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Pathway to LTE for Competitive and Rural Carriers RCAWebinarPreso

Pathway to LTE for Competitive and Rural Carriers RCAWebinarPreso

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Pathway to LTE
Pathway to LTE

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Published by: Muneeb Javed on Sep 02, 2013
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Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers

An RCA/RCR Wireless Webinar
Thursday January 26, 2012 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST



Today’s Speakers
 Moderator: Jeff Mucci - Editorial Director, RCR Wireless News
 Steve Berry - President and CEO, RCA - The Competitive Carriers Association  Dean Fresonke, Co-founder, ClearSky  Waiman Lam, Senior Director Wireless Solutions, ZTE USA  Steven Clark, CEO & Founder, Grapevine Solutions



Major Policy Issues
• Interoperability, Data Roaming, Device Exclusivity • USF Reform: Impact on Wireless • Spectrum • 700 MHz – 4G/LTE • Incentive auctions



Pathway to 4G/LTE Obstacles • USF Uncertainty • Interoperability • Competitive Carriers 4G Ecosystem Needed 4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .


Be where the Carriers Are! Join us in Orlando! www.rca-usa.org 6 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Wednesday March 28. 2012 Pre-Conference Seminars at RCA’s 2012 Competitive Carriers Global Expo! 7 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Agenda  Is LTE the Right Path?  The Components of LTE  Core Technology – Evolved Packet Core (EPC) – Radio Access Network (RAN) Objectives of The Session  Review the worldwide adoption of LTE  Understand the system components that make up an LTE network  Review the options for devices and roaming  Discuss key points in planning a build out  Support Systems  The Device and Roaming Ecosystems  Real World Issues and Considerations 8 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers Is LTE the Right Path? Dean Fresonke 9 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .


GSA has confirmed LTE as the fastest developing mobile system technology in history 11 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .LTE is a World-wide Phenomenon As of January 2012.

< 5ms in ideal conditions 12 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .LTE Improves Performance in Multiple Ways LTE Performance Improvements  LTE Air Link Improvements Higher Peak Data Rate: Instantaneous data rate of 150Mbps for downlink and 50Mbps for uplink in 20MHz  Higher Spectrum Efficiency: 3-4 times of HSDPA. 2-3 times of HSUPA OFDM Modulation 64QAM State-of-the-art modulation techniques  Flexible Spectrum Allocation: Scalable channel bandwidth. supports both FD&TD MIMO Multiple antennas create multiple input and output channels  Better User Experience: High speeds plus lower latency.

Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers The Components of LTE Dean Fresonke 13 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Targeting Everything Necessary for LTE Deployment ECOSYSTEM SUPPORT Devices Backhaul RAN Spectrum Availability EMS CORE EPC IMS Billing & Provisioning Roaming Network Sharing 14 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers Core Network Waiman Lam 15 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

better scalability Control plane intelligence Policy and charging control Open packet core. MGW PDSN/AAA EPC (Evolved Packet Core) SAE-GW MME SAE-GW MME S1 A/Ap BSC Abis BSC A10/A11 eNB X2 BTS BTS BTS BTS E-UTRAN eNB eNB • • • • • • • All IP network Flatten architecture Less network element nodes than 3G Higher capacity. supporting all access technology RAN 16 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .LTE Network Evolution Core Network MSCe.

Components of the EPC • • • • • MME – Signaling control. QoS profile. connection to internet S-GW – Mobility and idle state management. QoS authorization 17 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL . access restriction PCRF – Policy decision making. lawful intercept HSS – Subscriber data. authentication. bearer and connection management P-GW – IP assignment.

Example of LTE eNodeB Deployment Scenarios with CDMA and GSM STEP 1: LTE Overlay LTE RRU STEP 2: GSM Swap GSM RRU STEP 3: CDMA Swap HSPA RRU LTE RRU LTE RRU LTE BP GSM BP CDMA BP CDMA Radio Embedded into Legacy Equipment Embedded into LTE ready Cabinet 18 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

The All IP Architecture Lends Itself to Outsourcing the EPC BENEFITS • Significant reduction in capital costs • Faster time to market • Simplifies ongoing operation • Can be migrated to an in-network EPC 19 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Considerations in Your Network Planning  Demand for broadband data in your rural coverage areas  Roaming revenue for LTE  Ecosystem maturity  Cost and network scalability  Timing for LTE build-outs  Deployment strategy (migration to LTE) 20 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers Support Systems Dean Fresonke 21 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Support Systems for LTE  Billing System  Provisioning System  Element Management System  Backhaul 22 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

LTE Increases the Demands on Backhaul  High data rates for each subscriber creates higher bandwidth requirements for the tower Backhaul Bandwidth Requirements Data Rate HSPA+ LTE  The amount of bandwidth will depend usage profiles – Voice over LTE will require high QoS – Browsing and other data traffic is more forgiving WCDMA GPRS GSM HSPA 23 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers The Device and Roaming Ecosystems Dean Fresonke 24 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

The Outside Ecosystem is a Big Part of Your Network Planning Current 2G/3G network technology Licenses held and licenses available for lease Most issues go away if you are planning a fixed wireless broadband launch 25 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

The World-wide LTE Device Pipeline is Huge But… Chipset Providers Device Providers 269 LTE User Devices Announcements by 57 manufacturers (Source: GSA. Jan 2012) …700 MHz Has Band Plan Barriers 26 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

fixed wireless home gateways and MiFis will be the first to appear  Sophisticated handsets need the buying power of large carriers in a coordinated strategy with the regional carriers 27 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL . Laptop/Tablet Connectivity Available DEVICES Resulting ROADMAP 2 & 3 Band Android Phones High-end Smartphones Available DEVICES Resulting ROADMAP 4+ Band Phones Full Product Line  USB dongles. Home Gateways & MiFi Fixed Wireless Broadband.Your Launch Plan Must Align with Device Availability 1H 2012 Available DEVICES Resulting ROADMAP 2H 2012 1H 2013 2H 2013 2 Band Dongles.

Today’s Roaming and Device Ecosystem Options with the Tier 1 Carriers Bands used for LTE Band coverage Build out status Roaming strategy Access to devices 700 Upper C * Nationwide Well underway “LRA” program “LRA” program 700 Lower B&C ** 800 and 1900 Metropolitan plus Underway Not announced Exclusive devices Nationwide Underway Not announced Not announced * Verizon also has significant holdings of 700 Lower A&B * * AT&T also now own significant AWS bandwidth but no announcements regarding LTE  Metro PCS is driving LTE device availability on AWS bands  LightSquared or Clearwire may someday be nationwide roaming options 28 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

g.A Step Beyond Roaming – LTE Enables RAN Sharing Classic Configuration EPC Operator A Shared RAN Configuration EPC Operator B EPC Operator B eNodeB RAN Operator A RAN Operator A Common Shared RAN RAN Operator B • LTE offers RAN sharing through Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) • Spectrum can be shared or dedicated per operator • Each operator’s EPC is connected to the shared RAN • Each operator may have dedicated 3G RANs (e. CDMA) in addition to the shared LTE RAN 29 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Motivation and Overall Benefits of Network Sharing Reduce investments for rollout. or coverage extension Reduce costs by decreasing OPEX and numbers of “low capacity” sites Accelerate rollout enabling faster service to a greater population Provide environmental benefits with fewer towers and antennas Network operators sharing infrastructure can continue providing differentiated services and maintaining their KPIs Regulatory benefits through faster time to universal service 30 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL . densification.

Fair and equitable roaming 2. Access to spectrum leases to combine with existing holdings 4. Access to the latest devices 3.Toward an LTE Open Ecosystem – A Wish List The LTE Open Ecosystem initiative has four goals . ClearSky and others are working on the Open Ecosystem initiative – stay tuned for more information and contact us if you want to participate 31 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .if achieved they would assure the viability of 4G in rural America 1. Radio network sharing through MOCN RCA.

Pathway to 4G/LTE for Competitive & Rural Carriers Real World Issues and Considerations Steve Clark 32 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

fiber cable and RRU  Review existing site leases  Backhaul microwave vs. fiber  IP address administration & security  Billing & provisioning with new HSS  Review disaster avoidance & recovery 33 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL . current antenna configurations  Coax vs.Considerations For LTE Deployment  New RF design for integration  MIMO vs.

and IP security There is much to do but all of it is reasonable and can be done 34 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .Summary  New network with many of the same processes  All IP data – voice is an app on the network  New focus on RF design. backhaul.

The Destination is Clear – LTE is the Future Begin the journey with confidence. knowing you’re going in the right direction The vendor community will help you get around the obstacles 35 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .

Thank you for joining us! Dean Fresonke. Co-founder ClearSky dfresonke@csky.com Waiman Lam.com 36 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL .lam@zteusa. Technical Pre-sales Director ZTE USA waiman. President & CEO Grapevine Solutions sclark@grapevinesolutions.com Steve Clark.

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