Awakening the perception to Demonic entities.

This is a brief article is presented in order to help both the new and advanced practitioners of the Atlantean/Drakonian/Luciferian current to develop the attributes, and certain tips and not widely known topics concerning the work with Demonic Entities. The material presented here is out of my personal experiences, gnosis and a life dedicated to the practice and study of the occult, considering that I am a Satanist from personal revelation, which means that I was visited by a Demonic Being in a tangible real manifestation at a very early age. Thus, some of the instructions presented here are directly gnosis imparted by the Demons and shared with others, taken from my magical journal for the first time. The first thing that we must understand is that the multidimensional Universe including this sphere is populated by “inorganic intelligences”, Spirits, Gods, Goddess, Angels, Demons, Lwas, Exus, Elementals, Orishas, Ghosts, Proctophantasmists…and countless more sentient and powerful beings of various kinds and hierarchies. In the Luciferian Tradition we usually work with Demons (Witch Gods and Witch Goddesses), The Shades of the Dead ( Infernal Necromancy) and The Yuggothian Allien Gods (Sumerian/Lovecraftian system), each of this system are focused on different perspectives under various protocols and taboo according the Nature of the entity and the traditions around its cult. We do not work or relate with Angelic Beings, White light Gods or Godesses, Neither with any Prodemiurgic Archetype which may represent the cosmic Demiurge and His archonts/elohims or any being born from the filthiness of the white light, with the purpose of trapping, enslaving and vampyrize the acosmic Black Flames created by Lucifer, which they have bound to shells of clay and spheres of illusions. In a future presentation I will discuss further about the Origin of the Entities, Of the Demons (conscious sentient beings emanated from the Highest Darkness) and The Angels (architects, watchers, messengers and guardians of the spheres emanated from the “white light”) which the Demiurge have deceived and hypnotized to serve his purpose of creation and keeping the material cosmos. But this is not the topic at hand rather an introduction to illustrate, since these matters are only treated by the most advanced students of the occult and the sacred mysteries. Since most of my personal work has been with Demons, I will use the knowledge about these entities to illustrate in a wide spectrum this topic. It must be emphatically stated before any advance in the magnus opus, that the Demons are NOT some energy or force created or which exist within human consciousness, either, They are NOT some energies or forces which exist in nature.

lies and the manipulation of atheistic people who serve the same tyrant God of the Abrahamic religions. Due to the above described matter which is the root of all others. In my opinion. thus if they would full force manifest as they actually exist in Sitra Ahra.Demons are Sentient. They existed before us and shall continue existing if we cease to exist. neither the Demons (Dark Witch Gods) or the Yuggothian Allien Gods are able to full enter this world. with the advent of Christianity and the Abrahamic religions. busy work schedule. but they do it in ascontitus. and the sacred and secret wisdom about their nature as the Higher Gods of Heaven. The Ancient Atlantean Gods were worked through the Elementals by the Pagan Cults. in nature and in our consciousness or perception. these. Due to a special stellar alightment and the sorcery of the Demiurge and His Archonts. stress. protect and teach us the Infernal wisdom. they can interact with us. self-conscious beings of an incalculable power and wisdom which have existed before the manifestation of the cosmos. lifestyle. secular mundane matters are irrelevant to the work with the Demons and does not present any real obstacle to commune with this . These Lofty beings are totally independent of the energies of human psyque and the energies of Nature. according my own gnosis The Demons and the Dark Sterlar Witch Gods/Goddesses are the same. they would tear down the material world. the Demons are able to manifest in diverse forms. organic beings and even us. Because of this Demons are not bound to space and time. Regardless this hindrance. simply because they belong to the acasual universe of Sitra Ahra. this seems one of the most hidden and sacred topics of the Demonosophy: Demons are like anti-matter to matter. In more recent times.Etc.. in which the Demiurge and the entities loyal to him have absorbed almost the whole perception of Humanity. in the case of the Yuggothian Gods they usually only manifest their energies through dream sorcery and very special times. if we are able to channel their energies. This and the great egotism. including anthropomorphic ones. help us. Hell and Earth was lost. also they can use countless medium to manifest and interact with their chosen ones. The Thing is that due to the Aeonic changes in the cosmos. Regardless the opinion of various occult and so-called satanic and luciferian authors. aggression against nature and ecology. selfishness and materialism reigning in the “modern society” plagued by new age mystics. this world and Humanity. and even use the name of Satan or any archetype of the Adversary. due to the Magnificient Powers of Master Satan and because one of His Aspects share similar powers with the Demiurge (ruling the sphere of the Sun and Saturn). while a more mundane author may mention our diet. with the goal to confuse and manipulate those who are blinded by the Sephirotic light of the Dayside Ego (inner god) and the Kama Manas (the magnetic influence of matter by the powers of Sabbaoth) which are Both the Manifestation of the repugnant Lion Faced Serpent: The Demiurge/Ialdabaoth/YaHWeH. and possess the ability to manifest into lower spheres. Demons usually manifest in this dimession through the Elemetals. possess other spiritual beings. along the gate opening work done by His Human and Spiritual devotees.

these seems the best times. sphere and nature. what you have eaten. It is about time to learn that the spiritual affect the spiritual and the material the material. The time is a factor. In my own practice I call Hekate from the West. also be guided by our intuition concerning this... but usually the Opening Rite of the Thrones of the Witch Gods will serve to do this. Sepheranz or Lilith from the South and Belial from the North. hereby I will present some personal techniques and experiences which I believe will be fruitful to the practitioner and will enlighten him or his. since as it was explained before the Demons usually use the elemental spirits to manifest through them.The Taste Demons of Azoth/Fifth Element…. Now touching the main topic. This is not standard. we will be conjuring its rank. we may follow the planetary hours and suggestions of the grimoires which is usually very unaccurate. by projecting its energies on our minds. what may actually affect with the interference of the white light entities and the powers of the Demiurge and his archonts/archangels. while often ignoring the other forms of manifestation besides the visual..lofty beings. the Demonic work is usually conducted at night. if you live close to a nuclear plant which throws toxic material to the environment or anything like this. between Eleven and Midnight. The moon cycle and the day of the week must be observed and this depends on the particular Demonic entity. by weird sounds and raps. Most people just focus in the sense of sight waiting to see “something”. Since this varies according the element of the Demon which affects our external senses. as the best time to call a particular Demons.The Smell Demons of Water………………….. I perform my works at 9:30 pm. Lucifer from the East. These things will not affect your work with the Demons. Actually the Demons which are more prompted to give a visual manifestation are the ones related to the element fire.The Hearing Demons of Earth …………………. I will provide the following table: Demons of Fire……………………The Visual Demons of Air…………………. I recommend a Banishing spell with the dagger to spell any spirit of Jehovah and tame the spiritu loci or spirit of the place when working on unfamiliar environment. It is good to do some research on books but.The Touch The above table is to present that a Demon may manifest by some strange pungent smell in the room.. the same Demon will teach us. and varies according the Tradition or Sorcery system employed. which is the Awakening or Developing the Perception of Demonic Entities. thus it does not matter how tired you are. by a taste in the mouth usually the taste is metallic like copper or iron.. Another important factor is the element associated to the Demon. sudden changes in temperature or strange feelings in the skin and so on… . 3:00am to 5am.

the advanced Adept raises his or Her sight above. and to achieve a shift of perception. in some park. similar to the moon and the stars reflecting on a lake of water. and any desolated place is good for Demonic work. animals. Within time the focus on the self or on our inner consciousness is discarded. We are not eastern mystics. This is metaphorical example to illustrate. to interact with the Demons have being held during storms. plants… we interact with on everyday life independently of our psyque. just forms of energies vibrating at a different level. only serve to activate certain energetic points that are entwined in the sevenfold structure that conform the human being. tsunamis. In these times is easier to interact with the Demonic Entities. This another relevant aspect. since we understand both matter and spirit are the same. Besides. also abandon buildings and buildings under construction.I believe the most relevant esoteric teaching I may share is this. which are often a hindrance due to the unnecessary waste of time and energy on physical or mental preparation. machines. we both work the Spiritual and the Material. since I live close to the border and also affected this side of the island. tornado and any kind natural phenomena. that the concept of the spiritual realm and its beings/creatures as part of our psyque or part of the “self” is ludicrous as presented by the pseudo-magical dabblers. The real work is done by the Demons themselves. in this form soul transmutation may take place. . seeing this is just an illusion and the stars and the moon exist externally in the sky. while the Neophyte or uninitiated one looks in that mirror. The Best experiences and more powerful ones. even far but they are real. especially thunderstorms. also good times are during the equinox. It is better to conduct the rituals outside in nature. monks or new age transcendalists which follow often wrong dualistic concepts conceiving matter as “evil” or “impure” and confusing the mental plane for the spiritual plane in some mental masturbation which accomplish nothing. In the left Han Path concerning the inner work or alchemy which is necessary to interact with the Demons/Dark Gods. close to a river or stream of water. eclipses. I remember a strong manifestation of chthonic powers after the strong earthquake which happened in Haiti some years ago. which is fundamental of my Gnosis and Great Work: Our Souls are like a mirror or a crystal lake designed to reflect the spiritual realm and the spiritual beings. more efficient results have been obtained in this place than in the ritual room or settle up altar in our house. This. The serious advanced practitioner is able to apprehend that this realm actually exist as a tangible dimension and these Beings/Creatures are as real or more real than the humans. conscious or subconscious minds. in the cemetery. after earthquakes. Also the mental aspect belongs to the material. blue moons and black moons. Because these happenings often open interdimensional gates. we must be receptive to welcome and receive their energies and submit to their will. using some mundane paradigm as those presented by psychology and the works of Carl Jung. hurricanes. our main work is focused on the spiritual not on the carnal or the mental levels. perceiving the reflection of those beings and the astral and spiritual realms as within.

I suggest a ritual To Belial or any earth element related Demon. which represent the six days of biblical creation. they know this will help us to interact with the other Demons and Awaken Our Perception to the Demonic Realms. Baalberith. In order to work on the spiritual aspect. This One of the sacred and secret Keys to the Mysteries. Only our Black Flames or most inner part which connect us directly with the Unknown Divinity are creations of Master Lucifer Satan. We are only able to affect the Carnal and the Mental aspect (the Quaternary) in ourselves. which is why the meditation must be done in complete darkness and isolation. while to affect the Spiritual aspect (atma-buddhi-manas) we need the help of the Demons. of Plants. during the new moon or clouded night. it is like tuning a radio or receiver to the proper frequency. also necromantic Demons as Eurynomous. blindfolds. For the Mental work and activation of the chakra points along the dormant senses. incense and a black candle may suffice to petition Him to transform our souls and endarken our chakra energetic points with the powers of the Black Sun. For the First time.any brain activity is connected to matter. Ocat…are useful for soul transformation. and the seventh day was the day of coagulation and crystallization under the powers of Saturn which engendered the matter we perceive as tangible and real by our six senses. Rocks… everything possesses a soul. the most important we need to call upon the Demons. I suggest a black meditation. a lost and the most covet art of the . including the internal one. Babeal. the martial arts or running and climbing. I reveal to the public that the Element Earth is connected to the soul. some blood upon its sigil. while the spiritual is connected to our soul and spirit/ghost. which represents a critical point in the initiation in the Path of the Witch Gods. These Demons will perform this operation in a very satisfactory manner since this is their office to do this. heavy curtains. an invocation prayer. animals. In the above statement is concealed the secrets of creative sorcery and the crystallization of spiritual and mental energy into material forms. the aim of this is sensory deprivation. I suggest some disciplined physical exercise such yoga. this is the reason why we must conjure the Demons related to the element earth. physical endurance and proper blood flow is important. also the body must be acostumed to tolerate physical pain without giving it much importance. The Key behind this is that the soul was created to reflect and receive the energies of the Demiurge and our own solar Ego or Higher Self. Both The Carnal Body and the Soul are creations of the Demiurge. otherwise we may be victim of our own delusions or the powers of any low spiritual beings including the fascination of a black magicians without any real Demonic contact. which is actually a synergetic combination of the five. this done in a completely dark room at night. ear plugs and even laying in a tub filled with water is recommended. because human soul must be transformed and reshaped by Demonic power. this Flames were imprisoned under Six veils of Maya. But the most important is the eye perception. Human. In order to work on the material aspect. This is done from three to seven nights for at least 20 to 40 minutes.

logical and spiritual laws and principles. While for Male Magicians/Karcists is suggested the practice of Evokation. which is simply to invite with love. but they possess a great logic connected to the energies. If the practitioner is Male the focal point is the Heart Chakra or on the center of the Chest. This not standard and vary with the nature of the individual. if the practitioner is female the focus is on the third eye chakra. I suggest a brief visualization/internalization eyes closed and lights turned off. Truth is hate towards Life. In its due time and when is permitted more on this subject will be revealed. Ho Drakon Ho Megas. even if the operator/karcist is unaware of them. names of power. Magick and Witchcraft is orthodox and follow metaphysical. In the Name on Great Master Lucifer Satan and His Demons. dimensions and its inhabitants.white light magicians. Also. soul structure and planetary influences which irradiates the individual depending if it is a woman or is a man. . and the Creator. since my personal work is Anti-cosmic. trying to perceive with the internal eyes the subtle energies. occult. the Human. especially in modern times where magick is presented to please the public and follow trends. may these words be useful and serve as guide for the true aspirant in the Burning Infernal Path. To many the above statements may be confusing or even irritating. For Females Magicians/Karcists is suggested the practice of Invocation. with the ultimate goal of dissolving everything. Part of the goal of these practices is developing awareness and opening the flow of energies and interaction between the different planes. the Demon to come into this Dimension and manifest. Real Dark Sorcery. One I will not reveal. and is welcome as a very special guess. Finis. the circle and the triangle…) to open the gates for the spiritual entities to enter in this dimension and manifest. conjurations. which may determine the success or failure of an operation and its results. including my own consciousness and most inner being with the fullness primordial Chaos of Plerona. also if is an emotional or intellectual person. August first 2013 era horrificus. The final suggestion which represent a direct approach to the topic at hand concerning the work with Demons is on the actual practice. thus creation is just vanity. Before any ritual. some practices and rituals may be discussed with the interested ones on this subject. gentleness and will. This is the essence of the Necrosophia and the reason of my Death worship. which is the use of magickal technology (pentacles. visualized as an inverted triangle with an eye in the center. Much of this occult wisdom have been suppressed and lost. All forms are temporal and must perish. visualized as a triangle with a eye in the center. In Both systems Demons are treated with the utmost respect and with love and strong will.