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Adyashanti - Spontaneous Awakening - Non-Dual (道) Tao Philosophy

Adyashanti - Spontaneous Awakening - Non-Dual (道) Tao Philosophy

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Spiritual Teacher
Spiritual Teacher

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Published by: brzrkr8818 on Sep 02, 2013
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spontaneous awakening
CD ONE (79: | 5) Session One: What ls the Most lmportant Thing! l. lntroductionto Session One 2. Our true nature is self-authenticating 3.Awakeningis spontaneous, but not haphazard 4. How self-inquiry catalqes awakening 5.The intimate experienceof the mystery 6.The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing Session Two: The Direct Path to Realization 7. lntroduction to Session Two 8. Direct path teachingsare for those who are "spirituallyready" 9. Going to the root 10.Realization is remembrancenot attainment I l . F i n do u t " w h o " l2.When seekingfalls away l3.Turningattention upon itself Session Four: The Natural State 8. Introduction to SessionFour 9. Meditation can be overvalued or undervalued l0.True meditation is when we cease manipulating experience I l.The processof emptyingourselves "our of little place in the universe" l2.The undividedresponse to life CD THREE (ó3:33) CD FIVE (ó9: I O) Session Nine: Lucidity l. Introductionto Session Nine 2. Becominglucid in the dream 3. Finding the link between personal awarenessand awarenessitself 4. Lucidity mixed with moving in and out of trance 5. Spiritualwinter and the discovery of meaning 6.The pressureof evolution 7.4 bedtime sroD, Session Ten: Be the Presence 8. Introduction to Session Ten 9.The magneticpull of true silence Session Six: Guided Meditation 3. Introduction to SessionSix (O:aa) 4. Usteningwithout manipulation (3a37) CD FOUR (79: l5) 10. J u s tb e CD Slx (79:59) Session Five: Guided Meditation l. lntroductionto Session Five (0:a8) 2. Aflow everytiing to be as it is (27:20\

Session Eleven: An lnterview with Adyashanti l. Introduction to SessionEleven 2.Awakening: a fundamentalshift of identity 3.Adya's Zen background 4.Askingburningquestions and writing what is true 5.The path is to unhingethe personal self through meditation and inquiry 6.The question of sincerity 7.The m)'th that enlightenmentis rare 8.The unloadingof repressedmaterial 9. Spiritualbypassing l0.The processof the physical body coming into harmony with the awakened state | | . Adya's spontaneousawakening

Session Seven: lmmensity l. Introduction to Session Seven 2. A childhood experienceof eternity 3. Seeingfrom the standpoint of immensiry 4. Awakening is about a change of occupancy S.The"me" is addictedto approval and the thinkingmind 6. Seeingwithout judgment Session Eight: Teachers and Teachings 7. Introduction to SessionEight 8. ls there a correct form for the teacher-student relationsh ipI 9.Zen is a direct transmissionbeyond words and scriptures l0.Appreciation for the teacher I l . P a r a d o x i c atle a c h i n g s are to help the mind relax | 2. Shockedinto the unknown

cD Two Q7zsz) SessionThree: Not Knowing
l. Introduction to Session Three 2.The hidden beliefthat the truth is an acquisition 3. Nothing can be known with absolutecertainty 4. Pretendthat your entire identity residesin your right eyeball 5. Coming upon the truth is a matter of subtraction not addition 6. Renouncing all beliefsand spiritual ideas 7. Everythingis swimming in silence

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