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9850 3002 01_Secoroc Underground Rock Drills_LOWres_tcm572-3506068

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Published by: Guimer Méndez on Sep 02, 2013
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Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools

Secoroc underground rock drills

Underground rock drills The YT29A rock drill is the most rugged. Piston stroke Impact frequency Rotation speed Hose connection YT29A YT27 7655 YT28 7655D 96000010 96000005 96000003 96000020 96000004 9605-0-3312300312 9603-0-3312300303 9600-0-3312300300 9604-0-3312300335 9601-0-3312300301 26. This makes it suitable for work-sites with low air line pressure or low compressor capacity.The product is energy efficiency. While efficient and with low energy consumption. They are robust designed. rifle bar rotation and the pusher leg control is placed at the back head of the rock drill. It requires less working air pressure and has lower air consumption than the 7655. reliable and suitable for all applications and all kinds of rock. An in-line lubricator is included in the delivery of each rock drill. powerful and highly efficient rock drill in the range. It gives improved productivity and drill steel economy and can be used on all rock formation and in all kinds of applications. tunneling and mining applications in different rock formations. Together with the appropriate pusher leg. The 7655 rock drill is an economical. diam. the YT27 is durable. Rock drills specifications Product Product No Product code name Weight Air requirement Length incl. The YT28 rock drill has strong adaptability to the working conditions. drillsteel Drill-steel chuck (hex) retainer Piston Hole bore range diam. the rock drill forms an attractive and cost effective drilling unit. The D-version of the 7655 is a robust and reliable rock drill. reliable and durable all-round rock drill which suits most drilling applications.Robust design – high impact energy Secoroc pusher leg and stoper rock drills cover all construction. with high impact energy and low air consumption. its components has long working life and durability. The rock drills all have water flushing.5 kg 27 kg 24 kg 26 kg 24 kg 62 l/s 57 l/s 54 l/s 58 l/s 52 l/s 659 mm 668 mm 628 mm 661 mm 668 mm 22(25)x108 mm 22x108 mm 22x108 mm 22x108 mm 22x108 mm 34-45 mm 32-45mm 32-42 mm 32-42 mm 32-42 mm 82 mm 80mm 76 mm 80 mm 70 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 70 mm 37 Hz 39 Hz 36 Hz 35 Hz 31 Hz 300 r/min 300 r/min 300 r/min 260 r/min 250 r/min 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 19 mm .

YSP45 general specifications Product No Product code Air requirement Rock drill piston bore Stroke lenght Impact frequency Rotation speed Weight Length retracted Length extracted Feeding length Feed piston bore 96000006 962A-0-3312300305 83 l/s 95 mm 47 mm 45 Hz 350 r/min 44 kg 1420 mm 2170 mm 750 mm 74 mm Pusher legs The Secoroc pusher legs are light in weight. YT29A FT160BC 96000041 9618-0-3312300619 16 kg 1365 mm 3165 mm 1800 mm 65 mm YT28 Lubricators Lubricators specification Product name Product No.2 kg 200 ml FY250C 96000046 963E-0-3312312367 1. YT29 FT160C 96000040 9619-0-3312300610 18 kg 1820 mm 3310 mm 1490 mm 65 mm YT27. The pusher legs are available in different lengths and extensions to achive necessary reach. YT27. YSP45. Pusher legs specification Product name Product No. YT27. 7655D. The FT160B features a powerful leg for small drifting purposes. is of robust design for tough working condition.Stoper YSP45 The Secoroc stoper rock drill. The FT 160C has extra extension for higher reach. YT29A FT160B 96000039 9617-0-3312300609 16 kg 1428 mm 2526 mm 1098 mm 65 mm 7655. raise driving and bolting.2 kg 250 ml FY500A 96000043 963F-0-3312310189 2. Product code Weight Length retracted Length extracted Feeding length Piston bore Suitable for rock drill FT160A 96000038 9616-0-3312300608 17 kg 1668 mm 3006 mm 1338 mm 65 mm 7655. It has high impact frequency and is mainly used for production drilling. 7655D.2 kg 200 ml .5 kg 500 ml FY200C 96000045 963D-0-3312312307 1. Product code Weight Oil capacity FY200A 96000042 963B-0-3312310178 1. They also come with a variety of tube diameters for different feed force to suit various rock drills as well as different types of rock. easy to handle and connect and powered directly from the rock drill.

Sweden Phone: +46 223 461 00 E-mail: secoroc@se.Atlas Copco Secoroc AB Box 521.com www.com 9851 3002 01   2012. SE-737 25 Fagersta.atlascopco.atlascopco.07 .

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