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Which specialist area I have chosen

multilingual classes (grammar) I have substantial experience with monolingual students. I want to become more experienced in teaching multilingual classes and it will also give me the opportunity to gain more insight into the practices of ELT. Reference books and articles as well as research papers

Why I have chosen this area

Background reading I have done/intend to do in relation to this specialism Key issues that have arisen from the reading and from my experience Which specialist group I have chosen and why

Multilingual students have different needs and approaches to language learning from monolinguals. They need more pronunciation work and communicative activities which will improve their communicative competence.

How I will identify:

Needs Analysis Questionnaires


Diagnostic Tests/Samples of Work


Other (state what e.g. data from parents etc)

i.Systems/skills needs ii.Learner preferences and affective needs




Why I have chosen this/these methods

Needs analysis questionnaires are effective devices to collect information about students needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses, which I need to design the course. Observation is effective to find out which area (skills, systems or both) students need more practice.

Any specific questions for your tutor