaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Interview to get opinions about certain issues. (Vocabulary Development) Learning Module for English . (Vocabulary Development) . roots.282 In your life. you will find out how appreciation and understanding of Korean literary pieces can help you recognize and reveal their temperament and psyche in their response to the challenges of modernity. (Speaking-Oral Language and Fluency) Develop strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous sentence structu res and discourse.

(Reading Comprehension) Note the function of statements made as the text unfolds and use it as a basis for predicting what is to follow. (Reading Comprehension) Analyze the elements that make up reality and fantasy from a program viewed. CD ROM. (Viewing Comprehension) Discover Philippine and Afro Asian literature as a means of expanding experienc es and outlook and enhancing worthwhile universal human values. (Attitude) On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Resilience in E mbracing Challenges. (Writing and Composition) Use subordinating and correlative conjunctions. research reports. (Welcome to Korea!) Summary Reading . etc. (Grammar Awareness and Structur e) Derive information from various text types and sources using the card catalog . critiques. Learning Module for English . (Literature) Use specific cohesive and literary devices to construct integrative literary an d expository reviews. (Study Strategies) Ask sensible questions based from ones’ initiative. coherence and appropriate modes of paragraph development. Internet. (Reading Comprehension) Utilize varied reading strategies (covert dialogue with the writer and the sect ional approach) to process information in a text. (Writing and Composition) Expand ideas in well-constructed paragraphs observing cohesion. index.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 284 Help Us if You Can! Beliefs Inventory and Hand Signals In My Hand Organizer KNOW . microfiche (microfilm). and scripts for broadcast communication texts. (Reading Comprehension) Note the functions of statements as they unfold and consider the data that migh t confirm / disconfirm hypothesis. (Readi ng Comprehension) Employ approaches best suited to a text. vertical file. (Reading Comprehension) Express emotional reactions to what was asserted or expressed in a text.Utilize varied reading strategies to process information in a text. including screenplays. (Welcome to Korea!) with Vocabulary Prompts Comparing and Contrasting with Graphic Organizer Actitude Analysis Strategy with . (Literature) Express appreciation for worthwhile Asian traditions and the values they repres ent. (Study Strategies) Use locational skills to gather and synthesize information from general and fir st-hand sources of information.Grade 8 3 .

Grade 8 3 . lengthen). listen. in particular. M Drawing Build Me Up!: Frequency Word List PROCESS Focused Listing Cross Me Out! with Opinion Proof Questioning the Author REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Listening to an Interview Listening to an Interview with Tips in Doing an Interview Listening to an Interview with Writing Sample Interview Questions Considering the Interview Rubric Preparing to Conduct an Interview Conducting the Interview Evaluating Performance through Team Quality Chart Answering the Essential Question through Numbered Heads Together TRANSFER Learning Module for English . FALL (formulate. Can you .Jigsaw Build Me Up! with Team Building Spinner The Korean Style! A Glimpse of Korean Culture with Sentence Prompts and Numbered Heads Together Guess What? with Personal Guesses A Myriad of Reflections with Literary Elements Advance Organizer. Read the situation of Leila and Geo with a partner.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 285 For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this les son. write Let us begin this lesson by reflecting on what you know so far about Asian and African literature. To start. articulate. Korean literature. Activity 1: HELP US IF YOU CAN! Hey! I’m Leila. This is my friend Geo. Literary Circles. We want to attend a Korean traditional costume party tonight. What If…Game!. you are going to be involved in solving a simple problem. Talk about the sample Korean masks and costumes.

Try to be sensitive to th e person being addressed in an informal but informative talk. then go to the next statement. You are going to mark your answer quickly. Given the costume that Leila and Geo will wear tonight. .Grade 8 3 . What kind of a Learning Module for English . Learning Module for English . What made you decide for Leila and Geo’s costumes? 2. Answer this activity as sincerely and honestly as you can. Have you had any idea about Korean traditional costumes? 3. Obviously. Be sure to mark how you actually think about the statement. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Which one is appropriate for her? Which do you think Leila would choose? This time. these are for Geo! Which of these masks is appropriate for Geo and Leila? What do you think? Do you think this is appropriate for Geo? Why? Learning Module for English . Score each statement and take note of the sections where your scores are highest.Grade 8 3 .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 286 Here are sample Korean costumes. Do not much time on an item. NOT how you think you SHOULD think about it. what is the meaning of each of their ‘fashion statements’ for the party? 4. with Geo! Believe in the power of your imagination! Have a partner and write your responses. Use attentive listening strategie s.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 288 And now. try your sketching prowess! You may start drafting Leila and Geo’s Kor ean traditional costume for tonight . these costumes are for Leila. Be sure to share your insights / ideas with the class.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 287 Recognizably. What probable Korean traits are revealed in their costumes? The following Beliefs Inventory is designed to expose unfounded or unreasonable ideas about or even judgments on the Koreans.please help us to choose the right costume? We really need your Should Leila and I wear masks? I heard traditional Korean costumes would include a mask.from head to toe.Grade 8 3 .

If you believe in any particular statement. I avoid things that Koreans do. J ust make sure your reasons are clearer this time! Form groups of five members. _______ _______ **____ 11. _______ _______ *_____ 9. I hate to think that Koreans are superior to Filipinos. What knowledge do you have about Koreans that made you to believe this way? 2. you will do the thumbs up sign and say “I understand that Koreans _______________ and can explain it. It is important for me to think that Koreans are also Asians. I usually consider Koreans as our brothers and sisters. A Korean is deeply rooted to her / his own ‘past’.Activity 2: BELIEFS INVENTORY Learning Module for English . _______ _______ *_____ 7.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 289 Agree Disagree Score Statement _______ _______ *_____ 1. After answering the Beliefs Inventory. _______ _______ **____ 4. I have biases against Koreans.Grade 8 3 . What personal traits or characteristics do Koreans have that we Fi lipinos also have or may not have? 3. If you do not agree. Koreans who have learned to overcome challenges of modernity are admirable.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 290 Sign do Wri the PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. _______ _______ *_____ 10. Follow these instructions carefully. Be open in answering the following questions. _______ _______ *_____ 8. Learning Module for English . I prefer Koreans as friends to other Asians. _______ _______ *_____ 12. the thumbs sideway sign and say. _______ _______ *_____ 2. so can the Filipinos. go back to your partner and do Hand als. te down important responses of your group members in the handprint provided on next page. I usually admire modern Koreans more than the traditional Koreans. If Koreans can overcome the challenges of modernity. _______ _______ *_____ 6.Grade 8 3 . I am not completely sure about the statement _______________”. If there is a statement that is vague or is not clear to you. “I do not understand why I believe / do not believe that Koreans are _______________”. Do you think reading Korean literature expressed in English would give you a little idea of the psyche (human spirit) and temperament (prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes someone) of Koreans? Why or . you will do the thumbs down sign and say. Every Korean has the capacity to embrace modernity. I like the respect that we Filipinos have for the Koreans. _______ _______ **____ 5. _______ _______ *_____ 3.

Use a glossary or specialist dictionary. First difficult word is __________________. Try reading a beautiful tale in Korea titled Tale of Ch’ If you are not a Korean. Learning Module for English .scribd.unitec.Grade 8 3 . This time.Activity 3: IN MY HAND! This activity allows you to reflect on your own personal ideas and opinions about the Koreans’ way of life.g. Try to compare notes. you will also learn other concepts which will help you complete the required project. These are the Pre-read before a lecture so you can anticipate some of the new words. some word s may be hard for you to understand. As you compare them. Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts regarding Korean literature focusing on the temperaments and psyche of the people of Korea in their Activity 4: . Second difficult word is _______________. Learning Module for English . you gave your initial ideas on the focus questions and Korean literature.Grade 8 3 . e. This proje ct is about an integrative literary and expository character review. perhaps you will realize that there are words quite hard to understand. Then do the Comparing and Contrasting Graphic Organizer that follows. Read each others  notes as fill in the gaps in your own no tetaking.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 291 As a review. I feel… Others I think… It’s all about the Koreans.php?id=93283&chapterid=3333 yet. In this activity. you are exposed to three articles that are found in the following websites below. a nursing dictionary. Of course this has been translated to English. This may hinder your own appreciatio n for and understanding of the text. . Can you share two difficult words from the summary with a partner? What are these words? Write them below. Another partner can help you this time. let us find out how others will answer quest ions and compare their ideas with ours.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 292 Activity 5: COMPARING AND CONTRASTING By the time you will be reading Tale of Ch’unhyang. reading this is a task you will not dare do! Reading in English can be also tough if there are words that are difficult to understand.

and try to work out what each one means. Study Skills for Higher Education: English for Article 2: Techniques in Dealing with Difficult Words Learning Module for English .g. The second step is to return to troublesome words after completing a passage.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 293 Is it necessary to know the exact meaning of a particular word? Often a rough meaning is enough (does the word have a positive or negative meaning?). using the dictionary. or make a pencil mark in the margin. Saying the word aloud may help you to recognize it as one you have heard and then to recall how it was used. then clearly it is a word you should master. "in . The third step. This will be done by using a definition. e. How could the word relate to something you are expected to know about? Ask a tutor/friend/native speaker to explain words. If you come across a word three times.Use an advanced learner s dictionary. and read on. Make your own dictionary of new words. the meaning of a word. Leave the word out and read the rest of the sentence to see if you can guess its meaning from the context. anti is against. Article 1: Coping with Difficult Words The first step is to note the word mentally. It is more important to go on enjoying the book than to find out how the dictionary defines every new word. Remember that the purpose of reading an academic text is to get information and it is possible to understand the text without knowing the meaning of every word. "is the name applied to". "known as". Think about your subject. The phrases "called".Grade 8 3 . If this fails. It also gives you a chance to find out whether the rest of passage makes the meaning clear enough for your purposes. J (2007). ante is before. Put them in a sentence or give an example. The first group consists of words which must be understood to understand the whole passage adequately and second group consists of words you know you have met before but still do not fully understand. or translate. Going on prevents further interruption of the author s thought. is important for two kinds of words. Guess from parts of the word. Try to break the word up into parts. The author may know a particular word may be new so explains. an example or by using a synonym (a word with the same meaning). The author may also be using the word in a new. an explanation. from: Floyd. Look for definitions. These dictionaries use the most frequent words in English in their definitions so they are easier to understand than most other dictionaries. Use your own words for definitions. you can often make an intelligent guess based what you have learned from reading the whole passage. or unusual way so will need to explain how it is being used. It is not necessary to be able to explain.

sentences and information around the problematic word. How will this activity help you deal with difficult words? 2.other words". "is said to be" are often used. You can use the context. phrases. Can you try to define them? . (b) Information about the meaning of the word can come from the meanings of the other words in the context. Choose five di fficult words from the Defining words through context can be very helpful. Article 3: Dealing with Difficult Words Prove that you have understood the three articles by doing the Compar ing and Article 1 Coping with Difficult Words Article 2 Techniques in Dealing with Difficult Words Article 3 Dealing with Difficult Words Most Striking Technique / Tip Easiest Technique / Tip to Do Most Difficult Technique / Tip to Do Technique / Tip that Needs Further Discussion My Realizations / Comments / Insights Gained Adapted from http://www. You can make use of the other words. (a) Grammatical information can be obtained from the place of the word in the sentence.Grade 8 3 .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 294 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Using this information you can find information about the meaning of the word as well as grammatical information.htm Learning Module for English . "that is".

One beautiful morning. and opened a book.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 295 Pangja inform Ch unhyang that he wished to meet her. Calling Pangja . Looking at the distant mountains. "This good fortune is offered me today. R eading proved impossible. The wind blew back her hair and long ribbon over her rosy face. a da ughter of Wolmae (Moon Plum). He replied that she was Ch unhyang (Spring Fragrance). jumped down from her swing a nd ran toward her house. Pangja related to his young master that this young girl was not only beautiful but also virtuous. Th e youth returned home in a trance. and went immediately to sit at dinner with his parent s. Pangja urged his master to hasten home so that his father might know nothing of his adventure. He had much literary talent. Now. that you have been exposed to the different techniques in coping with difficult words. in the town of Namwon . J ust then Ch unhyang. and thus was named after the tale of the Her dboy and the Weaving Maid." or the "Magpie Bridge.Grade 8 3 ." The view from the bridge was as beautiful as the summer sky. He asked Pangja about the lovely maiden and h er attendant. her lips and cheeks redder than the bloom. and she glowed w ith virtue and happiness.html).org/ instrok/home. a magistrate s son named Yi Mong-Yong. and grew up to be a handsome young man. then start accomplishing the Actitude Analysis. Pangja led him to a sum mer pavilion near a bridge called "Ojak-kyo. and the geese must seek the sea?" retorted Ch unhyang. and then punish Pangja for allowing Yi Mong-Yong to wander so far. do you think you are ready to read some Korean selections that exemplify Korean ways of responding to the challenges of modernity? Activity 6: ACTITUDE (ACTION . Why wait unt il tomorrow? Should I not speak to this pretty girl now?" Yi Mong-Yong said to himself. the retired kisaeng entertainer.Ch unhyang. Stopping under a peach tree at her garden gate she plucked a blossom and kissed it. "Don t you know the butterf ly must pursue the flower. The words blurred before his eyes and every word and every ch aracter was "Spring" and "Fragrance". Master Yi Mong-Yong called his servant. frightened at being watched. lit a candle. and asked him to show him a place where he might see wild flowers. Yi Mong-Yong went to his room. and was gone. Pangja.3. Ch unhyang.ATTITUDE ANALYSIS SURVEY) Read the selection entitled Tale of Ch’unhyang (from http://instrok. Yi Mong-Yong caught sight of a youn g maiden swinging beneath one of the trees. Tale of Ch’unhyang F ormerly there lived in the province of Cholla. Ch unhyang. Yi Mong-Yong insi sted that Learning Module for English . With the meal finished.

Heaven and earth and all the gods are witness es. newly appointed to the King s cabinet. and Yi Mong-Yong asked Ch unhyang s mother for the hand of her daught er." said Ch unhyang." Yi Mong-Yong seized a brush and set down the following lines: "The b lue sea may become a mulberry field. writing your pledge not to desert her. who was to accompany his father. If you give us a secret marriage contract. h olding her in its mouth. for Yi Mong-Yong walked out of darkness and spoke to her. On learning the purpose of his visit she called Ch unhyang to meet the young yan gban. Unfortunately. saying that he shou ld go home and study hard to become a great official like his father. let us embrace and par t. and the mulberry fields may become the blue sea. the pretty girl I have heard of. but do not forget me. gladly consented. "Since there is no way to change our fate. Keep it until we me et again. Looking up." In their sleep that night they dreamed of Mandarin ducks swimming tog ether. until she teased him. instead of the dragon in the c louds." replied the retainer. but my heart for Ch unhyang shall never change. For several nights he visited his beloved. Did she not say that the butterfly must pu rsue the flower?" They went to Ch unhyang s house. I shall remain faithful to you and wait here for you to come and take me away to Seoul. they parted. She then gave him a ring. The old woman. so there cannot be a formal marriage. we shall be contented. Go in peace. throwing her arms around her lover.The n ew Namwon magistrate arrived soon afterward. The young couple was forced to say a tearful goodbye at the Magpie Bridge. was be ing recalled to the capitol. flew up to the sky. their time together did not last. the girl s mother saw a dragon on earth. thinking her dream had come true.. "This is my token of love for you. and among his first words to his servant were . "You are a yangban s son and Ch unhyang is the daughter of a kisaeng. "for she is already married secre . he said." "This is difficult sir. "Tonight I must see Ch unhyang. Yi Mong-Yong. stopping under the peach tree in the garden as they approached. Not long after the secret marriage. the servant brought Yi Mong-Yong a message saying that his father. went that evening to Ch  unhyang and told her the bad news." With these words. "Bring me Ch unhyang. and said. At that moment Ch unhyang s mother was telling her daughter that she had had a dream in which a blue dragon coiled itself around Ch unhyang s body and.

First we must pay trib ute to the king. where he studied hard and learned all the famous Chinese classics. and save money for ancestral services. The magistrate looked at her attentively. and make the rice grow." Angered. Yi Mong-Yong approached and said. and today I see you are very beautiful. Ch unhyang Learning Module for English . true and pure. It would be better to fulfill you r duties and apply justice according to the laws of the country. the son of the former magistrate. traveled around the country with his attendants." Much interested. and before long Ch unhyang found herself in a prison cell. and came to a sma ll farming village where the people were planting rice. Meanwhile. "Do you wish to be a magis trate or a governor?" "I should like to be appointed amhaengosa. "I am committed to Yi Mong-Yon g. and he ordered her taken to prison. the peasants sadly chanted: "We come out in the scorch ing heat.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 296 accompanied the servant." replied Yi Mong-Yong. In congrat ulating him after the munkwa examinations. Ch unhyang replied. That is why I cannot do as you ask.Grade 8 3 ." This merely served to anger the magistrate further. "I have done no wrong. the king asked Yi Mong-Yong. Will you come to me?" Choosing her words carefully." Ch unhyang s defi ance enraged the magistrate. leaving us with hardly anything to eat. just as a magistrate should be faithful to the king. a part to travelers who come knocking at our door s. The King has sent you here to take care of t he people." "How dare you speak like that?" retorted one of farmers. Soon he arrived near Namwon. plough our fields. "I have heard that the magist rate of Namwon has married Ch unhyang and that they live together happily.tly to Yi MongYong. "Why put me in priso n?" Ch unhyang protested. as an amhaengosa. They inquired everywhere after the needs of the people in order to assess the qu ality of local districts  administrations. thereby qualifying for a position in the king s service. who is cruel . This would be all right if the magistrate did not squeeze us for even more. He passed the government examinations with t he highest distinction. A married woman must be faithful to her husban d. Yi Mong-Yong. You have a heavy responsibility to the throne. Too terrified to disobey an order by the magistrate . Yi Mong-Yong had arrived in Seoul. and you are a fool to speak thus of her and that tyrant. give a part to the poor. sow our seeds. While working. the new magistrate ordered Ch  unhyang summoned at once. "I heard much of you in Seoul. "Ch unhyang is faithful . disguised as beggars.

"Your face . He listened as a scholar presented a poem railing against t he unjust provincial government. the son of a dog. feeble. the flowers that she had planted and loved had fad ed. the noise of the broken mirror will be heard throughout the world. Meanwhile. "She was married to the son of the old magistrate. however. One day she had a dream. the son of a pig!" The farmer s anger shocked Yi Mong-Yong. She has remained faithful and true to her husband. "He is thinking only of overpowering Ch unhyang. comparing poems and conversing o n a hillside. another picnicker said. in whi ch she saw her house. her mother did not recognize him. "Meanwhile. She had grown thin. When he was her." "Oh! This Magistrate is a wretch!" said another. That very day the evil magistrate called his attendants together and said to them. and sick. and asked h im the Learning Module for English . Wha t a pig her husband is! He abandoned the poor girl. "I shall tell you what it means. never coming back to see her. hasten to Namwon. Ch unhyang. I n reality." she said.Grade 8 3 . Ch unhyang s doom was near. She called to a blind man who happened to be passing by her cell window. hasten to Namwon." Ch unhyang thanked the blind man and prayed that his prophecy would come true. In her garden. The mirror in her room was broken." These comments made Yi Mong-Yong. No. her fate is even worse than that because the son of the former magistrate seduce d and deflowered that poor girl. Yi Mong-Yong arrived in the town and went to Ch unhyang s house. but she is like the pine and ba mboo.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 297 significance of her dream. and the shoes on t he door indicate a large crowd visiting to offer congratulations. "I do not know who you are. The local yangban aristocrats shared the people s wrath. in prison all this time. and then abandoned her. weary and ashamed. At first. and on that day Ch unh yang shall be executed. remained faithful to the memory of Yi Mong-Yong." Another added. to which I wish to invite all the magistrates of the nearby towns. He found that many villagers felt the s ame way. "In three days I shall celebrate a great f east. which never change. These dried flowers shall bear frui t. Her shoes were hanging on the lintel of the door. "These are sad days! I ve heard that a young woman called Ch unhyang is to be executed in two or three days. Yi Mong-Yong happe ned on a spot where some yangban were having a picnic. He is a bastard.

Mother. calling her daug hter. who was asleep." "But I am Yi Mong-Yong. Then." said Ch unhyang. Yi Mong-Yong managed to get into the palatial office compound and appro ach the host. feeling some compassion called one of the kisaengs and a sked her to bring something to the beggar. a beggar had come who claimed he was Yi Mong-Yong. Only please . Yi Mong-Yong then addressed Yong-J ang: "I am obliged to you for givi . Go back wi th my mother and get some rest. she knocked at the prison window." "Listen to me. Then Yi Mong-Yong entered the palace a second time. "I am hungry." he said.since I am under a sentence of death and must die tomorrow after the feast . "but I have no beggar s hear t!" "Dear heart. during big feasts in the countryside. but the furious magistrate commanded his servant s to kick the intruder out. The mother replied that in place of Yi Mong-Yong. and I want to see her." replied Yi Mong-Yong." said he. It seemed to make no difference to her that he was badly dressed. "Every day we have waited for you. But the next morning. she was surprised to find that he was gone. I n fact. Please. Instead. and Ch unhyanglooked at him. "how hard your journey must have been. could you not let me have something?" Yong-J ang. in two or three d ays Ch unhyang will be dead.reminds me of Yi Mong-Yong. for a number of be ggars to show up for handouts. "Oh!" she gasped. as the magistrate received his guests and p resided over the banquet. he had gone early to collect his attendants. and was there now to see her. whe n his mother-in-law opened the door. but your clothes are the clothes of a b eggar. and seemed to have failed a t life in Seoul. The first guest he encountered was the mag istrate of Unbong. all disguised as beggars like himself. named Pak Yong-J ang." replied Yi Mong-Yong." Yi Mong-Yong went home and slept in Ch unhyang s room." It was customary in Korea. Ch unhyang asked immediately if anyone had seen Yi Mon gYong or heard news of him. Yi Mong-Yong appeared at the window. He said to him. Awakened. by climbing on the shoulders of his servants and going over the wall. give me something to eat. but alas. "I may be a beggar in dress. "Even though I am a miserable begg ar. "I am a poor man. I still long for Ch unhyang. she reached for him through the bars and struggled to be as clos e to him as possible. "With Yi Mong-Yong following. "and I am hungry.come to my window again in the morning so I may have the joy of seeing you once more before I die. He gave them strict orders.

thinking that whoever wrote suc h a poem must be more than a common beggar. the King s Inspector. cried. who were wa iting outside with their swords. may I see my mother?" Ch unhyang s mother ran to her daughter. "In the jail. "Oh!" she cried. As they cowered together in a corner of the courtyard. "Who wrote this poem?" "It is the young beggar. Ch unhyang was greatly frightened. sitting behind a screen. "The King s envoy has sent for you. Yong-J ang .Grade 8 3 . and I wish to repay you with a little poem. W here is Yi MongYong?" "The King s officer is waiting." Then he extended a paper on w hich YongJ ang read the lines: Learning Module for English . Yi Mong-Yong revealed his ma-p ae and ordered the magistrate s runners to fetch Ch unhyang fr om her cell and to say to her. Do not stop to chitchat!" snapped the runners. Rising up. who. now is the hour of my death. then you. The officials soon understood that the beggar-poet wa s in fact an amhaengosa. pointing to Yi Mong-Yong. They removed the wooden cangue from around her neck and placed her in the presen ce of the Royal Secret Inspector. The other officials likewise sprang to th eir feet and stampeded out of the room. "Mother. who asked. will you love me and come to me. "I am going to die! Please. the King s envoy? If y ou refuse I shall order my men to strike off your head immediately. who should help and protect . He is going to hear your case and pronounce judgment. a nd before Ch unhyang s mother could speak.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 298 This beautiful wine in golden goblets Is the blood of a thousand people. questioned her sternly : "If you do not love the magistrate. they carried her away to the magistra te s courtyard. only to be stopped by Yi Mong-Yong s men. but he was frightened. This magnificent meat on these jade tables Is the flesh and marrow of a thousand lives." and he passed the paper to the host. greatly alarmed. Even louder than the noisy song of these courtesans Resound the complaints of the oppressed peasants." sa id Yong-J ang. The tears of the hungry people Pour from their sunken me good food. Burning in this banquet hall. he suddenly pretended to have urge nt business elsewhere and fled." "Alas!" exclaimed Ch unhyang. "How unhappy are the poor people of this country! First the injustice of the magistrate. "It is against us.

" he said to her." she cried in joy and surprise. She saw that was the very ring she had given to her husba nd Yi Mong-Yong and. I shall not listen to you. Group One will answer question number o ne . lifting her eyes. you are assigned to answer only one question comprehensively. "The King gave yo u Learning Module for English . reorganize yourselves into “expert” groups. how sad we common people are. He took off his ring and ordered a cour tesan to show it to Ch unhyang." she answered. Cut my body into pieces if you like. recognized her lover.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 299 Did you like the story? To fully appreciate and understand the story. and look at me.Grade 8 3 . Oh.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 300 In your “expert” groups. "Oh. Follow the Expert Groups: Group One Group Two Group Three Group Four Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Learning Module for English . but I shall never go to you. and how pitiful it is to be a woman!" Yi Mong-Yong then ordered the courtesans to untie the cords that bound the hands of Ch unhyang." Yi Mong-Yong was deeply touched. Jigsaw Groups: Group One Group Two Group Three Group Four Member 1 Member 1 Member 1 Member 1 Member 2 Member 2 Member 2 Member 2 Member 3 Member 3 Member 3 Member 3 Member 4 Member 4 Member 4 Member 4 Then. "No. "Now raise your think immediately to condemn to death a poor gi rl whom you desire. Be guided by th e sample given below. try doing this Actitude SUMMARY ATITUDES/VALUES ACTION/PRACTICES Now. The people shouted joyfully and cheered for Ch unhyang and Yi Mong-Yong. cluster yourselves into different J igsaw groups. The question that you will answer matches with the number of the question.the unhappy people .Grade 8 3 . "I shall not look at you. "Yesterday my lover was only a beggar and t oday he is the King s officer!" Yi Mong-Yong ordered a sedan chair to be brought at once and saw that Ch unhyang was safely carried home. Then he summoned the magistrate of Namwon and said. For example.

Grade 8 3 .dare . Kisaeng are artists who work to entertain others. How does your perception about Koreans change based from what you have learned? 4. Synonyms HASTEN /hāsən/ verb Be quick to do something. formerly used in China for punishing petty criminals. It may look like this: MAGISTRATE: /ˈmajə strāt/ noun A civil officer or lay judge who administers the law. Do you personally like the psyche and temperament of the Koreans? Why or After around five minutes.quicken . perceptions. such as the yangbans and kings. What attitudes of Yi Mong-Yong and Ch unhyang do you really like? Are these reflective of the psyche and temperament of the Koreans? 2.only.accelerate .provocation Learning Module for English .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 301 KISAENG entertainer adjective/noun officially sanctioned Korean female entertainers or sometimes prostitutes.hurry up . Prepare your Frequency Word List by listing all these difficult words. or biases that you had believed before that have changed now? 3. you should move on to the next activity that will help you cope with the difficult words. Share what you have discussed with your Expert Group members. Synonyms challenge . Group Two will answer question number two and so forth. Move or travel hurriedly. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1.rush DEFIANCE /difīəns/ noun Open resistance. bold disobedience. Activity 7: BUILD ME UP! At this point. one who conducts a court that deals with minor offenses. Synonym CANGUE /kæng/ noun a heavy wooden yoke borne on the shoulders and enclosing the neck and arms. you have probably met difficult words from The Tale o f Ch’unyang. Synonyms hurry . Having discussed the tale. it is time to go back to your J igsaw Gr oup. Were there ideas. YANGBAN noun part of the traditional ruling class or nobles of dynastic Korea during the J oseon Dynasty You need your Expert Team Group for the next activity called Team Building Spinn er .speed . esp.

Create a spinner just like this! Directions: To use the spinner. and Practices T he Choson Dynasty. Read the short Beliefs. Thump the paper clip. These cultural values of the Choson Dynasty.lauracandle r. Social Structures. has long been celebrated for its artistic. It will spin around the pencil point and point to one section on the Teambuilding Spinner. including the 1443 invention of the Korean alphabet (han gul) by the greatest of all Choson OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 302 Activity 8: THE KOREAN STYLE! A GLIMPSE TO KOREAN CULTURE Reading an article titled Beliefs. The idea of an inte rdependent. precarious geopolitical location at the center of the East Asian corridor. Social Structures. some might say. you’ll need a paper clip and a pencil. Put the paper clip down with one end over the center dot.Teaching Resources at www. How did Korea achieve such political stability? What social forces wer e at work? The Choson Dynasty adopted Confucianism as its state religion and developed concomitant social structures. is one of modern history s longest dynastic rules. still resonant in contemporary Korean life. The leader reads the question aloud and the team members take turns answering it. ultimately establishing cultural values. and Practices allows you to have a glimpse of the Koreans’ rich culture and history that will eventually help you appreciate and understand better the Korean psyche and temperament that is reflected in their rich literary pieces. which supported continuous dynastic rule. King Sejong.Grade 8 3 . centerpieces to the Ch unhyang story.(adapted from ©2008 Laura Candler . which means the kingdom o f morning serenity. Put the pencil point down inside the paper clip and hold the pencil in place. autonomous self. and the privileging of harmony and order rather over justice or progress are all typically Confucian cultural values that have carrie . This achievement is even more impressive in light of Korea’s strategic and. Switch leaders for each round and continue as time allows. l asting over 500 years. collective self rather than an independent. also known as the Yi Dynasty. Learning Module for English . The Choson Dynasty. of role d edication rather than self-fulfillment. scientific and intellectual achievements.

and morality. not by force o r law. discuss your answers to the following questions: 1. With the support of Neo-Confucian scholar-officials.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 303 1. was declared king. PROCESS QUESTIONS: With a partner. 2. as the for guide their actions as well as virtually every citizen of their dynasty. I want to ___________ in Korea because __________________. were appointed to government positions. King T’aejo (Yi Songgye) instituted the Chinese examination system to recruit wise and moral men into government. following his successful coup against the Koryo governmen t. Choson Dynasty officially began in 1392 when Yi Songgye. of role dedication rather than self-fulfillment. The Koreans’ cultural values focus on interdependent. the application of the theory. they were expected to lead by Right after the “tour”. an army general. as it was taught in the sacred books of Confucian philosophy. Confucius taught that men of wisdom and virtue. classic lit erature. This theory of government was an ideal held for centuries b y many countries of East Asia.d over from the Choson era into the present. Koreans must be ___________________ as a people because __________________ _________________________________. Once in place. autonomous self. Korean rulers during the Chosen reign established social structu res and institutions to enforce Confucian ideology and practice. They were to rule. should lead the government. he and the twenty-six Yi ki ngs that followed him adopted and enforced the principles of Confucianism. Learning Module for English . F rom this. was less th an ideal. however. Men that could demonstrate through rigorous examination that they understood proper governance. 4. The psyche (human spirit) and temperament (prevailing or dominant q uality of mind that characterizes someone) of the Koreans that I really like are ___________________________________________________. but by example. 3. a belief system founded by the Chinese philosopher Confucius. What is with Koreans that makes them strong in responding to the challenges of modernity? 2. chosen for their knowledge and moral quality. collective self rather than an independent. I personally like / dislike the Koreans’ cultural values because ____________________________. you will finish the following prompts and share your answers to your own partners. Do you think they are stronger than the Filipinos? Why or why not? .Grade 8 3 .

Pak Si-jong’sTwo Minutes to Seven. but also to anxiety and dread. The Cave by Han Sung-won: The story is of two children “saved” by their father. who dooms himself in the process. Mid-Summer by Yi Munyol: contains a couple of historical/metaphorical tales of the cost of war. Go to the following sites and find how Koreans respond to the challenges of modernity. Wings That Will Carry Us Both by Chon San-guk: koreanliterature/review -wayfarer-newfiction-bykorean-women Wayfarer: New Fiction by Korean Women: It also discusses the introduction of hangul.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 304 My Guesses on Koreans’ way of responding to the challenges of MODERNITY ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ http:// www. and a couple of stories that mix their historical stories with great and sometimes shocking sadness. What do Koreans have that we Filipinos should emulate? Activity 9: GUESS WHAT? You will be exposed to a few Korean literary pieces through different websites and extracted lines from the reviews. and the unhappy lives they subsequently lead. My Guesses on Koreans’ way of responding to the challenges of MODERNITY ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ . as a Korean philosophical tradition suggests. leads not only to happiness. particularly. pitting a facilely “international” character against a “true Korean hero” who has stayed inside the grinder of Korean koreanliterature/review -early-springmid-summer. including Kim Wonil’s The Spirit of Darkness. but is an excellent introduction to the collection.Grade 8 3 . These lines will show the Korean characters’ painful experiences in life.ktlit. Website Extracted Lines from the Review http:// www.3. yet. All this adds up to a work highlighting han and Korean exceptionalism of the simplest kind. Early Spring. this luck. The Spirit of the Darkness by Kim Won-il: The story has a sad ending. Learning Module for English .ktlit. The narrator is self-tortured by her own history and has a quite obvious loathing for all things foreign. and how it opens doors for female authors and how modernization and colonization began. Human Decency by Gong J i Young is one of the smaller works in the book as it is parochially Korean.

this will allow you to embrace the goodness of the Korean psyche The Tale of the Woodcutter and the Tiger K orean folklore recalls the tale of a woodcutter who encounters a tiger in the wo ods. What does literature reveal about Korean character? 6. waiting for your return. he exclaimed: “You must be my long lost brother! Our mother cried for you when you left home. What are the advantages of facing the challenges of modernity with a wounded history like the Koreans? 4. Do you have any comments on the way Koreans face the challenges of modernity? 5. This strategy holds each of you accountable for learning more about Korean literature. Fearing that he would soon be the tiger’s dinner. Given all the problems that characters have faced in the different circumstances of their lives. out mother has just passed away. The teacher poses a question and you "put your heads together" to figure out the answer. The teacher calls out a specific number to respond as the spokesperson for the group. The tiger turned a . You are placed in groups and each of you is given a number (from one to the maximum number in each group).L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 305 If all the groups are ready. 1995). Because no one knows which number will PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. this strategy ensures that each of you knows the answer to problems or questions asked by the teacher. She had dinner ready for you every night. what kind of an attitude or psyche or temperament have the Koreans shown? 2. Sadly. Is this the kind of attitude or psyche or temperament that we ha ve been practicing as Filipinos? 3. Hopefully. (haenguneulbinda>hengoohn-oohlbeehn-dah) Good luck! Activity 10: A MYRIAD OF REFLECTIONS This activity allows you to enjoy reading short selections from Korea. By having all of you work together in a group. How happy she would have been had she known you are alive and well!” The woodcutt er took out his handkerchief and pretended to wipe at his eyes.________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Share your guesses with a group of five members and experience a cooperative learning strategy called Numbered Heads Together (Slavin. How do Koreans respond to the challenges of modernity as reflected in their Learning Module for English . the teacher will start calling out the names of the members who really “put their heads together”.Grade 8 3 .

No one misses the importance of children’s devotion to their parents. What particular event or circumstance in the story has contributed to the Tiger’s way of looking at things in a different way? How has this new way of looking at things being passed on to the next generation? 3. Tales capture and reflect fundamental cultural values of Korean society and its people. write what is asked for in the Literary Elements Advance Organizer. Identify the characters in the story. What roles do the characters play in t he tale? What are the characteristics of these characters that you admire/don’t admire? 2. One year.Grade 8 3 . Out from the bush. the memorial day of the woodcutter’s mother’s death . adopted b y many Koreans.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 306 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. an offering appeared on her grave . Every year thereafter. three baby tigers appeared. such as the transformation of potential conflict into opportunity throug h the use of intelligence and the power of injong (human feeling). find another reading partner and by pairs .way. of equality among all living things is also portrayed in the sibling re lationship of the woodcutter and tiger. Now. the woodcutter noticed that the customary offering had not been placed on his mother’s grave.” Th e woodcutter noticed that his face had turned suddenly warm and realized that it was his own tears streaming down his cheeks. I n addition to the Confucian emphasis on filial piety. present and future generations of family and how bon ded one is to family by a sense of duty and shared destiny. the tale conveys how interlinked one is to past. or even his mother’s fav orite mountain berries. The woodcutter did not know where these offerings came from.sometimes a peasant. The Buddhist notion. on Chesa. What kind of conflict led the woodcutter to “fool” the tiger? What would be your own way of saving yourself from danger? . even after their death. They approached the woodcutter and cried: “Y ou must be our uncle! Mother tiger is gone now. Continue the interactive d iscussion until you get clarified with the Korean way of using their cultural values in co ping with the Learning Module for English . leaving the woodcutter unharmed. carrying offerings. and he wondered what had happened. as tears fell down his cheeks. Choose one elem ent and use it as a basis for answering the questions below. We are here to bring offerings for our grandmother in loving memory of our mother. that you have read the selection. and we know how important it is for her to honor grandmother by bringing an offering to her Chesa table beside her grave.

al). beyond 90 and helped him urinate. Seoul.. And then let’s talk of the things. Korea The author is trying to convince us to forget past prejudices and hatred and come together for a better life. Could this tale be used as basis for you to have a glimpse of how the Koreans at present are coping with the challenges of modernity? Explai n The next selection encourages you to FALL (formulate.wordpress. goodness and piety shown in the poem? 4. lengthen by Dan White. How are feelings of optimism. Ltd. ripe.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 307 WHEN WINE AT YOUR HOUSE IS RIPE by YugGim When wine at your house is ripe. when should one invite a long-lost friend to his house? 2. Please ask me to visit you. all. over a hundred years used to symbolize life’s realities? Here is a Korean contemporary literary piece (from http:// jaypsong.4. Even though life’s important controls had left the old body. by In-sob Zong Sam Young Printing Co. Be sure to relate to the ki nd of I have been to his father’s funeral. who had passed his sixtieth year. Try to focus on the very few characters introduced in the selection. shhh.Grade 8 3 . Do the FALL now as you answer the follo wing PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Learning Module for English . half joking and half playing the baby. What would you do if that sense of duty and shared destiny passed on to you is in conflict with your own principles and beliefs in life? 5. all right. How are the words like wine. He told me a story: he. how much might the old man have tried to shrink himself to make himself smaller and lighter? His urine thread cut off frequently. shhh. When can two people speak as true good friends? 3. Articulate their ideas to the group. you must feel good. it was as if he entered deep into the whole body. I will invite you to come. right. When he held his father like that as though giving back to the for you to appreciate.”When he held his father. articulate. saying “Father. held his father. listen. et. . he helped him. Your Learning Team members privately Formulate a response. Afraid that the old man might feel hopeless. but su ch a long thread that the son again and again tried to tie it down to the earth pitifully. his mind was still like a lantern. When flowers at my cottage bloom. from: An Introduction to Korean Literature. Listen in turn to other responses and Lengthen the thinking during the subsequent discussion by systematically building upon and elaborating the ideas of others. flowers. bloom. According to the author. (1970).

this word refers to not only a way to make someone hush. The re st of the class asks the hot seat classmate questions. While reading.but the father with difficulty might sever it now. Some hundreds of his versions of Tree of Unhappiness Kim Sang – yong (1592 – 1637) (Translated by Graeme Wilson) On broad leaves of pau-low-nia The one and only tree Whereon the phoenix will set foot The rain falls heartlessly. The rain’s sad tapping overhead Compounds my weight of grief. or read Shhh by Moon In-soo. Italy produced the sonnet. bu t also is used as an onomatopoeia to help children urinate.Grade 8 3 . Shhh. has published translations of Far Eastern poetry. The hot seat classmate. the limerick originated in England.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 308 After you have either listened to.1891) . *In Korean. The hot seat classmate a nswers as the character in the story would answer. try to write down in a short Dear Diary Entry journal your thoughts as you are guided by the following questi ons: 1. How did you feel before. In Ko rea. J apan has the haiku. during. Graeme Wilson. one of your classmates should be chosen to sit on a chair (the hot seat) in front of the cla ss. Despite the challenges of modernity that all Afro – Asians have tried to cope with for many years. Who now could have the heart to plant Trousset encyclopedia (1886 . After listening to the answers of your hot seat classmate. do you consider this contemporary selection a good way of understanding the psyche (spirit) and the temperament (prevailing or do minant The traditional poetry of a country takes several forms. chooses to be one of the characters from the story. then tells the effec t of the scene on the beholder. and after reading Shhh? 2.wordpress. Shhh* by Moon In-soo Illustrated by Kwon Shin-ah http://jaypsong. were you able to think about your own mother or f ather or even yourself when all of you would become old? What scenario can you foresee? Learning Module for English . then. Shhh! The universe must be quiet.wordpress. who lives in http://jaypsong. the sijo /’si – ho/ is a short lyric poem which sketches a picture.

the pomegranate is a symbol of happiness in love. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. http://weheartit. As quickly as she can She runs through rain-fall to the pear bloomed Village and a man. a. What blandishments does a mother use to make her five-year –old child stop crying? What blandishments does a girl make to catch a boy’s attention? b. In “Girl in the The pomegranates Red and orange-res Have all burst into flower.” what is the girl doing? Why? In the last line. What blandishments. Learning Module for English . What whispers. I wonder. Refer to the glossary for the meaning of silly. Not to be comfort. In Korea. How is he/she feeling? .Grade 8 3 . what untrue But wonderful promises Have soaked that silly through. then explain the last two lines of the On your own try to answer the following questions (from Bridges to Understandi ng) silently in five minutes. What beli ef about the tree is mentioned in the poem? How does the poet show that his grief is great? that it will last forever? What is implied in the last two line s of the poem? 4.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 309 Girl in the Rain Anonymous (18 th century) (Translated by Graeme Wilson) Her violet cloak clutched round her head. the word silly is a noun whose archaic meaning is referred to. the pau-low-nia is a Korean tree. Explain the underlined words. 3. answer the questions in complet e sentences. What is the belief regarding the life and death of the phoenix? Why is it a symbol of immortality? c. What is the local name of the pomegranate? Sin Hum (1566 – 1628) (Translated by Graeme Wilson) It rained last night. In “Tree of Unhappiness”. I sit in this cool pavilion Set in a lotus lake And under its glass-bead curtains wait http://www. What feeling is hinted at by the pomegranate being rained on? The persona is sitting in the pavilion.

Participation and self-control are important ingredients in successful Literary Circles.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 312 Slides courtesy of www.Grade 8 3 .Grade 8 3 . and self-control. Learning Module for English . while doing the What If…Game!.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 310 the rainfalls heartlessly compounds my weight of grief for my closed heart to break wonderful wonderful promises Now.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 313 After accomplishing your tasks and making your outputs. it is time to play a game! Deepen your appreciation for the selections you have just read. ask yourself i f you have generated ideas on the Korean psyche and temperament of charity.lexington1. Learning Module for English . what factors may cause unhappiness between two young After spending time to show understanding of the selections all by yourself. Be sure your outputs visualize a better place. kindness. gentleness. joy. Expr ess all your realizations in a drawing. Each member of the group has a job with certain responsibilities. Consider all the questions in the wheel and come up with an output demanded by y our position. you are going to be in a Literary Circle. gener osity. You may enclose these lines in a box or border – like this one be low. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . situations and to visualize a better time and place. goodness. Write the li nes on a sheet of paper. If the group is to work effectively.5./ppts/LAppts/35/LiteratureCi rcles.Grade 8 3 .. From what you have heard others say. a better time not only for the Review the lines of the poems that relate to your life’s experiences. or from your own personal experience.. faithfulness.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 311 Here are your roles and responsibilities in your Literary Circle: Learning Module for English . . Thes e Literary Circles are small groups of students who meet together to talk about bo oks or any literary selections that they have read. patience. Play with your chosen group members the What If…Game! The What If… Game enables you to reflect on problems. each person must do his/her job.

afterward. To signal relation in time: before. although. on th e other In this section. paragraph hooks What are they? Cohesive devices are like bridges between parts of your paper. always consider the proper and correct use of cohesive and literary devices. earlier. first. still. however. once more To signal Difference: but. Cohesive devices include: Transitional words and expressions. yet. from then on. meanwhile.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 314 which direction your thought patterns are going to help the reader accurately fo llow your train of thought. once again. though. to show Learning Module for English . Coh esive devices link your sentences and paragraphs together smoothly so that t here are no abrupt jumps or breaks between ideas. They are the cues that help the reader to interpret ideas in the way that you. whereas. by that time. Types There are several types of cohesive devices and each category leads your reader to make certain connections or assumptions about the areas you are connecting. Cohesive devices show the logical relationships between the various parts of an essay as well as between sentences and paragraphs. fro m one idea to another. nonetheless. next. similarly. soon. later. presently To signal similarity: likewise. at last. What do they do? Cohesive devices help you carry over a thought from one sentence to another.In preparing your outputs. They signal the relationships among the various parts of your subject. thereafter. as a writer.Grade 8 3 . Why do you use them? Cohesive words and phrases are used to link sentences and paragraphs. want them to understand. or from one paragraph to another with words or phrases. now. Cohesive Devices Coherence in writing means achieving a consistent relationship among parts. Some lead your reader forward and imply the “building” of an idea or thought while others make your reader compare ideas or draw conclusions from the preceding thoughts. even so. the discussion focused more on the temperaments and .

What do Koreans have that help them cope with the challenges of modernity? 5. Which of your ideas would appropriately describe the psyche and temperament of the Koreans? 2. How many of your initial ideas are found in the discussion? Which ideas are different and need revision? Now. Can you now make a distinction between Korean and Filipino characters? 4. After reading a few of their selections.Grade 8 3 .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 316 . you already have an idea resilient proud bitter st r ong pati ent materialistic l oyal PROCESS QUESTIONS: Answer the following questions in the Opinion Proof template on the next page. Go back to the previous section and compare your initial ideas with the discussion. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 4.psyche of the Korean people in response to the challenges of modernity. _____________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . that you know the important ideas about this topic. 1. Are there Asian traditions and values that are reflected in Korean literatur e? How can these traditions and values help them in coping with the challenges of modernity? Learning Module for English . _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3.Grade 8 3 . let us go deeper Your goal in this section is to take a closer look at some aspects of the topic on the temperaments and psyche of the Korean people in their response to the challenges of List 5 to 7 words or phrases that describe or explain the major concepts of the psyche and temperaments of the Koreans as reflected in the Korean literary pieces you have just read in the previous Activity 11: FOCUSED LISTING 1. Given these descriptions and a chance to interview a Korean. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 7. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 6.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 315 Activity 12: CROSS ME OUT! Below are probable descriptions of the Korean psyche (human spirit) and temperament (prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes someone). what questions would you ask? 3.

Why the original video. does a “horse riding” dance that looks vaguely like what children do when . Is it said clearly? How might the author have written it more clearly? What would you have wanted to say instead? from the world that satellite shots show most of the country plunged in darkness at night — parodied the video. the South Korean phenomenon behind a d ance video called Gangnam Style. Park. In it. got an even clearer sign of success. Park J ae-sang. his craft. a star turn on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” teaching Britney Spears his dance might be one of the surest signs that a performer has m ade it. Mr. his organization. The idea of "questioning" the author is a way for you to evaluate how well a sel ection of text stands on its own. But this week. You will now be looking at the author s intent. released in J uly. Read an excerpt about the viral video on Ko rea’s global sensation called Psy (shortened name for Psycho). Go and get a partner.This activity is a protocol of inquiries that you can make about the content of what you are reading. Help each other in doing the next Activity 13: QUESTIONING THE AUTHOR Viral Video Gets Propaganda Treatment By SU HYUN LEE Published: September 20. 34. his clarity. 2012 SEOUL.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 317 What is the author trying to tell you? Why is the author telling you that? . This strategy is designed to encourage you to think beyond the words on the page and to consider the author s intent for the selection and his or her success at communicating it. not simply an invitation to "challenge" a writer. North Korea — so cut of f Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . South Korea — Ordinarily. has gained such popularity is anyone’s guess.

South Koreans have banded together to celebrate Mr. less than refined. It does not seem to matter at all to many South Koreans that possibly their most famous cultural ambassador is. For them.” PSY on “Saturd ay Night Live.readingquest. popularly known as t K-Pop bands have failed to do. While those groups ess all over Asia. did you notice some problems that Koreans face as they cope with the challenges of modernity? Problem-Solution Chart What is the problem? What are the effects? What are the causes? What are some solutions? . w ith media outlets breathlessly reporting each new sighting. a fashionable neighborhood in Seoul w here the nouveau riche shop at Chanel.Grade 8 3 .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 318 Activity 14: SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? With all the reading selections given to you. PSY on “Ellen.” And now a PSY parody in North Korea. He raps and dances around Seoul. with his willingness to allow himself to be made fun a global success. Mr of with a buffoonish performance.html Learning Module for English . Park. is What Mr. In short. Park is singing about is Gangnam. they have made less headway . Park’s success. has done wha have choreographed their way to succ in other parts of the world. where the growing gap between rich an d poor is serious enough to have become an issue in the presidential campaign. PSY (short for Psycho). He grew up there. drive fancy cars and send their children to we ll-known prep schools. all in the company of pretty women and to a song with an infectious beat. In any case. That plays especially well in South Korea. and although his dance moves are any thing but what someone might expect of Gangnam’s sophisticates.they hop around pretending to be galloping. the performer. he still represents a “soft power” http://www. the title seems to both celebrate — and possibly mock — the well.

L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 319 You will be exposed to the different steps. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understandings in this .google. You can analyze the elements that make up reality and fantasy from a program http://www. The interviewer can engage in a detailed pursuit for You may als o refer to http://www. Most of the time.http://www.Grade 8 3 . and I m going to interview Theresa Han about Korea. This is titled Heejun Good Day New York Interview. that you have a deeper understanding of the topic. Read it carefully as if you are viewing it live. Remember that an interview is remarkably helpful in getting the story of any important issue of a person’s life. I m from South Korea. Here is a sample interview. in general. The two of you should work together as a In this section. and I m a freshman in . This also presents tips in conducting interviews. helpful techniques and courteous way s in the interview process. What ne w realizations have you arrived at on the topic? What new connections h ave you made for yourself? Now.asp?id=40709 [BAGLEY] This is Ben Bagley. The interviewer has the obligation to plan the details of the in terview so that she or he can save not just her or his time but the interviewee’s time as wel l. Your goal in this section is to apply your learning to real life An Interview with a Korean-American on Cultural Differences hp://www. I m 18 years old. the discussion was about the temperaments and psyche of the Korean people in response to the challenges of Could you introduce yourself? [ HAN] My name is Theresa Han. you are ready to This activity will prepare you to do your own interview. Choose an interview buddy. Y ou can view a real interview at are useful as a source of infor mation and enlightenment. Interview a Korean who is willing to share his or her own perspective about Koreans as Asians in this modern world. open-ended questions are useful during interviews. Activity 15: LISTENING TO AN INTERVIEW Learning Module for English . [BAGLEY] How long have you lived in America? . This is an int erview of a Korean lawyer.

and do homework usually. where the American Air In this interview Ben Bagley asks Theresa Han about the difference between Korea n and American culture. Theresa is a teenager who recently moved to the United Sta tes so she has an excellent perspective for understanding the differences and similarit ies between Learning Module for English ... Like have to go to college. Fathers go to their work. like parents and teacher think their kids or students should go to college .. It s right below Oosan. They’re gonna pressure them to study a lot. like time to spend together. so when you’re a senior you start to study a lot and you don’t sleep that much. Usually I think some people sleep 3 or 4 hours per day and just study.[HAN] I think a little bit less than 3 years. On the weekends we would go downtown.. [BAGLEY] And they stay at school and study? [HAN] ?Till like 10:00pm but after school ends they come home and study like In the table below. it s kind of like a shopping mall. rent a movie or something. middle of paper . No free time.. It was. But some students stay longer. small cloths shops and all that stuff. [BAGLEY] Where did you live in Korea? [HAN] I lived in Pyoung Tek. watch it. [BAGLEY] What were the people like where you lived? [HAN] They re really busy. came home 7:00pm. [BAGLEY] What did you do with your friends? [HAN] We mostly go to each other s house. Mothers if they have a job go to their work. . because most ly students come home like 10:00pm-11:00pm. outline five of the most important tips you can share before . during Tips in Doing an INTERVIEW Before During After ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ .. and students go to school. It s a street. so they don t have enough time to communicate with each other.. because we have a whole bunch of homework.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 320 force is located.. There are small restaurants. like even 10:00pm if you are a senior and about to go to college because there is kind of. .Grade 8 3 .

Below is a table that will help you plan for the interview.______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Learning Module for English . Respondents should be able to choose their own terms when answering questions. This will give you have a clear focus on the intent of each question.Grade 8 3 . Purpose of the Interview: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Tips My Sample Question Questions should be open–ended. Write you sample qu estions in the appropriate column. you should have a clear ide a of your problem or objective. .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 321 Before you start to design your interview questions.

Questions should be as neutral as possible. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . for example. Such question may also cause respondents to feel defensive that they have to justify their responses. Be careful when asking “ why” questions. This will be given in advance so that you will have an idea on how you are going to c onduct Interview Rubric Criteria Needs Improvement (1) Within Expectations (2) Meets Expectations (3) Beyond . Know any terms particular to the program or the respondents’ culture. A “why” question infers a cause-effect relationship that may not truly exist. Use locational skills to gather and synthesize information about your interviewee. evocative or judgmental wording. Avoid words that might influence answers. the question may inhibit their responses to future questions. Questions should be worded clearly.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 322 Below is the Interview Rubric that will help you come up with the best interview .

) Grooming attempt is evident Overall neat appearance Choice in clothing is acceptable for the type of interview Well groomed (ex. too much jewelry. wrinkled) Poor grooming Appearance is somewhat untidy Choice in clothing is inappropriate (shirt not tucked. minimal wrinkles) Overall appearance is very neat Choice in clothing is appropriate for the interview .Expectations (4) Score Appearance Overall appearance is untidy Choice in clothing is inappropriate for any job interview (torn unclean. jewelry blends with clothing. teeshirt. Shirt tucked in. etc.

etc. “ hello” . etc.) Friendly and courteous to all involved in interview Content Very inappropriate questions Did not ask relevant questions . “ thank you” .) Overall appearance is businesslike Greeting Unacceptable behavior and language Unfriendly and not courteous Acceptable behavior language Attempts to be courteous to his / her interviewee Well mannered in dealing with the interviewee Courteous to the interviewee Very professional behavior and language (handshake.Very well groomed (hair. clothes pressed. eye contact.

Grade 8 3 .Inaccurate questions Questions were not relevant or related to the objective of the interview Questions are acceptable and accurate Questions are appropriate.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 323 Criteria Needs Improvement (1) Within Expectations (2) Meets Expectations (3) Beyond Expectations (4) Score Communication Presentation shows lack of interest Questioning is unclear – very difficult to understand message of what is being said (ex. Thorough questions Questions were very well planned and detailed Interviewee: _______________________ Interviewer: ________________________ Learning Module for English . mumbling) Facts about job not .

included Volume is inappropriate for interview (ex. Spoke too loudly. too softly) Showed some interest Questioning is unclear– lapses in sentence structure and grammar Knowledge of job is minimal Volume is uneven (varied) Showed interest throughout the interview Speaking clearly Perfect in sentence structure and grammar Knowledge and facts are included / shared Volume is appropriate Very attentive Speaking very clearly Exceptionally accurate use of sentence structure and grammar Commitment & enthusiasm for job is very well conveyed .

constant movement of hands and feet Lack of eye contact Slouching all the time Minimal fidgeting (ex.Volume conveys business tone Body Language Fidgeted – ex. occasionally shifting) Eye contact is made intermittently Occasionally slouching Uses hands and body to express Eye contact when speaking Correct Posture Highly animated expression (not just speak: brings words. sentences to life Eye contact made all throughout the interview Sitting straight in chair all throughout the interview Total PROCESS QUESTIONS: .

If your interviewee is a Korean. What do you really understand now about conducting interviews? 2.Grade 8 3 . what new revelations do you have about the Koreans’ psyche and temperament? 2. 1. Keep your cool and give y our best! You may answer the following questions in your notebook. 3. and now I’d like to move on to (another topic). Do not show string emotional reactions to their responses.Grade 8 3 . occasionally 2. you will have gathered interviews. or they may even begin asking the interviewer some questions. These reminders may serve video recorder. An author suggests to act as if “you’re heard it all before”. If you are using a tape or check if it is really working. Ask one question at a time. do you think it can help you more in knowin g the Koreans’ psyche and temperament? In what way? Learning Module for English . Encourage responses with occasional nods. it may appear as if you are surprised or very pleased about an answer. 6.1. Some respondents/ interviewee may stray to another topic. INTERVIEW WITH A a lot of information on how to conduct to follow. 1. Be careful about showing facial expressions or reactions when taking down notes. What questions or uncertainties or biases do you still have about the Koreans? Learning Module for English . etc. You may say. you are now ready to conduct an interview. 5. How do you feel right now after doing the checklist? 2. Such reaction may influence answers to future questions. “We’ve been talking about (a topic). Do not lose control of the interview. “uh huh”s. 4.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 325 .L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 324 Activity 16: PREPARING TO CONDUCT AN KOREAN By this time. Attempt to remain as neutral as possible. If you suddenly make a move while taking down notes. Do you think you are ready to conduct an interview? Why or why not? 3. After the interview. It may take them too long to answer a question that time begins to run out. REMINDERS If most of your answers are ‘yes’. 7. But there are reminders Are you ready? Yes No 1. Provide transitions between major topics. Will this interview help you know the psyche and temperament of t he Koreans? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Activity 17: CONDUCTING THE INTERVIEW TO A KOREAN This simulated activity should be recorded.

conduct a self-assessment and discuss the group’s ability to accomplish the items on the list.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 326 PROCESS QUESTIONS: Share your answers with your Name of Subject: ________________________________________________________ Birth: Death: Early Influences: Education: Major Accomplishments: Significance: Contemporaries: Evaluate your performance as a team by going back to Interview Rubric . Then. What strengths and weaknesses do you have in conducting interviews? 3. This is not evaluative but i s meant to establish a benchmark for celebration and / or improvement.Grade 8 3 . Fill out the http://7-12educators. write well-constructed paragraphs about the person. Ask yourself “How well was I doing in my team?” Using the Quality Team Chart. Be sure to observe the rules on cohesion.about. What can you say about your skills in conducting interviews? 2. coherence and appropriate modes of . go to the Quality Team Assessment. Identify one area i n which you Activity 18: EVALUATING PERFORMANCE Team Quality Chart Names: Cooperation / Teamwork Responsibility Punctuality in Doing Tasks Adaptability / Versatility Quality of Work Initiative Dependability Attendance Communication Contribution Learning Module for English .3. How does your learning about Koreans relate to your present and future treatm ent of these people? The chart below can help you write important details about your interview. 1. What other questions would you ask in order to know the psyche a nd temperament of the Koreans? Activity 19: WRITING WELL-CONSTRUCTED PARAGRAPHS From the interview.

Use the information you have gathered from Activity 17. is a writing technique that provides an easy. focusing on things that would represent the p erson you are describing.T.html Character Sketch Format/Graphic Organizer Topic Sentence: ______________________________________________________ Trait #1 _____________________________________________________________ Example(s) __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Trait #2 _____________________________________________________________ Example(s) __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Trait #3 _____________________________________________________________ Example(s) __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . Then. simply tell what happened as you spent time together.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 327 The R. You want the reader to have a strong mental image of the person.A. paper can also help you write well-constructed paragraphs.A. Comment on how literature reveals the Korean char acter – what he / she has as a Korean to help her cope with and respond to t he challenges of modernity. you should not try to wri te a history of the person. A good way to write a character sketch is to tell a little story about one encou nter you had with him or her. R. to know something about the person s value system. therefore. From time to time. Character sketches only give snap shots of people. It focuses on writing in context the materi al you have read. to know the person s characteristic ways of doing things. you can describe a place briefly. If you do that.F.niu. This means you are skipping a line as y ou meaningful way to demonstrate your understanding of a reading material. When you write a character sketch. hopefully a place that belonged to the person. Role . describe the person s ges tures or facial http://www.paragraph development.T . double-spaced. Describe how the person was dressed. Your assignment: Put yourself in the position of a writer tasked to m ake a character sketch of a well-known Korean.Grade 8 3 .engl.F. Use the graphic organizer below as your guide. to know how the person talks. you are trying to introduce the rea der to someone. Required length: 2 pages.

a writer who is tasked to make a character sketch of a wellknown Korean. fill in details about the person you are pretending to be.e.. i.Who are you? Audience To whom is it written? What do they expect? Format What form will this writing piece take? What will it look like? Topic What is your topic? In this column. who are you writing to (your audience)? Why are you writing to this person? Why would readers be interested in the story of this Korean? **Remember that your teacher is also your audience! He/She expects a well-written paper. Decide on whether you are male or female. Most likely. Are you a friend of this Korean? How does literature reveal the Korean character? How does he/she cope with and respond to the challenges of modernity? Who are you writing to? This information will be closely tied to the format you have decided on in class. the format of this paper will take the form of a character sketch. If so. Neatness counts! Do your best to present a paper with correct .

This means you are going to write just snap shots of the person. Again. you will a .Grade 8 3 . because your tea cher will randomly call a number (from 1 to 4). this is really a chance for you to reflect on the Korean way of coping with modernity in general l --what did you think about the Korean? What did you think about her or his characteristics as reflected in Korea’s literary pieces? What. http://www.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 328 ***When you submit your final paper. lesson did you learn? Make sure you explain yourself with details to support your opinions. Write in cohesive paragraphs. This means you ll have to draw your own chart with the headings (Role. answer the focus question below collaboratively: How do Koreans respond to the challenges of modernity as reflected in their literary pieces? Make sure that all of you can answer this question. The format. The required length for this character sketch is two pages. Write in complete sentences.spelling and grammar.oocities. include this handout with the co lumns filled in with your notes. see "Your Assignment In a way. Then. Your teacher will then assign a number from 1 to 4 to each member of your group. and when your number is called. Your topic is explained at the top of this page. will be a character sketch. doublespaced (skip a line as you write). as make sure it is a well written paper--see my expectations in the Audience column. Form a group with four members. if any.html Learning Module for English .

What is the most striking trait or psyche or temperament of the Koreans that makes them unique as a people? 2. passed through the generations by word of mouth. buoyancy Superior: upper.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 329 gelatinous flesh containing many seeds. Blandishment: A flattering or pleasing statement or action used to per suade someone gently to do something. novel. Antagonist: A person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something.nswer the Activity 20: ANSWERING THE FOCUS QUESTION THROUGH PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. glance Literary Circle: Also called Literature Circles wherein small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. and stories of a communit y. or other fictional text. Protagonist: The leading character or a major character in a drama. Literary Pieces: or literary works. Glimpse: quick look. Myriad: A countless or extremely great number. higher Temperament: The prevailing or dominant quality of mind that character izes Books . Prowess: Skill or expertise in an activity or field Psyche: The human soul. Pomegranate: An orange-sized fruit with a tough reddish outer skin and sweet re d Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . period. mind or spirit. "a shoppin g small would instill a spirit of modernity into this village". Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from illness. change. senior. or misfortune. How did you find the performance task? How did the task help you see the real world use of the topic? Congratulations! You have completed this lesson. peek. Is there any trait or psyche or temperament of the Koreans that is very ‘Filipino’? In this section. m ovie. an adversary. Phoenix: It is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Challenges: tests. customs. or culture / literature Modernity: The quality of being current or of the present. Central Idea: The thesis statement states the thesis or argument of the author in an essay or similar document. your task was to interview a Korean and write a character sketch based on the interview. trials Folklore: The traditional beliefs. These are the products of the body of written works of a language.

unitec. Korean .imdb.wordpress. This website contains The Tale of Ch unhy ang. Tale of Chunhyang http://moodle.html). This contains information about TA LES. Korea: Sam Yo ung Websites http://www. This contains The Tale of the Wood cutter and the Tiger. “How to Conduct an Interview”.com/doc/51661583/Techniques-for-Dealing-with-Difficult-Words and http://www. Carleen S. handprint. A – Z Learning Strategies. http://www. http://www.htm. and Ali analyze and follow. Evalou Concepcion et. http://www. Kisaeng entertainer. http://jaypsong.ktlit.html.uefap. This is Laura Candler s Team Building Spinner. sketching pads.sanchezclass.cangue and yangban. Ma. Inc. Evalou http://weheartit. Bridges to Understanding (2004). This contains a picture of a girl in the r ain. Most pictures or icons used in this lesson were take n from Google Image Result.instrok. http://www.lexington1. Korean boy and girl. These pictures are the following: Geo and Leila with their masks and costumes. These websites were used in this lesson for students to express their guesses on Koreans  ways of responding to the challenges of MODERNITY. Techniques and tips are exposed for students to pomengranates.html. Sedilla..ktlit. Agundin.scribd./ppts/LAppts/35/LiteratureCircles. . This website contains a Korean contemporary li terary piece titled Shhh by Moon In-soo. These websites contain articles about coping difficult words. Quezon City: Phoenix Publishing House. STOP LOOK http:// This contains an illustration of the story titled Shhh by Moon In-soo. borders. In-sob.L1 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 330 Advance Organizer. www. thumbs up icons. Quezon City: SIBS Publishing Ma. 2004. This contains the Comparing and Contrasting Graphic Organizer. http:// www. magistrate. This contain s a PowerPoint presentation about Literary www. This website contains the Literary Eleme nts Learning Module for English . Religious Education Module.Grade 8 3 . These websites offer reviews about Koreans  most contemporary books / novels.wordpress. http://www. No!.htm. Zong.wordpress. and http: // www. Skill Builders for English Proficiency. This contains the summary of Th e Tale of Ch’unhyang. Kwon Shin-ah jaypsong.kimskorner4teachertalk.. An Introduction to Korean Literature (1970). http://instrok.

edu/wellerw/transitionaldevices. Learning Module for English . And. http://www. In this This is titled Heejun Good Day New Yo rk Interview.about. www.readingquest. This is an interview of a Korean la wyer. http://www. http://7-12educators. http://www. http://www. This contains an organizer that hel ps students do the Questioning the Author. the objec tives of the speaker and his/her attitudes towards issues (Listening Comprehension) Note clues and links to show the speakers stand and assumption (List ening Comprehension) Listen for clues and links to reveal the speakers’ train of thoughts (Listening . This contains the you will learn the following: Determine the persons being addressed in an informative talk. This website contains the chart that can help st udents write important details from their interview. This contains information about writi ng a character This contains a PowerPoint pres entation about cohesive remember to search the answers for the following focus questions: What does literature reveal about Asian and African character? To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson. In this lesson. This website features An Intervi ew With a Korean-American on Cultural Differences.pdf.Solu tion Chart 8 3 . you will find out how critical understanding and appreciation of Afro-Asian literary selections can help recognize the temperaments (prevailing or dominant quality of mind that characterizes somebody) and psyche (human spirit or soul and mind) of your Asian and African neighbors in their response t o the challenges of modernity.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 331 Have you ever felt so down that you almost wanted to give up? How did you cope with the challenges that came into your life? Have you ever wondered how others overcome challenges? You are not it is possible to overcome these from the literary selections of Burma or This contains the Opinion .Proof Graphic Organizer. http://www.engl. Everybody goes through difficulties. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills below and the lesson map.readingquest. Hence.

microfiche (microfilm). to me. turn-getting.Grade 8 3 . translations. vertical file. etc. and circumlocution) to repair breakdown in communication (Speaking .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 332 Utilize varied reading strategies (covert dialogue with the writer and the sectional approach) to process information in a text (Vocabulary Development) Identify propaganda strategies used in advertisements (bandwagon.Grade 8 3 . and fixed expressions (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Derive information from various text types and sources using the card catalog. creative) (Writing and Composition) Use varied adjective complementation (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Use appropriate idioms. transfer. including screenplays (Writing and Composition) Expand ideas in well-constructed paragraphs observing cohesion.) in extended conversations (Speaking . descriptive.Oral Language and Fluency) Use communication strategies (paraphrase. persuasive. collocations. repetition. Internet. emotional words) and consider these in formulating hypothesis (Vocabulary Development) Note expressions that signal opinions (seems. index.Comprehension) Determine the stand of the speaker on a given issue (Listening Comprehension) Use appropriate turn-taking strategies (topic nomination. (Study Strategies) On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Faith in Time of Challenges: Learning Module for English . coherenc e and appropriate modes of paragraph development (expository. as I see it) ( Vocabulary Development) Analyze the elements that make up reality and fantasy from a program viewed (Viewing Comprehension) Discover Philippine and Afro Asian literature as a means of expanding exp eriences and outlook and enhancing worthwhile universal human values (Literature) Assess the Asian and African identity as reflected in their literature and ones elf in the light of what makes one an Asian or African (through the different genres) (Lite rature) Use specific cohesive and literary devices to construct integrative li terary and expository reviews. critiques. to pic shift. testim onial. etc. narr ative. and scripts for broadca st communication texts. CD ROM. topic development. research reports.Oral Language and Fluency) Develop strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous sentence structu res and discourse (Vocabulary Development) Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary ( Vocabulary Development) Learning Module for English .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES .

To start the lesson.jpg supercoloring. look at these pictures. Burmese literature. answer the following questions: .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 334 Let us begin this lesson by reflecting on what you know so far about Asian and African literature.333 Guess Who? Snapshots Featuring: Aung San Suu Kyi Inbox (Map of Conceptual Change) CSI Form/Character Study of an Individual ComCon (Comparison and Contrast) KNOW Welcome to Burma aka Myanmar Introducing. write Learning Module for English . Let’s Talk about it Frequency Word List PROCESS Your Mission The F’s (Faith and Fight for Freedom) Frequency Word List Character Revelation Figure Soldier Simulation/ Role-play 3-2-1 (Map of Conceptual Change) PS at your Fingertips (précis/ summary) Lend me your Ears (editorial REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Outbox Lesson Closure Handing in your Evaluation Paper TRANSFER For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this les son.Grade 8 3 . the Burmese People One’s Vision (Complete Me) Bull’s I (Idiom) Odds on Ads (Advertisements) Listen and be Heard Think as a Butterfly Meeting You (Table) Literary Carousel Character Analysis Model I Draw The Propaganda Shout Out (Chart) Speak Up. Activity 1: GUESS WHO?/SNAPSHOTS PROCESS QUESTIONS: Cameracoloringpage. in Now.

1 Dagon) for much of her childhood i n Burma. She was appointed Burmese ambassador to India and Nepal in 1960. Suu Kyi s mother. After graduating. the family moved to a house by Inya Lake where Suu Kyi met people of very dif ferent backgrounds. What did they contribute in their countries? Provide examples. political views and religions. Aung San Suu Kyi A ung San Suu Kyi was born in Rangoon (now named Yangon).1. Politics and Economics in 1969. Khin Kyi. She is a Theravada Buddhist. founded the modern Burmese army and negotiated Burma s independence from the British Empire in 1947. primarily on budget matters. Aung San Lin died at age eight. why are they considered as heroes or icons? Learning Module for English . New Delhi and graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi with a degree in politics in 1964. California.A. Kim. when he drown ed in an ornamental lake on the grounds of the house. was born in 1977. she lived in New York City with a family fr iend and worked at the UN for three years. Subsequently . Do you know any of the people in the pictures? Give the names o f those whom you recognize.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 335 Activity 2: FEATURING: AUNG SAN SUU KYI Since you are already somewhat familiar with the above mentioned persons. Specifically. In 1972. and Aung San Suu Kyi followed her there. in London. Her elder brother emigrated to San Diego. he was assassinated by his rivals in the same year. University of London in . She grew up with her mother. living abroad in Bhutan. Her father. Alexander Aris. degree in Philosophy. Khin Kyi . she earned a PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies. their second son. 3. where she was noted as having a talent for learning languages. obtaining a B. Suu Kyi continued her ed ucation at St Hugh s College. Dr. she studied in the Convent of J esus and Mary School. 2. a scholar of Tibetan culture. Oxford. Aung San Lin and Aung San Oo . Aung San. gained prominence as a political figure in the newly formed Burmese government.Grade 8 3 . becoming a United States citizen. writing daily to her future husband. Michael Aris. and two brothers. She was educated in Methodist Englis h High School (now Basic Education High School No. Your teacher can read it through storyte lling while you read silently and follow. Aung San Suu Kyi married Aris. study more information about her from this short essay. in Rangoon. After Aung San Lin s dea th. wherein one is Aung San Suu Kyi. The following year she gave birth t o their first son.

the Burmese government would not grant Aris a visa . who live in the United Kingdom. Aris  visit in Christmas 1995 turned out to be the l ast time that he and Suu Kyi met. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . She also worked for the government of the Union of Burma. She used candles at night as she was not provided any generator set. Aris was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1 997 which was later found to be terminal. Name of Character Personality Traits Actions which Support Traits Illustration by: Amarjeet Malik 1. which can be folded in accordion style. saying that they di d not have the facilities to care for him. after Cyclone Nargis hit Burma. find a partner and fill out the CSI form based on her backgro und information. but starting in 2011. __________________ 4. Aris died on his 53rd birthday on 27 March 1999.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 336 In 1988 Suu Kyi returned to Burma. when his wife was f irst placed under house arrest. in class for interactive discussion. [26] For two years she was a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) in Shimla. they have visited her in Burma. the last of which was for Christmas in 1995. __________________ 3. Be ready to share your output.1985. __________________ 5. India. as she did not trust the military junta  s assurance that she could return. at first to tend for her ailing mother but la ter to lead the pro-democracy movement. including the United States. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Pope J ohn Paul II . Since 1989. On 2 May 2008. __________________ 2. Plans to renova te and Activity 3: CSI (CHARACTER STUDY OF AN INDIVIDUAL) Then. Suu Kyi lost the roof of her hous e and lived in virtual darkness after losing electricity in her dilapidated lakeside r esidence. as Suu Kyi remained in Burma and the Burmese dictatorship denied him any further entry visas. She was at that time temporarily free from house arrest but was unwilling t o depart. and instead urged Aung San Suu Kyi to leave the coun try to visit him. She was also separated from her children. __________________ . fearing that she would be refused re-entry if she left. She was elected as an Honorary Fellow in 1990. Despite appeals from prominent figures and organ izations. he had seen her only five times.

L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 337 IN THE BOX I Think… Activity 5: COMCON (COMPARISON AND CONTRAST) Feel free to exchange information with your classmates and take turns by comparing and contrasting your ideas using the graphic organizer below.. Beforehand. As you compare. Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts regarding Burmese literature focusing on the temperaments and psyche of the people of Burma in their Take note of the words used in context that you will encounter in reading the informative text. you will also learn other concepts which will help you complete the required project. extant specimen dedicatory inscriptions eloquent poems Buddhist piety educated courtiers panegyric odes letter of an abbot . This time. you gave your initial ideas on the focus questions and Burmese literature. __________________ Relate the previous activities to the focus questions: 1. __________________ 2.smsd. go over the example given done in acrostic: Frequency Word List a.A MYANMAR www.jpgteacherchallenge.pdf . Your teacher can use the manual way or refer to this website for examples and instructions: Activity 6: WELCOME TO BURMA A.K. you will write on the “I Think” section of IN THE BOX.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 338 As a review.edublogs.United States wordle-znjcxc. f. do the unlocking of difficulties through For the manual way. __________________ 5.Grade 8 3 . c. e. This project is about an evaluation paper of a program viewed.1. Make sure you connect it with the literature of Burma/Myanmar and Burmese Learning Module for English .. For this part. wherein you will be giving your personal ideas and opinions about the focus questions. refer to the map of conceptual change on the next page. let us find out how others would answe r the questions and compare their ideas to your own. What does literature (Burmese) reveal about Asian and African character? Activity 4: INBOX Now.Grade 8 3 . Graphic Organizers Comparison & Contrast www.slideshare. b. __________________ __________________ 3. g./graphic-organizers-comparison-contrast-6865 Learning Module for English .

The wr iters also used the “mixed style” or prose and poetry together. Poetry was varied: there were historical ballads. The Ma yazedi inscription (A. and court poetesses. Modern fiction began with the novel. a classical nov el. Over a thousand such dedicatory inscriptions were set up in the next 700 years. Learning Module for English . and the Myil-Ta-za. the pyo (Buddhist story in verse). ending with a prayer for the donor and his friends. and the ya-du (poems of love or nature). a letter of an abbot to the king. Foreign literature. 1113) is the earliest extant specimen of Burmese literature. palm-leaf (scratched with a stylus) and folded-paper literature became common. In the fifteenth century up to the nineteenth century. mostly Buddhist script ures and chronicles of kings. formerly Burma. educated c ourtiers. foreign literature was transplanted Eloquent M O T I O Include the said words in your frequency word list. containing eloquent poems and pr ayers of poetic merit. With the founding of the University of Rangoon in 1920 came an increase in outpu t of Burmese literature. Prose works during this period were few. Respond also to the enumerated questions and use this as a 1. Burmese has gradually replaced English as the me dium of Activity 7: THINK AS A BUTTERFLY Pair up with another partner THINK AS A BUTTERFLY and fill up the butterfly organizer on main idea with supporting details based from the same text. With independence in 1948. has a long history. a serio-comic epic.D. especially English works.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 339 Read the text below about the literature of Myanmar and answer the activity English Communication Arts and Skills through Afro-Asian Literature THE LITERATURE OF MYANMAR The literature of Myanmar. panegyri c odes.h. What does prose usually contain? How about poetry? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ . was tr ansplanted. Examples of this are the Yagan. I t narrates the dedication of the Golden Buddha by a prince and the gift of slave-villages to th e image. Such works were filled with Buddhist piety and courtly refinement of language. An example is Tet-Pon-gyn.Grade 8 3 . The authors were monks.

designing the edges and the like and post ayearofmanyfirsts. inexhaustible j. c. meaning. Activity 8: INTRODUCING. Your teacher can do this through text twist. L2 Activity 10: MEETING YOU One of your classmates or a representative to follow. inevitables fleeting transitory amass insatiable f.2. THE BURMESE PEOPLE… Frequency Word List a. d. how they were used in the text. e. b. including their temperaments and To continue. How does their literature reveal the character of the Burmese people? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . What can you say about Burmese literature? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 3. What is considered as the first example of Burmese literature? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 4. wallow will read the said speech for you members and assign each to iden in presenting your output. here is a written copy of a speech for more information about the Burmese people. look for the functional definitions of the words below.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 340 Make your organizers creative by coloring.blogspot. Why is the founding of the University of Rangoon very significant in their l iterature? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 5. rampant i.Grade 8 3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 341 Evils that Plague Humanity Effects on the Lives of People Inevitables in Life . utilitarian g. Form groups with five (5) tify what are asked from the table. Be creative Learning Module for English . For the unlocking of difficulties. exploit h.Grade 8 3 .

and everybody had a right to use them for his own benefit. They forget that this life is not even one millionth part of the whirlpool of Samsara (the cycles of r ebirth). we can not escape the three inevitables: old age. fragrant smell. This insatiable greed for wealth results in the profit motive which is not direc ted toward any utilitarian purpose. ON THE THREE EVILS Humanity has been led astray by three evils – greed. Human society was split into two classes: Haves and Have-nots. But with the adv ent of the profit motive these commodities became objects of exploitation.How Science Conquers each Statements that Indicate Reality (actual. and death. This led to the following phenomena: 1. Animists. Muslims. 2. or Atheists. imagination) 1. the poor became poorer because they could not get adequate returns for their work. They had to resort to evil ways like stealing. Most of them live in villages and work as farmers. savory taste. Hindus. and nice touch – are only fleeting phenomena. The people of Myanmar are peace-loving and hardworking. Nobody can deny that the five se nse objects – pretty sight. Whether we are Buddhists. 3. and go on amassing wealth even though it never brings them full satisfaction. They became in struments of wealth and stimulus for greed. 2 3. Christians. Nor can anybody deny that property is transitory: no one can carry away his prop erty after death. They are neither lasting nor permanent. disease. . Men have been chasing these transitory pleasures with a dogged tenacity mainly because they hold false views regarding property. and thus the evil system of exploitation of one class by another emerged. exists) and Fantasy (dream. This speech of then Prime Minister U Nu serves to remind the Myanmar people to pursue peace and unity among them. Once upon a time all commodities were common property. The Have-nots had to depend on the Haves for their living. With class exploitation. delightful sound. hatred and ignorance.

looting. Disease was comparatively unknown. Can you still lead a simple life today even amid the ongoing tec hnological advances? Elaborate. and food. however. 4. Then a class of people who could not afford to eat well. besides satisfying the needs of ever ybody. Zeros ever progress? It is evident that most of the evils in the world can be traced to the advent of the profit motive. and there was no crime. and the process goes on ad infinitum. fra me of Learning Module for English . 4. Under the system of class exploitation.” . But greed comes in the way. How can the Have-nots care for education with their hard struggle for a bare living? Lack of education breeds an ever-increasing band of ignoramuses and Mr. The poorest of the poor wants to become rich. 5. Spurred on by greed. and crime became rampant. and disease is the inevitable result. Now I ask you to think of the Padaythabin as the natural wealth of our country. Do you remember the legend of the Padaythabin (the tree of fulfillment) we heard as children? According to the legend. If only this natural wealth is used for the common g ood of mankind it will be inexhaustible. 6.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 342 English Communication Arts and Skills through Afro-Asian Literature mind. What lesson does the legend of the Padaythabin tree teach the Burmese? 2. the people fell victim to greed and spoiled the tree of fulfillment which eventually disappeared. weather. The Lord Buddha has taught us that there are four causes of death: kamma. How can a country abounding in ignoramuses and Mr. What does this excerpt reveal about the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese? 3. dress well. how can the Hav enots enjoy good food and protect themselves from extremes of weather? Can there be any sense of happiness or contentment for them? Can even a good kamma favor one who is cheerless? Thus one who is born into the class of Have-n ots is handicapped in all the above four factors.Grade 8 3 . p eople are apt to Activity 10: LITERARY CAROUSEL Likewise. the rich want to become richer. “Live simply so that others may simply live. I n course of time. Explain the line. There was no problem of food or clothes or housing. Zeros. and prostitution. 1. have your own literary circle where each member will take turns in answering the questions or explaining any of the following statements. or live well appeared. there was once a time when men and women c ould get whatever they wanted from the Padaythabin tree. both above and under the ground.

You will have the unlocking o f difficulties through word match play. wherein one set includes words to be defined and the other fo r definitions. Listen to your teacher read the said poem or its recorded version. what would you teach your children to make sure that they do not grow up to be greedy people? *Questions Adopted from English Communication Arts PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 343 Activity 11: ONE’S VISION (COMPLETE ME) Let us at the same time.5.Grade 8 3 . If you were a parent. have poetry from Burma. Representatives/Volunteers from your class match the words with their fleeing foraging despair battered gloominess concepts vision vast spacious lotus Frequency Word List Activity 12: CHARACTER ANALYSIS MODEL Form triads. Then. Your teacher will distribute stri ps of paper. read the copy of the poem for the second time and answer the Character Analysis Model based on the questions. post your output VISION by Feraya A country of great beauty People so gentle and kind There is also ugliness And cruelty Fleeing and hiding And foraging for food To survive Our people are in pain Suffering like no hell on earth Darkness and despair Surround them And freedom is out of reach Beaten and battered by life Death and diseases Swallowed up by gloominess And bitterness How can they carry on? Each of us has a role to play To help our countrymen Not by hatred and blame Not by giving false hope Or ideas Or concepts But to see the big vision A vision that’s not small or limited .

give at least 10 examples of idioms that you know or use. Make sense of the one you have. With this. T h e B u rm e se u se it to e xp re ss th e ir re se n tm e n t. What are idioms or idiomatic expressions? Idioms or idiomatic expressions are words. Bones Will Crow: An Insider s View . phrases or expressions which are commonly used in everyday conversation by native speakers of Engli sh and usually figurative.Grade 8 3 .Arc Publications Blog vision that’s vast and spacious So that Burma’s people may rise up Like a beautiful lotus From a muddy pond.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 344 What does he/ she think? What does he/she see? What does he/ she say? What does he/ she hear? How does he/ she feel? How does he/ Reflect on the activity in relation to the Burmese people in their r esponse to the challenges of modernity.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 345 Yes. th e re se n tm e n t a g a in st in ju stice .’ B o n e s w ill C ro w m e a n s ch icke n co m e s h o m e to ro o st — w h a te ve r yo u g ive . an excerpt from a post/blog. yo u g e t b a ck. these are examples of idioms. Activity 13: BULLS! Here is another text.Grade 8 3 . Learning Module for English . What are they called? Bones Will Crow: An Insider s View (An Excerpt) Posted by Arc. M y e a rs h a ve b e e n ta m e d . T o b e h o n e st I d id n o t fi n d it ve ry ta ste fu l w h e n I h e a rd it fo r th e first tim e . 17th October 2012 B o n e s w ill C ro w co m e s fro m M o e Z a w ’s p o e m M o o n le ss N i g h draw or illustrate its meaning at the back and present it as a pop up like the one below.arcpublicaons. Activity 14: I DRAW As a follow up. Sin ce th e n I h a ve a cq u ire d a ta ste fo r B o n e s. C o -e d ito rs ko ko th e tt a n d J a m e s B yrn e th o u g h t th e B u rm e se id io m fittin g fo r th e ir a n th o lo g y o f ‘1 5 C o n te m p o ra ry B u rm e se P o e ts. Here are additional Give me a hand . Read orally and take note of the underlined phrases.php?blog_id=166 Learning Module for English . M y lip s g o t u se d to sa yin g it. your teacher will distribute flash cards with idioms written on it.

Grade 8 3 . though they have th e added burden of maintaining an identity within a politically repressive and highly media-control led society.wordpress. Though some actors h ave used their fame to voice criticism against junta policies. What are these examples? You are Activity 15: ODDS ON ADS Your teacher will show different pictures of products or services and relate to the images and text below. The localness of famous people in Learning Module for English .Hit the books Keep an eye on you You re pulling my leg Cat s got your tongue Zip your lip Cold turkey Wear your heart on your sleeve In the doghouse When pigs fly Put your foot in your mouth On pins and needles I ll be there with bells on Bite off more than you can chew Toss your cookies PopUpNoteCard.JPGfavecrafts. The pictures. and an opportunity to further promote their brand image. where they may find it difficult to maintain anonymity. most see advertising i n practical terms of maintaining a career. cultural and political function s. in some of the few middle class (by Burmese standards) suburbs. In Burma their social and cultural roles are no different. in this sense. Many live near the relatively small Yangon CBD. images and copy are considered as advertisements. In this environment. gives their patronage an extra sense of f amiliarity in . What do you think are applied in advertising so that consumers will buy products or avail of its services? Why are consumers adaccessbh0690med1. It is not uncommon see singers and actors in the street. advertising provides celebrities with a short-term financial r eward. during social encounters or even whilst they are shooting a new TV commercial.jpgthe 60sofficialsite.jpegillinoispixels.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 346 LUXURY PAINT AND PVC PIPING Celebrities perform a range of different Burma_Shave_slogans.

in texts. our.Grade 8 3 . my. Repetition .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 347 i. © 1993-2008 Microso Corporaon. Glamour and Ordinariness – Actress Htet Htet Moe Oo singing the praises Activity 16: THE PROPAGANDA Well. for instance that. their. many. those. Basic Propaganda Strategies 1. few. or show possession such as your. Propaganda can be utilized too. some. heavy tanks.words that will make a consumer feel strongly about someo ne or something are used. What words or part of speech were/was utilized in the advertisements? Propaganda publicly to promote something: information put out by an organization or government to promote a policy. On the other hand. or be interrogative. some give physical descriptions like big. whole or ideal impossible others are indefinite and include all.e. Burmese celebrities promoting brands 3. What propaganda strategies were used in the advertisements? 2. http://modernhumorist.when a product is sold by the name or picture of a famous person or thing but no words from the said person or thing 4. his. from the examples.persuading consumers by telling them that others are doing the s ame thing. Burmese and advertising Adjective Complement Clause or phrase that adds to the meaning of an adjective or modifie . All rights reserved.advertising work. passages or even literary selections. Testimonial . 4. jaws as smooth as guys Adjectives add to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun can be articles like “a” “an” and “the”.when the product’s name is repeated at least four times in the ad 5. or its tell us more about the noun or pronoun. what.e.when a product is sold by using words from famous people or au thority figures. or cause misleading publicity: deceptive or distorted information that is systema tically spread Microso® Encarta® 2009. or several also. Emotional Words . Would you buy the said products? Why/Why not? Provide reasons. what. How were they integrated in the ad copies? 3. or thes e. idea. Bandwagon . where.cfm Adjectives and Complements i. 2. or why some modify by comparing. richer. Transfer . focus your attention on propaganda and propaganda strategies in tough-whiskered yanks. adjectives Answer the following questions: 1. Learning Module for English . old or brown others consist of beautiful.

yourdictionary.e. 5. adjective complement always follows the adjective it complements and it is a no un clause or a prepositional phrase a. “I need a ride to Myanmar” What Is an Adjective Complement?grammar. Learning Module for English . that he is happy.e. We were shocked by the news. I am happy they got married. i. an object of a verb or preposition. 2. An obj ect complement is a word. it can be the s ubject of a sentence. 8. › Adjectives Subject and Object Complement: 1. It was wrong of her to go. and where the Burmese went › .e. 9. Christmas cookies smell delicious.. i. We are all afraid that the storm will be severe.Grade 8 3 . 2. The boss was anxious to promote sales. Prepositional phrase starts with a preposition and modifies nouns and verbs i. “It came with the ad”. or clause that follows a linking verb and describes the subject. Are you afraid of spiders? 4. What Is an Adjective Complement?grammar. Noun clause is simply two or more words that act like a noun. She was hesitant to tell her parents. Examples of Adjective Complements Noun Clause and Prepositional Phrase: 1. Identify the adjective complements i n the sentences.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 348 Let us have examples for drill or exercise. what you see.yourdictionary. or they can complement a subject or adjective i. › Adjectives Subject Complement Adjectives and adjective phrases function as subject complements. 6. I was delighted that she was chosen. phrase. The patient appears dehydrated and feverish.. phrase. My puppy is very mischievous.e. J udeo-Christians consider J erusalem holy. 11. The apple pie you made tastes sour. or clause that directly follows and des cribes the direct object. I am curious what color it is. Object Complement Adjectives and adjective phrases function as object complements. › .s it. 7... He is likely to be nominated. The child was eager for Christmas to arrive. 3. 3. . A sub ject complement is a word.

Show outputs in class through a gallery walk of life-like ad displays. The British are fond of fish and chips. The preschoolers are coloring the trees purple and blue.4. 8.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 349 Activity 17: LISTEN AND BE HEARD Listen to this blog entry that will be read by one of your classmates a nd take down notes. 10. Next to that. identify the propaganda devices and adjective or adjective complementati ons used. 7. Speaker Person being Addressed Objectives of the Speaker Speaker’s Attitudes towards Issues Propaganda Strategy Used Learning Module for English . The jury declared the defendant guilty. Studying grammar makes me happy. The little girl painted her bedroom bright pink. Learning Module for English . We voted her entry most original. 6. 9.Grade 8 3 . 5. Present outputs by posting these around the classroom. Activity 18: SHOUT OUT! Brainstorm by pairs then refer to your notes to fill out the information being asked. search for five other advertisements from newspapers and magazines .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 350 .Grade 8 3 . My grandmother was rather forward thinking.

together with other members will conduct a talk show regarding the blog entry heard.Activity 19: SPEAK UP. possibly. You. sometimes. Your teacher can also furnish a copy for your reference. How much of your initial ideas are found in the discussio n? . opinion or mental image of somebody or something) on the literature of Myanmar and the Burmese people. always Activity 20: FIRST IMPRESSIONS… Based on the given texts. everyone. passages or literary selections that you have read and heard. write your impression/s (a lasting effect.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 351 In this section. that is. you will be grouped once again into eight (8) with 5 members each. everybody. no one. Go back to the previous section and compare your initial ideas with the discussion. seem (s). many people believe. might. probably. Assign speakers who will share their ideas and opinions using signal Opinion Signal Words *may. could. often.Grade 8 3 . Refer to the template with the possible prompts provided. I think. Learning Module for English . ought. the discussion focused more on the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese people in their response to the challenges of modernity. Remember to develop y our paragraphs observing the main idea and supporting details integrating a ny mode My First Impression I was ableto/Theliteratureof Myanmar/TheBurmesepeople… ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ Reflect on the focus questions. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT In here. it is believed. the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese people in their response to the challenges of modernity. usually.

e. g. c. Read the poem orally as a class. go deeper by Your goal in this section is to take a closer look at some aspects of the topic on the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese people in their response to the challenges of Here is another poem for you to reflect upon. f. How would you feel under similar conditions? 6.Which ideas are different and need revision? Now that you know the important ideas about this topic. have the game word auction.” 7.Grade 8 3 . d. h. If you have Activity 21: THE F’S (FAITH AND FIGHT Frequency Word List a. what is happening in his/her country Burma? 2. Your teacher will post phrases from the poem and will ask the class if any of you knows the italicized words to be defined. According to the speaker in the poem. How does this poem show the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese people in their response to the challenges of modernity? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . golden spires saffron prayers only callousness and betrayal stillness of their gaze novice monk’s robe serene downcast eyes ceremonial finery anger is fiercer 1. “Prayer for Burma”? 5.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 352 Do you recall the land of golden spires? Where morning bells are answered with murmurs of saffron prayers And the silence of bare feet echoing their innocence In a land overwhelmed by evilness and greed A message of hope for hearts in deepest despair In a language of love for a people enduring only callousness and betrayal As their Meta Sutra chants rose high up above Reflecting in the stillness of their gaze You can see great courage and dignity in the eyes of Burmese monks I remember the summer a lifetime ago When your soft hair was shaved and the first time you wore your Thin-gann the novice monk’s robe And your beautiful boyish face was full of determination With serene downcast eyes . What was the role of the monks in the fight for freedom? 4. What does this quotation from the poem mean: “We shall never forget our monks who were at the forefront of our march for freedom. What can be done to attain peace and freedom? 3. Why is the poem entitled. For the unlocking of difficulties. b.

Grade 8 3 . As the Mingaladon market was an army market. you read poems. You will win in the end There is nothing to stop your spirit and your hope No one can silence your prayers for peace and freedom in Burma We shall never forget our monks who were at the forefront of our march for freed om. poetry and politics Looking to find answers for your people’s suffering Since last September The war against evil has only just begun And I know that you will fight on I am quite sure that Your prayer will be answered Your hopes will come true And your fight will be won Not because Your anger is fiercer And your power mightier Or their hatred more bitter But because Your cause is just Your prayers are sincere Prayer for Burma by May Ng Learning Module for English .L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 353 Earlier.After shedding Shinlaung’s ceremonial finery You remained a Buddhist monk To devote your life to your people and your religion I also remember the dark winter nights When you stayed up late studying Buddha’s scripture. L in Aung helped his mother in the shop during his school holidays. where she sold slippers. It was m ore crowded on Sundays. . Activity 22: YOUR MISSION The Country’s Good Son by Minn New Thein Lin Aung’s mother had a shop in the Mingaladon market. Burma Digest Afterwards. you will be grouped into two: one will deliver the poem in a simple speech choir or choral reading and the remaining group will have it in a r ap presentation or creative jazz chant with choreography. now we have the story The Country’s Good Son. Many soldiers could be seen moving about busily. soldiers could be seen shopping there daily. Read the said text silently.

It was Sunday. who walked away. I will try to be a good son of the country like you. These young men were the country’s good sons who were protecting the country from its enemies. the one left in the shop will becom e useless. “Why should we be sad?” the first you ng man smiled. “Don’t you feel sad that you have only one leg?” Lin Aung as inquisitive and asked them. how could he sell the left side? And why did he want only one slipp er? “You can’t do that.Grade 8 3 . When I grow up. “How much a re these slippers. Only then did Lin Aung understand. The two young soldiers told Lin Aung that they p lanned to work in the disabled soldiers’ cooperative shop. 9?” A young man. “I respect you and honor you. but I want only the right side. “Yes. He had another young man with him. They were buying and sharing one pair of slippers. You good sons of the country are the jewels of our country. “We admire your intention. Quickly Lin Aung took a pair of ‘Sinkye’ No. Soon.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 354 proud to lose a leg in protecting our country. “We are soldiers who offered even our own lives for our country.” The two young soldiers smiled to hear Lin Aung’s words. and gave the left side slipper to th e young man who had come with him.” “Can I take only the right side slipper and pay you ten Kyats and fifty pyas?” The young man’s question made Lin Aung’s eyes become wide. and second young man had a false right leg. and Lin Aung was sitting in front of the shop. and they each had a leg missing. north from south. They were wasting their lives and killing themselves. . wearing trousers. The y were very different from the young drug addicts about whom he had often r ead in the newspapers. 9 slippers and showed them. Lin Aung was sorry to see the condition of the two young men. entered and asked him. If he sold only the right side. The first young man asked Ling Aung for the slippers. If I sell only the right side. and another who wanted only the left side. So everything was all right because there was one who wanted only th e right side.” When Lin Aung heard the first young man’s answer. Their aims and intentions were as different from those of the addi cts as east from west. Although these young men had one leg mis sing. “Younger Brother. Elder Brother. they still wanted to serve their country. do you have real ‘Sin-kye’ No. he respected them.” Lin Aung was left behind. limping. the young man came back. We are Learning Module for English . The first young man had a false left leg. Young Brother?” Twenty -one Kyats. The y were quite young. Then he nodded with satisfaction. looking at the back of the young man. He lifted the leg of his trouser and put on the slip per. I’ll go and look for a partner. But wait.

defend your answers in front of the class. Activity 23: CHARACTER REVELATION FIGURE Which character do you like best? Why? Which character experiences personal change from beginning How did the story reveal the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese people in their response to the challenges of How do you think this situation could apply to Filipino soldiers? Give reasons. your leader and members will label the Character Revelation Figure by answering the questions.Our country’s future will really be bright if there were more young people in our country with the same aim and intention as yours.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 355 Groups 3 and 4 will be in charge of the Frequency Word List with members replacing the underlined words or phrases accordingly in the paragraphs from each pair from the options.” Do the following exercises by groups (six). For groups 1 and 2. we will go now. Why should we be sad? We are soldiers who offered even our own Present your work and . Share answers with the other groups for Activity 24: FREQUENCY WORD LIST 1. All right. ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 .

Sample Paragraph Teaching is the noblest of professions.lives for our *Questions/Activities Adopted/Modified from Literature in Focus II Learning Module for English . salute b. They were very different from the y oung drug addicts he often read about in the newspapers. admiration. problem d. would gladly die. a contrast to. A teacher has a sacred duty to pe rform. Besides a teacher always remain young. a. to lose our lives 2. You good sons of the country are the jewels of our country. Apart from developing their intellect. a far cry from c. When I grow up. retrosoldiersilhouettethumb3376569. to lose our limbs. Lin Aung felt respect for both of them. remaining neat and clean. descriptive. Try to come up with another point of view or varied interpretation. purity and rigid discipline can successfully cultivate these habits in his pupils.Grade 8 3 . These virtues are not easy to be imbibed. write a précis/summary of the above story by discussing comprehensively and identifying the proper paragraph development (expository. would fight gladly c. We are proud to lose a leg in protecting our country. he can inculcate in them qualities of good citizenship. a. Relate it to your previous writing activity on impressions and refer to the followi ng example. assets Activity 25: SOLDIER SIMULATION Groups 5 and 6 will simulate or role play in class the situation wherein the members will pretend to be Lin Aung while the others play or act out the roles of the two young soldiers. talking decently and sitting properly. hurting their lives 3.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 356 Activity 26: PS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS (PRECIS/SUMMARY) Individually. Th ere are . It is he on whom rests the responsibility of moulding the character of young c hildren. narrative. a. treasures. heroes c. patriots. gloomy b. satisfaction b. persuasive. but not in spite. and creative). They were wasting their lives and killing themselves. A précis or a summary is a short version of a passage containing only the main points and main supporting points. ruining their lives. I respect and honor you. Only he who himself leads a life of simplicity.jpgdreamstime. Perpetual contact with budding youths keeps him happy and cheerful. praise. I will try to be a good son of the country like you. These drug addicts were a burden to the country. He may grow old in age. disgrace. happy.

A teacher himself leading a simple . pure and disciplined life can mould the character of the young children and make them nea t and good mannered citizens.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 357 ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ You can double check your work using this checklist: . Besides he remains every young forgetting his own domestic worries in the constant company of the young. 5 quality precis writing samples | Articles | Knowledge Hub THE COUNTRY’S GOOD SON ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ Learning Module for English . but the delightful comp any of innocent children makes him overcome his transient moods of despair.moments when domestic worries weigh heavily on his mind.Grade 8 3 . Precis/Summary Teaching is the noblest profession.

. “It provide s students a chance to try out their own ideas. Music makes students smarter. Making music also lets children use thei r imaginations.. like paying attention. just like in your panel discussion. Fine Arts “Fine arts are important in the curriculum because of what they do fo r learning. arts consultant for the California State Department of Educ ation.T. the arts. At the same time.Grade 8 3 .” stated Patty unlike playing with video games and electronic stuffed animals.Revision Checklist Ask yourself the following questions: Is my précis/summary only one third of the original? Did I include all the main points? Have I left out the illustrations and less important ideas? Have I written clearly in my own words using synonyms for the author s words wh ere possible? Does my précis/summary accurately reflect the original in tone? Is my grammar and spelling correct? Précis/Summary member. For instance. Students would be much smarter if they had some music experience. In other words.A. and builds self-confidence. gives children something positi ve to do. Most students don’t have a chance to le arn music outside of school. you will listen and view a video clip of a speech de livered. scores./precis. should be part of every scho ol’s curriculum at every grade level.T. a study by the College Entrance Examination Board reported.” according to the October 1997 Californ ia Educator. verbal and 118 points high er in math. People develop all these skills when they le arn music. Take down notes and refer to these in writing your editorial article. and they get higher S. “Students with 20 units of arts and music scored 128 points higher on the S.htm Activity 27: LEND ME YOUR EARS! On this part. and participating without interrupting. . you can use terms or expressions that signal opinions and consider the right paragraph An editorial article expresses an opinion about a current issue or topic. especially music. Learning Module for English .tokoha-u. The y would improve their classroom skills. and everyone deserves that opportunity.A. Music makes children well-rounded students.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 358 Musicians are also better in math. following directi” A Rockefeller Foundation study states that music majors have the highest ra te of admittance to medical school.

You can also refer to the TRAC format or graphic organizer in structuring your o utput. “It gives [students] self-confidence and a feeling of importance to have a skill someone appreciates.ccps. children can also be exploring a potential career. Opposition C-Conclusion Editorial Graphic Organizer Twww. music is important because it can make children better st udents. Making music is something for them to be proud of. review by listing down or filling out what are aske d and always connect everything with the focus questions. give them something positive to do. That is why music should be offered in every single grade in every school. the children who need music lessons the most usually don’t have access to them outside of schoo l. How do (Burmese) Asians and Africans respond to the challenges of modernity as reflected in their literary selections? In this section. and build their character. and it lets kids practice performing in front of an audience. Once again. the discussion was about the temperaments and psyche of the Burmese people in response to the challenges of modernity.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 359 Activity 28: 3-2-1 With this chart. children can be part of a band or choir instead of joining a gang. Editorial Graphic Organizer T-Topic Sentence Notes R-Reasons with Support A-Answer. As reported in the California Edu cator.” Music gives children an outlet for self-expression. and that helps develop their self-confid ence. students get to be part of a team. It gives children a sense of accomplishme nt and success.Music not only makes children better students but also gives them som ething positive to do. They are also learning how to accomplish something from b eginning to end and actually come out with a product that they can be proud of. In band. They can interact with old friends and make new friends through music. What does (Burmese) literature reveal about Asian and African character? 2. . While lea rning and making music.Grade 8 3 . In a music program. Unfortunately . Music builds self-confidence.pdf Learning Module for English . Parents can enjoy listening to their children’s music i nstead of seeing them glued to a computer or TV screen.

choose one as your basis and prepare to defend TASK An evaluation paper is a type of argument that includes evidence to justify a writer s opinions about a subject. Your task is to write an evaluation paper regarding a program viewed. and this relates to the concepts of epistemology. There were certain things that women were forbidden to do and similarly men could not partake in some of the ac tivities that were traditionally reserved for women. you are ready to do the tasks in the next section. Therefore. Anthropological evidence has revealed that e ven the humans and the hominids of ancient times had separate roles for men and women in their societies.Grade 8 3 . There will be a screening of video clips to guide you and choices of topics for you to write on. Learning Module for English . This has given birth to t he gender role stereotypes that we find today. and this could be said to be the same f or men. Evaluation Essay on Gender in Advertising Gender differences and biases have been a part of the normal lives of huma ns ever since anyone can remember. The rubric for grading is provided here to remind you on how your work will be graded. These ideas have also carried on in the world of advertising and the differences shown between the males and the females are apparent in many advertisements we see today. Activity 29: HANDING IN YOUR Directions: Read the task below. many men are blamed for undermining wom en and stereotyping them for traditional roles.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 360 Your goal in this section is to apply your learning to real life situations. This leads to social constructionis m since the reality is not always depicted by what we see by our eyes. discuss and plan on how you will put up the exhibit. men are also stereotyped in many of their roles. This can have some ser ious . For example. You are invited by a state university for a possible scholarship and one of the requirements is to submit an evaluation paper regarding current events or social issues. In your group. although many differences occur now that have caused a lot of debate amon gst the people as to their appropriateness and have made it possible for us to have a stereotyping threat by which we sometimes assign certain qualities to certain people without thinking. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understandings in this lesson. These differences have been passed on to our current times.What new realizations do you have about the topic? What new connections have you made for yourself? Now that you have a deeper understanding of the topic. You can find an example here for reference.

Kreshel. as alluring sex objects. For example. The children also see these pictures and they are also the ones who create stereotypes in their minds about the different roles of men and women . “Within language.Grade 8 3 . To the extent that advertiser s prefer to speak to people in their own language. This is not right as it portrays women as the weaker sex. One s normative interpretation of these results depends on one s ideological perspective and tolerance for the pace of change. but some bias does turn up in the language of the ad. At the same time. being only good as objects. bias sneaks in through the use of idiomatic expressions ( man s best friend) and when the language refers to characters that depict traditional sex roles. the bias present in popular c ulture will likely continue to be reflected in advertisements” (Artz et al 20). This has led many to believe that most of the advertisements and their c ontents are sexist in nature.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 361 71-79). they are usually shown as the product users. All these facts combine to give result to the different public opinion that becomes f act for many of the members of the society. there is a tenden cy in many countries. Advertisements are greatly responsible for eliciting such views for the people of our society. including the United States. Their opinion and views are based more on the interpreta tion they conclude from the images that are projected in the media than by their observati . & Tinkham 40-51. bias is more evident in songs and dialogue than in formal speech or when pop ular culture is involved. Advertis ers can still reduce the stereotyping in ad pictures. and increase the amount of female speech relative to male speech. It has been noted by viewing various ads that women are shown as being more concerned about their beauty and figure rather than being shown as authorit y figures in the ads. even though progress is evidenced. Bellizzi & Milner Learning Module for English . Also. to portray women as being subordin ate to men. or as decorative objects. There has been a lot of attention given to the portrayal of gender in advertising by both practitioners as well as academics and much of this has been do ne regarding the portrayal of women in advertising (Ferguson.impacts on the society as people begin to stereotype the gender roles in reality . It is encouraging that the limited study of language in advertising indicates that the use of gender-neutrality is commonplace. many of the ads do not show gender biases in the pictures or the graphics.

Work Cited Artz. limited development of thesis.ons of the males and females in real life. not many details. 22. Munger.. logical sequencing. People. (2). Bellizzi. L. 1991. substantive development of thesis.. adequate range. J. not relevant to assigned topic or not enough to evaluate Organization 20-18 Excellent to Very Good: fluent expression. W. J. little substance. rather they should base their opinions on their own observation of how people interact toget her in the real world. therefore. This continues in a vicious circle as the media tries to pick up and project what the society thinks and the people in the society make their opinions based upon the images shown by the media. N. Journal of Advertising Research. “Gender positioning of a traditionally male-dominant product”. fill out this rubric yourself. mostly relevant to topic. Women and Language. should not base too much importance about how the media is trying to portray the members of the society. 31(3). & Milner.. Before you turn in the final draft. well-organized. Learning Module for English . A. What score w ould you give yourself and why? Student: ________________________________ Date: ________________________ Score Level Criteria Comments Content 30-27 Excellent to Very Good: knowledgeable..Grade 8 3 . 1999. “Gender Issues in Advertising Language”. and Purdy. inadequate development of topic 16-13 Needs Much Improvement: does not show knowledge of subject.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 362 Evaluation Paper/Evaluative Essay Rubric Directions: This rubric will be used to evaluate the final draft of your paper/essay. cohesive . succinct. ideas clearly stated/ supported. relevant to assigned topic 26-22 Good to Average: sure knowledge of subject. but lacks detail 21-17 Fair: limited knowledge of subject.

logical but incomplete sequencing 13-10 Fair: non-fluent. minor problems in complex constructions.17-14 Good to Average: somewhat choppy. word form mastery 17-14 Good to Average: adequate range. frequent errors of word/idiom form. limited support. meaning somewhat confusing or not understood Learning Module for English . but meaning understood 17-11 Fair: major problems in simple/complex sentences. choice. word form or not enough to evaluate Grammar Usage 25-22 Excellent to Very Good: effective. prepositions and/or fragments. usage. complex sentences. tense. ideas are confusing or disconnected. word order/ function. loosely organized. number. but simple sentence construction. occasional errors of word/idiom form. articles. several errors of agreement. few errors of agreement. word order. number. little knowledge of English vocabulary.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 363 Total Score: Score Level Criteria Comments 9-7 Needs Much Improvement: essentially translation. no organization or not enough to evaluate Vocabulary and Language Use 20-18 Excellent to Very Good: sophisticated range. articles. lacks logical sequencing and development 9-7 Needs Much Improvement: does not communicate. usage but meaning understood 13-10 Fair: limited range. but main ideas stand out. pronouns. idioms. choice. pronouns. word order/ function.Grade 8 3 . number. effective word/idiom choice and usage. . articles. prepositions 21-18 Good to Average: effective. prepositions. many errors of agreement. tense. pronouns. tense.

.. Ic)yo«.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 364 Comments: Activity 30: OUTBOX Let us go back to our box and finalize your map of conceptual change by finishing the “I Think” OUT OF THE BOX area.…………………. punctuation. many errors. but meaning understood 3 Fair: frequent errors of spelling. punctuation.. capitalization... J. paragraphing 4 Good to Average: some errors of spelling. paragraphing..Ovc kcq ídca vo. Learning Module for English . paragraphing. ToJ«q’. capitalization. or not enough to evaluate Rubric Adapted From: Reid. capitalization. ideas not understood or not enough to evaluate Mechanics 5 Excellent to Very Good: few errors of spelling. meaning confused or not understood 10-5 Needs Much Improvement: almost no mastery of sentence construction rules. typing is poor. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………. (1993). paragraphing.……………………………………………………………….. capitalization. poor typing. punctuation. do the lesson closure as a reflection.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 365 Activity 31: LESSON CLOSURE In summary. IN THE BOX I Think… PLEASE think outside ME I Think… OUT OF THE BOX Learning Module for English .... .Grade 8 3 . meaning confused or not understood 2 Needs Much Improvement: many errors of spelling...………….Grade 8 3 . Teaching ESL Writing. Review the focus questions. punctuation. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Regents.

Précis/Summary.…………………. phrase or expression which is commonly used in everyda y conversation by native speakers of English. Idiom. Opinion. A public announcement using the mass media. your task was to write an evaluation paper of a program viewed. Adjective Complement. It always follows the adjective it complements and it is a noun clause or a prepositional phrase Advertisement. A type of argument that includes evidence to justify a writer s opinions about a subject. µcc«u)c………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… A«mlcr kcq ídca………………………………………………………………………. Editorial Article. Fantasy. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………….Grade 8 3 .. Carry on! Learning Module for English .……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………TIí.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 366 Adjective. Set of words used in reading texts or selections for unlocking of difficulties or vocabulary building and development... ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………TIí.. íwpoy«¬t µcc«u)c…………. Ic)yo«………. IoJ«q’. wahcr. Frequency Word List. It means a dream or imagination. It expresses an opinion about a current issue or topic. How did you find the performance task? How did the task help you see the real world based on the topic? You have completed this lesson. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… In this section..l« .vw. It is figurative. opinion or mental image of somebody or something. í. This is a short version of a passage containing only th e main . A clause or phrase that adds to the meaning of an adject ive or modifies it. ……………………. Evaluation Paper/Evaluative Essay. It is a view or assessment about something.. Impression. A word. A lasting effect. The part of speech or word that modifies a noun or pronoun.

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co.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 368 2012 from http:/www. 2012 from http://blog. Retrieved November 5. (n.d.meritnation. 2012 from http://flowtv.).org/buddhism/sojong/Lyusha.html english-homework-help/33176-the-functions-ofadjectives-and-adjective-phrases/ Suu Kyi. (2012. 2012 from http:// Learning Module for English . (2012). The functions of adjectives and adjective phras es in English. Retrieved November 5. com/discuss/question/2463138 Amthor.html Platon. Aung San Suu 2010/09/27/adaccess-project/ Five Types of Propaganda Used in Advertising.November 23. (n. 2012 from http:// teacherchallenge. H. (2012.d. September 27).html Your Dictionary Grammar. (2012). wordpress. 2012 from http:// Burt. Retrieved October 23. (2012). (2011. (n. Retrieved November 23.blogspot. 2012 from http://www. April 2). H.your dictionary . October 22).d. February 9).html Burma Digest. 2012 from http:// gury. Retrieved October 23.hrw.php?blog_id=166 Pridemore.arcpublications.or. What’s the difference between Myanmar and Burma? Retrieved November 5. 2012 from http://www.). OCAL. What is an adjective complement? Retrieved December The 60s Official Site.orgfree. ( dthompso/exhib_ 03/tianaa/ propaganda. Stock Photography: . 2012 from http:// illinoispixels. Retrieved October 2012 from http:// Arc. 2012 from http://www. (2010.html King. A Magazine specializing in Human Right affairs of Burma.burmacenter . I remember back when…Retrieved November 5. (2012). Sojong. (2000-2012). 2012 from http:// www. Butterfly research. Free Tools Challenge #10: Word clouds with wordle. 2012 from http:/ / spoonful. Advertising and celebrity endorsement in Burma Andrew King / Consumer Research and Communications Consultant. 2012 from http :// ayearofmanyfirsts. 2012 from http://grammar. Retrieved November 5. May 7). Human Rights Watch. Ad*Access project. Retrieved December 3.d. (2012).htm Kadampa Retrieved November 5. M. March 26). 2012 from J anuary 14). (1996-2012).org/burma-defenders Carnival Carousel Coloring Page. Retrieved November 23. Retrieved October 23.favecrafts. Retrieved October 23. October 17).). Bones will crow: An insider’s view. A. 2012 from http:// hs.).Grade 8 3 . Retrieved October 23. (2008. (2010. Stick figure male clip art. ( / 04/02/free-tools-challenge-10-wordclouds-with-wordle/ Lyndsey.brighthubeducation. Retrieved November 11. (n. 2012 from http://www.clker. Retrieved November Digital Visual Resources and Tech Tips. Pop up note card.htm Opinion Signal Words. R.

(1996-2012).d. 5 quality precis writing samples. Retrieved December 3. 2012 from http://empoweredonlineentrepreneurs.). (2010-2012). 2012 from http://www. at a certain time.html Evaluation Essay on Gender in Advertising. (2012).Grade 8 3 . (2007. Write Source. Précis/Summary. E. October 9) typesofwriting/ Voaclips. 2012 from http:// Retrieved December 3. youtube.creative-writing-ideas-and-activities. (2011. 2012 from http:// 2012 from http:// misc. Retrieved November 5. Retrieved October 23. 2012 from http:// travel. Oras Na (Dedicated to the Burmese people). Muppet. (199-2012).teach-nology. 2012 from http:// Learning Module for English .nationalgeographic. Retrieved December 3.for Burma (Myanmar). 2012 from http://www. 2012 from Mofified with dren rights Retrieved November 5. 2012 from http://member. April 2).com/samples/ Myanmar (Burma).pdf The Evaluation Paper.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 370 Have you.L2 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 369 faculty. htm stock-photography-cartoon-soldierstanding-gun. 2012 from http://www. (2003-2012).com /watch? v=9iEWvhLC1Fs Mancraft123.Grade 8 3 . ( Virani.html J ess. March 29).tokoha-u. Retrieved December 3. September 27).. Retrieved November 23. Retrieved November 5. Learning Module for English .com/ how-to-write-an-editorial. (2012). 2012 from http://www.dreamstime . Teacher guide to different types of writing. Retrieved October 23. Retrieved November 5. Retrieved October 23. (2000-2012). ( Teachnology.Cartoon soldier standing with gun.). M.ccps. 2012 from http://www. ( How to Write an Editorial: Your Students Opinions Matter!(2009-2012). asked yourself how you are able to overcome trials and solve your personal problems? Have you ever wondered how people overcome challenges in their lives victoriously? Do you think it is possible to give answers to these questions from the literary . (n. Royalty Free Stock Images: Retro soldier silhouette. Retrieved October 23. Retrieved December (2012). 2012 from http://thecontemplative psyche.d.samford.-image-image22630222 Fat*fa* Retrieved November 5.).tailoredessays.html Editorial Graphic Organizer. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi s Victory Speech (English). Living a life out of the box. Retrieved November Core%20 Activities/academic_ writing/ precis.html Burma: Misc. The Contemplative Psyche: Freedom. 2012 from http://www. (n. 2012 from living-a-life-out-of-the-box/ Aung San Suu Communicative Writing. Image.

translation and circumlocution) to repair breakdown in communication (Speaking . seems. to pic shift. etc.selections of Saudi Arabia and Israel? In this lesson. paraphrase. the objectives of the speaker and his attitudes towards issues (Listening Comprehension) Listen to get different sides of social.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 371 approach) to process information in a text (Reading Comprehension) Employ approaches best suited to a text (Reading Comprehension) Examine for bias (Reading Comprehension) Develop strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous sentence structu res and discourse (Vocabulary Development) Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary ( Vocabulary Development) Compare and contrast one’s own television-viewing behavior with other vi ewer’s viewing behavior (Viewing Comprehension) . topic development. you will learn the following: Determine the persons being addressed in an informative talk. In this lesson. as I see it) (Rea ding Comprehension) Utilize varied reading strategies (covert dialogue with the writer and the sectional Learning Module for English . you will find out how critical understanding and appreciation f or Afro-Asian literary pieces can help you recognize the temperament and psyche of your Arab and Israeli neighbors in response to the challenges of modernity. pay close atte ntion to the expected skills below and the lesson map.g. Remember to search for the answers to the following questions: What does literature reveal about Arab and Israeli characters? How do Arabs and Israelis respond to challenges of modernity as To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson.g.Oral Language and Frequency) Develop strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous sentenc e structures and discourse (Vocabulary Development) Use collocations of difficult words as aids in unlocking vocabulary ( Vocabulary Development) Utilize varied reading strategies to process information in a text (R eading Comprehension) Distinguish between facts and opinions (Reading Comprehension) Note expressions that signal opinions (e.Grade 8 3 .) in extended conversations (Speaking . moral and economic issues a ffecting a community (Listening Comprehension) Use appropriate turn-taking strategies (topic nomination.Oral Language a nd Frequency) Use communication strategies (e. turn-getting.

(Writin g and Composition) Formulate correct complex and compound-complex sentences. etc. microfiche (microfilm). index.Grade 8 3 . Internet. Therefore. (Writing and Composition) Use in-text citation (Writing and Composition) Arrange bibliographic entries of text cited from books and periodicals. I Am I’ve Got that Feeling Hang on a Second. Learning Module for English . (Study Strategies) On the next page is the lesson map to guide you in Strength in Facing Challenges .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 372 Anticipation-Reaction Guide: Agree/Disagree Chart KNOW Post Viewing Activity It’s Clear to Me Distinguishing Fact from Opinion Facts and Opinions in Informative Writing Facts and Opinions in Persuasive Writing Frequency Word List: Burger Match! Plot Diagram Ali Baba Characters o T-Chart The Way I Understand It Hear the Voice of the Princess! I Think. (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Derive information from various text types and sources using the card catalog..Discover Philippine and Afro Asian literature as a means of expanding experienc es and outlook and enhancing worthwhile universal human values. (Lite rature) Respond to feedback on one’s paper in the revision process (Writing an d Composition) Use grammatical structure and vocabulary needed to effectively emphasize partic ular points. (Grammar Awareness and Structure) Formulate correct conditional statements. (Writing and Composition) Use quotation marks or hanging indentations for direct quotes. (Writing and Composition) Produce an e-journal of poetry and prose entries with emphasis on content and w riting style (Writing and Composition) Show respect for intellectual property rights by acknowledging citations made i n reports and researches. vertical file. CD ROM..May I Speak? In My Opinion Writing a Persuasive Essay: From Head to the Pen! Getting Fooled or Getting Wiser . (Literature) Identify oneself with the people of Arabia and Israel though literature taking note of the cultural differences so as to get the heart of problems arising from them.

Evaluate the accuracy of each statement by checking either Agree or Disagree column in the Activity 1: ANTICIPATION-REACTION GUIDE AGREE/DISAGREE Agree / Disagree Chart Before the Lesson Statements about Saudi and Israeli Literature After the Lesson Agree Disagree Agree Disagree 1. The period before the writing of the .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 373 For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this les son.Grade 8 3 . Read carefully each statement related to the personalities and the literature of the Arabs and Israelis. write Let’s begin by doing these sets of activities which will help you identify and explain the psyche and temperaments of the Arabs and the Israelis as revealed in the literary pieces.Persuasion and Propaganda Revising Persuasive Essay Different Yet Worth Embracing PROCESS Sentence Completion Skills at Work Visiting the Middle East Travelling with Ruth Character Analysis The Words Beyond My Thoughts Writing a Critical Review: Through My Lens Frequency Words List: The Frame of My Understanding From Simple to Complex Repairing Communication Breakdown Monitoring My Media Beaviors Writing a Blog: Getting Connected to Israel Research Work: A Gallery of My Fave Prose and Poetry Writing a Bibliography: From Where I Got My Favorites REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Review: Responding to My Favorites Keeping My Favorites: An eJournal Anticipation-Reaction Guide: Agree/Disagree Chart Lesson Closure: Reflective TRANSFER Learning Module for English .

take note of his gestures. Which statements did you disagree to? State your reasons.Grade 8 3 . religion and politics. . Hebrew and J ew are synonymous and can be interchangeably used in literature. keep in mind to answer the questions below: What are the psyche and temperaments of the Arabs as a people and of the Israelis as a people? How are these personality traits and characteristics revealed in their literary pieces? How strong are these Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts on the literature of Saudi Arabia. change to Persia 3.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 374 1. turn-taking strategies and propaganda devices in Exercise 1: Viewing Activity: Opening Speech” Islam Is The Solution!” Previewing Activity: 1. What personal encounter –actual experience or learning insight. The expansion of the Arab people in the 7th and 8th centuries brought them into contact with a variety of peoples who would affect their culture and the most significant of these was the ancient civilization of Israel. J ewish writers began to write in Hebrew in addition to their various national languages because Hebrew at that time was the language of the Holy Scripture.Qur an and the rise of Islam is known to Muslims as the period of ignorance. emotionally hardened. 2. The terms Israeli. 4. You are about to view a short speech delivered by a Muslim. Do NOT fill this up yet. 5. 2. This chart will be given back to you at the end of this lesson so that you can confir m or change your answers. observe the behavior of his audience. A key ingredient of the Israeli public persona is that J ews are tough. As you continue. Israelite. Which statements did you agree to? Can you state your reasons for your affirmation? What experiences or observations do you have that make you decide on those answers? 2. The right column of the Anticipation-Reaction Guide Chart will then be answered. and ruthless. Listen very attentively to the speaker.helped you in forming your judgment? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Let’s verify the accuracy of your claims as we continue with the lesson. informative speaking. Learning Module for English .

L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 376 1. Who speaks in the video? How credible is he to talk during the Peace Conference? 2. What countries in the world adopt Islam as a religion? 6.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 375 While Viewing Take note of every important detail in the video. How do you evaluate the speaker’s point of view? Was he able to convince PROCESS QUESTIONS: Activity 3: IT’S CLEAR TO ME Below are statements taken from the speech of Abdur Raheem McCarthy. include a short This site contains a short opening speech of Abdur Raheem McCarthy at the Peace Conference. Make sure you are able to iden tify the key points of the speech. What specific details are used by the speaker to substantiate each of his assertions? 4. when does misery start? How can Islam be the solution to the problems that beset the world? 3. Why do you think the speaker encourages his audience to adopt Islam? How do gestures or the intentional movements of the speaker’s body help him convey his message? 5. identify whether the sentence expresses a fact or an opinion. Activity 2: POST VIEWING ACTIVITY Reflect on your understanding of the speech by completing the activity sheet This video Learning Module for English . Write yo ur answer in the second column. According to the speaker.Grade 8 3 . I GOT IT RIGHT! Name: ______________________________ Date _________________ Grade & Sec: _________________________ Teacher _______________ Full Circle Call to Action Thesis Statement Learning Module for English . PICKING IT FROM THE SPEECH FACT OR OPINION WHY DID I SAY SO . McCarthy explains how Islam can be the solution for mankind. Click this link and view the short video : http://www. What are some of the nonverbal reactions of the audience? What personality traits does Abdur Raheem possess as reflected in his speech? What does his speech tell us of the Arab psyche? 7.Grade 8 3 .

4.1. 5. Activity 4: DISTINGUISHING FACT FROM OPINION Directions: Read each statement. 5. Wolves should be reintroduced to all U. Wolves are highly social animals with a pack structure based on dominance hierarchy. data.Grade 8 3 . 3. The Western economy is based on rebate or interest. Write FACT on the left if you can prove or disprove the statement with concrete evidence. The only way to true happiness and peace is through Islam. public lands that provide a large enough range to support a . records. Wolves are an endangered or threatened species in the lower 48 states because of deliberate and systematic extermination by humans. some statements are technically opinions. 2. but are based on STATEMENTS FACT or OPINION 1. Islam is not spreading as it should be because we are not implementing it in its proper form. Fifty-six percent of everyone jailed in America today is due to drug charges. does it turn into a fact? Learning Module for English . PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. If a statement of fact is untrue or false.S. You need to master this skill as you write persuasive articles later. How does a fact differ from an opinion? Can an opinion be proven? 3. statistics. Take time to answer the succeeding worksheet. Facts can be proven with evidence. What is a fact? How do you arrive at facts? 2. The problem of swine flu – the swine is one of the dirtiest animals in the face of the earth. Hone your skill in identifying facts from opinions. 2. photographs. Wolves and wolf hybrids are not wise choices as family pets. Look up words you don’t know. etc. Write OPINION if the statement is a belief or a position. 3.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 377 THE TWO TYPES OF STATEMENTS Opinions cannot be proven. if an opinion is believed by everyone. they can be supported by facts and other knowledgeable opinions. 4. Many tourists have reacted positively to the experience of seeing wolves in Yellowstone National Park. does it turn into an opinion? In the same logic. however. Remember. Is a fact the opposite of an opinion? 4.

L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 379 1. Captive breeding programs and Species Survival Plans are necessary to keep the red wolf (Canis rufus) and the Mexican wolf (a subspecies of Canis lupis) from 7. Wolves will return to their former habitats in northeastern states on their own if they are protected. Name ___________________________________ Date _________________________ Source: http://www. myths and legends that portray wolves in negative ways are harmful to children. you were writing a be your thesis down to one arguable . How important are facts in informative texts? Are opinions necessary in this type of writing? 2.kidsplanet.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 378 FACTS about Wolves __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Activity 5A: FACTS AND OPINIONS IN INFORMATIVE WRITING Can you write five fact statements about wolves? an informative paragraph. 10. myths and legends. Stories. 6. What does a persuasive text require of a writer? Why is a blend of facts and opinions necessary in this text type? PROCESS QUESTIONS: If you were writing topic sentence.Grade 8 3 .org/tt/wolf/languagearts/factopinion. Wolves are often portrayed as villains and savage predators in stories. 9.Grade 8 3 . Wolves sometimes kill livestock. A thesis statement is an opinion boiled OPINIONS about Wolves __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Learning Module for English .PDF Learning Module for English . your fact statement would be the Activity 5A: FACTS AND OPINIONS IN INFORMATIVE WRITING Can you write three opinion statements about wolves? If persuasive paragraph. 8. your opinion statement would statement.population.

begins to marry a succession of virgins only to execute eac h one the next morning. Scheherazade begins to tell the king a tale. the greedy Cassim marries a wealthy woman and becomes well-todo. He is shocked to discover that his brother s wife is unfaithful. you have to read Arab literature for you to know that its literature reflects the personality of her people and the characteristics of her culture. Simsim" ("Close Sesame"). curi ous about how the story ends. Scheherazade. It opens on the words "iftah ya simsim" (commonly written as "Open Sesame" in English). Read its prologue / introduction fi rst Exercise 2: Reading Arab Literature The Arabian Nights (Prologue) The main frame story concerns a Persian king and his new bride. as treasure home. Eventually the vizier. and the king. discovering his own wife s infidelity has been even more flagrant. Ali Baba enters the cave himself. cannot find any more virgins. the vizier s daught er. the mouth of which is sealed by magic. Shahryar.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 380 and takes some of the Ali Baba and his wife of gold coins. he has her executed: but in his bitterness and grief decides that all women are the same. On the night of the ir marriage.You have just learned the difference between fact s and opinions and their importance in writing informative and persuasive text types. offers herself as the next bride and her father reluctantly agrees. ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES A li Baba and his elder brother Cassim are the sons of a merchant. and he happens to overhear a group of forty thieves visiting their treasure store. is thus forced to postpone her execution in orde r to hear the conclusion. postpones her ex ecution once again. before she has a chance to dishonor him. eager to hear the conclusion. and seals itself on the words "Close. borrow his sister-in-law s scales to weigh this new wealth them. One day Ali Baba is at work collecting and cutting firewood in the forest. but does not end it. she puts a blob of wax in the scales to find out wha she is curious to know what kind of grain her impoverished . as soon as she finishes the tale. Learning Module for English . Below is an excerpt of the very famous “One Thousand and One Nights” or better known as “The Arabian Nights”.001 nights. When the thieves are gone. she begins (and on ly begins) a new one. The king.Grade 8 3 . whose d uty it is to provide them. The treasure is in a cave. Unbeknownst to t Ali Baba is using them for. So it goes on for 1. To help you learn more the psyche of the Saudi people. The king. The next night. After the death of their father. building on their father s business—but Ali Baba marries a poor woman and settles into the trade of a woodcutter.

loyal to her master. Ali Baba s rich and greedy brother. First. To her shock. Morgiana purchases medicines from an apothecary. Ali Baba brings the body home. who mentions that he has just sewn a dead man s body back together. she finds a gold coin sticking to the scales and tells her husband. and set out to track him down. realize that yet another person m ust know their secret. The Tail or is blindfolded again. Ali Baba and his family are able to give Cassim a proper burial without anyone asking awkward questions. they cannot identify the correct house and their leader in a furious rage. The Thieves find him there. When the forty Thieves return that night. telling him that Cassim is gravely ill. with the task of making others believe that Cassim has died a natural death. Cassim goes to the cave and enters with the magic words. the Th ief asks Baba Mustafa to lead the way to the house where the deed was performed. the Tailor stitches t he pieces of Cassim s body back together. but in his greed and excitement over the treasures. where he entrusts Morgiana. he forgets the magic words to get back out again. she finds an old Tailor known as Baba Mustafa who m she pays. kills the unsuccessful Thief. finding the body gone. The Thief marks the door with a symbol. Then. he memorizes every detail he can of the exterior of Ali Baba s needs to measure. . Ali Baba goes to the cave to look for him. Again Morgiana foils the plan by making sim ilar chips in all the other doorsteps. and finds the body. blindfolds. and kill him. the Thief has been seen by Morgia na and she. a clever slave-girl in Cassim s household. There. This time. a chunk is chipped out of the stone step at Ali Baba s front door. However. Cassim. Under pressure from his brother. When his brother does not come back. only this time. Realizing that the dead man must have been the Thieves  victim. overnight. Ali Baba is forced to reveal the secret of the cave. quartered and with each piece displayed just inside the entrance of the ca ve as a warning to anyone else who might try to enter. The Thieves. the leader of the Thieves goes and looks for himself. so that no one will be suspicious. and in this state he is able to retrace his steps and find th e house. The next day. and leads to Cassim s house. another Thief revisits Baba Mustafa and tries again. One of the Thieves goes down to the town and comes across Baba Mustafa. foils his plan by marking all the houses in the neighb orhood with a similar marking. The plan is for the other thieves to come ba ck that night and kill everyone in the house. At last. The second Thief is killed for his failure as well.

Each burger patty contains a word from the literary selection. they bury them and Ali Baba shows his gratitude by giving M orgiana her freedom. 2. one filled with oil. the Thieves p lan to kill him. bringing with him mules loaded with thirty-eight oil jars. To exact revenge.wikipedia. When their leader comes to rouse his men.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 381 Activity 6: FREQUENCY WORD LIST: BURGER MATCH! Let’s find out if you understood the selection “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” despite the presence of some difficult words. and escapes. Write its synonym on t he upper bun while the antonym on the lower bun. killing the thirty-seven Thie ves in their oil jars by pouring boiling oil on them. 1. what stopped you from pursuing? 2. 3. after some time the Chief of Thieves establishes hi mself as a Learning Module for English . 4. The next morning Morgiana tells Ali Baba ab out the thieves in the jars. Morgiana discovers and foils the plan. SYNONYMS ANTONYMS clumsy rich to close graceful bankrupt to open pharmacy to support to stop cemetery PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1.Grade 8 3 . In the table below are the synonyms as well as the antonyms of the words. h e discovers that they are all dead. who performs a dance with a dagger for the diners and plunges it into his heart when he is Source: http://en. Create your own veggie burger by matching the word with its synonym and antonym. En joy! seal awkward foil apothecary impoverish 5. the other thirtyseven hiding the other remaining thieves. and is invited to dinner at Ali Baba s house. What previous knowledge or encounter helped you in arriving at your answers? . Once Ali Baba is asleep. Work on this for three minutes. befriends Ali Baba s son (who is now in charge of the late Cassim s bu siness).The Chief of the Thieves pretends to be an oil merchant in need of Ali Baba s ho spitality. However the Thief is recognized by Morgiana. Were you able to finish the activity on time? If not. Again.

describe briefly the exposition. write his good qualities while at his left write his bad qualities.Grade 8 3 . In the spaces provided. Characters NAMES _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ . How many correct answers did you have? Learning Module for English . to include in the rising action. conflict. Write the name of the character at the center.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 383 Activity 8: ALI BABA CHARACTERS ON T-CHART Enumerate both the major and the minor characters in the selection.Grade 8 3 . Make sure to explain briefly why you consider such attributes good or bad. At its right. the key events that build _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ Exposition Conflict Resolution Denouement Climax Rising Actions Falling Actions Name ____________________________ Date ____________Score___________ Learning Module for English .3.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 382 Activity 7: PLOT DIAGRAM Use the plot diagram below to chart the plot of the drama selection “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”.

How were Ali Baba’ and Cassim’s lives different? Which of these two characters do you prefer? Explain your answer and cite instances in t he story that support your choice of character. w hat PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . The magic words “Open. At the start of this lesson. what were your initial feelings and ideas about it? Did you like story? Was it exciting or too predictable? How did you find its ending? 2. In the pre-Islamic period. and humb led that God enlightened mankind by revealing the Holy Word in their language. As reflected in this story and in the speech at the start of this lesson. loyalty and bravery shown in the story? 5. the social structure which e volved in the harsh environment of the Arab Peninsula was based on the tribal unit. Some tribe s from the era survive even to this day.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 384 Exercise 3: Reading an Essay : A Peep of the Arab Character Read the essay about the Arab Psyche. The complex history of the Arab is conveniently divided into two parts of before and after by the Revelation. How is each of these themes – greed.Grade 8 3 . . They are proud in th eir belief that they are descended from the Prophet Noah s son Shem. After reading the text._______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ Bad Qualities Good Qualities 1. while others perished during the p rocess of God s unfolding plan. and honored tha t the last of the lineage of God s prophets was from their midst. The Arab Psyche The Arabs Before Islam The Arabs are an ancient Semitic people of the Middle East. Sesame” and “Close. The Arabic tribes which did not perish but which survived to the modern era can be divided into those clans of pure lineage and those peoples who have gradually be come naturalized within the Arabic family. 4. show your understanding using the graphic organizer that follows.Sesame” that seal the cave of treasures have become popular expressions. As you read. please try to identify the words that are difficult and arrive at their meanings. How do modern people use this expression in their daily conversations? 3.

whose land of origin is found wit hin Yemen. no matter what this may bring about. w ho existed with the less effete goal of simple physical survival. and if it follows the right path. One of their poets expressed this cultural fixation thus: I shall wash disgrace with the edge of my sword.Grade 8 3 . In this context. a bird named  al Hama  would com . pastoralists or traders. The Need for Revenge Pre-Islamic Arabs were adamant about the unquestionable law of revenge. the tribe was the primary social and political unit of the Arabs. whether right or wrong. The triba l lack of Learning Module for English . Arab historians identify the first king of Yemen as Yar ub bin Qahtan. A pre-Islamic poet eloquently expressed this unquestioning loyalty as follows: I am nothing but a member of my tribe. If it goes astray. Tribal System During the pre-Islamic era. no matter what the consequences. so will I. wh o was succeeded by his son Yashjub. The second group of Arabs who have survived from the pre-Islamic era a re those which are referred to as naturalized. In their view. I will too.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 385 advanced urban centers meant that schools of specialized intellectual s kills did not develop. who in turn was followed by his son Abdu-Shams. The Word of God decreed a better criteria to differentiate between people. the tribesmen devoted themselves to pr otect their collective honor and they obeyed the dictates of their tribal elders. The Holy Quran preached strongly against this blind loyalty and the d estructive prejudices which resulted. Practical Knowledge and Science The Arabic culture of the pre-Islamic era did not invent the sort of complex mythologies and creation myths which characterized ancient cultures such as Gree ce. being from the peoples which mi xed and intermarried with the Qahtan. the pagan tribes beli eved that if the murder of a kinsman went unavenged. a disgrace must be avenged.The core tribe of the pure Arab is the Qahtan. These Arabs descended from the Prophet Ismail who had settled in the holy city of Mecca. The classic framework of philosophy and rhetoric which the Greeks developed was therefore far from the more mundane considerations of the early Arabs. They are also known as the Adnani and the Niz ari after their great-grandfather Adnan and their father Nizar bin Maad bin Adnan. The pre-Islamic Arabs were either villagers. being their devotion to Islam. Correspondingly. The primary function of the clan structure was to defend its memb ers.

social. Audacity therefore came to be a highly regarded attribute. Islam instilled in the Arab the high ideals and holy fire which enabled the miraculously rapid expansion of the Muslim world.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 386 Activity 9: THE WAY I UNDERSTAND IT Show your understanding of the reading selection above by completing this concept map. An unfortunate aspect of the life of both hathar and bedouin was a condition of constant insecurity. introduced drastic changes to the po litical. peace be upon Attack from hostile forces could take place at any time. These qualities included courage.e out of the victim s skull and hover over his grave shrieking "Satisfy my thirst!" This would be the victim s demand to avenge his death and to quench his terrible thirst with the b lood of the murderer. The revealed system was complete. Source: http://www. generosity. The teachings of the Holy Q uran were a blunt instrument to suppress the cruder aspects of the Arabic culture. Concept Map of the Arab Psyche . The message brought by the Prophet Mohammed. he had to display certain elements of character wh ich were highly valued in his culture. The Emergence of Islam The Word of God was revealed to mankind in the year 610 AD. Fo r members of the tribe. Such is the power of the word of God!The Revelation of the Word had a powerful impact on the Arab psyche. Stor y-telling and recitations of poetry were standard features of the social gatherings of bot h hathar and bedouin. integrity a nd pride. and a fin e instrument to uplift their better selves. Instead they gloried in the intricacies of their splendid Arabic language.htm Learning Module for English . courage was imperative if family and property and honor were to be defended.Grade 8 3 . intellectual and cultural life of the Arabs. whereas cowardliness and fear of the enemy was a disgrace. as it established all of the laws necessary to regulate both personal and political life. The t ribes loved eloquent speech and the expression of their folk wisdom in clever proverbs. A People of Eloquence The early tribes did not commonly express their artistry with architecture and s tatuary. The Character of Respect For a tribesman to hold his head high among his fellows during the long epoch of the pre-Islamic period.

A rabic poetry is based largely on harmonies of sound and striking turn s of phrasing. what insights can help you better understand them as a people? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . however. and he lost his throne and life. _________________ 4. read the poetic texts that follow. When was this Arab mentality changed? How? 3. be able identify common poetic devices used by the poets. Pure lineage 2. and kept many poets around them. What are the clans of the Arabic tribes? What are their similarit ies and differences in terms of origin and characteristics? 2. After knowing the history and the present condition of Saudi Arab. to answer the question: How does poetry reveal the Exercise 4: The Sound and Turns of Arab Poetry Read the samples of Arab poetry. too. but mainly we must illustrate the finest flowering of Arabic verse by selecting specimens of characteristic brevit y. After reading the poems. Make sure. _________________ 3. One distinguishe d philosophical poem of some length is the well-known "Lament of the Vizier Abu Is mael. Many of the Arab caliphs inclined to the gaieties of life rather than to their religious duties. To make you appreciate Arab literature better. Indeed some of the caliphs themselves were poets: T he Caliph Walid composed music as well as verse. brevity and theme. was s o reckless as to rouse the resentment of his people.1. and was hailed by his immediate companions as a great artist." This we give in full at the conclusion of this section. _______________ __________________ 1.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 387 You have just learned the Arab psyche though an essay. A poet s fame depended upon a few brilliant couplets rather than on any sustained melody or long-continued flight of noble thought. _________________ _________________ __________________ ___________________ __________________ 1. Explain briefly the Arab trait of the need for revenge. Observe the harmony of sounds and turns of phrasing. . His neglect of religion. stanzaic forms. Courage 2. What personal and political progress did the Arabs gain after they had embraced Islam as a religion? 4.

Poem 2 Poem 1 Learning Module for English .youtube. A splendid destiny The lordly vulture That rots upon yon not always force commands. are 5. pamper d fool. 4. poor but free. My unaspiring fancy please Better than towers and splendid halls. 6. what then does each poem express? What sentiments do the two poets have in common? Through a glimpse of Arabic poetry. Nor want. Is dearer to my bosom far Than all the trappings of a queen. The watch-dog s voice that bays whene er A stranger seeks his master s cot.On Fatalism Not always wealth. Maisuna s eye mules in all their pride. what these? If no. Th  attendant And frolic by Are dearer in Than gorgeous colts that bounding fly the litter s side. what characteristics of Saudi people are revealed? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Exercise 5: An Informative Talk: The Saudi Princess Fight for Women’s Rights Visit this site http://www. than thee. The fly that with a touch expires Sips honey from the royal plate. . Son of my kindred. nor weakness still conspires To bind us to a sordid state. 2. and eye serene. What have you observed of the length of each poem? Do the poems express deep philosophical beliefs or thoughts? If yes. Will ever to Maisuna s heart Be dearer. The humble tent and murmuring breeze That whistles thro  its fluttering and watch an intervie w of a Saudi Princess who fights for women’s rights in her country. gnaws the corpse barren sands.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 388 1.Grade 8 3 . The rustic youth unspoilt by art. What stanzaic form is used in both poems? Describe the harmonies of sound and turns of phrasing. — The Holy Imam Shafay The Song of Maisuna The russet suit of camel s hair. Sounds sweeter in Maisuna s ear Than yonder trumpet s long-drawn note. 3. With spirits light.

com/watch?v=1M-etvlW83E This video shows Saudi Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel interview on CNN program. Ident ify their names/ positions and explain briefly the message that the princess is relaying t o them. Source: htt p://www. 2.Grade 8 3 .youtube. observe turntaking strategies and expressions used in asking and answering questions. Images of her audience are provided. 1. Princess Ameerah expresses her voice for f emale empowerment in Saudi Arabia. Hear the Voice of the Princess! Name / Position: __________________ Princess’ Message : _______________ ________________________________ Name/position ___________________ Princess’ Message _______________ _______________________________ Name /Position ________________ Princess’ Message _____________ _____________________________ Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 390 Name/ group name ______________ Princess’ message ______________ ______________________________ Group name____________________ Princess’ Message_______________ ______________________________ .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 389 While Viewing Write down every important detail in the interview.Previewing Activity: You are about to view a twelve-minute interview of a Saudi Princess in a CNN Program. Listen very attentively to the interviewee and the interviewer . The video runs for 12 minutes. Learning Module for English . List down difficult words said by both Princess Ameerah and CNN newscaster Amanpour. Activity 10: HEAR THE VOICE OF THE PRINCESS! Go over your notes on the Saudi Princess interview by Christian Amanpour Name ______________________________________ Date ______________________ Determine the persons addressed by Saudi Princess Ameerah when she was interviewed at CNN Program. Make sure to identify the k ey points of the interview.

To your best friend you might say. "Oh. Informative speaking centers on talking about events. What topics did Princess Ameerah talk about? Was she prepared for the interview? How was her expertise on the topic shown? 2. ethnicity. There are three ways to do analyze an audience. So analyzing the audience is very important. "We partied all night and there were tons of people there. gender. and environmental analysis. and educational level. you would explain the party d ifferently to your friends and family. if you went to a party the night before. Demographic analysis involves age. places. beliefs. That analysis helps you to adapt your message so that your listeners will respond as you wish. Attitudinal analysis addresses the audi ence s attitudes. process. I ha d fun with my friends. How do Arabs respond to challenges of modernity as reflected in their litera ry selections? 3. is an example of an informativ e talk. In everyday conversations you adapt your message to your audience. people. things and concepts. race." And to your significant other you might say. 1. the number of people likely to attend. and values." In each of these situations. INFORMATIVE TALK An interview. culture. When informing an audience – whether live audience or through media like television-about any topic without being persuasive is sometimes difficult.4. you are adapting your messag e to your listening audience. attitudina l analysis. "It was fun. religion. Audience analysis is the process of examining information about your listeners. I had a grea t bonding time with my friends. Was Ameerah able to analyze her audience? What type of PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . and the room lighting.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 391 . Environmental analysis is finding out things lik e the seating arrangement.Grade 8 3 ." To your mother you might say. demographic analysis. like a panel discussion. For example.

Grade 8 3 . fair or difficult? Explain 2. THEREFORE. How long did it take you to accomplish activity sheet #12? Was the activity easy. What previous experiences helped you finish the task? 3. I AM” Make a list of at least ten expressions that signal opinion and biases such as “I think…” “Many believe that…” “Probably. economic and political issues mentioned in the activity. as represented by their Princess Ameerah. How do you describe the Saudi character? TURN TAKING STRATEGIES A conversation is a turn-taking process and it is more difficult when there are several people in a conversation. speakers must have the skill of turn taking in order to let the conversation go smoothly and appropriately among them. Of the five social. you may illustrate a task. we could…” Activity 12: “ I’VE GOT THAT FEELING” Below are some issues tackled by Saudi Princes Ameerah when she was interviewed at CNN. Match/ connect the speaker’s / princess’ attitudes as represented by emoticons with the corresponding issues. Make sure to “ I’ve Got that Feeling” ACTIVITY SHEET ON IDENTIFYING THE SPEAKER’S ATTITUDES TOWARD ISSUES Name __________________________________ Date _________ Score ____________ Issue: Poverty Speaker’s attitude: __________________________ Why did she feel this way?____________________ Issue: Custody battles Speaker’s attitude: __________________________ Why did she feel this way?____________________ Issue: Ban on women to drive Speaker’s attitude: __________________________ Why did she feel this way?____________________ Issue: Unemployment Speaker’s attitude: __________________________ Why did she feel this way?____________________ Issue: women empowerment Speaker’s attitude: __________________________ Why did she feel this way?____________________ Learning Module for English .As an informative speaker. During an informative presentation. You must be credible and objective because your Activity 11: “ I THINK. Experts suggest the following strategies in taking turns: . When a conversation is going on. possess? 5. What characteristics do most Arab women. your task is to educate or enlighten your listener by sharing your knowledge. which do you think was the most challenging for the Arab princess to solve? Why do you say so? 4.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 392 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. explain a complicated concept or describe a historical event or famous person.

and con tinuing eye contact with your partner in the conversation. 3. and include: Using interjection to signal a request for a turn such as ‘Mmhmm’. turn away or look at something else. In different cultures there are different standards for interrupting an d turn-taking. Don’t drop the volum e of your speech (i. tell them clearly. and you can include quieter people. I ha ven’t finished. Explain briefly the appropriateness of the strategy being used in that particular moment. Accept a turn offered by another speaker by responding to a question or by providing the second part of an adjacency pair. Just a moment / Hang on a second. You can stop someone interrupting by avoiding eye contact with them. 1. You can stop someone domin ating the conversation. you can avoid eye contact. don’t begin to speak more quietly). Write down the turn-taking strategies both Ameerah and Amanpour used.e. Do not use conve rsation fillers. If someone interrupts you. Evaluate whether the strategy was correct by checking Activity Sheet on Turn-Taking Strategies Hang on a Second…May I Speak? Name ___________________________ Date _____________ Score ______________ Interviewer (CNN Newscaster Amanpour) Interviewee (Saudi Princess Ameerah) Turn-taking Strategy When . The speaker can choose the next speaker.” When someone won’t stop talking.Grade 8 3 . ‘Yeah’. however there are also a few universal points that apply to most situations. and you are not interested in what they are sayin g. Completing or adding to something said by the speaker. You can use phrases like: Let me finish / May I finish? Excuse me. and rising intonation Using facial or other gestures to indicate a wish to take a turn. 2.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 393 Activity 13: HANG ON A SECOND…MAY I SPEAK? Watch the twelve-minute interview of Princess Ameerah on CNN again. and you haven’t finished making your poin t.These involve ways of entering into a conversation or taking over the role of sp eaker. Learning Module for English .

or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith. your honor. What does turn-taking in communication mean? 2. What turn-taking strategies do you usually use? Do you find them effective? Why? Why not? 3. will not be able to fly code-share flights from the United States to Saudi Arabia under Delta Air Lines  new partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines that is set to begin next year. Express wisely your opinions on the news/issue.J ews and Israelis. Sudanese man beheaded in Saudi Arabia A Sudanese man convicted of murder has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 394 Activity 14: IN MY OPINION… Read each news headline and corresponding details very thoroughly. the Gulf kingdom s interior ministry has said.used? Appropriateness Turn-taking Strategy When used? Appropriateness PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. — BBC News Middle East “ Yes.Grade 8 3 . In my opinion… _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ In my opinion… _____________________ . What happens to a conversation when a speaker does not observe proper turn-taking skills? Learning Module for English .”: Saudis let women argue in court Saudi government passes laws allowing women to work in legal profession on the same footing as men. Delta pact with Saudis brings calls of bias J ERUSALEM .

Activity 15: WRITING A PERSUASIVE ESSAY: FROM MY HEAD TO Write a short persuasive essay about Saudi culture. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ . Use the opinions you wrote in the previous activity as your arguments. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Argument #3 What is your opinion regarding their problem on poverty? Make sure to support this opinion with appropriate facts or data. your opinions are supported with facts. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Argument #2 What is your opinion regarding gender equality ? Make sure to support this opini on with appropriate facts or data.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 395 Congratulations! You have just expressed your personal views on the customs and issues involving our brothers in Saudi Arabia. 2._____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ In my opinion… ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ 1. Certainly. 3.Grade 8 3 . Learning Module for English . as you were taught in the earlier part of thi s lesson. Make sure to substantiate PERSUASIVE ESSAY WRITING SHEET (A) FROM MY HEAD TO THE PEN! Name ____________________________ Date _____________ Score______________ Thesis Statement What is your general opinion about the culture of Saudi Arabia? ______________________________________________________________________ Argument #1 What is your opinion regarding Saudi laws? Make sure to support this opinion with appropriate facts or data.

Bill Clinton eats at McDonalds.wikipedia. telling halftruths. etc. The namecalling technique links a person. http://en. Ronald Reagan chops wood. Drug manufacturers do this frequently in ads in which they skim over the pos sible harmful side effects of their products. communist.______________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Full Circle (Restate you thesis statement in another way. to a negative symbol. Facts are Selected and present ed which most effectively strengthen and authenticate the point of view of the propagandi st. Virtue words are often Propaganda is intended to make us accept or approve something without looking closely at the evidence. Speak ers and ads appear to make the person to be “one of the people. Card Stacking: The strategy of showing the product’s best features. The most obviou s type of name calling involved “bad names.Grade 8 3 . Glittering Generalities: The act of referring to words or ideas that evoke a positive emotional response from an audience. in fact. Racist. Plain Folks: The use of everyday people to sell a product or service. but they have gone to great lengths to pr esent themselves as ordinary citizens. Most of the propaganda devices utilize emotion and avoi d critical thinking.” Ex. when. 4. ________________________________ Call to Action __________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes. Food products will quickly label their foods as low fat hinting that they are more healthy. Here are some of the common propaganda devices: 1. or idea. dictator.” Better tasting than what? Spam? Dirt . the product might be high in calories. Ex. Name calling: The use of names that evoke fear or hatred in the viewer. 3. and omitting or lying about its potential problems. Ex. 2. Advertisers wil l sometimes give an incomplete comparison like “better tasting.” Ex. America’s r ecent presidents have all been millionaires.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 396 PROPAGANDA DEVICES Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument.

Santos is an elitist who s i n the pocket of big oil companies. safe and stable. Write your answer after each situation.shampoo." "Pres. Ex." 3. "Secure. No true Filipino would vote to take away our rights by outlawing hunting. That s the advantage of a Togofa. Soft soap: Flattery or insincere compliments designed to get the audi ence on the side of the speaker." 5. by ADVERTISEMENT USING PROPAGANDA TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH Product: Product: . identify the device used." 2. by using propaganda device/s . Ramos is a tax and spend liberal. Activity 17: PERSUASION AND PROPAGANDA Choose your favorite product/s. No other car on the road is as reliable. Santos is an elitist who s i n the pocket of big oil companies. that you ll be in bed by 10pm. Each contains a propaganda technique/ device. That s the advantage of a Togofa. Make sure to promote it/them in two ways : 1. too. "Don t let those bunny huggers take away our right to hunt. and that your frien d isn t allowed out of the house after dark. No other car on the road is as reliable. "I love visiting you folks in Bohol where the people are Activity 16: GETTING FOOLED OR GETTING WISER? Study the following situations. safe and stable.Grade 8 3 . "Sen. If you want to spend the night at a friend s house and you tell your parents that your friends parents will be home. 8." "Pres. and 2." 6. but fail to mention that your friend is all owed to watch "R" rated movies (if your parent s don t allow them). Learning Module for English . shoes. Advertise it/them to your friends so that they. 7. 1. Bar charts of differing tax programs presented side by side. Bar charts of differing tax programs presented side by side.? 5. etc. Ramos is a tax and spend liberal. "Sen.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 397 4. will subscribe to it/them." 9. "Secure.

Grade 8 3 . What is propaganda? Why do unscrupulous businessmen. Make sure to develop credibility as a writer by eliminating biases in your opinions. writers and speakers use propaganda gimmicks? 2.Grade 8 3 .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 399 Activity 19: DIFFERENT YET WORTH EMBRACING . Do not hide some truth s.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 398 Activity 18: REVISING PERSUASIVE ESSAY Read again your output in Activity 15. add a very catchy title to your composition. PERSUASIVE ESSAY WRITING SHEET (B) REVISITING MY THOUGHTS Name ____________________________ Date _____________ Score_____________ ___________________________ (Title of the Essay) Thesis Statement _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Argument #1 _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Argument #2 _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Argument #3 _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Full Circle ______________________________________________________________ Call to Action ___________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English . What responsibilities do newspapers have for their readers? 3. How do recognizing propaganda devices make you a better consumer and student? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . This time. You may delete and add ideas to make your work an effective pie ce of writing.1. express the whole truth as you persuade people about your views on Saudi Arabian culture.

WORD MEANING 1. _____________ =__________________________________ 5. _____________ =__________________________________ . Gender equality 2. 4. _____________ =__________________________________ 4. A J ournal of Cultural Differences DI FFERENT YET WORTH EMBRACI NG Name ___________________________ Date __________ Score __________ Culture / practice 1.Write a journal showing the cultural differences between the Filipinos and the Arabs. Learning Module for English . 3. Mode of dressing 5.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 400 Activity 20: FREQUENCY WORD LIST List down at least ten Arab words and give their meanings. _____________ =__________________________________ 3.Grade 8 3 . _____________ =__________________________________ 2. Base your insights on the texts you read or viewed.

you ll get fatter.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 401 In this section. Open conditional statement . _____________ =__________________________________ 7. Ex.6. _____________ =__________________________________ 10. How many of your initial ideas are found in the discussio n? Which ideas are different and need revision? Your goal in this section is to take a closer look at some aspects of the topic on the temperaments and psyche of the Saudi and Israeli people in their response to the challenges of modernity. If you eat too much. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Conditional sentences play a very important role in English grammar. _____________ =__________________________________ 8. This also describes one potential state of reality or circu mstance which is dependent on something. _____________ =__________________________________ 9. the discussion was about the temperaments and psyche of the Saudi people as reflected in their reading and viewing texts. .refers to a future event which is co nditional on another future event. Go back to the previous section and compare your initial ideas with the discussion.Grade 8 3 . _____________ =__________________________________ Activity 21: ONE-MINUTE PAPER Take time to accomplish this formative check. They express a condition and its result. Most IMPORTANT thing discussed in this lesson EASIEST fact or concept to remember Most DIFFICULT idea to understand Learning Module for English . There are three types of conditional statement in English: 1. We won t finish in time unless everyone works fast.

Lucy ___________ (not/to hurt) her foot if she ____________ (not/to drop) the old box. If the temperature falls below zero. We ___________ (to take) the train to Edinburgh if it _____________ (to run) on time. Activity 22: SENTENCE COMPLETION Use the correct form of the verb in the parentheses. Answer: I would have baked a cake if I had known that they were coming or I’d have bought a cake if it I’d known that they were coming. he wants _____________ t o give you your USB flash drives. you d (you would) get fatter. Activity 23: SKILLS AT WORK Complete the following sentences with an appropriate result or CAN YOU PREDICT MY ACTIONS? Name ________________________ Date ________ Score ____________ 1. everyone gets wet. I __________ (to bring) her some flowers 9. Form a Conditio nal sentence – type 3. his parents __ ___________ (to lend) him their car.refers to a possible future s ituation which depends on another possible future situation. Learning Module for English . 2. 3. If it ____________ (to be) warmer. because a condition was not fulfilled. it freezes. I can go shopping to the Mall of Asia this weekend if ______________________ ____. If you had eaten too much. 4. 7. If Max ____________ (not/to forget) my school bag. you ____________ (not/to cut) you rself. . If I went to London. 2. If you ___________ (to use) a sharp knife. we _______________ (to go) swimming. you d (you would) have got fatter. Ex. 6. If my uncle ____________ (to tell) we the way to his office. If Victoria ____________ (to celebrate) her birthday at home.Grade 8 3 . My parents ___________ (to buy) this house if the man ______________ (not/to sell) it to someone else. If it rains. 8. Unfulfilled hypothesis . I ____________ (not/to arrive) so late. 1. She ____________ (to be) at the airport if she ___________ (to read) the message carefully.Ex. Open hypothetical conditional statement .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 402 3. Ex. If the ______________(not/to fail) his driving test. If you ate too much. 5. Mind the position of the if-clause. Example: I ____________ (to bake) a cake if I _________ (to know) that they were coming. but did not.refers to a situation which an event migh t have taken place. If I had gone to London. I could have visited the British Museum (but I didn t ). I would / could visit the British Museum. 10.

L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 403 Exercise 6: Hebrew Literature: A Short Story The book of Ruth contains an interesting story about a Moabite woman who was red eemed into a Hebrew family. The book may have been written by Samuel and was probably penned during the time of David.2. I ___________________________ ____. She planned to return to Israel alone and empty. Activity 24: VISITING THE MIDDLE EAST Write a paragraph describing what you can do. The other da ughter . She said that she had no more children and even if she were to m arry again and bear sons that the two daughters would not be able to wait for them to grow up. She prepared to leave her two daughters-in-law. Naomi planned to return to Bethlehem-judah to be with family. Elimelech and his wife Naomi had two sons. returned to her people in Moab. However. 4. they begged to be able to go with her. what you will see and what you might need if you visit one country in the Middle East. Give yo ur ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ MY VISIT TO THE MIDDLE EAST _____________________________ Learning Module for English . 3. World peace can be attained and maintained if ______________________________ . Orpah. I could have gone to the Middle East last year if __________________________ ___. If I met J ews and Arabs in the streets today. Each of them married a wife from Moab. a Hebrew family moved to Moab. A Dreadful Time in a Strange Country Because of a famine in Israel. True loveselfless giving One of the daughters-in-law. In time Elimelech and his two sons died which left the three widows in Moab. A new beginning After her husband’s death. The family was from the city o f Bethlehem -judah in Israel.Grade 8 3 . 5. If I have time _________________________________________________________. Mahlon and Chilion. This was a country not far from Israel on the east side of the Dead Sea.

com/ruth-bible-story-summary/ Activity 25: TRAVELLING WITH RUTH Analyze the elements of the selection “The Story of Ruth” by completing the Name _______________________________________ Date_________________ Title of the Story ______________________________ Author ________________ Main Character : Minor Characters: . noticed Ruth a nd asked his workers to be kind to her and leave plenty of grain for her and her mother-in-la w. Boaz was a near family member of Elimelech.-in-law. This man chose not to exercise his duty for their care which left Boaz with the opportunity to buy them out of their debt and take Ruth as his wife. As they had no money and no men to take care of them. and thy God my God: Where thou diest. notices Ruth and asked his workers to be kind to her and le ave plenty of grain for her and her mother-in-law. Ruth went into the fields to gather whatever grain she could. but out of kindness he chose to care for the new stranger in their land. her late husband. I will go. Naomi was financia lly and emotionally despondent. This other man was closer to Elimelech and therefore had the responsibility to care for the ladies. but her family and friends accepted her with joy. This meant that Boaz had the opportunity to take Na omi and Ruth into his care as well as free them from their financial debt. Boaz. I will lodge: thy people shall be my people.” Ruth and Naomi returned to Bethlehem-judah together. if ought but death part thee and me. or to return from following after thee: for whither thou g oest. One land owner Boaz. and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me. It was during this conversat ion that Ruth said these words which have become the basis for many Christian wedding vows: “Int reat me not to leave thee. Ruth. BIBLE: THE STORY OF RUTH Learning Module for English . and more also. and where thou lodgest.whatchristianswanttoknow. He did not know at the time who Ruth was. Boaz and Ruth were married became the great-grandparents of King David. Ruth returned to Naomi and told her about the generous landowner. She ap proached Boaz and asked him to become the kinsman-redeemer for them.Grade 8 3 . Source: http://www.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 404 A husband Ruth Naomi instructed Ruth on how to ask for Boaz’s help in the matter. will I die. said that she would stay with Naomi. Naomi asked ab out the man and was pleased to learn that it was Boaz. One land owner. Before Boaz could ac cept the care of these two ladies he had to negotiate with another kinsman for the pr ivilege.

Learning Module for English . At the end of the story of Ruth. A critical analysis is subjective writing because it expresses the writer s opinio n or evaluation of a text. Compare and contrast Naomi who left Bethlehem and was bitter and Ruth who came to Bethlehem and reigned.Grade 8 3 . WRITING A CRITICAL REVIEW Purpose of a Critical Review A critical review is a writing task that asks you to summarize and evaluate a te xt. The purpose for writing a critique is to ev aluate somebody s work in order to increase the reader s understanding of it. requires you to question the information and opinions in a text and present your evaluation Learning Module for English .L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 406 . or a journal artic le. Write their common trait s in the converged parts of the circles. Good job! Another way of understanding a story. Furthermore. 2. You have just done it well. a chapter. Writing the critical review usually requires you to read the selected text in detail and to also read other related texts so that you can present a fair and reasonable evaluation of the selected t ext.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 405 1. Describe the living faith that works out of love in the lives of Ruth and Bo az. why didn’t she sell it earlier and save herself a lot of trouble? PROCESS QUESTIONS: Activity 26: CHARACTER ANALYSIS Analyze the personality traits of Ruth and Naomi as reflected in their actions and dialogs. poem. compare Naomi as a symbol of the law and Ruth as a symbol of grace under the new covenant. Make sure to complete the Venn Diagram below.Central Conflict MAJ OR EVENTS IN THE PLOT Inciting action : Rising Actions : Climax or turning point : Falling action: Setting Mood: Theme .Grade 8 3 . And you will learn how to write one in the succeeding part of this module. it appeared that Naomi owned some land that Boaz was willing to sell to her. If she had this land all along. The critical review can be of a book. Analyzing the characters of a story is one way of understanding the reading text better. book or journal article is to write a critical review.

e. Structure of a Critical Review Critical reviews. Introduction The length of an introduction is usually one paragraph for a journal article rev iew and two or three paragraphs for a longer book review. What is meant by evaluation or judgment? Here you decide the strengths and weaknesses of a text. This is usually based on specific criteria. Include a few opening sentences that announce the author(s) and the title. Present the aim of the text and summarize the main finding or key argument. a mixed response. Rather it requires you to question the information and opinions in a text and present your evaluation or judgment of the text.What is meant by critical? At university. The summary should only make up about a third of the critical review. usually have a similar structure. as is usually the case. Remember to base your discussion on specific c riteria. Good . both short (one page) and long (four pages). Conclude the introduction with a bri ef statement of your evaluation of the text. To do this well. you should attempt to understand the topi c from different perspectives (i. read related texts) and in relation to the theories. and briefly explain the topic of the text. You can also briefly explain the author’s purpose/intentions throughout the text and you may br iefly describe how the text is organized. Check your assignment instructions for formatting and structu ral specifications. This can be a positive or negative evaluation or . Summary Present a summary of the key points along with a limited number of examples. connect and possibly influence eac h other. Evaluating requires an understanding of not just the content o f the text. approach es and frameworks in your course. to be critical does not mean to criticize in a negati ve manner. What is meant by analysis? Analysis requires separating the content and concepts of a text into their main components and then understanding how these interrelate. the intended audience and why it is structured the way it is. Critique The critique should be a balanced discussion and evaluation of the strengths. Headings are usually optional for longer reviews and can be helpful for the read er. we aknesses and notable features of the text. but also an understanding of a text’s purpose.

You can begin by stating what is good about the idea. you can address each criterion you choose in a paragraph. incl uding both negative and positive points. then concede and explain how it is limited in some way. In Module 3 Lesson 1 . you learned how to write an editorial article and an evaluation paper. So enjoy reading! Exercise 7: A TOUCH OF MODERN ISRAEL: “ The CAT” . Such writing skills will be very useful as you tackle the next portion of this lesson. Here are some examples to get you started: Present the most important to least important conclusions you make about the tex t. include a paragraph of positive comments and another o f negative comments.Grade 8 3 . Learning Module for English . For very short critical reviews (one pag e or less) where your comments will be briefer. If your critique is more negative than positive. songs and the like. research approach. In long reviews. you need to decide your overall judgment. Briefly present recommendations. paintings. You have just reviewed how to write a critical review of literary selections journal articles. If necessary some further explanation of your judgment can be included. theories or frameworks used can also be included in the criti que section. While this example shows a mixed evaluation. you may want to comment on a key idea in the text and have both positive and negative comments. then present the positive poi nts first and the negative last. as a whole you are probably being more negative than positive. You wi ll be exposed more to reading more sample of the literature of Israel. Conclusion This is usually a very short paragraph. For example. then present the negative poi nts first and the positive last. You can choose how to sequence your critique. You can also include recommendations on how the text can be improved in terms of ideas.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 407 If there are both strengths and weaknesses for each criterion you use. This can make your critique sound fair and reasonable. Restate your overall opinion of the text. If your critique is more positive than also include other sources to support your evaluation (remember to refer ence).

although in most cases i t only delayed the execution by a few days. The interroga tions were mostly carried out without torture. but no w. and . along the corridor. put it out in an empty sardine tin which se rved him as ashtray. One could see thr ough the bars.these.Grade 8 3 .Read the short story about a political prisoner who uses magic to es cape execution. be it only grumbling in public. Be able to identify difficult words and arrive at their meanings. it did not have the means to imitate Lubyanka. but good enough for a cat. talk with the guards and the prisoners in the other cells. were rather common and mostly undeserved . sat on his bed. to o close for even the thinnest man to squeeze through. The revolution was also milder in other respects. nothing to support a man. grew by the wall on the right. and looked at the door again. Learning Module for English . a couple of skinny young trees. and be disturbe d by someone snoring at night. as well as the one at the end of the corridor were steel frames with iron bars less than twenty centimetres apart. smoking a cigarette. Although no public or journalists were admit ted to the more serious political trials. and into his cell. in case of a death sentence . that one was opposite it. and the barred doors made the prison airy. The spaces between the bars were fine. unfortunately. peepholes. “ THE CAT” by Zygmunt Frankel H e lay on the bunk in his cell.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 408 It was much better than the foreign prisons he had read about. hardly more than saplings. and electric bulbs burning the whole night long. The day had been hot. a few of the thin branches re aching the top of the wall. and the door at the end of the corridor was the same. but ample for a cat. the prisoner had the right to defend himself. a pleasant breeze had sprung up and was coming in from the courtyard. In the small rectangular cobbled courtyard where they took their d aily walks and where they shot condemned prisoners at dawn. The prisoner finished his cigarette. The old prison was very mu ch like the ones in cowboy movies. It was not the wall where they shot people. even for the largest cat to pass through. A political prisoner usually had done something against the regime.the condemned man had the right to appeal to the President. with solid doors. Although the local r evolution modelled itself on the Russian one to some extent. Als o write a critical review of the selection. with the dusk falling. at right angle to . The door of his cell.

As a cat. It surrounded the now confiscated villa of his friend the judge who had placed most of his money in a Swiss bank before escaping to Miami when the revol ution Learning Module for English . and even if it got out of the town safely. his body would also remain that of an animal. the animal body would star t taking over the human mind. walking in a circle during their daily exercise. he wasn t sure about flying. but there weren t any. himself a likely candidat e for an execution. after his return from the expedition. and it was just as well. coyotes. snakes. A mouse or a rat would run too great a risk in a town with a lot of cats. and the holes in the wall plastered over and whitewashed. of which they had heard every word and shot through the barred doors. the distance to the border some twenty kilometres . with so much at stake. but. th e courtyard would be thoroughly hosed down as soon as the body was taken away. preferably of pre y so as to be safe of predators. The prisoner. A dog would not be able to get over the wall. the first under the wit ch-doctor s guidance and. a monkey and a fox. On days following an execution. apart from the fact that farmers sometimes shot at bi rds of prey. on his own. and spend the rest of his life as an animal with an animal s mind. he changed into mammals.the door. hawks by day and owls by night. On both previous occasions.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES . and the danger still there: wild cats. When he died. A cat was best. which would not be the case if he died shortly after the metamorphosis. they would look furtivel y for traces of blood on the cobblestones or bullet marks on the wall. Behind the wall with the two trees was a large gard en which he knew well. he would only need a couple of days to reach and cross the border and change back into man. This time. he would find it increasingly difficult and finally i mpossible to change back. It would be fastest and easiest to cross the border as a bird. His decision to change into a cat rather than some other small creat ure in case an escape became necessary due to a death sentence or a long prison term was reached after considerable reflection.might be too much for it. Th e Indian witch-doctor had warned him that if it took too long. he didn t want to introduc e new and unknown factors.Grade 8 3 . but in a backward country one co uld not expect a revolution to bring instant efficiency. fo xes. thought calmly that an old mattress or two propped against the wall w ould spare them the need for constant repairs. and might be shot o n suspicion of hydrophobia.

one could shape it to a mu ch greater extent than the primitive fatalistic tribes imagined. He was b ubbling with enthusiasm about the possibilities.409 broke out. successful. "Is it the sentence already?" the prisoner thought as he walked between the two soldiers. probably of a high rank. and destiny to him was not all that rigid. There were steps in the corridor and the sergeant. not quite." he said. He looked lik e an official visitor. He was a Westerner. but he decided to stay. stopped by his door and unlocked it. keeping a seat for him on the little chartered plane until the last moment. It showed signs of doing so for a while and th en degenerated into a dictatorship backed by terror. The captain took from the desk a document with a large seal and several signatur es and began to read it aloud. They did not have anything ag ainst him as an anthropologist but he had also been a friend of the judge and that was enough no wadays. The captain got up from behind his desk when the pr isoner was brought in. listened to him quietly and then said: "Well. A warr ior who is to be killed in battle will not escape his fate by changing into an animal. The judge had had problems with old regime as well by always trying t o be just and fair. and he had just about decided to follow hi s friend the judge into exile when he was arrested. But there were fascinating things to be still discovered in anthropology and pri mitive magic. accompanied by a soldi er with a rifle. with his hands behind his back. It was the death sentence. The prisoner has been fou nd guilty . a civilian in a sober grey suit. There was another man there. The judge had tried to talk him into leaving together. see what would happen. and the military courts worked fast. no magic can change one s destiny beyond a certain extent. he w ill still be killed by an arrow. change into a monkey and back. and the hunter might even turn out to be the same man who was suppo sed to kill him in battle. "The captain wants to see you in his office. His interrogation ended almost two weeks before . and even offer his servic es to the revolution if it turned out well. but he knew it wouldn t help him with the new one. his face lined and wise. standi ng. It was right after his first." But the prisoner dismissed the unease without much difficul ty. Something the witch-doctor once told him stirred uneasily in his memory. and the old witch-doctor. and he already knew enough not to let himself be shot in the prime of life. The possibilities are i ndeed great but not unlimited. a little to one side of the captain s desk. It was quite possible.

of cooperation with the old reactionary regime, of anti-revolutionary pro paganda, and of failing to prevent the escape of one of the oppressors of the people (his friend the judge). He had three days in which to submit an appeal to the President of the Republic if he so wished. He signed a statement that the sentence has been announced to him an d that he understood it. He said that yes, he would like to avail himself of the opportuni ty to appeal to the President, in the hope that the President s generosity and kindness would ma ke him reduce the sentence. By all means, the captain said kindly; he would have paper and pen delivered to his cell that very evening. Back in his cell, the prisoner began to prepare for the metamorphosis. It was ma inly mental. He had to bring himself - this would take two or three days - into the state of absolute belief that at the end of that period he would change into a cat. Very few people could do it, and it was only after he had been with the tribe for some weeks tha t the witchdoctor began to suspect that this white man who came from a different world to l earn their customs might be one of them. The physical part of the preparation was easy - ac tually easier in prison than outside. It consisted mainly of eating very lit tle, practically fasting towards the end, and of not doing anything to distract the mind from its task. T he final part the silent incantations, the spells, the names of gods - were merely means to fi nally plunge the mind so deeply into the conviction that the body followed suit. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 410 When the block of writing paper, the fountain pen, a candle, and an ext ra packet of cigarettes were brought to him with his supper, he thanked the guard and asked w hether he could have just plain bread, preferably dry, and weak tea, or even just water , for the next couple of days, explaining that his stomach was upset and that diet was the best thing for it. The guard asked whether he would like to see the doctor. No, he said, it was nothing; he s always had a nervous, sensitive stomach, and today, what with the death sen tence, it was quite entitled to act up a little. But the whole thing was a misunderstandin g and he was confident that the President, who was a just and wise ruler, would put it right as soon as he has read his appeal. He finished the appeal the same evening, leaving the couple of corrected drafts in the writing block to show how hard he had worked on it, and gave the final copy, tog

ether with the writing block, the pen, and the remainder of the candle to the sergeant, who promised to give the petition to the captain first thing in the morning. He estimated tha t he now had at least four days at his disposal - two for the letter to reach the president and two more for the rejection to arrive - and four days were more than enough. He went to bed early and before falling asleep lay there for a long time with hi s eyes closed imagining himself as a cat: passing through the iron bars, climbing a tre e, crossing the garden, travelling through fields and woods, perhaps catching a bi rd or a mouse if hungry, and drinking from streams. When he finally fell asleep he managed to get a lot of this into his dreams as well. In the morning he was already feeling light-headed , in a sort of trance, already beginning to feel and think like a cat. A couple of times he eve n stretched and yawned like one. It was a familiar feeling. His second metamorphosis had bee n easier than the first - the witch-doctor told him that one improved with practice - and he felt that this one was going to be a success too. On the third night he was ready. He had slept through most of the afternoon and awoke at dusk feeling fresh and strong. The prison was slowly settling for the night. Someone was snoring lightly in one of the cells. The guard on duty was seated behind the tab le at the end of the corridor, reading a paper and smoking a cigarette. He sat sideways to the corridor, glancing at it only from time to time. Even if he noticed a cat slinking along t he corridor towards the courtyard door he might wonder what it was looking for, but it was e xtremely unlikely that he would fire at it, and if he did, even less likely that he would hit it. The prisoner undressed except for his underwear and, once under the b lanket, removed his vest and underpants as well. The blanket was coarse and not very cle an, and it was a little chilly to lie there naked, but he did not want to have to diseng age himself from the underwear afterwards. The prison was silent now, with the snores from a cell at the end of the corrido r barely audible. He pulled the blanket over his head and closed his eyes. In the double darkness, of the cell and the blanket, silent incantations began to flow. To t heir rhythm, his mind gradually reduced everything to the world of a small, four-legged animal. Time w as passing but he didn t know how much. He became dizzy for a while, with stra nge but wellremembered sensations passing through his body. Then the flow of incan tations and trance gradually slowed down, stopped, settled. His skin did not feel the coarse ness of the

blanket any more. He was also warmer. He moved his limbs cautiously. His claws b it into the blanket and he retracted them. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 411 He crawled slowly towards the edge of the blanket, peered out, and l istened. The prison was dark and quiet. The cell now loomed large and tall, and the bed was h igh above the floor. He could see much better in the dark than he did before. He listened a little longer, then jumped down and hid under the bed. He noticed the color of his fur: it was grey, with dark stripes, and a light, almost white belly. The bars of the cell w ould now let him through without any difficulty. He peered into the corridor. The guard, in p rofile, was nodding over his paper. Silently, he passed through the bars of the door, glided along the c orridor, passed between bars again, turned right, out of sight, and crouched under the wall. The re was a full moon shining onto the deserted courtyard. His sight was very keen. He moved along the wall and climbed the first of the two trees. A branch took him right to the top of the wall. He looked at the garden on the other side of the wall for a while. It was as he remembered it except that it was rather neglected. He wondered whether anyone lived in the villa now perhaps one of the new officials - or whether it was still unoccupied. He jumped into the garden. Now the most difficult part was behind him. He moved among some trees, t hen began to cross a large moonlit stretch of the lawn towards some bushes at the ba ck of the garden where there was a low easily passable slat fence, behind which th e countryside was practically beginning. He did not see the large tall shape of the dog detach itself from the shadow of the villa; noticed it only after it had covered half the distance between them, loping fast and silently, trying to cut him off from the fence. He hissed and took off. The dog chasing hi m was a large hound, obviously trained not to growl or bark while attending to business. Their paths were converging. He saw that he might have difficulty reaching the fence before the dog caught up with him, but any change of direction might waste precious moments. If the worst came to the worst he could turn around and counterattack, using his teeth, claws, screech, and spittle to confuse the dog and reach the fence. With a dozen yards still to go, he heard the shuffle of the dog s feet right behind him and felt its breath on h

is neck. He leaped and, turning around in mid-air, gave the most frightening screech he was capable of, and struck. His claws ripped one side of the dog s face just as the dog hit him with one shoulder, with all its weight and speed behind the impact. The cat rolled over, regaining his footing almost at once, but for one brief moment the scruff of his neck became e xposed and he felt the teeth go in. The he was flying through the air being shaken left and right while the teeth were going in deeper. Then, very clearly, he felt his neck snap. The captain stood in his office, but facing the desk this time, without his pistol, and between two soldiers. The official who had been present at the reading of the pr isoner s sentence sat behind the desk. "I am sorry to see that the psychiatrist s report pronounces you perfectly sane, captain," he said. "We were very satisfied with your work to date, and saw a good career f or you in the service of the revolution. It is all the more sad having to tell you that yo ur situation looks hopeless. If there are two things that the president hates more than anything else it is people taking the law into their own hands and sadism. The prisoner s naked body was found in the garden of your villa. The wounds in the neck were inflicted with so me pointed though not particularly sharp tool like a pick or a pitchfork. Your dog can t be blamed for it because the size of the wounds is such that an animal with teeth large enough to inflict them would have to be larger than the victim, and we don t have any lions or tig ers around here. The only logical explanation is that you took the prisoner from his cell a t night and murdered him in your garden by repeatedly stabbing him in the neck and then brea king it." Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 412 "But the guard on duty that night..." "Is also under arrest. He either participated, or had fallen asleep, or you drug ged him or bribed him or talked him into keeping quiet; we shall find out which. In the mea ntime the president is disgusted with the whole thing and unless you can come up with some really convincing proof of your innocence, I wouldn t like to be in your shoes, captain ." Source: Activity 27: THE WORDS BEYOND MY THOUGHTS Give the meanings of these words from the story “The Cat”. Make sure to give the appropriate meaning of the word according to how it is used in the

Vocabulary Development THE WORDSBEYOND MY THOUGHTS Word Meaning Sentence grumble interrogation incantation anthropologist fatalistic Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 413 Activity 28: WRITING A CRITICAL REVIEW: “ THROUGH MY LENS” Write a critical review of the short story below. Make sure to apply your knowledge of the previous lesson and the review guide provided in the A Critical Review Format “ THROUGH MY LENS” Introduction __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Summary __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Critique __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Conclusion __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Reference/s __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 414

Activity 29: FREQUENCY WORD LIST: Find the meaning of each word below. Write a short description beside the term. Supplement your understanding of these terms with pictures. Cut out pictures that best represent the people/ concept and paste them in th eir FREQUENCY WORD LIST THE FRAME OF MY UNDERSTANDING Name __________________________________ Date ___________ 1. Israelite _____________________________________ 2. Israeli _______________________________________ 3. 4. Hebrew ____________________________________ J ew _______________________________________

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 415 The State of Israel, established in 1948, is an independent nation lo cated between the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea. Its official language is Hebrew. Israeli literature is literature written in the State of Israel by Israelis. Mos t works classified as Israeli literature are written in the Hebrew language, although so me Israeli authors write n Yiddish, English, Arabic and Russian. The greatest masterpiece, the Bible, has profound influence on human development. Scholars based their teach ings on the Bible. Below is a sample poem from the Book of Psalms: Psalm 23 A psalm of David 1 The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. 1. Who is the author of this psalm? What are the three main points of the psalm? 2. How does David describe the physical and the spiritual necessities provided by the Lord? 3. What is the author’s purpose of writing the psalm? What is manifested in his character as he wrote this verse? What does this tell us of the Israeli character? PROCESS QUESTIONS: COMPLEX AND COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCES IN COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN Communication is a process beginning with a sender who encodes the message and passes it through some channel to the receiver who decodes the Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 416 message. Communication is fruitful if and only if the messages sent by the sende r are interpreted with same meaning by the receiver. Communication breakdowns often oc cur in school and in our personal relationships, for various reasons. And the effects of failed communication can be very damaging. Information overload can be one of the reaso ns for this problem. And using complex and compound-complex sentences can help fix the problem. Complex sentences combine one dependent and one independent clause through the use of subordinating conjunctions such as because, though, as, while, if, e tc.; these are also known as dependent adverb clauses. Here are two complex sentences as exampl es. Notice how the two sentences are similar in meaning to the two compound sentence s. Though it s not available, I d like to read the book. Janet is going to a meeting after she has visited her grandparents. Remember that the dependent clause can be placed at the beginning or the end of the sentence. When placing the dependent clause at the beginning of the s entence, use a comma. Compound complex sentences are sentences that contain two independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses. I would like to read the book which was written by John Handy, but it s not avai lable. Activity 30: FROM SIMPLE TO COMPLEX

Use subordinating conjunctions (though, if, when, because, etc.) to Complex Sentence Worksheet Name ___________________________ Date _________ Score _______ 1. Henry needs to learn English. I will teach him. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2. I m writing a letter, and I m leaving. You will find it tomorrow. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 417 3. 3. I prefer to watch TV by streaming over the internet. It allows me to watc h what I want and when I want to watch. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 4. 4. The car was extremely expensive. Bob didn t have much money. He bought th e car. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 5. 5. Sometimes it happens that we have a lot of rain. I put the chairs on the patio in the garage when we have rain. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Source: Activity 31: REPAIRING COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN Use subordinating conjunctions (though, if, when, because, etc.) to connect the sentences to make one complex sentence. Compound Complex Sentence Worksheet Name ___________________ Date ___________ Score _________ 1. 1. Susan teaches the kids who live in the neighborhood. They meet in the ev enings after she comes home from work. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

2. 2. Anthony told us about the assembly of the products. Unfortunately, he did n t tell us about where they were made. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 418 3. 3. The doctor wanted to prescribe physical therapy, and he asked me to see a specialist. He recommended Dr. Smith. _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 4. 4. The eagles attract many tourists. They live in the local mountain range. Unfortunately, the politicians still refuse to protect them. _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 5. 5. I don t like the food. The staff prepare the food. I also do not like the ir unfriendly attitude. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Source: sheet.htm Exercise 9: VIDEO VIEWING: THE FUTURE WARFARE IS HERE Visit this website and view thi s Source: This site shows a three-minute CNN news report about Israel’s latest drone technol ogy capable of defending and attacking enemies in air, land and water. The video Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 419 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. What is Israel’s latest drone technology? What makes this upgraded aircraft amazing? 2. What is the reaction of Israel’s greatest nemesis, Iran, over this latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AUV)? 3. How do Israelis respond to challenges of modernity as reflected in their literary selections? Activity 32: MONITORING MY MEDIA BEHAVIORS Identify your own behaviors while watching television and other social media. Complete this graphic organizer and compare this with your classmate. Take note of the similarities and differences in your behaviors. Make sure to discuss with him/her wholesome practices and behaviors in watching A GRAPHIC ORGANIZER ON TELEVISION VIEWING BEHAVIORS Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 420

Exercise 10: Israeli Personality Traits Source: W hat makes an Israeli? A peculiar mix of joie de vivre, arrogance, aggressiveness, fear, claustrophobia, plus a whole lot more. Living in Israel is one continual encounter with the Israeli character, stereotypically labeled as the “sabra,” the cactus that is hard and prickly on the outside, but mushy and sweet on the inside. But the Israeli character is far more complex than the stereotype. Arrogance, well yes, most Israelis are convinced they are the best and they aren’t shy about letting you know it either. Not that they brag, rather they tend to put others down, leaving themselves in the up position. I have a friend who is an ai rline pilot for Southwest who desperately wants to make aliyah – yet he can’t get a job with El Al because even though he has thousands of hours of experience flying airliners for major American carriers, El Al hires IDF helicopter pilots with 1,000 hours before the y hire him. Why? Because of a combination of that arrogance, the Israeli Air Force way is cl early the best for everything, and the “clubbishness” that goes with this superiority complex. As to aggressive, well, this is a trait for which Israelis are famou s. One of the challenges of getting by in Israel is that if you are not aggressive you are per ceived as a “freier”, which is a Yiddish term for sucker. The next trait on Elon’s list, fear of another Holocaust, is also real. But rememb er, just because you are paranoid, does not mean that they are NOT out to ge t you. Ahmadinejad may be a nut case, but he is a nut case who is the he ad of state of a country. Claustrophobia, yes, that comes with living in a very small country. Israel is m ore or less the size of New J ersey. If you lived in New J ersey and on one side the borders with New York and Connecticut were sealed, and the border with Pennsylvania was one you c ould technically cross, but it didn’t feel particularly safe to do so because people th ere Learning Module for English - Grade 8 3 - L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 421 didn’t like you, you too would probably feel a little claustrophobic. In Israel we enjoy an attitude of living in a frontier. Maybe some of the arroga nce comes from living in a place that the rest of the world treats as important. There is more terrorism in Sri Lanka, more people are dying in Kenya, human rights abuses are far worse in any country within 300 miles, not to mention places like China, and yet we’re on the f ront page

Jew. 2. What should be the appropriate behavior of a blogger so that he can freely yet responsibly express his ideas and thoughts without being difficult and PROCESS QUESTIONS: Activity 33: WRITING A BLOG: GETTING CONNECTED TO ISRAEL Write a sensible unbiased comment on the blog above. Who are mentioned in the blog? Why are those names mentioned? 5. To do that. Footnotes are a conventional way to tell your readers where you got the informat ion and quotes that appear in your paper. What four major traits characterize the Israeli as a people? Expla in each briefly. What is the sociological background of the arrogance of the Israelis? 3. Is it all right to make blogs or to comment on people’s blogs? 8.Grade 8 3 . One of the biggest c hallenges facing a new immigrant to Israel is fitting in as a part of that culture. Did you have positive comments on the blog? Why or why not? Did you feel good after writing your comment? 2. Israelite. and designs used in commerce. Makes us feel important. you need to provide complete citations in a consistent citation style. What is the purpose of the writer for exposing his essay to the wor ldwide web? 6. Comment here. What does “freier” mean? When is one considered such? 4.and easy to find any that they might want to study further. Incorporating the terms.of the Western papers every day while those others places often get scant notice . What does “blog” mean? Why do people create blogs? 7. Was the blogger credible enough to claim those characteristics of the Israelis? What makes the blog seem to influence the way we think about the Israelis? 4. 1. and symbols. Did you visit the same site again? Were there people who also commented on the same blog? 3. Why is it important to quote persons in authorities when we write or speak? Does the blogger show respect for intellectual property (ideas used) of other PROCESS QUESTIONS: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions. Your goal is to make it easy for your readers to see what sources you used -. the Israeli character is complex and interesting. psyche and temperament as a Filipino student. Make sure your comment is not offensive to any race and is a sincere expression of your desire. Learning Module for English . it makes us feel like we are a part of something important. Visit this site a nd write your comments here : http://israel21c. Read the blog again (on Exercise 10). images. . In short. 5. But more than that.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 422 1. describe the Israeli psyc he and temperament as reflected in their reading and viewing texts. Hebrewn. literary and artistic works.

" Ethics 75 (October 1964): 16-24. sec. 4. 113. "The Amazing Mollusc. How to footnote a recording (in this case. or: 2 Ronald Takaki. 12 J anuary 1969. 113. George C. Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th-Century America.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 423 Non-Printed Media How to footnote a radio or television program: 6 TVNZ. Cameron (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. How to footnote an essay in a journal: 4 Samuel M. E11.hanover. . When the book is edited: 3 Edward Chiera. "Blood Red River. Testament T-2204. How to footnote a work of art (in this case. Bibliography: Using the Chicago Manual of Style Printed Resources How to cite a book: Takaki. 1938). How to footnote an article in a newspaper: 5 "Amazing Amazon Region.htm Printed Resources How to footnote a book: 1 Ronald Takaki." New York Times. a painting): 9 Larry Calcagno. How to footnote a film: 7 Lee Tamahori. Once Were Warriors. CITATIONS and FOOTNOTES Learning Module for English ." The Legendary Peg Leg Howell. Director. ed. Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th-Century America (New York: Oxford University Press. 42. They Wrote on Clay." on a n album called The Legendary Peg Leg Howell: 8 Peg Leg Howell. Landscape. 19 43." 17 April 1972. 1990). "The Authority of Law. 1990). 1970.Grade 8 3 . a song called "Blood Red River. Ronald. Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th-Century America (New York: Oxford University Press.http:// history. 1995. Thompson. How to

How to cite a work of art (in this case. genre and source. Choose those selections or articles that speak about how the Saudi and the Israeli respond to the challenges of modernity. 4. Ronald. Vary the genre/type. "Blood Red River. How to cite an essay in a journal: Thompson. "The Amazing Mollusc. Samuel M. 1938. Learning Module for English . Peg Leg. A GALLERY OF MY FAVE PROSE and POETRY LITERARY ENTRY TEMPLATE TITLE OF THE SELECTION ___________________________________________ AUTHOR __________________________________________________________ TYPE/ GENRE______________________________________________________ FULL TEXT ." Ethics 75 (October 1964): 16-24. 1990. New York: Oxford University Press. Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th-Century America. They Wrote on Clay. sec. Take note. Director. "The Authority of Law. 1970. Gather five selections from Saudi literature and five from Israeli literature. also. Lee. How to cite an article in a newspaper: "Amazing Amazon Region.. When the book is edited: Cameron. 1943.New York: Oxford University Press." New York Times. Copy the full text. a song called "Blood Red Riv er. Chicago: University of Chicago Pres s. Ed." on an album called The Legendary Peg Leg Howell: Howell. E11. Landscape. Testamen t T-2204. Non-Printed Media How to cite a radio or television program: TVNZ.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 424 Activity 34: RESEARCH WORK: A GALLERY OF MY FAVE PROSE Visit your school library or surf the web to find various literary s elections which are representatives of Saudi and Israeli literature. George C. 1995. How to cite a recording (in this case. or: Takaki. 12 J anuary 1969. Keep a record of your research by following thi s template." 17 April 1972." The Legendary Peg Leg Howell. Once Were Warriors. 1990.Grade 8 3 . Larry. How to cite a film: Tamahori. of the author. a painting): Calcagno.

the skills you have developed and the information you have gathered from the previous activities. culture and academics. you will now apply the insights you have learned. Your goal in this section is to apply your learning to real life situations. Follow the format on writing reviews on Activity 28. In practice. Learning Module for English . Keep the compilation for further instruction. This can be a good avenue for a healthy discussion on literature. in this section. this means that they are usually published on the Web. Invite your classmates to visit this site and post their comments.SOURCE: You have just learned how to show respect for intellectual property. Use the Chicago Manual of Style. communication breakdowns and television viewing behaviors. e-journals. Write a critical review of each selection.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 425 The discussion. that you have a deeper understanding of the topic. Activity 37: WRITING A BIBLIOGRAPHY: “ FROM WHERE I GOT MY Create an e-journal of your favorite Saudi and Israel prose and poems at any fee website provider. Activity 36: REVIEW: RESPONDING TO Go over your collection of your favorite Saudi and Israel prose and poetry. and electronic serials . Your knowledge in this lesson and in the previous lesson will help you perform better the final task which is to create an e-journal of prose and poetry. was about Israeli literature. Make sure that they all follow the theme – overcoming challenges of modernity. are scholarly journals or intellectual magazines that can be accessed via electronic transmission. In this final phase of the lesson. They are a specialized form of electronic document: they have the purpose of providing material for academic research and study. and they are formatted approximately like journal articles in traditional printed journ . Activity 35: WRITING A BIBLIOGRAPHY: “ FROM WHERE I GOT MY Create a bibliography of the various sources you used when you researched your favorite Saudi and Israeli prose and poems. also known as ejournals. Electronic journals. turn-taki ng strategies. Post your outputs in Activity 34 (a collection of your chosen literary selections from Saudi Arabia and Israel) with accompanying outputs in Activity 36 (critical reviews of these chosen selections). You may also find related reviews of your chosen selection by visiting e-journals. respect for intellectual property. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understanding. you are ready to do the tasks in the next section.Grade 8 3 . Let us begin by doing the activity below. What new realizations do you have about the topic? What new connections have you made for yourself? Now.

They relate to significant personal experiences and social. Electronic journal entries show careful analysis of Saudi and . your school holds an electronic exhibit of famous literary pieces. economic and political issues showing how Saudi and Israeli people overcome challenges of modernity.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 426 In observance of the National Book Week Celebration.als. you are tasked to create an e-journal featuring Saudi and Israeli prose TASK Your output will be evaluated according to the following scoring guide. The activity dubbed as “Diverse Cultures: One in Overcoming Challenges” aims to promote better understanding of people with diverse cultures and characters and deeper appreciation of literature.wikipedia. http:// Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . As a library assistant. SCORING GUIDE FOR E-JOURNAL OF PROSE AND POETRY ADVANCED (11-15) PROFICIENT (6-10) DEVELOPING (1-5) SCORE INSIGHTFUL Electronic journal entries show in-depth and critical analysis of the literary selections of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Electronic journal entries are present in the site.Israel literary selections. Literary themes vary from superstitions to love of nature. economic and political issues that the countries faced in history while some reflect just any topic.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 427 SCORING GUIDE FOR E-JOURNAL OF PROSE AND POETRY ADVANCED (11-15) PROFICIENT (6-10) DEVELOPING (1-5) SCORE USER FRIENDLY Browse capability – (browse and search in the same subject and in different publishers’ . Few entries are not works of Saudi and Israel writers. Learning Module for English .Grade 8 3 . Most selections relate to personal experiences and social. All literary selections have full text but some lack reviews.

J ournals). . Search capability is weak. Interaction capability – (collaboration between author/ site administrator and reader and network communication among authors. Interaction capability – (collaboration between author/ site administrator and reader and network communication among authors. Interaction capability – collaboration between author/ and reader and network communication is effective. teachers and users) are strong. teachers and users) and search capability are strong. Search capability is weak. Browse capability – (browse and search in the same subject and in different publishers’ J ournals). editors. editors. Brows capability is not reliable. browse a topic and browse through author’s name cannot be done.

Entries are organized. . Access level. related and supplementary information and information services are evident. They follow a standard style and prescribed format (grammar. mechanics). Few grammatical errors are found in critical reviews. presentation is attractive. Entries are present but incomplete.EFFICIENT Entries are wellorganized. Output fails to follow the e-journal entry format. Glaring grammatical errors can be spotted. Access to full text is denied. Related articles and references are missing. Access level is low. presentation is unique and artistic. related and supplementary information is found and information services are not saved in designated areas. Some indicators of information services are deactivated. Entries have varying style and format of presentation.

In this section. Activity 38: ANTICIPATION-REACTION GUIDE AGREE/DISAGREE Read your initial answers to this Agree/Disagree Chart. religion J ewish writers began to write in Hebrew in addition to their various national languages because Hebrew at that time was the A key ingredient of the Israeli public persona is that J ews are tough. that you have already submitted yourself to discussions and activities on the temperament and psyche of the Saudi and Israeli people. compare your initial and final answers. You n eed to answer the last column of the sheet. The expansion of the Arab people in the 7th and 8th century brought them into contact with a variety of different peoples who would affect their culture and the most significant of these is the ancient civilization of Israel. Then.L3 .Grade 8 3 . answer the same items.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 428 Congratulations! You have just accomplished the performance task of this module. Israelite. Now get the first activity sheet .Anticipation-Reaction Guide Agree/ Disagree Chart. Agree / Disagree Chart Before the Lesson Statements about Saudi and Israeli Literature After the Lesson Agree Disagree Agree Disagree The period before the writing of the Qur an and the rise of Islam is known to Muslims as period of ignorance.Grade 8 3 . Make sure to explain those items where you made changes. How did you find the performance task? How did the task help you see the real world use of the topic? Learning Module for English . your task was to create an e-journal of Saudi and Israeli prose and poetry that depict the people’s strength in overcoming the challenges of modernity. emotionally hardened. that you answered at the start of this lesson. change to Persia The terms Israeli. Hebrew and J ew are synonymous and can be interchangeably used in literature. Now.TOTAL Learning Module for English . You are able to develop and master all the skills required of you in this lesson. and ruthless.

are scholarly . ejournal — also known as ejournals. a frequently updated personal journal chron icling links at a website.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 430 Audience analysis — is the process of examining information about your listeners Blog — is an online diary on website.Grade 8 3 . I need to study Afro-Asian literature because / so that ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ My personal experiences like _________________________________ _____________________________ can help me become a better speaker and writer of English. Learning Module for English . The Way I Thi nk and Learn The most important insight I gained from this learning module was ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ I can make this learning useful to me if I ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ I can best apply this learning to my life when I am @ (Place) _______________________________________________ during (Time) ____________________________________________ with (Person/s) ___________________________________________ As a Filipino student of English. So you need to express your inner thoughts and emotions by completing the journal below. intended for public viewing. e-journals. and electronic serials.OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 429 Activity 39: LESSON CLOSURE: REFLECTIVE LEARNING JOURNAL Recording your learning insights can provide with you fresh ideas.

disposition. Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions. and symbols. images. It attempts to persuade a re ader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. Propaganda — is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side o f an argument. names. Card Stacking — The strategy of showing the product’s best features. Persuasive Essay — known as the argument essay. Learning Module for English . Israelite — is a descendant of the Hebrew patriarch J acob. Israeli — refers to a citizen or resident living in the modern "STATE" of Israel. and omitting or lying about its potential problems. self and mind. specifically : a native or inhabitant of the ancient northern kingdom of Israel. Footnote — is an additional piece of information printed at the bottom of a page to indicate where the idea / text is taken. Plain Folks — The use of everyday people to sell a product or service. The nam ecalling technique links a person.Grade 8 3 . telling halftruths. Character Analysis — Is a technique of critically analyzing the personality and a ttributes personified by a certain character in a literary selection. lite rary and artistic works. Psyche — is a term which refers to soul. Name calling — The use of names that evoke fear or hatred in the viewer. or idea.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 431 Books . utilizes logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another idea. Temperament — is a word which refers to characteristic or habitual inclination or mode of emotional response. Jew — is a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religio n is J udaism and who trace their origins through the ancient Hebrews. to a negative symbol. and designs used in commerce.journals or intellectual magazines that can be accessed via electronic transmis sion.

et al. This site contains a short opening speech of Abdur Raheem McCarthy at the Peace Conference.englishpond.pdf This site contains a written version of an informative talk used in the pre-asse ssment art of this module. This contains an excerpt of the “Prologue” of the selection “Arabian Nights”.candlelightstories.wikipedia.Afro-Asian L iterature.PDF this site presents a worksheet on identifying facts from opinions. http://www. http://www. Learning Module for English . Language in Literature.htm This site discusses the importance of Informative speaking. http://www. This site contains a video that shows Saudi Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel interview on CNN program.lamission. Soft soap — flattery or insincere compliments designed to get the audience on the side of the speaker. (2005). This video runs for 8:50 minutes.L3 OVERCOMING CHALLENGES 432 20Speeches. Quezon City: Ephesians Publishing. Breaking Grounds through Afro-Asian Literature. Ines http://www. The video runs for 12 minutes. Princess Ameerah expresses her voice for female empowerment in Saudi Arabia.html This site introduces Arabic This contains a prologue of “The Arabian Nights” used as introduction to a reading Glittering Generalities — The act of referring to words or ideas that evoke a pos itive emotional response from an audience.” .com/january99/ This site presents a summary of one of the stories of “The Arabian Nights” entitled “A li Baba and the Forty http://www. Inc.Cabanilla.htm This shows an essay that describes the Arab psyche. J osefina. Inc. Inocencio.thenagain. (2012). Websites https://mymission. Quezon City: Vibal Publishing 8 3 . McCarthy explains how Islam can be the solution for mankin d.

land and water. This site narrates the biblical version of “The Story of Ruth. http://www. http://www.Grade 8 H ave you ever wondered how is to see different nationalities all in one place? How will you differentiate a Filipino from the rest? How will you kn ow if someone is a This site contains a worksheet for Complex or a Chinese when all of them look the .com/od/esl-worksheets/a/Complex-Sentence-Worksheet.englisch.html This site discusses the meaning. The video run s for 3:34 minutes.cfm?LessonPlanId=335 This contains an enumeration and discussion of most common propaganda devices.htm This site discusses the meaning of intellectual J This site shows a three-minute CNN news report about Israel’s latest dr one technology capable of defending and attacking enemies in air.htm This is a website which showcases an interactive activity on conditional sentenc m This site contains a worksheet for Compound-Complex Sentences. http://www. http://history. This contains a thorough discussion of conditional sentences.about. 438 Learning Module for English .org/blog/those-walled-in/ This is a blog on the Israeli character.html This site narrates a modern short sdtory entitled “The Cat” written by an purpose and structure of a critical m This site explains the meaning and structure of complex and compound-c omplex sentences.about.turntaking/ http://www. http://esl.” http://www.html This site discusses turn-taking strategies.html This website illustrates proper citation and footnotes.whatchristianswanttoknow.library.csi. http://linguapress.

Define words from context and through word analysis (prefix. Read different text types including informational texts Arrive at the meaning of structurally complex and ambiguous sentences by separating kernel sentences from modification structures and expansions. choose. Abstract information from the different text types by noting explicit and impli cit signals used by the writer. no matter how remote they are? Is it possible to be united even when In this module. and suffixe s).L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 434 Produce an e-literary folio which focuses on the theme. Write meaningful expanded sentences. Achieve brevity in writing. you will find out about Afro-Asian people. Use appropriate devices for emphasis. among others. Write an informative speech based on the theme “Changing Perspectives. The learner performs an interactive human exhibit of Afro-Asian literar y characters. you will learn the following: Point out the role of literature in enabling one to grow in personhood. Determine what makes a text literary.same? In this module. your learning will be maximized as you take the following lesson s: Lesson 1 – Literature as Communication: Literary Folio Lesson 2 – Business Communication: Letter of Application Lesson 3 – Academic Communication: Writing Annotation Lesson 4 – Global Communication: Informative Speech Specifically for Module 4.” Write a letter of application and the accompanying documents (e. you are like them as they are like you. Listen critically to speeches. Compile an annotated bibliography of sources for an informative speech. you will ask yourself. Use the transactional and interactional functions of language in letters of app eal. In the process. Analyze. inquiry. Learning Module for English . resume).” The learner demonstrates understanding of how Afro-Asian Literature and other text types equip him/her with communication skills that lead to embrac ing diverse cultural heritage. Achieve sentence fluency in written outputs. how is it possible that people do not kno w one another and yet they are related? Is it possible that you have the same ance stors or blood lines. “Changing Perspectives.” .Grade 8 4 . in many ways. How are they similar or different from one another? You will also discover that although they are of dif ferent races. Analyze a recorded choral interpretation of a literary text focusing on the theme “Changing Perspectives. Use fixed expressions for business writing.g. roots. Show respect for intellectual property rights by acknowledging citations made i n reports and researches. and synthesize information from varied sources.

Here is a simple map of the above lessons you will cover: Literature as Communicaon Business Communicaon Academic Communicaon Glocal Communicaon CHANGING PERSPECTIVES Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 435 Let’s find out how much you already know about this module. Read the text, Towards One Asia. Afterwards, click on the letter that you think best answers th e question. Please answer all items. After taking this short test, you will see your score. Take note of the items that you are not able to answer correctly and look for the right answe r as you go through this module. READING TEXT # 1 Towards One Asia From: Prototype Lesson Plans in English II pp. 412-413 Department of Education Towards One Asia Historic changes in Asia brought dramatic and sometimes tragic events in the que st for a peaceful and independent life. Even today, in the international relations of the states in the multi-faceted Asian continent, we see the interaction, interlaci ng, and clashing of diverse factors – historical, political, socio-economic, cultural and psyc hological. We are aware of the complex problems which the Asian people have inherited from both th e distant and the recent past. Among these are the gaps in the levels of economic developm ent of the various countries on the continent, the dependent status of many of them in the system of the world’s capitalist economy, territorial disputes, religious contrad ictions, ethnic differences, among others. These complicated problems become more acute because of acts of subversion of forces hostile to the peace and freedom of Asian nations. As a result, instability still prevails in the Asian region.

There are several forces in Asia which firmly uphold the cause of peace. These a re the growing movement of peace-loving, anti-war, and anti-nuclear forces belongin g to the progressive parties and public organizations of practically every countr y in the region. These forces are in the vanguard of intensifying the struggle for peace and stab ility in the Asian continent. However different their approaches to existing problems may be, the Asian nation s are linked by common historical destinies and vital interests. They are coping w ith these tasks in some similar ways. This is precisely the reason that dicta tes the necessity of cooperation and good neighborly relations. It is then necessary for As ian countries to actively participate in the social, economic, and other fields on a bilateral an d multilateral basis. These could be in education and skills training in agricultural and industrial development. Such good-neighbor cooperation is an effective way of im proving the international climate in Asia. This situation in Asia and the adjoining countries urgently requires that the As ian countries evolve politics aimed at averting the threat of nuclear way and achiev ing peaceful Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 436 solution to all issues. This is a choice that Asian can and must make. These joint efforts could bring about an all-Asian forum to consider the complex issues concerning security and cooperation among the Asian nations. 1. If “One Asia” were written in verse, what would it be? It is a/an __________ te xt. A. literary B. non-literary C. Informational D. instructional 2. A. B. C. D. 3. A. B. C. D. If the reading text is informational it would give clear directions or steps in doing activities. be rich in opinions and reactions be accompanied with pictures. provide the facts needed to describe and discuss the topic or subject. Which of the following choices refers to a kernel sentence? Simple Active Extended Declarative

4. Which of the choices best completes the sentence, “We want to explor e a new and _______ destination in Asia?” A. Excite B. Excited C. Exciting D. Excitement 5. What kind of business letter is this excerpt, “Attached is a photoc opy of the article, Towards One Asia, which we will be publishing once we receive your per mission to print it” from? It is from a letter of __________. A. Authorization B. Excuse C. Request D. Complaint

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 437 6. Asia’s transformation is due to its fast growing economy. The underl ined expression means_______. A. change B. transfer C. location D. position 7. What is the kernel sentence in this statement, “They are coping with these task s in some similar ways.”? A. they are B. they are coping C. these tasks in some D. tasks is some similar ways 8. Which of the choices will you refer to determine if the reading selection is an informational text? A. It is accompanied with pictures. B. It is rich in opinions and reactions C. It gives clear directions or steps in doing activities. D. It has all the facts needed to describe and discuss the topic or subject. 9. A. B. C. D. In order to meet criteria on suitability, the writer must consider_____. audience and purpose length of the text format and style point of view

10. Which of the following choices refers to plagiarism? A. The paraphrased material uses 80% of the words from the original source and includes a parenthetical citation.

B. The words taken from a source are copied exactly, enclosed in quotation marks, and followed by a credit. C. The writer did not acknowledge the source since only the ideas and not the e xact words are used. D. The same requirement was submitted by the student to her two professors for an adjunct project. 11. A. B. C. D. Which of the following choices is highly reflected in the reading text? S-symbol I- imagery F- figurative language T- theme

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 438 12. A. B. C. D. 13. e? A. B. C. D. 14. A. B. C. D. Why is it important to achieve brevity in writing? Verbose writing is not synonymous with intelligence. Big words are not needed to make your sound smart. Ideas are better expressed when explained concisely. Less is more. Which of the choices should not be published in a literary folio or magazin poems editorial photographs book review Business letters are for_____. banking transactions financial business transactions transactions in small enterprises or industries communications in formal written language involving various purposes

15. As the editor in chief of your school organ you will write a letter to the p rincipal to send you to an international seminar on journalism. What kind of letter will you be w riting? A. Letter of Request B. Letter of Approval C. Letter of Complaint D. Letter of Authorization 16. you for A. B. C. D. As a member of the organizing committee on choral interpretation, what will look in a text which will be used by the competing participants? vivid words variety of roles an enchanting story repetitive verse or rhythm

17. The ONE ASEAN Committee has asked you to be a judge of the lit erary folio competition. Which of the criteria below will you use to determine the folio’s dep iction

of A. B. C. D.

the theme? responsive engaging concise formal

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 439 18. You have been asked by your teacher to make a report on the historic changes in Asia. When you use a direct quotation from a source, you need to cite the following ex cept the _____. A. author’s name B. page number C. year of publication D. publishing company 19. You are a judge in an informative speech delivery contest, which of the crit eria would you use to assess the provided information? A. accurate B. concise C. audience-centered D. meaningful 20. In writing an essay about Asia, which of the following would you use to make your kernel sentence more colorful? A. adjective phrases B. prepositional phrases C. appositive phrases D. noun phrase

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 440 To give you an overview of the things you will do in this lesson, pay close at tention to the expected skills and the lesson map. In this lesson, you are expected to do the following: Point out the role of literature in enabling one to grow in personhood. Determine what makes a text literary. Achieve sentence fluency in written outputs. Analyze a video of a choral interpretation of a literary text focusing on the t heme “Changing Perspectives.” Produce an e-literary folio which focuses on the theme, “Changing Perspectives.”

In this lesson, you are expected to cover the following: Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 441 Let us begin this lesson by reflecting on what you know so far about Thailand.

As we go through life, we encounter people from different walks of life. Interacting with them, we are exposed to various views and different ways of understanding and describing common experiences. This often leads us to ponder on the question, “How do we express our views while respecting other cultures?” Explore answers to this question by engaging in a series of learning experiences in this module. Begin by studying the picture below.

Work in pairs. Take turns in explaining what you see in the picture below.

1. How many peers have you encountered whose perspective or view of the picture is different from yours? 2. Have you tried convincing your peer of your view? How did you handle differe nces in points of view? 3. How do you express your view while respecting others? Know [[ Acvity 1: SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 442 Take a look at the meaning of the word, perspective. The definition provides an etymology or history of the word. The definition says that perspective also mean s “mental outlook over time.” This means that views change through time.

In this lesson, you will explore your view or perspective of Africa, her people, culture and heritage. Begin by filling out the first part (INITIAL ANSWER) of the IRF Worksh eet. MY CHANGING PERSPECTIVE (IRF) Initial Answer Revised Answer Final Answer [[ Acvity 2: MY CHANGING PERSPECTIVE perspective (n) late 14c., "science of optics," from Old French perspective and directly from Me dieval Latin perspectivaars "science of optics," from fem. of perspecti vus "of sight, optical" from Latin perspectus "clearly perceived," pp. of perspicere "in spect, look through, look closely at," from per- "through" (see per) + specer e "look at" (see scope (n.1)). Sense of "art of drawing objects so as to give appearance of distance or depth" is first found 1590s, influenced by Italian prospettiva, an a rtists  term. The figurative meaning "mental outlook over time" is first recorded 1762. What is my view of Africa? What does literature as communication mean? END OF KNOW: What you will learn in the next set of sections will also enable you to do the lessons and activities which involve gathering data that will enable you to produce an informative paragraph. This will help you better understand traditions and values of selected Afro-Asian countries. Let’s find out how others would answer the process questions and compare their ideas with your own. We will start by doing the next activity. Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 443

Your goal in this section is to learn and understand communication in the context of literature. While going through the series of activities on literature and language, continue to think of the question,“ How do I express my perspectives while respecting other cultures?” Click the link below to access the youtube video file of the poem, Telephone Conversation. READING TEXT # 2

Telephone Conversation Wole Soyinka /Nigeria The price seemed reasonable, location Indifferent. The landlady swore she lived Off premises. Nothing remained But self-confession. “Madam,” I warned, 5 “I hate a wasted journey—I am African.” Silence. Silenced transmission of Pressurized good-breeding. Voice, when it came, Lipstick coated, long gold-rolled Cigarette-holder piped. Caught I was, foully. 10 “HOW DARK?” . . . I had not misheard . . . “ARE YOU LIGHT OR VERY DARK?” Button B. Button A. Stench Of rancid breath of public hide-and-speak. Red booth.Red pillar-box.Red double-tiered Omnibus squelching tar. It was real! Shamed 15 By ill-mannered silence, surrender Pushed dumbfoundment to beg simplification. Considerate she was, varying the emphasis— “ARE YOU DARK? OR VERY LIGHT?” Revelation came. “You mean—like plain or milk chocolate?” 20 Her assent was clinical, crushing in its light Impersonality. Rapidly, wavelength adjusted, Process [[ Acvity 3: AUDIO-VISUAL EXPERIENCE Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 444 PROCESS QUESTIONS: I chose. “West African sepia”—and as an afterthought, “Down in my passport.” Silence for spectroscopic Flight of fancy, till truthfulness clanged her accent 25 Hard on the mouthpiece. “WHAT’S THAT?” conceding, “DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS.” “Like brunette.” “THAT’S DARK, ISN’T IT?” “Not altogether. Facially, I am brunette, but madam, you should see The rest of me. Palm of my ha nd, soles of my feet 30 Are a peroxide blonde. Friction, caused— Foolishly, madam—by sitting down, has turned My bottom raven black—One moment madam!”—sensing Her receiver rearing on the thunderclap About my ears—“Madam,” I pleaded, “wouldn’t you rather 35 See for yourself?”

1. of 2. 3. 4.

What view? What What What

point of view is used in the poem? Why does the author use this point is the attitude of the landlady towards the speaker in the poem? is the speaker’s reaction towards this? message does the poem convey?

Writers communicate their ideas in varied ways. Some write stories while others articulate their perspectives through verses or poems. According to AngelikiCoconi, “Literary communication is the contact between the author and the reader. The writer sends a message through

his text and the audience receives it. The text comes to life and serves its purpose only when it communicates with the reader. “ Determine how the poets, Wole Soyinka and David Diopconvey their respe ctive message to their readers through the use of literary tools. Fill out the Poetry Analysis Concept Map found below:

[[ Acvity 4: LITERATURE AS COMMUNICATION Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 445 A. Poetry Analysis Table (SIFT) 1. What does the table reveal about the two poems? 2. How does the SIFT method help you determine the 3. similarities and differences between the two poems? 4. Has the activity helped you realize literature as 5. communication?

SIFT Method for Analyzi ng Literature S – SYMBOL An object, person, or place that has meaning within itself but stands for something else in the context of the story I – IMAGERY When an image is evoked through the use of really descriptive language F – FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Includes (but is not limited to) simile, metaphor, hyperbole, repetition, alliteration, among others T – TONE AND THEME Tone is the attitude and author takes on the subject he/she is writing about Theme = Plot + Tone Source: teachingchan- Access the video, Analyze Literature Critically Using the SIFT Method, through this website: https:// videos/sift-method-analyzeliterature SIFT Telephone Conversation Africa Symbol


Figurative Language

Tone and Theme

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 446 B. Summarize your insights concerning literature as communication. Use the box b elow. C. Make the presentation of your insights more creative through Click the link, Copy and paste your insights to the box. Click Go and then Submit. Import a print screen of your generated wordle to the box found below. SAMPLE WORDLE YOUR WORDLE

Learning Module for English - Grade 8 4 - L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 447 Have you ever wondered how words are formed?

I’ am with my Friends. when. reasonable. 3. the National anthem. I find myself asking. when.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 448 You have read about Africa and its people. being played. a Filipino as Anyo ne. His ___________(reveal) caught her off guard.Grade 8 4 .com/pop/430333. Felix Bautista All: I like to think that I am a Filipino.quia. Boys: When I’ am with Girlfriends or more correctly. As you go through the exercises. Fluttering in the breeze.htm. that I am as Good. e-xtend your knowledge! Have fun forming new words by doing the interactive exercise on this website: Click this link: http://www. How Filipino Am I. Girls: My Last Name Is Chinese. 2. I Hear. wh o happen to be girls. Girls: My heart thrills. 1. when. answer the following questions: What score did you get? How are words formed? How does knowledge of word origins help you understand word meaning? [[ Acvity 5: WORD MORPH The price seemed reasonable… Learning Module for English . Complete the statements below with the suitable word.For instance. The Anatomy of a Filipino By: Prof.I talk to them in . The landlady’s newest ___________ (acquire) is displayed on the table. Answer the items and get immediate feedback. Boys: And my Blood Rises. The process of adding an affix such as a prefix or suffix to a base word is called word derivation. Find the commonalities and differences between Africans and Filipinos by reading the choral interpretation text found below. a combination of? The word reasonable which means “in accordance with reason” is formed by adding the suffix able to the root word reason. I see our flag. Really? Boys: My First Name is American. what is the word. All: And Yet. He was waiting for the landlady’s ___________(concede) of his request.

we are the end products of our history. All: All these sound wonderful. by people who want. Boy (solo): I must confess. to call myself. Boys: Malayan and Chinese. to be truly Filipino. what right do I have. our history is a co-mingling. Girls: If they are thirsty. for many things foreign. whether we like it or not. I am an extremely confused. I treat them.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 449 All: Tell me the Language I speak should be replaced by Filipino. and buy Filipino. on all sides.Grade 8 4 . the nationalists cry. Noli and Fili. Boys: If they are hungry. But Rizal used Spanish. whatever I may be doing. because of it? Must the artist. All: And when I have the money. when he wrote. me to search for my national identity. for to believe otherwise is to indulge in fantasy. a Bottle of American coke. Wherever I’ am. a Filipino? Girls (solo): Should I not call myself. th ey demand. a cultural reality we cannot escape . I am getting bothered and Bewildered. considering my taste. and Bewildered young man . whether we like it or not. to an Italian Pizza pie. All: This is historic fact we cannot ignore. a culture orphan? The illegitimate child of many races? All: Rightly or wrongly. Girls: The Composer should exploit endless Possibilities of the haunting kundima n. [[ Acvity 6: MAKING CONNECTIONS READING TEXT # 3 All: Rightly or wrongly. we are the end products. they insist. of polyglot influences. of our history fortunately or unfortunately. Boys: Was he less of a nationalist. Fortunately or unfortunately. They urge me t o do away with things foreign to act and think. Boys: The Painter should use his genius in portraying themes purely Filipino. as his medium. our history is a co-mingling. I am Bombarded. I buy them. of polyglot influe nces. Learning Module for English .English. Boys: American and J apanese. Girls: Spanish and British. All: The Writer should use Filipino. paint . I give them a real Chinese Lauriat. Boy (solo): Considering all these. Girl (solo): Even in art.

how does a Filipino feel whenever s/he hea rs the national anthem being sung or sees the national flag? 2. What is the anatomy of a Filipino? Use the table below to write down your answers. All: If that heart beats faster. because of these. could speed us on the road. very. Table A Culture Name History Arts PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . then it belongs to a true Filipin o. after all. According to the text. Girls: Our culture is tinged with foreign influences. to national greatness. very proud. British. but it has become rich the reby. because the Philippines is making progress. it is a great country. does he become Unfilipino? We are what we are today. All: And I am proud. 1.because underneath these names beats a Filipino heart. in fact. a Chinese Last Name. All: This mingling. and German. but It does not stop being Filipino. . then we could ask for nothing more. Boys: In our veins pulses blood with traces of Chinese and Spanish and American. if it fills with compassion because its people are suffering.Grade 8 4 . Boys: I have an American First Name.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 450 3. and he writes song faithful to the spirit of the Youths of today. What perspectives of being a Filipino does the writer provide? Is there a . Boy (solo): Filipinism. all other thin gs are Unimportant. and it throbs with pride in our past. and yet it is the melting pot of Italian. is in the heart.with the juice of the Duhat? Girls: And must he draw picture of topless Muslim women or Igorot warriors in GString? All: And if the composer desert the kundiman. and French. or Irish and Swedish. Look at America. if it beats with a faith in the future. Girls: And I have. if it pulses with awareness of the present . because of our History.

Film Grammar B. Felix Bautista INITIAL FINAL Learning Module for English .L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 451 There are many ways to communicate a certain message. Use the grid below to capture your obser . analyze this video a nd determine if there is variety of shots.Grade 8 4 . Visual literacy Exercise Using what you have learned about the basic camera shots.change in these perspectives in the latter part of the text? Can thi s be observed in the other reading text? Plot this using the table found. One of these is through the language of the camera. A. gear up by being familiar with the terms found below. pay particular attention to how the message is conveyed thr ough certain shots. musicality and ability to stimulate imagination? Table C: The Anatomy of a Filipino By: Prof. What should be considered in choosing a text for choral interpreta tion? What makes this text suitable in terms of its message. As you view and listen to a video of a choric interpretation of “The Anatomy of a Filipino” by Professor Felix Bautista. Before you do that. Cite lines from the reading texts to prove your answer Table B: PLOTTING CHANGES IN PERSPECTIVE 4. Felix Bautista What message does it express? Is it valuable? Is there a sense of musicality in the selection? How does the writer achieve this? Does the text stimulate imagination? How? Changing Perspectives African David Diop The Anatomy of a Filipino Prof.

Grade 8 4 . What can be done to improve this video? What is the purpose for each type of shot? PROCESS QUESTIONS: e-xtend your knowledge! Click this link and know more about making meaning through visual images: http://portals. Are different shots used in making the video? 2.Grade 8 4 . Camera Shot Types Tally of Shots Analysis Extreme Wide Shots Wide Shots Medium Shots Medium Close Ups Close Ups Extreme Close Ups Learning Module for English . Much like . ACTION! Click this link: http://www.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 452 1.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 453 “Speech choirs are performance groups that recite speeches in CEGGSDarlinghurstrevised/vliteracy/ v=_ZUuV5oyGRc&feature=related Watch the video and make a tally of the shots used. [[ Acvity 7: LIGHTS.htm Summarize what you have learned by answering the question: How do you make meaning through the use of visuals? Learning Module for English . oft en with elements of choreography and costuming to help bring the speech to li fe.studentnet. CAMERA.vation. Is the video effective in forwarding the message of the text through the shots used? 3.

range. Photo Source: http://kearsneychoir2012.blogspot. Stress Voice: medium (deep voice) and dark (very deep voice) Non-Verbal Expression: Facial Expression. dynamic -. Gestures and Body Movement Non-Verbal Expression: Facial Expression.” Chris Magyar Elements of a Speech Choir As you prepare for your choral interpretation.musical choirs. expression and accurate co ordination of syllables are all important for a successful performance. Speech choirs date back to ancient Greece. get to know some important tips and techniques. Intonation. Take a look at the anatomy of a speech choir in the illustration below.volume -. Gestures and Body Content Piece: Often poems or poetic verses Prose texts can also be . where they were an integral part of most [[ Acvity 8: SPEAK EASY! Members: 25-40 participants Verbal Expression: Diction.

others by individuals or corporates. social upliftment projects have been developed that take the thought one step further. to support South African community tourism. © Chris Marais http://www.Grade 8 4 . it’s a natural match since many of the poorest communities are found in the most scenic surroundings.’ South Africa.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 454 [[ Acvity 9: EXIT SLIP ACTIVITY 9: EXIT SLIP Fill out the table below to capture your learning challenges and successes. particularly when we go to developing countries. As consumers. South African social upliftment– win-win tourism.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 455 READING TEXT # 4 Read the informational text found below and think about how the writer forwards ideas clearly and fluidly.used Learning Module for English . to increase quality of life and in many oid=5890&sn=Detail&pid=432&South-African-socialupliftment Body Shop founder Anita Roddick once said: ‘The majority of usdo not want our holidays to be at someone else’s expense. Some are initiated by government.southafrica. to offer visitors a deep and enriching tourism experience. .Grade 8 4 . Most IMPORTANT thing discussed in this session EASIEST fact or concept to remember Most DIFFICULT idea to understand Learning Module for English . we have the right to know the impact that our money and holidays have on people in these destinations. and to maximize the benefits that guests bring to our country. For South Africa. But behind them is a conscious goal: to find a win-win path that helps redress past inequalities.

DID YOU KNOW? The upliftment of women is a priority in South African poverty relief projects. What are the different uplifment projects in South Africa? 2.’ [[ Acvity 10: LANGUAGE IN FOCUS South African social upliftment Behind social upliftment projects . Does the writer forward his ideas clearly? How did he achieve eff ective communication? Achieving Sentence Fluency Do you make your readers slide smoothly or trudge wearily as they move from one sentence to another? How do you achieve rhythm and flow in your writing? Read the excerpted paragraph below and study the sentences .Grade 8 4 . small township restaurants. What new perspective of Africa does the article provide you? 6. One tour operator expressed it this way: ‘Because of tourists’ contributions. We’ve got these champions all around the world. This is to find a new path that can redress past inequalities. there’s a real groundswell. and South African cultural projects are fascinating. You’ll find South African social upliftment projects in the form of tour guides. and the showcasing of lifestyles. The benefits on the ground are life -changing for all concerned. rural people trained in conservation issues. It’s a whole shift in tourism and South Africa is pioneering a new way. and offer visitors an enriching experience. but suddenly. we have been able to help people in ways beyond our wildest dreams. It started small. individuals or corporates .country’s heritage is a natural tourism asset. Learning Module for English . community members acquiring equity and training through the generosity of larger operators.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 456 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. increase quality of life. Why is tourism the best way to achieve this goal? a conscious goal. Has the reading text give you a new way of looking at Africa? 5. support South African community tourism.whether initiated by government. What is the goal of the social upliftment projects in South Africa? 3.

The following conjunctiv e adverbs are also used to combine the parts of a compound sentence: accordingly. An independent clause can stan d alone as a sentence. Or. An independ .South Africa has social upliftment projects. Yet. It’s to find a win-win path. Individuals or corporations developed the others.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 457 Achieve variety in sentence structures. Some are initiated by government. others by individuals or corporates.Grade 8 4 . to increase quality of life and in many cases. it s a natural match since many of the poorest communities are fou nd in the most scenic surroundings. The government initiated some. Sentences are made up of one or more clauses. And. and to maximise the benefits that guests br ing to our country. But. There is a conscious goal. A clause is a group of words containing a subject and a predicate. The benefits on the ground are life-changing for all concerned. Support the South Afric an community tourism . to support South African community tourism. So) or a semicolon. Nor. A subordinate clause does not have a complete idea thus it is depende nt on a main or independent clause. But behind them is a conscious goal: to find a win-win path that helps redress past inequalities. ent clause is considered a simple sentence. A compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences or independent clauses. These structures are joined together by coordinating conju nctions (For. Compare the previous one with this: In South Africa. This is to address inequalities. Do the sentences flow smoothly? Are there too many short or long sentences? Do the sentences begin in different ways? Why is it important to vary your sentences structures? Did you trudge wearily while reading the paragraph? Learning Module for English . Fo r South Africa. social upliftment projects have been developed that t ake the thought one step further. to offer visitors a deep and enriching tourism experience. A simple sentence is comprised of a subject and a predicate.

A sentence that contains an independent clause and a subordinate clause is calle d a complex sentence. it’s a natural match since many of the poorest communities are found in the most scenic surroundings and many of these African folks need a steady source of income.Grade 8 4 . furthermore. therefore.jpg Use the SENTENCE FLUENCY chart above to analyze the rhythm and flow of Reading Text 3. hence. A sentence that has two independent and one or more subordinate clauses i s a compound-complex sentence. however.also. For South Africa.farroutlinks. and South African cultu ral projects are fascinating. Learning Module for English .L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 458 http://www. we have the right to know the impact that our money and holidays have on people in the destinations. thus. Make a t ally of the . For South Africa. moreover. it’s a natural match since many of the poorest communities are found in the most scenic surroundings and many of these African folks need a steady source of income. As consumers. otherwise. finally. The country’s heritage is a natural tourism asset. Identify the kinds of sentences according to

wi. This short write-up will be featured in the exhibit of nations participating in the international conference for the youth. Kinds of Sentences Frequency of Use Your Analysis Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex Learning Module for English . Be guided by the scoring rubric found below: Adapted from: www. Pose Clarifying Questions You are a member of ONE ASEAN’s Exhibits Committee.Grade 8 4 . Your task is to write a paragraph of how Africa meets the challenges of the 21 st century.k12. The write-up must be easy to read. J ustify your answer. Summarize Key Point so Far 2.variety of sentences used in the text. explain whether or n ot the writer has achieved sentence fluency. Add Your Own Thoughts 3.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 459 Take a breather from the previous activities by doing the following: 1. . In the third…/6+Trait+Rubric+for+Sentence+Fluency [[ Acvity 11: THREE MINUTE PAUSE [[ Acvity 12: WRITE IT RIGHT! 4 3 2 1 SENTENCE FLUENCY Highly readable—a joy to share aloud. rhythm. Easy going flow.

re -read. Awkward moments outweigh smooth. Informational writing crisp and to the point. Repetitive beginnings. How many of your initial ideas are found in the discussion? Which ideas are different and need revision? Fill out the REVISED ANSWER boxes.Grade 8 4 . CHANGING PERSPECTIVE (IRF) . Mechanical but readable. natural phrasing. Grammatically correct sentences variety in length and structure. Gangly runons or choppy sentences. natural. Does not always make sense—is this a sentence Awkward words and sentences Learning Module for English ..L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 460 Go back to the previous section. but still. pleasant phrasing. Very hard to read—you slow down.and cadence. Virtually every sentence begins differently.

Now that you know the important ideas about this topic. You do not agree with the viewpoints of your fellow delegate. let us go deeper by moving on to the next section Learning Module for English . Is the situation depicted similar to what WoleSokinya presents in “Telephone Conversation?” Have you experienced this situation? How would you deal with it? How will you express your perspectives while respective other cultures? [[ Acvity 13: PAUSE AND PONDER What is my view of Africa? What does literature as communication mean? END OF PROCESS: In this section. Write the conversation below.Grade 8 4 .Inial Answer Revised Answer Final Answer Your goal in this segment is to apply what you have learned in the previous literary and language foci activities. the discussion was about your perspectives concerning Africa and her people and literature as communication. You are conversing with other delegates from different African-Asian countries. . Take a look at the picture below.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 461 Let us say you are attending the ONE ASEAN International Conference for the youth.

Use your notes in A to make a concept map on these two types of texts.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 462 A.Grade 8 4 . South African Telephone Social Upliment Conversaon [[ Acvity 15: TEXT TO TEXT CONNECTION Learning Module for English .L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 463 END OF REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND: In this section. . Create a dialogue wherein you would be expressing a viewpoint that is different from theirs. Use polite expressions to express disagreements and offer an explanation: I disagree because. I think that. I’m afraid I don t agree with you. I’m afraid I can t agree I am afraid I completely disagree with you. I’m against it because. . . The way I see it. Formulate your generalizations. C. you have learned .Disagreeing Politel y Think of a topic or issue that you are bound to discuss with the other delegates .Grade 8 4 . Brainstorm on the commonalities and differences among informational and literary texts. B. . Use Reading Texts 1 and 4 as your basis.." [[ Acvity 14: INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE Learning Module for English . Instead.

You have likewise learned about communicating ideas through informational and literary text types. What new realizations have you arrived at? What new connections have you made for yourself? Initial Answer Revised Answer Final Answer Now that you have a deeper understanding of the topic. where can you read literary works? . How do writers share their work with others? Aside from textbooks and anthologies. You have learned in the previous segments that literature is a form of communication.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 464 Your goal in this section is to apply your learning to real life situations. You will be given a practical task which will demonstrate your understanding. What is my view of Africa? What does literature as communication mean? Learning Module for English . you are ready to do the t asks in the next to communicate your perspectives to others while respecting their cultures.Grade 8 4 .

How are these perspectives forwarded with due respect to others or other cul tures? http://forward. Write your comments on the third column. Information in magazine has no factual errors and is current. and pertinent.pdf [[ Acvity 17: FOLIO ANALYSIS Transfer Learning Module for English .Take a look at these selected pages from the literary folio called M itna. Remember to continue to think of the questions you have previously explored: 1. What are the perspectives forwarded in the literary folio? 2. What are the elements of a literary folio? Use the checklist below to analyze the folio found in the previous page.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 465 1. Information provided in magazine is accurate. PROCESS QUESTIONS: Title of the Literary Indicators Your comments Magazine is visually appealing. What should be considered in making a literary folio? Information in maga- .Grade 8 4 .4teachers. Adapted from: Rubric ID: 1248058 http://rubistar. Cover of magazine is dynamic and draws one into its pages through its illustrations and cover What is a literary folio/magazine? 2.

Grade 8 4 . Page numbers are visible and there are no extended page sections (such as advertisements) that make finding page numbers difMagazine is culturally diverse. explain the importance of usin g literary tools and techniques that will effectively communicate the theme or message to t he intended readers. Magazine presents information from many diverse points of view and cultures.” Discuss with a group of young writers the importance of writing a literary text that reflects the theme of the literary folio. Tell them that a literary text must be responsive and engagi ng for it to be accepted for publication.zine is wellorganized. Learning Module for English .L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 466 [ Acvity 18: PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT! You are members of the Asian Literati Society’s screening committee for the literary folio. . articles are culturally diverse so that anyone who reads it can find something they can relate to and enjoy. Also. Place the prototype folio page and your written explanation in the box provided below. Magazine layout is easy to follow so that finding information is simple and quick. “Changing Perspectives. You are tasked to make a prototype page which features an existing literary text delving on the theme.

” As you write your original literary piece. reflect on the question: How can I express my views while respecting other cultures?” Photo credit: http://maineberrypatch. PREWRITING: Organize your thoughts by using the SIFT METHOD.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 467 The Asian Literati Society is looking for contributors to their latest volume of literary folio.Learning Module for English .blogspot.html [[ Acvity 19: WATNED LITERARY FOLIO CONTRIBUTOR! I. Note that the them e is your first consideration in producing this literary piece Symbol Imagery Figurative Language Theme Changing Perspectives Learning Module for English . You are tasked to contribute an original literary piece which reflects the theme.Grade 8 4 . “Changing hop. This folio will be published and distributed during th e ONE ASEAN forum. WRITING: Write your first draft below III. POST-WRITING .Grade 8 4 .L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 468 II.

punch or flair. Occasionally. Critique each other’s work using the SIFT method. the words are used inaccurately or seem overdone Writer uses a limited vocabulary that does not communicate strongly or capture the reader s interest. 3 Satisfactory 2 Developing 1 Beginning . Focus on typographical and spelling errors. C. Writer uses words that communicate clearly. proof-readers go over the printed original several times. J argon or cliches may be present and detract from the meaning. natural and not forced. Evaluating: Be guided by the scoring rubric found below: 4 Outstanding E N G A G I N G Writer uses vivid words and phrases that linger or draw pictures in the reader s mind.A. Revising and Editing: Revise your work based on your peer’s critique. B. and the choice and placement of the words seems accurate. but the writing lacks variety. Writer uses vivid words and phrases that linger or draw pictures in the reader s mind. Peer Review: Exchange your 1 st draft with a peer. Next.

Only 1 poem is relevant to the theme.Grade 8 4 . The reader must look for the theme is not obvious. Poems are not related to each other or to a particular theme. Learning Module for English . All the poems are relevant to the chosen theme. No theme is stated. Theme is fairly obvious to the reader. The lesson is about B. The poems are relevant to the chosen theme.R E S P O N S I V E Theme is clearly stated and obvious to the reader.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 469 A. This is important because . One key idea is C.

careful consideration of audience and purpose brings about e . It serves as a transport link among us so it keeps us in touch with people. What do you think will happen? Effective communication then is an essential part in many areas your life. Use Microsoft Publisher to create the folio. This matters because F.Grade 8 4 .com/free-e-magazine-creator/inde x. 3. a nd building relationships.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 471 Communication is defined as the process of sending. Consider how you get your message across? How do you expr ess your ideas? your needs? Likewise. your task is to contribute an original work to a literary folio.your studies. giving and exchanging of ideas or information through a medium which is usually language.Grade 8 4 . Click this link. the lesson D. Reflect on these questions: How did you find the performance task? How did the task help you see the real world use of the topic? Learning Module for English .D.html. Follow these directions: 1. 5.L1 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 470 END OF TRANSFER: In this section. 2. Save it as a PDF file. This software will easily convert the text file of your literary folio. and download the Free E-Magazine creator. future employment. Arrange the poems created by each member of the class. [[ Acvity 20: LESSON CLOSURE Learning Module for English . 4. Another key idea is E. Imagine if this breaks down. how do you respond to others’ ideas and n eeds? Therefore. Publishing: Coordinate with your peers in order to create an e-literary fol io/ magazine out of your individual outputs.flashflipbook3d. http://www. In sum. Finalize the layout of the folio. Send an attachment of the converted file to your teacher’s email address.

suffixes). forming judgment. As this focuses on the theme: Changing Perspectives. When you go through the act ivities. Define words from context and through word analysis (prefix.g. This lesson provides opportunities for you to become effective communicators. roots. Acquire critical thinking skills essential for evaluation. 2. inquiry. Titles of some Asian countries. and formulate fair judgment and decisions. resume). and making decisions. KNOW Recall:1. Abstract information from the different text types by noting explicit and implic it signals used by the writer. you will be studying reading selections particularly from Singapore that are rich in socio-cultural values an d attitude that will help you develop critical thinking skills to evaluate. Use the transactional and interactional functions of language in letters of appe al. Write a letter of application and the accompanying documents (e.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 472 Below is the lesson activities map to guide you in Business Communication. etc. it is important to bear in mind the questions: What does it take to be an effective communicator? How do you express your perspectives while respecting oth er cultures? What makes perspectives credible? In this lesson. 3. Some of Asians remarkable PROCESS Listening: Noting details Speaking: Delivering a speech (stress) Reading: Noting details Making inference Character Analysis Thinking tools Vocabulary: Context Clues BUSINESS COMMUNICATION . make wise choices. Use fixed expressions for business writing. you will learn the following: Objectives: Listen for details Deliver a speech using correct stress for emphasis.Grade 8 4 . Learning Module for English . Asia’s landmarks and beautiful spots. Develop the value of respecting other’s point of view. Your communicative competence wil l be challenged as you write business letters.ffective communication and fosters understanding among cultures.

_ H _ _ A nationsonline. _ _ D _ _ nationsonline.Grade 8 4 . They m ay be different in a way but it is important to know your fellow Asians. mechanics.Grade 8 4 .Observation Diary Thinking Tools Selections: “Bumboat Cruise on the Singapore River” Editorial On sites of cultural interchange Making Inference Classifying Information Vocabulary: Structural Analysis and Word Association Structure: Transactional and PRODUCT Review on the research on Business letters.Singapore UNDERSTAND Film Clip.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 473 My Learning Goals………… KNOW Let us begin by finding out how well you know about your Asian neighbors. ACTIVITY 1: IT’S MORE FUN IN ASIA! Identify the country where the following landmarks/beauty spots can be Learning Module for English . expressions Drafts on the different kinds of Business Letters (Group Differenciated Tasks) Research. format.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 474 .Resume GRASPS. The given letters are the clues.Final Output Learning Module for English .org 2.kinds. 1.

As you do the next activity. In the selections you took up.jpg 4. TITLE COUNTRY REMARKABLE PEOPLE’S TRAITS/ CHARACTERISTICS Land of the Rising Sun Land of the Morning Calm Birthplace of Islam Pearl of the Orient Seas The Land of Smiles The Subcontinent The Middle Kingdom Now. _ _ _ A _ Learning Module for English .net 7.Grade 8 4 .org/wiki/ you learned about these How do you feel as you look at these breath-taking pictures? Do you remember your lessons in your Social Studies class? Which do you want to visit? Why? In the first three quarters. let’s learn more about another very interesting country.jpgfirstlightphoto. Share your answers with a partner and with the whole class. ask yourself why you need to know more about our Asian neighbors. So.Grade 8 4 .net 5.wikipedia. _ A _ _ _ A _ _ B _ _ tlc. Lo ok at the picture below.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 476 ACTIVITY 2: DEAR ASIANS Identify the countries being referred to in the table below and describe the peo ple in terms of traits and characteristics.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 475 6. Can you tell what Asian country is shown in the picture? Write th e missing let- . _ H _ _ _ A _ _ wallcoo. How does effective communication serve as our bridge to them? What does it take to be an efficient communicator? Learning Module for English .howstuffworks.firstlightphoto. _ _ I _ _ _ P _ _ _ _ http://en. _ _ U _ _ _ O _ _ _ http://www. you came to know the culture of our Asian neighbors that brought about their identities. you know how each country is called and I suppose by now you feel proud for being a Filipino.

Grade 8 4 . Study the questions under the given topic._ _ _ G _ _ _ _ _ http://www.featurepics. Form groups of three an d answer the questions you have formed.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 478 . Are you excited to learn more? I’m sure you are. Then. Is Did Can Would Will Might Who What Where When How Why Question Creation Chart (Q-Chart) Listening Listen to your teacher as she reads Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong s National Day 2012 Message. answer the following questions: Learning Module for English . Activity 4: Questions That Matter Listen to the excerpt from Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong s National Day 2012 Message. PROCESS Your goal in this lesson is to learn and understand key concepts related to th is fast growing country by reading selections and listening to texts about her peop le’s values and attitudes and their culture as a whole. We will start by doing the ne xt activity. Discuss your answers with the entire clas ACTIVITY 3: KWL CHART Fill out the first and the second columns only of this chart. study the Question Creation Chart (QChart) then while listening. Before you do.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 477 What I Know What I Want to Know What I Learned You have partially filled out your KWL Chart.Grade 8 4 . accomplish the chart by creating questions using on e word from the left column and one word from the top row. Let us find out if you will be abl e to complete it without changing any of what you already have written. TOPIC: Singapore How do you see Singapore as one of our Asian neighbors? What do you know about her people? What similarities do Singaporeans have with other Asi an countries including the Philippines? Learning Module for English .

otherwise. _____ Used emphasis and showed enthusiasm _____ Did not use unnecessary movements and fillers such as ah.. How do y ou think should this speech be delivered? Pick out at least three paragraphs and deliver them in the class.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 479 How do you feel after going through the speech activity? Did you find it difficu lt to be the speaker or did you feel comfortable being one since you knew that the speech somehow Activity 6: My Trip Realizing some similarities with Singapore in terms of aspirations and dreams you may want to know more about Singapore by touring the country. etc. _____Eye contact was evident. What questions have you formed? 2..1. _____Exuded confidence. Given the chance. . Decide on which things you think are the most important to consider. You will be rated based on a set of criteria: Draw a happy face if each indicator below is evident. Complete the statement. Do these activitie s: A. Do the thinking tool LAP (List All Priorities).. _____ Mastery of the piece was evident. Are the questions you have formed important that they need to be addressed? 3. look for a partner with whom you can comp are your list. draw a s ad face . um. what things do you usually do before you go on a trip? List these down. _____ Pronunciation and articulation were correct. which of the questio n would you like to ask of him? Why? Activity 5: Say It Right A copy of the text used in the listening activity will be given to you. Note th at the speaker would like his listeners to do something. Given the chance to meet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. _____Voice projection was good... He wants them to act. After you have completed your list. 8-9 Outstanding: 6-7 Very Satisfactory 4-5 Satisfactory: 3-below Needs Improvement: Learning Module for English . am. did not speak too quickly or too slowly.. _____Gestures and facial expression were appropriate. B. _____ Rate of speech was good. Come up with a new list using the worksheet below.Grade 8 4 .

nourishing. ____________________________________________________________ 6. E R I T A F N U J S E S R L N O G E S 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 Across: 1. ____________________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________ 10. Activity 7: Unlocking of Difficulty Solve the word puzzle by studying the clues given below. rich . break 2. Did you consider each other’s ideas and opinions? Singapore is one of the Asian countries frequently visited by tourists. healthy. stay. How did you come up with your ranking? 3. ____________________________________________________________ 9. generosity. substantial 4. full of life. Why is this so? What do tourists like in Singapore? Why is that? Read on and find out. ____________________________________________________________ 7. bounty 3. ____________________________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________________________ Learning Module for English .Grade 8 4 . stopover.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 480 1. ____________________________________________________________ 4. 1. ____________________________________________________________ 5. active. What items in your list were the same as your partner’s? What were different? 2. ____________________________________________________________ 3.I will ………………………….

like the Changi Airport. there seemed to be so much to look forward to in this sprightly city of surprise. this Asian dragon has become one of the top tourist draws in Asia. on this account. Singapore by night is a thrilling sight. Last September. straps made of strong Learning Module for English . And so is the famed Changi Airport. skillful approach 2. Singapore. magnificent. and it provides an appropriate. it has one of the world’s busiest ports. kms. our group flew to Singapore on the largesse of Singapore Airlines. impressive. For the past many years. Singapore Airlines is a showcase reliability and finesse. interesting insights of what awaits the Singapore guest. Singapore has a thriving economy. celebrated 4. the modern airport has consistently been voted the world’s best. and isconceded as Asia’s business and financial center. superb 3. as we arrived in the Apollo Hotel. is a marvel – the fruit of both foresight and careful orchestration. Also the object of international distinction. one impression that you will have is that people tend to ask you how many times you’ ve been to Singapore. Despite having a land area of only about 650 sq.Down 1. wonderful.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 481 SINGAPORE SOJOURN By Tammy Mendoza When you’re a visitor in this remarkable state. people have grown quite used to tourists seeing Singapore more often than once. and perhaps. tactful treatment. Cited several times as the best airlineby prestigious international magazines.. .Grade 8 4 . Its vibrant economy has made it arguably the gateway in Southeast Asia. unquestionably one of the pillars of the impressive success story of the city-state. high-status.

Google Searchwww. the Night Safari was probably our best experience. and aviation. Changi Airport Science Center science centre singapore . Volcanoland. Now a popular attraction of Singapore. technology discoveries. World. Accessible from certain points by MRT (Singapore mass transit system).google. bus.Grade 8 4 .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 482 Our next stop was the Night Safari. it belonged to a taxi ride and dinner at Clarke Quay. Fittingly. Because of the way the park was developed. the Singapore Science Center also houses a variety of exhibits on the life science. After a hearty lunch at Timbua Restaurant. where we were taken on a guided tour of the city to better appreci- . or cable car. It was here that we viewed a film at Southeast Asia’s only Omnimax Theater. where images projected on a dome screen gave us the feeling of being engulfed in the picture.After a generous breakfast buffet we were whisked to the Singapore Science Center. Images of Singapore. we spent the afternoon looking around Orchard Road. where we had our fill of delectable Indonesian Learning Module for English .com. Along the stretch of Orchard Road can be found mall upon mall quality merchandise for every mold of shopper. Sentosa Island is a destination in itself. Sentosa Island File:Sentosa siloso As for the evening. Next in line was the Sentosa. Singapore’s shopping paradise. The highlight of the visit was a taxi ride. Besides the Ominimax Theater. Singapore’s Night Safari received the 1995 Asean Tourism Association (Aseanta) Award for Excellence as the Best New Tourist Attraction in the Asean. It features over 1000 nocturnal creatures which one can see either by tram or trail. and Cinemania. the creatures can be seen in their natural habitat without wire harnesses. Fantasy Island. mainly a cluster of stores by a Singapore river.

J urong. Clarke Quay Clarke Quay . 3. how will you describe her people? At this point you have been learning more about Singapore. How does the author feel about Singapore? Why do you think tourists keep going back there? If changes occur often in Singapore. What about discover ing her beginnings? Read on and learn more! Learning Module for English . 2. Some of the more memorable sights at the 20. the Singapore sojourn turned out to be a truly splendid experience for the group. specially for some of us who tried Singapore’s night life for more taste of adventure.ate its history.Grade 8 4 . 1995 Activity 8: Experience Singapore Places Description1.2hectare Jurong Birdpark were the Penguin Parade and the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary. Learning Module for English . a quick tour of the aviaries. From The Philippine STAR December 10. 5. the group had a splendid time at the Jurong Birdpark which a co-passenger on the taxi ride at Clarke Quay said was his personal choice as the best attraction of Singapore. and a Panorail ride through the park.YourSingapore. Singapore Attractions TripAdvisor www. Here we had breakfast with the With hindsight. The thing with Singapore is. and it’s never the same way twice.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 483 Jurong Birdpark J urong Bird Park Reviews .L2 . after which we viewed the International Bird Show at the ampitheater where trained bird showcased their The following day. Constantly discovering and ever-changing. it doesn’t really matter if you’ve been there before or not at all.tripadvisor. Singapore is forever new.Grade 8 4 . 4.

You will know about this after reading this selection. The ground attendant advised the passenger to reduce the things he had in his suitcase for jettisoning. The stag began to run and the king pursued i . he and his subjects had a hunting expedition that lasted several hours. middle part c. for he had a sense of unfulfillment in his he art.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 485 Suddenly. The traveller’s goal is to reach the summit of the mountain. giving the king a shock…but the king drew his silver dagger and hurled it at the stag. do the activity below. He loved hunting wild a nimals. Followers b. he climbed a knoll to take a good look at the beautiful surroundings. Read on and find out how Singapore began. The King’s subjects obey his rules faithfully.. evolved and got her name. stairs b.Grade 8 4 . When the king arrived upon the island. inspection b. a. Directions: Give the meaning of the italicized words using context clues. Learning Module for English . chair c. donation c. a. As you read through the text. highest part 4. on ly grazing the animal. slaying many wild and savage beasts. Singapore too has her ow n story to tell. respect What do you think the word “singa” means? Make a guess. a. The fan stood in awe when he saw his favorite movie actor. so when he heard that there were stags in the jungles of Tanjong Bentam. 1. fear b. courses to study c. J ust like how other countries got their names. THE ‘SINGA’ Sang Nila Utama. enemies 5. which were not easy to hunt. try to recall the characteristics of legends. surprise c. When the tourist went to his farm. an imaginative and adventurous king was restless by nature and wanted to travel to faraway places.CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 484 Activity 9: In the Beginning………………. a. This disappointed the king. but n o stags. To help you unde rstand the text better. Legends tell the begi nning of things. hill 2. a large stag darted out of the bush in front of Sang Nila Utama. lowest part b. a. discarding 3. he was excited and took with him a great fleet o f ships to Tanjong Bentam. You have enjoyed reading legends all this time. he had exceeded the required weight for his check-in baggage.

He remo ved his crown immediately and threw it into the sea. the stag was nowhere to be seen . a creature stepped out of nowhere. but upon reaching the summi t. There was a large rock. a whitish neck and a red body. so the king climbed it and looked at the land and the se a spread out around him. Learning Module for English .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 486 “ What sort of animal was that?” . an idea came to the king’s head. When the king drew his bow and arrow. hea vy rain poured from “ That is Temasek. it was either your feet or nothing). “ What is the name of that island?” The subject looked into the distance and smiled. When the king stepped upon the island. had a black head. Sang Nila Utama was fascinated by the sight of the island. and strong bursts of wind threatened to tear the ships apart. The ship carrying Sang Nila Utama was in the very eye of the storm. He remembered a story his grandfather told him of how one of his ancestors became the Sea-King and that his crown was the only thing which belonged to his ancestor. All at once. covered in a furry islan d. The stag run through the jungle and darted up a knoll. the king asked. It was lar ge and moved with grace. http://office.t (in those days. He turned to one of his subjects who had followed him. and the king and his men were awe-struck by the magnificent creature. the beast stare d back at him with golden eyes and let out a deafening roar before leaping into the jungle . Your Highness. .Grade 8 4 . the skies b egan to clear and the crew gave a shout of joy and set sail once more to the island of T emasek. The king followed the stag up the hill. The crew lowered the sails.” “ Then we are going Suddenly the once clear blue skies were covered with black clouds. the storm broke. A wise old man stepped forth. As suddenly as it started. he saw a stretch of white sand. However. In the distance. started to bail the water from the ship and get most of the cargo for jettisoning.” The king ordered his fleet to set sail and they began on their journey towards the island.

If you were Sang Nila Utama. How would you relate the legend “ The Singa” to what Singapore was and what . and other literary genres you have learned in the present society? 4. What are the important details in the story? Accomplish the charts below. would you throw away your crown to the sea? 3. What events did you include in your story board? Did you observe the chronologic al sequence? I’m sure you did. Activity 10: Character Analysis Pyramid Identify major traits and information of the main character of the story using t he pyramid below. Why do you think the king decided to live in Singapore? Would you have d one the same thing? 3. That was good! Think about these: 1. Let us live here…here in the island of Singapura.” “ This must be a great place if it breeds such a beautiful animal.Grade 8 4 .The word ‘singa’ is actually the Malay word for “ lion” . Therefore Singapore is sometimes referred to as the “ Lion City.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 487 Activity 11: Story Board Draw the events of the story on the story board. visualize the important events in the story b y accomplishing the next (Singa.” http://office. Perhaps this is a ‘singa’ but I wonder how he got all the way here.” ) Who was Sang Nila Utama? Tell something about the setting of the story. 6. Starts here! 1. 2.pdf Now that you know Sang Nila Utama. What is the importance of legends. 5. Name/Title Physical Appearance Character’s Role Character’ Problems/Challenges Major Accomplishment Learning Module for English . 4.I have seen animals in portraits from the Far West. Record them in correct order. character_trait_chart. myths.

How much of these have changed today? Write your observations on the worksheet below. each country dreams only the best for her people. Do you find Minister Lee’s plans and actions applicable to other Asian countrie s? In this section. Activity 12: Think It Over folktale legends Importance to the present society: ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ myths Learning Module for English . REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND Activity 14: For Old Times’ Sake Watch this documentary film about old pictures of Singapore. Present your work to the class. MAGNIFICENT ASIA 1.she has become? Fill out the diagram below. . At this point . Can you identify these? Form five groups and fill out the circles inside the funnel with areas of concern similar with our country and other Asian countries. Tell something about each. Film Clip A. you have gained important information about Singapore. let’s go deeper by moving on to the next. ask yourself how much of your initial ideas are found in the discussion? Which ideas are diff erent and need revision? Now. you could tell that Asian countries have certain similarities in their concerns or i ssues that shape their vision for their respective countries. What countries did you include in your worksheet? Why? 2.Grade 8 4 . You were able to relate to her vision as a country. J ust like any other Asian countries including the Philippines. What problems and issues were mentioned? 3.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 488 Activity 13: One in Vision and Mission From the message of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong from the listening text.

Things Pla How did you address your differences in your views and opinions? Did you take turns in listening and speaking? What realizations can you draw from this a ctivity? How do you deal with change? Do you treat them positively or otherwise? Why? Rea d an excerpt of an editorial to help you shape up your attitude about change. a root with a prefix. Imagine how things have changed today. Learning Module for English .com/sites/dl/free/0073123587/380570/1_Word. remember to respect each other’s views.mcgraw-hill.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 490 A word can consist of a root only.Grade 8 4 . they always appear in this order: prefix.Observation Log Learning Module for English . Editorial On sites of Cultural Interchange By Toh Hsien Min The uncertainties of living out came up again over a casual dinner one Friday night. a root w ith a suffix. Do you see some resemblance? What are these? B. suffix. Rui. root. Your ideas might be different from your classmates. came by f or . Are you thankful that you were not b orn during those days? Or are you the sentimental type who sees beauty of the past? Write something about this then compare your work with your classmates. the Portuguese bloke who used to occupy the room I now do. http://highered.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 489 People ces Observe old photos in your family album. Regardless of ho w many parts there are.Grade 8 4 . Go t hrough the vocabulary build up exercise first. or a root with both a prefix and a suffix.pdf Define the words using structural analysis using the table below.

dinner with me and my housemate. A month later. and Rui slipped in a casual.. as I was due to visit my optician at Peace Centre. and to hear that it wouldn’t be for very much longer..L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 491 What a shock! I had only been staying in one of the most extraordinary apartments in Singapore for half a year. I thought it the easiest thing to just drop by and view th e place. but the colonial British architects also knew. charm distils through age. how to build for the tropics. Somehow it did. perhaps better than our contemporary ones . as he was finally leaving Singapore for good. with the bold “1930” imprinted on the top. th is place is going to be demolished in two years’ time anyway. the thought was just too distressing. the flat found me. Rui had posted an notice on a social email list to anno unce that he was returning to Portugal.” WORD PARTS MEANING MY DEFINITION distressing prefixroot wordsuffixcolonial prefixroot wordsuffixEnclave prefixroot wordsuffixexpatriates prefixroot wordsuffixsubsequently prefixroot wordsuffixproposing prefixroot wordsuffixLearning Module for English . Even if. or maybe because. I hadn’t fo und the flat. as much for a lark as anything else. “As you know. I noted the high ceilings that gave a sense of space a . therefore his half-share in a rented colonial walk -up in the Mount Sophia area was coming available. Mine broke from its trajectory when I saw the beautiful white façade. it’s probably not unusual for the topic of ren tal property to come up. Among expats. Lives change in minutes.Grade 8 4 . It could only have been a col onial apartment that could have had that effect on me. as among New Yorkers.

The apartment is not the only one to be renovated.Grade 8 4 . Selegie boasts an abundance of life. Over the next months. The editor has to move out of the place he is renting. The place he is occupying is modern and has sophisticated facilities. there is the feel of a Chinese working-class area. a functional kitchen. photocopying shops and a number of karaoke bars. the fla vour changes completely. the Sophia Road extends through to the back of the Istana. Different businesses will be established. 2 No. some 24-hour eating places. touching the walls at Tekka market. with Chinese DVD shops. and plenty of choices for coffee (especially given m y fussiness on that score). a sushi bar that opens up to 4am on weekend night s. including the building I now live in . but it’s nice to know Singapore continues to retain a little bit of its heritage. I was hooked. Two huge bedrooms. _____ 6. Different businesses will be established. and Indian temples. _____ 2.nd kept the apartment cool. All old business establishments will be demolished. and a huge open rooftop completed the tour. an enclave of e xpatriates living in a collection of colonial houses and modern condominiums. Learning Module for English . _____ 5. A few hundred yards east. Improved traffic is also one of the projects. _____ 3. aquariums. North of the same j unction. On the one si de. curry houses and coffeeshops are numerous. _____ 1. A traffic junction keeps everything in place. Little India starts at the next junction east. and a collection of distinctively peninsular spiral staircases. Indian la bourers throng the area. a balcony that lets light an d air in. . On Sundays. I would discover complete other sides to Singap ore. QLRS Vol. _____ 4. So it was partly good news to read in the Straits Times.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 492 _____ 5. textile shops. spi lling from Paradiz Centre onto Prinsep Street. _____ 7. I may still have to move out. old frosted glass windows set in beige-painted wood frames. one hu ge living room in a chinoiserie yellow. He likes the idea of moving out. There are numerous good food places. as the scheduled work is – as I subsequently found out – not demolition but a renovation. tha t the URA are proposing to conserve the area. Chinese coffeeshops. such a s the legendary Rochor Beancurd. earlier this month. 4 J ul 2003 Comprehension Check: Put a check ( )on the line before each statement that is true. grocers. Correct the o nes which are not.

Interesting. friends. How do you react to changes? Are you like our Singaporean brothers who are resi lient to change? What positive.) 1. 4. _____10. The editor is happy about the change that will take place. Let them read your proposals and let them put a check mark (√) if they agree and ( X) if they don’t. y do you say so? PosiveWhat have you discovered from Which positive issues can we Which negative issues can be Which interesting issues can the chart? adopt/practice in the country? transformed into positive? be both or be either positive or negative? Wh Interesng: What if………… NegaveLearning Module for English ._____ 8. _____ 9. Start with your family. negative and interesting issues can change bring? Do the thinking tool PIN (point out Positive. You may use the table below. and Negative issues. and elders in the communi ty. 2. 3. Friend Family Member Barangay Official 1. and a barangay official. Make your own list of the things you want to change in your community.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 493 Activity 16: Go for the Change A. Which required a formal. straight-forward and concise expressions? Note that communication to be effective requires you to take into considerat ion . Consult people in your place. Do you see some distinctions in the way your conversation flowed with the people you had consulted? 2. Let them sign the sheet. There is a strong proposal to conserve the area.Grade 8 4 . Which conversation did you find more casual and ordinary? 3. The establishments that will rise will be exclusively for Singaporeans. B. Group yourselves into 5 and make a dialog about the flow of your conversatio n when asking for data from a friend. Remember to consider their suggestions and advice. a family member.

it and can have a measurable result.Grade 8 4 . It has a clear objective when asking for information. or making a complaint. (change the pictures) 1. 3.Grade 8 4 .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 495 10.your purpose and your audience. Careful choice of words and expressions is an im portant factor. 4. Activity 17: Picto-nalysis Analyze the pictures and tell whether the people are engaged in transactional or interactional function of communication. Interactional Language is used to establish and maintain various sorts of social relationship. It involves shorter turns. 5. for a refund. 2. Advice/Suggestions Learning Module for English . 5. Give reasons for your answers.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 494 Transactional Language is used to send messages with content. 6. you are using both the transactional and interac tional functions of language. 4. I want to propose changes in……… Parents Friends Elders 1. 11. 3. 12. simpler and more pr edictable language. In this sense. . Learning Module for English . 2. Accompli sh the table below.

3. 6. 8. There are things that you should remember in writing this kin d of a letter.13. Learning Module for English . Then report this in the class. What are differences and similarities? Accomplish the activity be low What conclusion can you draw from the comparison? Which letter requires a more formal use of the language? What letter makes use of transactional . and forms. compare you them with the friendly letters yo u once wrote before. 11. 10. 15. 5. 2. 4. 15. 13. B. can you give your own idea on how transactional conversation differs from interactional communication? PICTURE TRANSACTIONAL/ INTERACTIONAL REASON / PROOFS 1. 9. Based on your answers. 14. 12. 14. Fill out the organizer b elow. You will need this when you wri te a letter of request.Grade 8 4 . Looking at the sample letters. Have one sample letter for each kind. What are these? Go to the library and research on how to write the business letters. 7.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 496 Activity 18: Get Down to Business Go back to Activity 16 and finalize your list. kinds.

Parts Punctuations used Expressions used Format/ Style FORM Learning Module for English . Activity 19: Boat Ahoy! Have you ridden a boat? How did it go? Fill out the diagram below with the thi ngs that you associate it with. 4. Share this with your classmates especially with thos e who have not experienced riding a boat. Study the poem “ Bumboat Cruise on the Singapore River” by Miriam Wei Wei Lo. . let us find reasons why change seems to be happening all the time Singapore that her people have become so used to it. 3.language? interactional language? Let this be your guide for your drafts in writing business letters. Kinds of Business Letters according to Purpose: 1.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 497 At this point. To realize how significant this activity is.Grade 8 4 . 2. You will d o this in the next phase of this lesson. b ear in mind that we have objectives to achieve in line with understanding the culture of our Asian brothers especially that of Singapore’s.

confusing c. They are especially fond of all-you-can-eat buffets. suspicious b. a. unique 4. form c. Singaporean voice with a strong American accent. weird c. a. noticeable My Boat Ride Learning Module for English . uneven (to insert drawings/illustrations) Bumboat Cruise on the Singapore River By Miriam Wei Wei Lo Rhetoric is what keeps this island afloat. weird c. Why not do as the locals do. equally. life b. fantastic b. The man’s manic behavior makes his neighbors avoid him. Singapore seems to have changes every time that the poet prayed for the bumbo at for its present incarnation to continue to exist. The Grand Copthorne. grows c. Why not do as the locals do and try out one of the buffets at these hotels along the waterfront. a. a. Where white tourists wearing slippers and singlets are tolerated in black-tie establishments. of which I was. half-Chinese. the taxi-driver cannot decide if I am a tourist or a local.” .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 498 3. barely audible above the drone of the bumboat engine: “ Singaporeans are crazy about their food. recede 2. Activity 20: Unlocking of Difficulties Determine the meaning of the Italicized words using context clues. Tell something about this boat ride experience or share your expectatio ns if you have not had one yet. An establishment looms in Singapore every now and then. so he pitches at my husband: “ Everything in Singapore is changing all the time. All glass and upward-sweeping architecture. appears b. appearance 5. The merlion is known for its grotesque and unique design as it one of Singapo re’s landmarks. manly b.Grade 8 4 . Here in this city where conspicuous consumption is an artform.” The Swissotel looms. How did I ever live in this place? Sixteen years of my life afloat in this sea of contradictions. half-white. The Miramar. What are your bases for the association? Are they based on your experiences or on those you have previously heard or read? 2. one. 1.1. Dollars. Singaporeans love for eat-all-you-can food is conspicuous for you often see t hem all around food chains. Sense. a.

and business in Singapore. and hard work are simply the reasons why Singapore is named as Asia’s business and financial center.Strong gestures.” Singaporeans’ resilience to change is truly one of their remarkable traits. slapping up spray against the sides of the boat. where the Merlion still astonishes: grotesque and beautiful as a gargoyle.Grade 8 4 . Activity 21: Quotable Lines Fill out the table below to classify the information given in the poem about the people. but it is no longer there. The children begin to chafe at confinement. “ This is good.L2 . Old Lee and Young Lee locked in some Oedipal battle. Quote the lines in the poem to prove your ans wer.Grade 8 4 . Manic conviction. Nothing short of a miracle this small wooden boat which is taking us now past Boat Quay. as I am caught now.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 499 Strong gestures. in its current incarnation. We are never bored. past the Fullerton Hotel To the mouth of the Singapore river. Read on to prove this. Sometimes my customers ask me to take them to a destination. We are never bored. this boat. Manic conviction. Sometimes my customers ask me to take them to a destination. My daughter wails above the drone of the engine. New water supply. Learning Module for English . but it is no longer there. How t hey easily adjust to changes doubled with their creativity. caught between sinking and swimming. There’s talk of closing the mouth of the river. Heated debate in the Cabinet. There’s talk of a casino. DESCRIPTION PROOF PEOPLE PLACES BUSINESS Learning Module for English . “ This is good. this island. As if this place gives me a name for myself. As if rhetoric mattered. places.” We tighten our grip on two squirming children and pray that the bumboat tour will exist. as if it were waves that kept it afloat. The swell is bigger out here in the harbour.

Sum this up with a journal entry.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 501 Product This part can be termed as “show time!” for this is where you will do things on yo ur own.CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 500 1. Captain) . Think about how you can show pride in your identity as Filipinos without losing your respect for other cultures. Present this to the class. Do we have the same feeling towards our country? Activity 22: Think About Consequences If you get a chance to live with Singaporeans. If I get the chance to live in Singapore I (may. might would) ________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ __ Learning Module for English . What positive traits have they gained out of these changes? 4. Activity 23: Rough Drafts A. Review the research you did on business letters. By this time you will have been equipped with skills you will need to perfo rm tasks designed to be applied in real life situations. 5. being a product of a mixture of races feel proud of being raised in Singapore? Prove this. what will be your expectations? W ill there be major adjustments on your part? Do the thinking tool TAC (Think About C onseqences). Does the author. Let’s see how well you can carry out the activities. (Contact Information) Name Address Phone Number Email Address Date (Addresse: Brgy. Use the form at below as your guide. What impression does the author have of Singapore? 2. Using the situation given in Ac tivity 16 write a letter of request addressed to your barangay captain. How do people feel about the constant changes in their country? 3. Write about your perspectives about livi ng harmoniously and productively with fellow Asians.Grade 8 4 .

You may either grant or decline the request. Give information on how you can be reached. Change the parts which need revisions. Final Paragraph Conclude your request letter by thanking the receiver for considering your st. (Complimentary Close) _________________ (Signature) ____________________ lette you a reque also B.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 503 1 NEEDS IM- . Pretend that you are the barangay captain. You are now ready for the last phase of this module. Middle Paragraph(s) The next section of your request letter should explain why you needed what re requesting. go back to the KWL chart in the first part of this module and fi ll out the missing parts.Grade 8 4 . Learning Module for English .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 502 (Body of Request Letter) First Paragraph The first paragraph of your letter should state the reason for writing the r. Learning Module for English . Address City (Salutation) Dear ______________: At this point. change roles. Include an expression of expecting a positive response to your request. You will go through peer checking us ing the rubrics that follow. You may use other formats of a business letter you have in your mini research. Be re minded of the information you have to include in your letter.Name Title Brgy.Grade 8 4 . Write a repl y to the first letter you had drafted. was it d ifficult? Now. How was your first attempt in writing a business letter? Given a guide.

Grammar. Text is easy to read. and purpose all excellent for a business letter. Letter appears to be insufficient. Information. Im- . Text is difficult to read. Grammar. and punctuation marks used are indicative of a business letter. or incomplete. Audience. Text may be difficult to read. style. inaccurate. Style. The letter is creatively designed with text that can easily be read. style.PROVEMENT 2 FAIR 3 SATISFACTORY 4 VERY SATISFACTOLayout/ Design Letter is unattractive or inappropriate. It does not have proper grammar or punctuation marks for a business letter. Form Information is poorly written. May have some grammar and or punctuation marks that are indicative of a business The letter is eyecatching and attractive.

inaccurate. you will find yourselves writing them.utk.Grade 8 4 . So you need more pr actice. Most business letter elements out of place Some business letter elements may be missing. Learning Module for English . Parts of the Business Letter Most parts are missing. or Information is well written and interesting to read. Make them your guide in writing. . You will write them using a manila paper or a power point presentation for evaluation later by the class. Information is accurate and complete. is creatively written. You will now write business lette rs based on varied given situations. Letter is complete with all required elements.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 504 Activity 24: More Letters Please… Form five groups and do the following tasks. Get the opportunity! Do the activities below. and is cleverly presented. Take note of the criteria for Points: 10-12 Vs 7-9 S 4-6 F 1-3 N What other situations call for writing business letters? You should be aware of these for in no time.proper form is used Some Information can be understood but are poorly written. http://volweb.

You lack funds to finance your project. Write a letter of request to the property custodian.Grade 8 4 . Includes return address and date but improperly aligned Date or return address missing and improperly aligned No heading Inside Address . Write a letter of complaint to the p rincipal.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 505 3 OUTSTANDING 2 SATISFACTORY 1 DEVELOPING 0 BEGINNING Heading Properly aligned. Group 5. Group 4.An international students’ association is recruiting members from secondary schools. Learning Module for English . Includes return address and date.The Young Entrepreneurs’ Club would like to put up a stall in the school canteen.You have observed that many of the rest rooms in your school are not functional and need repair. Write a le tter of intent addressed to the principal.Group 1. You need a good sound system and the school AVR to be the venue of your presentation. Write a solicitation letter addressed to the PTA. Group 3. You wanted to join and participate. Write a business proposal to your principal. Group 2.Your teacher in English has asked you to present a One-Act-Play.You are planning to host a feeding program in your school.

Properly aligned. Incorrect punctuation No salutation Body Content Mentions the problem and expresses the Intentions or purpose clearly. No Body Body Alignment Proper spacing . Incorrect punctuation. Proper salutation and spacing. Improper salutation and spacing. No inside address Salutation Proper salutation and punctuation. Alignment and spacing from heading is improper. Includes proper spacing from heading and inside address is correct Includes proper alignment or proper spacing from heading but inside address is incorrectly written. Inside address is present but may be incomplete. Spacing is correct. Mentions the problem but intentions in writing are not clear. Mentions the problem but the purpose and intention are not mentioned.

12-16 – Satisfactory. Appropriate closing.between paragraphs.Outstanding . Appropriate closing Proper alignment but spacing is incorrect. Proper spacing between paragraphs.asu. Improper spacing between paragraphs and improper indentation No Body Language Functions Uses words and expressions that show transactional language funtions. but improper indentation (or no indentation when using block style). 6-11 – Developing. and proper indentation (or no indentation when using blockstyle). Lacking of expression Closing Proper alignment and spacing. Inappropriate closing and improper spacing and alignment. 17-20 . No closing http://gk12. Uses some words and phrases but some are not appropriate for the Expressions used are Range = 1-5 – Beginning.

L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 508 1 DEVELOPING 2 SATISFACTORY 3 . Be reminded that this is an important document and you are required to write true and correct information. B. Surf the internet and look for sample resumes. So get yourself ready for the final task for this lesson. You are going to write an application letter. 1.Learning Module for English . 3. Choose one and change the entries with yours. 2.Grade 8 4 .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 506 How did you fare in your writing attempts? Have you been caught up in the same s ituations before? These situations can really happen. Learning Module for English . 1. 2. Find out the following: What pieces of information should be included in the resumes? How are the pieces of information arranged? What formats can you use in writing resumes? Share your mini research with the class. but first you should know how to make a A. Below are sample resumes.Grade 8 4 . Learning Module for English .L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 507 3.Grade 8 4 .

or punctuation errors -Return address is complete & accurate.Return address is missing.Salutation is missing. . capitalization. -Salutation is inappropriate. -3 spelling. or punctuation errors. capitalization. -1-2 spelling.No spelling. -Date is complete & positioned correctly.Date is missing.3 spelling. Inside Address & Salutation -Inside address is missing.Subject line is missing. -Return address is missing . capitalization. . -Inside address is missing an information.4 or more spelling. . capitalization. -Subject line information is misleading. -Return address is complete & accurate. or punctuation errors. . .Date is there but format is incorrect. or punctuation errors. or punctuation errors. capitalization. -Date is complete & positioned correctly. . -More than 3 spelling.GOOD 4 EXCELLENT Return Address & Date . .

-Salutation is appropriate & complete.Message has missing or incorrect information to be ineffective in meeting the writer’s goal. Content Organization No organization pattern is apparent. or punctuation errors. -Organization is appropriate to the writer’s purpose. . -Inside address is complete & accurate.2 spelling.A subject line needed or added correctly. -Paragraph order is close to the ideal output. -Paragraph order is close to the ideal output. -Organization is not appropriate to the writer’s purpose. -Two pieces of information are missing or incorrect. -Salutation is appropriate but incomplete. . -Organization is appropriate to the . or punctuation errors. -1 . -One piece of information is missing or incorrect. or punctuation errors. -Paragraph order does not follow suggested format. capitalization. .capitalization.A subject line needed or added correctly. -Inside address is complete & accurate. .No spelling. capitalization.

-Closing is appro priate. -Written & typed signatures are present. 1-6 .B Word Choice Word choice is Inappropriate in the entire parts of the letter. Word choice is mostly appropriate for audience. Word choice is appropriate for .org 7/6/03 Range = 19-24 – D.4teachers. Transactional language function is not evident. Two pieces of information are missing or inaccurate.Paragraph order follows the ideal output. Word choice is inappropriate for audience.Grade 8 4 . -Message is complete and correct. Closing.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 509 Source: http://rubistar.writer’s purpose. Signature. 13-18 – S. .Reference initials & enclosure reminder are included if needed Learning Module for English . One piece of information is missing or inaccurate. 7-12 – G. & other End Matter More than two pieces of information are missing or inaccurate. .

but underdeveloped. -3-4 spelling. . or punctuation errors. -Transactional language function is evident. Sentence Fluency & Mechanics -Two sentence fragments. . -Message is there. One fragment.Awkward paragraph construction clouds the message. capitalization. -1-2 spelling. -Some variation in sentence length. -Paragraph divisions are somewhat effective. -Main purpose of the message is clear. -3.audience. or punctuation errors. capitalization. .5-6 spelling. capitalization.4 grammar & usage errors. -1-2 grammar & usage errors . but not clearly stated -Awkward paragraph construction clouds the message. or punctuation errors. -Message is there.5-6 grammar & usage errors -Two sentence fragments.

Range. f rom requesting information. lodge a complaint. or reply to a previous letter. Editorial. .a popular story handed down from earlier times that tells the origin or beginning of things Myth. request information.learning activities that encourage students to develop critical .a tale or legend originating among a people and typically becoming pa rt of an oral tradition Learning Module for English . inc luding positions held at each employer. article in a newspaper or magazine that expresses the opinion of i ts editor or publisher assessment tool used to measure or evaluate a student s performancebased on the sum of a full range of criteria rather than a single numerical score. or punctuation errors.a formal type of written correspondence which complies with th e standard business letter format. . -Grammar & usage are correct. applying for a job. which purports to explain a natural phenomenon or cultural practice. Rubrics.a scale to determine one’s capability on the tasks given.-Complete sentences of varying length.Grade 8 4 .a formal written request for something such as a job. Thinking Tools. Resume. Glossary Application letter.Main purpose of the message is clear. place an order. -No spelling. or adm ission to a school or college Business letter . typically revolving around the activities of g ods and heroes.Number of paragraphs fits suggested format. and your educational background.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 510 Legends. -Paragraph divisions are effective. acknowledge a servi ce.A traditional sacred story.a written document that contains a summary of your work experience . They are used for a wide variety of purposes.

2012 from Rubrics retrieved Nov.Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary www. 3. Character Trait Chart.L2 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 511 en. J ul 06. 3. 27. 2. 2012. Retrieved Dec. 2012 fro m http://www. retrieved 2012 from http://en.merriam-webster. 2012 from h ttp:// Definition of folktale. Dec 2008)J urong Bird Park. www. www. folktales. 2012. Singapore Science Centre 13.definition of ran ge by the Free Online Dictionary.Grade 8 4 .html#ixzz2DQiNVx6T Catherine McAuley Library. D. Ducks (divyagandhi10. Meaning of business letter. Definition of Definition of of rubrics by the Free Online images? q=tbn:ANd9GcRReXKlAFoVnFuvcmPLUNnWFp2UIUHvAF_z03IpeL37CvyvGQVOwA . Meaning of legend.htm Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged Nicholson. 2 012 from Thinking tools. 2012 from Folktale .com/about_5333799_meaning-businessletter. 2012. J . Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. Retrieved Dec.wikipedia.J PG. 2012 from range . Definition of thinking tools. Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.thefreedictionary. 1999-2012. Retrieved Dec. Retrieved Dec.aspx?qu=cartoons#ai:MC900251287| Emery.definition of Legends by the Free Online Dictionary. 2012 from Legends . gstatic. n. 3. 3. 2112 from http://www. retrieved 27. n. Retrieved Nov. n.d.sac. myth. 2003.d. retrieved Dec.3. retrieved Nov. 2012http:// tripadvisor. www.thefreedictionary. retrieved Nov.thinking skills to express concepts of ideas References: Website Citations: Cartoon person sitting oa flying Definition of legend. 3. 2012 from http://t2. Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. Learning Module for English .

Retrieved November 2.dept. On Structural Google Book Citations: 0.pdf By Toh Hsien Min. 2. 2006. A.html Doyle. Retrieved Oct.htm . 1990. Application Letter. Retrieved November 2. Literature Through The Ages. Resumes. 2012 from http://www.asp?id=318 Richards.. It requires the creation of a common understanding of ideas.. is the key to maintaining good p ersonal relationship with others. Rubrics for Business Letters. Retrieved Nov. 2012 from http:// books.qlrs. 2012 from http:// www.” FNB Educational Inc.mcgraw-hill. Retrieved Oct.pressrun. It is also important in understanding one’s culture and identity. 2008. 22. 26. Singapore Sojourn.Elder. N.. 22.d. Torres.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 512 INTRODUCTION AND FOCUS QUESTIONS Communication is said to be more than speaking or writing. desires and observations among people i n order to be effective. Retrieved N. J . 2012 from http:// Abhijit. J December 29. Retrieved Nov. Oct. 2012 from 4 J ul 2003.pdf google. On sites of Cultural consequently. retrieves Nov. 2012 from http:// highered. M.aoe. 2012 from www. With the theme: Changing Perspective you will be studying Korean cultural v al- .edu/Lessons/Earth%20and%20Space%20Sciences/Experimenting%20with% 20Erosion/BusinessLetterRubric.. 1999. N. gk12. 2012 from http://video.Grade 8 4 .htm Doyle.about. Two poems about Singapore Posted on Tuesday. Myrna M. 2012 from http:/ / rubistar.. Innovativ e Educational Materials. Business “English for Secondary Schools” (Revised Edition) Second Year. The Language Teaching Matrix (Readings on Transactional and Interactional Use of Lanuage). Sample Resumes.. 2009 Retriev ed.d. N.vt. 2012 from htt p:// Sample Rubrics. 7/6/03. Retrieved PyNKSaiAeq9YDgBw& ved=0CE8QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=667 www. Learning Module for English . 29. Effective jobsearch/ It is vital in building linkages with other countries. 2012.d.

Quarter 4. (Grammar Awareness) Arrive at meaning of words through contextual clues (Vocabulary Development) Anticipate information from the different text types by noting explici t and implicit signals used by the writer.Listen to note important details and infer characters traits S.Agree/ disagree with statements and observations made about issues affecting the community GA. Changing Perspectives Academic Communication (South Korea) Target Competencies L .ues and attitude to enable you to analyze.Academic Communication. you will learn the following: Listen to note important details and infer characters traits (Listenin g Comprehension) Agree/ disagree with statements and observation made about issues affecting the community (Speaking) Arrive at the meaning of structurally complex and ambiguous sentences by separating kernel sentences from modifications structures and expansions.. (Reading Comprehension) Employ varied strategies when summarizing materials read and viewed (W riting and Composition) Express feelings and attitude towards different text types. The lessons and activities found in this module will focus on the following questions: How do I express my perspectives while respecting the perspectives of other cultures? Wha t make perspectives credible? OBJECTIVES: In this lesson.Arrive at meanings of words through context clues . (Attitude) Learning Module for English .Arrive at the meaning of structurally complex and ambiguous sentences by separating kernel sentences from structures of modification and expansions VD.(Attitude) Give credence to well thought-out ideas.Grade 8 4 .L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 513 OUTLINE OF THE LESSON Below is the lesson activities map to guide you in Lesson 3. do critical evaluation and make criti cal choices to suit different purposes without sacrificing socio cultural values and attitud es.

Finale Write Me Cite Me Annotate It TRANSFER GOAL How does one’s culture shape one’s identity? Lesson content Korean Beliefs and Culture .Vocabulary Develop- .Engage in systematic conduct of research by going through series of process.) Look it Up UNDERSTANDING Filipino Youth You Build Me Up Reading Comprehension Check Annotated Biblio.RC. Give credence to well thought-out ideas SS. Activities KNOW… Pre-Assessment Proud Asians I Am known for… KWL PROCESS Listen/View fable Comprehension Check Character Talk Convince Me (Debate) Kernelling sentences Trimming Up(Guided) Untangled Thoughts (Independent) Bibliography (key pts.(Listening/Viewing Texts) -Reading an Informative Essay -Informative Texts (used in varied activities) .(KPts) I Support PRODUCT Library Talk KWL.Anticipate information from different text types by noting explicit and implicit signals used by the writer WC-Employ varied strategies when summarizing materials read and viewed Express feelings and attitude towards varied text types.

Speaking Activities Kernel Sentences Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Learning Module for English . Identify the people in the pictures by matching them with their Identify the people in the pictures by matching them with their names in column B and their nationalities in column C. Thai Column B . 4. Korean literature. 2. Korean a. Sarah Geronimo e. Mario Maurer C. Sushmita Sen E. Filipino c. write your goals and targets in the box provided below: Literary text types could be a means to understanding other countries culture and practices. Rain D. then another line to your answer in column C. Let us begin the module by reflecting on what you know so far about Asian and African Literature.Grade 8 4 . Column A Column C 1. Draw a line from the picture going to the answer in column B.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 514 My Learning Goals and Targets… For you to accomplish the tasks and perform well in the activities in this lesso n.ment . in particular. 3. J acky Chan B. 5. Chinese d. Indian b. Know [ Activity 1: PROUD ASIANS A.

Philippines 1. What is each country known for? Be able to share your output to the class.Grade 8 4 . 2. THE . d. 3. Malaysia 1. 3. c. b. China 1.Learning Module for English . Africa 1. 3. 3.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 515 PROCESS QUESTIONS: a. With the knowledge of Afro-Asian countries and their people learned from previous lessons. 2. complete the diagram below. Singapore 1. 2. 2. [ Activity 2: I AM KNOWN FOR… India 1. 2. 3. 3. 2. Are the people in the pictures familiar to you? Would you know the industry they belong to? Do you have any idea about their contributions to the industry? Is there something common among them? Pair Work.

give high regard to their family.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 516 Group Work. as well as. Process [ Activity 3: K-W-L (Korea and It’s Culture) What do I Know about ________________ What I Want to Know about ______________ What I Learned about _____________________ ___ Learning Module for English . You will also learn how to simplify sentence structures. especially to their paren ts. You have already listed the topics you want to find out about the focus country. you will focus on the question: “How does culture shape one’s identity? “ Your goal in this section is to learn and understand key concepts regarding Korean literature and their family practices. How will your knowledge help better understand the diversities of each culture and bridge the gap in shaping each people’s identity? In the next activities you will discover the answers to those questions. You may now start.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE . As you go through the entire module. Our family is part of our existence. live and strive in life. Remember that you will not be able to accomplish the L column yet. you were able to check how much you know about e ach country. respect others perspectives without compromising your own. From this activity. as well as to this: How do I express my perspectives while respecting the perspectives of other cultures?” Let’s move on. you will try to clear out ambiguous notions ab out the country’s culture and her people. Kore an people. Present your output in class. Fill out the K-W-L chart.Grade 8 4 .BEST OF ASIA Learning Module for English . In particular. just like Filipinos. You will go back to this part before the end of this unit.Grade 8 4 . They are the source of our happiness. In fact they are the reason why we work.

. Write your answers on the lines provided below. Motive Question: Should parents interfere with their children in the choice their partners in life? http://readerscriticism. How is their practice similar/different from the Filipinos? Explain.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 518 Listen to the lines to be read by you teacher.Grade 8 4 . 6. 1. What characteristics of a prospective husband does Mr. What does this similarity or difference imply? [ Activity 4: COMPREHENSION CHECK Learning Module for English . Do the characters in the fable behave somewhat the same as real human beings ? Why? Why not? 4. Was Write the particular line stated by the characters in the bubble and infer their personality trait by choosing from the pool of words in the box. What particular character trait of a Korean family is implicitly revealed in the fable? 5.blogspot. Rat want for his daug hter? 2.html Answer the following questions to check how well you understood the listening text. Rat’s choice of a husband for Rena really the best? Why or Why not? 3.517 Listen to a Korean fable the teacher will read to you and find out how this fabl e depicts their belief in marriage.

_________________ Situations 1. diversity in beliefs should never be a hindrance towards achieving peace.Grade 8 4 . This time.1.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 519 Conceited People may have opposing views on many things which make them unique from each other. [ Activity 6: THEME UP Relevant Words 1_________________ 2. However. What does the inference reveal about the characters and Koreans as a whole? [ Activity 5: LISTEN TO ME ___________________ ___________________ ________________ ________________ ___________________ ___________________ ________________ ________________ Opportunist Honest Humble Greedy PROCESS QUESTIONS: Learning Module for English . you will learn that to be able to make others unders tand your point you have to state your ideas clearly. In the previous activities you were given an opportunity to exchange ideas with your classmates._________________ 2_________________ 3. What did you observe in the stated lines? 2. Respecting each other’s views and opinions is the key to un ity._________________ 3_________________ THEME .

L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 521 2. b. Be ready to present your output in class.1. Exchange views with your classmates in a form an informal debate. Construct simple sentences. What does the “theme” of the story reveal about Korean culture? 2. wha t would this imply? 5. a. What nouns are used in the sentence? 2. is so beneficial to the human body that it is used as medicine. the most important part of a h . Your teacher will help you facilitate the activity. Recall your lesson on the elements of a short story where you discuss the element theme. __________________________________________________________ Activity 8: TRIMMING UP Learning Module for English . How many sentences do you think you can construct out of a given sentence? 4.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 520 A well organized and clearly expressed writing is the key to communicate the message of a text. What do you call the short sentences that you have formed? Key points A KERNEL SENTENCE is a sentence reduced to its simple or core form.PAIR WORK. To kernel sentences also means to get the main idea or the topic of the sentence. identify the central idea or theme of the story. as you did in the previous example. Tea is a great help in strengthening the body.Grade 8 4 .4. It is done by getting only the essential parts and dropping the embedded structures. Write three words related to it and give the situation that implicitly shows it. Study the sentence: Korea’s traditional morality has been strongly influenced by Confucianism centered on the family. Do you see any connection between the theme of the story and the Philippine c ulture? [ Activity 7: CONVINCE ME! Consider this statement: Your parents know the right man/ woman for you to marry. which is a healthy drink. THE KOREAN WAY OF TEA By J ung Yu-Ran 1. What is said about those nouns? 3. Tea is healthy drink. 1.Grade 8 4 . Using your knowledge of the theme. If you were able to form two or more sentences out of a given sentence. Thus.3. Tea. it is easier to understand its meaning if long sentence s can be broken down into kernel sentences.2. The first one is done for you. __________________________________________________________ c. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Learning Module for English .

__________________________________________________________ b. Music for the upper class consists of the P’ungnyu. despite a tremendous influence form China. __________________________________________________________ c. is disti nctive. How did you arrive at your answers? 2. 3. a. quiet atmosphere. __________________________________________________________ c. it refers to a type of ensemble music fit for the nobility. a. Their present literal meanings denote a man’s state of being at leisure. __________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________ 3. physic ally and mentally removing himself from the everyday world. __________________________________________________________ b. Write your answers on the space provided below. Thus. Answers: . What does this imply about kernel sentences? Untangle the sentences. the indigenous Korean popular song.ealthy life. __________________________________________________________ b. __________________________________________________________ 1. Traditional Korean Music. 2. __________________________________________________________ b. the Way of Tea is to encourage us to cultivate a pure spirit without ma lice. The devotion and rules of etiquette that accompany the steeping. __________________________________________________________ c. the most sophisticated type of Korean lyric song. drinking and serving of tea. that fo r the ruling class. __________________________________________________________ 5. 5. The Seoul of Music By Alex Fernando 1. and Song-ak. a. as well as the calm. The goal of the Way of Tea is to enhance the elegance of drinking tea and als o to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Chong-ak. a. and Sijo. When chong-ak is used in the context of classical Korean music. Reduce the following sentences to kernel sentences. __________________________________________________________ c. On the surface it can be divided into two major categories.Grade 8 4 . provide an environment for ga ining enlightenment. PROCESS QUESTIONS: [ Activity 9: UNTANGLED THOUGHTS Learning Module for English .L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 522 4. the one for the commoner.

place of publication. Format book citations in the following way: {Lastname}. a. {Firstname}({Publication Year}). {Title of Magazine}.____________________________________________________________ b.Grade 8 4 . __________________________________________________________ b. In gathering information for a research or an assigned task. __________________________________________________________ b. __________________________________________________________ 5. Learning Module for English . a. 2 Write the number of the card. publisher. it is important to learn how to annotate and write bibliographies.1. __________________________________________________________ 4. {Location of Publisher}: {Publisher Name}. as well as to avoid possible plagiarism. __________________________________________________________ b. a uthor. {Title of Book}. You will notice that statements used in the previous exercises also talk about t he rich culture of Korea. and date of publication for each source. This is to properly cite your sources of information. __________________________________________________________ 3. {Page Range}. ___________________________________________________________ b. Understanding may be achieved if messages are clear and complexities are clarified. 3 Skip a line and write the bibliographic information in the APA format: Format magazine article citations in the following way: {Lastname}.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 523 Instructions 1 Lay your index card with the lines facing you on your work space. {Firstname}({Publication Year}). and circle it in the top right corner of the card. In writing a bibliography. {Volume #}({Issue #}). a. then your teacher may have asked you to fill out a bibliography card for each book or reference you select for yo ur project Here is an instruction on how to prepare a bibliography card Key points Bibliography A bibliography is a list of the sources you use to get information for your repo rt. Italicize the title of the magazine and the volume number. a. you need to note down the following information: the full title. __________________________________________________________ You have learned that effective communication also happens when ambiguity in statements is avoided. on the last page (or last few pages). If you are learning how to research properly. {Title of Article}. Replace items inside the brackets with the details of the article. It is included at the end of your report. Replace items inside the brackets with the details of the . ___________________________________________________________ 2. a. You can further widen your knowledge about the country by conducting some research.

Anvi l 55.Italicize the title of the website. F. The Why? Files. REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND READING In the previous lessons you learned that diversity of Asian countries was not a barrier towards understan ding each other’s culture. Pasig City.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 524 Samples: Citation from a Book: Carpio. Replace items inside the brackets with the details of the webpage. 893-896. (1983).Grade 8 4 .html Here is an instruction on how to prepare a bibliography card Learning Module for English . You may now continue… Read the following excerpts from an essay found on page 18 written by a Korean author and find out the answer to the question: Do my beliefs shape my identity? Learning Module for English . (2001.ehow. The revelations you will unveil will s trengthen the concepts you have learned from the previous lessons. Format webpage citations in the following way: {Lastname}. Inc.Grade 8 4 . Follow the format of the given example. Fundamentals for preparing psychology journal articles. Your goal in this section is to take a closer look at some aspects of the top ic on Korean beliefs and conducting researches. T. Re[ Activity 10: LOOK IT UP Go to the library and list at least five sources where you can find more information about Korea. Citation from a Webpage: Devitt. Prepare your bibliography on a 1/8 index card. 2006 Citation from a Magazine: Harlow. {Firstname}({Publication Date}). Crisscrossing Through Afro-Asian Literature. It is about having respect on others’ views while taking a clear stand on your own perspective. Rustica C. H. Italicize the title of the book. {Title of Webpage}. 4. August 2).L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 525 . Alphabetize the bibliography according to the first word in each entry. Adapted from http:// how_5077022_writebibliography-cards. Retrieved from {URL of Webpage}. Lightning injures four at music festival. {Title of Website}. Jo urnal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology.

Korean students have a preconceived notion that Confucian moral philosophy is absolute. Put an end g. ___________________________________________________________ 2. Korean student agrees in principle that he should uphold filial duties. They also want to abandon the custom that prescribed “circumspection in penance for sin”( the death of parents was attributed to the sins of the sons and daughter s) Learning Module for English . Be able to use them in your own sentences. Prevalence or popularity h.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 526 4. ___________________________________________________________ . He does not agree with the notion that failure to produce male children is co ntrary to filial duty.Grade 8 4 . Unbelieving. I’m 11 yrs old. They are very sceptical about formal democracy or sham democracy which brings only hardship. Is likely to happen or begin very soon d. 6. Write your sentences here: 1. Choose the meaning of the underline words from the choices in the box. [ Activity 12: FYOU BUILD ME UP Unlock the meaning of some of the words used in the essay. 2. Already formed opinion before the experience b. 3. 7. Standard or code f. 9. Cautious behavior i. unconvincing c. they will bec ome just and honest men. a. Compliance e. Few students call for the total abrogation of some Korean rituals. ___________________________________________________________ 3. It has undergone drastic changes. 10. They believe that even if they live on the verge of starvation. They believe man’s inherent noble spirit is in conformity to rule by virtue an d democracy. I also consider them as my best friends. I can say that I’m very close to my parents because I can tell my secrets to them. 8.[ Activity 11: FILIPINO YOUTH Oral activity: What can you say about the relationship of Today’s Filipino youth with their parents? “Hi! I’m Luigi Ray. 5. Another characteristic peculiar to Korea’s traditional moral values conditioned by Confucianism and Buddhism is the predominance of spiritual values over mater ial or physical values. The relationship of a son/daughter to his/her parents 1. ___________________________________________________________ 4.

he is not blindly devoted to his parents as Confucian morals would dictat e. ___________________________________________________________ 9. ___________________________________________________________ 8.Grade 8 4 . let’s find out if the Korean youth have the same traits as the Filipino youth . __________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION TO THE TEXT Now. to conclude that he takes more care o f his parents than he does of his wife and children. Howev er our survey on the students’ moral views unexpectedly shows that he is conservative and that he is actually not so far away from the traditional moral views of Confucianism as he thinks he is. … It is difficult.Grade 8 4 . ___________________________________________________________ 67.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 527 Korean Youth Filipino Youth (Miki Hwang’s Facebook Photo) (J amille Cae Banayos’ Facebook Photo) READING TEXT “ The Changing Morals of Korean Students” Excerpts It is well known that Korea’s traditional morality has been strongly influenced by Confucianism centered around the family. the average Korean does not think it is right to sacrif . The Korean student agrees in principle that he should uphold filia l duties and he does not dare deny parental merits of his duty to support his parents in thei r old age. he believes that impractical elements should be eliminated from the traditi onal notion of “filial duty. ___________________________________________________________ 10. On the other hand. based on man’s behavior.5. . Learning Module for English . Thirty years ago the young Korea n man not only thought he did but actually he did care for his parents more than his w ife and his children. But the actual behavior of today’s young man shows he is not so strictly bound by his moral obligations even though he continues to think he is. today’s Korean Student has the preconceived notion that Confucian moral philosophy i s “obsolete” and that the family-first trend should also be drastically revised. ___________________________________________________________ 7.” For instance.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 528 The Korean college student agrees in principle with filial duty on the one hand but.Gil’s essay entitled “The Changing Morals of Korean Students”. Motive Question: Does Korean Students’ Moral shape their identity? Learning Module for English . on the other. Read Kim Tae. Instead.

Such a conservative opinion has been maintained according to the letter but it has undergone such drastic changes that in actual practice few take feudalistic sexu al morals without question. Most of them believ e that it is better to become a man of character replete with knowledge and the virtues than to become a technician skilled in one particular field only. Another characteristic peculiar to Korea’s traditional moral values conditione d by Confucianism and Buddhism is the predominance of spiritual values over material or ph ysical values. and he does not agree with the unscientific no tion that failure to produce male children is contrary to filial duty. but few retain such an attitude nowadays… Although the opinions on sexual morals are said to be quite free from tradit ion they are still conservative in comparison to their Western counterparts. they will become just and honest men and that at the same time they treasure such spiritual values as the arts and friendship more than mere ma terial values. and particularly the economic realities of society. few students call for the total abrog ation of such ritual but many favor shortening the traditional three-year period of mourning a nd abandoning the custom that prescribed “circumspection in penance for sins”(the death of par ents was traditionally attributed to the sins of sons and daughters). However. today’s Korean youth trespass the original notion of Confucian filial duty in that they be lieve that the final decision concerning marriage should be made by the couple involved. In the matter of marria ge. Their ideal is the person who lives in poverty but who has knowledge and in tegrity and not the man who enjoys wealth and power but lacks knowledge and character… It is probably in sex that Korean students have managed to free themselves completely from the traditional moral code: As the old saying “Boys and girls cannot sit in t he same place after they turn seven” indicates. This is interpr eted as meaning that students reflect common sense that ritual should always befit the socia l. Some thirty years ago it was commonly considered “bad” for a stude nt to befriend a the freedom of his children for the sake of filial duty or to abandon an opportunity to study abroad in order to care for his parents. the Korean students seem to have inherited this intact. Funeral and memorial services for one’s parents and grandparents are extensions of the Confucian concept of filial duty. Korean students do not think it is good to have premarital sexual relations… We can draw the conclusion that today’s Korean college students does not des ire to . Confucianists were most strict c oncerning sexual morals. They also believe that e ven if they live on the verge of starvation. For inst ance.

Filial Duties. Belief about Sex.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 529 Due to that fact that Confucian political ideology is founded upon feudal society. one of the most important tasks people in a new age face to endeavor to narrow the gap between ideas and actions. [ Activity 13: READING COMPREHENSION CHECK [ Activity 14: P-I-N POSITIVE . Why is it entitled the “Changing Morals of Korean Students? 2.It may be common to all people of all ages that there is a gap between wha t one thinks and what he actually does. How do you think these beliefs shape identity? Group Work. for it allowed good intention ed dictatorship…They are very skeptical about formal democracy or sham democracy which brings only hardship. at lea st partially the Confucian ideal of rule by virtue and favor. …. 3. in some cases the idea must be c hanged and in others the action must be geared in another direction. Fill in the grid with the Positive. Democracy? 4. it is something different from modern democratic ideals. c. What is the author’s purpose in writing the essay? 6. Learning Module for English . It is indeed. Be able to share your answers with the class. and d. Source: Reading and Writing the Essay by Ramos and Valeros.Grade 8 4 . Spiritual and Material Values. What is the essay about? 1. What are the Korean college students’ attitude towards the following: a. Compare Korean beliefs with those of the Filipinos.adhere blindly to the Confucian tradition concerning morals nor does he want to abandon tradition entirely… As for political matters. more often than not. a form of democracy based on the te achings of Mencius…It is thought that the reasons why students still pay respect to the polit ical ideas of Confucius and Mencius is. but such gap appears to be unusually wide in t he Korea of today.Interesting-Negative aspects of the Korean morale practices. b. Korean students appear to have inherited . 2. that they believe man’s inherent noble spirit is in conformity to rule by virtue and democracy. pages 87-89 1. 5. Herein lies the ur gent need to establish a new morality with which our actions can be accord.

Frances KobrinGoldscheider. 3. Group 1. Here is a sample of an annotated bibliography: Waite. 2.Filipino Beliefs about Sex Group 3. articles. 1. Can you differentiate between a bibliography and an annotation? 3. and Christina Witsberger. plans. and expectations. and changes in attitudes about families. PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. self-sufficiency. 1. What conclusions can you draw from your answers? Key points Annotated Bibliography An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books.Grade 8 4 . Come up with five annotated bibliographies. " Nonfamily Living and the Erosion of Traditional Family Orientations A mong Young Adults." American Sociological Review 51. use data from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Young Women and Young Men to test their hypothesis that nonfamily living by young adults alters their attitudes. values. look for some readings about your assigned topic. Are all your positive responses applicable to Philippine setting? 3.Filipino Family Practices Group 2. 3. accuracy and quality of the sources cited. How important are annotated bibliographies to students? Learning Module for English .INTERESTING NEGATIVE Learning Module for English . and documents. They find their hypothes is strongly supported in young females.4 (1986): 541-554. if they are available. while the effects were fewer in studies of young males. moving them away from their belief in traditional sex roles. Linda J.Filipino Beliefs on Religion Group 4. Its purpose is to inform the reader of the relevance. What can you say about your group’s answers? 2.Grade 8 4 . researchers at the Rand Corporation and Brown University.Philippine Politics . an earlier study by Williams cited below shows no significant gender differences in sex role attitudes as a result of nonfamily living.. 2. Print. The authors. You may also use online sources. With your previous group. Increasing the time away from parents before marrying increased individualism. What did you notice in the example? 2.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 531 [ Activity 15: I SUPPORT Group Work. In contrast.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 530 PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraphs called annotation.

What did you learn from it? 3. Presentation lacked organization..Group 5. Transitions between members were jumpy or awkward.Grade 8 4 . Presentation was not clearly organized. Transitions between group members were well planned and executed clearly.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 532 .Philippine Customs and Traditions PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. What is the importance of writing an annotated bibliography to a student researcher? Group Presentation Rubric Excellent 4 pts Good 3 pts Fair 2 pts Poor 1 pts Organi zation Presentation was very organized and was easy to follow. 3. Learning Module for English . How did you feel doing the activity? 2. 2. Presentation lacked order and very difficult to follow. Poor transitions between group members and individual parts. Presentation was fairly organized and pretty followed. 1. Transitions might have been slightly discontinuous but did not take away greatly from the overall presentation.

some students dominated the presentation and others did not participate much. Content Group members had a stronghold on the content and content was thoroughly . Some members participated slightly more than others.Group Presentati on Rubri c Excel lent 4 pts Good 3 pts Fair 2 pts Poor 1 pts Teamwork The group worked very well with each other and the presentation was shared equally among the group members. There were obvious miscommunication s and lapses in the presentation. Group communicated relatively well with a few lapses in the presentation. The group worked well with each other and communicated well. Group did not work well together.

Content missing minor elements or contained minor errors. Group members had only a superficial understanding of content. Learning Module for English .addressed. Group members had little to no understanding of the content addressed in the presentation.Grade 8 4 . not as a crutch. Visual aids used did not support verbal presentation. Vi sual Ai d(s) Visual aids used were used effectively throughout presentation. but weren t used consistently thoughout presentation. Several mistakes were made during the presentation.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 533 . They lacked information. Most of the group members has a solid understanding of the content. No mistakes were made with regard to content knowledge. Group members used visual aids as a supplement. Visual aids used were somewhat effective. or groups members read from them. Visual aids were not used at all.

Grade 8 4 . Let us now begin… [ Activity 16: LIBRARY TALK GROUP WORK.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 534 Rubric for Group Activity No. Look for some readings in the library that discuss other Afro. ___________ Indicators 1 2 3 4 S core P reparation Did not prepare enough for presentation S ome preparation was done A good amount of preparation was done . In this final phase of the module.PRODUCT/PERFORMANCE You have discovered a lot about Korean cultures and traditions in the previous lessons. you will be working on a very import ant task which will complete and support your stand on your distinctive characteristics a s a Filipino.Asian countries’ distinct beliefs and practices. As a Filipino youth. Practices/Beli efs Africa Burma Mal aysia China Japan Family Moral Values Belief about Sex Politics Learning Module for English . you have gained the advantage of being able to und erstand the uniqueness of your identity from others. 17 Group’s Name: _____________________________ Task No. Compare and contrast them using the chart below.

values from their output .S tudent prepared beyond level of assessment Visuals There were no helpful visual aids There were a few visual aids There were clear and interesting visual aids S tudents created excellent visual aids S peaking and Audience C ontact Did not look at audience and was not Loud enough Looked at audience some of the time and used soft voice Looked at the audience and spoke clearly Held attention of the audience and spoke very expressively Overall understanding of the topic G roup didn’t show sufficient understanding of the tradition & values from their outputs. Group understood most of the traditions.

Grade 8 4 .L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE .Group understood the entire traditions and values from their output Group understood the tradition and values from the output and presented extra information Teaching Value for Other S tudents Did not help other students learn about the topic Helped other students to learn something Helped other students understand the topic well Helped other students understand the topic and enjoy the presentation T OT AL TE AC HE R COMME NT S : Based on the Differentiated Learning Rubric by Maxine – Answers shall be processed by the teacher and the whole class. Learning Module for English .atozteacherstuff.

L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 536 [ Activity 19: CITE ME! Go back to the library and write at least five bibliography cards of all the sources of information you used in preparing your output in Activity 15.535 [ Activity 17: KWL FINALE Go back to the K-W-L chart and complete the L part. What are the significance of these new knowledge you learned in your life as an Asian youth? [ Activity 18: WRITE TIME! After studying about Afro-Asian countries.Good Researcher included 3-4 sources few historical inaccuracies could tell with difficulty the source of information contained most relevant information 1 .Grade 8 4 . Write your answer on a one whole sheet of paper.Excellent Researcher included 5 sources no apparent historical inaccuracies could easily tell the source of information 2 . 1 2 3 4 5 SEE RUBRIC FOR BIBLIOGRAPHY CARDS 3 . Were you able to revise and finalize your previous answers? 2. What do I Know about___________ What I Want to Know about _________ What have I Learned PROCESS QUESTIONS: 1. did your opinions on their cultures change or were they strengthened? Explain your answer in two to three paragraphs.Grade 8 4 .L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 537 . 1. Have one index card per citation. Learning Module for English . 2.Poor Researcher included 1-2 sources contained a lot of historical inaccuracies could not tell the source information Learning Module for English .

Document is either one source over or under the required number of sources. To help him out. experts you know and or other RUBRIC: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (Transfer Goal) CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1 Quantity of sources (Maximum of 5) Document cites the number of sources outlined in the assignment. [ Activity 21 : TRANSFER GOAL Your friend is going to present an informative speech in an ASEAN Youth Summit. Using the information you were able to collect. prepare at least three annotated bibliographies. Document is four to five sources over or under the required number of .[ Activity 20 : ANNOTATE IT! Go back to your output in Activities 15 and 16. You have to look for reliable sources from the internet. Make sure you follow the given example. you are going to give him annotated bibliographies on the theme: “Changing Perspectives”. Document is two to three sources over or under the required number of sources.

Quality / Reliability of Sources All sources cited can be considered reliable and/or trustworthy.sources. Document is more than five sources over or under the number of required sources. Variety of Sources Excellent variety of sources. Little or not reliable and/ or trustworthy sources cited. Most sources cited can be considered reliable and/or trustworthy. Few sources cited can be considered reliable and/ or trustworthy. cites more than four types of . Some sources can be considered reliable and/or trustworthy.

Most annotations are thoughtful. No variety of sources. Adequate variety of sources. Good variety of sources. and well written. cites four types of sources.Grade 8 4 .L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 538 CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1 Writing fluency of annotations All annotations are thoughtful. and well written. complete. cites only one type of source. complete. Learning Module for English . cites two types of sources. Some annotations are well written but some are lacking . cites three types of sources. Poor variety of sources.sources.

Most annotations are lacking in completeness. and /or writing completeness. thought. All annotations are lacking in completeness. There are a few formatting errors in the document’s citations. There are many and/or frequent formatting errors in the document’s citations. There is little or no adherence to APA format in the document. thought. and/or writing quality. thought. There are some formatting errors in the document’s citations. and/or writing quality. APA and Documentation Citations are formatted correctly in the document. .

something that is suggested or implied but not ever clearly stated Metaphor is an implicit comparison of two persons or things Inference . How To Prepare a n Annotated Bibliography.GLOSSARY The following are some of the terms you found in the module: Ambiguous . R. 15. English Express way II. Crisscrossing Through Afro-Asian Li terature. 2011 from http:// .htm Geronimo. you are simplifying it. San J opinion or conception The notion of nuclear war has always been a frightening prospect. Anvil Publishing. Citations from the Web brary.cornell. Phoenix Publishing H ouse. MC. Perspective .is the act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assume d to be true The inference was that the tournament was her for the taking. Kernel . Inc.something that is unclear or not easily describe Your answers are too ambiguous to understand. Depict . M. A. & research/skill28. 2012 from http://olinuris. Inc.Grade 8 4 . J .C.A. M. Blumenthal. Diversity . Quezon City. (2010).M. Sarah G Dubai 2011.F.(2012. Ramos. Cruz. Quezon City. Annotate an explanatory note for a text Annotate some archaic terms to be understood. Inc.the condition of having many elements Their art works reflect the diversity of their people.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 540 bibl iographies Citations from Books Bermudez. Learning Module for English . Notion .V. SD Publication. (2006) Seoul of Music. R. Pasig.S (2011.(1997) Reading and Writing the Essay. October 14).two or more people or things that function together as a whole The school choir and the instrumental ensemble were magnificent Implicit . September 25). Retrieved Nov.F. and Nery.L3 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 539 Ensemble . Olin&Uris picture in words or describe The museum depicts the lives of the ancient people. Learning Module for English .a small piece or essential portion When you kernel a sentence.viewpoint or the way one looks at something It is necessary to integrate the gender perspectives in existing disciplines Theme a topic or a recurring idea The theme of the story is vanity.Grade 8 4 . Retrieved November 3. Carpio.T.

The Value of Korean Family.blogspot. Re trieved on December 1. 2012 from http:// redbreadtie.( Harper. (2012) Online Etymology Dictionary. (2012) Authentic Assessment Retrieved November 14.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=bibliography&searchmode=n one J alal. BH ( 20 12 from http:// www. “ How does global communication help i n ensuring peace and goodwill and in establishing better relationships among nations?” Lesson Objectives In this lesson. October 31) Annotated Bibliography. V.htm#holistic Tie.wilipedia. J .html Leigh.noctrl. (n. D.d. 2012 from http:// en. Vanity of the Rat. Retrieved December 4.shtml Mueller. As you equip yourself with a broader understanding of global communica tion.Grade 8 4 .wikipedia.www. Retrieved November 5. 2012 from en.) How to Fill Out a Bibliography Card. make sure to reflect on the question.html Wikipedia (2012. bibliography Wikipedia (n.March 6). 2012 from http://atozteacherstuff.faculty. At this A Window to Discover Dymanic Korea. You are now enthused to study the Asian Peninsula: The Arab Emirates and addi tional concepts about Saudi Arabia. February 12). education rangers? In the previous modules you have acquired functional understanding of select Asian countries which empower you to better appreciate your Asian family. it is already clear on your part why taking in consideration the perspective of others becomes supplemental in establishing and maintaining good rel PG Maxine (n. you will learn the following: Extract specific information from a variety of informational texts (Listening Co mprehension) Express opinions and comments objectively (Oral Language & Fluency) . 7. Retrieved December 5. Retrieved December It is expected that at the end of this modul e you will be able to deliver an informative speech after gathering collectively pieces of inf ormation to substantiate your content.d) Jackie Chan at 2012 San Diego Comin-con International Retried November 3.flic kr. Retrieved on N ackie_Chan Learning Module for English .edu/toolbox/glossary. 2012 from http://en. A to Z Teacher Stuff.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 541 How are you doing. 2012 from http:// jfmueller.) Differentiated Learning Rubric.d. 2012 from http:// kurdishkoreanfriendshipbridge.

” (Writing & Composition) Analyze various strategies (net sources) in delivering a powerful speech to inf orm (Viewing) Delimit speech content by screening details (Study Strategies) Deliver an informative speech following the conventions (Oral Language & Fluency) Learning Module for English .L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 542 Lesson Acti vities Map Global Communication (LC) infer the functions of utterances and respond accordingly taking into account the context of the situation and the tone used (RC) arrive at the meaning of structurally complex and ambiguous sentences by separating kernel sentences from modification structures and expansions (S) deliver an informative speech following the conventions (RC) Locate and synthesize essential information found in any text. “Changing Perspectives. (L) Draw out significant Human Experiences from a text analyzed (VC)Differentiate between vantage points and viewing (WC) extract valuable information from various materials (GA) construct meaningful expanded sentences (A)apply the correct treatment of data and the soundness of research conclusion Activities KNOW Emirates-Emeritus Electronic Terrain Info-Text Status: Super Like PROCESS Four-pronged Question Three Tap Glocalizing the Peninsula Stress It Out Widen One’s Perspec- .Construct emphatic sentences (Grammar & Structure) Write meaningful expanded sentences. (Writing & Composition) Scout for valuable materials to enrich speech content (Study Strategies) Use rich vocabulary in elocution (Vocabulary) Write an informative speech based on the theme.Grade 8 4 .

L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 544 ACTIVITY 2 : ELECTRONIC TERRAIN Tidbits of facts prompt by hyperlink on the lids all about the UAE are shared i n each container.EMERITUS List down significant information under each label to find out how well you know your neighboring federation of states.Grade 8 4 . BLACK GOLD: How oil helped to build the UAE R-C: SKYCRAPERS: UAE’s iconic landmarks R-C : . the United Arab Emirates LOCATION LANGUAGE & RELIGION PRESIDENT & FORMOF GOVERNMENT DOMINANT CULTURE Learning Module for English .L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 543 My Learni ng Goal s and Target What do I expect to learn from this module? ACTIVITY I: EMIRATES . write your REACTION or COMMENTS (RC).Grade 8 4 . Below each fact.tive Stretch It Out Literary Folio REFLECT & UNDERSTAND Something to reflect on Insights & Foresights Way to go PRODUCT/ PERFORMANCE Lesson content Video Clips on UAE/ Dubai Differentiated activities Multimodal tasks Literary and informational texts Process Questions Skill-based activities Informative speech The script The delivery Learning Module for English .

Grade 8 4 .L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 545 ACTIVITY 3: INFO-TEXT Group Work.html http://www.Gold and Jewelry Consumption Spirals R-C: Palm Islands in DUBAI R-C: black-gold-how-oil-helped-build-uae-part-1-432522. Do you wish to ponder more about the contributions of UAE to globalization? Then .L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 546 ACTIVITY 4 : STATUS: SUPER LIKE! UAE-LINKPHOUAE MAP UAE Trivia #1 (like) UAE Trivia #2 (like) Want to know #1 Want to know #2 What I learned best about UAE In the next activities you will discover the answers to the question“ How does global communication help in ensuring peace and goodwill and in .html http://skyscrapercenter. complete the chart http://www. Learning Module for English .com/shopping/ cityofgold. Complete the Round of Information about United Arab Emirates by te xting people whom you know may give you precise examples of the items below.Grade 8 4 . The group that completes all the information the fastest with confirmed text mes sages wins the game Ramadan Currency Literary Text Arab phrases Islamic Holy Days Famous UAE personality The activities you have completed crystallize your queries about United Arab Emi v=Qd2o7SVOHko Learning Module for English .

tried to comfort the child and told her that children are not expected to give gifts. but she could sleep little that night. the chief’s daughter. To the little girl who had lived all her life in the desert. Every Arab in the camp busied himself in preparing a gift for the coming sheik for it is an Arabian custom to give gifts of welcome and hospitality. Only little Zuleika sat alone and idle. Her mother. little Zuleika. and to have him visit the remote tents of Ali Ben Ahmed was an honor. They bowed their turbaned heads almost to the ground to a low salaam as the rider pulled up his sweating mount. The stranger. She loved visitors who told stories of the wonders which her eyes had never seen. and cool blue seas.Grade 8 4 . Learning Module for English . of lovely green gardens. these st ories were marvelous fa Ali Ben Ahmed called his men to welcome the new comer for the desert Arabs is very hospitable.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 548 Only little Zuleika sat alone and idle. ran to her father for she has seen someone riding their way from the south. One evening. Zuleika ran back to her tent. The whole camp bustled with excitement. Ali Ben Ahmed came out of his tent and stood beside his beautiful little daughter. Then the shining figure faded away. Their tents were pitched on the trackless sand where the blazing sun beat down all day. Ben Nedi was a very great sheik indeed. Tears stood in her lovely dark eyes because she had no gift to give the great man who would come the next day. Learning Module for English . Zuleika danced with delight. A .Grade 8 4 . however. who was proud and dignified. melting into the misty light like a pale moonbeam. returned the salute and said that the great sheik Ben Nedi will visit their tribe the next day. known far and wide for his power andgoodness. tried to comfort the child and told her that ch ildren are not expected to give gifts. Tears stood in her lovely da rk eyes because she had no gift to give the great man who would come the next day. they saw no stranger for the paths of the travelers lay far to the south. Do we have the same practice as theirs? How do visitors regard such practice? Find out in the Arabian text below.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 547 The Wonder Tree An Arabian Folktale Far out in the desert of Arabia lived a chief called Ali Ben Ahmed and his tribe. They had talked of cities with great stone houses.It is customary on the part of Arab people to give presents to their visitors. The chief scanned the southern horizon until his eyes found a little yellow cloud of dust in the far distance. Her mother. Month after month. busy in the women’s tent unrolling a beautiful piece of silk that would be her gift the next day. of sparkling rivers. busy in the women’s tent unrolling a beautiful piece of sil k that would be her gift the next day.

As you listen.Grade 8 4 . She came to the well and stopped in Where yesterday there had been nothing but bare sand. “Yes. It was straight and bar e except the top. of gold.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 549 ACTIVITY 5: Four-Pronged Question Directions: Pay attention to the taped recording and listen intently to the Ara bian narrative. Zuleika rushed back to her father’s tent and told him everything that had happened. the Arabian knows that it will furnish him with food from its fruit. Her father would not believe that there was a tree in the desert until he had seen the tree for himself and tasted its Learning Module for English . of silk and of beautiful steel swords from Damascus. The great man received them with gratitude and praise. Ali Ben Ahmed smiled then led Ben Nedi to the rock by the well where the date palm grew from the spot on which Zuleika’s tears had fallen upon the ground a nd explained how the wonder tree had sprung up miraculously in the night.Grade 8 4 . where it carried a tuft of branching leaves and a cluster of brownish f ruit. ¡ Learning Module for English . the caravan of the great sheik Ben Nedi arrived. the date palm spread until it became the great friend of the desert tribes. Gifts were brought and laid before him – gifts of jewels. she hurried out into the sand to find the gift which she was to g ive that day. Write your questions below. today there was a tall tree.s soon as dawn broke. Upon knowing everything. cloth form its fiber and cool shade from its (For ICT rich classrooms you may use the YouTube presentation found in this URL http://www.” And sure enough. for it springs from the desire of the heart. Ben Nedi softly exclaimed. In the afternoon. jot down all the questions that you have in mind regar ding the story. As long as it lifts its stately head above the sands.L4 . that is the mo st precious gift of all. Learning Module for English . Why was the visit of Shiek Ben Nedi a big deal to the tribe of Ali Ben Ah med? 3.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 552 7. Why was Zuleika’s gift the best of all? 5. Why did Zuleika love visitors? 2.Grade 8 4 . 2. TAP #3 TAP#2 TAP#1 Learning Module for English . 4.relating to the connections or relationships between and local businesses. celebr .ldoceonline. problems etc: Source:http://www. how could you pr omote “glocalization” by having him/her feast on Filipino food and delicacies.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 551 TAP1 TAP2 TAP 3 ACTIVITY 7: GLOCALIZING the PENINSULA GLOCAL . Tap 3 represents the political governance in Arabian countries. Prepare a list of such items and share your reasons explai ning why you think such items will be loved by your fellowmen. Tap 2 category deals with the ways Arab s treat their visitors.b The wonderer Directions: If someone from UAE comes to visit the Philippines. Do you like the story? Why? Why not? ACTIVITY 6:THREE TAP Directions: Extract information about the Arabian Culture depicted in the text. 5.CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 550 POSSIBLE QUESTIONS 1.Grade 8 4 . Tap the arrow pointing at each tree. a fashion or an apparel that may have received global recognition or a pla ce known throughout the world. What was magical about the tree? (Explain your answer) 4.a The Search Is On Directions: Search the web for items in UAE which you think will be loved by th e Filipinos. The item may be a food which will satisfy the gustatory sense of the Fili pinos. 3. Tap 1 category is Geographical Location and Description of the country. 1.

Dominant Tradition 4. Emphatic: Many people take up painting to raise their self-esteem.Government 3. How does emphasis achieved in a paragraph? Let us consider the salient points Key Points: Various Devices to Make Sentences Emphatic 1.ate Philippine Fiestas. dissimilarity & comment chart below: Parts of Culture Philippines UAE COMMENTS 1. 3. Learning Module for English . coherence. Normal word order: Emery sits next to me in zoology laboratory.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 554 A writer should consider that a good and clear paragraph has unity. 2. Place the words you want to stress either at the beginning or at the end of a sentence. Emphatic: Next to me in zoology laboratory sits Emery. Repeat important words. a nd emphasis.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 553 ACTIVITY 8 : CULL-TURE Directions: Search for videos clips revealing the various parts of culture in t he Philippines and in the United Arab Emirates. Invert the normal sentence order. 1. List down at least five things that you would do for the visitor to exclaim how wonderful our country is Learning Module for English .Grade 8 4 .Language 2. Repetition of words can be an excellent means of emph .Grade 8 4 . The entire paragraph must be unified on its structure and all the sentences within the paragraph should focus on the topic sentence. Complete the similarity. Weak: There are many people who take up painting to raise their self-este em. rejoice in various livelihood industries and visit historic al places.Prominent Industries THE LANGUAGE CONNECTION ACTIVITY 9: STRESS IT OUT A paragraph is a unit of composition that establishes oneness because it develops a central and main idea on its structure. Note: Use the inverted order sparingly. http://expertscolumn. its frequent use gives the effect of artificiality.

Periodic: In the bamboo thickets the dead leaves lay deep.asizing ideas. Emphatic: The prince was an object of admiration to his subjects. Unnecessary repetition. Ne vertheless. Loose: We were at the Philippine International Convention Center at this very ho ur yesterday. Use the balanced sentence. his allies. I suppose. Learning Module for English . Whenever possible. 8. Place transitional words and parenthetical expressions within the sentence. Loose: The dead leaves lay deep in the bamboo thickets. at this very hour. I resented the way she offered it. Sentences ending with prepositions are frequently found in good literature. It should be avoid ed as much as possible. may result in artificiality. we were at the Philippine International Convention Center. Arrange a series of words varying in force in climactic order. use the periodicsentence instead of the loose sentence. 9. 7. however. Emphatic: I came. she came upon a crowd gathered around a lost three-year-old girl. Periodic: Yesterday. A sentence with a preposition buried within it is stilted and is often less emphatic . Emphatic: I work for the grade and that’s all I get – the grade. Better: I should have been grateful. Too much use of the periodic sentence. Ineffective: Emily was walking down Escolta yesterday when she came upon a crowd gathered around a lost three-year-old girl. the way she offered it. nevertheless. which is more stylistic. I suppose. 6. I resent ed. Put in the principal clause the part of the sentence to be emphasized. however. an d his enemies. T he periodic sentence is one in which the reader’s attention is held until the end. The lo ose sentence is the opposite of the periodic sentence. I conquered. Less emphatic: I should have been grateful for the financial help. I saw. This is because the main thought is completed at the end of the sentence. is unpleasant. Emphatic: As Emily was walking down Escolta yesterday.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 555 5. for the financial help. 4.Grade 8 4 . A loose sentence is more common and more conventional than the periodic sentence.

the spoiled child of fortune. the spoiled child of fame.Education is priceless and to me it matters a lot Education 4. 3. others to be swallowed. .He does remember the incident.She does her homework alone. Exercise B.L4 CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 556 Exercise A. pp. Alcantara. 3. Wri te your answers on your notebook. Alcantara. Cabanilla.Tell how emphasis has been achieved in the following sentences. Rebecca D. 1. Josefina Q. Learning Module for English .I do visit them once a month. Sentences Emphatic (/) or not (x) Sentences with emphasis 1. This edition is ill compiled.5051. Study the following sentences and decide whether the princ iple of achieving emphasis is considered by placing a check in the second column or an x if not. and some to be chewed and digested. Cabanilla. write the correct sentence on the th ird column.than one with the preposition at the end. In case the sentence is less emphatic. Stilted:Is this the kind of thing in which you believe? Emphatic: Is this the kind of thing you believe in? Emphatic: Most travelers have the comforting knowledge that the culture they have left behind will be there to return to. Reference:Effective Writing. pp. Josefina Q. 5. 1. 2. the spoiled child of society. Rebecca D. Silently. 5. blossomed the lov ely stars. one by one. not merely the spoiled child of his parents . ill written and ill printed. They do the work among themselves 5. 2. He was truly a spoiled child. 6. 4.Grade 8 4 . 4. Refe r back to the ways on how emphasis can be achieved in the previous discussion. but the spoiled child of nature. the forget-me-nots of angles. in the infinite meadows of heave. 3. Some books are to be tasted. I have already given the payment for the school fair. Is that the dog which you are afraid of? Reference: Effective Writing. 2.50-51.

a nd the third suitor was vain. One prince was bossy. "Listen carefully. I worked. but he didn t want to offend her suitors and risk a ngering his neighboring city-states." he said. After traveling for one week they came to a well that was located before a fork in the road. when cities flourished along the major t rade routes that stretched across the desert to transport spices." he said. Whoever returns with the most won drous item will win my daughter s hand in marriage. But the princess looked at th em with alarm. beyond which the r oad branched into three separate paths. "Each of you is a perfectly worthy suitor for my daughter s hand. The three princes set out together. Three princes of nearby cities came to court her. wiping his dirty hands o n his cloak.I succeed. "Obviously." The next day. the second prince was unclean in his habits." stated the first prince. he summoned the three suitors and the princess to his throne room. "Come back tomorrow. "I ll think about it. to make the correct decision I have determined that the three of you must venture into the world for one year and a day." The princess was glad for the one-year extension and the king was equally glad to postpone the matter. let s all meet at this we