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Attributes of the Number 1 New beginnings, independence, individuality, masculinity, assertiveness, success, leadership, originality, initiative, the pioneer, organizer, instinct, courage, inspiration, strength, creativity, self-reliance, tenacity, forcefulness, authority, strong willpower, leniency, attainment, happiness, glory, fame, uniqueness, omniscience, fulfillment, innovation, risk-taking, originality, high achievements, ambition, instinct, oneness with life, self-development, progress, creativity, tenacity, leadership, strength. 1, being the number of 'new' is the number from which all manifestation begins. It is the energy that begins all actions and leads the way in new directions. 1 is the number of new projects, courage, originality and decisiveness and the desire for expansion on all levels. Every number is divisible by 1. We are all one, therefore we are all connected and associated by thought. When the number 1 appears to you repeatedly it is a message to watch your thoughts and focus upon your positive desires, rather than your negative fears. The 1 number sequence (in all it’s forms) is most often the first sequence that appears to many people. Once the 1111 is acknowledged, the number sequence changed to another combination along with new life experiences, directions and opportunities. The number 1 tells of new beginnings and changes. It denotes leadership and independence and tells of new starts and new actions that will take self-reliance and determination. Leadership takes courage, strong willpower and decisiveness in all areas, so that the goal can be achieved. When 1’s appear repeatedly it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality. The message is to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires. Do not put your energy into focusing on fears as you may manifest them into your life. The number 11 is a ‘karmic’, Master Number. The Master Number 11 tells us that to become involved with the higher-self is to know our life/soul purpose. Once we learn to blend the higher-self with our daily thinking pattern, we will learn how to avoid the obstacles and pitfalls experienced when we operate fully on a materialistic level. As we learn to blend the two levels we mature spiritually. It makes us grow stronger and develop an innerstrength that will help us to steer our lives in the right direction. Balance within gives us great strength to our character. The essence of the message of the number sequence of 11 is to develop intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual healing and metaphysical faculties. The Number 11 symbolizes the principle of enlightenment. When 11 appears repeatedly in your life your angels are asking you to pay attention to your repetitive thoughts and ideas as they hold the ‘answers’ to your prayers. When you recognise a 111 sequence appearing to you frequently, take note of your thoughts at the time that they occur. When a series of 111's appear, monitor your thoughts carefully and be sure to only think about what it is you really want, not what you don't want. The 1111 sequences is most often the first sequence that appears to many people. Once the 1111 is noticed and acknowledged, the number sequences progress onto other numbers and your angels have other messages to pass on to you. The 1111 number sequence is a sign that there is an opportunity opening up for you, and your thoughts are manifesting them into form at lightening speed. The 1111 is similar to the bright light of a flashbulb. It means that the Universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting your ideas into material form. Be aware that you will manifest your thoughts, therefore, do not think negative thoughts as these are what you

as they may manifest. The number 11 symbolizes the principle of enlightenment and the Master Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purpose. The karmic Master Number 11 adds its vibrations of karma (law of cause and effect) and spiritual enlightenment. It carries the attributes and energies of the number 1 and the karmic Master Number 11. making its influences most powerful. Number 7 resonates with spirituality. The Angel Number 777 indicates that you have listened to Divine Guidance and are now putting that wisdom to work in your life. Once the 111 Angel Number appears and is recognised and acknowledged. and this has been achieved through your positive intentions. monitor your thoughts. The repeating Angel Number 117 is a message that you are on the right path. thoughts and mind-sets are positive and optimistic in order to draw in the energies of abundance and balance. You have reason to feel optimistic and happy with yourself as you have achieved a personal success. Know that your wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a direct result of your positive efforts and attitude to life. Angel Number 117 is a message of ‘congratulations’ from your angels. and your creativity is to be used productively. hopes and dreams. The 7777 number sequence is an extremely positive sign and means that you should expect many more miracles to occur for you. ANGEL NUMBER 117 Number 117 is a combination of the attributes and qualities of the numbers 1. contemplation. The repeating Angel Number 111 is a message from your angels to be very aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into your reality. Repeating number 777 informs you that you are being congratulated and your efforts have been well noted by the angelic and spiritual realms. ANGEL NUMBER 656 . great things happen. understanding and intuition. and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into your reality. persistence of purpose. ANGEL NUMBER 111 Number 111 is a powerful number of manifesting and manifestation. 11 and 7. 111 signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you. When the Angel Number 11 appears repeatedly. Ensure that your beliefs. pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas. happiness and success. Use the positive energies of the Universe to bring to fruition your deepest desires. manifesting and manifestation. ANGEL NUMBER 777 Number 777 is a highly spiritual number with the mystical number 7 appearing tripled. positivity. ‘Bravo!’ from your angels. mysticism. Number 7 resonates with the attributes of spiritual enlightenment. and do not put your focus towards your fears. both large and small. knowledge and understanding. as you have managed to consciously steer your life in a very positive direction. discernment and consideration. affirmations and expectations. 777 is a very positive sign and means that you should expect miracles to occur in your life. ANGEL NUMBER 11 The karmic Master Number 11 signifies that you are a highly creative person. The 777 repeating number sequence is a message from your angels that you are on the right path and living and serving your Divine life purpose.will draw into your life. You are being commended by the angels as your successes are inspiring. development and spiritual awakening. Number 1 brings its energies of activity. The Universe is happy with your progress and due to your positive efforts and hard work you have earned your rewards. and good fortune. the repetitive number sequences generally progress onto other numbers and messages as your angels then have new and different messages to send you.When Angel Number 111 appears repeatedly. When you expect great things. Choose your thoughts wisely. and the time has come to reap the rewards for your hard work and efforts. as these are revealing the answers to your prayers. helping and teaching others by example. intuition and the inner voice of wisdom.

provision and providing. personal power and charisma. Take this new information and/or knowledge and use it to the advantage of yourself and others. The Master Number 22 also appears in conjunction with the number 7. The repeating number 656 indicates that the material and monetary aspects of your life are changing in positive ways. compromise. integrity and sacrifice. Angel Number 656 indicates that major changes are currently taking place in your life. Maintain a positive perspective and outlook and through the Spiritual Law of Attraction you will manifest positive results. Trust that improvements are on the way into your life. encouragement and support. amplifying its energies. rather than your personal spirituality and family life. responsibility. and be open to receiving and accepting help and assistance from your angels and other people in your life. and the angels encourage you to take full advantage of these new energies and the auspicious opportunities they will bring. Angel Number 666 suggests that you may be focusing on the material and monetary world. Know that these changes are happening to advance and assist you along your Divine life path and soul journey. domesticity. common sense and practicality. Give any fears of loss or lack to the angels to heal and transmute. This may be something that you have been waiting to hear or know for quite some time. ANGEL NUMBER 49 The number 49 is comprised of the number 4 and number 9. providing and provision. redemption. material concerns. Keep up the good work! The Angel Number 722 may also be a sign that positive news and/or information will come into your life in the very near future. responsibility. humanitarianism. finding balance. All you need to do is ask. The repeating number 722 is a message of faith. so you can trust that they are right for you. Your positive affirmations and prayers have manifested these necessary changes. dignity and trust. honesty and integrity and the material aspects of life. monetary and financial aspects of life. and the angels encourage you to step forward on your life path with confidence and grace. philanthropy. good fortune. with the number 2 appearing twice. making number 722 a spiritually powerful influence. Your angels encourage you to follow the guidance and directions given and trust that you are fully supported in your spiritual endeavours. The number 4 contributes the values of worthiness. love. your intuitive messages and your inner-promptings as they are direct messages about your Divine life purpose and soul mission. co-operation. ANGEL NUMBER 666 The number 666 is a powerful vibration consisting of the triple 6 energies. Trust the guidance from the angels and have faith that everything you need in your day-to-day life will be provided. Angel Number 722 is a message of encouragement from your angels. making its vibrations more influential. The number 9 carries the attributes of endings. The repeating number 666 prompts you to focus upon your inner spirituality and Divine life purpose and soul mission. justice.The number 656 is a combination of the energies of the numbers 6 and 5. rewards and blessings into your life. service to others. Number 6 resonates with love of home and family. new possessions and acquisitions to enter your life. ANGEL NUMBER 722 Number 722 is a blend of the attributes and vibrations of the numbers 7 and 2. adaptability and courage. opportunities and adventures. Number 2 lends its energies of Divine life purpose. Number 5 brings its vibrations of making life choices and changes. endurance. Master Number 22 carries the vibrations of ancient wisdom and realization. inner-wisdom and intuition. endurance and persistence of purpose. The Angel Number 722 is a message from your angels that you are to believe in yourself. knowledge. and you can expect abundance. faith and trust. Your angels ask that you raise your vibration and maintain a positive attitude and mind-set in regards to all aspects of your life to ensure that all goes according to Divine plan. with number 6 appearing twice. trust and self-belief. The repeating Angel Number 656 is a message to welcome sweeping changes in your life as they will bring long-term benefits to your life. Number 6 resonates with the energies of love of home and family. honesty. . rather than on earthly. inner-strength and inner-wisdom. This makes 666 a most influential repeating number sequence. service. evolution and technology. learning lessons through life experiences. Number 7 brings its mystical influences of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Finish off anything left undone. Remember to ask your angels for assistance along the way. Your angels ask that you focus on your goals. . it is the beginning of something new. Repeating Angel Number 49 is a message that your angels are with you as you step through a new door of opportunity. As with all endings. As one door closes. Take the lessons from the experiences and use them to your future advantage. another opens. aspirations and life purpose.The Angel Number 49 is a message from your angels that a project or cycle is ending and you are asked to look to your achievements and successes.

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