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Beef up

Beef up

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Published by: jimmyfung40 on Sep 02, 2013
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South Korea, which is the Israel of east Asia, has chosen the aircraft it allegedly needs to beef up its

aerial forces to confront North Korea. But the aircraft chosen, the advanced Silent Eagle fighter is hardly a defensive fighter. Its primary role is to make deep penetrations into hostile airspace. The Silent Eagle is equipped with streamlined CFTs (conformal fuel tanks) as part of its package to enable it to fly ultra long distances. Clearly, the devastating long-range strike capability of the Israeli Air Force has been very inspirational in Seoul’s choice. The Silent Eagle was chosen over the Euro Typhoon and the F-35, and about the main difference between them is the long-range strike capability possessed by the Silent Eagle. Unlike the other two, this aircraft is meant for use in taking the battle to the enemy’s backyard. However, North Korea is not a very large country, even a relatively smaller aircraft can easily reach or hit the North Kor-China border. Thus the real purpose of Seoul’s decision is still quite mysterious. Can these planes be commandeered by the US for fighting someone else ?

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