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Successful health promotion programs in our region have deep roots in informal social networks linking churches, neighborhoods and families. Our greatest resource is our people. We understand that it is crucial to link these communities to formal infrastructure and building partnerships with public health and health care institutions, schools and businesses. Our programs are designed to develop a culturally sensitive program and resources that will help more rural families understand how to reduce the factors that lead to obesity, adopt healthier diets and increase physical activities.

Our Mission
To bring programs and resources into the community that will educate and empower the local citizens of the Conetoe in areas of health and wellness such as diabetes, nutrition and physical education.

Conetoe Family Life Center
Our Summer Program

Conetoe Family Life Center
205 Factory Street Conetoe, NC 27819 252-883-9460

. Our Summer Camp .
a summer experience to build relationships and improve health, education, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our Five Summer Objectives
1. Academics -Grade leveled learning groups -Fieldtrips to museums -Tarboro Library Summer Program -Reflective journal writing -Sustained Silent Reading -Visiting the Legislative Building 2. Community Involvement -Cleaning up our community - Gatekeepers Workcamp, NC Wesleyan - Gang Awareness Program - Volunteering in the community garden - Welcoming visitors - Writing cards of appreciation 3. Economics Learning to reading a paystub Lessons on money management Understanding of saving and spending Entrepreneur boot camp through AG extension 4. Healthy Living -Eating healthy snacks -Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program -Learning MyPlate! food initiative -Morning exercise routines -Swimming Lessons -Understanding recipes to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables 5. Social Skills -Learning group norms -Conflict resolution skills -Gang prevention -Girl Scouts of America: Hands on activities -Shelton Challenge @ NC Wesleyan