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Published by Mitchell Davis
0365 Graham Davies.pdf
0365 Graham Davies.pdf

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Published by: Mitchell Davis on Sep 02, 2013
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Graham Davies is very entertaining, very fast and very British. As an After Dinner or Closing Speaker, he is the perfect relief for audiences exhausted by a Corporate Festival of PowerPoint. He is a former President of the Cambridge Union and a recovering criminal barrister who has become the UK's most expensive presentation coach. His speeches blend carefully calculated material about your company with his distinctively sharp topical comedy in a way that will shatter any preconceptions you may have about tedious lawyers. Watch the After Dinner video on www.grahamdavies.co.uk. IF YOU ARE NOT LAUGHING AFTER 10 SECONDS, THEN BOOK SOMEONE ELSE. "Graham Davies is a brilliantly funny speaker who knows how to inspire and enthuse anyone who sees presenting as a bore, a burden or a source of terror." Nick Robinson, Political Editor, BBC He is the on-screen expert used by the BBC, CNN and Sky News to rip apart major political speeches (provided that the speaker is not one of his clients). His book, unimaginatively entitled ‘The Presentation Coach’, has become a bestseller. Graham Davies is a talented gagmeister who shows that the best way of exposing a bad argument is with a good joke." Boris Johnson, Mayor of London Graham is in the front line of the battle against the world’s most dreaded presentational disease: Death by Bullet-Point. His current and former clients include IBM, Ford, Oracle, Tesco, Deutsche Bank, UBS and 4 Cabinet Ministers, as well as several armed robbers, dozens of burglars and a couple of clergymen. For more information, have a look at www.grahamdavies.co.uk. Contact him direct by phone: +44 207 937 7758 or by email: graham@grahamdavies.co.uk.

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