In these days many experts argue about when it is better for children to start learning a foreign language, either

at primary school or secondary school . On one hand, it might be better for children to start learning a new language in primary school because it is somehow known that children learn easier and faster when they are smaller due to the fact that their brain is still developing. Some disadvantages of this might be that there are many kids which come from bilingual families and thus it might be hard for some of them to learn three languages at a time. On the other hand, those who start learning a language at an early age have the advantage that when they go to secondary school they can start learning another foreign language and thus know more languages than those who start learning in secondary school. Therefore, the earlier the students learn a foreign language, the better result they can get . I believe that it is important to know as much foreign languages as possible and that you should never stop learning new languages. This also very much depends on one child, some may learn easier when they are younger and others when they are older and therefore we can’t say when it is better to start learning a new language. To my mind, parents should support theirs children to choose the best way and should help them become successful as adults.

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