An Idea in Support of Art Projects in Schools.

Dearest Friends, by consequence of the devastating cuts to public education in the last ten years, ZaLab is launching a new and somehow ambitious project: THE FIRST SCHOOL. Primary schools have suffered from a considerable decrease of both material and educational resources. Many families are already widely contributing to cover material deficits such as the lack of toilet paper or the shortening of canteen services. However, it is also necessary to equally stress the attention on the educational opportunities and stimuli that many children are missing. The project THE FIRST SCHOOL would like to give a contribution precisely to the educational offer. Its main aim is, therefore, the financing of artistic and pedagogical projects in suburban primary schools through a dedicated fund raising. It is also important to us to simultaneously contribute to the debate on the critical state of affairs of the public educational system, drawing attention in particular to the currently rich potential of multicultural contexts in schools. The blog has been created in order to encourage and host public exchanges on such topics. In order to select the best projects to be funded, THE FIRST SCHOOL has appointed a committee of people with great professional experience in the domains of didactics, art and integration: Goffredo Fofi, Marco Paolini, Sara Honegger, Vinicio Ongini, Franco Lorenzoni and Peppe Carini. THE FIRST SCHOOL is an idea of Andrea Segre, coming from the making of his last film La Prima Neve (The First Snowfall), that will be presented during the Festival in Venice, on September 6th (link zalab news on the screening ) and in cinemas in October. THE FIRST SCHOOL is supported by Jolefilm and Parthénos. More infos on the project are available on the web page LA PRIMA SCUOLA and on the blog For any further enquiry please write to

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